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⚠ Dominance/submission.
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Adam and the Alien

Chapter 5

Disaster averted! The alien would yet again allow not only an erection — it would allow sex! Brian was coming, tonight! They would do it. And suddenly all Adam's troubles seemed to have gone away. The future was bright again. Knowledge, riches, and sex. Sure, just three days ago he had been beating the alien just to avoid that very same future that now seemed so enticing. He could hardly believe his stupidity now. The alien had won this round, and he was so happy to get his sexuality back that he didn't really mind that he had now completely given up sexual control to the alien. At least, this way he would have sex.

Now, don't take too much for granted. I'm still not sure if this will work.

The alien slid that something over the glans of his penis, but now it was not moist and soft like it used to be — the feeling more resembled that of dried leaves.

You need to rekindle the sexual flame, to see if my sexual features can grow back. I need your sexual submission, and I need a stellar performance between you and Brian tonight. Do not deny him anything. A tentative sexual flame carried by a simple straw of hope can easily be smothered by the simplest refusal to carry it on.

Yes, yes, said Adam. Don't worry. I'd never turn Brian down.

The alien might have pointed out that he had actually done precisely that the last time, but it merely wrote:

It's all in your hands now.

I know, I know. Adam sighed. He thought of the evening, and wondered what it would be like. Then he remembered: Ropes!

Brian had told him to get some rope, the more the better. He scouered the appartment, to see what he had. In the kitchen he found a roll of cotton string, and he had some yarn in a chest of drawers. What would Brian want rope for? Surely that meant he was planning some kind of bondage scene. In that case, Adam certainly wouldn't want to be tied up by some thin cotton string — he shuddered at the thought of the string cutting into his skin, and then, what if he managed to break it and get loose? That certainly wouldn't count as giving Brian a good time, he thought.

If the purpose was bondage, perhaps he had some duct tape that could be used instead? But alas, there was no duct tape in the house. The closest thing was masking tape, but he doubted that would do. He would have to go buy some rope.

He wondered aloud where he might buy some suitable rope. The supermarket around the corner would probably not have it, so he would have to get into town, to—

The alien display beeped. Adam looked down at it, and gulped. The alien was suggesting a sex shop.

No, Adam protested, I was rather thinking I could go t—

The alien cut him off with a painful squeeze. The alien display beeped again. It showed that same address. The alien wanted him to go to a sex shop to buy his rope. He didn't quite like that idea. He had never visited such a place. It felt awkward.

The alien squeezed his balls lightly, in a familiar pattern: Do it! That settled the matter. Reluctantly, he went to his bedroom to dress. A nice kilt, with neutral colours so that no one would notice him... What wouldn't he give to be able to walk there with trousers. Inconspicuous, like normal people. And then a suitable shirt, and Ow! The alien was evidently getting impatient. Goaded by the alien, he was on his way in no time.

He found the place within the hour. An old brick house, small compared to the neighbouring houses. He went nervously up the front steps and opened the sturdy wooden door. Small bells went tinkling, announcing his arrival. He had half wished the shop would be closed. The woman at the counter looked at him, and he quickly averted his gaze, blushing.

He started looking around, trying to calm himself a bit. The woman at the counter was now texting away on her cell phone, not paying him any attention. He suspected that she was very much aware of what he was doing, but pretended not to be, to help him get over his shyness. They must get a lot of that in places like this.

They had a large assortment of dildos and vibrators, but he wouldn't be interested in those, of course. The alien could perform any such functions, if it wanted to. Then there were rubber sheets, sex slings, inflatables, and — who was that? He had glimpsed a man through the window, walking on the other side of the street, and for a second he could have sworn it was his supervisor, Christopher. On a second look, he realised that the man across the street was much taller than Christopher, but it also dawned upon him that Christopher actually did live in this part of town, and might indeed pass by this store at any moment. The sooner he got out of here, the better. He had to ask the shopkeeper. He looked up to find her smiling at him expectantly.

I'm– I'm looking for... That is to say, I– I would be interested in– in procuring... he stammered.

Well, let's hear it then, she said bossily. Nothing to be ashamed of. I've probably heard stranger requests anyway.

