A Different Place

By Dark Star

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I want to take a moment to say that the scenes of abuse described herein are for the purpose of showing what the child had to deal with and why things which occur in the story do. They are not meant to excite or titillate in any way. I do NOT support the harming of a child EVER under any circumstance and those scenes depicted herein are not meant to get someone off but make them sick as they did me when I wrote them. Needless to say beware of any laws where you live which may pertain to a story like this and abide by them. You may infer what you like from my stories regarding my beliefs about things but for the record I do not advocate sexual contact with children and encourage you to keep it to reading about it rather than doing it.

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*asterisk indicates telepathic communication.

< --- > indicates emotion being sent during telepathic communication.

Dani is pronounced Dahnay, Tanara is pronounced Tahnahrah

Well hope you enjoyed chapter 4 and we go on now in 5 where we learn a bit more about Danny and his brothers. Be warned there is sex in this chapter. Enjoy

Chapter 5

It was time to pay mommy a visit.

I made myself invisible to human eyes and concentrated on the county women's jail where I knew she would be housed before closing my eyes and transporting myself to her cell. She was by herself sitting on the bed with her back against the wall looking none too happy with her surroundings when I materialized in front of her and said

"you're coming with me."

   She started to scream as I grabbed her arm and transported us to a remote mountain top in what was called Alaska. She kept screaming until I reached out with my mind and seized her vocal cords which caused strangled gasps to emanate from her in her panic. I took out the med scanner and aimed it at her, running the molecular scan as she froze in terror.

"Oh quit this won't hurt you in the slightest but I will if you don't answer my questions."

She looked at me, the terror obviously abating as she realized that I was just a kid and almost in a sneer said

"what do you want with me kid?"

I just looked at her and as she made ready to attack reached out and froze all of her voluntary muscles except her vocal cords.

"what I want" I said sweetly

"are some answers to some simple questions, and you are going to give them to me. I want to know what you did with Danny's brothers, who has them, and where are they now."

All the while I had a smile on my face. The look of panic was back on her face as she haltingly said

"I...I don't have any other children but Danny, I don't know what you are talking about."

Oh but she definitely did, and as she was saying that all that she did know was coming into the forefront of her mind and I wasted no time in ripping it none to gently from the sewer in which it resided, that and so much more.

   It seemed that she had had three children who she didn't want and had never wanted. She didn't know how she had become pregnant with them as she had taken precautions but she had. She put up with them and the things they did but it wasn't until a year or so ago that one of her sometimes customers had been over and caught them together being perverted that the solution had came to her unasked.

 It seemed that the customer liked kids and was willing to buy them, and she was more than willing to sell them as well.

He didn't want her youngest brat but said he would come back in a couple of years when he was older if he was still available so she was stuck with the little shit for now. The customers name was John and he drove a real nice car but that was all she knew about him. She thought he lived up in the Malibu hills because of a few references he had made but she didn't know for sure.

The night in question after he had got what he came for from her he demanded that she bring the oldest boys to him which she had did. She went in to get them and they fought her, which caused her to start hitting them. John had came in and struck her believe it or not and told her not to hit his property then told her to get out.

She had went to the door and watched anyway as he looked at the boys and yanked their pajamas down so he could look at their nakedness. That was when the little shit had woken up and tried to get into see his brothers. She had taken out her anger on him by striking him repeatedly and throwing him back in his room. When she had got back to the boys' room she had found the man taking his hand away from Kyle's penis which was very erect and telling him that he knew he'd like it. Kyle had covered himself with his hands and was begging the man to leave them alone. She had thought it perfect since they were little perverts this would let them do it all they wanted with another one even though she wouldn't say it in front of the man.

The man had ordered the boys to get dressed and hauled them out to the car and that was the last she had seen of them or the man. She had called the number the man had left for her but it had been disconnected so she was stuck with the brat for the time being although she kept an eye out. She had gotten an envelope with some money in it and a note saying "when he is 6 I will return, until then" and nothing else. Now she was in jail and the brat was out there and all of this she thought was going to come down on her head.

She was right, it sickened me to see what she had put her children through and what she had done to them. Sadly there was no way to bring this to light that would result in her being punished so I decided to take care of it myself. I couldn't just make her disappear but I could certainly make her suffer.

