A Different Place

By Dark Star

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Author's Note

I want to take a moment to say that the scenes of abuse described herein are for the purpose of showing what the child had to deal with and why things which occur in the story do. They are not meant to excite or titillate in any way. I do NOT support the harming of a child EVER under any circumstance and those scenes depicted herein are not meant to get someone off but make them sick as they did me when I wrote them. Needless to say beware of any laws where you live which may pertain to a story like this and abide by them. You may infer what you like from my stories regarding my beliefs about things but for the record I do not advocate sexual contact with children and encourage you to keep it to reading about it rather than doing it.

This is my first story and you should know that while it is likely to have sex in it at some point, a lot of the story won't. It isn't about sex. I have tried to make it about writing a good story. I hope you enjoy it and like I said keep in mind it's my first. I hope it's not too bad. Thanks go to Jeff, AC, MS and DK amongst others who couldn't write chapters fast enough and caused me to give it a try after reading Comicality and his comments about how he got started. Also thanks to all the kids in the CSU, awesome every one of them. Feel free to e-mail me at Darkstar7177@gmail.com or Darkstar7177@aim.com

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Author's note 2:

*asterisk indicates telepathic communication.

< --- > indicates emotion being sent during telepathic communication.

Dani is pronounced Dahnay, Tanara is pronounced Tahnahrah

Ok here is the new one for you. It has a bit of sex in it so be warned, nothing major. 

From Chapter 7--------

I called and called to him but he wouldn't answer me and I had to get to him. I sat up in bed and swung my legs over the edge of the bed. I knew I wasn't supposed to be out of bed but I couldn't stand to see Keith like this. I had to try to get to him.

I slowly stood up and wobbled a bit but held onto the bed to steady myself. It wasn't that far to Keith's bed and once I got stabilized I headed towards him calling his name.

I got all of about 3 steps before I lost it and screamed as I started to fall.

I fell hard and struck my head as I heard Keith scream my name.

Everything was blurry and I hurt but I realized Keith was at my side screaming at me and begging me to be alright.

I tried to tell him I was ok but I don't think anything came out as the blurriness became darkness and finally all black.





Chapter 8

I awoke to my head pounding again and a groan which I realized was coming from me.

My head wasn't the only thing hurting either. My arm and side hurt as well but I was still alive although at the moment I almost wished I wasn't.

As I laid there I heard Keith calling to me softly and I slowly opened my eyes to see his tear streaked face staring into mine.

"hey there" I said to him "what's wrong? Why are you crying?" I asked him.

He sniffled some and then said softly

"you're alright, I was so afraid you were gonna

that you were

that you were gonna..." he ended in an almost unintelligible whisper without finishing.

"and it woulda been all my fault" he added.

I swallowed as I told him

"hey there, I'm fine, I'm not gonna die, who would be your big brother if I went and did that" I tried to say cheerily but he still looked upset.

"you...you tried to come to me even though you can't walk." He said

"of course I tried to come to you. You are my little brother now remember and you were upset and I didn't want to see you cry." I told him.

"but you hurt yourself cause of me, now you'll hate me." He said pitifully.

"listen to me Keith, I did what I did because I wanted to help you. I choose to do what I did and I would do it again. I didn't want to see you hurting like that."

He looked up at me for the first time and said

"you'd do it again, even though you got hurt, just for me?" with a sound of disbelief and wonder in his voice.

It made me sad to think he would find it so hard to believe that someone would actually care about him enough to risk injury to help him.

Somehow in that instant I knew that my parents would have, without saying done exactly that. I also had such a strong flash right then that I gasped out loud that one of them had done exactly that and not only put themselves at risk for me but had suffered to save me.

The shock of that revelation stunned me for a moment and it was only a worried voice calling out to me that brought me back to the present.

I looked down into the scared expression on Keith's face and told him

"hey you'd better believe it. You are my brother, remember? And that's what family does, they help each other no matter what. So you can always count on me ok?"

I asked him as he looked on in wonder then said simply

"I love you."

I told him "I love you too little brother"

As he settled down he started telling me

"when you fell down I ran over to you but you wouldn't talk to me and I got the nurse and then a bunch of people came in and they took you away and stuff and then brought you back but you wouldn't wake up and..."

"whoa" I smiled interrupting him, "I'm ok now" I said "really" as his look didn't look so sure of that.

About that time Jean walked in and came over to us telling me through Keith that she was glad I was awake and of course wanting to know how I was feeling so I told her

"My head, side and arm hurt."

