Adventures of Zak n Brandon

Book 2 - Discoveries

Chapter 2 - Mind Games

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Previously, from Chapter 1...

"Um, Brandon, ...uh, don't feel like you have to say yes, ...and I know we haven't known each other that long and all, but, I would sure like it if; ...well I was just wondering if maybe you'd like to... um..."

Brandon's eyes were dancing, and a wide grin broke out on his face as he interrupted me, "I thought you'd never ask - YES, I'd love to; ...that is if you're sure about it. I am housebroken - well, for the most part anyway, and I only howl when there's a full moon."

"Whoooeee!" I yelled, as I grabbed him and we sealed the deal in a passionate kiss. Once again we both noticed a slight purple glow circling our rings, but only smiled at the realization.

"Let's get your stuff gathered up then and get out of here," I was shifting into hyper mode in my excitement.

"...Oh, and you'll have to stop at the store on the way thru town so I can get you a big bag of puppy chow."

"Rrrruff!" he answered and I felt my penis tingle. Wow - was this really happening to me? This had to be the happiest day of my life.

Preoccupied by our embrace a moment before, we didn't notice the door open and were both startled when we saw the bulky shadow of someone eyeing us disdainfully.


Chapter 2 - Mind Games

Sneering from a somewhat pimply and pudgy looking face were two close-set pig eyes.

"So, Squirrel, I see you like nuts as well as climbing around in trees; I should have known you were a pervert."

"Yes, Wayne, as a matter of fact I do; especially if they're attached to my friend, Zak, here - you got a problem with that?"

I was surprised at how directly Brandon answered, sensing right away there wasn't any love lost between these two.

"You bet I do!" Wayne bellowed, "I'm not about to share this bunkhouse with a faggot!"

I admired the way Brandon kept his cool:

"Well, I've got good news for you, you won't have to, `cause I'm moving out."

"Good! Get your stuff outta here so I can get the fag smell aired out. Just wait `til the other guys hear about this!" he threatened, slamming the door as he left.

"Oh, man, Bran, I'm sorry; now I've gone and messed up your whole job situation; it might be really bad for you once this gets around.

"Hey, don't worry about it, Z; nobody's going to pay much attention to anything that jerk says; he's always a pain to work around;

"It would be cool if he found himself in a public place, naked and braying like the jackass he is!"

I laughed at the mental picture, "Yeah, I can just see him standing in the middle of Ray's Supermarket parking lot with a crowd of people around him, and some little kid saying, `Mommie, why is that man's weenie so small?'"

We both laughed at the image, as Brandon rolled up his bedding and I helped him carry his stuff out to his truck.

"Hey, Bran, how come he called you `Squirrel?'"

"Oh, that's a nickname I've gotten `cause of my special talent for climbing trees," he explained and then went on to elaborate:

"I work with the silviculture program and part of what we do is develop "super trees" for use in reforesting burned areas - and for selling to timber companies. We find the biggest, healthiest trees and then collect pine cones from those trees to raise seedlings."

He went on: "So, guess who gets to climb way up in the trees to gather the cones? Of course, `the new kid' - that would be me - since I just started here this summer. I don't mind it though; sometimes its kind of fun actually."

"Isn't that kind of dangerous?" I was wondering how much of a daredevil Brandon was and I didn't like the thought of him putting himself in dangerous situations.

"Don't worry; according to regs we have to wear a harness every time we go up."

"Somehow I'm not convinced. You'd never catch me doing that - I hate heights; sometimes even standing on a chair makes me sick to my stomach," I confessed.

It didn't take us long to pack up his few belongings and we were on our way.

"Hey, Bran, I really meant it; I'll need to stop at Ray's and get some groceries if we're going to do any cooking; my cupboard is bare."

"Maybe after what I witnessed today with the pizza, it would be better if you didn't attempt cooking anymore - it might keep the fire department too busy for one thing."

