Note: Hanami and the characters that are used in this story, unless stated otherwise, are owned by Rose Strailo (me). They are my personal characters so please do not copy them.

A.N. This story started out as a request for a birthday story, and has since grown into a full grown story. Chapter one is right now being rewritten and edited and should be posted in the next month or so. I hope.


Summary: This story is about three males who find each other at a young age in the orphanage and the way their lives intertwine as they start to discover themselves, each other, family and the reasons why they were left at an orphanage. Includes M/M/M. I will add more warnings as the story continues on.


Prologue: The Beginning
It was a cold and wet night, when it all started. I know, such a cliché beginning right? But it is so true. A child, no older than a couple days old, was held in the arms of a man, both under an umbrella towards the orphanage.

It's a nameless orphanage, in a nameless city, in a nameless state. And the man is a nameless man, but the child...ah the child wasn't nameless. He was called Hanami, a girls name if there ever was one, but it seemed to fit him so well. He was dark of hair, if you could call the fuzz his head hair, and dark eyes, both of them a violet black color, and skin soft and pale, like the moon above. He had no last name, considering the man holding him had no last name to give him.

Pounding on the door of that nameless orphanage, the nameless man looked over his shoulders, looking for the nameless people who were after him and the child named Hanami. Looking forward again, the nameless man pushed the child into a nameless nuns arms, before pushing a thick envelope into her hands.

"Here. Take this child, take this bane of my existence," he said, his voice panicked and strained. The nun just stood there holding child and envelope in her hands and watched the man disappear into the dark. A cry from Hanami, one of hunger and tiredness, cut through the fog of shock around the nuns mind, forcing her to look down at him and coo in delight at him.

"Shush, child. I will get you something to eat and a warm place to sleep," the woman said, closing the door, before looking at the envelope. "Lets see what your name is, little one." Opening the envelope and reading the birth certificate, she gasps in shock.

"My, you're no older than 3 days old. So little to be given away. And your name is Hanami? Such a pretty name for such a pretty child. But I wonder...why did your parents call you pretty flower when you are a boy?" the nun asked quietly, walking towards the kitchen.

And that is where our story starts. With little Hanami being placed in a nameless orphanage, in a nameless town, in a nameless state by a nameless man with nameless pursuers.