A Different Place

By Dark Star

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I want to take a moment to say that the scenes of abuse described herein are for the purpose of showing what the child had to deal with and why things which occur in the story do. They are not meant to excite or titillate in any way. I do NOT support the harming of a child EVER under any circumstance and those scenes depicted herein are not meant to get someone off but make them sick as they did me when I wrote them. Needless to say beware of any laws where you live which may pertain to a story like this and abide by them. You may infer what you like from my stories regarding my beliefs about things but for the record I do not advocate sexual contact with children and encourage you to keep it to reading about it rather than doing it.

This is my first story and you should know that while it is likely to have sex in it at some point, a lot of the story won't. It isn't about sex. I have tried to make it about writing a good story. I hope you enjoy it and like I said keep in mind it's my first. I hope it's not too bad. Thanks go to Jeff, AC, MS and DK amongst others who couldn't write chapters fast enough and caused me to give it a try after reading Comicality and his comments about how he got started. Also thanks to all the kids in the CSU, awesome every one of them. Feel free to e-mail me at Darkstar7177@gmail.com or Darkstar7177@aim.com IM available on both.


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Chapter 5 is the only one to feature consensual sex between an adult and child so far out of the 20 I have completed. While I may revisit the topic as of now it is just not happening story wise. That doesn't mean it couldn't but then again I don't want it to be a F***fest but a story. I tried in chapter 5 to explore the wonder and intensity of Danny's feelings when he discovered Marrika didn't think him bad or evil for wanting to explore and share those feelings. I didn't want it to be too graphic while at the same time I did want to convey a sense of the intense pleasure, free of guilt which Danny finally got to experience by being allowed to follow his curiosity to its natural conclusions. I hope that in some small way I succeeded.

This chapter was rather difficult for me to write towards the end for obvious reasons which you will note when you get to that part of the chapter.

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Author's note 2:

*asterisk indicates telepathic communication.

< --- > indicates emotion being sent during telepathic communication.

Dani is pronounced Dahnay, Tanara is pronounced Tahnahrah

Chapter 6

And I felt him drift off as he said the last part.

I laid there for a while holding this precious child close to me with his arms holding onto me even in his sleep wondering how I had been so lucky to find him.

I had no desire to have children yet but this one had awakened something in me that I didn't know existed and I wouldn't give him up now for the world. How quickly things can change I thought in just a few short days at that.

What we had just experienced was wondrous for me to behold as I saw him discover the pleasure he could attain without the pain and guilt he had felt before. Seeing his immense enjoyment of the experience considering how he had felt before was something that I would never forget.

Somewhere while thinking this I drifted off to join my little one in sleep.

I awoke slowly to the computer



I shook my head to clear it as I looked around. Where was I?

I didn't know for the moment or two it took the memories to leave me and for realization to sink in that I was back in my own time lying on the floor in the living room. I also realized I really had to use the bathroom and got up almost running to make it in time. I must have been out of it for a while as the need was overwhelming, I didn't know how I hadn't peed myself.

I pulled myself out half way there pulling the foreskin back and grabbing onto the end of my penis to prevent an accident and was glad I had as it was coming out by the time I got to the bathroom doorway. I rushed into the bathroom and pointed the end of my penis at the toilet releasing the death grip I had been maintaining on the end allowing the flow free reign. It took me a while to get it all out. It would stop and start and it was almost painful but finally I got to the last of it.

I had this happen before but rarely and was not surprised as I started to drain it that it was overwhelmingly sensitive. Just pulling it back and forth the few times necessary to drain it brought me to the edge of orgasm and I knew that I needed but a few more strokes to make it happen. I wasn't going to do it but suddenly the memory of Danny and his first orgasm with me came slamming into my mind and I found my hand performing those extra couple of strokes bringing me over the edge into a hard orgasm that left me sinking to the floor and my semen going everywhere as I lost all thought for a while reliving the experience that I just went through in my mind again in the real world.

When I recovered I sat up and looked at the mess I had made before taking a deep breath and starting to clean myself and the bathroom up a bit. I then asked the computer why it was contacting me and it informed me that the ship was attempting to communicate. I told it to open a channel and was then informed that it had been 12 hours and 35 minutes since my departure and it wanted to notify me.

It was nice of it to tell me even though I hadn't asked for it to. Well I guess I should get back as they won't be asking any awkward questions if I wake them now, they will just think they slept a long time. 

