A Different Place

By Dark Star

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From Chapter 19


It was things like that which happened over the first few days that hurt to see.

They were always afraid and would cower if someone spoke to them but it was on the 3rd night that I had them back that I will remember the most as it was probably the saddest.




Chapter 20



That night we went to bed and all of us were curled up together holding each other tightly.

It had happened that way since the first day together.

They told me later, that the only comfort they ever had, was with each other, and naturally now that they had me back, I was a part of that.

It hadn't lessened the fact that they jumped at shadows, and feared everything.

They even kept their shields mostly in place, all the time although I tried to get them to open up.

That night, as I said we went to bed and fell asleep after talking for a little while.

I don't know how much later it was when I stumbled partially awake, to the most wonderful feelings flowing through my young body.

As I became more awake I realized that Sean was moving his very stiff penis back and forth against my body, and had his hand gently massaging mine.

I hadn't thought either of them would want to do this stuff, so it hadn't even crossed my mind, but since Marrika showed me the way it was supposed to be, I knew I liked it, and was glad Sean was doing it.

I turned slightly, so I could face him, and to my surprise, he seemed to be asleep.

My moving caused him to moan as he thrust even harder into me, and his eyes opened slightly, and I could tell he was confused as to what was going on.

I softly said,

"Umm, that feels so good," not wanting him to stop, but his eyes suddenly opened wide, and filled with terror and shame, before he pushed himself away, with a cry and jumped out of bed, running from the room.

"Sean wait." I called, but he kept going and I jumped up following him.

I knew that Kyle was stirring from the noise but I didn't wait for him, I just followed my brother.

*Marrika come quick* I sent to her, and called again "Sean!" but got no response.

I started looking around and finally found him, curled up on the floor, in a corner of the kitchen crying.

"Sean, what's wrong?" I asked him but he looked up and cried "No!" and then just as Marrika came running into the room started to disappear

"Sean NO!" she screamed out as he vanished from the room.

"Marrika!" I started to say but she ran over to where Sean had been, and then closed her eyes before disappearing from view.

I was scared, but just then Kyle came running in asking,

"Danny what's going on?"

I turned to him and said,

"I don't know, something happened and Sean transported out and Marrika went after him."

"What happened?" he asked.

"I don't know, Kyle. He was rubbing himself on me, and making me feel good too, only I think he was still asleep, but when he woke up, he freaked out and ran from the room."

His face got white and he said in quiet whisper "he was doing that stuff to you?"

I didn't know what to make of his reaction but said, "Yea, he was but when I told him it felt good, he freaked out."

Kyle just looked at me, and repeated "he was doing sex stuff to you?"

"Yes, but I told you I liked it. He didn't even know he was doing it though, he was asleep."

Just then Marrika materialized with Sean held in her arms kicking and screaming.

"Let me go, let me go, you have to let me go, you don't understand."

She was trying to calm him down but he was totally freaked out and finally she moved her hand to his head and then he went limp and quiet.

"What did you do to him?" Kyle yelled, and Marrika looked at him saying,

"I put him to sleep, nothing more, I didn't hurt him" she told us.

"Come on," she said and led us into the living room, asking as she sat down, what had happened as we took seats next to her and Sean.

I recounted what had happened, and she just shook her head.

"Why did he freak out?" I asked while Kyle just sat there silently saying nothing.

Marrika looked at me for a moment then Kyle, before replying,

"I think it has something to do with what they have been forced to do, over the last year. Do you remember what happened that night when I woke up, Danny, how you felt? Well, I think it was a thousand times worse for him." she told us which caused me to think about that night, and how bad I felt about it, but then I remembered how Marrika had made me feel, when she discovered what I was doing, and couldn't understand why it didn't have the same effect on Sean.

She got a determined look on her face, and then said,

"Computer I need .7 mg of Tannequin ready for injection."

"Acknowledged." it replied and then moments later a hypo appeared next to her on the sofa.

"What is that?" asked Kyle and she responded "it's a mild sedative.

It will allow him to remain somewhat calmer, but still be fully conscious, and in control."

"Whatever has him terrified will still be there, but this will allow him to talk to us, without being wild like he was a few minutes ago." She went on to tell us.

She picked up the Hypo Spray and pressed it into his neck and we could all hear the hiss as the medicine went in.

