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Adam and the Alien

Chapter 8

Hello, Adam! Brian frowned at him. What's the matter?

Adam was full of anxiety. The alien wanted to teach Brian a lesson. It wanted to show him who's the master in the relationship. But Brian still had no idea. He didn't know that the alien was intending to blackmail him. Adam felt he should have warned Brian, warned him to stay away from this dangerous alien, and yet, at the same time, he was afraid of losing Brian. He didn't know what to say. He didn't know where to start.

Let me guess, Brian said, you didn't get the piercing.

He stepped up to Adam and felt his nipples.

N– n– no... Adam stammered. It was, after all, very obvious. He wasn't wearing a shirt.

Why? Brian asked, looking him up and down.

The– the– the... alien! Adam stammered, in a high-pitched voice, his eyes wide open in fear.

My goodness, Brian said. If I had known it would make you this distraught, I would never have suggested your getting a piercing. He hugged Adam, and patted him on the back of his head. It's OK, buddy. You don't have to get a piercing.

He did not succeed in calming Adam down.

The– the– the... alien! Adam stammered again.

What has it done to you? Brian asked, holding Adam's face between his hands. Look, give me the alien display, and I'll have a talk with it. You go into the bedroom and try to calm yourself down.

He gave Brian the display, and went to the bedroom. It felt nice, being told what to do. Presumably, the alien would explain. He worried about Brian's reaction, but it was now out of his hands.

He heard Brian's muffled voice through the door. He sounded angry and demanding. A bit like a parent giving his child a stern talking-to. Then he heard Brian shouting.

What!? Brian exclaimed. There was silence. Then some rapid talk. Then Brian shouted, All right! No piercings! There's no need for... There was some inaudible talk again. Then Brian shouted angrily again, I'm not going to punish him for that! Silence. Are you out of your mind? Silence. Talking. Consistency?

Brian wrenched open the door, and hurtled the alien display across the room, towards the corner nearest the door. Consistency? he shouted again, as he did so. Adam jumped. He had never seen Brian so angry. Brian was being scary, and he had actually flung the alien display violently across the room!

Brian swiftly went across the room and took Adam into his arms, holding him tight and kissing him on the cheek, again and again. At least, Adam thought, it didn't look as though he was loosing Brian.

I'm so sorry, Brian said. I'm so, so sorry.

Adam didn't understand what Brian was so sorry about, but he wrapped his arms around Brian anyway. Adam was finally calming down a bit.

It's all because of the alien, Brian said. I wouldn't have done any of it if it weren't for the alien. Let's end this here. Let's end all this here and now.

N– no! Adam interjected.

No more domination. No more teasing. Let's just be friends again. Brian continued.

No! Adam exclaimed. No! I want to have sex with you. I like the teasing. I don't want you to leave me.

Well, Brian said with a weak smile, I suppose we can still have sex. But let's skip the domination part. It's something the alien has forced upon us. Tonight we just have plain, vanilla, ordinary, decent sex.

But Brian, Adam protested, I want to play with my toys.

Let's not give the alien the satisfaction, Brian said.

But Brian, Adam insisted, the alien doesn't allow me to see what I have bought! If the alien has its way with me, I'll never know what's in those boxes. I'd much prefer it if you had your way with me. Take what the alien denies me, and let us play the way we did before.

You really want to play domination games? Brian asked incredulously.

Yeah, Adam said emphatically, I want to play with you.

They looked at each other in silence for a moment. Then Adam's other fear started nagging him.

If you still want me, he said. I mean, you know the alien has been gathering blackmail material to use against you, right? The alien is dangerous, and I wouldn't want you hurt. I feel bad I didn't warn you about this. I should have told you to stay away from me. But I didn't see it coming, honest! I'm so very sorry.

Hush now, Brian said, kissing him on the forehead. I can't pretend I'm very happy with the alien at the moment, but I wouldn't want to give you up because of that. You're totally worth it. They hugged again.

Toys? Adam enquired in a small voice.

Right, Brian said with a warm smile, toys.

A minute later Adam was laying naked on his back with his legs up in the air, his arms and legs tied to the bedposts. For a while, Brian just lay down next to him, kissing him and playing with his nipples. Then Brian moved his hand down to the alien, where his caresses corresponded to penile stimulation. Brian started licking and biting Adam's nipples, and one of his fingers slid into the alien's mouth. That made the alien stick that thin, gooey thing up Adam's ass. Adam was moaning and pulling at his restraints, desperately horny.

And now, Brian said impressively, I show you a new toy.

He opened a nondescript box, and held up some kind of device. It had a power cord in the one end, and some kind of strangely shaped glass thing in the other end. Adam gulped. He didn't know what it was, but it looked... electric.

A violet wand! Brian announced. I think we'd better gag you for this. Let's see... Ah, yes. Do you remember when I said that I might have a really horrible gag for you here?

