Adventures of Zak n Brandon

Book 2 - Discoveries

Chapter 1 - Comin' Home

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Zak has told you a lot about me already, but something he didn't know is that I had seen him once before our brief meeting in the restaurant that day. I was working for the Forest Service, as he already mentioned, and a few days before the "Great Alien Abduction" took place, I was with a couple of the guys I work with when they stopped by the hardware store at the lumber yard to pick up some things.

I elected to just sit out in the truck and wait, since they would be in and out in a minute anyway. The day was heating up and the interior of the pea green crew cab smelled strongly of hot plastic, stale sweat and chainsaw oil. Sitting in the backseat, I rolled down a window to let some fresh, cool air inside.

That's when he strode into view. Emerging from one of the outbuildings and heading toward the office was a contractor, kind of blondish, late 30s, with a fine build. As hot as the contractor looked, following behind him was this tasty looking guy that immediately captured all my attention. He was just under 6-foot tall, early twenties, slender; but not what you'd call skinny. He had longish dark hair that he wore down to the neck of his green t-shirt, over his ears and brushed back from his eyes. It kind of naturally curled up at the ends.

He had a classic, pleasing face and dark eyes, framed by that sexy hair. He was dressed in tan cargo shorts; his butt making little melon-mounds in the back with the pocket flaps kind of sticking up just below his shirt. Extending from the shorts were long, slightly muscled legs. They were nicely tanned and ended sockless in a pair of white athletic shoes.

I wished right then that I could stop time, allowing me to just sit there for hours and gaze at him. I wanted him to look around and notice me; yet at the same time hoping he wouldn't see me sitting there staring at him like I was. His eyes were glued to the backside of the pair of tight jeans walking on ahead of him, so I guess I didn't have to worry about him looking around. As he got closer to the office, where I knew he would disappear from my view, a desperate longing welled up inside of me:

Should I leap from the truck, fly across the parking lot and jump his bones? ...Grab him and wrestle him into a passionate kiss? ...or just simply lean out of the window and scream, "I WANT YOU!!!" at the top of my lungs?

Of course, reality being what it is, I just sat still and watched him. He was carrying a large bundle of very long molding strips for the builder. As he got about three-quarters of the way across the parking lot, the bundle started to get away from him. First a couple of the long strips began fanning out, then the whole bundle, as if it had a mind of its own, splaying out and going every which way.

A loud clatter erupted as the unmanageable handful rattled to the ground. The contractor stopped abruptly, turning around to look, and instead of being mad, started laughing and went back to help pick them up. The kid's hair had fallen down around his eyes as he bent over to pick up the load of fallen moldings, but I could still detect a flush of embarrassment on his face. I felt sorry for him, and nearly burst out of the truck to help him pick up the boards, but at that same moment my coworkers emerged from the store and we were headed back to work.

Now, I'm sure you can identify with the feelings I lived with the rest of that week: When you see the most absolutely perfect person and he steals your heart away - yet you know you don't have any chance of being with him, that frustration just haunts you constantly. The knowledge that you will most likely never see him again - and the almost unbearable despair that knowledge creates within you. When you least expect it, you find yourself thinking of him again and again; images of him making you feel good and bad all at the same time; but mainly just serving to intensify the loneliness you already feel.

That brings us to the Friday of the `abduction.' I was in the Cookhouse Café in Fort Jones, sitting way in the back finishing up my lunch with the same two guys I work with when the door opened and my heart skipped a beat. `Yup, that's gotta be him,' my brain immediately registering those same handsome features that had been haunting me all week. My pulse began to quicken... what to do? Here he was again - so close - yet so very far away at the same time.

He came in, swung around and sat down at one of the tables near the front with his back to us. The waitress came and took his order just about the time we were ready to leave. I stalled, letting the other two go ahead of me to pay, so I could have a little longer to stare at him.

