A Different Place

By Dark Star

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I want to take a moment to say that the scenes of abuse described herein are for the purpose of showing what the child had to deal with and why things which occur in the story do. They are not meant to excite or titillate in any way. I do NOT support the harming of a child EVER under any circumstance and those scenes depicted herein are not meant to get someone off but make them sick as they did me when I wrote them. Needless to say beware of any laws where you live which may pertain to a story like this and abide by them. You may infer what you like from my stories regarding my beliefs about things but for the record I do not advocate sexual contact with children and encourage you to keep it to reading about it rather than doing it.

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*asterisk indicates telepathic communication.

< --- > indicates emotion being sent during telepathic communication.

Dani is pronounced Dahnay, Tanara is pronounced Tahnahrah

Well here is chapter 9 hope you enjoy it.

------From chapter 8

I was shocked to say the least how could he think that I would ever hurt Keith. I just didn't understand this and before I could formulate a reply Keith sat up and screamed at him

"he didn't do nothing bad to me, I did too want to and I ain't going nowhere he's my brother now and I love him."

The doctor looked stunned now and started to say something when Keith shook his head and I could feel a pain shoot through his head as he looked back at me sadly as if to say goodbye and said  

"I love you." Then there was another shooting pain many times worse than the first and he gripped his head with a scream before collapsing back onto me as I lost all touch and feeling with my new little brother.

Chapter 9




I screamed as our connection was abruptly severed. I fell backwards onto the bed with the shock of it and watched as the doctor and Jean ran over to Keith who was starting to shake with his eyes rolled back in his head. I saw Jean hit a red button between our beds and heard a voice mechanically saying

"Code Blue room 1213, Code Blue room 1213" and repeating it over and over again in a totally unfeeling voice as my new brother shook horribly.

I don't know how what happened next happened but it seemed like I reached out to Keith and saw that his body wasn't breathing and that his little yet oh so big heart had stopped beating as well.

All I know is that I watched for a minute and saw them pick him up and take him over to his bed laying him flat upon it and pressing down on his chest for some reason.

More people were coming into the room and Jean was breathing into his mouth and I heard the doctor say he was probably gone and that's when I lost it.

"NO, he can't die!"

I screamed and found myself walking over to Keith and his bed as fast as I could drag myself.

The doctor had turned when I called out and instructed them to remove me from the room and as one of the nurses came over to me and grabbed me I felt something expand outward knocking her away from me and as she screamed others turned their attention back to me and several started heading towards me when without thought I waved my hand out in front of me knocking all of them back across the room.

The doctor was watching this horrified as I kept heading straight for Keith and coincidentally him.

He looked at Jean and then took off running towards the door. I waved my hand again slamming the door closed and sealing it shut as Jean backed up against the wall which was adjacent to the hospital bed in which Keith lay unmoving. Once again without thought I put up what I knew to be shields around Keith and I as I knew I wouldn't be able to protect us somehow and stopped as I came to my little brother. All was pure instinct now.

I looked down at him for a moment then at Jean

"He will be alright." I told her before turning my attention back to the motionless little body that had so recently shared something profoundly special with me regardless of what the doctor thought.

I stood there looking down at him and reached out my hands to his body feeling myself extending into it much as I did last night only this time I was giving it everything I had in order to save him. I couldn't him die.

I felt myself slip away as I became him. I saw what was wrong and I fixed it. It sounds simple but it wasn't and they told me later that I was standing motionless with a light surrounding us, emanating from my hands, for over an hour.

I removed the cancerous tumor and healed the broken blood vessel which had caused his intense pain before his collapse. I repaired damaged tissue and cells and oh so much more. I wasn't sure how but I did it and somehow knew exactly what was needed. It seems also that I healed my injuries as well for my bruises and broken bones were gone the next day as well as other things.

They told me that after over an hour of me standing there motionless I suddenly collapsed on top of Keith and with my dramatic slip into unconsciousness the shields surrounding us collapsed as well or should I say that most of them collapsed they didn't find out about the personal shielding until later when they tried to sedate me.

When next I awoke I was in a different room and there was a mild pounding in my head but other than that I felt fine.


The next thing I noticed was that my arms and legs were tied down and I was unable to move. I was also naked under the covers and Keith was no where to be seen.


