A Different Place

By Dark Star

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This story may very likely contain scenes of a sexual nature. Not only that but the scenes may be between children as well as between children and adults and may be homosexual in nature. I am not sure where the story will go at this point so cannot say for sure all that may occur. This is NOT a sex story and if you are looking for one then go elsewhere. This story also may deal with abuse of a child by reference or by description. Except for any abuse described the scenes of a sexual nature will be consensual. If this isn't your cup of tea then stop now.

Author's Note

I want to take a moment to say that the scenes of abuse described herein are for the purpose of showing what the child had to deal with and why things which occur in the story do. They are not meant to excite or titillate in any way. I do NOT support the harming of a child EVER under any circumstance and those scenes depicted herein are not meant to get someone off but make them sick as they did me when I wrote them. Needless to say beware of any laws where you live which may pertain to a story like this and abide by them. You may infer what you like from my stories regarding my beliefs about things but for the record I do not advocate sexual contact with children and encourage you to keep it to reading about it rather than doing it.

This is my first story and you should know that while it is likely to have sex in it at some point, a lot of the story won't. It isn't about sex. I have tried to make it about writing a good story. I hope you enjoy it and like I said keep in mind it's my first. I hope it's not too bad. Thanks go to Jeff, AC, MS and DK amongst others who couldn't write chapters fast enough and caused me to give it a try after reading Comicality and his comments about how he got started. Also thanks to all the kids in the CSU, awesome every one of them. Feel free to e-mail me at Darkstar7177@gmail.com or Darkstar7177@aim.com

Author's note 2:

*asterisk indicates telepathic communication.

< --- > indicates emotion being sent during telepathic communication.

Dani is pronounced Dahnay, Tanara is pronounced Tahnahrah

Well here it is hope you like it and once again thanks to those who have written me and encouraged me in this story.

Last time-------

It was brutal and abrupt but I didn't have any choice as I mercilessly went in and freed them from any constraints upon their abilities. I didn't know where they were going or what they would have to face on the planet below and at least this would give them a fighting chance.

I heard Danny call out to me as I went in and say something but I was too far gone to be able to concentrate on anything other than this final act I could perform for my children.

As I finished I felt myself slipping away and the final sight before me was Dani slumping to the floor unconscious from my assault upon him as my vision slowly faded and I thought of my family and how much I would miss them and then I saw in my final moments a shimmering which must be the transporter taking hold of them and then nothing.

Chapter 7

A stranger in a strange land

I woke screaming "SAVE OUR MOM" and then looked around confused as two women were running towards me. What's going on?

Where am I?

Who are these people?

I didn't know but I was scared and they were speaking to me and I couldn't understand them.

"I can't understand you" I told them.

I could see that they seemed concerned about me but I just couldn't understand them and then I realized I hurt, bad.

I slumped back in the bed gasping as the pain hit me. I guess I had blocked it out with whatever I was dreaming about but now it was hitting me hard. I felt weak all of a sudden and then I didn't feel anything as things started fading out.

The women were screaming and other people were running towards me and that is the last thing I remembered for a while.

When I next awoke it was to a different bed in a different room and as things slowly came into focus I looked around at my surroundings wondering yet once again where I was.

I remembered the last time and it seemed to be like before only more equipment was present. My head hurt as well as my stomach and side and something was on my leg which was big and heavy.

I noticed a woman enter the room I was in and walk over to the other bed where a woman was lying and start doing stuff to her.

I was confused as I didn't remember what happened or anything.

That confusion was turning into fear as I started to realize just how much I didn't remember including my own name.

The fear was starting to become overwhelming at about the time the woman came over to me. She got a big smile on her face and was talking to me but once again I couldn't understand a word she said.

I told her "I don't understand, who am I, what happened, what is this place?"

