Adventures of Zak 'n Brandon

Book 1 - One Night In California

Copyright Brandon Tyler 2009. No portion of this story may be used commercially or sold without author's written permission. All characters depicted in this story are, unfortunately, fictional.

Chapter 2 - Under the Doctor's Care

Freshly returning through the door of the far hallway, an alien stud muffin, who would soon be escorting me out of the room, flashed the most amazing smile at me; his light lavender colored eyes, caramel brown skin and perfect body, turning me instantly into putty. He approached and motioned for me to remove my clothing and deposit it on the pile in the center of the room. As you remember, I didn't have much to remove; I toed off my sneakers and let my shorts drop to the floor. Bending over, I scooped them up and tossed them onto the pile. I should have felt vulnerable at this point, but the fact that everyone else - alien as well as human - in the room was naked, I guess it felt natural.

This alien guy, standing there watching me get undressed, then crouched down and grabbed up one of my sweaty sneakers and brought it up to his nose, drawing in a long sniff. "Mmmmm," he moaned, smiling. I guess he liked the smell of boy feets as much as I do. The realization that this amazing specimen of alien maleness seemed to be enjoying the sight and smell of me, sent an awakening sensation zinging down into my tool. Tossing the shoe back down on the pile, he turned to face me. I noticed he was also beginning to pudge up noticeably.

With one of his warm hands on my shoulder, the alien, who was about my size, directed me through the door and into the corridor. He had straight dark hair that came down just to the base of his neck, and curled naturally at the ends. It swished slightly as he walked along in an animated, happy manner. His floppy hair wasn't the only movement on his body that caught my eye as we padded barefoot down the narrow hallway; my gaze instinctively fixed on his thick member that swayed back and forth as we walked.

He noticed me checking him out and gave me a big shit-faced grin, the dimples on his cute face breaking out. I remember thinking at that point, "Oh well, if I'm going to die; what a way to go!" Just feeling the sensation of his hand on my skin and the closeness of his body was causing a definite reaction, as I quickly rose to the occasion.

Sliding his hand from my shoulder down the length of my back to one of my butt cheeks he gave it a good hard squeeze. Then he reached in and grabbed my hardening cock, giving it a feel, followed by a few quick pumps. We had momentarily stopped walking at this point, and I stuck out my hand, rubbing it down over his wash-boarded tummy, and took hold of his wonderful man muscle, moaning softly as I enjoyed the contact with its hardening rubbery-stiff feel. I also mixed around gently on his large low-hanging balls, coaxing a deep groan from him as well.

Looking me in the eyes, he brought his fingers up to his chest and said, "Tooka."

I pointed at him and said, "Tooka?" and he nodded his head affirmatively, smiling that I had understood he was telling me his name. I pointed at myself and said, "Zak."

He slowly repeated, "Zzzzzak," and grinned when I nodded my head, "yes." He then replaced his hand on my shoulder and we arrived at another door - both of us rock hard by now, and pointing straight up.


It was in this embarrassing condition that we entered another room where it seemed some of the aliens were doctors, because there were about 20 or so young human guys in there being examined. As we entered the room, one of the doctors grinned at my escort and pointed at our loaded and cocked love guns. He playfully pulled the alien guy's pole down with one finger and let it snap back up, smacking him in the belly, and making some sort of jest in a language that was strange to me. My escort, looking just slightly embarrassed, glanced at me, then looked back at the doctor and shook his head "yes," and laughed. I just smiled stupidly, as if I knew what was going on.

Tooka then turned to head back to the receiving room that we had just come from, but before taking his leave of me, gave my chest a tender little rub, and let his hand drop down to give the end of my cock a playful tug. As he left the room, I called after him, "Goodbye, Tooka," and he looked back and answered me with some sincere sounding gibberish that ended with the word, "Zak." I felt a deep sense of loss, and realized that I would have followed him anywhere.

With the last view of his cute, muscular little butt disappearing out the door, a new wave of fear washed over me, as I felt my penis quickly drooping down soft again. What was going on all around me? I observed young guys, ranging in age from maybe about 16 to 30, either lying naked on tables, or waiting to be placed on tables. The guys waiting seemed to have a haunted look of terror in their eyes. The ones on the tables were laid out spread-eagled, and although I couldn't see any restraints, it looked like they were immobilized. Some of them seemed to be writhing - trying to move, but unable to do so. There were groans coming from around the room; I couldn't tell if they were moans of pain or pleasure, but I feared the worst.

I saw doctors giving each "victim" an examination, then a pod-shaped device above the table would scan down the length of their bodies and back again, enveloping them with gyrating webs of blue energy as it moved slowly along. It was during this scanning that most of the squirming and groaning took place.

The fear of the unknown should have rendered me almost hysterical by this time, but strangely, as I waited my turn, I noticed my fear and nervousness subsiding and being replaced by calm and curiosity. Not only did I feel strangely at ease, but I found myself wanting these doctors touching me; I could feel an anticipation building in me.

Soon it was my turn, and an athletic looking doctor directed me to a table, where he had me sit while he checked out my ears, nose and throat. This guy was every bit as ripped as the other crew members. He had short, spiky hair, and a dark pencil line of short whiskers that defined his handsome jaw line. His teal green eyes were like an inviting desert oasis. His plump pecs were crowned with half-dollar sized brown nipples, and just a thin scattering of dark hair lay between the two mounds of muscle on his chest. I decided the American medical profession would benefit greatly if all doctors were required to be young, hot - and naked - while doing their exams.