It seemed that moments after I came into consciousness that a man I hadn't seen before entered the room and stood staring at me.

I looked at him and then asked "what's going on, where am I and where is Keith?"

He looked at me coldly and stated

"You may call me Mr. Reynolds and you are in a secure facility, as to Keith you no longer have any reason to concern yourself with him."

Now I was getting scared but almost as soon as the fear started it eased some as I realized that while I hadn't recovered all my memories I did remember some things and those were about at least some of what I could do.

I still didn't understand how I could do those things but I knew I didn't have anything to fear from Mr. Reynolds.

"He is my brother and I want to know what happened to him." I told him flatly.

He looked at me as if he was staring at a bug but said

"I will tell you this once and only once so you need to listen to me quite carefully. I will ask the questions and you will answer them."

This was getting me no where fast and I decided to put what I remembered into practice. I first reached out and tossed the blankets from my body leaving me naked in the bed in full sight of him. Then I opened the restraints that were on my arms and legs sitting up and swinging my legs over the bed. I saw him reach his hand into his pocket and then alarms started going off as I stood up.

"Stop and return to your bed" he commanded as I took a step towards him.

I waved my hand in front of me and there was swirling and when it cleared I was dressed in a white outfit with a blue cloak with gold patterns on it. I didn't know what it was but it felt right somehow and I continued towards him waving my hand at the door sealing it as I felt others approaching.

"You will answer my questions Mr. Reynolds. Where am I? Where is Keith and what is going on?" I demanded as I extended my hand and froze him in place.

Surprisingly he smiled at me and told me

"you will put me down and return to your bed immediately or your little friend will be killed beyond what you can possibly fix."

I frowned and didn't like this at all. He wasn't scared and now I wasn't sure what to do. My hesitation seemed to spur him on as he repeated

"put me down and go back to your bed boy!"

That was it. I waved my hand and he went sailing through the air slamming into a wall as I walked up to him. He was obviously in pain by the look on his face and I leaned in close and told him

"Where am I and where is Keith? I won't ask you again and if something happens to him YOU will not like the consequences."

"Fuck YOU! He told me.

"I don't think I would enjoy that very much." I said before I went into his mind seeking the information I needed.

What I found was alarming and I took it all including the location of Keith before withdrawing from his mind. I turned towards the door and again waved my hand blasting it from its hinges and walking through to the hallway beyond. Soldiers with their guns drawn were arrayed around me and I knew that Keith was 2 doors down on my left. I also knew that they would kill him without thought if I didn't hurry.

GET DOWN ON THE FLOOR NOW! One of the soldiers yelled.

I simply waved one hand in each direction knocking them all back down the hallway and erecting a force shield between us. They of course started firing their weapons immediately at me but without result. I went down the hall to Keith's room and once again blasted the door open to find him sitting in bed looking scared to death. When he saw me he jumped up and ran naked towards me jumping the last bit to land in my arms.

"DANNY!" he cried out as he wrapped his little arms about me in a death grip.

"you're ok" he said.

"yes and you little brother?" I asked him.

He pulled his head back and said "I'm fine but I was so scared Danny"

"hey its ok, you don't have to be scared anymore, I'm here" I told him. I saw his eyes get big and then I heard a voice say

"if you don't want him to die then put him down and return to your room now."

I looked around and saw Mr. Reynolds standing there pointing a gun at us and his threat was clear he was going to harm Keith, or at least he thought so.


I smiled as I froze every muscle in his body and I watched the panic in his eyes as he realized that it was over. I walked over to him and very calmly told him

"No Mr. Reynolds I don't want him to die and as you can see he is not going to, but you are.


I also know there are recording devices in this room so they will hear what I am going to tell you now."

I gently started to cut off the oxygen to his brain which made him think he was suffocating before starting once again

"I intended no harm to anyone and yet you and your government have taken me hostage and plan on holding me.


I will not allow this.


I am leaving here and taking Keith with me. I will do no harm but I also will not be stopped. If you leave us alone then we will not harm anyone else but if you follow and try to harm us then it will be on your heads. I have not killed up until this point and while I don't want to do so make no mistake that I will if I am threatened."

His face was turning purple and I held it until he lost consciousness before releasing him to fall to the floor. He would be out for a while so I didn't worry overly much.


I looked back at Keith who was looking at me with a mixture of awe and terror and told him silently.