She shook her head at me and spoke some more and then held up her hand before turning and leaving the room. I was feeling really tired and weak and drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke again it was to the woman sitting by my bed looking at something in her hand resembling a square with pictures on the front of it. I guess I let out a moan because she suddenly looked up and smiled telling me something which I couldn't understand at all. I shook my head and told her I didn't understand her but somehow I don't think she could understand me either.

She once again held up her hand and quickly walked out of the room coming back almost immediately with an older man wearing some type of white covering over his clothing.

He started talking to me as well and when I answered telling him I didn't understand him he frowned and kept talking to either me or the woman as he pulled the covers back and started poking at me.

I cried out a couple of times when he pressed sensitive areas and he frowned each time but went on to other areas before shining a light into my eyes, feeling my head eliciting another outcry when he touched a sore spot and then placing a metallic object against my chest for a while.

He then smiled at me and said something else before turning and leaving the room.

She started talking to me again and smiling and I somehow could sense that she really cared but I still had a lot of questions like who was I and what had happened to me not to mention what was that thing going into my penis.

I soon found myself tired once again and drifting off to sleep.

This cycle continued to repeat itself for I don't know how long over the next few days I guess. I would awaken for a while but be very weak and tired and would not stay awake long before drifting back off to sleep.

They could not talk to me and I couldn't speak to them for some reason which made my frustration mount during my waking moments.

At some point they moved me to another room with two beds in it the other being occupied by a young boy. It wasn't until I woke up that I found this out though and it was because that same boy was standing inches from my face staring at me.

When he saw that I was awake his face broke into a big smile and he said

"hey you're awake"

"yea I guess I am" I replied although my voice sounded really weak.

"cool, my names Keith what's yours?" he asked me.

I started to reply to him when I realized I understood him and more importantly he understood me.

"you can understand me?" I asked him

"umm yea" he said with a quizzical look on his face "why wouldn't I?" he asked.

I shook my head and then told him

"cause no one here has been able to yet."

He was still looking at me funny and said "that's weird so what's your name?"

"I...I don't know" I replied and he started to say something when a different woman than last time walked in saying something to Keith.

Keith turned to me and told me "she says I'm not supposed to bother you, so I gotta go"

I told him "wait, don't go you're the only one here I can talk to" and he looked back at me with sad eyes and told me "I can't."

She walked quickly over to us and started talking to Keith and he would answer occasionally with yes or no and once "I can too" before I finally asked him what was going on and he told me

"she thinks I'm making it up and I can't really talk to you but I told her I can but she don't believe me."

I called out to her and told her he could understand me and was also shaking my head up and down. She looked at me and then back at Keith before asking him something to which he turned to me and repeated.

"She wants to know your name and I told her you don't know but she said to ask you anyways."

"Tell her I don't remember anything including my name."

He told her what I said and then she said something back and Keith turned to me and said

"She wants to know if you remember anything at all?"

I told him no and asked him

"can you ask her where am I and what happened and who am I?"

He looked at me funny again but turned to the woman and repeated my questions. She said some stuff and he turned back to me telling me

"she says you are at the hospital and they don't know what happened to you or who you are."

"great, no one knows anything about me." I said.

She said something else to Keith who turned to me and repeated it.

"she says her name is Jean and wants to know why you can understand me but not her?"

I thought that was a stupid question but answered anyway

"because you are speaking the same language as me and she isn't." I told him and he told her which caused a look of surprise to come across her face before she said something quickly and turned away walking to the door.

"what did she say now?" I asked him and he told me that she said yes we are and that she'd be right back.

"this is so strange Keith, why can't I remember anything?"

I said to him and he kind of looked sad and shrugged his shoulders before climbing up in the bed and snuggling up with me. For some reason this felt like I was used to it and it was a feeling that I loved. I didn't even realize it but I quickly drifted off to sleep.

I awoke to a small body wrapped around mine and gave him a hug while without thinking said "Che Che" which caused the boy's head to pop up looking at me inquisitively and asking

"what is that?"