I want some... rope? Adam said, his voice a little higher than usual.

Ah, yes of course, she said. Back here in the bondage room.

She showed him to a room behind the counter, which was slightly larger than the main room. There was too much to take in at a glance, so he concentrated at what the shopkeeper was showing him. There were many different kinds of rope — hemp, silicon, nylon, cotton. He liked the look of the hemp rope, but when the shopkeeper explained that it should be washed, dried, twisted this way and that way and generally taken care of before use, he rather lost his interest in that one. He needed something that he could use right away, something relatively comfortable.

That made the shopkeeper suggest some wrist and ankle restraints to go with the rope. Nice comfortable leather that allows struggling while retaining good wearing comfort. That sounded rather nice, and the alien gave him much encouragement. Now the dried leaves around his penis felt a bit more like wet leaves, and he took that as a sign that the alien was slowly getting sexual again.

Rope and leather cuffs. Great, Adam had what he wanted. Time to go home.

Are you sure there's nothing else you want here, Adam? the shopkeeper asked.

How do you know my name? he asked, horror-struck.

She held up her cell phone.

Your master and I have been... communicating.

My master? Adam asked, uncomprehending. Then he realised. He picked up the alien display, and pretending to write a message he slowly whispered Was it you?


But, the shopkeeper continued casually, if you don't want to...

No, no, said Adam hurriedly, Let's do what, eh, Master wants to.

You sure? Now she was just teasing him.

Definitely. Eh... What else am I supposed to be getting?

Oh, a little of this, a little of that, she said airily. I'll get the stuff for you. You just go back to the counter and wait there. No peeking! That's your master's orders. Off you go, like a good boy!

After the alien gave him the familiar squeeze — Do it! — he did as he was told. He could hardly believe it! He wasn't allowed to know what he was buying? And the alien was talking to people — not just to him. It was embarrassing him in publ– well, not quite in public, but in front of other people nevertheless. His cock tried its confines once more, but no erection was possible this time either. Perhaps, though, there was a little more room than before — or was that just his imagination?

He got a bit of a shock when it was time to pay.

This is expensive! he whispered to the alien display, trying to mimic writing it as he said it.

Not to worry. You can afford it. You will have plenty of income once we get the patents out anyway.

And thus it happened that Adam found himself going home with two inconspicuous paper bags full of erotic stuff, partially of unknown nature, to await what would hopefully be a wonderful night with Brian — a night in which he would once again have sex.

Hi, Brian! How was your mother?

Oh, you know. Complaining about her back problems as usual. Now, you seem excited about something.

Adam was jumping from one foot to the other in the hallway, naked except for the alien.

Look, Adam said eagerly, and gave Brian the paper bags. Here's rope, and... and... Adam blushed. The alien had me go to a sex shop. I don't even know what I bought. I wasn't allowed to look. But I bet you are allowed to look.

Brian laughed. This should be interesting. Bedroom?

Adam scampered to the bedroom. Brian followed, looking over the things in the bags. Brian held up the rope.

Yes, Adam said, looking over at Brian, and I got some nice leather cuffs to go with that.

Brian found them. Then he looked up at Adam, with a look reminiscent of a predator that has just found its prey.

Good, he said, and suddenly his voice sounded much darker and more menacing than it used to. He stepped in close, invading Adam's personal space. Brian was slightly taller than him, Adam realised. He hadn't really thought about it before. Brian placed his hands on Adam's chest and squeezed his pecs briefly, before pushing him roughly down onto the bed. Adam yelped.

Brian wordlessly fastened the leather cuffs on his wrists and ankles, and tied him in a spread-eagled position. His cock was straining against its confines, and though he couldn't get an erection yet, he was happy to note that the alien sheath had taken on a more fleshy feeling — no more dead leaves pressing in on his privates.

Brian was laying out the unknown goods on the floor, opening the nondescript boxes where Adam couldn't see them. Brian chuckled.

My, oh my! I do like your alien, Brian laughed, and opened another box. Adam was craning his neck, trying to see what Brian was doing.

I think we'll start with this one, Brian said, and to his horror Adam saw that it was a blindfold. That was fine in and of itself, of course, but starting with a blindfold meant that he still wouldn't be able to see any of the other things he bought.