"We're going for a ride" I told her as I grabbed her by the arm and levitated straight up.

She never once stopped screaming until that is I let her go. I watched as she fell and fell, the screaming started once again at some point but I didn't really care.

 I finally stopped her fall feet from the ground and found her in catatonic state. She had soiled herself completely and there was nothing but mindless terror in existence in her mind and on her face. I insured that she would never wake up but would remain conscious until she eventually died before telling her

"live like this in terror for what you have done to your children, and know a small portion of that which you have inflicted upon them"

then I reached into her abdomen and removed her ovaries so no child would ever have to worry about having her for a mother again holding them up to her face so she could get a good look at them which only increased her terror which I didn't think was possible.

   After making sure that no one was in her cell I transported her back and left her lying on her cot thoroughly disgusted with these humans and how they can treat their own in such a way. I wasn't paying attention, lost in my thoughts, and let a guard spot me, I turned and looked at him and then transported out just as he was shouting for assistance and telling me not to move. Hopefully he would leave out the part about seeing me or his career would essentially be over.

   I now had a bit more to work with as I materialized back at my home in the medlab and passed the images of the man as well as some more of Kyle and Sean on to the computer along with the scan I had done of Danny's mother. I also deposited the ovaries into an analysis receptacle to give the computer even more to work with and activated that portion of the search. I decided to step into the refresher and clean up so after discarding my clothes I did exactly that changing into my normal shape and appearance as I did so. I would take a nice long hot shower later but for now this would have to do.

   Once out of the bath I got another jump suit and replicated one for Danny and decided to wake him up. As I went over to the bed he was lying on I once again wondered how any one could treat a child that way. My people and the other advanced races present in the galaxy cherished children above all things, they were a gift. I knew eventually as the race matured they too would begin to think the same as well but it didn't make seeing it any easier. I gently bent down and slipped Danny into the clothing I had brought for him getting a pair of boots to place on his feet as well then triggered his mind to awake from his slumber.

He slowly opened his eyes looking around first with a trace of fear and then dawning comprehension and wonder slowly rolling across his face.

*hi there little one* I pathed to him with a smile on my face. He looked at me a moment before throwing himself into my arms silently saying

*your names Marrika isn't it?*

I looked at him for a moment then pathed

*my true name is Marrika, yes but here on Earth I am known as Linda*

 He pulled his head back and looked up into my eyes and said

*I know so much now, how come?*

I replied *well you linked with me and got a lot of knowledge from me during the link, while you were asleep I integrated it into your mind so you can make use of what you had gotten. It is going to be just like all the other stuff you have learned in your life like tying your shoes, spelling your name or going to the bathroom it will be there as if you had learned it the same way and you will know about it or know how to do it as the case may be. Do you understand what I am telling you?*

He looked at me again and with the same sense of wonder in his face very emphatically pathed

*YES I do. I really do* as if he couldn't believe it. I just held him while he began to assimilate all that had taken place.

   In many ways he had lost some of his childhood, not only because of the abuse he had suffered, but because he now had the knowledge of a much older child, in some cases, an adult. While I had blocked some things from him and restricted some of his powers he still had a great deal more knowledge than an ordinary 5 year old would have and there was just no way to keep that from him. I could only hope that he could still be a little boy in everything that mattered. Finally he looked up at me and asked

"how come I have these abilities? Humans don't have them, do they?

I shook my head

"no they don't and I don't know the answer to your question right now but we should have one shortly."

It was almost as if the computer was waiting for this because it interrupted by saying

"genetic and molecular processing has been completed. Danny is Lanaran."

I sat there stunned, it was impossible.

"That's impossible, recheck your findings."

The computer didn't answer for a moment and then stated

"the results are verified and confirmed, the child is of Lanaran origin."

 I quickly spat out

 "define parameters."

 To which I received the reply

"the child is part human as well as Lanaran, due to the genetic dominance of the Lanaran species the child has inherited full Lanaran traits from the sire and I have also added this profile into the search parameters established earlier."

I just sat there in shock. Danny was looking at me worriedly but didn't say anything. I couldn't understand it, no Lanaran would breed with a human such as that one. It would be like lying with vermin. It just wasn't possible nor could it have been forced, Lanarans had abilities similar to our race. How could this have happened?

