Adventures of Zak `n Brandon

Book 1 - One Night In California

Chapter 4 - Sensory Overload


I had been noticing my special alien friend, Tooka, and we made eye contact a couple of times as he was working at the front of the room. Two other aliens also caught my eye. They were carbon copies of each other, and were obviously twins. They were working as a team and were now approaching two kids that were exuberantly jumping up and down.

"Hey, I know who those guys are!" I said to Brandon, pointing out the two honey blond mops of hair that were bobbing up and down at the front of the room.

"Oh, yeah? They look kind of hot." He observed, checking them out over the tops of the guys standing in front of us.

"Yeah, I cover the high school wrestling meets part time for the Western Sentinel, and those hotties were seniors this year; they won just about every meet they competed in." I explained.

"Hey; I've read your articles... Oh, so you're THAT Zak! - Zak Mason, right?" He said, putting the pieces together.

"Yep, that's me." I then went on to fill him in on the wrestlers: "Yeah, they're the Connor twins; Troy and Todd. Most people can't tell them apart, but I can. Once I look into someone's eyes, I kind of know what they're all about; I try to see the person that lives inside the face.

"Anyway, Troy is a little more outgoing," I continued my narrative; "Although they both have enough personality for ten people. They must have been a real handful when they were little kids.

"Todd is the better student, but they're both very athletic and seem to have an amazing drive to win at whatever they do."

I loved the way those two filled out their wrestling singlets so beautifully, with the thin lycra stretching into nice revealing bulges. (that's probably why I got interested in wrestling in the first place!) I had often dreamed about what they would look like completely naked - and now here they were in all their glory! The two dark alien twins had just brought the two blond wrestlers to the front of the room.

The four paused at the front of the room just to admire one another, I think. There was a little groping going on, as the two pairs of twins were amazingly similar in build, and they seemed curious to check each other out. They each stood about 5' 8", with 5" cocks, all four fully erect at this point, with nice mushroom knobs at the top of each. Four well-muscled little pronghorns... Mmmmmm!

The Connor boys always seemed inseparable, like best buddies, and I sometimes fantasized about them, wondering if they spent their nights in the same bedroom sexing each other down. Seeing their interaction now at the front of the room, I realized that was most likely the case. In fact, I was beginning to wonder if the whole group of captives was gay. It seemed like there was such a feeling of freedom with one another on the ship, and I wasn't detecting much in the way of disdain, or hostile warning looks from anyone; it just felt kind of safe and open here. If that was the case, it would really surprise me that there were so many of us in this one rural area.

Meanwhile, the `special of the day' being featured at the front of the room was a `chocolate and butterscotch treat,' that looked especially yummy to me. By now, though, the four twins had spent a little too much time obsessing on each other, and they were getting good-naturedly yelled at by the rest of the crew to get on with it.

So Brandon and I feasted on the eye candy at the front of the room as the two hunky wrestler boys were readied for their ultimate orgasm by the two equally sexy aliens. Todd and Troy gave a final glance at each other, with a 'thumbs up,' and grinned. The twin attendants paid special attention to making these young bucks feel good; licking and nibbling their nipples, running their fingers up their thighs and tickling their balls - they were already in ecstasy. Then the machinery was turned on.

Primed as they were by the first sexual exhibition at the front of the room, it didn't take long for this second group to start blowing. When they started cumming, it began at one end of the line and just went from chair to chair like wildfire. Big whoops, some major thrusting, and in a flash, the pink tractor beams would zip down and back up again, lapping up their cargo of precious boy cream.

I couldn't keep my eyes off the two cute Connor boys. Todd's jizz was just about ready to fly. With his head back and face tightly scrunched up, he started thrusting his hips rapidly, loudly emitting short orgasmic groans: "Ahh, ahhhh, ahhhhh, ahhhhhhhh!," with his thick, perky rod bouncing violently up and down.

When Todd exploded, emptying his nuts of a very large stream of spunk, pumping out six or seven big squirts, accompanied by the bolts of pink lightning, Troy was cumming right after him. With a deafening war whoop, "Wheeeeoooooooooo!" he gave one mighty thrust with his hips and spewed an amazing load out into the room. The bright pink light flashed down in a magnificent zigzagging whip-like arch and managed to capture every last drop before it hit the floor.

I don't know how all of us watching in the crowd managed to keep from popping our corks. I think we were afraid we wouldn't get our turn up front if we blew our loads before we got picked. The alien twins, however, weren't bothered by that same concern. Just as Todd and Troy were exploding in the very pinnacle of their pleasure, the two alien boys, who had been jacking themselves at the very end, spewed all over the wrestlers.

The aliens, being the proper hosts that they were, lost no time in licking the shiny slick splooge off the two boy's thighs and abs where it had splattered. Noting the hungry looks on the blond boys faces, the aliens brought their cream-filled mouths up to the lips of the boys and shared the tasty treat with them in a very passionate kiss.