She chuckled and told Keith something which he translated as

"she says yea you hit em when you fell so theys gonna."

The next several minutes were spent with questions and answers going back and forth about whether my vision was blurry and if I was nauseas or not amongst others and I assured her I wasn't when she had Keith tell me that I hadn't broken anything and then she admonished me to stay in bed and went out.

I was left with Keith sitting there looking at me

"did you really mean it" he asked.

I smiled down at him knowing what the "it" was and said "you better believe it."

He just smiled and then asked

"what's wrong with your thing?"

"my thing?" I asked him.

He looked at me again and said "yea, what's wrong with your thing?" pointing down between my legs this time

"ah nothing why?" I asked him

"well when you fell your gown came up and its like weird down there."

"weird" I said with a questioning tone.

"yea weird" he said and that seemed all he could say on it.

I decided to take a look and pulled up my gown and there was everything where it was supposed to be and I told him

"it looks fine to me"

He looked at my groin and then back at me saying

"not that, the other thing" and proceeded to reach his hand down below my penis and poke something there saying "its not where you go poop" before removing his hand and asking "so what is it?"

I didn't know and reached down and started feeling around. It felt normal to me for some reason even though I hadn't realized until now that this was here.

It also felt good when I touched it which was causing my penis to get hard so I stopped touching it but not before someone had noticed and said

"its hard" and reached down and grabbed onto it "really, really hard" he said snickering as he squeezed it.

Yes it was and his touching it wasn't helping it any although it certainly did like it and I knew somehow that it had been touched by another before and it felt right.

I was almost sorry that he removed his hand but then he said

"Don't be barrassed mine gets hard too and likes to be touched too."

"Thanks little guy, I'm not embarrassed I was just thinking is all. Do you have that place down there too?"

He shook his head and said "no" as he then rolled onto his back, lifting up his gown and showing me just the two items present.

I wasn't sure what to make of that but wasn't too worried. It felt normal to me so I guessed I must be used to it. I told him

"well I don't know what it is but it feels like, I don't know, normal to me, like its always been there so I don't think anything is wrong or nothing. It felt good when I was feeling around it like my penis did when I touched it so it doesn't seem to be bad or anything."

He just smiled and said

"well that's ok then, but its not fair, you got two places that feel good down there and I gots only one."

I chuckled and told him "yea its great isn't it." which got a scowl from him and caused me to laugh some more.

He finally laughed with me before settling down and then a very serious look came across his little face as he said

"you really wanna know why I'm here?"

I started to say yes but then thought no only if he wants to tell me so I told him

"well Keith I would like to know what's wrong with you but only and I mean only if you want to tell me. If you don't want to then don't and it will ok, I won't be mad at you for not telling me, ok?"

He looked at me for a moment and then said

"I'm just afraid you won't like me no more."

I was shaking my head as I said

"listen, I love you remember? Nothing you can tell me will make me stop. Nothing!"

He still didn't look like he was too sure of that but finally took a deep breath and told me

"the doctors say there is something in my head that's bad."

I nodded my head encouragingly and he continued

"they..." A tear started down his face as I pulled him to me and held him as he went on haltingly.

"they said I was gonna die. I wasn't supposed to hear em but I heard them telling my foster mommy and they said they didn't think they could do anything, I don't wanna die."

He told me as sobs started racking his body. I sat there stunned with what he had just told me and didn't know what to say at first. But I pushed him away far enough to take a hold of his head between my hands and look him in the eyes telling him

"you listen to me, you're not gonna die, I just found a little brother remember, I'm not going to let anything happen to you."

"you don't hate me now? He asked.

"No, of course I don't hate you, why would I? Its not your fault you are sick" I stated

"but the doctors said I had something bad in me" he told me sadly.

"Maybe what's inside your head is bad but you aren't" I told him emphatically while looking deeply into his sad eyes.

Then something really strange started happening. I started sinking into those eyes. I could feel myself falling and I felt something wrong in his head. I knew it was what the doctors had been speaking about somehow.

I felt the dark mass just there within him. I was becoming lost it seemed, deep within the boy as I felt Keith calling me over and over again bringing me back. Suddenly I was back separate from him in my own body and I shook my head trying to bring myself out of the daze I found myself in. Keith was sitting there with a look mixed of awe, fear and love as he once again called to me softly

"you...you ok?"

I shook my head again and said "yea"

He looked at me and asked "what happened?"