I walked out of the bathroom and walked slowly through the house looking at things there and found myself back in front of the pictures. I stood looking at them for a long time before finally shrugging and shaking myself out of the fog I found myself in.

I took a deep breath and transported myself back to the ship. Once there I showered and changed clothes and then went to check on the boys. I gently slipped into their minds and released the hold on them before stepping back and acting like nothing had happened calling to them

"hey guys time to wake up"

Which was met with unhappy groans from my two sleeping angels. Did I happen to tell you that my two are not exactly morning children.

"come on, the both of you, its time to get up and then some." I told them to more groans and a mumbled

"do we have to"


"just a few more minutes, please mom"

I chuckled and then replied

"come on sleepyheads I've let you sleep more than I should have already. Get up or its tickle time."

Which got no response so I waited a moment before going over to them and yanking the blankets from them with my mind and then attacking. This was a game that I played with all my children and I knew they were awake but faking it. It didn't take long before there were cries emanating from the pile of tangled boys of

"I gotta pee"

"stop I'm going pee" which was also as usual with them.

They tried to get me to stop using that old excuse and I tried to time my efforts to not actually make them do it but this time I was off a bit as I heard Tanara gasp and then saw him grab his shooting penis to prevent anymore coming out before jumping out of the bed and running for the bathroom screaming


I broke down in a fit of laughter as Dani ran to follow his brother in getting rid of his morning deposit. Tanara came back out and just stood there staring at me.

"Mom its not funny."

I couldn't help it and told him "oh yes it is" which got an even meaner glare from him.

But what happened next was the final straw, Dani came out of the bathroom and said.

"jeez Tanni I thought you were toilet trained by now" which had me in stitches and Tanara turning and attacking his brother.

What occurred over the next little while was a complete all out tickle war and pillow fight/wrestling match which soon included me as well. Gods how I needed this, hell we all did. For a while it was all forgotten, the planet below us and Danny as well.

After our play session we went and had breakfast before returning to our task at hand which we had all, I think, been putting off.

"you ready?"

There were nods and the two boys became quiet as I took the controls and headed back down to Earth.

We spent the following week and a half looking at ruins at various places across the planet. Paris, London, Moscow, Peking, Tokyo, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Rome were among the places we visited along with other cities in North America. The destruction varied from place to place, in some it was complete in others it looked like people could just walk out of the buildings at any time.

The boys noticed power signatures in some areas and I explained that some of them were Earth power sources but others were off-planet in origin, left over facilities of those who had been visiting here.

We also visited a few of the so called "safe sites" that had proven not so safe for the worlds leaders and elite who had depended upon them for their survival. The children got to see the preserved artifacts in those places and some of the best of Earth's history and culture as the leaders had seen the need to preserve precious items in the hope they would one day be there for their progeny.

 Depending on how you look at it either all too soon or not soon enough our time on Earth drew to a close. We had spent a great deal of time studying the ruins of their civilization and we had also spent a great deal of time studying the complexities surrounding their final days as well as the preceding history which led up to the end. I showed them the factors which had brought about their downfall and where they had made critical mistakes which would eventually spell their doom. By the time our sojourn came to an end the boys had completed their course requirements and then some but they also had a much better understanding of this culture and the last 25 to 30 years of its existence especially.

As we settled in for our final night I got the boys off to bed and went back up to the bridge where I settled into my command chair and thought that while we had completed what we had came here to accomplish the feeling of foreboding was still present and I was no closer to having an understanding of it.

I sat and stared out at the view of the dead planet slowly rotating beneath us. I felt the memories superimpose themselves over what my eyes were showing me as I once again saw the beautiful blue green planet below me as I approached it for the first time. The two images were as one and it made me think of Danny once again and I knew that while the boys' time on Earth was finished mine was not yet quite done.

It was time to say goodbye.

I slowly stood up, standing there looking down at the two images before me, each just as real to me as the other at that moment before transporting down to the place I once called home. I walked once again through the house before coming back to the living room and sitting on the couch there once again looking at the pictures adorning the mantle.

"computer, holographic display of the family residing here circa Earth year 1984"

I instructed it and watched as my family appeared before my eyes. I stared at what once was as tears ran down my face and the memories came yet once again...


The next few days allowed us to get to know one another and bond even more than we were, although that first night sealed our family. Danny was coming out of his shell in leaps and bounds and I was never so happy as I was watching this happen, although he still had nightmares on occasion and didn't like to be far from me.

