Adventures of Zak 'n Brandon

Book 1 - One Night In California


Chapter 5 - The Dawning

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Waking up there on the sand, I realized I must have been dreaming, because I imagined I had seen the face of my alien friend, Tooka, once more, but looking much more serious than usual.

With his memorable eyes drilling into my soul, I felt him telling me, "He who is supremely strong can afford to be supremely gentle."

I attempted to ask him what he meant by that, but was unable to find my voice. Then he spoke again, adding: "The measure of true greatness is to serve others unnoticed, and to work unseen."

This message also burned into my heart and left me feeling confused; I had no idea what he was talking about.

His seriousness then softened into a loving gaze that warmed me to the core. "Until next time, Zak Mason," It felt like he was squeezing my right hand, and then the impression of it all faded away.

Now I was awakened to the subdued murmur of voices all around. From above, I could feel the morning sun beating down on my naked skin. From below, pillowing my head was a soft, warm body. Coming to myself, I knew I was no longer on the spaceship. Looking around the place took on some familiarity, and I realized that after the aliens were done with us, they must have, somehow, placed everyone at the ball field on Greenhorn Road, near the outskirts of Yreka.

I turned my head to the side to see a `one-eyed trouser mouse' staring back at me from the end of a very stiff shaft. I immediately recognized it as belonging to my new buddy, Brandon, and a feeling of unimaginable joy and contentment washed over me. I stuck out my tongue and gave the head of it a lick. The unexpected sensation made it bob up and down in eager response.

Turning my head the other direction, my gaze peered between two nipple covered mounds of flesh to see the most beautiful eyes in this world looking back at me, a big grin on his face. He reached down and grabbed my own morning wood firmly, squeezing it tight and stroking it a couple of times. I want to tell you, the feeling of his firm grasp around my rod at that point just made me feel so...? I don't know, ...Complete? ...Loved? Whatever it was I never wanted that feeling to end.

Flipping over on top of him, I pulled myself up so we were face to face, grinding our hard cocks together. His skin felt toasty warm from the abundant sunshine, as a brand new day was well under way. He stretched, reaching his arms out above his head.

"Whew, sorry Zak, I guess I need a shower" he said apologetically.

"No you don't;" I answered, "You smell wonderful to me." I nuzzled my nose into his left armpit, delighted with his manly scent. I felt I could crawl naked into that warm, furry place and be happy forever. I took a deep whiff and moaned my approval.

He put his arms back down around me and squeezed me tight. I embraced the side of his cute face with my right hand and nuzzled the light stubble on his cheek with my nose. My tongue forced its way between his eager lips. Our tongues and lips fought a passionate battle for a short time, until I noticed a glint of light coming from my hand.

"What's the matter?" he asked, when I pulled away suddenly to look at my hand.

There on my pointer finger, I was alarmed to discover a ring exactly like the one Tooka had been wearing, and as Brandon and I were in the midst of our passion, a lavender light glowed and circled briefly around it. I showed it to Brandon and he thought it was cool, until he lifted his hand and suddenly discovered he was wearing an identical ring! I guess we had been so into each other, neither one of us had noticed the wide bands of silver metal on our fingers until this moment.

We sat up, touched by Tooka's thoughtfulness. I was also struck by the deeper meaning for the two of us that his placement of this matching jewelry might hold. We briefly scanned the rest of the crowd, and didn't see anyone else with rings. We tried to take them off to examine them more closely, but neither one of them would come off, even though they seemed perfectly loose.

"Hey, that's strange," Brandon commented; "I'm glad I like it, `cause it looks like I'm stuck with it!"

"It's cool that Tooka singled out the two of us for these rings," I said, then ventured a question that I hoped might reveal Brandon's true feelings for me, even though I thought I already knew how he felt:

"Um, ...maybe it means you're stuck with me as well?"

Abruptly looking upset and very serious, Brandon gasped and blurted out, "Oh no!; I sure hope not; that would be a really horrible thought!"

I was immediately smitten by a huge shadow of disappointment that crashed in on me, and I'm sure my face visibly clouded over. The best thing that had ever happened in my life was apparently all in my imagination; I had allowed my desires to overpower my reason, and just as I had feared, this beautiful guy could never really love someone like me. I couldn't help myself and my eyes began to well up with tears.

Unable to control himself any longer, Brandon burst out laughing, punching me in the arm and tousling my hair.