Next the hypo disappeared and she placed her hand on his forehead.

He started moving and then moaned, as he opened his eyes.

Suddenly he sat up, and looked at her, then over to us, and buried his head in her chest, as he started crying, and saying over and over again

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

Marrika just kept telling "Its alright little one, it's alright, its going to be alright." 

Finally I heard Sean say "you don't understand what I did,"

And then he went back to crying again.

Marrika told him "I think I do, my little one, and so does Danny;"

"Noooooo!!!!" he cried and I spoke up.

"Sean, I do understand, at least a little, and I'm not mad."

No, noooo, you hate me now." he said, and I told him,

"No, I don't hate you, Sean I liked it."

"No, its bad and I did it to you." then Marrika shocked me and suddenly pushed Sean away from her slapping him hard across the face, and then while Sean gasped in shock, surprise and pain, she quickly placed her hand on his forehead and then Sean screamed and collapsed.

Kyle, had jumped up and was screaming at Marrika, and I was scared as well.

Marrika would never hit us yet she had.

She looked up and the look of horror on her face, and the tears running down it brought us to complete silence, as we stared at her.

"I'm sorry, boys but I had no choice." she said, as her voice broke in pain, over what she had done.

"Why?" was all that Kyle or I could ask of her, and she bowed her head for a moment, before looking up.

"Because what almost happened was my fault." She said barely above a whisper,

Kyle and I looked at each other before returning to her face, I think the only thing keeping us from losing it was the look on her face.

"You have to understand, boys that we don't abuse our gifts, by going where we are not invited. Your brother has had his shields up since he got here, and I haven't wanted to try to go into his mind, or yours since I hadn't been invited," she said looking at Kyle. I thought that would be an invasion, and Kyle, among telepathic races in the universe, it is considered just like rape," which caused Kyle to flinch.

"I didn't realized how bad off he was inside. He hurts so much. I went in and blurred some things when I rescued you, but didn't delve any deeper than I thought I had to. I didn't know a lot of what you have been through, apparently. I wished I had." She said, and what I would always remember about this event was how she never stopped caressing his forehead.

Her hand just kept softly rubbing back and forth, back and forth.

"Kyle you know that I fully awakened your powers, and gave you basic knowledge and training like I did for Danny, but what you may not understand is just how powerful those can be." She went on to say.

"I hit your brother, because he was in the process of killing himself, and I had to break his concentration."

This caused us to gasp, in shock "killing himself?" Kyle then asked stuttering with disbelief,

"Yes, he was willing himself to die. The medicine I gave him relaxed his shields, and when I felt what he was doing, I did the only thing I could think of, to stop it. I also took away all of his powers, which is why he screamed and then passed out, it's called neural shock."

I didn't quite get that part but still he had been trying to kill himself.


Just because he was rubbing himself on me?

It didn't make sense.

"I need you to give me a few minutes; I have to go in and scan him deeply, and help if I can." She told us, and we sat back down as she sat back, and closed her eyes.

I am not sure how long we sat there before her eyes opened with tears once again running down her face, but Sean woke with her and he was sobbing into her chest.

She just held him, until he got himself under control.

Finally she said "he'll be ok now, guys" and Sean turned to face us and said "I'm sorry for scaring you."

We both got up and went over to him, wrapping our arms around him, and hugging him, telling him it was alright but don't do it again, which got a small giggle from him.

Then Marrika got serious, and said "Kyle, it's your turn," which caused him to back away saying "No"

Sean spoke up and said, "Kyle you have to let her, I don't want you doing what I tried to do."

"No" he said again

"Please, I just got you back; I don't want to lose you." I told him.

He was shaking his head but when Marrika reached out and took his hand he didn't pull away this time.

Slowly, she pulled him to her, as Sean moved off her lap, and told him "it's going to be ok."

I watched as he was pulled into her lap and she started caressing his forehead causing the scared expression to leave his face finally.

Then his eyes closed, as did Marrika's and I knew she was doing for him what she had done for Sean minutes ago.

Eventually he opened his eyes and looked up at her with tears in them too, but with a smile on his face.

He wrapped his arms around her and cried for a bit and then said,

"Thanks" before turning to us and saying, "you're right, it's going to be ok now."

She got us settled down and finally put us back to bed telling us that if any of us needed her to just come into her room.

