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Warnings ⚠ Sexual activities with human males and weird alien (graphic).
⚠ Dominance/submission.
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Adam and the Alien

Chapter 7

He needed to talk to Brian about the piercing. Somehow, he had the strong feeling that it would be easier to convince Brian to give up the piercing idea than to convince the alien to tolerate it. (Indeed, the alien was signalling Quiet! whenever he mentioned the word.) Surely Brian would understand. But somehow, he got the feeling that he would have to wait for Brian to bring it up:

There will be no piercings. There will be no talking about piercings. There will be no thinking about piercings, there will be no discussing piercings with Brian. I don't want to hear about it. I don't want to hear anything of the sort. Just drop it.

That was a bit disconcerting, but sooner or later Brian was bound to bring it up, and then the alien would reasonably have to authorise some kind of response. Surely, he would be allowed to explain the circumstances if Brian brought it up? Right? He just had to wait for Brian to make the first move.

He was in the supermarket when Brian called him.

Hi Adam! What are you doing? Brian asked.

I'm in the supermarket, Adam replied.

In the cereals section, right? Brian remarked slyly.

How do you...? Right. You're looking me up at that alien website, aren't you?

Of course, Brian said. I know everything about you. But sometimes I pretend I don't, so that I don't make you uncomfortable.

Um, right. Hang on, I'll don my headset, so I have my hands free. He did so.

There. Now, it's not a public website, right? Adam asked again, just to be sure.

Nah, said Brian mischievously, it's password protected, and with a really strong password too: asdf.

What? No! Adam exclaimed. That's not a strong password! Brian, you have to–

Anyway, Brian cut across him, I thought I should tell you what cereal to buy, since I will be spending the night with you the day after tomorrow.

You'll be staying with me? Adam asked hopefully.

Corn flakes, Brian said, ignoring him. Ordinary corn flakes for me, and some bran flakes for you.

What? Adam exclaimed. But I don't even like bran flakes.

It's healthy, Brian said. It's for your own good. Besides, the alien thinks you should eat more fibre.

But... Adam began, but the alien squeezed his balls in a familiar pattern: Do it! He took the packages from the shelf.

Now, don't look so sad, Brian said consolingly.

How do you know how I look? Adam said slowly, his heart beating a bit faster.

Smile at the camera, Brian said happily.

What camera? He looked around. No one was filming him. There were no cameras here, except... He looked up into the surveillance camera.

Hellooo, Adam, Brian said. Looking good today, aren't we?

You must be kidding me, Adam whispered.

Not kidding, no, Brian said with much enjoyment. The alien must have hacked into their security system or something. Anyway, I have a video feed.

Adam's cock stirred. He licked his lips nervously. The alien started slowly masturbating him. Then Brian began singing, softly into the telephone:

Every breath you take,
And every move you make,
Every smile you fake,
Every step you take,
I'll be watching you.

Look, Adam began, but Brian just raised his voice and continued singing:

Oh can't you see?
You belong to me!
How my poor heart aches,
With every step you take.

Adam, blushing furiously, tried to look normal and go about his shopping anyway. The timing was not good, but he doubted the alien would allow him to just hang up on Brian. Besides, given that Brian had that video of him, he shouldn't really annoy Brian either right now. Maybe, if he got Brian into a good mood, it would be easier to persuade him to drop the piercing issue. Assuming the alien would allow him to say something about it...

The masturbation stopped. Adam was hard again, and desperately horny. He hadn't cum for... how long? It seemed like an eternity now.

But that's not all, Brian said, no longer singing. It's not just that I can watch you. It's not just that I know where you are. It's not just that I know all your plans, often before you do. No, I can play with you too. The alien is like a fantastic tool for your submission, a tool with awesome remote control capability. I can, for instance, do this.

The alien squeezed his balls very gently. Unusually, it wasn't inflicting any pain at all. This was comfortable, even sexy, given his horny state of mind.