I opened my mouth several times to answer, almost as if I knew the answer, before finally saying

"I don't know."

"It felt like you were inside my head and here" he said pointing to his heart.

And that was a good description because I had felt from him his emotions and innocence, his love as well as whatever was wrong in his head.

"I was in you too, I...I could feel you Danny." He said.

My head shot up and my eyes locked on him and I said "what did you say?"

He got a scared look in his eyes and he pulled back a bit and I repeated myself

"What did you just say?" probably a bit more harshly than I should have.

The fear was evident as he started to stumble with an answer

"I..I'm...I mean...I'm sorry. I...I didn't mean nuthin. He mumbled.

His fear was like a glass of cold water thrown upon my face and it quickly brought me back to some sense as I reached out for him and tried to soothe him.

"Keith, Keith, listen, its ok. Keith do you hear me its ok. I'm not mad. Its just...Its, well you called me Danny. Why?

Before he had time to think he answered "cause that's your name."

then he looked up at me in wonder and repeated  "your names Danny. How'd I know that?"

I looked at him still shocked and said "I don't know but somehow... it feels right."

It felt right, almost, but somehow I knew it wasn't quite what my name was but it was really close.

"My name is Danny." I started to get a big grin on my face and repeated it.

"My name is Danny. Thank you." I said as I pulled him into a big hug.

"Maybe it was when I was inside you that I found it?" Keith said.

"Maybe but however you found it thanks."

Now his smile was back and he felt better.

That was when I realized two things. First was that I knew, really knew how he was feeling and secondly that I had always known but now it was even more intense like we were even closer than before.

He wrapped his arms around me and I sank back on the bed hugging him to me and cuddling up thinking about what had just happened. I didn't understand it and but at the same time felt like this was normal to me at least some of it.

I sat there for a few minutes and then realized that I had to go to the bathroom. Just as I thought that as if he could read my mind Keith pulled away sitting up and grabbing the container before turning back to me and scooting backwards a bit to give me room all the while with a big smile on his face.

I started to ask but before I could open my mouth he shrugged his shoulders and it was like I could feel him saying he didn't know. This was strange but right now I had to go.

I could feel and sense so much coming from him. Right now it was curiosity and eagerness to see and touch my penis again. I was already hard from having to go and he quickly pulled my gown up looking intently at my erection. I could feel that he was hard under his gown too and was enjoying the feelings coursing through his little body as he looked upon mine.

I could also feel the feelings increasing in my body that felt really good. He reached down and took a hold of my penis and the feeling that shot through my body was intense. He quickly looked up at me and gave me a big grin before returning his attention to what was in his hand. He pulled the skin back and I somehow knew he was about to ask for the cup so I moved it down to my penis and let go.

It was difficult to get it going because I was hard but Keith didn't say anything, just waited patiently for it to happen. Finally the flow started with a few starts and stops before I could get it going in a steady flow. When it was over Keith seemed to know and just before I could say anything he started draining me.

The feeling of his hand sliding my skin up and back several times was incredible and I gasped with the sensations coursing through my body. He looked up at me and I reached out to take the container and set it aside as he returned his attention to my penis. He was looking at it and squeezing it and then he slid the skin up and back again causing me to gasp once again.

I could feel not only my own body but his as well. He wanted to continue but was afraid I would get mad. I started to tell him it was ok when he looked at me and once again the grin flashed across his face and he went back to my penis sliding his hand up and down causing me to cry out it felt so good.

As I said I could feel his body and knew his penis was as hard as mine and also wanted to be touched but he was afraid to ask me. I was about to say something when once again he just looked at me and smiled reaching down and moving his gown aside.

 It was my turn to stare down at his penis and then I reached out and took it in my hand causing him to gasp with the sensation as I slowly started to slide his skin up and down. The pleasure coursing through his little body only made me feel even better and while I didn't ever remember doing anything like this before somehow I knew exactly what to do and realized that while I couldn't remember ever doing it before my body certainly did.

The next little while was the most incredible feeling that I have ever had as we touched and explored each other. His hands going down to that extra hole he had found and rubbing down there too. Something had started coming out of my penis which was slippery and while Keith wanted to know what it was he knew as soon as he thought about it that I didn't know but it intrigued him none the less.

All I knew was that the feelings in my body were getting better and better. I could feel Keith too and knew what he was feeling and it was the most incredible thing ever to know exactly where to touch and how as well. I knew before he could speak when to speed up my hand and when to slow down, when to press harder with my fingers and when to loosen up.

