Adventures of Zak `n Brandon

Book 1 - One Night In California

Copyright 2009 By Brandon Tyler; no portion of this story may be used commercially or sold. All characters and events depicted herein are fictional. Any resemblance to actual people, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

NOTE: Strictly warned by the federal government never to divulge this information, it has been well over ten years now since the incident recorded here, and I have never since heard an official word from anyone about what happened that night, so you, dear reader, may as well learn the details as I remember them, and then draw your own conclusions...

Chapter 1 - A Chance Meeting

"Your solution will come from a very unexpected source." I glanced down at the tiny slip of white paper as I quickly finished the last of my breakfast before heading off to work. The fortune from last night's Chinese takeout meal just seemed to mock the empty loneliness that cast a hopeless shadow over all my days and nights. "Fat chance," I muttered, sneering at the defenseless little paper lying there, and I drove off to work.

The busy morning went by quickly at Fort Jones Lumber, where I was working at that time as a yard man. Now it was lunch time, so I decided to grab a cheeseburger at the little café in town. After ordering, I settled in to wait for my food to arrive, when three Forest Service guys walked up to the counter to pay for their meals. From my table, I noticed two older guys paying. Then entering my field of vision, a pair of dirty white sneakers strode into view. My eyes roamed up the legs of the soft looking tattered jeans, to a nicely bulging package. A white t-shirt stretched snugly over all the wonderful bumps and curves of this third, younger guy's torso.

I envied that shirt. "Mmmm, I'd love to be wrapped tightly around that warm body; I wish my lips could be that sleeve, stretched over that tasty, tanned bicep." My gaze moved upward to a thick thatch of dirty blond hair, naturally highlighted by the summer sun with streaks of honey. He was a medium built guy, about my size and about my age - early twenties. His tanned face had that covering of short stubble that makes some guys look kind of virile and hot - and he definitely had the look.

He reached out for his change and stuffed it down into the pocket of his jeans. I longed to be those brown pennies traveling around with this guy next to such a warm, personal place. While I lingered on that thought, he turned to leave - and I was busted; caught staring a bit too long. Our eyes met, and he flashed me a quick little grin; embarrassed, I returned the grin, looking away quickly, and then he was gone.

For just a brief moment in time, that simple connection with his eyes and his smile had completely removed the heavy tugging of emptiness down in my guts. Sometimes all it takes is one look and you just know what a guy is all about; how much fun he'd be to be with. But, with the closing of the door behind him, the little `lonely trolls' re-emerged from their hiding places and began pissing on my heart once again. Returning to reality, I knew, as much as I wanted him for a buddy, he was undoubtedly gone forever.

My burger and fries came and as I sat there enjoying my meal, thoughts of what I would like to do with that manly boy played out in my mind. I don't know if you're like me, but when the combination of tasty food and erotic thoughts merge, the little guy in my pants starts getting stoked, and then he isn't so little anymore. Being in a public place, you will for it to stop, but having a mind of its own, it just keeps swelling and growing.

So here I was in the local restaurant with my maleness springing to life inside my boxers and shorts. Pushing downward, the underside rubbing against the warmth of inner thigh; the engorging head struggling and pressing against the tightness of fabric - a purple-headed warrior-beast demanding his freedom. I was happy the table was hiding this major uprising. Discreetly adjusting myself allowed the bad boy to pop up and away from my leg slightly relieving some of the pressure, but making a very noticeable tent.

By the time I finished my lunch, things had subsided sufficiently to avoid embarrassment, but as soon as I stood up, I detected the unmistakable cold dampness of a generous puddle of lizard drool that had oozed out on my balls and down onto my thigh. I was glad I had decided to wear underwear that day; I didn't want to look like I had a bag of wet frogs in my pants for the walk back to work.

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful, although busy. We had a truckload of lumber come in that had to be unloaded and put away, as well as a customer who needed 30 bags of cement loaded onto his truck. A day of this kind of work in the summer heat was tiring, but at least it kept me in shape.

Fort Jones is located in extreme northern California, about an hour south of the Oregon border. It is a tiny community surrounded by ranches, US forest land, and mountains. From my house down McAdams Creek Road, the county seat, Yreka, sits about 10 miles away just over a 3,000 ft. mountain pass. In case you have never experienced summer in northern California, I think it is just about heaven. True, it does get up in the 90s during the middle of the day, but then the temps drop back down into the 60s at night. Most summers there is almost no rain from June through September; just sunny, blue skies, smiling down on the heavily forested land below.

I'm telling you all this, because this particular day was one of those typically beautiful summer days, being the middle of June. I drove into my yard after work that evening and went inside. I enjoyed the feeling of freedom as I stripped off my work clothes, leaving a trail of socks, pants and underwear all the way to the shower. I don't like wearing clothes anyway, especially on nice, warm summer evenings, and since my place was a few miles from town and out in the country, I usually just lounged around naked as much as possible. I figured if anyone came to my door, that was their problem.

