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Adam and the Alien

Chapter 3

Brian, I need you to get me a kilt.

A what? Brian asked, nonplussed. This was going to be a strange telephone call, Adam knew, but he couldn't imagine what else to do.

A kilt. You know, the traditional Scottish garment.

Why on earth would you want a kilt? Brian asked.

You wouldn't believe it if I told you.

And why do you need me to get it for you?

Well, said Adam, I can't go out without a kilt, now, can I? I'll show you why when you get here with a kilt. Or two. Preferably many.

Right, Brian said, with deep scepticism in his voice, and where am I to find a kilt?

I don't know... Adam confessed. Please, Brian, this is really important to me. You can do it, I know you can. Please?

What kind of kilt do you want? Like, tartan?

Doesn't have to be tartan, Adam said, relieved that Brian seemed to accept the task. I like plain, drab colours too. As long as it doesn't look like a skirt.

A kilt does look like a skirt, Brian objected.

You know what I mean, Adam said. Buy like five to ten different ones. I'll pay you back.

Are you sure about this?

Quite sure. I can't go out without a kilt.

You have a lot to explain...

I know, Adam said. You'll understand perfectly once you get me the kilts.

Very well then. Take care!

See you!

He was half hoping that Brian would come in with a set of kilts the very same day, but that was not to be. He was a bit disappointed when Brian didn't turn up the next day either. Maybe getting a kilt was harder than he anticipated.

He was also disappointed to learn that the alien could eat without fucking him. He was getting horny, but there was nothing he could do about it. The alien loved to tease him, and no matter how much he patted and caressed the alien, it always stopped short of giving him an orgasm. Worse still, at those times when he successfully occupied his mind with things other than sex, the alien took to sticking its — was it a tongue? — inside his foreskin to play with his glans, stimulating him to a full erection. Then it stopped, and told him, using that portable display that the alien somehow seemed to control with its thoughts, that he should get on with the cooking, or the cleaning, or the studies, or whatever it had interrupted.

It was also teaching him some simple commands, like you would teach a pet. When the portable display was not in sight, the alien should still retain some basic control over him, it argued. When the alien wanted something, it would squeeze his balls in a Morse code pattern. Different letters would correspond to different orders, and disobeying an order would have grave consequences. Adam rather resented this, but he was not given any options. Three short squeezes — corresponding to S — would mean Stop! If he was unsure of whether to proceed with something, a long squeeze followed by two short squeezes — D — would mean Do it! Two long squeezes, followed by a short, followed by a long — Q — would mean Quiet! If he got that order, he must not speak until he got permission. Not all commands were Morse code either; left and right were squeezes of the left and right testicle, respectively. Encouragement and punishment was also separate from the commands.

So if I lick your penis, that is a reward or an encouragement to proceed with what you are doing or considering. If I instead signal D, that is an order: Do it! You must not refuse the order, but you may or may not heed the encouragement.

Luckily, obedience was not the only thing the alien wanted to teach him. He spent most of his day, when he was not being teased too much, working out the theory of superconductivity with the alien. BCS theory is good where it is applicable, but there are many unconventional superconductors which are not well understood. Adam thought that a good understanding of the mechanism for unconventional superconductivity may enable the creation of new superconducting materials, possibly even at room temperature. The alien confirmed this, and it was in fact on the alien's suggestion that he turned his attention to superconductivity. That, the alien reasoned, would be a natural first step towards the fame and fortune it had promised Adam. The alien carefully directed his work, refuting bad ideas and encouraging good ideas, and sometimes coming with some good ideas of its own. It answered his questions and asked him questions in return. He was growing confident that he would revolutionise the field before the end of his vacation.

He was deep in concentration over a difficult calculation, when he got the message from Brian. Brian had bought the kilts, and would be coming over. Great! Then he would just get dressed, and...

What do you think you're doing?

I need to get dressed, he said, putting down the shirt he was about to put on. Brian's coming.

I know that.

I can't greet him naked.

Of course you can. And you will. You did say you would show him why you want a kilt, and that would be because of me.

You will let me wear something in public, though? Like, a kilt and a shirt, like we said? I don't have to be naked in public, right?

That will be allowed. Initially.

Adam gulped, and debated whether to try to convince the Alien to allow him to put something on before Brian arrived. He decided against it. In a sense, he wouldn't be entirely naked after all. He was still wearing the alien.