He had been with us for about a week and a half when the computer notified me that they had found something in relation to his brothers. It turned out to be their possible location and I decided to notify Lantre immediately and head out to investigate. Lantre was unavailable and wouldn't become so for some time so I made the decision to go by myself.

What I didn't know was that I had someone who thought he should go with me. While I didn't want him to risk himself I also realized that short of rendering him unconscious that he would follow me regardless of my wishes so together we transported to a location near where the computer had pinpointed Danny's brothers whereabouts.

When we got there we found ourselves in some trees in a large private compound which was located in a remote part of the continent of Europe. We could see guards everywhere and kept ourselves slightly out of phase which kept us invisible to human eyes.

The computer stated that the children were underground and that it had provided natural shielding which is why it took so long to locate them. We headed inside and found numerous children wandering the complex all naked and all pre-pubescent. With a few quick scans of their minds we also found out what they were doing there and my anger rose within me.

I opened a channel on my communicator and had operations stand by for offensive as well as recovery operations. I also told them of the numerous children present and what would be needed upon my signal. They were going to stand by with weapons trained and personnel ready to assist in the recovery.

Now all that was left was to locate Danny's brothers and the people who were responsible for this atrocity. We wound our way through the complex looking in various rooms as we went and seeing everything from empty rooms to those whose obvious purpose was for filming. We finally headed upstairs where we found the man Danny and his mother remembered sitting in what was apparently his office going over paperwork.

There was a boy of about 9 standing behind and to his right and at first it appeared that no one else was present but then the man said


and I extended my senses outward finding that there was another present behind and underneath the desk. What I encountered was fear and loathing of both the child and the man amongst other emotions. My anger rose within me but before I could do anything Danny had reached out rendering both boys unconscious and grabbing the man's penis with his mind just as the man called out

"what the hell did you sto...eeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiii" as Danny's grip turned extremely painful.

The man was trying desperately to get away and was screaming in agony as Danny reached his other hand out and silenced the man's screams. I erected a shield as I felt the guards running towards the room.

Then Danny simply said "Where are my brothers?" releasing the man to speak

"Fuck you" he replied and I felt a shiver as Danny calmly with a smile on his face said

"that is something you will never do to me or anyone else ever again."

As he closed his hand in the air on the penis which he had been holding telekinetically it ripped itself from the man's groin in a shower of blood and an agonizing scream from the throat of the man. I was stunned as Danny then reached out and prevented the man from slipping into the blessed relief of unconsciousness.

"Where are my brothers?" he asked once again and this time I stepped in

"Danny, stop. Don't do this."

He turned to me and the fury and pain was evident upon his face as he said.

"why not, look what he has done to these kids, did you scan them? This is nothing compared to what he has done" as a sob escaped his lips and tears ran down his cheeks.

"I know" I replied sadly "but this isn't the way baby, if you keep on you will become like him inside.

You can't be like him." I told him as I knelt down taking him in my arms and hugging him to me. "You can't"

I said this as I released him and stood up walking slowly forward towards the man who was holding himself in a futile attempt to stop the bleeding from his groin.

It is rather hard to apply a pressure hold when there isn't really anything left to grab onto. I knew he wouldn't live long unless I did something so I reached out and slowed the bleeding enough that he wouldn't die for a while yet then I looked him in the eye and told him

"you may not want to tell me anything but you are going to anyway."

Then I reached into his mind and started reading what I found there. While I didn't expect anything good in what I would find even I was shocked at what this man had did to hundreds of children.

Then Danny interrupted me to tell me that the guards were hurting some of the other children and things were getting out of control. Being shielded here in this room I had no fear of what I was about to do as I contacted Terra Main and had them discharge a powerful stun beam across this entire area and then transport recovery personnel into the complex.

Silence descended upon the compound as I returned to the vermin standing before me.

What was in his mind was horrifying to me and was so vast that I couldn't believe it actually existed but this man was the mastermind of one of the most powerful and well organized child slavery and prostitution organizations in the world. His fingers were everywhere and this compound was one of about 12 worldwide all housing children which were being used in various ways none of which were beneficial to the children involved.

My first idea to simply kill him was soon gone as I realized that he would be needed to go after the many others involved in this enterprise. The fingers of his operation went into many, many places including governments and like a cancer had spread everywhere from police agencies to child welfare institutions.

