This is a work of original fiction written by Kanaye for Summer 2009 Anthology. If you do not like reading about 2 men falling in love please move on. Otherwise, enjoy the story.

The Two Fates of Aerta

By: Kanaye

When the vision came, he wasn't ready. Not ready to say goodbye, not ready to throw himself into battle, especially not ready to throw himself into battle for Prince Jazon. Sitting up in bed, his head whirled for a minute. As the room's spinning slowed to a halt, he pulled the rope next to his bed.

Tane, used to being woken in the middle of the night whenever his master had a vision, rushed to his master's side and bowed.

"Seer Karshin, would you like me to summon the prince?"

Karshin shook his head. "You can tell him I had a vision but he doesn't need to come down. I need to make sense of it first. War may not be our only option. Tell him I said so."

After Tane bowed and withdrew, Karshin sighed. Three years at the beck and call of Prince Jazon was wearing on him. The prince was greedy, expanding the borders of Aerta whenever he had a chance, using Karshin's visions to ensure victory.

Karshin rose, dressed and slipped quietly through the castle to the king's chambers. The few guards in front of the king's door bowed and let him through.

He walked over to the king's bed, casting a spell of secrecy as he went. Feeling guilty but knowing it necessary he shook the king's thin shoulder to wake him. King Bali opened his eyes, not surprised at the sight of his son's seer.

"Seer Karshin." The king's voice was thin and weak, bringing stinging to the seer's eyes.

"My king." Karshin bowed, holding back his remorse. He never Saw the king slowly being poisoned, never realized the cause of the kings failing health until the damage was done. The guard had tried to interrogate the servant they caught but when he went to answer the first question the servant died instantly, a protection spell stopping his heart.

Because of Karshin's failure to stop the poisoning, his king was slowly dying. The guilt weighed heavily on his shoulders but Karshin shrugged it off, he had to tell the king what he Saw.

"Please forgive me, my king. I don't want to tell you but you must know. You must send me to find the Other." Karshin realized he didn't make sense and started over. "My king" he paused, took a deep breath and continued. "I Saw your funeral. It is in less than a month."

At the king's quick intake of breath, he stopped again to look at his king's worn face. "The Other?" prompted King Bali.

Karshin nodded. "I Saw two futures for Aerta . One dark and full of war. The other light, prosperous and peaceful. Prince Jazon will bring us down the dark path. We have already started down it in fact. But if I find the Other before your death, the light will shine again."

King Bali sighed. "I kept the existence of Jarlyn from everyone because I knew Jazon would murder him without a single regret. I'm still surprised you pulled it out of my mind all those years ago." The king weakly grasped the seer's hand. "Thank you for not telling Jazon of his twin."

A thought sprang in King Bali's mind and he asked, without thinking. "Could you try and See if I had chosen differently, sending Jazon away and raising Jarlyn as the Heir if it would have turned out the same? Jarlyn the light and Jazon the darkness?"

Karshin looked surprised at the request, but his king's face told him this was important, he closed his eyes and went Back to the night the king had chosen. Instead of following the path that Was, he followed the path that Could-Have-Been.

After a few moments he opened his eyes. "Both show the same, Jarlyn, the light and Jazon the darkness. If you had chosen differently Jazon would have found out and, in the Could-Have-Been, he is riding to challenge Jarlyn before you die."

Karshin and the king had debated many times if the Could-Have-Been path existed on a separate plane or if the path was lost forever. The king liked to think of many planes existing with each path chosen making a new plane. Karshin liked to think of one plane, each choice not chosen disappearing.

"I die in both planes." The king stated and Karshin, not in a mood to argue, just nodded apologetically. "I fail in both."

The king took his hand from Karshin's and patted the seer's cheek. "You didn't fail. My son didn't want you to See. You know as well as I it was him and he had you searching battle strategies night and day so you wouldn't stop him."

Karshin smiled sadly. He had come to this same conclusion at the death of the prince's servant.

"Now." The king smiled weakly. "You know where Jarlyn resides? I asked them not to tell me." The king looked at his hands. "I wouldn't put it past Jazon to torture me for the location."