It was then that I got some inkling of what their life had been like.

Sean had been so upset because they weren't allowed to do that stuff without permission, and mostly because he thought he was doing something bad to me, like what had been done to them.

He hated himself for doing that to me, and was afraid he would do it again.

I tried to tell him that I liked it, and he told me that Marrika had made him see that, and that it wasn't bad if no one was being forced to do it.

We talked for quite a while about things, and I realized that like me, Marrika had made them remember when it was fun.

I knew they would still have problems, but neither one of them would try to kill themselves now.

It would be a couple of months, before we did anything together sexually, although I played with it, and they knew it, and even watched a few times.

I knew somehow they weren't ready yet, so even though I wanted to do stuff with them like I remembered, I didn't push it.

They didn't share what had happened in their life, for many years, and I never pushed them to either, because I knew someday they would.

I am glad I waited though, I don't know if I could have handled it back then.

That night was the turning point for us.

They calmed after that, and became much more relaxed with things.

It was about a couple of weeks later that I made a big mistake, but it was one of the best I could have ever made.

Marrika had been outside getting the grill ready for hot dogs and hamburgers, and we were running around playing, chasing each other in a game of tag, when I felt my foot hit a hole and I went flying landing on my hand and arm which I had thrown out in front of me. As I went down, in addition to the pain, which shot up through my foot, I heard a snap, when my hand hit the ground, and there was nothing but white hot pain shooting through me, as I screamed and I could vaguely hear Kyle and Sean screaming for Marrika, but she was already there before they could finish.

She quickly turned me over causing another scream to escape my lips, as she gently asked while scanning me,

"What have you done to yourself now, little one?"

"It hurts" I told her through my tears but almost before I could finish the words, her hand which had moved to my forehead took away all the pain.

"I know but it shouldn't now."

"Is he ok?" Kyle asked followed by "Is he?" from Sean

"Yes he's going to be just fine." She told them

"It doesn't anymore." I told her.

"That's good, now I want you to listen to me for a second. You have twisted your ankle, and broken your arm, but you'll be alright in just a minute. Ok?" she asked.

I nodded my head and she moved down slightly placing her hand on my foot and I felt a soft glow and warmth spread throughout it for a minute, and then she moved her hand upwards to my arm.

It was the first time I could bring myself to look at it, and when I did my stomach got all icky feeling as I saw the malformation there.

The same glow, and warmth spread out there, as with my foot only it lasted longer, and I could see the disfigurement ease and then finally disappear, then the glow that had been there went as well.

"Now try not to scare me half to death anymore, ok?" she asked with a smile on her face, as I felt her release the controls which she had placed on me.

"I won't mom, thanks." I told her and heard the gasps from Sean and Kyle before I quickly said

"I...I'm sorry" as I realized what I had said.

She didn't speak, and I was scared to look at her, figuring she was mad at me, but finally I looked up to see her looking down at me, with tears running down her face as she asked me

"What for honey?"

"Why are you crying?" I instead asked her.

"Because I am so happy." And then she let her shields down a bit and let me feel how much she loved me, and how happy she was that I called her 'mom,' a moment ago.

"It's really ok?" I asked her.

"It is if that's what you want to do" she told me.

"Yea mom, that's what I want to do." I told her and she scooped me into her arms, and almost squeezed me to death, and I finally had to say silently

*Mom I can't breathe.* as I didn't have any breath left to speak.

"Oh sorry." She told me with a silly grin on her face, as she let me go.

I was really surprised though with what happened next.

Sean asked "umm"

"Yes" mom said to him, while he looked to Kyle and then back to us.

"Well, umm...Kyle was...I mean me and Kyle was...ahhh"

"We was wondering if we could call you mom too?" Kyle jumped in and said which earned a glare from Sean.

"What, if I waited for you we'd be here all day and I'm hungry" which caused Sean to punch him in his arm and Mom to quickly say

"Boys, come on"

Both stopped and looked at her and Sean said "Well can we?"

She smiled and held open her arms, and they both rushed into them so it made all three of us sitting on the ground being held by her.

There was never a feeling that felt so good as that until many years later, when it was my kids on my lap and even then...

"Of course you can if that's what you want, I would be extremely honored and proud to be your mother," she told us, and we just sat there linking and bonding like mom and I had done before, only now it was all of us at least until Kyle asked if we could pleaaaaasssseeeee eat now.