It was incredible.

He seemed to know as well and I could feel this wonderful feeling building up in us like it was going to explode as we kept rubbing each other.

All I knew was that I didn't want it to ever stop.

I could feel us coming together once again in our minds and hearts only this time I didn't feel lost or scared.

This was how it was supposed to be, I just felt it.

We were one as the feelings soared.

Keith started to feel afraid because he felt like he was going to pee but I told him it was ok and he calmed almost before he realized he had started to be scared in the first place.

Then it was there. The heat, the feelings in our bodies, the pleasure, all rose to a pitch that was unsustainable for long as we both felt the explosion coming and then as we felt the waves of it crashing over our bodies and minds drowning us for what seemed like forever we both cried out in ecstasy as the most incredible feeling yet exploded in our penises and throughout our bodies.

I realized that something was coming out of my penis but at that point I didn't care if I was peeing or not. I didn't really care about anything except the wondrous feelings in both of our bodies. I don't know how long it lasted before we started to regain some semblance of normality but eventually we came back down to ourselves with a warm afterglow of pleasure still coursing through our bodies as we still held each others' organs in our hands.

We were lying together and Keith was looking at what had came out of my penis and I could feel his curiosity as he touched the substance and even smelled it.

We didn't speak aloud but silently as he wondered what it was and I told him I didn't know.

I reached out and touched it as well and watched as Keith brought some to his mouth and hesitantly stuck out his tongue to sample what was there. I could feel the sensations as he tasted it and knew he liked it as he went for more. I was curious now and brought some to my mouth as well and like Keith enjoyed the taste.

We just lay there, finally pulling the blankets around us before drifting off to sleep in complete contentment, the feelings still flowing through our bodies and minds of all that we had just experienced.

I awoke the next morning to Jean entering the room and coming over to my bed with a smile on her face that quickly disappeared as she saw Keith in bed still asleep.

"damn, I needed to talk to him." Was uttered by her before the smile was returned and she said

"well good morning, how are we doing today?" she asked.

More out of habit than anything else I think, but without thinking, I replied

"fine, my head doesn't hurt this morning" which caused her to stop in her tracks and stare at me.

It was then that I realized that not only had I understood her but that I had spoken to her as well.

How I didn't know but I didn't have time to think about it as she quickly said rather shocked

"you can understand me?"

"um yea it looks like I can." I said.

"but how? I mean what happened? Did you get your memories back? She asked.

"I don't know. I really don't. I just woke up and when you said good morning I could understand you. I did remember my name though, its Danny."  I told her.

She looked at me for a moment before saying "that's great, I'll be right back I have to get the doctor." and ran out of the room.

I was sitting there trying to understand how I could understand her now when the doctor came in with Jean right behind him.

He looked as if he was unsure if it was true or not but came up to the bed and said

"good morning young man, I hear there has been a breakthrough."

"Good morning Dr. Navarro and I don't know about a breakthrough but I can talk to you now at least." I said to him with a grin on my face.

The look of uncertainty turned to one of shock as he quickly turned to Jean and then back to me before saying

"it looks like you can at that. I also hear that you remember your name as well. You think its Danny?"

I looked at him for a moment before saying

"yes my name is Danny."

"you are sure? Do you remember your last name?" he asked

I looked at him with a puzzled expression before asking

"last name?

He once again shot Jean a glance and quickly said

"yes people have a first and last name as well as a middle name usually."

I must have looked totally bewildered as he quickly went on

"My name for instance is Javier Miguel Navarro and hers is Jean Michelle Carpenter."

Then he looked at me as if I could supply the rest of my names but I couldn't and it didn't feel right. My name was Danny or something very much like it but having more than one name just didn't sound right. Suddenly out of nowhere I found myself saying

"I am Danny sotayaan of Marrika and Caral."

They both looked at me with a shocked expression on their faces and finally Dr. Navarro found his voice and said

"Those are your parents' names? And what does that word you said mean?"

I didn't know what to say. The information had just popped into my head but somehow I knew it was correct. I also realized my name was Dani and not Danny. They would pronounce it Dahnay but I didn't correct them. I finally looked up at the doctor and told him

"yes those are the names of my parents, it just popped into my head when you asked me. The word is `soootayaan'" drawing it out for them "it means something like beloved child of"

Dr. Navarro seemed to recover and asked "do you remember anything else?"

I shook my head no and he said

"ok well how about if I examine you quickly if I can work around the little one there."

