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Warnings Sexual activities with human male and weird alien (graphic).
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Adam and the Alien

Chapter 1

He was out in the forest, and he was getting tired. It was already getting dark, and he had been walking since the early morning. I'll meet you at nightfall, deep in the forest, his instructions had said, you won't be able to miss me. The coordinates he had been given should be somewhere around here, but looking around he could only see trees, and a very small patch of sky directly above him. I need to find a clearing somewhere. I need to be able to see! he thought, looking expectantly up at the sky. He managed to find a small clearing, and sat himself on a big boulder. Waiting.

As night was falling in earnest he saw a shooting star. It got bigger and bigger, and with an alarming speed the meteorite disappeared behind the trees in the west. A split second later, he heard a deafening Bang! and felt the ground tremble. Sitting there awe-struck, the realisation slowly dawned on him. Was this what it meant? You won't be able to miss me. He got up, looked again at his compass, and started walking to the west.

He found the crater, and cautiously approached the thing in the middle. It was a smaller crater than he would have expected, seeing that the thing that caused it was fairly large. He was almost there, when a strong light hit him in the face, momentarily blinding him. Then it disappeared again, as quickly as it had come, leaving him in darkness once again. He took two steps backwards, debating whether to turn back and flee. Then he heard a short melody from the thing — a friendly, familiar, and somewhat annoying tune: the sound of a Windows computer booting up. Intrigued, he once again approached the thing. A bit of rock fell off, and revealed some kind of display behind it. The screen was showing a smiley. He went up to it, and smiled nervously back. The smiley vanished, replaced by text:

Greetings, Adam.

Uh, hello? he answered. New text appeared:

I see you found the place.
It is a pleasure to finally meet you.

The, uhm... the pleasure is all mine, he said. He wanted to make a good impression, and he was slowly calming down.

Do you still wish to become a symbiont?

Yes, he said. This was, after all, why he had come this far into the forest to begin with — he normally preferred to sit at his computer.

Then take off all your clothes.

He hesitated, looking around nervously.

There is no other member of your species within a few miles radius. I checked.

Heart hammering fast, Adam started to undress.

I will now open up. Put your feet in the loops, and then pull me up like you would pull up underwear.

Some kind of door opened up, and inside Adam found a living being, looking a bit like boxer shorts — at least in the topological sense. It was thicker than boxer shorts, and had grown some other things he could not identify.

Grown to suit your anatomy.

Two footprints made of small yellow lights shone up under the alien, and he stepped into it, and started pulling it up. He would be wearing an alien as underwear. Kind of sexy. With the alien halfway up his thighs he hesitated — did he really want this thing that close to his genitals? But the matter was decided for him, as something shot out from the alien and grabbed hold of his balls — the alien was pulling itself up by his balls! He hurried to pull the alien all the way up himself. Something wet and moist engulfed his cock, which was half-hard already, and something else placed itself between his buttocks, pressing lightly against his hole. He caressed the alien slightly. Something rather like a tongue went inside the foreskin and licked his glans. Now he was really getting hard. He tried tentatively to see if he could push the alien off him. The answer was a sharp pain in his testicles.

OK, OK, he said, and caressed the alien once more. At once, everything became much more enjoyable.

If you are tired, you can sleep in here tonight. Then we'll blow up the ship before anyone comes here to look at the meteorite.

So far, Adam had stood with only his lower legs inside the ship. Examining it more closely, he saw that the interior was barely large enough for a human to lay down in. But it was soft and warm, and he was tired, so he obliged. He was horny, so he caressed the alien some more. He got a fantastic blowjob in return — fantastic, but for the fact that the alien always stopped before he got close to cumming. Twice he tried to take matters into his own hands, only to be painfully reminded that his hands were no longer allowed near his genitals; there was no way of getting in under the alien. Sexually frustrated and tired, he eventually fell asleep.

The next day, the sun was already high in the sky when he stepped out of the ship. The display he had interacted with the day before turned out to be detachable, so that he would still be able to communicate with the alien even after they left the alien ship.

Getting dressed turned out to be a complicated affair. The alien insisted that he would never wear underwear again. Adam could accept that. The alien grudgingly accepted that Adam would wear his jacket and boots, due to the long walk back to civilisation, and after some pleading, he got permission to wear his shirt and socks as well. But the trousers... The trousers where the real point of conflict. Adam had barely put on his trousers when the alien insisted that he take them off again. Trousers were just too uncomfortable, it said. Adam insisted that he must wear trousers when walking among people, but the alien never really accepted that premise. After some tears and tantrums, the alien allowed him to bring the trousers along, and put them on once they arrived in town — but only this once. He would have to learn to live without trousers, the alien insisted.

As he ate the breakfast he had brought with him in his backpack, he caressed the alien again, wanting to become friends again after the conflict about clothes. The alien had changed slightly during the night. He now felt something hard around his waist, as though the alien had grown a ring of bone around him. The alien squeezed his balls warningly, as his fingers prodded the newly grown structure. Perhaps it was still fragile. Then it struck him:

I will never be able to take you off, will I?


But what if I need to pee? he said, with slight desperation in his voice.