Why on earth are you wearing a leather diaper? Brian exclaimed.

What?! It's– It's not– Brian spluttered, then took a deep breath and continued, I prefer to think of it as boxer shorts. It goes down a bit on the leg, here, see?

You are wearing a yellowish brown leather diaper, Brian persisted.

It's more like greenish grey on the back, see?

Explain, Brian said. Why are you wearing this?

Is that the kilts? Adam said, taking a bag from Brian, while dodging his question. Ooh, this looks nice.


Have a seat. Now, what is this? You can't be serious! The kilt he was holding up had a pattern of red and pink flowers, and there was some horrible white lace. I said no skirts, please.

Adam, Brian said in a serious and persistent voice, What's with the diaper?

Adam took a deep breath, and started explaining.

It's not a diaper. It's an alien from outer space. It is alive.

That thing is alive? Brian asked sceptically.

Yes. It communicates using this screen. He held out the device to Brian.

Hello, Brian!

If you want me to believe that, Brian said in an annoyed voice, you'll need something better than a smartphone.

It's not a smartphone! It is an alien thought-controlled, super-cool communications device.

Right, Brian said, disbelievingly. This wasn't going to work.

Look, you can feel it. If you feel it, you will notice that it is very much alive. Then you may believe that it's an alien. You know that I've been trying to contact aliens for years.

I can't touch you there, can I? Brian said, uncertainly.

Sure you can, Adam said. I mean, it's not like it's me you're touching, now is it?

He was wrong about that. He stood himself with his side to Brian, between Brian's legs where he was sitting on the sofa, so Brian could touch the alien. When Brian's hand touched the front of the alien, the alien slid something moist over the glans of his penis. He inhaled sharply, and the alien squeezed his balls, signalling Q — the order that prohibited speech. Brian looked up at him with a puzzled expression, and continued to feel the alien.

It wasn't like when Adam touched the alien himself. Sure, the alien would respond sexually and reward him, but the response was always separate from his caresses. He would caress the alien, and the alien would respond in kind — or do something slightly different. But now, when Brian touched the alien, there was suddenly a direct and immediate correlation between what Brian did and what the alien did. It was as though Brian was really touching him, and the alien was just acting like some sexual magnifying glass, making even the most innocent touches feel highly sexual.

It has some kind of structure here, growing under its skin, said Brian, touching and prodding, not knowing what that did to Adam. Brian was happily exploring the alien, and seemed to have entirely accepted its status by now. Then, without taking his hand off the front of the alien, he took his other hand and started feeling the back of the alien. Unknown to him, his touch on the back of the alien correlated directly with the thin, gooey something going in and out of his anus. Adam was having trouble keeping quiet. After several days of sexual teasing without cumming, he was desperate for release — but he still didn't want to do this in front of Brian. He found himself rhythmically pushing back against Brian's hand, and immediately stopped once he realised what he was doing.

There is some kind of small opening here on the front, Brian said, and a second later, Adam again had the feeling of something impossibly big trying to force its way into his ass. Adam bit his lip, trying desperately to remain quiet, but wasn't quite successful. He looked down at Brian, and found Brian smirking at him, as though Brian had figured out exactly what this was doing to him. Brian had moved on to openly caressing the alien, thankfully leaving that opening alone (though a part of Adam wished he hadn't). And then his touch started to stray off the alien too.

As Brian stood up, he started to roam Adam's chest with the one hand, and continue caressing the back of the alien with the other. The thin, gooey something went in and out of Adam's ass, and he was now pushing his ass back against Brian's hand in a rhythm, all decency forgotten. Brian started tweaking his nipples in turn, and Adam was now moaning openly. Luckily, the alien didn't clamp down on him for not being quiet — perhaps he was OK as long as he didn't speak. Then Brian leaned forward, offering a kiss. Adam started moving to accept the kiss, but stopped himself. This was his best friend. He didn't want to do this with Brian. Or did he? The alien squeezed his balls again, in a familiar pattern — Do it! That settled the matter.

The kiss was tender at first, then grew more passionate. Adam stopped concentrating on standing still and trying to contain himself, and let his hands too roam Brian's body, as their tongues got to know each other. Then the alien display beeped, and Brian picked it up. Smiling broadly, he handed Adam the display, saying I think this is for you!

Offer Brian a blowjob!