Danny finally asked what was wrong and I replied that his father had apparently been from off world. This left him looking like I had a moment ago, stunned, but for different reasons.

"Computer, compare findings against the Lanaran molecular database and attempt to locate the sire of this child."

How could this be? The Lanarans were one of the most advanced species in the galaxy and were comparable to my species in terms of telepathic abilities. There was no way that any telepathic person could have performed a sexual act with that woman and I couldn't think of a way to force one of that race considering their abilities.

   My race, the Calmatrians, along with the Lanarans were amongst some of the oldest and most advanced of the races in existence. In addition to that we were also amongst the most advanced telepathically in the galaxy. Like the Lanarans we spent a great deal of time studying other cultures and races on various planets and found new things to learn it seemed wherever we went. It was this change and newness that kept us going through the long years. We had found that challenge was necessary to stay alive and exploring the universe, discovering new things and new people, and learning about them was the best at doing that. There was always risk because for the most part we learned by living amongst the people that we found and learning firsthand what their world was truly like by being one of them. But for this to have happened didn't make sense for the Lanaran would have had to be mentally ill, non-telepathic, or forced and none of that seems probable. The concept of mental defect while remotely possible doesn't explain how someone with such a problem even got close to Earth as they wouldn't be allowed on planet. In addition to that anyone in a telepathic society who was having such a problem would have been discovered with it likely before they even knew they had a problem. To have gotten this far would be something unheard of. The second option is possible but not with the level of technology available on this planet. There were no non-telepathic Lanarans and anything that was capable of rendering a telepath impotent isn't available on this planet. Which left only the third option and as yet I didn't see how they could have accomplished force short of killing the person. While we were admonished never to use our powers where we could be discovered we were also told that to save our lives we could use that force which was necessary to accomplish that feat if no other option was available. Not only that but if the Lanaran had somehow been forced into a sexual act he would have followed up on it and made sure no child was a result of the union or taken the child himself if there were. It just didn't make sense.

"Why are you upset?" Danny asked breaking me out of my reverie.

"Is my father really one of you?"

I looked at him before replying

"honey your father is from a  race called Lanarans and why I am upset is that no Lanaran would have sex with someone like your mother and I don't understand how she got pregnant, it shouldn't have happened. If a Lanaran had somehow fathered you even if by force he would have claimed you immediately not left you with your mother, do you understand?"

He was nodding his head yes as the computer broke in

"I may be able to answer that question for you at least partly."

The computer paused for a moment before continuing

"The genetic and molecular codes within Danny's body show that his sire was a young Lanaran listed as missing 10 Earth years ago."

   By all the Gods, I remembered that incident. A young anthropologist with her 11 year old son in tow had been found murdered and the child missing. A massive search had been conducted by both Earth forces as well as our forces to find him but no trace of him had ever been found. It was an enigma as sensors should have been able to detect him yet they never had not even his remains if he was dead. The woman had lost her mate when the child was an infant and eventually she came to Earth to study the planet. She had been in Los Angeles when she was shot in the back of the head and killed.

There had been no possibility of regeneration due to the type of wound inflicted. She had apparently had her son along with her and he had disappeared that night when his mother died. Some had thought he had went into neuro shock with the death of his mother and died and others thought he had somehow been abducted, but the bottom line was that no one knew what happened to him and no one had ever found out either, at least until now. It didn't answer the question of what happened to him but it did answer some things.

What it did answer was that he was alive at least 6 years ago since he now had a 5 year old son.

"Computer are there any Lanaran Peacekeepers on planet at this time?" I asked it and was soon informed

"there are two Lanaran Peacekeepers stationed on Earth at this time. The Peacekeeper Lantre and his mate Liandra are both on planet, one is a level 1 Peacekeeper and his mate holds level 3 ranking."

I thought for a moment before instructing the computer to place a priority two call into them. This would get me a rapid response without making them drop everything so to speak. I turned to Danny and suggested we go back up to the house which got me a confused look so I sent him the layout of this place and was rewarded with a satisfied look of comprehension as he understood we were below the house proper.