Go right ahead. I'm feeling a bit thirsty actually. Human kidneys are remarkably inefficient — I'll get everything I need directly from you.

He didn't like the sound of that, though his half-hard dick became a little harder. At the moment, peeing was out of the question.

He finished his breakfast, consulted his compass, and started walking. Once the crater was out of sight, he heard a Bang! and knew that the ship had exploded, obliterating any traces of alien technology in case someone comes looking. His first attempt at peeing was a complete failure. He tried to go behind a tree, and pretend to unzip his trousers, but there was no denying the sensation of flesh around his cock, the sensation of a living being enclosing his buttocks and that something that was pressing against his anus. Thinking about those sensations while trying to pee only resulted in a hard-on, and he had to give up and continue walking instead, while the pressure in his bladder slowly mounted. After a while the discomfort in his bladder overpowered the other sensations, and he decided to try again. This time around, the alien had apparently decided to help out: It suddenly squeezed his waist hard, increasing the pressure on the bladder, while something thin and strong swiftly went up his ass, and started pressing on his bladder from within. Had he had time to react, he probably would have become hard from this, but now he just lost it. Uncertain whether he should thank the alien or chide it for the uncomfortable squeezing, he settled for a quick pat, and continued walking.

It was already past midnight when he reached his home town.

Please let me put on my trousers! he pleaded.

Too uncomfortable. Besides, it's the middle of the night, no one is out, and humans have remarkably bad night vision anyway.

People are out in the middle of the night...

Drunkards. They will not remember anything tomorrow.

... and there are street lights, and we have to go on the underground, and there is sure to be people, and possibly even guards!

Very well, very well, if it is important for you. But don't you dare zip up! Keep the fly open.

Finally, he got to put on his trousers. He thought a woman might have glimpsed him as he put them on, but she disappeared rather quickly in another direction. Damn this alien for not allowing him to put on the trousers in the forest. Carefully making sure his jacket covered his open fly, he made his way home.

Once he got home, the alien squeezed his balls lightly to get his attention.

Get naked. Now!

As soon as he had read the message, the pressure on his balls started building. He undressed as quickly as he could — the alien was not satisfied when his trousers were off, though it did lower the pressure momentarily, before once again increasing it to force him to continue. Not until he was completely naked — he wasn't even allowed to wear his watch — was the alien satisfied.

Now look here! Adam started angrily.

Go to your bed and lie down.

You and I—

It can't wait any longer. My apologies.
I'm hungry.

Hungry? Hungry? Fear flooded him. Looking at the alien, it didn't look like it had a mouth. At least not on the outside. Was it going to eat him? The alien started massaging his dick. He figured that he would probably survive whatever the alien had in mind. The alien did call him a symbiont after all, and it would probably not survive without him. Calming down slightly, his dick started responding to the aliens ministrations. He went to bed as told. What would the alien eat? What could provide enough nutrients? Blood? Did he have a blood-sucking alien around his penis? Why had the alien felt the need to apologise?

Filled with trepidation, he tried his best to forget about it and just enjoy the sensations, because so far, the alien hadn't done anything painful (apart from the ball-squeezing) and it was evidently trying to make him feel good. That tongue-like thing was playing with his frenulum, and there was a nice rubbing sensation down at the base of his penis. And something rather thin and gooey went inside his as, and then out again, and in again, fucking him gently.

Aah, he said, and used one of his hands to caress the alien, while the other hand roamed his own chest. This was quite enjoyable. Then something much bigger started pressing against his anus. He didn't think that could possibly fit, though he doubted the alien would care about that. Now something moist and tight was gliding back and forth over the head of his penis, and suddenly that... thing was inside of him.

Aargh! Gah! Gah! Ieeeh! he said, as the something entered him and started moving, ever so slowly, inside him. It was painful, but also incredibly sexy, and he was hornier than ever — though he attributed that to the feelings in his cock, rather than the pain in his ass. At least until the alien started to rub his prostate, and stopped massaging his cock. Now all the incredible feelings came from within his ass, and yet he was moaning for more, more, more! The giant thing went out of his ass again, and then slowly pressed in. And out, and in. Slowly at first, but picking up speed, giving him wonderful feelings each time it passed the prostate, and spreading its goo inside him. And then, as he was getting close to orgasm, his bowels cramped.

Oh, shit, he thought, trying to keep control over his lower intestinal tract, but failing. The alien had apparently been giving him some kind of enema, and now he was losing it, and as he was doing so, the alien intensified its gentle massaging of his prostate, and resumed its sucking and rubbing of his cock. He climaxed, emptying himself into the alien, cock and ass simultaneously. The alien withdrew, and was licking him clean.

He did not know what to feel. He was ashamed and humiliated that he had lost control of his intestine, and he thought the entire idea gross. The alien was evidently a coprophagous species. At the same time he had just experienced one of his best orgasms of his life, due to the alien's treatment of his cock and prostate. Part of him regretted that he got involved with the alien, and part of him could hardly wait until the next time the alien would fuck him. It would happen again, of course. The alien wasn't going to release him, he knew that. But he wouldn't want that anyway. He had other reasons, beside the fucking, why he wanted that alien as a symbiont.

You really have to eat more broccoli.