"Ok" I said and he came closer and gently removed the blankets from me pulling them all the way down. He got a frown on his face as he saw both of us with our gowns pulled up and the dried fluid on me.

"What happened here?" he asked.

I looked at him and replied

"I'm not sure, we were touching each other and feeling real good when this stuff came out of my penis, do you know what it is? I asked him.

He suddenly didn't look too happy and glanced at Jean before returning his gaze to me.

"touching each other how?" he asked me

"We were moving the skin on our penises up and down rapidly. It started when Keith helped me go to the bathroom and it felt real good when he held me. He kept moving the skin up and down and it felt better and better until it felt really good and this stuff came out of mine but nothing came out of his, do you know what it is?" I told him and asked again.

"Its called semen and comes out at the end of what you were doing." He said rather coldly.

"why didn't it come out of Keith's penis." I asked

"because he isn't old enough yet." He stated flatly.

"oh ok, by the way do you know what this other hole is, Keith doesn't have one? I asked him.

He looked uncomfortable but finally started to speak

"that is a vagina some..."

I interrupted him asking "what's that?"

"a vagina is what a girl has for a sexual organ while a boy has a penis. You though, seem to have both." He told me still in that cold voice.

I looked at him for a moment before saying "why?"

"that is what we would like to know as well. You have all the organs of both a male and a female in you and I have never seen such a thing. There are also other irregularities that we don't understand. Not only that but the child we found with you has the same deformities as you do."

I didn't like the sound of that and said

"deformities? What do you mean?"

"You have to understand that this is a deformity. Its not normal and should have been corrected at birth, yours wasn't. Most children with this affliction are made to be either a boy or a girl surgically shortly after birth as usually one or the other of the organs is only partially developed. You seem to have fully formed and functional genitalia for both sexes and it was not corrected at birth as it should have been." He said.

"Why?" I asked

"Why what?" he snapped at me.

I didn't like this conversation or where it had went but I wouldn't back down either. I realized somewhere in this that Keith had awoken but was pretending to be asleep still.

"Why would you `correct' anything?

Why would someone have removed one of my organs if they are both fully functional?

What's wrong with that?" I asked him while staring directly at him.

He didn't look happy at all but replied

"because it isn't normal, that's why."

I just looked at him and snapped back "maybe it is for me."

He started to say something then closed his mouth instead turning on his heel starting to rapidly walk out of the room calling over his shoulder to Jean.

"Get Keith out of this room now!"

I called out "what, you can't."

He turned back and walked back over to me and said

"Listen to me Danny, I realize that you have lost your memory and maybe that includes any conception of right or wrong but you have molested this child and I will not leave him around you to have it done again. Do you understand?"

I sat there stunned and could feel the fear emanating from Keith as he trembled in my arms.

What did he mean?

"I don't understand, molest means unwanted attention or to bother doesn't it? How can I have done that when he wanted it too? I asked plaintively.

He looked at me with distaste plainly on his face as he said

"Molest also means to sexually abuse a child which is what you have done. He is too young to `want' anything so I don't believe you for a minute. He will be removed and that is the end of it. I am also going to report this to the authorities although I don't think you will be charged under the circumstances. Also you will not be allowed around any younger children and if you should be around children your age or older it will only be under supervision."

I was shocked to say the least how could he think that I would ever hurt Keith. I just didn't understand this and before I could formulate a reply Keith sat up and screamed at him

"he didn't do nothing bad to me, I did too want to and I ain't going nowhere he's my brother now and I love him."

The doctor looked stunned now and started to say something when Keith shook his head and I could feel a pain shoot through his head as he looked back at me sadly as if saying goodbye and said  

"I love you."

Then there was another shooting pain many times worse than the first and he gripped his head with a scream before collapsing back onto me as I lost all touch and feeling with my new little brother.


Well this is the latest chapter I hope you liked it. Again don't kill me for the end. This chapter sees Dani find out some things. Keith seems to have some type of mass in his head and since he heard the doctors say it was bad he has translated that to be something is bad about him. Dani also found out a little more about himself in this chapter. At least his name and that of his parents not to mention that he isn't quite like Keith. As you can see they also have bonded closely together and care for one another deeply but is it all over just as it begins for them? You can see Dani's confusion over the ideas of sex, sexuality and gender which seem to exist for the people who are around him. He doesn't understand why his being the way he is can be wrong nor why sharing pleasure with someone who he loves is wrong. It seems so right to them. Until next time...DS