He briefly tried resisting putting it on, so that Brian actually had to climb up into the bed and hold his head between his knees while putting it on.

I want to see... Adam whined.

Hush, now, Brian said. If you complain too much I will have to gag you. Then he laughed. The best part is that you don't even know if there is a gag among the things you have bought. You be good now, because I miiight have a really horrible gag for you if you whine too much. From what he could hear, Brian was enjoying himself immensely.

To gag, or not to gag, that is the question... Brian said pensively. Hey, your alien has grown. It looks less like a diaper now.

He couldn't see what Brian was doing, but suddenly he felt something moist and fleshy glide over the glans of his penis, just like it used to before he lost his sexual privileges with the alien. Brian must be touching the alien. But he still couldn't get an erection. He considered whining about it, but settled for pouting.

Next, Brian surprised him with a kiss. As their tongues played, he felt one of Brian's hands in his hair, and he felt he had a rough idea of what the other hand must be doing given the amount of penile stimulation from the alien. Still no erection. Dammit!

Then Brian disappeared again. Adam was already missing him. He guessed that Brian was undressing, judging from the sounds.

I think, Brian said, we'll do without a gag for now. I do like to have your mouth accessible.

Then Brian climbed on top of him anew, and before he knew it he could feel (and smell) Brian's cock in his face. Now it was tapping his lips gently.

Come on now, open up! Brian said. Who's a pretty boy then?

Adam opened his mouth, and Brian pushed in the tip of his penis. At the same time, the alien entered his ass with that thin gooey something. It felt good, and his cock was straining against its confines, still not managing an erection. Brian withdrew, and the alien withdrew. Adam started chasing after him, blindly trying to get Brian's penis back into his mouth, while Brian was teasingly evading him, moving about tantalisingly close. Then Brian — and the alien — went back in.

Attaboy! Brian said approvingly. No use pretending this isn't what you want — what you've wanted all along. A man's cock. My cock.

Adam couldn't answer, because he was busy sucking and slurping and twirling his tongue, and enjoying the corresponding sensations from the thin gooey something in his ass. Then Brian withdrew again. Adam didn't know what was happening, but after a moment he heard what sounded rather like one end of a telephone call. Brian was talking to someone, and that someone wasn't him.

So I can fuck him using your... Silence. And then you will... Then silence again. Adam would be allowed to... Uh-huh... Uh-huh... Yeah, I promise. You... Uh-huh... Ha! ... Brilliant! ... OK. Let's do this.

Next thing he knew, Brian was on top of him again, kissing him on the mouth. And while they were kissing he felt something else. Something impossibly large tapping at his asshole. He recognised the feeling. The alien was going to fuck him again. Tap, tap, tap. Kiss, kiss, kiss. Tap, tap, tap. Kiss.

I'm going to fuck you now, said Brian. Next thing he knew, the alien pushed in.

Gah! Waah! You're big! Adam whined, and then Yes! Yes! YES!

Immense happiness, total success: he was getting an erection! He was slowly stretching the tight alien sheath, he was slowly managing a full erection! His sexual life was back! He was being fucked, and he had an erection! What more could he wish for?

Perhaps an orgasm, he thought. But that seemed to be coming rather soon now, as Brian started pounding away. Brian was probably fucking that strange orifice at the front of the alien, with the alien again acting like some sexual magnifying glass, making everything Brian did feel so much more intense. Brian (or was it the alien?) was hitting his prostate again and again, sending waves of pleasure through his entire body. He was pulling at his restraints, moaning and writhing. He was about to cum, and then... Then Brian withdrew.

What is the name of the largest sporadic group? Brian asked.

What?! Adam exclaimed. He was so close now, and the question was horribly familiar.

What is the name of the largest sporadic group? Brian repeated.

The Monster group, Adam whispered, his voice gone dry. How did you know?

Well, that's not exactly my field, Brian said happily. I saw it in a porno flick.

A porno flick? Adam said hoarsely. Starring?

Starring you, my dear little bottom boy, Brian said. A slide show of pornographic imagery coupled to a video with your reactions. A bit amateurish to tell the truth — we need to work a bit on your acting skills. But yeah, that's where I got the idea to suggest your getting some rope, because I knew you would be interested in bondage and domination and stuff.