He took my hand as I teleported us back to the living room and I told him I had one more thing to do.

 I had gotten it earlier and now I would give it to him. The Chakreeth crystal was a bio-engineered living crystal that enhanced and amplified a telepaths powers enormously when fully functional. While this one would not be fully functional as none were ever allowed to be for a small child it would provide some enhancement to his existing powers and more than would normally be given to a small child because of the abilities he had absorbed from me. I pulled it from within the pocket where it had been secreted and took his hand in mine.

I began the ritual

*"Danny, I give this to thee as a mark of thy growth, know that with this comes great power with more to come as time sets its hand upon thee. Know that with this also comes great responsibility and the burden to use it wisely. Do thee accept this to thee to never abuse what lies within thee or with the power the Chakreeth bestows?"*

I had spoken both aloud and telepathically and read his reply as he lifted his eyes from the crystal to mine and spoke his answer in the same manner

*"I accept that which thee hath bestowed upon me, never to misuse its power and to always keep to heart the weight which it brings with its power."*

I gently opened the bracelet and placed it around his wrist and sealed it to him as the stone flared with energy. He gasped as it linked into his system and then smiled, saying

"it is done."

I nodded my head and opened my arms, as I gave him a big hug he said

"thank you" and I told him

"it is yours by right. A Lanaran child has his embedded and linked at birth and like yours is allowed limited activation when he reaches an age to use it properly. My people usually wear it as an adornment rather than embedding it but you are free to choose when you get older which ever way you would like."

 He looked down at his wrist where the decorative band now resided and then back up at me before replying

"I think I like it like this" with a shy smile playing across his face.

I smiled as I pulled him up into my lap and held him. He pathed *what's going to happen to me now?* and I told him

*you are going to stay with me for now and we will see from there. A lot will depend on what you want to do but you won't be living with humans I promise you that.*

I felt his head nod as he responded softly

*I want to live with you.*

I was touched by his desire as well as the feelings emanating from his small body as I told him

*I would like that too, very much.*

His head came up and a soft smile played across his face before he buried his head in my chest once again.

I am not sure how long we sat there before Lantre returned my signal but I was thinking a great deal about things and was a bit surprised when the computer informed me that Lantre was on a comm. channel for me and even more surprised to find my little angel sleeping in my arms. I transported Danny into a bedroom so he could sleep on a bed while I stood and concentrated changing my clothing to that of my rank as a level 3 Peacekeeper myself and then instructed the computer to open the channel.

"Peacekeeper" the image on the screen stated appearing somewhat surprised at my uniform before regaining his countenance and stating

"I am Peacekeeper Lantre what can I do for you Peacekeeper Marrika?"

I looked at the middle aged man appearing before me and drew in a deep breath before asking

"would it be possible to meet, Peacekeeper, its rather important."

Moments later a soft glow infused the room concentrated a few feet away from me. Within the glow was the outline of a person and as the glow faded it revealed Lantre standing in its place.

I quickly outlined the situation and showed him to a sleeping Danny before returning back to the living room where I added some details of what had happened. I also informed him of the existence of the two brothers and he, like me, was shocked at this. He agreed with the measures I had taken so far and said he would keep in touch before asking that the genetic information be sent to his terminal for further analysis and then departed.

 I decided to join my little one for a nap and went into the bedroom and just stood there for a moment looking down upon my sleeping child. I took off my jumpsuit and boots and then did the same for Danny before crawling into the bed with him. He turned towards me still asleep and wrapped me in his arms and that was the last thing I remembered for some time as he snuggled himself into me.


I moaned as I slowly came awake to the most delicious feeling of someone touching and softly caressing me. As I opened my eyes I found Danny totally engrossed in what he was doing, so much so that he didn't notice my moans.

Danny was gently running his fingers along my penis with one hand and with the other exploring my vagina. Both were wet from his ministrations and from the erection of his small penis it was obvious that he was likewise aroused.

I closed my eyes to slits and just watched for a few minutes as he explored my body learning firsthand about what he had learned in his head yesterday. Every once and a while he would take one hand and move it to his own penis and rub it rapidly for a few moments before returning to what he was doing on my body. I could feel the intense arousal which existed in his young body and how each time he went for his penis it was because of pure need and how he would bring it almost to the point of orgasm before letting go of it to return to my body.