Karshin wanted to deny the charge but he knew it was true. "Yes, I know. I saw myself riding to him. I just hope I can convince him to come. What if he doesn't want the throne? What if he doesn't believe me. What if he-"

"He will" The king cut him off. "He will want to come, if only to meet me. I don't know if he will want the throne but if you tell him the alternative I'm sure he'll agree. As to whether or not he'll believe you, I'll write something informing him of his birthright and he'll have to believe that."

King Bali struggled to sit up and Karshin helped him get upright. "I'll have to say I'm sending you to negotiate or something. But where? And with whom?"

Karshin smiled. "I guessed you'd ask that. I told Tane to tell the prince that "War may not be our only option." That way you could tell him I'm negotiating with the Gantil king. He may be disappointed but not suspicious."

King Bali nodded. "You've placed a secrecy spell? Could you remove it? Thank you." At Karshin's conformation the spell was removed, the king pulled the heavy, braided rope by his bed. A minute later a short, balding man opened the bedroom door and bowed. "My king?"

"Yes, Lanton. Please fetch me some parchment, some ink and a quill. I need to send the seer to negotiate with the king of Gantil."

Lanton bowed again. "At once, Your Highness." He left and came quickly back with a tray. He placed it over the king's lap, the legs of the tray raising it so he could write easily. Lanton placed the rest of the items on the tray and asked if the king needed anything else.

"Find Seer Karshin's manservant and have him pack a bag for the seer. Enough clothes for," he glanced at Karshin.

"A week will be fine." Karshin said. "I'm sure the king of Gantil will allow my clothes to be cleaned."

"Yes. A week of clothes. Thank you." Lanton nodded and left, shutting the door softly behind him.

Karshin replaced the Secrecy spell and waited as the king started writing the letters. Noticing the king's shaking handwriting, Karshin placed a hand on the king's shoulder and sent him some strength. King Bali, fully aware of what Karshin was doing smiled at him and continued to write in a much neater handwriting.

Four days later Karshin was grouchy. It was pouring, he was soaked and he couldn't find the inn the farmer had told him about. As he contemplated whether or not to put up a tent for the night he finally glimpsed a light through the torrent of rain.

He patted his horse's head. "Come on, girl. We're almost there. Just a bit more and you can rest."

In a few minutes the inn came into view. Karshin couldn't make out much but he dismounted and knocked on the inn's door anyway.

"Yeah?" A large, balding man answered the door. "You need a room?"

"And dinner and a place for my horse."

The man nodded and shouted "Oric!" into the night. "I'm Cein, the innkeeper."

"I'm Lord Tinstill" Karshin didn't mention his seer status.

Cein nodded as a young boy, about ten or so, came running from the left side of the inn. "Yes'ir?"

The man gestured to Karshin's horse and Oric took the reins from Karshin and, grabbing the two saddle bags from Naty's saddle, handed them to Karshin. "I'll have her fixed up and ready for you tomorrow, mi'Lord." Oric said, leading Naty away.

"Well, come on in, My Lord. I'll give you my second best room. The Countess Dagbet has our best."

Karshin followed Cein through a spacious bar room, a few guests, their dinner in front of them, stared.

"I'll have dinner after I get dry." Karshin said, and the innkeeper led him up a flight of stairs.

"Certainly, my Lord. Just come down when you are ready for it." Cein opened a door and led Karshin into the room. "This is our second best, like I said. Hope it will do."

Karshin didn't even look around. "It's fine."

A teenage girl, her arms full of towels, awkwardly knocked on the open door. Karshin and Cein turned. "Ah, Martnie" Cein said taking the towels from her. "This is Lord Tinstill. He would like dinner when he comes down. See to it."

Martnie curtsied and left.

"Now, here are your towels. Are you staying just the night? Yes? Dinner and breakfast? Yes? Ok, with the stabling and feeding of your horse, that's 2 silver chits."

Karshin nodded and dug through his belt pouch and handed the money to Cein who nodded. "See you downstairs, My Lord." Cein said, leaving and closing the door behind him.

The next morning Karshin was up with sun. Breakfast was as good as his dinner had been and he gave two iron chits for a small pack to be filled with food.