When I got done paying, I just had to look him over one last time, even though it meant turning around awkwardly the wrong way before heading to the door. `Quick, brain, think of something to say;' I struggled to come up with some way to make contact with him, but frustrated, couldn't think of anything other than to make eye contact as I left.

My heart leapt inside me as I turned and caught him checking me out with eyes that looked hungry, (or was that just my own imagination?) I did have presence of mind enough to give him a quick smile. He smiled back, but then dropped his head quickly, and I didn't know what else to do but exit the restaurant. I cursed myself for not saying or doing something to make some sort of contact with him, but, heck, I couldn't begin to know what he might be thinking about me. I suppose just coming out and telling him at that point, `Hi; I'm Brandon, and I would really like to suck your cock,' might have seemed just a bit too forward.

You can imagine how that chance meeting only served to fuel the fires of my longing and frustration for the rest of the day. When evening came I was still wallowing in his memory and feeling really lonely and frustrated. The guys I worked with were a congenial bunch, but I longed for someone to be with; someone to hold and to give myself to.

Sometimes I feel like half of a whole equals less than nothing. I know that it's wrong to be so depressed; after all, the circumstances in my life were going along pretty well. Its human nature, though, to focus more on what you don't have, than to be thankful for all you do have.

After dinner, I climbed into my old Toyota pickup and drove up the valley, heading for the Walmart over in Yreka. Highway 3 over Forest Mountain is the direct route to Yreka, but I decided to take the `scenic route,' so I turned up McAdams Creek Road, that goes to Yreka the back way, over Greenhorn Pass. Shortly after the blacktop turned into gravel, I looked in at one of the houses and spied a yellow Jeep, just like the one I had seen parked in the employee area at the lumberyard. I had wondered at the time if that belonged to `cutestuff,' now I strained to see if I might get a glimpse of him around the house. No such luck, but I made a mental note to check back later.

It wasn't much farther when I saw the bright light in the sky. The way it was hovering there in the distance was so weird that I pulled off the road and got out of my truck to get a better look. I saw strings of pink light begin to go from the big light to the ground and back again. The large light suddenly hovered closer and I saw one streak of pink snake down to the road not too far from where I was standing. At the last second, I thought it looked like it was grabbing up a person from off the road. The next thing I knew, I was blinded by brilliant pink light, and I guess, from Zak's earlier account, you pretty well know what happened after that.

I just have to say that meeting up later with Zak on the spaceship just about knocked my socks off. (Can you have your `socks knocked off' when you're already naked?) It just seemed like some kind of magnetic attraction that drew us together there. Sharing that whole weird experience became an amazing bond between us.

As I got to know him better, the person of Zak became more transparent to me; a very beautiful man lived inside the beautiful boy. I am particularly struck by the contrasts I observe. He is strong, capable and manly, yet very emotional and tender at the same time. I am sometimes overwhelmed with the desire to protect him, yet fully knowing that he is capable of protecting himself.

His tender side became obvious to me as I watched him relating to others on the spaceship, but more especially afterward when we were in the ball field. He asked me some lame question that I knew very well was designed to get me to admit my feelings for him. Of course, being the jerk that I am, I wasn't about to give him that satisfaction; not that easily anyway.

So I answered back kind of sarcastically. I was just messing with him, but I knew right away that my remark had hurt him and his eyes started to well up with tears. `Oh, way to go, idiot; now look what you've done,' I chided myself, knowing that any pain I caused him would also get my eyes leaking - and I was just too manly for that kind of stuff!

I quickly patched things up with words of assurance and compassion, which only served to bring tears of joy rolling out of those big, soulful blue eyes of his. My stomach tightened up, trying to retain my composure, but it was no use, the little booger had gotten to me and my feelings welled up and came leaking out of my eyes as well.

I think we both knew from that moment forward there was nothing that would ever separate us from one another.