That day was really when our family and our new life started.

I knew there would be problems and there were, but the major hurdles were over.

Being telepathic let a lot of things that would have been problems not be, and I was so glad that we had found a mother who really cared about us, and more importantly loved us.

**************************END FLASHBACK****************************

He showed me bits of their lives as they grew up, things about my mother that I didn't know, and more importantly things about him, and Kyle and Sean, my brothers.

How he had joined what was called the Explorer program with the police agency, that mom worked for when he was fifteen and then applied to be a deputy when he turned nineteen eventually graduating from the academy and working full time as one.

He also touched on the children he had and Sean and Kyle's life as well.

Sean had gone into medicine, becoming a healer, and worked with children, besides having three of his own and might even be getting some more soon.

Kyle had gone and followed mom and Danny into law enforcement as well and had four children as of now.

I had a bunch of cousins out there somewhere and I couldn't wait to meet them.

With that I felt the link dissolve into a standard light one and I opened my eyes blinking as I smiled up at him only to find him smiling back at me.

There was no need for any words at that point, and we just sat there getting to know one another.

I had to find some way to save them, but I didn't have a clue yet.

After a while we got up and walked over to Tanara lying there and I looked down at him.

"About another hour or so I would say," Dan told me.

"It will be so good to see him again" I replied.

I missed him so much.

"Come on let's go back to the others I bet they are getting a bit worried." he told me.

I looked up at him inquisitively and he said "you know we have been down here for quite a while now."

I hadn't realized it and just nodded my head.

Moments later we materialized back in the living room.

Everyone stood up, with looks mixed of curiosity and a bit of fear, and I made sure to smile at them to let them know it was ok.

I could see Dan doing the same and in a flash I had Keith jumping into my arms, followed by Alex as well.

"Is everything ok?" Keith whispered in my ear, and I simply nodded yes, as I went over and sat down.

Dan was joined by his bunch minus Alex, in sitting on the couch, and I could tell they were conversing on tight band.

Matt and Mandy came over to join Keith and Me and they all wanted to know what had happened.

I told them briefly, that we had talked and everything was alright.

I noticed Andrew sitting by himself, and I asked them softly,

"How's Andrew doing?"

They looked at him and then to me and Matt said,

"Not too good, he just sits there."

I felt badly about him, and wasn't sure what to do.

Finally I put both boys down, and got up to walk over to him, where I knelt down and put my arm around him.

He seemed startled, and looked up quickly before returning his gaze to a spot on the floor.

I softly said "Come on," to him and pulled him up with me.

I told the others I would be back, and led him out of the room to a bedroom down the hall, where I took him inside and pushed the door shut, before leading him over to the bed, where I sat down, pulling him down along side me and hugging him close.

"I know it's hard for you right now."

He looked up at me quickly, and once again returned his gaze to the floor.

I wasn't sure what to say or do, but finally said,

"My mom died too, not long ago," which brought his head up, only this time he didn't break his gaze from mine.

I continued softly,

"It was in an accident as well." I told him as the tears threatened to break from my eyes.

"What about your father?" he asked softly.

"He's fine, he wasn't with us."

"Oh and his head dropped back down again.

"But I can't get to him right now; and I don't know if I ever will, either." I told him which brought his head back up, and once again he was looking at me.

"Why not?" he asked this time.

"It's complicated." I told him. "I'm not from...here." I continued, "and I can't get to where he is," I finished as best as I could.

This time the tears started falling, and I could see him looking at them.

Finally he said,

"I'm so scared," and then his arms were around me, and he was crying great racking sobs, which shook his small body, as the storm broke within.

"I know," I told him over and over again, as he cried and occasionally cried out for his mother.

I had lowered my shields a bit, and his emotions so much mirrored my own, it was like everything I was feeling was magnified a thousand times.

I tried to project calm, and reassurance, but it became difficult even to think, as the waves of emotions slammed back and forth between us.

The pain he was feeling was so similar to my own; that I found that it was becoming extremely difficult to differentiate my pain from his.

I didn't notice the door slamming open or Dan standing there taking in the scene, until I felt a barrier slamming into place, knocking me out of the rapport I had allowed to happen, causing me to bring my hands to my head and cry out in pain, as I sank back onto the bed.