I searched through his mind and found that he kept extensive records detailing virtually everything in his empire from names of victims and how he had acquired them to every single person who worked directly or indirectly for him or ever had. The records were staggering along with banking information and much else besides.

Next I looked into his mind for the most troublesome law enforcement official that he had ever encountered and was the most afraid of and that is how I came to find David Blaine a Scotland Yard detective who had caused him and his organization much trouble in the past. He had even tried to have him killed recently but without success. I now knew exactly what needed to be done.

I didn't really know English law but this detective would be able to tell me exactly what could and couldn't be done. The commander of the detachment that transported down and contacted me and I let him know I would be bringing a human law enforcement official into this place and to disguise his workers. I then went with Danny and transported us to the underground complex where the pens were.

There were hundreds of children down here along with guards all stunned. I went directly to a room off the main corridor where I opened the door to find two unconscious boys, naked, lying on the floor.

Danny ran over to them calling their names as I joined him. I checked each and while they were both injured from what they had to endure here they would be ok with time, at least physically. I knelt down next to them and gently placed my hands, one to each forehead, and extending myself into them scanning deeply and healing whatever I could find and ensuring they would sleep until I was ready to deal with what was to come before slowly withdrawing and standing upright once again.

"Danny, I am going to transport you home and I want you to stay there with your brothers until I return, they will remain unconscious until I wake them, can you do that for me?"

He looked at me and said "yes." and I initiated the transport taking them back to the medlab.

That was when I turned and contacted the commander of the landing team to tell him that there was a vast underground complex as well and hundreds of children to be found within its confines. Then I altered my appearance to that of a 12 year old boy once again before transporting to London England and the offices of Scotland Yard.

I knew the commander could handle things there and the children would be safe from any harm. The final disposition had yet to be determined but the adults would be secured and the children would be taken care of one way or the other. I was out of phase once again as I went into the building and began my search for Blaine.

I quickly scanned the mind of the officer at the front desk to see where sex crimes against children would be located at and then proceeded to that floor. When I got there I went to the commander's office and scanned his mind for Detective Blaine. I found where he lived and its location in his mind before teleporting myself to his house.

Detective Blaine lived out in the country and had three children present as well as a dog who sensed me even in this form. I quickly sent reassurance to its mind before continuing to where he slept. I decided to make an entrance as it were and caused the windows to open and wind to billow into the room which brought him awake as I materialized slowly at the foot of his bed.

I was rather impressive if I say so myself as I had a golden glow around me that I didn't let entirely fade as I took form there in his bedroom. I was dressed in a white two piece skin tight outfit with a royal blue cloak having gold trim along the edges. With my dark blond hair I imagine I looked like one of his religious figures appearing before him.

"who the bloody hell are you?" he asked me as he awoke.

"a friend who needs your services." I replied.

"I need you to get dressed and come with me immediately."

I told him as he looked at me with disbelief plainly written on his face.

"I don't know who you are or how you got into my home but I'm a constable and you're in spot of trouble lad."

I shook my head and smiled telling him

"Look Detective Blaine, the organization you have been investigating for so long has been broken into. I have the children from one of the compounds as well as the head of the group in custody. I also have extremely detailed records of everything and his full cooperation. If you want to save a great number of children then come with me and do so now."

He looked at me silently for a moment before picking up the phone by his bed and making a call to have someone come over and watch his children and then he proceeded to get dressed. By the time he was dressed there was a knock on his door and an older woman entered assuring him that everything would be fine until he got back. He returned upstairs to where I was waiting and said

"now what, where is this place?"

I just smiled and walked outside and downstairs with him following until we exited the house and got a safe distance away before taking his hand and transporting us to the man's office where he still sat slowly bleeding in his chair. The two children present were gone already.

He looked around and then back at me before taking a good look at the man before him.

"what the bloody hell?"

"He has had his penis removed, rather forcefully I'm afraid, but he made the wrong suggestion to the wrong person."

"You should know that associates of mine are currently rescuing several hundreds of children located in this complex who were being sexually abused and exploited. They have also rounded up the staff and guards of this complex and placed them into custody. This man is the mastermind of it all and his reach extends all over the world into police, governments, child welfare agencies and many other places as well. He will fully cooperate with you in providing you information detailing his complete organization as well as giving you detailed documents on said organization. You also need to know that there are 11 other complexes worldwide set up and like this one housing hundreds of children. Many more have been sold into slavery and sexual bondage over the years and again there are detailed documents showing the wheres and hows of it all. Currently forces under my control are neutralizing those other establishments and placing the perpetrators in custody while rescuing the children housed there. You need to decide whether or not you wish to take complete control of these children or do you want us to do so."