I found it interesting that the tractor beams only sucked up the semen of the person assigned to that particular station. They must have programmed each person's DNA into the machinery, and keyed it in to correspond somehow with the numbers on our chests.

Once again, there were affectionate hugs all around, and the Connor boys walked away hand in hand, the alien twins standing there with their arms around each other watching them go.

Looking down, I reached over and grabbed Brandon's hard pole that had an ample trail of slippery precum running down the length of his shaft. Rubbing my thumb over the slippery end, he looked at me with his puppy dog brown eyes and moaned. I felt like I had truly come home for the first time in my life, as our souls bonded there.

"DUDE, DON'T!" He gasped; "I'm right on the edge, man!"

I knew exactly what he meant, `cause it wouldn't have taken much to bring me off at that point either. Then two aliens walked up to us and it was our turn!


When Tooka looked over at us and saw what was happening, he darted over and motioned that he would like to handle this case. The other alien just shrugged and picked someone else. We exchanged smiles and a brief hug. Wow! I loved the contact of skin against skin with this beautiful guy - and those eyes. I felt like I could see across galaxies when I gazed into those light purple pools of expression. Such an unusual color from what we are used to, but they just set off his dark skin tones and had a totally hypnotic quality. Also, I was detecting a very wholesome and noble spirit in this person.

He rubbed my arm as we walked to the chair, it was then I noticed he wore a thick silver ring on his right pointer finger. Brandon was being placed in the chair right next to me, and before we were placed in, we had a moment to stop and squeeze each other's hands briefly. Tooka noticed and nodded at us and smiled.

I was placed tenderly into the chair and he stroked my rigid tool a couple of times smiling as he slipped the mesh sleeve over it and pulled it all the way down to my balls. Moving behind me, I could feel a generously lubed finger tracing around my hole. One finger slid in, then two, as he prepared me for the entry of the larger rod. I felt only slight discomfort as the rod was inserted; then it felt good having it in there. He shoved it in and out a few times just for fun.

He came around front smiling and rubbed my chest, tweaking my nipples as he began to flip some switches and turn a dial. I can only relate a few of the sensations that I began to feel right at first, because as the intensity was cranked up, it all just flowed together into the most dynamic and incredible sensation I have ever experienced.

At first, I was aware of Tooka's hands, tongue and fingers racing all over me. The anal stimulator was throbbing and pulsing, sending erotic sensations into my prostate and throughout my whole nether region.

The penis sleeve covered my whole shaft. The sensations that it simulated varied from that of a hand squeezing and jacking, to the feel of a warm moist mouth. Little niggles of feeling darted around the underside of my shaft, always ending just under the head where the sensations just kept bringing me higher.

Then I lost all perception of any one sensation. It all started coming harder and faster. My breath quickened, and my chest was heaving. It was all so good and so intense, I almost felt like I couldn't take it any more, yet at the same time, I tried holding back, not wanting it to end. I could feel my nuts tighten up so far I thought they would disappear inside of me. My cock was so hard it hurt. I was right at the edge, almost at the point of no return.

At that instant, I looked over at Brandon and saw his hands balled into tight fists. His head was thrown back and his magnificent manhood was thrust out as far as he could push it.

He started to blow with a very loud and slow, "Ohhhhhhhh, F U C K!!!!!!"

The pink lightning flashed down, hungrily licking up the seed he was blasting into the air.

By then I was right on the edge anyway, and seeing the intensity of what Brandon was feeling was all it took to finally pop my cork and my boys shot off eight or ten rounds into the waiting jaws of the pink beam. It felt like I was pumping out a gallon of juice, as I just kept cumming and cumming; I had never experienced anything that intense in my life.

As I finished spewing out my load, and just had the sensation of coming back down from that high, the final tractor beam plummeted down from the ceiling and invaded my throbbing love tool. This final surge of energy ripped its way down into the very core of my root sending me into one more violent spasm of delight.

"Whew!..." I just sagged down, my head drooping. I felt totally spent, but at the same time, more satisfied than ever in my life.

Tooka released the grip of the chair on my back, arms and feet, and gently slipped the sleeve off my now descending mast. He took it in his hand and kissed the end of it tenderly, looking up into my eyes.

Brandon was also done and Tooka drew Brandon and I together, putting our hands together to send us away. This was a special moment, but for some reason, I sensed that this could possibly be the last contact I would have with this amazing being.

I squeezed Brandon's hand, then let go of it and turned back to face Tooka. By now we both had tears in our eyes. I put my arms around him and our lips met in a long and tender kiss. I noticed his hand on my chest as we embraced and thought I saw the glimmering pulse of a lavender light that matched the color of his eyes race around his silver ring.

Then we parted, and Brandon, with a tear running down his cheek, wrapped an arm around me as we moved to a more private place in the room.

Strangely, that was my last memory of that room, and the next sensation that I can recall is that of my body lying on gritty sand, and a very pleasant warmth bathing my skin.

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