An hour later he was back on the road and thinking about the route he had mapped out and estimated he'd be there tomorrow around noon. The innkeeper told him of another inn where he could stay when dark fell again.

He hummed to himself as he rode and his mind drifted. He had the gift for Seeing for as long as he could remember. He was six when he had a dream of his father falling through a rotted board in the loft, hitting his head on top of the ladder and bleeding out. He'd never had a dream come true before and when his mother, trying to hold back sobs told him what happened, he realized he could have saved his father's life. He never told his mother of this dream, of course, but he was sure she had guessed.

Eleven years later, when he was seventeen, he had a dream about fifteen year old Prince Jazon getting shot with an arrow, while riding through the city, and dying. He couldn't just do nothing. He rode the four miles to the city as hard as he could and made it just in time to knock Prince Jazon off his horse. Karshin now absent-mindedly rubbed his left shoulder. He had gotten grazed by the arrow and he had been bleeding all over Prince Jazon.

The guards had pulled him off Prince Jazon and started to shackle him when Jazon stopped them. When he heard how Karshin had a vision he recognized Karshin for what he was and offered him the position of Royal Seer.

Karshin sighed. He often wondered if it would have been better to let Prince Jazon die. Then all those wars Jazon had started never would have happened and the kingdom would be on the path of light. Not to mention the king would still be in good health.

He continued thinking about his past, only stopping to eat lunch from the pack he'd bought and when he reached the second inn he finally decided it was fate for him to stop that arrow from killing Prinze Jazon. Why else would he have gotten the vision?

The next morning he left the inn Cein had recommended just as dawn broke. He rode quietly but this time thinking how he was going to convince stable hand Jarlyn he was actually Prince Jarlyn.

He reached the town of Hill Valley sooner than he had calculated. He paused at the town sign then, sighing, rode into the town in search of the inn.

When he found it, he dismounted and led his horse towards the stable. A man was brushing down a chestnut mare, his back to the doors.

"Excuse me?" Karshin called.

The man turned."Yes? You need the stable?" The man smiled and put down his brush.

"No, Delin. You finish combing Carla. I'll get this one." A voice said from behind Karshin and he recognized this voice.

"Ok, Jarlyn." The man in the stable said and resumed his brushing.

Karshin turned slowly around. Jazon's twin smiled at him. The same blue eyes, the same dark brown hair, though Jazon's was shorter, and the same face. "Welcome seer. Took you long enough to come and get me. I've been expecting you for two years now."

Karshin gaped for a second before controlling himself. "Excuse me?"

"You are the seer, right?" Jarlyn looked nervous.

"Yes, but how did you know I was coming?" Karshin was genuinely confused.

Jarlyn smiled, took Naty's reins, led her into a stall and took off her tack and saddle. "I've been waiting for you since the Skalien War. Vantor said you'd come for me cause I'd make a better king than Jazon."

Karshin blinked, watching the prince brushing down his horse. "Vantor?"

"Yes. Seer Vantor. He's been training me to be a prince so you can take me to meet my father before he dies."

Karshin thought on this. "If you knew you were a prince, why didn't you come to the castle? Why wait for me?"

"Vantor said I'd have a better chance of living if I went with you. Jazon would have killed me if I came on my own. With you, theres's only half a chance he'll kill me."

"Half a chance?"

Jarlyn put the brush down. "Delin. When you are finished with Carla, please comb the seer's horse. Feed and water her as well."

Delin nodded. "Sure."

"Come," Jarlyn said and looped an arm around Karshin's. "I'll take you to meet Vantor." He led Karshin passed the inn and onto a dirt path.

"Is it true that my many-great grandfather King Kial married his best friend and made him king too?" Jarlyn looked at him with pure innocence.

"Yes, it's true. King Kial and King Brett were married." Karshin tried not to blush but the vision of.

"Good" Jarlyn interrupted his thoughts. "I wouldn't want to be king if it wasn't true. I eventually want to get married." Jarlyn smiled up at Karshin's surprised face. "We're here."