The guardsmen had arranged to help us all get to our homes. By now it was nearly noon and we were getting pretty hungry, but it wouldn't be too long before we would be dropped at home and could get something to eat. I was overjoyed to find out that Brandon was living over in Fort Jones and would be riding in the same truck as me. Cody and Mateo both lived near Yreka, so they just took off on foot to Mateo's place. We exchanged cell numbers with them before they left the Armory.

We climbed once again into the back end of the big truck and began rumbling over Forest Mountain towards Fort Jones. Brandon told me he was staying for the summer in one of the Forest Service barracks there where he worked...

"But I was heading for Yreka and abandoned my pickup out on McAdams Creek Road when I was abducted."

"No way!" I exclaimed; "That's right out near where I live!"

"Is that your yellow Jeep I saw parked at the place just beyond where the blacktop ends and turns into gravel?"

"Yeah,'ve seen it?"

"Wow!; yeah, I think I know right where you live; in fact, my truck's parked about a quarter-mile from your place least, it is if its still there." Brandon said, adding, "You live in a really cool spot - secluded and woodsy; I liked what I saw of it."

We got the troop truck to swing up McAdams before coming into Fort Jones and we kept going, past my place until Brandon's grey pickup came into view.

"Whew, it's still there!" he said relieved.

We got out, said goodbye to the other guys in the truck and thanked the drivers. Climbing in, Brandon discovered the keys still in the ignition and everything just the way he had left it.

"Oh wow... It's only been a few hours since we got zapped up into that spaceship, but it seems like it all happened a long time ago, doesn't it?" he observed.

"Yeah, for sure;" I had just been thinking the same thing as I gazed up the road to the spot where I had been standing when I had gotten abducted. It felt like everything before that moment was so small and insignificant - so very long ago.

Brandon started the truck and did a U-ee, heading back to my place. When we got there and I got out, he made like he was going to leave.

"Hey, c'mon in, if you want to; we'll get something to eat before you take off."

"OK; that would be great - I'm really starving."

"Yeah, me too; I don't have much on hand right now, but I could pop a pizza in the oven to tide us over."

"Sounds good; I think I could even eat the box right now."

"The box might taste just as good as the pizza," I observed, remembering that I was getting kind of sick of frozen pizzas.

We went inside and kicked off our shoes. I turned on the oven and got a pizza out of the freezer and started unwrapping it. As I did, I saw Brandon sneaking up behind me. Standing close he nuzzled the back of my neck, simultaneously nibbling my ear while he just barely traced around a nipple with the tip of his finger. I immediately had goosebumps all over.

I managed to get the pizza into the oven and suggested we take a quick shower while the pizza baked. We went to my bedroom that had an attached bathroom. Brandon started to undo his jeans. I pushed his hands away.

"Hey buddy, I'd like to make sure you're doing that right," I said, as I dropped my own shorts to the floor and got down on my knees in front of him.

"Hey, I'm always eager to learn!" he exclaimed, anticipating what was coming next.

I undid the top button of his jeans, but before I went for my prize, started rubbing my nose and teeth over the hardening bulge in the denim. I wrapped my hands around his two ample cheeks pulling him closer to my face. A deep groan ensued before I began slowly sliding the zipper down carefully over the growing package.

Opening this package was better than Christmas as I saw the tawny brown pubes begin to come into view, followed by his thick, flattened out shaft, held down tightly by the fabric. I got hard instantly as I anticipated the impending union of this secret part of my lover with my face and mouth.

As the fly opened up, I hooked my fingers into the top of his jeans and slid them all the way down, his beautiful shaft springing to freedom. I darted my tongue up the length of one inner thigh all the way to his ball sac, causing him to spasm in delight.

"Oh, Zak ...Fuck!" he exclaimed, as I proceeded to take one of his balls into my mouth and suck it just hard enough to be almost painful. I let it pop out and ran my tongue lightly up his eight inch shaft. He gasped and I went back for the other soft nut and took it into my mouth, sucking it gently. His manly scent was making me even hornier as I came up and rubbed my nose into the soft trimmed hairs all around his shaft.

