Adventures of Zak `n Brandon

Book 1 - One Night In California

Chapter 3 - Familiar Faces


An escalator belt in the floor was conveying me towards another door. As I approached, the door slid open and I stepped into a large white room crowded with about 150 naked young hotties, all in the prime of their manhood, snatched up from around the area where I lived.

We all had red numbers on our chests. As I entered the room, I was greeted by the wonderful scent of man musk hanging heavy in the air. These were all virile young studs that had been collected on a warm California evening, and while the ventilation system was drawing off most of the odor, the smell of `sweet summer sweat' was still very intoxicating.

We were packed so closely together in the room, you couldn't help but rub up against the warm bodies surrounding you. All that skin contact caused almost everyone to be hard, or in some state of arousal - remember these were all horny young guys. Every once in awhile I recognized someone I knew, but I pretty much kept to myself. Small talk was made, and notes were compared as everyone wondered what this whole thing was about, and what our ultimate fate would be. More bodies squeezed and rubbed together as friends recognized one another and milled about in the crowded room making their way towards one another.

Looking around behind me and across the crowd, I was suddenly amazed and delighted when my eyes roamed over to a thatch of blondish hair and down to a familiar pair of brown eyes gazing at me. The Forest Service guy I had drooled over just a few hours earlier at the restaurant was now staring back at me with a grin on his face. Trusting that my gaydar was in working order, I was getting a very friendly vibe from him, so without hesitation, I squeezed through about twenty feet of warm bodies that were separating us. More than once as I rubbed and jostled along through the crowd, I felt a wayward hand on me, copping a feel (which I sort of enjoyed, actually.) Now I was pressing up against him.

Just imagine, being side by side - and naked - with the object of your major fantasies. It was more than amazing. My heart was pounding as I felt the texture of his slightly hairy legs against my own, and the smoothness of his upper body as we were brushed together from time to time in the crowd.

Getting a little better look at him now, I could see that he was nicely tanned all over, and like me, had no tan lines, which told me he must be a `nature boy' like me, who enjoyed the warmth of the sun kissing every part of his body. We were similar in size, though he was a little more muscular than I. We were both semi-hard, and glancing down, I observed that we were both hung with comparable seven inch equipment.

"Hi; I'm Zak; ...I noticed you this noon at the restaurant."

He offered his hand in greeting, and as I shook it, felt a kind of electricity surge through my body as I noted his strong grip. I could tell he was used to hard work.

"Hey, Zak; I'm Brandon," He replied enthusiastically, "And I noticed you too," he added with eyebrows raised and a smile that spoke volumes, sending another thrill through me.

"Have you got any idea what the fuck is going on here?" he asked with a slight tremor of fear in his voice.

I started to tell him I didn't have a clue, when suddenly a `hissing' sound was heard above the low din of conversation as a door opened, and about 20 nude crewmen entered the room.

"I don't know, but I have a sinking feeling we're about to find out." I observed.

On everyone's mind at this point were questions of life and death. Why were we here? What did these amazing creatures want from us? Were we going to be taken into space and used for some special mission, or would there be experiments done on our bodies with agonizing torture before death finally relieved us of our suffering? Or maybe we were just going to be taken back to their planet and put on display - or used as food for their pets. No one had any idea, and the suspense was building.

The crew rolled back a panel in the far wall, opening up more space in the room. In this space were ten `stations,' like you might see in a dentist's office. The difference was the `chairs' had only narrow backs with armrests - no seats - suspended above the floor. Beneath each chair back on the floor, were two footpads spread about three feet apart.

On the low ceiling above and slightly in front of each station, was a sort of inverted funnel with a hole going up into the ceiling. At the side of each chair was a small stand, holding various objects that I didn't recognize. My imagination began to come up with several ideas of sinister ways the instruments might be used, and I began to feel anxiety.

"I don't like the look of this at all," Brandon murmured in a low voice, so as not to attract any undue attention from the aliens.

As he said that, the aliens began selecting some of the guys from the front of the crowd. They struggled slightly, but with an alien tightly grasping each arm, there wasn't much they could do.

As soon as someone was placed up against the chair back, you could tell they were restrained there by that same magical force we had experienced on the examining tables. Then their forearms were laid on the armrests with their hands draping helplessly over the ends. Finally, their legs were spread wide apart and their feet were placed on the footpads. Each squirmed slightly, but to no avail.

"Those things are just like the examining tables," I whispered to Brandon, who had just come to the same conclusion.

"Oh man; once they stick you there you can't move, and they can do anything they wanna do to you," he gasped, his eyes open wide in fear.

Two of the aliens approached a tall kid of about 17 or 18 with handsome native American features. No doubt he was descended from one of the local Karuk or Shasta tribes. He had a lean, muscular build with a black sunburst tattoo on his shoulder. He tried backing away from them, then began struggling violently, in an effort to escape their grasp on his arms. His shoulder-length, shiny black hair flopped and flashed as the two aliens grappled with him.