*I won't let them hurt you or us* "but how did you...?" he asked.

"later lets get out of here." I replied

I headed out and turned back towards my room. What I wanted was located on down past it and I proceeded in that direction with the shields expanding as I went causing the soldiers to fall back.


Keith took it all in wide eyed but stayed silent. The link which I had lost when he died was back full force the minute we had seen each other and I could feel his fear and mixed in was his pride in his older brother.


I let him feel mine for him and the way he was holding it together before I turned my attention back to the soldiers.

"stay out of our way and no one will be injured." I told them while I kept moving.

Finally I came to the door I was searching for. Dr. Navarro had mentioned that a number of items had been found with us and they were now being kept in this room.

What I had learned from Mr. Reynolds mind was that no one had been able to open them and they were being looked at by government scientists in the hopes of finding out what they contained.

The funny thing was that I didn't know what they might contain either other than that they belonged to me and the other boy who was found with me and I intended to reclaim them.

I reached out and tried the door and it was locked so I extended my hand and moments later the door blew inward. As I looked inside I could see several of the scientists standing there with horrified looks upon their faces. I quickly told them

"stand aside and do not interfere and you won't be injured."

They quickly scrambled to the farthest corner of the room from me and huddled there looking at me in terror.


Well there wasn't anything I could do about that so I just proceeded into the room to the table that had all of my things spread about it.

There were things which appeared to be cases of varying sizes all sealed and nothing else. I looked around and finally told the scientists to get out which they quickly did.


After they had left I once again waved my hand and placed an opaque shield across the door. I then looked around noticing the surveillance devices in the room and one by one destroyed them.

I extended my senses into the room and surrounding area to see if there was anything else I need be concerned about and once I felt there were not I relaxed my guard a little.


Nothing could get into this room so we should be safe for the moment. I maintained my shielding around both Keith and I even so just to be safe but I started to relax finally.

I set Keith down and waved my hand over his body creating an outfit identical to mine for him to wear. He looked down at his body in wonder as it materialized upon him and I could sense he had a million questions but I didn't have nearly as many answers as he had questions for.

"When you got sick I healed you and apparently part of myself as well. I remember things now but not everything. I know I have..." I shook my head finally saying "powers and stuff but I don't know how or why I have them. I still don't know who I am or where I'm from or much of anything but I do know I have these powers and how to use at least some of them." I told him.

He just looked at me and said "cool" which caused a smile to come to my face.

"So how are you feeling?" I asked him.

He frowned and then said "Ok. They say I ain't sick no more but how come I ain't."

I told him "I healed you is why."

His eyes got big once again as he said "you did"

To which I nodded my head and he smiled once again before wrapping his arms around me and saying "I love you."

"I told you I would take care of you and wouldn't let anything happen to you didn't I?"

He just smiled and nodded his head and I said "well I did, and I love you too now lets see what this stuff is."

I picked up the largest case and held it in my hands for a moment giving it a shake and then reached for the closure on it. They said it wouldn't open but it did without problems when I tried it. There were things in it but I had no idea what they were. I went to the next and the next until I had went through all of them but one. It was when I got to the last case that it had something in it with a screen on it. When I opened it up the screen activated and the image of a woman took shape in front of us as if she was standing there for real although somehow I knew she wasn't.

"Mom" escaped from my lips as I stood there and the form took shape and I knew it was my mother there.

A moment later a man walked into the scene and sat next to her and just like with the woman I knew this was my father.

Keith was looking back and forth between me and the picture in front of us with a look of wonder on his face. Then the two people, my parents, began speaking.

"Children, if you are seeing this message then an Alpha 7 emergency has been initiated by one or both of us. It means..." And my mother stopped while my father squeezed her arm and looked at her before turning back towards us.

"Children it means that something so bad happened that we had to transport you down to whatever planet you are currently on in order to save your lives.

It also means that we are not with you and it is likely..." And he looked down for a moment then took a deep breath and continued. "it means kids that we are probably dead."

He paused for a minute looking at mom and then she continued "kids, we say that because we would be with you if we could and since this has been activated it means that we couldn't and there is only one reason we wouldn't be there for you." She stopped and I could see tears running silently down her face, dad's as well.

After taking another deep breath she went on.