Y– yeah, Adam said nervously.

Behold! Brian said, and held up a long tube of some sort, in a transparent package.

That's not a gag... is it? Adam said uncertainly.

This, my friend, said Brian, is an endotracheal tube. That's basically a medical breathing tube to keep your airway open. And... It passes through the vocal cords and prevents them from moving. You won't be able to make any sounds.

No, Adam whispered, staring transfixed at the tube. You're not going to use that, are you? Just the thought of having it inserted was scary.

Unfortunately, no, said Brian. (Adam felt half relieved, half disappointed.) It says on the package that it should only be operated by experienced medical personnel. Apparently, it can be quite dangerous if used wrong. Perhaps at some point, but I wouldn't risk it now. We do have other gags too, don't worry about that.

He produced another gag, this time a much nicer looking one. Much nicer than having a tube thrust down your windpipe, anyway. It was a leather wedge gag that filled his mouth completely, pressing down on his tongue as Brian inserted it. He tried to say something. The taste of leather was strong in his mouth. Brian just smiled at him. His words were unintelligible.

Then Brian connected the violet wand to the wall socket, and turned it on. A faint buzzing sound came from the device, and the glass part turned violet. Adam watched it with apprehension, as Brian moved it closer and closer to his left foot. Brian stopped, perhaps two inches from Adam's foot. They looked at each other, Adam nervously, Brian playfully. Then Brian slowly moved the device closer again.

As the first spark flew from the violet wand, Adam jerked his foot away with a shout. That thing had a sting to it. Brian laughed. The procedure was repeated, but this time Brian didn't withdraw the wand immediately, and Adam's ability to move was rather limited. He shouted again, trying to escape. Then Brian started moving to the other foot. Knowing what was coming, Adam tried to move it out of harm's way, but being tied the way he was, it was a futile attempt. Then a spark flew from the violet wand again, and he tried to move his right foot away. It was a bit like being tickled, only much more intense.

Brian alternated between his feet and his inner legs. He shouted and kicked and struggled, and curled up his toes. Brian loved the sight of Adam curling up his toes, and tried to make it happen again. And again. And again. It was very intense, and the alien was doing its part too. The thin gooey something the alien had was going in and out of his ass, and although keeping up a slight pressure was the only thing the alien did with his penis, he was rock hard.

Then Brian stopped, and held the wand between Adam's legs, pointing at his nose.

I think I'd like to put this up the alien's mouth, he said.

Adam's eyes went wide with fear, and he shook his head vigorously. The alien would not tolerate that.

Are you sure? Brian asked. It really does deserve it, you know. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt you too badly. Adam stared at him, horror-struck. But perhaps, Brian continued, you would rather have my cock?

Adam nodded vigorously.

Very well, then, Brian said, and put away the violent wand. I think fucking goes best with some kissing, don't you think? he continued, and bent down to undo Adam's gag. Then he took down Adam's legs, and tied them to the other end of the bed instead, so that Adam lay spread-eagle. They kissed lovingly, and Brian's cock slowly entered the alien's mouth, making that impossibly big, alien something force itself into his ass again.

Gah, you're big, Adam said.

I know, Brian said, smiling, and continued in. Brian started to fuck him. Adam was pulling at his restrains, and tried moving his hips in a way that might make the alien sheath move relative to his erect penis. But alas, there was no penile stimulation. There was just Brian, moving in and out of his ass by proxy, there was Brian's hot tongue playing with his, there were the restraints that held him in place, and then... Then he came.

It must have been some sort of miscalculation of the alien's but he was cumming! Cumming without permission, cumming for Brian, shouting his name, trying to hug Brian and failing in a very cute, very endearing way that brought Brian over the edge too. Then they just lay in each other's arms — or at least, Adam lay in Brian's arms, and Brian rested his ear on Adam's chest, listening to the heartbeats. For a while, neither of them said anything.

After what seemed like an hour, Adam broke the silence:

What made you throw the display across the room?

The alien insists that I punish you for not getting a piercing, Brian said.

But, but... Adam stammered. The alien doesn't want me to have a piercing.

I know, Brian said. But it says punishment needs to be consistent. I can't threaten to punish you, if I don't follow through when you disobey me.

But the alien didn't want me to obey you on this, Adam said.

Sometimes you get punished no matter what you do. Reward can be intermittent, but punishment needs to be consistent. If I don't punish you for it, you will lose your respect for me, it says. I told it that I don't care. I don't need that kind of respect from you. But the alien insists... He sighed. I guess I will have to follow through.

You'll spread my masturbation video? Adam asked, aghast.

I'll talk to the alien, Brian said. I'll see if I can get your punishment changed to a spanking or something. I promise. I'll try to make the punishment as mild as I can.

Brian kissed him tenderly on the lips.