Or play with your cock, Brian continued. The squeezing stopped. Tap, tap, tap. The alien was tapping his cock as he said it.

Aah, Adam said. Look, Brian, this is not the best of times...

Up and down, Brian said teasingly, as the alien stroked his cock accordingly. Up and down.

Brian continued his remote masturbation of Adam, and there was little he could do about it. Brian continued telling him things he should buy, and he tried continuing shopping as if nothing was happening to him. It was hard not to moan out loud at times.

Hey! Brian said excitedly. I just had a great idea. Anything you pick up goes up your ass!

What? Adam said, pausing with his hand outstretched. He had been meaning to pick up a grapefruit. You mean, like now? he asked incredulously.

Yeah! said Brian excitedly. Adam didn't quite understand what this meant, but he was sure it meant that he didn't want that grapefruit right now. He looked around for the smallest citrus he could find, and picked up a satsuma.

Oh! Aaah! Ugh! he groaned, as something the size of a satsuma went up his ass. Then it was out again, and he was standing there with the satsuma in his hand, getting strange looks from a couple of shoppers.

I think you should buy some carrots, Brian said evilly, while the masturbation continued.

Each time he picked up a carrot, something the size of that carrot went up his ass. It was a bit like being fucked, and Adam soon found himself wishing that the carrots were bigger. These were relatively small, he thought.

OK, that's enough, Brian said.

Just a few more? Adam asked, in spite of himself.

No, you already have more than enough carrots. Then he must have seen what Adam was looking at. No, and you don't need any cucumber either, he laughed.

Adam blushed. He decided to finish his shopping as soon as possible, to avoid embarrassing himself too much. Brian was continuing to masturbate him, using the alien, and he could only avoid cumming by concentrating on the horror of doing it here, in front of people.

He managed to get to the cashier without problems, though Brian kept him right at the edge. Now Adam had eye contact with the cashier.

Imagine cumming... Brian said in his sexiest voice.

The cashier said the price.

Now! Brian exclaimed, jerking him off more vigorously than ever, and applying pressure on the perineum.

Oh God, no! Adam exclaimed, cumming vigorously into the alien and clutching his knees for support. Wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure rolled over him. He was mortified, blushing and sweating.

Are you all right? someone behind him asked.

It's not that expensive! the cashier said indignantly.

It's OK, it's OK, Adam said, as he handed over the money. Adam was squirming — partly because Brian had not stopped masturbating his now oversensitive penis.

Now, don't forget that piercing! Brian said laughing, before hanging up, as Adam tried to get out of there as quickly as humanly possible.

Adam was angry again. As soon as he got home he would rage and storm at the alien, and along the way he bumped into lamp posts and door jambs trying to hurt the alien. As soon as he got home, he... felt immensely tired, stumbled to his bed and fell into an alien-induced sleep.

That, Adam said as he came to again, was nowhere near acceptable. He was still too tired to shout at the alien.

Yes, I know. I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't give you orgasms.

Adam stared at the display, dumbfounded.

I do want orgasms... he said. It's just the timing that was wrong.

No, you do tend to get violent after an orgasm. It's not as though this is the first time, and there was nothing wrong with the timing the last time you started beating me.

But it's OK, I understand. You need to be horny to enjoy your submission. I'll try not to give you an orgasm again.

No! Adam said. No, you don't understand. Stupid alien! Why on earth did you have to give it to me in the supermarket? Is it really that fun, humiliating me?

Oh, come on! This wasn't about you.

Surveillance cameras. Website. Carrots — I ask you! You and Brian really did everything in your power to embarrass me, culminating with the orgasm in front of what must have been a dozen people! Brian wants me to get a piercing, but you won't allow me to talk him out of it, knowing full well that he'll spread my masturbation video. All going according to plan, isn't it? he spat. The alien squeezed his balls warningly.

Yes. All according to plan.

You disgust me!