"The scenario for Alpha 7 was that something catastrophic happened on board the ship that resulted in our deaths and no choice was available except to transport you down to a planet, most likely an unknown planet. What that means for you is that you are on your own for the time being at least and must rely on each other to survive. I hope that all of you..." and she choked up again looking mutely at her mate before he continued.

"Kids, we hope that all of you got out safely and are alive.

It is possible some of you may be injured but you should be able to heal yourselves and each other and the medical equipment we have included should be able to help you as well should you encounter any problems.

We have tried to put as many supplies in what we have included in the Alpha 7 scenario as possible yet not overburden you with materials. Weapons, foodstuffs, scanners and communications were the primary elements that make up your packs.

In all likelihood you may be on a hostile planet and all we can say is to stay together and depend on each other. Take care of each other and love one another as we will always love you." He looked down and mom picked it up from there

"kids if you are on a hostile planet try to lay low and wait for rescue. If the ship managed to survive somehow then contact it and it will come to your aid. If there was time we also planned on unlocking your full potential and while you are not ready for that yet we felt under the circumstances you might find yourself needing all of the abilities inherent in our race for your survival."

She turned and looked at my father and then back towards us.

"I'm not sure what else to say. We are recording this beforehand which means that except for the general outline of what would cause Alpha 7 to be activated we don't know what has happened so know that we love you with all our beings and always will. Love each other and take good care of one another and remember our love for you."

Then she fell silent and looked towards my father and he smiled and said

"I know this is very difficult for all of you but I know you can survive. Like your mother said take care of each other and love one another and you will get through this but only together, we love you now and always."

He looked at mom and put his arm around her shoulder pulling her to him as they both looked at us and said.

"good bye my children, may the gods watch over you and keep you safe."

The picture held like that for a minute and then faded to nothingness.

Keith was looking at me but I was still staring at the place where my mother and father had just been standing, still shocked by what I had seen.

My mother and father.

I hung my head and felt the tears running down my face. They were dead.

That is what the recording had said, if we were here then they would be dead.

They would be with us if they weren't.

I felt a pair of small arms wrap themselves around me and a small voice saying

"I love you and I'll be here with you now, you're my brother remember."

He was such a sweet child thinking about me even when he was so scared.

I opened my eyes and stared down at him to find him looking up at me with tears in his eyes. I remembered then that he could feel what I felt and he felt my sadness and despair but I also realized that he felt sad for me too separate from my pain. His heart was so big in such a small package. I bent down and picked him up telling him how much I loved him and that yes I did remember.

I finally put him back down and we started going through the packs each taking what we could carry until they were divided between us. Mom and Dad had said there were all sorts of things we could use in the packs but I had no idea what anything was which made them useless to us for the moment. Even though that was the case I was unwilling to leave them, they were from my parents, the last thing they gave us.

Next I sat down and told Keith that I needed to sort through some of the stuff I had gotten from Mr. Reynolds mind.

I had tried to get as much information as I could about Keith and I as well as the other boy in Los Angeles as well as what and who these people were and what they wanted with us.

It seems they were part of the government and tasked with special investigations. They thought that I was from another planet and they were right. They didn't think Keith was but they thought I may have contaminated him in some way and that was why he was here not to mention they wanted to study him to see if they could figure out how I had healed him. They were also sure that the boy in Los Angeles was alien as well, he was.

There they were having problems as the boy was in bad shape and the doctors wouldn't release him from the hospital. I found out that it was only a matter of time and not much at that before they took him. The Agency wasn't going to wait much longer and would use any means to get him secured. As for us they had us in a secure facility in someplace called Montana and we were deep underground. They wouldn't let us escape even if it meant destroying the facility if they thought we were going to.

This presented a problem for us, how to get out of here. They had weapons in place that they would try to use and while most wouldn't harm us, some of them caused me great concern like gas. The self-destruct mechanism was also something that worried me. We seemed to be able to withstand a great deal but I wasn't sure we could withstand what I saw in Reynold's mind happening to us. Even if we got out somehow I knew they wouldn't leave us alone. They would follow and chase us until they caught us again. I didn't know what to do. I continued to go through what I had gotten from his mind and after a while I heard pounding on the shield that was in place at the remnants of the door but I paid it no mind for the moment.

As I finished the last of his memories the solution presented itself to me finally and I thought we had a chance.