"Listen here, mister smartypants, I'll have you know that little fiasco was all your fault for distracting me with your hot body... and actually, I'm a pretty good cook, I just kind of got used to not cooking very much 'cause its not that much fun cooking just for myself."

"OK, buddy, if you can cook, I'll be happy to eat! Well, here we are, hope you got your shopping list ready." he said, turning the pickup into the parking lot.

"What are all those people looking at?" I asked, noticing a small crowd gathering around a shirtless man jumping around in the center of the group.

"Heee Haww! Heee, Hawww!" we both recognized Wayne immediately, and walking closer, saw that he was jumping around buck naked and making braying noises in the middle of the circle of people .

Total shock gripped us, "Dude, is this really happening?" Brandon gasped with eyes as big as saucers.

"I think so; let's get outta here," I said.

Just as we were quickly retreating back to the truck, a police car pulled into the lot with its lights flashing. The last thing we heard was some little girl saying, "Mommie, why is that man's weenie so small?"

We sped out of the lot, wide-eyed and partially in shock, not saying anything `til we were almost out of town; it was just too much for our minds to comprehend.

"Zak, what just happened back there?" Brandon finally managed to gasp, looking at me with an incredulous face.

"I sure don't know how or why, but, dude, we predicted it somehow - or made it happen - I don't know which, but its got me really freaked out!"

"Yeah, everything was too exact to be just a coincidence - even down to the remark the little girl said."

"She was right, tho, he does have a pretty small weenie!" I interjected, attempting to lighten the mood. Brandon laughed and seemed to calm down a little.

"Poor Wayne," Brandon said, "What do you think will happen to him?"

"I suppose the cops will take him to a `tard hatch somewhere and lock him away for awhile; at the very least, he'll probably be slapped with indecent exposure and fined. At any rate, I don't think he'll be showing up at work any time soon."

"Ummm, I kind of feel bad about that; I mean, he's a bigoted, mean-spirited poop head and all, but I still don't feel like he deserves all that; especially if we were the cause of it somehow," Brandon mused.

"I know, I'm feeling the same way," I agreed, "I hope somehow he gets off easy, even if he is a jerk."

"Yeah, I hope they let him off easy, too," Brandon said.

"Whoa, see that?"

"What? mean the glowing?"

"Yeah, our rings just glowed again."

"You suppose every time we agree on something it happens?"

"Nah, that's impossible ...would be pretty cool, tho, huh?"

"No kidding; the possibilities are endless!" Brandon beamed, then said, "Hey, want to try a little test?"

"Sure, why not!"

"OK, here it is: when we get back to your place..."

"OUR place," I interrupted.

"OK, when we get back to OUR place, there will be a big 18 inch pepperoni pizza all ready to eat, how does that sound?"

"Good, except I'm not that into pepperoni; how about Canadian bacon, pineapple and black olives?"

"OK, half pepperoni and half Canadian bacon, pineapple and black olives; are we agreed, then?"

"Yep, half pepperoni and half Canadian bacon pineapple and black olives it is then."

We both made it a point to look down at our rings, which were glowing slightly.

"Wow, this is amazing! If there really is a pizza there, I'm gonna pee my pants!" Brandon exclaimed.

"Hey! Don't forget those are MY pants!" I kidded.

Laughing, we wheeled into my yard and jumped out of the pickup, running inside.

"Oh, jeez; I knew it was too good to be true," Brandon sounded genuinely disappointed as he looked around for the fresh, steaming pizza that obviously wasn't there.

"I'm sorry, bud, but if you want I could try burning another one for you."

My offer was interrupted by the blaring of a horn in the driveway. We went to the door and saw a little red car with, yup, you guessed it, one of those little pizza delivery lights on the roof.

"Hey guys!" the kid driving the car shouted, "I just saw you drive in, and, well, some joker ordered a pizza for an address that doesn't even exist - probably some punk kids; I was wondering if you could use it."

Brandon snapped out of his shock enough to say, "Oh, we've been expecting you; how much is it?"