Relaxing after my shower, I warmed up the rest of the takeout food from the night before, glancing once again at the silly fortune lying on the table in front of me. As I sat down to eat, my male appendage began rising up, looking for some attention. In my boredom, I tried stuffing a kernel of rice down into the slit of my perky little buddy while I sat there eating, but he wasn't hungry; at least not for food. (Hey, don't laugh at me; it was just a little `science experiment!')

Maybe it was thoughts of the guy I'd seen earlier in the restaurant, or just a combination of all the frustrations I was feeling, but as the evening went on, I began feeling a stronger and stronger "hungry, horny" urge, and a need to just get out of the house. I pulled on a pair of loose cargo shorts, deciding to go commando so I could feel the warm evening air around my `boys.' I stepped into a pair of sneakers and headed out onto the gravel road that travels past my house.

It felt good walking in the near dusk of the warm evening. There weren't any mosquitoes out that night, just the chirping and `zinging' of the night insects and frogs partaking in their mating rituals. "Seems like everything and everybody just wants to get laid," I remember thinking to myself; "Stupid crickets probably have a better chance than me," I glumly noted. The departing sun cast an orange glow over the whole world, promising another beautiful day for tomorrow, which helped lift my spirits.

As I walked on in the solitude, the fabric of my shorts rubbing against my hardening pole became uncomfortable. Since there were no cars around, I just unzipped and let myself swing free. I inhaled the fresh scents of the pines, firs, and soil that had been baking in the hot sun all afternoon. They were now releasing their sweet fragrances into the gentle evening breezes. I was also beginning to enjoy my own scent. After about a half mile of hiking, I started breaking out a tantalizing fresh sweat on my skin that was making me even hornier; I stuck my fingers into my armpits, then brought them up to my nose and drew in a deep whiff of the sweet, manly scent. I longed desperately for some physical contact.

Just then, without warning, three very intense blue lights popped over the mountaintop that separated me from the city of Yreka. I was startled, but had just time enough to tuck myself back into my shorts. The three lights then melded into one larger white light. It was transfixed in the sky, instead of moving like a helicopter or anything that I had ever seen before. Streaming from the main light were faint beams of pink, neon-like light, most of them snaking down like long, sinister tentacles to where Yreka lay over in the next valley. I saw small dark blobs, that looked like bodies, being swiftly drawn upward from the ground into the big light.

Just as my mind was processing this thought, a light beam was directed right at me and I was totally blinded by it; my whole world exploding into vivid pink brilliance. The wind was knocked out of me, and I realized I was being pulled at an intense speed toward the light in the sky. The perception of it caused sheer terror. It felt like I was packed into a net sack, hurtling through the air, unable to catch a breath or even think about what was happening to me.

One second I had my feet on the ground, in control of my life, and the next second -BAM! From this tiny point in time, my life would be changed forever.


A portal was open in the intense light source in the sky, and as I was pulled through it, I came to an abrupt stop - like slamming into a trampoline at 30 miles per hour. I was dazed, but realized I was in a large, clinical looking room. In the room were three male beings who seemed to be in charge. A door leading into a hallway was at the far end of this receiving room. Young, naked guys were being forcibly escorted down this hallway. In the middle of the room was a very large pile of clothing and shoes.

It was all happening too quickly; my mind was trying to sort out what was going on and what my fate might be. My feelings of terror and helplessness were paralyzing. The spaceship's crew were compelling the recently kidnapped humans to remove ALL clothing and deposit it on the pile, then they were being lead away naked to who knows where.

These were not beings that I had ever seen on earth, yet they were not at all unlike humans. They were, in fact, similar in most ways. They were comparable in stature to virile human males, maybe in their late 20s; brown skinned like an Asian Indian, with black hair; some longer, some shorter. I guess you could say their faces had sort of an Asian look, distinctive and pleasing. I noticed most of them had prominent dimples in their muscular faces when they smiled, which they seemed to be doing a lot of - it looked to me like they were enjoying what they were doing. They jabbered among themselves animatedly in some unknown language.

Probably one of the most noticeable and spectacular things about them was their eyes. Shining out from their dark features, the irises of their eyes ranged in color from light lavender to ice blue, to a teal green; with an almost iridescent quality. Oh, and I didn't mention - the whole crew, from what I observed so far, was nude!

My own eyes just had time enough to trace down from their handsome faces to their ripped, hairless torsos; (I surmised they must spend months in space with nothing to do but work out.) Traveling further down their bodies, my eyes feasted on their reproductive equipment. They were similar to earthlings in these features as well: They had nice mounds of trimmed dark bush with thick, veiny cocks, and smooth, black ball sacs. They were all uncut, with nice large round heads protruding just slightly from the thick folds of skin at the ends of their shafts.

This stunning view had helped to take a little of the edge off my terror, as I had just a couple of minutes to catch my breath, when the horror returned, because the hallway door opened and I realized I WAS NEXT IN LINE!

To be continued...

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