When he went back to work the following Monday, he was not surprised to see that Dr. Davenlöf had authored a paper, showing in detail how Adam's superconductor was violating the Davenlöf theorem. Well, he was prepared for that. He had his rebuttal of the Davenlöf theorem planned, and he had a paper ready before lunch. The question was if he should ask Christopher about it before sending out the preprint. Adam suspected that Christopher might not be entirely fond of the idea.

The alien settled the matter. Ignore Christopher, and publish without asking. He felt a bit uneasy about it, but it was important information that had to get out there.

A couple of days later, Dr. Davenlöf had again published a response. It didn't really disprove what Adam had written, and he saw several misunderstandings of important mathematical concepts — at least after the alien pointed them out. He wrote a new paper, explaining these misunderstandings in somewhat condescending tones — using words such as clearly, evidently, naturally, and of course. Again, he sent it out without checking with Christopher first.

As the weekend approached, the alien told the now very horny Adam, that Brian would not be able to come over. The alien was still a bit angry with Brian for throwing the display across the room — if you looked carefully, there was actually a small scratch in it now. And of course, the alien wasn't very happy about the orgasm he had had.

Adam tried pleading with the alien, but the alien insisted. No Brian. Instead, the alien had planned a study session for Adam: he was going to become an experimentalist. He would actually construct his superconductor. That would conclusively prove Dr. Davenlöf wrong. The alien had contacted a research group led by Eve Echeneis, who had access to all the material and equipment needed. He would go there on Monday, and lead the experimentalists in the construction of the superconductor.

You can't be serious, Adam protested. There is no time! I'm not an experimentalist. I don't know anything about their equipment, or methods, or anything.

The alien, of course, was unrelenting. He would become an experimentalist. The alien had already communicated back and forth with Eve Echeneis, and she was impressed with his knowledge about the equipment and the possibilities. She had done all the necessary preparations, with the alien's guidance. Adam would have to learn everything about it, and if needed, the alien would be able to help him a bit when no one was looking.

You will not rest until you have learnt everything about the experimental setup and equipment.

The alien was as bad as its word. He worked, and worked, and studied, and studied, without stopping to eat or sleep — day, and night; day, and night. The alien must be giving him some kind of stimulant, he thought, as he reached out a shaking hand towards his water bottle. He was having a dull headache, and his vision was blurring. He blinked a few times, and went on working. He had never been able to concentrate like this before. Working and working and...

He awoke with a start, slightly disorientated.

I let you sleep the last four hours. Time to go to the experimentalists. We will be working with them exclusively this week. I would advise you not to go near your ordinary office — Christopher isn't exactly happy with you.

Adam stretched, and yawned. The alien squeezed his balls impatiently, in a familiar pattern: Do it! He was on his way in no time.

The experiments went better than he could possibly have imagined. He normally understood what he should say to the experimentalists, and he was getting a lot of respect from them. Eve turned out to be a very likable woman, and they all seemed to like him too. He always knew what to answer when they came to him, and when he didn't, he just said let me think, and looked discreetly at the alien display.

There was just one incident, when the alien suddenly decided to fuck him. He had been very horny for some time, and was caressing the alien whenever he felt no one was watching. Sure, the alien did a lot of teasing, but apparently his caresses made the alien horny too. Or hungry?

In any case, he dashed into an abandoned room and tried not to make too many sounds as the alien forcibly entered him and fucked him to within an inch of orgasm, then squeezed him painfully hard, and made him lose control of his lower intestine again.

When he emerged, flushed and sweaty, he was embarrassed by the knowing smile playing on Eve's lips.

Enjoying yourself? she asked, and laughed as he blushed furiously. She couldn't possibly know, could she?

On the second day of the experiments, they actually had a superconductor at room temperature, but it wasn't cooperating very well with them. The superconductivity seemed to break down at the slightest introduction of magnetic fields, making it unusable under normal circumstances. It did seem to be working relatively well at the freezing point of water. Still a bit too sensitive when it came to magnetic fields perhaps, but they could sustain it long enough to do measurements. All they needed was a lot of ice.

Adam was a bit disappointed that the superconductor didn't seem more robust. He had imagined something a bit more... useful.

Are you kidding? Eve said. This is amazing. This is totally amazing. I would never have believed this was possible, and this quick! I'm going to book a press conference! I'll write up a paper of course, and I'd be honoured to have you as a coauthor, but this is bigger than that. We are going to have a huge press conference, and then we are going to throw a huge party, and then we are going to wait around for the Nobel prize. It's that big!

Well, Adam said, smiling timidly, I'm afraid I may have antagonised parts of the Nobel committee...

They laughed about that. The future seemed bright. The press conference was booked, and the alien (finally!) allowed him to invite Brian home for some celebratory sex afterwards. He had high hopes that he would actually be allowed to orgasm this time around. Surely, he thought, the alien couldn't postpone it for ever.

There was just one cause for worry — Brian had not given him any spanking...