I walked over to the man as I finished speaking and put out my hand stopping the blood flow from his groin. His mind was a combination of fury and pain coupled with fear as I turned back to Detective Blaine awaiting his response. He looked totally confused as he stood there looking at me and the man who had orchestrated all of this. Finally he spoke asking

"I don't understand, who are you? How have you done this?"

I smiled as I told him, "seriously Detective you wouldn't believe me if I told you. Suffice it to say that I have vast and superior resources at my disposal which I have put to good use. Originally I was not going to involve myself with the other sites but it soon became apparent that you would not be able to effect a rescue without suffering significant casualties both amongst your forces and more importantly among the children so I have stepped in to render their defenses non-existent. Now about the children, can you handle several thousand traumatized children or will you leave them to us?"

He looked at me and once again asked

"how can I decide that without knowing who you are and what you would do with them?"

I shook my head but decided to tell him the truth

"Well you might find this hard to believe but I am from another planet and am here studying your world. I became aware of this situation and took steps with the resources at my disposal to remedy it. We can treat the children who have been used here and return those who have a place to go where they will be safe and loved while caring for those who can't or won't. We will be able to heal them of the emotional, physical and psychological scars which they will suffer from these experiences but it will be have to be your choice."

He looked at me and then said

"I can't make any kind of legal case against them without witnesses. Even if this man testifies it won't be enough to put others in jail without the children. If it weren't for that then I would say that they would be best off with you and your people."

I thought he was in error on that and told him

"there are detailed records showing everything and everyone. This man was absolutely meticulous in his record keeping regarding everything he did. Shouldn't that be enough to get those needing to be got?"

He shook his head and said

"maybe but to tell the truth probably not. Not only that but how do I explain the disappearance of the children. Everyone is going to want to know what happened to them and I can't very well tell them some fantastical tale of aliens from outer space even if for some reason I do find myself believing it." He said looking at me.

He had a point there and once again I cursed this backward planet where nothing could be simple. Well I could assemble teams to take out those most responsible and while that wouldn't get all of them it would remove the worst from their society. I knew I would have to answer for it but thought it was a sound judgment since I had interfered which had caused the problem to be.

"Very well then. All that can be done is to see that those most responsible are punished. The small fry as the Americans say will get away but the big fish will be caught in the net so to speak. We will take the children and see to their well being. Know that this is over and you can rest easy now for many, many children who will have a much better life and also know that no others shall befall this man's evil. I shall return you to your home now."

I started to wave my hand and initiate transport when he said

"wait, what will happen to them and him?" pointing towards the man.

I looked to him and then back before replying

"I am not sure yet but know that he will never be in a position to harm another nor will the others in question."

He looked shocked as the import of my words sank in and then said

"but you can't just kill them without a trial or anything that would be barbaric"

I shook my head and replied


What this man and the others did to these and countless other children is what is barbaric.

Your misguided feelings regarding barbarism have led you and your society to tolerate great wrongs in the name of being civilized. You equate civilization with tolerance of virtually everything and what you end up with is such as these yet you consider a very effective means of deterring such as uncivilized.

My people have a simple justice and it shall be meted out.

There is no question of their guilt. *I can read it directly from their minds* and as such there is no question regarding innocence.

The punishment given shall for the most part be a lot less than what they have inflicted upon others and that is the only thing I regret."

And it was at that moment that I knew exactly what most of their punishments would be.

He stood there not looking especially happy and I quickly told him

"Rest easy as this group is no more, the records I spoke of will be sent to you so you can follow up with the lesser individuals if you so choose, goodbye."

And with that I waved my hand returning Detective Blaine to his home I wasn't in the mood to debate their societies' concept of punishment with him any longer this evening.

I had numerous things to do but first I went home and checked in with Danny before returning to the man and implementing the first of many plans.

Over the next few days and weeks there would be a rash of suicides across the planet reaching into all levels of society but surprisingly a great deal of them were in government in some capacity or another. One prime minister even was amongst those who would take his own life. The other odd thing would be such that it would leave no doubt as to its being a suicide which was important as in many cases the peoples' money had disappeared just before their deaths.