I just stared into space without answering as I didn't know. I felt as if I should know but I didn't which was frustrating to me.

"what is a Che Che?" a small voice asked again.

"I don't know, Keith, I think I should but I don't."

He looked at me strangely again and I realized he probably didn't understand a lot of what was going on but then again neither did I.

He simply said "ok" and put his head back down. We laid there for a while before he lifted his head up and asked me

"does it still hurt?" and I told him "not much right now although they have this thing in my penis that is really uncomfortable."

He looked at me tilting his head and said "what's a penis?"

Now it was my turn to look at him funny as I told him

"you know the thing you go pee from."

He just looked at me like I was from another planet before saying "ok" and I asked him

"what do you call it?"

"my pee pee" he replied.

"oh ok." I said as I really didn't know what to say to that.

At about that time Jean came into the room with another man in tow. She had a smile on her face as she walked up to us and said something which Keith translated.

"she says hi and wants to know how you're feeling?"

I replied "ok I guess except for this thing in my penis."

He told her that and the man chuckled slightly and began speaking with Keith relaying it to me.

"he says his name is Dr. Navarro and he will be taking care of you."

"he says the thing in your penis is called a catheter and it is so you could pee while you were un...uncon..." he looked to the doctor and got a grin then said "while you were asleep. He says he can take it out now if you want."

I nodded my head up and down which didn't need a translation as the doctor smiled at me and Keith started again

"he wants to know if you have any questions for him"

Wow, I had lots of them and started firing them off rapidly until both Keith and Dr. Navarro held up their hands both saying "whoa."

Dr. Navarro started speaking and Keith started telling me what he said while the doctor kept glancing back and forth between the both of us.

"He says he can't tell you who you are cause he don't know but that you were found alongside a highway with another boy of about 9 years of age."

I interrupted him asking "another boy, what boy, who is he?"

It went back and forth between them before Keith once again started speaking

"He says he don't know. Both of you had severe injuries and while we felt we could treat you here the other boy was sent in a helicopter to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles for more advanced care. He says that both of you were dressed similar and both of you had the same kind of bracelet on your wrists. He says that there were some things lying nearby you as well but he don't know what they are. He knows the other boy is alive but still un...uncon...ah he's still asleep but that's all he knows."

I sank back into my bed as the import of what he was saying hit me. There was someone else with me and he was hurt worse than I was. Who was he? I felt I should know. I turned to Keith and asked

"what happened to us?" in a small voice

The doctor answered and Keith told me

"He says he ain't sure but it appears almost like a car wreck or something but they can't find a car or nothing."

I nodded my head lost in thought and asked him to ask the doctor what was wrong with me and how long I had been here and he told me

"You were brought in two and a half weeks ago and you was hurt bad. Your leg and collarbone was broken and you had internal injuries and you had hurt your head real bad which is probably why you can't remember nothing. That's what he says. He said you almost died a few days after you got here but theys was able to fix you. He also says you is doing lots better. You are getting better fast he says he ain't seen no one get better this fast before cause of how bad you was hurt."

As Keith ran down I just sat there thinking. There was another boy with me. Who was he? I had questions before but now I had a million more. And I had been here for almost 3 weeks sleeping. I must have been hurt. I also knew that I wanted to see this boy. Jean and the doctor were standing there looking at me with looks of sympathy on their faces as if they could understand everything that was going through my mind right now. I looked back to Keith and found him looking at me worriedly as I smiled and told him that I was ok which got a look of relief and a quick hug before I told him to ask the doctor

"when will I get better and when can I see this other boy?"

Keith asked and then turned back to me and told me

"he says you are doing real well and might be able to get out of here in a couple of days but he doesn't know where you will go. Hey maybe you can go home with me. He says you won't be able to see the other boy for a while."

I digested that for a moment before I looked at the doctor and said

"I don't know why but I need to see the other boy."