I couldn't think for a few minutes, and when I did, my head was pounding and I slowly opened my eyes, to see Andrew sitting there with a concerned look on his face, but very little pain evident, while Dan was hovering over me, stroking my forehead.

"Are you alright?" he asked me.

"Mmm,  I...I'm not sure." I said trying to bring my shields back through the agony that was my head at the moment.

"I'm sorry I had to do that." Dan told me, as he placed the hand which had been stroking me flat against my forehead, and I felt the familiar glow issue forth, and the pain recedes to something bearable.

"Better?" he asked of me, and I slowly nodded yes.

"I'm sorry" I told him, as I realized how bad it must have gotten for him, to come in and do what he had done.

"Is everyone ok?" I asked, as it had to have been felt outside of the room, by the others.

"They are fine, just concerned for you." he told me.

"I don't know how I let it get that far." I said next, ashamed of my inability to control myself.

Even a small child should have had better control than I exhibited.

"I was just trying to help him and then it was like..."

"Like you were the same person suddenly?" he asked me.

I looked at him and nodded my head yes, telling him "but I wasn't linked."

"I know, but the emotions which you both are feeling, are so much the same right now, sadness, grief, fear, and a lot of others, that you couldn't tell where your feelings started, and where his left off. You weren't linked so you weren't sharing in that sense but you were feeling everything he was, plus what you felt. You created in essence, a feedback loop that was overwhelming you."

I shook my head, and told him,

"I can't believe it though; I have better control than that. It shouldn't have happened."

"You need to give yourself a break, Dani. You are, and have been, under enormous stress, and that affects you, whether or not you want to admit it." He told me.

"But..." I started to say when he interrupted,

"But nothing. You are allowed to make mistakes. If you had been sharing it would have been easier on both of you, but you weren't, so it made it worse."

"But I couldn't share with him, he isn't telepathic, and I didn't want to do that to him." I said which I was sure he would understand.

"What are you talking about?" Andrew asked.

I turned to him and told him "I'm sorry Andrew; I hope we didn't hurt you too bad."

He looked at me kind of funny but finally said, "it only hurt a little, what did you do?"

I looked hopelessly at Dan, and then Andrew continued.

"I...I felt you. I mean what you were feeling, how sad you were, like me." He said.

I gasped and looked at Dan, and said, "I wasn't linked Dan," but he chuckled and then said, "No you weren't, but when the feedback started, it didn't take a telepath to feel what you felt, believe me."

I could feel myself blushing, and said again, "Sorry" but he only smiled and said,

"I'm just glad you're ok." and then gave me a hug.

"I don't understand." Andrew said to us.

Dan looked at him and finally said, "Look, you know we aren't exactly human, right?"

Andrew nodded rather nervously, and Dan continued,

"We are from another world, and on our world, we can talk to each other in our minds, like this." he said before sending to Andrew,

*Can you hear me?* causing Andrew to draw in his breath is surprise.

"Yyyyees." He said.

"Dani was trying to help you, but what you felt was so much like what he felt, it was sort of too much for him to take, and he couldn't separate what you felt, from what he felt, and then on top of that, it was like big huge waves at the beach, that were crashing into him and he couldn't swim out of them. Does that help at all?"

"Kinda," he said. "It helps to know he understands, you know." he finished clearly a bit embarrassed.

Dan pulled him into a hug, and said, "Yea I do know, kiddo. It's ok to be sad, and need to cry. No one here will make fun of you for crying if you want, and I bet they all would be happy to give you hugs and hold you, if you were feeling bad."

Andrew pulled his head back and looked up and Dan, before turning towards me, to see what I thought, so I nodded my head telling him,


He smiled and squeezed Dan tightly before letting him go, and then surprised me by turning to me and giving me a quick hug.

I could tell he was a bit embarrassed by doing that, but didn't really understand why. He then said,

"Thanks I'm going back to the others now."

"Ok, you going to be alright?" Dan asked which got a nod and a soft reply.

"I think so, now." And he walked off.

Once he left the room, Dan turned to me and asked again "are you ok?"

"Yea, my head still hurts a little, but my shields are back." I replied.

Dan looked at me with a grin and said "yea, I know, breaking rapport hurts like hell."