"Oh, you guys ordered it then?"

"No, it wasn't us; we just sorta had pizza on our minds."

"Well, you can have it free then; I'm just happy to give it to someone who can use it."

"Give this guy a nice tip," I told Brandon (since he had all that cash freshly removed from his locker!) and I took the very large pizza from the kid in the car.

After thanking Brandon for the ten bucks, he roared back towards town and we carried the pizza out to the back patio to enjoy it.

"I know you want to look at the toppings," I teased, "but since we already know what's on it, come and help me grab something to drink."

"Oh, all right," he pretend grumbled, "you're such a killjoy."

"I do what I can."

"What do you like with pizza? I got Mt. Dew or water."

"I'm a Dew addict," Bran answered.

"You shouldn't drink that stuff - its loaded with high fructose corn syrup; it'll end up making you fat as a pig." I warned.

"There you go again, killjoy! ...hey, wait a minute; if its so bad how come you have so much of it in your fridge?

"I didn't say I shouldn't drink it; I said YOU shouldn't drink it," I answered, pushing his buttons just for the fun of it.

"Ugh! You're exasperating."

"I know, that's why you like me."

"I like you `cause you got a cute butt and a nice big cock; doesn't have anything to do with your sick, twisted personality," he teased.

"Oh, OK, that's good enough for me," I answered as I got two glasses down and fetched some ice out of the fridge. "Hey, there is one house rule here, Bran, ol' buddy."

"Oh yeah, what's that?" he looked suspicious.

"Unless its cold or something, in this house we need to GET NAKED!" I yelled, pulling off my clothes.

"Yeah!" he agreed, pulling the tight t-shirt over his head, followed by the dropping of his shorts. We embraced, rubbing our hardening dicks together. He began sucking on my mouth like a vacuum cleaner.

"Mugh puglgls gttttnng glubbled."

"What?" he asked pulling away from my lips.

"The pizza's getting cold!"

"Oh, right!" he laughed and we padded out onto the patio with our provocative poles swinging in the breeze.

We sat down on a bench tightly together setting the pizza on the table in front of us. Opening the box, the pizza was just as we had agreed. Brandon picked up a piece of the Canadian bacon, pineapple and black olive pizza.

"Hey, I thought you liked the pepperoni!" I exclaimed.

"I was just about to feed this to you, you dip net," he said, shoving the pizza into my face. I grabbed a piece of pepperoni and followed suit, smearing it all around his face.

We put the pieces down laughing. "So is this like the whole stupid wedding cake thing?" I asked.

"I sincerely hope so," Brandon said looking at me, now with his serious puppy dog eyes, then drew my face to him and started tenderly licking off the mess. I also began licking his face. This was starting to arouse us all over again, so I took up another piece and dropped it into his lap.

"Ooops!" I said, as I dove down and started licking up the tasty sauce from his sensitive regions, paying special attention to getting his love tool especially clean.

"Ah, fuck, Zak, do you have to turn everything into sex?"

"Uh huh," I said, shamelessly smiling up at him.

"That's good, bud; just checking," he chuckled. Then he took another piece and smeared it around on my chest and began licking. "This is Zak-o-licious," he observed.

I then had another brilliant idea and took one of the cooler pieces, picking the rough pepperonis off and wrapped it all the way around his stiffy. As I began jacking it, he just leaned back in ecstasy.

"Oh, fuck, Zak ,,, oh ... that's ...amazing." He groaned some more and I could tell he was getting close. The sauce coating the inside of the crust provided a super slippery sexy feel. I pumped harder and faster on his swelled pole.

"Aaahhhhhhhhh!" Thick strings of white splooge squirted up and out of the pizza hitting him in the chest. The second squirt splattered on his chin and two more shots landed on his stomach.

When he came back down, I took the edge of the abused pizza slice and used it to scrape the spunk off him - and then, of course, I ate it.