I waited while Keith told him and then replied

"he says you can't right now. Children's is about 400 miles away and there is no way to get you down there anytime soon. He says the boy is still asleep too."

Without thinking I blurted out

"he shouldn't be asleep this long." And then looked shocked as I realized what I had said.

The doctor apparently thought nothing of it as Keith started explaining to me that that was normal sometimes with head injuries but I had tuned them out. I was wondering how I had known that something wasn't right. It was more than what the doctor thought though somehow I knew this but I didn't know what it meant. I knew I had to get them to understand. I interrupted Keith telling him

"you have to tell them that he shouldn't be asleep this long. I don't know how I know but I do. He shouldn't be asleep this long something's wrong."

They tried to reassure me but without much success and finally the doctor told me that he would check into it and be back later. He also told me he would have my catheter taken out and left the room with Jean. I laid back and Keith asked me if I was ok and I told him I was so he just gave me a look and snuggled back up to me. A few minutes later Jean came back in and had Keith tell me

"she's going to take out that catheter thing now. She says it might sting a bit but it won't hurt. They always say that but it does."

He said with a frown on his face. I smiled and told him it was ok. I wanted the thing out and it had to be better than what it was now.

Keith got up off of me and Jean pulled my covers back. Keith was staring and Jean told him something to which he said no. Jean kept telling him something and he grabbed onto me and told her no again. I finally asked

"what's wrong?"

He said "she wants me to go, she says I shouldn't' see your pee pee."

I looked at him and then Jean before wrapping my arm around him and telling him

"tell her I want you to stay and I don't care if you see my pee pee."

He smiled and told her and she said something else to which Keith told her "so" and she shook her head and lifted my gown up.

"wow you got a big pee pee." He said as he stared at it.

I didn't say anything as I watched Jean put on gloves and then lift my penis in her hand placing something that looked like a towel under it. Then she started talking and Keith translated

"She says she is going to use a needle to unblow the balloon in it but she ain't gonna give you a shot."

I told him "ok" as I watched Jean take a needle and insert it in the tube running into me and pulling the thing back on it. She then put the needle down and took hold of my penis in one hand while pulling back the skin and taking the tube in the other and started pulling it out. It stung but soon enough it was out and she was closing off the end of the tube and taking a little pad and wiping my penis with it. She then wrapped a small towel around the end of my penis after she had pulled the skin back up on it. After all that was done she turned to Keith and started talking and Keith told me

"she says it might leak a little at first and thats why she put the washcloth around it. She says it might burn a little at first when you pee but that should go away after a few times. She says if it hurts real bad to tell her. She also says you gotta pee in a cup she's gonna get you."

I looked at Jean who was watching me and nodded my head to her which she took to mean I understood her because she gathered all the stuff up and left but came back within a couple of minutes with a strange looking cup clipping it to the side of the bed, smiling and saying something to Keith before leaving the room again. Keith turned to me and told me what she said

"she said she'd be back later and to pee in there if you gotta and I was to help you."

I looked at the cup and wondered just what I was supposed to do with it. I mean did they want me to actually just pee in it.

I asked Keith "what do I do with it just pee in it" and he said yea watch.

He proceeded to get up on his knees and grab the cup while pushing his gown aside. I then watched as he pulled the skin back on his little penis placing it inside the opening to the cup and going while looking at me with a big grin on his face saying "see."

"yea I see, thanks for showing me." I guess it was exactly what they said.

Then he said "so you gotta go? I could help you."

I told him not right now but I would tell him when I did so he could help me which got another big grin from him and the comment

"I like you, I hope you do get to come home with me."

I smiled and told him

"well I like you too but I got to have parents somewhere, don't I." It made me think of what I didn't know again and Keith saw this telling me

"don't be sad, my foster mom will be your new mommy too, I bet she will."

I looked at him and asked

"what's a foster mom?"

He gave me that strange look again before telling me

"a foster mommy is for when you don't got a real mommy."