Where did you get this? When did you get this?

From the alien, of course. Shortly after you rejected me, and told me that sex with me wasn't your thing at all. Such nonsense, really. This made me see exactly what was your thing, and the alien promised that you'd come running back to me in no time, pleading for more sex. And that you did.

I? What! It? Adam spluttered. Who else has this porno clip?

No one but me, said Brian, and added in a singsong voice, and as long as you are a good boy who does what you're told, there is no reason for anyone else to know about it.

Adam was horrified. But this is blackmail!

Yes, said Brian, and then continued in a more serious voice. Look, if you truly don't want this you can opt out. If you don't want a sexual relationship with me, this ends here, and no one will know a thing. I want you to consent to this, once and for all, including the blackmail. Judging by the movie clip you will enjoy the power play anyway. Last chance to back out of this: do you want a sexual relationship?

Adam took a deep breath. Yes, he said, yes, I'm all in. Part of him actually felt a bit disappointed at having to agree to the blackmail. In a way it was sexier not to be given any choice, though it was nice in a different way that Brian cared about what he wanted. Given the alien, however, turning Brian down wasn't really an option.

OK, playtime again, Brian announced. Let's see what you think of this little thing.

Still blindfolded, Adam had no idea what was coming. But whatever it was, it was sharp and coming for his armpits. He yelped, and tried to jump out of the way, though you can't jump very far when tied spread-eagle. He squirmed and wriggled, trying to get away from what transpired to be a pinwheel. In a way it was more tickling than painful. From the sound of it, Brian thoroughly enjoyed his struggles.

The pinwheel was travelling down his side, towards the alien, with Adam laughing along with Brian, when the laughter suddenly gave way for a high-pitched scream.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry! said Brian, frantically. I must have accidentally used the pinwheel on the alien! Apparently it doesn't like that.

Understatement of the year, Adam muttered. The pain had been brief, but harsh — perhaps the worst clampdown he had had on his testicles, at least since he stopped punching the alien.

Brian removed the blindfold, and kissed the tears that Adam was ashamed of, and hadn't wanted Brian to see. Then he kissed Adam on the mouth — tenderly, though not without tongue — and they started to make love. Or at least, Brian was making love to Adam, who could do nothing but lay there, wishing he could let his hands roam Brian's body the way Brian caressed his. The impossibly big thing was again slowly entering his ass, and Brian started to fuck him. Adam had a raging erection again, but there was no stimulation of his penis. All the alien did was move in and out of his ass as Brian moved in and out of the alien, but the feeling was incredible all the same.

And then Brian came, shooting his load in the alien. Then he withdrew, and lay down next to Adam for some cuddling, draping an arm and a leg across Adam as the post-orgasmic drowsiness overcame him. Adam still had a raging hard-on.

Ehm, Brian? Adam said, tentatively.

Hmm? said Brian sleepily, smiling up at him.

Brian, I haven't come yet, Adam said impatiently.

No, Brian said matter-of-factly. You're not supposed to.

What? Brian, you see, I haven't had my orgasm yet.

Good, Brian said idly, running his fingers over Adam's right nipple. You see, I'm a dominant bastard, and the alien is a dominant bastard too. You like being dominated by a bastard when you are horny. He was tweaking Adam's nipple now, and Adam was as hard as ever. You don't like dominant bastards when you are not horny. You don't like domination when you are not horny. And since domination is what you'll be getting, the alien and I feel that it is best if you like your situation. We want you to be happy.

Are you saying what I think you are saying? Adam asked

I see two ways of life that could make you happy: Either without domination, and mostly not horny. Or with domination and horny most of the time. I think you have made your choice. The alien and I will try to keep you horny most of the time.

As if to reinforce the message, the alien slid a soft fleshy something over the glans of his penis. He almost came right there. He tugged a bit at his restraints, as if he wanted to take matters into his own hands as once he would have. He couldn't deny it, he thought, as Brian fell asleep at his side. He felt the situation was extremely sexy, and he kind of liked it.

At least until early next morning, when the pins and needles of having had someone sleep on your arm woke him up.