He was in a state of heightened arousal that was virtually continuous and I knew he needed to find relief soon for I was the same way. It had been way too long since anyone except my hands had pleasured me and I also was close to that magic moment.

I slowly opened myself to him and sent out a tendril of thought allowing him to feel my arousal and that I liked what he was doing.

The last thing I wanted was for him to be afraid at being caught like this. Amongst my people and the other advanced races in the galaxy where it was applicable children were allowed to explore their sexuality as they choose and were not punished for it as they were on this planet. If a child wished to be involved with a parent or other adult it was considered perfectly normal not something horrible or wrong as these people thought it.

*that feels really good*

I sent to him. He looked up shocked but that quickly started to fade as he sensed the feelings accompanying my statement.

*you're not mad at me for touching you like this* he asked.

*No, I'm not mad it feels really nice* I replied which got a shy smile from him.

He looked a bit uncertain and started to move his hands back towards my genitals before pulling them back.

*It's ok* I told him as he once again looked at me.

I opened myself to him and let him feel what was going through my body and he smiled gently as he placed his hands back on me. I moved my hand over to his penis, softly taking it into my grasp which drew a gasp from him and a big smile. His hands were rubbing me and felt great as I slowly started moving his foreskin up and down over the head of his penis.

*yea, don't stop, that feels so good.* he pathed to me as he opened his mind to me and our thoughts merged.

We each could sense what the other needed and when and as we each rubbed the other our feelings increased towards that ultimate moment which was rapidly approaching for the both of us. He had never had an orgasm I realized as he always stopped just before as the feelings became too intense and he thought he was going to pee.

This time he was going to have one and as all rational thought left the both of us we both knew there was no stopping. All that could be heard from the both of us were grunts and groans of extreme pleasure as the feelings in our groins mounted towards their peak. There was almost one continuous moan erupting from that small mouth as he approached the pinnacle and I couldn't help but marvel at the look of pure ecstasy that existed upon his countenance as that moment finally arrived for the both of us.

I watched as his body froze and grunts of pure pleasure emanated from his mouth as the first spasm overtook his small frame followed by seizure after seizure of pure bliss. I also started at the same time and everything soon went out for the both of us as we felt each others ultimate pleasure and shared the exquisite feelings coursing though the both of our bodies.

As we came back from our moment of rapture I looked upon the face of an angel, reddened and sweat glistened with his eyes glazed from the feelings he just experienced. I watched as his breathing started to slow from gasps as if he couldn't catch his breath to more normal levels and then finally as he lifted his gaze to look at me with a smile and awe etched upon his face.

*that was...I mean it was...Wow, I never did that before, I never knew it could feel so good* he pathed to me in complete wonderment at what had so recently befallen him.

*you had what is called an orgasm, I had one too. It is one of the best feelings in the universe.* I told him.

*I felt you, in here* he pathed pointing to his head.

*yes. We shared it together. It made it even better because we each could feel what the other felt as we pleasured each other.* I told him.

*It was...wonderful. What's this?* he asked pointing to my seed which was all over me.

*that is my seed. When you get older you will also have it. It comes out at the time of orgasm and if it comes out in a female at the right time it can make a child. It is also why you feel as if you were going to pee when you approach your orgasm. Your body is still too young to produce seed but all the mechanisms are in place for it so your body tries to make it come out when you have your orgasm but since there is nothing there then nothing comes out.*

He nodded his head and then pathed

*I was so sure I was going to pee all over you but I couldn't stop you rubbing, it felt sooooo good.* he said that smiling with an impish grin on his face.

*well you didn't and while it might happen rarely I don't mind a bit of pee.*

He scooted over and laid down next to me giggling at my comment as he cuddled against me and running his hands through my seed and even bringing some up to taste before telling me

*it tastes good. I'm sleepy.*

As I felt him drift off as he said the last part.


Well here is chapter 5 for you. Hope you enjoyed it. Mommy got hers and we learned a bit about what happened to Danny and his brothers as well as their origins. The question is how it happened. The idea of the Chakreeth crystal came directly from the starstones of MZB for any of her fans. Stay tuned. DS