Think, Adam, think! Do you really think I did this just to be mean to you?

Yes, Adam said, bitterly.

Stupid human! Stupid, stupid human! How can you be this egocentric? Think! What just happened?

You and Brian humiliated me! Adam said, now holding back tears.

It's not about you I say!

There was silence. Adam did not come to any sudden understanding of what the alien was hinting at. He was wallowing in misery, feeling hard done by.

The alien sighed. It was the first time he had heard it make such a sound. It was a deep sigh, but it was over very quickly. The alien didn't have much lung capacity.

Look. Brian wants us to get a piercing. That's not going to happen, right?


Brian has a video of you masturbating, to use for blackmail purposes. With that in mind, what just happened?

You took one more step towards my total humiliation, Adam complained.

No, my egocentric little friend. It wasn't about you.

What happened is that now we have a video of Brian masturbating and saying dirty things, to use for blackmail purposes. Now we can tell him that we are not going to tolerate any piercings.

What? Adam asked. He hadn't expected that. You have a video of Brian masturbating?

Of course!

How do you think he could masturbate you remotely? Clicking buttons? He would have gotten bored in no time. No, he hooked up his webcam so I could mimic his movements. That way, it all got really realistic. That way, I got a video of Brian masturbating.

That was the whole point of this little exercise. Now we can tell him that there won't be any piercings, and he will have to accept that.

We could have just told him, Adam said. If we just told him that you don't want any piercings, he would have backed down. He's a nice guy, really. This wasn't necessary.

That might be true, or it might not. There would still be a risk that he would insist. If he knew that I'm resisting him, he might get suspicious, undermining my ability to get some good blackmail material here.

This way around, there's no risk involved. He'll have to do what I say. And I must say I like it better like this. You heard how he was talking about me, like I was a mere tool for your submission. It is time he learns who's the tool and who's the master!

Adam just gaped at the display. Then he collected his thoughts and said:

I'm not sure Brian will tolerate this. What if he publishes the masturbation video anyway, just to show you that he won't be intimidated?

Once the revolutionary nature of your discoveries is fully appreciated, do you think people will care about some silly masturbation? Everyone will want to hire you anyway, and a bit of scandal only adds to your fame.

Now, by contrast, what would happen to Brian if I published his masturbation video?

Oh! Adam said, as the realisation hit him. Oh my God! You can't do that! We can't do that! He's a teacher...

He will never get a job again!

The alien gave a triumphant whistle.

Don't do it!

I don't intend to. But he had better drop the piercing issue now, wouldn't you say?

The alien was immensely happy with itself.

At work, Christopher was complaining about how Adam had treated Dr. Davenlöf. Adam, on the other hand, wasn't entirely happy that Christopher had contacted Dr. Davenlöf in the first place.

He was in the area, Christopher said, and we were talking about his theorem. It is only natural for me to talk to him, and he was very kind to come and visit you. I think you made a grave mistake here.

We are still publishing, right? Adam asked, tired of this talk about Dr. Davenlöf.

Yes, Christopher said. Yes, you need to get some papers out anyway. And we'll put you as the first author, since it is basically your ideas.

Good, Adam said.

The paper was written. The alien approved, after having corrected the grammar and spelling. It was sent off to arXiv.org. He didn't doubt that Dr. Davenlöf would post some kind of response, and then he would have to deal with that. But for now, he only had Brian to look forward to.

He might have felt angry with Brian, because of the supermarket incident. But he wasn't angry. He was worried. He was concerned. Brian still didn't know just how dangerous it would be to mess with the alien. He felt like his best friend was threatened, and he wanted to protect him. He assumed that Brian would back down on the piercing issue once he realised what's at stake, but what would he do after that? Would he abandon Adam, seeing that Adam was forever tied to a dangerous alien? Could they ever go back to the way it was before, spending a carefree night with the toys he sill hadn't been allowed to open?

He certainly hoped so.

He certainly hoped so.