Apparently self-destruct and sacrificing everyone's lives didn't include those in charge and there was an escape route in place carefully hidden from most everyone in the facility.

That is how we would get out but after that I didn't know, we would have to see.

I opened my eyes and looked up to find Keith sitting there watching me and when he saw that I was back with him his smile lit up his face.

"you know what to do now don't ya?" he said.

"I don't know for sure but I think I know how to get us out of here, I just don't know what to do after that." I replied.

He said with all the confidence of a 4 year old "you will, lets go."


I wish I was as sure of myself as he seemed to be.

"ok you ready?" I asked and he nodded his head yes as I stood up and headed towards the door with him standing next to me. As we came to the shield I extended shields around us once again and he took my hand as I said

"here we go"

I waved my hand at the shield at the door dissolving it with a thought to find the corridor outside filled with people who quickly stepped back at the sight of us. I just looked at them for a moment before starting forward which caused them to stumble backward in an attempt to get away from us.


To my surprise a man pushed his way through the throng and approached us stopping several feet away and addressing us

"Please, my name is Mike and I would like to talk to you for a moment, please just for a minute?" he asked.

I looked at him and didn't answer for a moment but I had come to a stop.


I felt recognition from Keith and also a feeling of liking him coming from the small boy.


I asked and was told that he had visited Keith a couple of times and seemed nice so I decided to talk with him.

"ok, for a minute" I told him.

He seemed to breathe a sigh of relief as I said that and I motioned him back inside the room we had just left.


That he didn't like as the look of relief on his face changed to one of trepidation.

"I won't harm you but I have no desire to talk with them around. I don't like them." I said

He looked around him and then stepped towards us. I turned with Keith in hand and walked back into the room with Mike following. I heard someone call out

"DOCTOR, STOP" and Mike answer "you wanted communication with them and here it is" as he stepped into the room.


The other person said something and I saw movement towards the room by the soldiers as I once again waved my hand placing the shield back in place sealing the room from outsiders. I then turned to Mike and stated

"you wanted to speak to us?"

He looked from us to the door and then back to us taking a gulp as he did before saying

"yes, I wanted to talk to you, as I said my name is Mike and I work with children, that's why I'm here."

Keith spoke up and said "he's pretty nice Danny" and I looked down at him before returning my gaze to the man.

"well Keith seems to like you, that's what got you in here now what do you want?" I asked him coldly.

He took another swallow and then said

"He's a great little guy, I like him too. I wanted a chance to talk with you and find out who you were and what you were doing here. I wanted to try to prevent anyone from being hurt. You do know they won't let you leave here don't you?"

I just stared at him.

"Do you really think they can stop us?" I asked then added "they can't" before he could answer

He looked at me for a moment then said flatly

"maybe and maybe not but a lot of people might get hurt in the process of finding out, do we really need to do that?"

I didn't want to hurt anyone but I also wasn't willing to remain a prisoner here either.

"That will be up to those outside this door. The choice is yours, theirs, not mine."

"I will not be held prisoner here and neither will Keith. Have no doubt that we can get out of this facility because we can and we are going to. I have done nothing to you or your people other than save a child's life and yet this is the treatment which I received. I was stripped and bound naked to a bed and threatened with harm being done to Keith if I didn't co-operate with you. I have been attacked repeatedly for nothing more than trying to protect my brother. Now you want me to stay here and suffer more. NO, I will not and neither will Keith."

"As to who I am, I don't really know. I was injured and woke up in one of your hospitals with no memory of who or what I am. Some things have came back to me such as my name and that I have powers as well as how to use some of them but I still don't know much beyond that. From what I have been able to piece together our ship suffered some catastrophic event that took the lives of our parents and left them no other choice but to send us down to the closest planet which was this one."

"That is all I know. Now is there anything else?"

He looked at me in shock before saying

"you really don't remember anything?"

"No, other than what I told you. I don't know who I am other than my name and I don't know what I am or where I am from. From something in the recording I heard I don't think I am from this planet but that is all I know." I said sadly.

"you said your parents were dead" he stated.

I looked at him and told him

"the recording they left for us said that the contingency plan they put into effect would only be activated if they were dead or dying and it was the last resort to send us to safety on an unknown planet."

He started forward reaching out but then stopped and said simply

"I'm sorry, very sorry."

"so am I." I said softly.