For the man, he lived for some time, long enough to transfer all of his assets to various shells of ours where the funds would be held in trust for the many children who would be returning to Earth at some point. Eventually he too would take his own life.

Detective Blaine would receive the documents as I told him he would and would take care of many of the small fish as it were before he was finished with the whole affair. 

Sadly Danny's father was among the casualties of this man's perfidy.

In searching the man's mind I found the boys' father and that he was kept in a state of perpetual semi-consciousness due to his mental state.

It seems that our earlier guesses were close to the mark. The boy had been spotted by the man who had desired him and when they caught him and his mother alone one night they shot her in the head before she had a chance to react.

The neuro shock of the event had damaged the boy's mind and that is why he didn't defend himself or escape. Due to the damage he was uncooperative with his captors but it seems he started coming out of it at least a little bit years later which led to his death.

The drugs they had given him were relaxed only enough to allow the child to perform. It seems that on one occasion the drugs were reduced a little too much, at least enough to allow the boy to fight back, and when that happened the boy was killed. He took three of them with him before he died though and I noted where his body had been placed.

The other problem was that Danny, Kyle and Sean were not his only children. It seems that breeding them was often easier than stealing or buying them.

Get a woman pregnant and let her raise the child for a few years before reclaiming the property for use was the motto. No fuss and no muss. Unfortunately the mothers were nothing to write home about and these children would no doubt be found in similar conditions to what Danny and his brothers had to live in before.

I made note of the number of children after searching his mind diligently and also of the many other children from his breeding program. I also searched the records from his vault showing who and where each was and then turned them all over to the recovery teams from Terra Main. There were thousands of children involved ranging from those that were unborn on up in age and the task would be daunting. Danny's father had apparently sired about 300 children in the 7 years before his death which meant there were 300 odd children that were in possession of full psionic powers ranging from 9 down to about 2 years old or so that would have to be recovered and taken off world. Some of those children, the older ones, were in this compound or other similar ones but many of the younger ones were still out there. It seems that they really didn't bring young children in until they were at least 6 or so which still left a lot out there to rescue. Danny's father had been killed almost three years ago now and his children would not continue to grow up without the knowledge of who and what they were. I made it a priority to get the recovery teams to locate and rescue all of them.

Next I returned to my home to try to salvage two of the victims of these peoples' abominations if that were possible.

I didn't know but I was determined to find out. If there was anything that could be done for them then I knew I would do it because when we found them the look on my Danny's face let me know that whatever it took I would try to do to make his family whole once again with me.

As I materialized in the medlab it was to find Danny curled up next to Kyle and Sean sound asleep with his arm protectively around Kyle. As I stood there gazing at my new family a chime sounded and the computer alerted me

"incoming transmission"

"what" I said.

"There is an incoming transmission from your ship"

I shook my head to clear it as the scene before me faded to be replaced by the holo-image that had been in front of me before I was lost in time.

"open communications" I instructed it.

"Marrika sensors have detected an approaching ion storm, magnitude 5"

I thought for a moment wondering if this was what I had been sensing all this time before telling the computer

"Acknowledged, I will return to the ship shortly."

I stood and glanced quickly around the room before instructing the computer to shut down all non essential systems and life support, sleep mode.

I watched as the holo-image faded from view taking one last look around the house and ending at the pictures on the mantle saying

"goodbye my loves" as the computer intoned

"life support will be terminated in 10...9...8...7...6..." and with my gaze lingering on my family as the tears fell I initiated transport back to the ship.

Upon materializing I stated

"Report" and was told that a magnitude 5 ion storm was approaching eta 30 minutes.

I sat down taking the controls and heading down to the planets surface where we would be out of it for however long it lasted. Once down on the planet I headed to bed and sleep. Tomorrow we would be heading back to Caral and the rest of my family and I sorely needed that after the experiences of the last week or so.

Revisiting my first family had been hard and I still missed them after all these years. Why hadn't they got out? It was still a question I didn't have an answer to and one that would haunt me to the end. Danny had sent me a subspace communication just before the end stating that things were very bad and he was going to try to help for as long as he could and then would get out but that was the last I ever heard from him.

We had several arguments about him getting out of there but he was adamant that he was needed there, it was his home. One of the watchers that was left on planet said that Danny had been near the blast that had destroyed Los Angeles trying to get children out but knew nothing else.