At that point I slowly stood, tonguing him all the way up his slightly salty abs and gently pushed him back, laying him out flat on my bed. After kissing him lightly, I proceeded back south and grabbed his stiff tool and took his round smooth head into my mouth, just teasing around the end of it for a short while.

Brandon's breathing began to quicken and I could feel his cock getting incredibly stiff and thick. I picked up speed and while massaging his balls, began to take him all the way down the length of his shaft, pumping and sucking for all I was worth.

"Ahhh, ah, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuck!" was the sound I heard as the flavor in my mouth changed into the salty sweetness of joy juice. That boy's thick, creamy load tasted really good. I kept up the rapid pace, drawing out his orgasm as long as possible. I couldn't believe the volume of slippery cum that filled my mouth as I kept swallowing and sucking.

Finally I felt the long, hard pole begin to soften slightly and I let it slide out of my mouth, kissing the end of it gently. I slid up on his body laying hard against him as he wrapped his arms tightly around me. I could feel the rhythmic throbbing of his heart.

"That was amazing - I don't remember ever cumming so hard before," he gasped quietly.

I smiled and shared the flavor of his tasty spunk in a deep kiss, burying my tongue in his mouth, as his lips parted, eagerly letting me inside. I don't know how long this went on before I remembered we had a pizza in the oven.

"Hey, we better get going; ...c'mon," I said, as I squirmed off him and pulled him up off the bed, taking him by the hand to the shower. As we waited for the water to get to the right temperature, he stood behind me with one arm wrapped tightly around me, pumping my still-hard pole with the other hand.

We climbed into the shower and relished the feel of the clean, warm water washing over our tired, sweaty bodies. Brandon turned me around and got down on his knees in front of me.

"Now it's your turn; we need to take care of this swelling problem you seem to be having!" he declared, taking me into his mouth.

I was so close to cumming just from the session in the bedroom that I was leaking juice all the way to the bathroom, and I knew it wouldn't take much to make me explode.

He began licking and sucking, expertly bringing me closer and closer, when I noticed him soaping up a finger that he then plunged into my backside. He kept moving the finger in and out to the rhythm of his sucking.

"Bran ...I'm gonna ...Ahhhhhhhhhh!" waves of pleasure erupted all at once, as I pushed myself one last thrust deeper into his mouth releasing everything I had. He gagged slightly, but managed to keep swallowing. It seemed like I just kept cumming and cumming... wow, what a sensation; everything in my world went dark, except for the fireworks of lust exploding from the very core of my being I felt like my knees were going to give away just as Brandon stood and clasped me tightly to himself.

We pressed our mouths and tongues together wildly at first, then struggling to breathe, broke from our passionate kiss, tenderly embracing one another. We continued our shower slowly, soaping, discovering and enjoying every inch of each other's body. It was about that time the mood was abruptly broken as a thick cloud of nasty smelling smoke began filling the bathroom.

"The pizza!"

We burst out of the shower and headed full throttle toward the disaster in the kitchen. Both of us dripping wet, as I got to the hallway my feet flew out from under me and Brandon was right there to catch me.

"Whew, thanks bud... I seem to be a little accident prone sometimes."

"I'm sort of coming to realize that," he said with a big grin on his face.

"What makes you say that?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing much," the sly look on his face let me know there was more coming. "I just noticed you have a little trouble carrying big bundles of molding sometimes; stuff like that," he added with his goofy grin getting bigger.

"What? ...hey; how did you know about that?"

"I have my secrets," he teased; "Actually, I was sitting there in the parking lot watching the whole thing," he confessed, then he quietly added:

"Seeing you there; well, believe it or not, I think I fell in love with you right then and there, 'cause I couldn't get you out of my mind after that. Then when I saw you again at the Cookhouse ...well, I just didn`t know what to say or do; I didn`t have any idea what you might be thinking about me, but it just about drove me crazy."