As he stood near me examining the various orifices of my face, I could feel the heat of his body embracing me, and with his thigh rubbing up against my leg, I felt my joy stick rising up once again. This whole experience so far seemed to be a weird emotional roller coaster ride of fear and eroticism.

He then laid me out flat on the table with my hands stretched out above my head and my legs spread apart, my half hard lizard lounging lazily on my stomach. As soon as my body was placed, I felt like I had become part of the table; some strange force held my entire body tightly in place. I immediately felt very vulnerable. My mind flashed back to a biology class years ago where I remember a frog being similarly laid out, in advance of having its guts sliced open from stern to bow. I panicked momentarily as I struggled vainly against the force that held me captive and exposed.

At this point, the doctor turned his attention to closely examining my penis and ball sac. Then there was one final orifice to probe. He lubed up a finger of his gloved hand and began tracing it around my crack. Inserting it in slowly, he made thorough work of checking my prostate. Then he began sliding his finger in and out with a teasing smile on his face. Every time he slid it back in, he brushed across my love button. I was fully hard again by this time, and I noticed that he was also showing some major arousal.

When he finally withdrew his finger, I wanted more, but he was not about to give me any satisfaction. Instead, he walked around to the end of the table, his nine inch uncut pole bobbing up and down. He got to my feet and began rubbing the soft head of his shaft all over the bottoms of my feet, which felt really good, but at the same time tickled like crazy and drove me insane, fastened as I was to the table. I squirmed and groaned.

He stopped at last and approached the side of the table, and as he did so, his big, round pecker head brushed along my bicep, leaving a long string of slippery juice. He saw what had happened and bent over and licked down the length of my bicep, finishing up by teasing in my armpit with the tip of his tongue. I moaned in delight, and my stiff cock spazzed up and down a couple of times. I had my own small pool of juice oozing out by this time that had filled up my bellybutton. He noticed it and leaned over my torso with one warm hand on my chest and another braced on my upper thigh as he poked his tongue into my navel and carefully cleaned it out. Taking my member firmly into one hand, he licked away, not letting any of my tasty juices go to waste. As sexed up as I was by that time, the feeling of his warm moist tongue dragging against the sensitive head of my joy stick almost made me lose it, as I felt my balls tighten up. To my frustration, he pulled away before that happened.

As he was standing at my side, his cock wasn't more than 12 inches from my face, and pointing straight at me. This beautiful feature was framed by a well-defined `Adonis' belt' where his cut abs joined his hips. The dark treasure trail that extended down from his deep navel seemed to focus one's gaze directly on the sturdy, long pole that sprouted out from that region. I could smell his faint manly scents and feel the heat from his close body on the side of my face.

Turning my head as much as I could in the restraint of the table toward this tasty prize just inches away, I closed my eyes and opened my mouth wide, groaning in a pitiful pleading way. He teased me at first, just bumping the tip against my lips and tongue, then withdrawing a couple of times. As I kept groaning and straining, he moved in closer, cupping my head in one hand and allowing himself to enter my mouth a few inches.

He had some nice girth and I opened wide and teased around between his mushroom head and the thick foreskin with my tongue, gripping him tightly in my lips. Now he was the one starting to groan. I enjoyed the salty sweet taste of the slippery bead of juice on his slit. His loose skin tasted nice as well, as I teased the sensitive area under the head of his shaft with my tongue.

I'm sure we both wanted more at that point, but he pulled away and began setting up the scanner to pass over my body. He made sure the end of his stiffy poked and brushed along my skin as much as possible as he worked, even sticking it in my ear at one point, which left a cool, wet sensation there. He then switched the contraption on, and it made a low humming, throbbing sound. I jumped as I felt its currents begin to crawl over my hands and down my arms, then reaching my head.

The energy it sent through my body was a sensation of pulsing electricity that felt like it was penetrating every fiber of me. It caused an almost unbearable tickling sensation, and as it made its slow journey over my armpits, nipples and sides of my body the tickling and pulsing sensation made me squirm. When it hit my abs, they fluttered involuntarily.

Slowly it approached my love bundle and as the twisting blue tentacles of energy groped that sensitive region, I bucked and moaned loudly. The doctor was standing there smiling and stroking himself slowly as he watched my reactions.

Down my legs the fingers of energy slowly traveled and at the end of the sweep, encased my feet in zinging, pulsing, electrical torment. Now I steeled myself for the slow torture of the trip the machine would make back up my body. Being glued to the table as I was, just made the slow advance of the pulses that much more unbearable; I was completely vulnerable and unable to avoid or escape any of the sensations of this evil machine that felt like it was sending thousands of tiny needles into my flesh as it crawled along groping every inch of me.

Starting back upwards, it inflicted the unbearable zappings into my feet and toes. Moving slowly along, the tension mounted as it hit my ticklish knees and began pulsing up closer and closer along my sensitive inner thighs. My muscles tightened as my genitals were once again invaded with a sensory overload. I expected it to keep moving as it had before, but suddenly the machine paused there, directing its pulsing electric waves like tickling, stinging fingers deep into my nuts and all the sensitive regions of my penis. I heard the doctor chuckling as I gasped and let out a loud moan. About the time I felt like I couldn't take it anymore, he allowed the pod to finish its course up the remainder of my body.

As soon as the scan completed, I felt the table release me and I sat up immediately, relieved at the returned feeling of freedom. The doctor smiled and squeezed my thigh. Then, taking a marker, deftly drew a red character of some kind (I assume it was a number) on my chest above my left nipple, and I was done.

Helping me down off the table, the doctor ushered me to a doorway that opened in front of me. Motioning me to proceed through the door, he dismissed me with an affectionate pat on the backside. The door closed behind me and the floor under me began to move.

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