It was a question for which I would never have the answer.

And with that I drifted off to sleep.

I awoke the next morning to hear my munchkins puttering around and decided to get up and join them. After a shower and changing my clothes I went out to find them eating and joking around.

"well good morning" I told them.

Which was met with hi mom and good morning. I grabbed some breakfast and joined them at the table.

"Are we going home today?" Tanara asked excitedly and was joined by Dani

"yea are we?"

I couldn't resist as I teased them.

"what you're tired of your old mom already?"

"Moooom" came from both boys as I smiled and said

"yes, we are going to head back to your father today" which was met with cheers from both boys.

"Mom, why are we back on the planet's surface?" Dani asked

"well Dani, there was a magnitude 5 ion storm approaching our position last night and returning back to the surface was the easiest solution to get out of its path."

"oh, ok" Dani replied.

"So is it gone yet?" Tanara asked hopefully.

"I don't know why don't we find out." I smiled to him asking the computer

"Status on the ion storm?"

"Ion storm is dissipating, currently at magnitude 1. Storm should be gone from this vicinity if current patterns remain within 6 hours." The computer stated which was fine with me.

"well it looks like its pretty much cleared up. We will leave once we are finished here how's that sound?"

Which was met with more cheers and an increase in the speed of consumption of their food if that were possible.

I knew that a mag 1 was nothing to worry about and had no reservations about taking off into it. The ship could safely navigate a storm of up to magnitude 12 and such storms only went to mag 15 anyway. We could have stayed last night but it would have been a bit bumpy.

We all finished our breakfast and I set the kids to cleaning up a bit. It looked like the storm had made it inside rather than millions of miles away and I wanted it to be a bit presentable by the time we reached my love although I had no illusions about it staying that way for 5 minutes once I left the room, oh well.

I headed up to the bridge where I settled into the command chair and took the controls applying thrusters and raising the ship to start our ascent into space. We quickly rose through the atmosphere and I said a final farewell to what was once my home and started to exit the atmosphere into the black of space.

They say that things can change in a split second and I was to find out, if I had any doubt, that the old saying was all too true in the next few seconds.


"Subspace anomaly detected" blared the computer as I looked at the sensors.

Some type of sub spatial distortion was forming directly ahead of us.


"Shields, FULL NOW!"

I called out as I heard the children call silently asking what was wrong while I desperately slammed the ship into a turn in an attempt to try to avoid whatever it was.

"Red Alert" I screamed at the same time hoping desperately that the children would be ok.

"WARNING additional distortions forming in immediate vicinity" the computer intoned as I tried to weave a course around them.

I was heading back towards the Earth and finding my way blocked by whatever it was.

"Analysis of distortion fields?"

I called to the computer as I once again diverted us from another one that had popped into being. I could feel the children and their fear and I sent a tight thought of reassurance to them hoping it wasn't false as I struggled to keep us out of whatever was happening all around us.

"Distortions contain a temporal abnormality within, unknown classification, be advised dangerous gravitational shearing has been detected within, suggest avoiding at all costs."

The computer replied to my query.

"Gee ya think" I said as I once again desperately tried to steer the ship away from the latest appearance.

Looking at the sensors it appeared that my options were rapidly diminishing as the distortions were appearing seemingly everywhere around us.

I was beginning to think that there was no way out.

I brought the ship back up in a desperate attempt to get through but hit the edge of one of the distortion fields and the ship was tossed around wildly.

I felt myself being thrown from my chair and sailing through the air as incongruously a thought went through my head from hundreds of years ago about a debate that occurred over having seatbelts on a certain starship from a television series when I slammed into the wall and console that was lodged in it and felt searing pain shoot through my body.

I heard the boys scream "MOM" in unison as they felt the pain race through my body.

I knew I had to get back to the controls if we were to have any chance so I started trying to get myself there, dragging myself across the floor. It was extremely painful and I knew I was injured rather badly but I had to keep going. I had almost reached the chair when the computer warned

"distortion field directly ahead, contact in 15 seconds."

Damn, damn and damn I thought as I reached for the chair to pull myself up. What happened next took only seconds but felt like an hour as everything seemed to go in slow motion.

I felt a lurch as the ship struck the edge of another field just as I was pulling myself upright throwing the ship wildly around once again. Alarms had been going off but they now increased in intensity as the amount of damage we sustained multiplied.