"You're a despicably evil person, and I hate you forever!" I yelled, laughing; my extreme despair blown away just that fast.

"I want you around for a l...o...n...g time, Zachary Mason," he assured quietly, and the sincerity in his eyes and voice made me feel like I would be safe and loved forever. He leaned into me, squeezing me tight and pressed his lips up against mine in a kiss so powerful it left no more doubts in my heart.

Riding this strong wave of feelings sent two big tears rolling down my cheeks. I couldn't help it and immediately felt so embarrassed. Leaning in, Brandon smiled tenderly and licked them from my face with the tip of his tongue, kissing me gently on the end of my nose, his own eyes welling up with emotion

"Sissy pants crybaby," he teased.

"Look who's talking," I chided, as I raised a finger and tenderly blotted away a big teardrop that was slowly descending his own cheek.

I took his hands in mine once again squeezing them tightly as he started telling me something that was on his mind.

"Hey, Zak?"


"Just before we woke up here in the middle of this park, I was having a dream or something; sort of like Tooka was talking to me - and I could actually understand what he was saying," Brandon relayed his experience that sounded very similar to my own.

"Uh huh, sounds a lot like what happened to me," I said; "So, what did he say to you?"

"It was kind of weird; like he was giving advice, or making a prophecy or something, and I think I can still remember what he said..." Then Brandon continued slowly and thoughtfully as he tried to recall just what the alien had told him: "Don`t ever believe that your talents are who you are: Special abilities are gifts and tools; how you use those tools determines who you really are."

He paused as we both pondered what that was all about, as he tried to recall one additional thing Tooka had said:

And then remembering, he added, "`No one can help everyone, but everyone can help someone.'"

"Hmmmm," I was thoughtful, very puzzled by what Brandon was telling me, then I went on to share with him the message that Tooka had impressed upon me. Like Brandon, I was able to remember clearly what Tooka had said.

"I don't know what it all means, but I think we should write it down before we forget what he said exactly."

"Yeah, Zak, I think that's a good idea; maybe down the road it will all make sense;" Brandon remained thoughtful. " I wonder if we'll ever get to see him again."

"I sure hope so; right now I have a lot of things I sure would like to ask him." I said.

About this time the forces of nature began to take over. "Hey, Bran; I gotta leak the lizard, really bad," I declared.

"No kidding; me too; feels like my bladder is going to explode," he said as we stood up and walked over to the edge of the field and found a grassy spot.

We stood close together. As we started peeing, Brandon raised both arms high above his head, arching his back in a grand morning stretch. He looked like a gorgeous golden boy fountain standing there in the morning sun. I reached over with my left hand and grabbed hold of his hose and directed his stream so it mingled with my own. He brought his arms back down and wrapped his right forearm around my neck tightly. When we finished, I stuck my fingers under his balls and squeezed him out and shook him off.

"You're amazing," he said, shaking his head.

"You're not so bad yourself," I replied, laughing, then giving him an open-handed smack on his belly that sounded way louder than it felt.

"Hey!" he exclaimed, pulling my arms behind my back, rendering me defenseless, (so he thought,) but I backed up slightly, and with my hands back there, managed to grab his whole manly package tightly in my grasp.

"Draw?" I asked

"OK; I surrender to the Zak-attack," he smiled as I let go and we held each other's hands and began to survey the scene that surrounded us.

All the guys that had been kidnapped the night before had apparently been deposited back in this ball field on the edge of town. Still naked, everyone was just standing around in groups talking - some large - some small. The mood was mellow. I looked over at the bleachers and could see four guys sitting there. One had his head thrown back and his legs spread wide, with another kid in front of him - his head bobbing up and down between his legs. The other two were watching and stroking each other. I don't know what it is about these boys dangling between our legs - they just constantly demand our attention.

It is noteworthy that all of our clothes were piled in a large heap at one end of the ball field, but no one was in any hurry to put them back on. It just seemed like a little utopia of beautiful males out enjoying the warm morning sunshine - and each other's company.

Our reverie was broken by the rude wail of sirens approaching from a distance. Overhead, the alarming roar of three jets streaked into view and disappeared just as quickly.

"They'll never catch 'em," Brandon observed defiantly.

"Yup; I think those guys are long gone by this time." I agreed, hoping that I was right. I had a deep feeling of affection by now for our alien visitors, and didn't want them being hassled by the United States Air Force. It didn't seem like they posed any great risk to our national security anyway.