I know he was speaking of the training we all get, and one of those things is the forced shearing of a link, so you know what the effects are.

"Dan, why was he so embarrassed about hugging me and stuff?" I asked Dan.

"Well, you have to understand, something about this culture, Dani, it is very backward in some respects, and one of them is the role males in this society are expected to conform to," he told me while I looked at him.

"Roles?" I asked him.

"Yes, males have a clearly defined role, that is thrust upon them from infancy onward, and they are expected to maintain it. Hugging, crying and showing your emotions, for the most part, is relegated to the very young, and females, while the exact opposite is delegated to the males. By Andrew's age, males are ridiculed if they do what Andrew did here.  It is considered effeminate; and undesirable in the male of the species, while showing emotions and being soft and caring is something desired, and relegated to the female.

I just shook my head; there wasn't much else I could do.

I had read about cultures which were very delineated in terms of gender roles, but it was still rather shocking to actually be among one.

Of course with my people it was academic and had never been an issue.

It's kind of hard to be expected to "act" like a boy when you have a vagina down there too.

Then again, I have read about cultures that were the exact opposite with females being expected to be the aggressive members of the society, while males were confined to more nurturing roles.

"Come on lets go downstairs, someone should be waking up soon." Dan told me, which chased all thoughts of backwards cultures from my mind in an instant, as the thought of finally being reunited with my brother, took precedence.

We materialized in the med lab, and I walked over to the bed where Tanara lay, while Dan went to a nearby console checking over various readings.

"Well it looks like he is all healed up, so if you think you're ready," he told me.

I turned to look at him, with disbelief plainly written on my face, as he chuckled and said,

"Ok, ok I'll take that as a yes," and started pressing buttons.

I stood there as signs of life stated coming back to my brother.

I was nervous, and I couldn't tell you why, but I was, as his eyes slowly opened.

It was clear that he was a bit disorientated, and I stepped up and said,

"Tani, you're ok, now." as his eyes locked onto me, and he softly said "Dani."

"Yea it's me, you're ok now, we got you fixed up." I told him and could feel tears running down my face, I was so happy.

He tried to get up, but slumped back for a moment, before trying again.

This time I was ready and helped him to sit up.

"Dani, what happened?" he asked me, and I shot a quick glance over to Dan, before returning my attention to Tanara.

"Where are we?" was his next question.

"We're at a friends, and you have been hurt, but you're ok now, and we're safe." I told him.

He still seemed a bit dazed, and out of it, but I could see this clearing slowly.

Dan came over and handed me a glass of water, which I held and helped Tani to drink slowly.

After about half the glass was gone, he started shuddering with increasing violence and looked up at me with horror in his eyes before whispering,


I looked down for a moment trying to keep myself together and keeping my shields tightly in place when he said,

"Dani, mom, what happened to mom?"

I raised my eyes and looked at him, and he started shaking his head back and forth saying,

"No, no, no, no, no!" in a never ending repetition, as he saw the tears in my eyes, and the look of sadness on my face.

"She didn't make it Tee. She sent us to the planet's surface, at the end, to save us but..." I just couldn't finish.

He buried his head into my shoulder as he started crying, and like Andrew before him, the storm swept him away, only this time I was in it as well, as I sank into the pain he was experiencing; fully opening myself to him.

I felt Dan put his arms around the both of us, and just hold tightly as we sank into the link, sharing our grief over the loss of our mother.

I don't know how long it lasted, minutes or hours, but eventually the crying subsided although the grief never would, as our thoughts turned to what had happened to us, since we left the ship.

The link felt so good, after being separated for such a long time, and I started filling him in on everything from the point of time on the ship, up until now, including our new brothers, and sisters and most importantly, Dan, Sean, Kyle and our cousins.

As we came up to this point in time, the link receded to a light one, and we opened our eyes, to find Dan gone, and us left alone in the Medlab.

Tanara looked at me and said,

"So we're stuck here on Earth, in the past, and we can't get home?"

I shrugged my shoulders and said, "I really don't know, but it looks like it."

He shook his head and told me "we have to get out of here before it starts,"

"I know T, but I don't know what to do, we don't have a ship, and we can't very well ask for one and explain why, now can we?" I told him.

He just looked at me for a moment and then said,

"At least we're back together. Let's go meet my new family" with a big grin on his face.

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