At the same time I felt the children entering the bridge just as we struck the edge of it. I was once again thrown through the air. I turned my head to look at them just as we struck and saw them go airborne at the same time as I with a scream of panic.

Somewhere in there I heard the computer intone in an ominous sounding voice.

"prepare for imminent collision"

Tanara was thrown against the bulkhead and I landed close by with Dani across the way with a dazed and pained look on his face. I knew I had suffered further injury but my concern was for my boys while theirs was for me. We each called out to the other but before we could answer we struck the main distortion which was ahead of us with the computer announcing

"entering subspace distortion, brace for impact."

A little late I think.

Chaos ensued as the ship was shook like a rag doll.

Alarms were everywhere and we went flying about the cabin like a piece of paper caught in a hurricane.

The pain was incredible as I was thrown around the cabin striking this and that throughout. When I finally slammed into the last thing pain washed over me blinding me with its intensity for several moments while everything started going black before I could try to block it and focus on what was happening.

I knew I was severely injured at this point but my first priority was my children as I looked around the battered bridge for my babies.

I found Dani groaning across the room from me and trying to sit up. He had blood dripping down his forehead and I called to him asking if he was alright. I got no reply as I scanned around for Tanara and found him wedged underneath a console not moving.

Oh no, I tried to get up but realized quickly that the idea wasn't a good one as I nearly lost consciousness again.

I took a deep breath knowing I had to get to him and concentrated on transporting myself to him. It took almost all I had and by the time I was next to him I had almost blacked out once again.

Dani meanwhile was dragging himself over to us slowly as I quickly scanned Tanara.

Oh gods no, he was almost dead.

He had severe internal injuries and head trauma as well as several broken bones.

I quickly looked up as Dani joined me and I scanned him as well. He would make it. He had a broken leg and internal injuries but nothing that would immediately kill him although the head injury was bad.

"Mom, is he..." he gasped out but couldn't finish the thought.

"NO" I told him. I wouldn't let that happen, I wouldn't.

While turning back to his brother. I knew I couldn't heal him completely but I should be able to at least keep him from dying.

I also knew it would take everything I had left.

I concentrated with everything I had left in me and poured my energy into my youngest son. I don't know how long it took but by the time I was done he was still severely injured but he wouldn't die.

I collapsed backward as I finished totally drained as Dani cried out



I looked blearily at him and realized my consciousness was fading as I heard the computer intone

"Warning propulsion offline, weapons offline, sensors offline, life support damaged, shields damaged, entering atmosphere of a Class M planet, time to impact 12 minutes."

No. It couldn't end like this

"Computer emergency repair of engines" I croaked out "implement code alpha 7"

The computer replied

"Code Alpha 7 acknowledged, emergency repairs initiated there is a 43% possibility that some propulsion will be available within the allotted time frame before impact."

Code Alpha 7 was an emergency contingency plan that we had set up years ago to get the children to safety in the event of something like this occurring, we had hoped though to never have to use it.

I didn't know where we were or anything other than we were going down and it didn't sound good.

I knew I wouldn't survive it but I had one final act to accomplish.

I put everything I had into it as I sent all my love and affection to both my boys as well as for the rest of my family and then quickly, before the ship took over, I went in and unlocked their minds and powers fully and completely.

It was brutal and abrupt but I didn't have any choice as I mercilessly went in and freed them from any constraints upon their abilities. I didn't know where they were going or what they would have to face on the planet below and at least this would give them a fighting chance.

I heard Danny call out to me as I went in and say something but I was too far gone to be able to concentrate on anything other than this final act I could perform for my children.

As I finished I felt myself slipping away and the final sight before me was Dani slumping to the floor unconscious from my assault upon him as my vision slowly faded and I thought of my family and how much I would miss them and then I saw in my final moments a shimmering which must be the transporter taking hold of them and then nothing.


Well that is chapter 6 please don't kill me. Chapter 7 will be up in a couple of days. Now you know why this chapter was difficult. As always I hope you enjoyed this chapter. Those who hurt the children got what they had coming and Marrika's family in the past came into being. This chapter held another of those things which happened and then didn't. Detective Blaine was going to figure in a lot more prominently than he ended up actually doing. I hadn't originally planned on Federation forces taking control indefinitely of the situation but that is how it ended up leaving Blaine pretty much out of it. Sorry to leave things such as they are but it just happened that way. Until next time DS.