About that time, the sirens grew closer and several National Guard jeeps and empty troupe trucks started rolling into the ball park, kicking up a giant cloud of dust. They really spoiled the pleasant mood. Most of the crowd began gravitating slowly over towards the guardsmen to see what was going on. Everyone was still just `swinging in the breeze,' without the encumbrance of clothing. After everything we had been through, it just seemed more natural to be naked than to put clothes on. I suppose this display made the guardsmen a little uncomfortable, though.

As we gathered around them, I sort of felt sorry for them having to stand out in the sun in their hot cammo uniforms. They were questioning some of the guys about what had happened. The other soldiers were just standing around trying to appear to avoid looking at the scenery directly in front of them.

I noticed a couple of the men checking Brandon and me out when they thought we didn't see them. Their fatigues were starting to tent up noticeably. They tried to adjust themselves to hide what was happening in their pants, without much success. Knowing they were looking at us, made us both begin to pudge up. Then, when some of the other naked guys saw our flag poles raising, about a dozen of them started poppin' boners as well! Kind of awkward, I know, but the whole situation we had been through had sort of desensitized us, and we really didn't care anymore.

Finally, wanting a more organized interrogation, (and most likely to escape some of his embarrassment,) the guardsman in charge told everyone to find their clothes, and they would load us up into the trucks to haul us over to the Armory so they could decide what to do next.

Locating everyone's clothing in the big pile turned out to be an ordeal. I found my shorts and shoes fairly quickly though, surprisingly, and I spotted Brandon's jeans before he did. I guess with all my fantasizing about what was inside them the day before, I remembered quite well what they looked like.

Remember the Indian kid? Well, when he got zapped up into the spaceship, he had just gotten undressed to take a shower. He was awed by the lights in the sky and went outside to investigate. So, needless to say, he had no clothes to put on. He was now telling Brandon and I about it, so Brandon just decided to go commando in his jeans and let the kid, (we learned his name is Cody,) have his boxers, so at least he'd have something to cover up with. He was very appreciative. I thought it was good of Brandon to give him his boxers, but at the same time it seemed a very great loss when that beautifully hung kid covered himself up with them.

Complementing him, I stated sternly, "You know you're doing the world a very great disservice by covering that beautiful body up with clothes; you really should run around naked all the time."

He blushed slightly, and smiling returned, "Thanks; but actually, I was just thinking the very same thing about you two guys."

Brandon was loving it, and added, "Well, if you do take up a life of perpetual nudity, you can give my underwear back; otherwise just keep 'em for a souvenir."

"Hey, thanks, buds," Cody chuckled.

Brandon drew us together in a quick three-way hug. By then they were loading everybody onto the trucks for the short ride to the Armory. Brandon, Cody and I sat together along one side in the back of one of the big trucks with a bunch of other guys. The aisle down the middle was so narrow everyone's knees were almost touching. It was hot in the truck and nobody was wearing shirts. I could definitely feel some sexual tension building up with all of us packed together and bumping along the road. Sitting directly across from Cody and me was a really cute Hispanic-featured guy who kept glancing down at the bulge in Cody's boxers. I saw Cody and him exchanging glances several times. He was just slightly shorter than Cody and had dark hair kind of spiked up. His chest was smooth and brown and his legs had just the right shadow of dark hair running down to his ankles.

I smiled across at him and winked as I began rubbing my leg discreetly against Cody's to see if I could get a reaction. I think he was already pretty stoked, 'cause it only took a second or two and the fabric along his thigh began to rise, and soon a plump purple head poked out the short leg of the underwear. He smiled with embarrassment, lowering his head so that his long, sexy hair cascaded around his blushing face. He tugged at the leg of the boxers, unsuccessfully trying to make it cover his emerging staff.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to embarrass you; I really shouldn't have done that," I said.

"No problem, dude - hey, after all we've been through, who really cares?" he answered.

Brandon saw what I had done and was enjoying the whole thing; and I could tell - not just from the big smile on his face - but also from the thick bulge traveling down his thigh under his jeans. By now my own shorts had a major tent as well.

I pointed Brandon's reaction out to Cody, who grinned and said emphatically, "Cool!" then swiftly reached over and grabbed Brandon through the fabric of his jeans causing a happy groan.