I was pulling the charred remains of our lunch out of the oven by that time and I remained silent, overcome with my own strong memory of how much I had wanted him, and then realizing that he had already been feeling the same way about me. I couldn't help it, my eyes welled up with emotion.

"Oh boy, here we go again with the waterworks!" Bran quipped, trying to stave off his own show of emotion.

"Out of my way, jerk!" I commanded, as I rushed the smoking pan of pizza past him and dispatched it outside. Coming back in, he was still standing there with his mouth open. I surprised him by throwing the potholders down and tackling him right there in the middle of the living room, pinning him to the carpet. Feigning anger, I began yelling in his face,

"Just for your information, it was all this smoke making my eyes water, not that I care anything about your worthless hide,"

Then smiling I added, "...well, OK, maybe I do like your worthless hide just a little bit," I said, reaching down with my teeth, playfully tugging at one of his tender brown nipples.

"Aaaa!" he yelped.

I sat up and began pummeling his pecs with my palms like a pair of bongos, "C'mon, dude, let's get dressed and go in to the Cookhouse and get some lunch before we pass out."

"Aw, you mean we can't just go this way?"

"No shirts, no shorts, no service, dude!"

"Too bad, but I suppose you're right, tho I really don't feel like putting my dirty jeans back on."

"What's your waist size; I'll bet you can fit into my clothes"


"You're in luck; me too! Here's some shorts; you want some boxers or briefs?"

"Nah, let's go commando."

"You're a man after my own heart," I said and tossed a pile of various t-shirts out on my bed.

"Here, you can take your pick."

"Thanks, bud," he said, picking out a snug yellow one that picked up the blond highlights in his hair and looked great against his tanned arms.

He offered to drive and we were at the café in a short time quenching our ravenous hunger with cheeseburgers, fries and malts.

"Hey, show me where you're living before you take me back home," I asked.

"Well, OK, if you really want to see it; I should stop and get some cash out of my locker anyway; I gotta get some gas before too long."

We pulled into the Forest Service compound, stopping in front of a low, drab looking barracks building. The dorm was a kind of temporary housing provided for seasonal employees. Stepping inside, it was dark and dismal and the smell of stale sweat greeted us. Lining the walls, about ten double bunk beds offered room for 20 men; it looked like only about half of them were in use. No one else was inside at the time.

Brandon went to his foot locker and unlocked it. As he rummaged around for his cash, I remarked at how warm it was in there.

"Yeah, this place is like living in a foul cave," he said gloomily as he slammed the trunk shut and stood up.

I hoped my next remark wouldn't seem like I was moving too fast, but I felt bad for him having to stay in this place. (And I couldn't bear the thought of being separated from him after he took me home either.)

"Um, Brandon, ...uh, don't feel like you have to say yes, ...and I know we haven't known each other that long and all, but, I would sure like it if; ...well I was just wondering if maybe you'd like to... um..."

His eyes were dancing, and a wide grin broke out on his face as he interrupted me, "I thought you'd never ask - YES, I'd love to; ...that is if you're sure about it. I am housebroken - well, for the most part anyway, and I only howl when there's a full moon."

"Whoooeee!" I yelled, as I grabbed him and we sealed the deal in a passionate kiss. Once again we both noticed a slight purple glow circling our rings, but only smiled at the realization.

"Let's get your stuff gathered up then and get out of here," I was shifting into hyper mode in my excitement.

"...Oh, and you'll have to stop at the store on the way thru town so I can get you a big bag of puppy chow."

"Rrrruff!" he answered and I felt my penis tingle. Wow - was this really happening to me? This had to be the happiest day of my life.

Preoccupied by our embrace a moment before, we hadn't noticed the door open and we were both startled when we saw the bulky shadow of a person looking disdainfully at us.




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