I looked at him and then said

"you don't have a mommy."

He looked kind of sad and looked down but answered

"she died"

I pulled him to me and hugged him as I said "I'm sorry."

He looked at me staring into my eyes for a moment before saying

"that's ok, my foster mommy loves me now."

I don't know why or what made me do what I did next but I looked at him and said

"well I can't be your mommy but I can be your brother if you want. I will be your family forever."

He just stared into my eyes and I saw tears start to form as he grabbed onto me and hugged me tightly saying three simple words.

"I love you."

"I love you too" I told him and realized that I meant it too.

We both drifted off to sleep and woke sometime later when I realized I had to pee badly. I grabbed the cup and that woke Keith up who looked at me and then the cup before grinning hugely and saying

"I'll help"

I got the covers back and the gown lifted and before I could say anything he grabbed my penis pulling the skin back and looking at me expectantly as I gave up and grinned putting the container to my penis. He put it in and told me to go so I did. Wow did it feel good, I really had to go. When I was finished he drained it and pulled it out looking into the cup before saying

"you went a lot" with a sound of wonder in his voice.

I laughed and said "yea" while he looked again then said

"I gotta go too" and pulled his gown up.

"ok I'll hold the cup and you go"

He shook his head and said "no you gotta hold my pee pee like I did"

I gave up and said alright grabbing his penis, pulling the skin back and holding it so he could go which he did. He giggled as I drained him and I knew from recent experience that it tickled. I let him go and he placed the lid on the cup which was now full and put it on the counter.

We spent that evening talking and playing a couple of games that his foster mother had brought him. She came by for a few hours and I got to meet her. She seemed nice but I don't think she wanted me to come home with her as much as Keith did.

The next few days went by rapidly, and the time I slept decreased significantly as the days progressed. The doctor said I was doing much better and could be released soon but the time seemed to keep being pushed back.

I don't think that they liked the fact I still couldn't understand them and once they came in and insisted that Keith and I were not speaking the same language at all but my simple question of how we could understand each other if that was the case seemed to stump them.

Keith and I grew closer and closer and it was like he had always been a part of my life as strange as that may sound. He was a great little kid and I truly loved the little guy. As the days went by I started getting a feeling that something was wrong somehow but I didn't know what it was. Finally after several days it dawned on me that I didn't know why he was in this place, he didn't seem sick yet I knew somehow that something was wrong with him. Finally I asked him one evening

"Keith, if this is a place for sick people then why are you here, you don't seem sick to me."

He looked down and wouldn't answer me.

"Keith what is it, what's wrong?"

He still wouldn't look at me and I could tell that he was sad and didn't want to answer.

"Keith, little brother, what is it? You know I love you, what's wrong?"

Then he shocked me by launching himself from my bed and screaming

"nothing, you'll hate me. Nothings wrong."

And storming over to his bed where he crawled up and laid face down crying his heart out. I sat there shocked as I didn't understand what was going on.

I called and called to him but he wouldn't answer me and I had to get to him, it was almost like I could feel his pain.

I sat up in bed and swung my legs over the edge of the bed. I knew I wasn't supposed to be out of bed but I couldn't stand to see Keith like this. I had to try to get to him.

I slowly stood up and wobbled a bit but held onto the bed to steady myself. It wasn't that far to Keith's bed and once I got stabilized I headed towards him calling his name.

I got all of about 3 steps before I lost it and screamed as I started to fall.

I fell hard and struck my head as I heard Keith scream my name.

Everything was blurry and I hurt bad but I realized Keith was at my side screaming at me and begging me to be alright when it was him I was worried about.

I tried to tell him I was ok but I don't think anything came out as the blurriness became darkness and finally all black echoing to his cries.


Well that's chapter 7 hope you enjoyed it. Sorry to leave you with another mini-cliffhanger but chapter 8 should resolve it or at least this one. Again thanks to Gary and Darryl for their kind words and encouragement throughout.