"Wow Zak, that had to be the best pizza I've ever had - and I haven't even eaten any of it yet!" he exclaimed, referring to the slice that had worked its wonders on his excited tool.

"Yeah, who would have ever thought that putting pizza on a `sausage' would be better than putting sausage on a pizza?" I joked.

Laughing he said, "OK, Zakaroo, now its your turn!" and grabbing up a fresh slice he had it wrapped around me in no time. His swift strokes quickly had me in ecstasy. The smell of the pizza, combined with the smooth slippery contact with my cock drove me right over the edge and I was soon spewing all over my own chest.

Brandon licked some of it off, then scooped some off my abs and offered it to me. Experiencing that little round of fun and games, we were finally able to settle down and actually eat the pizza and soda.

We looked like a couple of two year olds sitting there with pizza sauce smeared all over us, so as soon as we had eaten all the pizza we could stuff in, we refrigerated the rest and then a shower was definitely in order.

This time the shower was not overtly sexual, tho we really enjoyed holding one another and tenderly cleaning each other's bodies.

"I love you so much, Brandon Cooper." I whispered into his ear as the warm water flowed over our skin.

"And I love you even more, Zak Mason," Brandon said, nuzzling my neck.

Evening was beginning to cast its golden glow as we came out of the shower toweling each other off. We went back out on the patio to enjoy the last hour or so of this beautiful day. I spooned my back up against Bran's body as he strapped his strong arms around me.

"I don't ever want this moment to end," I said.

"Yeah, me too, Zaky, I could just sit here forever."

"Remember where we both were just 24 hours ago?"

"Wow; yeah, I've never experienced one day with so many amazing things packed into it; seems like a week ago that I stopped my truck out on the road and gazed up at the spaceship."

"Speaking of which, what do you make of this whole power thing we seem to have?"

"I don't know; maybe we need to test it out some more; kind of see if really works."

"Yeah, I think that's a good idea," I said, sitting up. "Let's think of something else we both could agree on - since it seemed like that was the key to making it work."

"OK, how about money? Let's not get greedy, at first anyway (smile) say, maybe $1,000?"

"OK, here goes: I would like $1,000 to appear on that table in the next two minutes."

"I would also like $1,000 to appear on that table in the next two minutes," Bran echoed.

We sat and waited eagerly, knowing that at any moment some strange circumstances would suddenly make us both $1,000 richer.

"This is cool; I wonder how it will happen?" I mused.

Then we waited. And then we waited a little longer.

"Well, I'm sure the two minutes has passed," I said wondering what was happening. "Maybe we should go in the house and come back out, or something; or maybe it's inside somewhere."

"OK, let's go in and check."

We were disappointed to find nothing inside the house, and when we came back out to the patio ...still nothing.

"Hmmmm," Brandon said. "I wonder what this means."

"Maybe asking for money was too greedy; lets try something else," I suggested.

"OK, how about we turn that nice big ponderosa pine over there red?"

"No, I really like that tree just the way it is," I said. "How about; see that clump of Manzanita brush over there?"


"And the big boulder sitting just the other side of it?"

"Uh huh."

"Well how about we wish for the boulder to roll over next to the pine tree? It would make a nice spot to sit under the tree."

"OK, I wish the boulder would roll over to the pine tree and stop there - in the next five minutes."

"Oh, good idea, put a time limit on it, so we know it happened because of our wish... OK, I wish that rock would roll over there in the next five minutes, too."

Then we sat and waited... and watched - as nothing happened for the second time!

Just then the quiet of the evening was interrupted by the ringing of my cell phone.


"Hey, Zak?"

"Yeah, its me; is this Mateo?"

The very agitated sounding voice on the other end answered, "Yeah, Zak; is Brandon there with you?"

"Yup, he's sitting right next to me; Mateo; what's up?"

It almost sounded like he was stifling a sob as he blurted out, "You guys gotta help me, I think something terrible's happened to Cody!"

To be continued...

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