Adam would have protested, but the alien signalled Do it! by squeezing his balls, and the alien didn't allow him to speak now anyway. He got to his knees, and looked up at Brian.

Go ahead, take it out, said Brian.

The alien squeezed Do it!

He undid Brian's trousers, and pulled out his cock. It was a handsome specimen, that curved gently upwards. He thrust out his tongue, and gently placed the cock head on it.

Immediately, the corresponding sensation was coming from his own cock. He let his tongue go once around Brian's glans, and felt the same thing being done to his own cock again. He took Brian's penis in his mouth and started sucking gently, and again the same sensations were coming from his own penis. How the alien knew precisely what he was doing, he didn't quite understand, but though he wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea of doing this with Brian of all people, the overwhelming feeling was simply This is awesome!

What followed was probably Brian's best blowjob ever, due to the immediate feedback. Every flick of the tongue, every slightest movement, Adam felt mirrored on his own cock. They would have come in no time, if it weren't for the alien intervening. When they were getting close, the alien would signal Stop!. Then Adam would withdraw, and look up at Brian, and a moment later the alien would signal Do it! again, and Adam got started with fresh gusto. Once, after the alien had stopped them again, Adam felt the alien signal Left! rather than Do it!. When he didn't quite understand, the alien lifted his scrotum a couple of times, and signalled again. Aha! The alien wanted him to start on Brian's balls. Apparently the left one. He licked it, and sucked it into his mouth, and liked it some more. Then the alien signalled Right! and he moved on. Then it was Stop! again, and then he could go back to sucking. Once they were getting close, he was stopped again, but this time Brian didn't want to continue playing and teasing. Brian took a firm hold of Adam's head and forced his cock down Adam's throat. He gagged, but the feelings on his own cock were incredible. Brian pulled out, and then in again, starting to fuck his face, gagging him a little too often, but generating incredible sensations in his cock all the same.

Brian came, and Adam swallowed. Adam came, and the alien swallowed. They sat back down on the sofa.

Wow, that was incredible! Brian said.

Yeah, it was, said Adam, without thinking.

How long have you been holding out on me?

Hey, this was all the alien's idea. I wouldn't have done any of it, if left to my own devices.

Lucky you found this alien then, said Brian, and patted it approvingly. In response, his foreskin was pulled back and forth a few times. Adam squirmed.

So, who is this alien then? Brian asked. Is it a he or a she?

I don't know! Adam was feeling stupid. How had he missed that. Then he felt a sense of panic — what if he had a female around his penis? He didn't know why that should matter to him, but for some reason it did.

Are you male of female? he asked the alien.

Ha, ha, ha!
Sexual reproduction — humans are adorable. No, we do not work like that. We do not have males and females, or anything of the sort.

It was a very strange feeling, alien laughter. He wouldn't have realised that was what it was, if the words Ha, ha, ha! hadn't appeared on the screen as it did it. Apparently, when the alien laughed, it lifted his scrotum up and down in quick succession.

Humans evolve by natural selection. We evolve by intelligent design. Naturally. It is the only way, if you want to be able to travel to distant planets with differing atmospheres and partner with whatever species you find there. I told you before — I'm grown to suit your anatomy.

OK, good, so at least the alien wasn't female. Why on earth did that matter to him?

Intelligent design... said Brian.

Yes, we have taken control over our evolution. Natural selection can do some cool things I suppose, but it is terribly slow if you need some major anatomical changes, and it works by trying out all sorts of malfunctioning or undesired attributes along the way. Imagine if the parent designed its offspring: the child would be all the parent could hope for, and no one would have any genetic diseases anymore.

Designed babies... Is that even ethical? asked Brian.

Given all the trouble and suffering associated with the alternative, is it ethical not to do it? Not that I am complaining.

Gah! said Adam.

Sexual evolution does have its distinct advantages, from my point of view.

Ooh! Aah! You...

Sexual beings are so easy to manipulate. You just pull a little here, and push a little there,

Umph! Ooh! Ah-ieee!

and they do all you ever wanted. Now, isn't he adorable?

And Brian watched as Adam was rendered incoherent, gaping awe-struck as Adam was given his first thorough fucking since the day he got back, moaning and squirming and occasionally yelling.

Damn, that was hot! When the alien had finished, Adam found himself once again looking up at Brian's raging hard-on. This was to be a long day.