We stood there for a moment with neither of us knowing what to say before he finally said

"I guess you have to do what you have to do then." Then he stepped aside.

"yes I'm afraid I will have to."

I started walking towards the door again before stopping and telling him

"they have a self-destruct mechanism in place in this facility and they will use it without evacuating anyone. You should be prepared."

He looked shocked and tried but couldn't speak for a moment before saying

"thank you" and then said "wait a second" as I started to turn away. He reached into his pocket pulling out a pen and then ran over to a table where he got a piece of paper and wrote something on it before heading back over to us and holding the paper out to us

"this is a friend of mine and if you get out call her, she will help you. Tell her `a key has opened'. Remember that. `A key has opened'. She will know what I am talking about." He told us.

I scanned him and found nothing but sincerity and caring as I took the paper and told him

"I will, thank you. Come with us, we can save you."

He looked sad for a moment before saying "I can't, I'm sorry. If I left with you they would track me down and kill me anyway. This way I have a chance."

I nodded my head and told him goodbye and thanked him again. Keith ran over and wrapped his arms around him giving him a hug before coming back to me. He was trying not to cry and I oddly enough found myself trying not to as well.

I turned around and walked to the door dissolving the shield as I approached the door and walking on through it.

I knew where we needed to go and headed that way paying no attention to anyone on the way until the commanding general appeared before me ordering me to stop.

I just looked at him before telling him to get out of my way.

"You will not be allowed to escape this facility, stop now and you will be well treated I promise you." He said.

I just looked at him and we started walking again.

The shields ahead of us pushed him away as we approached and we ignored him shouting at us as we went by the room he had ducked into.

We finally came to the stairs that led to the next level and I destroyed the door walking onto them and heading up. I stopped and turned placing a shield in the doorway before turning and heading back upward with Keith at my side.

We had to ascend 5 flights of stairs before we got to the floor where the hidden escape route was and when we were still 2 away I heard the announcement system stating that the auto-destruct sequence had been activated and would take place in 5 minutes. I stopped and hung my head for a moment and then continued walking.

Keith couldn't understand how they could kill everyone like that and I didn't have an explanation for him.


I didn't understand it either.

I knew we had to hurry and we started walking faster.


We came out on the 34th floor and headed rapidly down the corridor. As we turned around the bend I saw the commander running ahead of us with several other people.


I reached out and froze all of them and continued walking until I came up to them.


All of them had looks of panic in their eyes and if I had any doubt about it I could sense it in all of them as could Keith.


I stopped and looked at the commander and simply said

"If you want to live I suggest you stop it now."

I could sense his confusion as to how I knew about the escape route and his panic at being trapped here but I didn't really care as I turned and we continued to the hidden entrance. I released the hold on them as we reached the room with the route hidden within and entered it placing a shield on the door to prevent entry.

We crossed immediately to the far corner of the room where the hidden panel was located and I touched certain places in sequence to release the access into the escape route.


When the panel opened I entered with Keith held close and went to a medium size capsule holding 10 seats placed at the far side of the room.


I could hear the people pounding on the sealed door as we entered the strange looking capsule. As we sat down I looked around and found a simple designed vehicle that even though I knew nothing about it I found that it was quite simple to operate it. Push the button with the picture of the door closing and then push the red button with the arrow next to it and we would be on our way.

I looked over to Keith and found him looking at me and I asked

"you ready?" to which he simply nodded.

I reached out and pushed the button with the picture and the door to the vehicle started to close. At the same time the panel going back into the room from which we came sealed itself and left us in compete darkness except for the interior lights that came on in the vehicle. This was supposed to take us about 20 miles away into another building that would be abandoned and stocked with supplies for those escaping but I was still worried.

As the door sealed itself on the vehicle straps came out and wrapped around us causing us to cry out in shock before Keith said

"its ok, its just seatbelts." I got what he meant from his mind but my heart was racing a mile a minute and it took me a minute or two to calm down enough to reach my hand out towards the red button and press it.


Well that's it for chapter 9 hope you enjoyed it. Dani is remembering more in this one but still not enough. Now the government knows about him and is after him and Keith. He knows that his parents are dead now and Keith and the mysterious boy in LA are all the family he has left. He also knows that no one is going to hurt his family. Can he get to him in time? We shall see. Until next time...DS