As he twisted in his seat reaching over to Brandon's crotch, his enormous dick popped the rest of the way out of the leg of his short boxers, pointing straight up. The Mexican kid let out a loud groan, rolling his eyes upward and grabbing his own crotch. He then opened up his shorts, whipping out a beautiful uncut staff of about eight inches and just started jacking away, overcome by the tantalizing sight of Cody.

I was just too captivated with the beauty of Cody's newly exposed dick and couldn't resist reaching over and grabbing it. As I began to stroke it, Brandon leaned over and took it into his mouth. Cody started groaning as Brandon sucked and bobbed faster and faster on the huge meaty pole. Meanwhile, I began nibbling on his freshly tightened nipples.

Cody just threw his head back, and grabbing both of us tightly by our hair, let out a loud gasp and started cumming in Brandon's mouth. Brandon valiantly tried to swallow the whole load, but Cody just kept cumming and cumming and his juices were starting to squirt out the corners of Brandon's mouth, drizzling down on Cody's balls and belly.

I looked over just in time to see the Mexican kid start to spew. His first two long strings of jizz shot across the narrow aisle with some of it landing on my knee and the rest splattering halfway up Cody's thigh. I leaned over and licked it off Cody's leg first and then cleaned up my knee. It tasted delicious, and I told him so.

"Oh, dude; I'm so sorry for spewing all over you!" he exclaimed, worried that Cody would be upset.

"Hey, no problem; I thought it was hot! Especially the way Zak slurped it all up; I think he's some kind of a `spunk-aholic!'"

"Yup, you got that right - I can't get enough of it!" I chuckled.

Then Brandon scooped some of Cody's spilled boy cream off his abs with his fingers and raised it up to my lips. I licked it off and the two of us leaned across Cody and shared the taste in a kiss.

I think we started something, because I noticed a lot of other activity going on all around the back of the truck by this time. I reached my hand across the aisle and said, "Hey, I'm Zak."

"Glad to meet you, Zak, I'm Mateo," he responded with a firm handshake and a bright smile that could melt you instantly into a puddle.

"Hmmm, cool name, `Mateo;' I like that; These are my friends, Cody and my special friend, Brandon," I said.

"Hi, guys!" he said.

"Hi, Mateo!" Brandon and Cody said in unison.

About that time the truck was rumbling to a stop outside the Armory, and I noticed both Brandon and I had very large precum spots leaking through the fronts of our pants. As Brandon stepped down behind me off the truck, I saw a big, shiny glob above his right eyebrow.

"Hang on just a minute there, buddy," I said and wiped the last remnant of Cody's cum onto my finger, showing it to him.

"Oh, thanks!" he said, and leaned forward, grapping me by the wrist and erotically sucking it off my finger.

Oh my, the feeling of that boy sucking on my finger just about got me going again, but we had to keep moving and walked toward the building.

Cody and Mateo were walking together ahead of us by this time, and I could sense a friendship developing there. I hoped so; I really liked both of them, and they definitely looked like a couple together.

Once at the Armory, the officials were getting the information they wanted by conducting interviews with a few of us, then everyone was herded into the main auditorium where we were given a big speech. We were sternly warned that everything that had happened was to be treated as top secret, and that it would somehow be traitorous to our country to breathe a word of it to anyone. We were given notes to give to our employers that attempted to explain our tardiness that day, and were told that as soon as the government knew more details about what had happened that night, we would be the first to be informed.

Of course, it has been several years now and no one has ever heard anything more about it. Many of the guys still gather for a big party each year on the anniversary of that night, usually at that same ball field where we were deposited, or some other location. The gatherings are always a closely guarded secret, and the camaraderie that takes place is exceptional.


Since that amazing night that lifted me out of my loneliness and death-like gloom, and brought Brandon and me together, the two of us have been involved in many adventures in some very fascinating places. I feel as if my life really began on that very special night.

You may be interested to know, that a short time later, we began discovering that the rings we had been entrusted with turned out to be a whole lot more than just jewelry; but that's a whole 'nuther story!

Indeed, "my solution came by very unexpected circumstances." Beyond what I had ever imagined, I became like that t-shirt, caressing all the curves and bumps of my beautiful guy's body. My lips, like the sleeve of that shirt, are often wrapped around the soft bulge of his biceps, and like that handful of brown pennies, I now travel close to the warmth of my lover.


"The most exciting happiness

Is the happiness

Generated by forces

Beyond your control."

-Ogden Nash




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This ends Book 1 - One Night In California; but as Zak said, this is just the beginning! Thanks for being a part of the Zak n Brandon family!