Instantly, a huge alien with bulging biceps and tree trunk thighs was there, dashing in front of them and pointing what looked like a tiny plastic water pistol at the boy's chest. One small, bright pulse from the gun and his whole body went limp. The big alien deftly moved behind him and strapped his big arms around the kid's chest, pulling him up snugly against his softball-sized pecs.

The kid looked like a helpless brown rag doll with his arms hanging limp and his shaggy hair drizzling down over his bowed face. The alien ground his thick cock into the boy's ass cheeks as he pulled him up tight. Although the pulse had caused the boy to go completely limp, it had just the opposite effect on his cock. The response of the shock wave on his manly appendage made it rock hard. It was fully 12 inches long; immediately thickening and rising straight up, tall and proud. Everyone watched in awe as the long thick pole swayed from side to side provocatively as the boy's heels were slowly dragged backward across the floor.

The now compliant rag doll was fastened up against the chair back; his forearms laid on the armrests and his feet spread wide apart on the footpads. His body was at the complete mercy of his captors, as he began to rouse from his stupor. Struggling again, in vain, his eyes grew wide in terror as the realization set in that he was standing there trapped and naked; vulnerable to any painful designs the aliens might carry out upon his sensitive flesh. His long, thick tool which had been pointing at the ceiling only seconds ago, now lowered with each beat of his heart and drooped heavily towards the floor.

As everyone watched this drama, the tension built as we saw the ten victims being fitted with the implements from the tables. First a sheer mesh sleeve was slid over each guy's penis. Then a rod shaped object was placed from behind slowly into each anal cavity after being well lubed. Expressions of surprise were traced across the faces of the ten captives.

When all was ready, switches and dials at each station were activated. The penis sleeves and butt plugs must have been radio controlled, because as soon as the switches went on, each person reacted; their bodies stiffening up and squirming noticeably. The small funnels above the stations now had a halo of pink light pulsing around them.

As the ordeal got underway, the aliens gradually turned the dials higher generating a greater reaction from the captives. Almost immediately, as one, their cocks began engorging and in no time they were all pointing straight up. The sleeves expanded along with them, so they were always in contact with the entire shaft, except for just the tip of each head sticking out.

A flash of inspiration came to me, and I mused to Brandon, "Oh wow! I think we've been abducted to have our splooge milked out of us!"

And indeed, the milking had begun. In no time, the looks of terror on the faces of the captives were replaced by sheer delight. As the anal and genital stimulation was cranked up in intensity, the boys began to squirm and groan with pleasure.

The alien's machinery had been carefully developed to deliver the highest peak of arousal possible to the male anatomy. Not content to let the machinery do all the work, the aliens aided and intensified the pleasure by tenderly caressing, licking and teasing their charges. They were obviously totally into giving ultimate pleasure to the young men in the chairs.

"Whoa; I think their home planet picked guys for this mission who really enjoy their work!" Brandon observed incredulously.

"Yep; they do look like they're havin' fun," I agreed, noticing that the alien's joy sticks looked just as hard as the guys in the chairs.

You could tell the captive's sperms were soon to be liberated from their bodies. Breathing got heavier and more rapid as their chests began to heave. Faces became scrunched up in various expressions of intensity. Most of them began involuntarily thrusting their hips as the sexual tension neared its climax. Ball sacs drew up tight, and one by one the moans and groans got very loud.

Then the most amazing thing happened. As each captive stud began to spew his load up into the air, a finger of pink light would blast down, capture the string of semen and zap it up through the hole in the ceiling. Each shot of cum that was pumped out triggered another tractor beam that would zip down and lick it up instantly. The beams seemed to be able to sense the presence of the joy juice and would be activated whenever any was present. Then a final beam would descend to the tip of each stiff penis and linger at the slit for just a moment before tracing its final path to the ceiling.

When this happened, even louder shouts, whoops, and groans came from the captives as the beam of energy would shoot down, staying momentarily in contact with their hard swollen poles. It was like a fantastic orgasmic light show going on in front of us.

Then all grew silent. Looking completely spent and drained, the captives sagged in their chairs momentarily as they recovered from the sensory overload. One by one the captives were released from the grip of their chairs and began perking up, the rush they felt from the whole sexual experience pumping new vitality into them. They began high-fiving the aliens and embracing one another as they were turned loose from the stations to re-join the crowd.

When the Native American boy was released from his chair, he sheepishly offered his hand in reconciliation to his attendants. Instead, they both gave him full body hugs and one of them tousled his hair, and the other one grabbed his head and gave him a kiss on the cheek. He walked away with a big smile on his face.

Now mingling with the scent of boy sweat in the room, there was the tantalizing, pungent aroma of fresh spunk as well. After witnessing the scene in the front of the room, the sexual tension in the crowd was building like a volcano. The aliens had no resistance from anyone in the second group to be taken to the chairs.

Brandon grinned at me, now obviously in a more relieved state of mind.

"Whew! That was intense!" He said, squeezing my hand, which had somehow become clasped in his during the action.

"No kidding!" I replied, letting go of his hand to point at what was now taking place near the front of the room.

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