They were standing in front of a squat hut. The door was open and Jarlyn pulled Karshin into a shabby room. An elderly man was sitting by the fire and he looked up when they entered. "Seer Karshin. So nice of you to show up."

"Uh, thank you, Seer Vantor."

"Jarlyn, go pack your things. You are leaving in a few minutes."

Jarlyn nodded at Vantor, threw a quick smile at Karshin and ran back towards the inn.

"A few minutes? Can't I at least stay the night in the inn? I've been riding for almost a week. I would like to rest for a bit before taking off again."

Vantor looked disapprovingly at him." Jarlyn only has so long to spend with his father. You've seen the king's death just as I have. You really want to take a day with his father away from Jarlyn so you can rest?"

Karshin blushed. "I didn't think of it that way. I'm sorry, you're right."

"Of course, I'm right." The old man huffed. "I didn't settle in this town three years ago cause I liked it. I had a vision of you trying and trying for weeks to convince Jarlyn of his birthright and he wouldn't listen. He wouldn't even look at the letter his father wrote confirming your story. Finally you just knocked him over the head and took him with you but by then it was too late. The king was dead and Jarlyn had to kill his brother for the throne. I didn't want that to happen. I moved here and convinced Jarlyn of his birthright."

"How did you get him to agree to come with me though. You even told him he might die."

Vantor shrugged "I told him we only have this one moment to live and that he has to take on his own destiny, has to grab the moment. I also told him he's the only one who can make the kingdom of Aerta prosper in light instead of rot in darkness.

Karshin nodded. "He knows what will happen if Jazon takes the throne." He thought of the two paths he had Seen and suppressed a shudder. He changed the subject. "Why did Jarlyn ask about King Kial and King Brett?"

"You should know the answer to that. Haven't you had the vision?" Vantor looked pointedly at him.

Karshin nodded. "But what does it mean?"

"You will be king. Beside him."

Karshin's mouth fell open and he blinked dumbly.

"Don't worry Karshin. You will be a good king." Vantor smiled reassuringly at him.

"I don't even know Jarlyn. How can I...? How can we...?"

"I hate to break it to you but Jarlyn is already in love with you."

"What? He doesn't even know me. How can he be-"

Vantor cut him off. "Ganyt root tea."

"Oh" If taken before sleep Ganyt root tea allowed people to have true visions instead of dreams for a night. "How many times has he had it? That stuff's addictive."

"Only a few times. He had it for the sixth time two days ago. He always dreams of you and him. The first one was you and him after his coronation. He explained that first vision to me but there were too many details for an old man like to me to handle." He chuckled. "Though he doesn't have true visions without the tea, he dreams of you often. He's in love with you."

Vantor looked up at a sound and seconds later Jarlyn walked calmly through the door carrying a pack.

"Is that all you're taking?" Karshin asked.

"The rest is on Carla." Jarlyn hugged Vantor. "I know you don't want to live at the palace but would you at least visit?"

Vantor shook his head and Jarlyn's shoulders drooped.

"You could order me." Vantor told him and Jarlyn made a face. "No I couldn't. Goodbye, Vantor."

Vantor nodded and patted him on the back. "Goodbye, my prince."

As they left the hut Karshin said. "You have to get used to ordering people around. You are going to be king-"

"Hopefully" Jarlyn cut in.

"Yes, hopefully you are going to be king and a king needs to be able to give orders."

Jarlyn looked thoughtful as they reached the stable. Both Naty and Carla were ready for them, Delin holding Carla reins and obviously trying to hold back tears. Jarlyn gave him a brief hug and smiled at him. "Don't worry, Delin. I'll come visit."

He mounted and Delin fled back into the stable when Jarlyn took the reins. As they rode out on to the empty Main Street Jarlyn smiled. "Good, no one's around to see me off. That would have been embarrassing."

Karshin smiled. "You don't like roses thrown at your feet and women asking you to bless their babies?"

"The roses, no. The blessing of babies I could do without." Jarlyn smiled ruefully then changed the subject. "Would you mind if we didn't stop at any inns." He patted a saddlebag. "I packed enough food for the trip and a large tent. I want to get there as soon as I can and it would be easier."

"Even if it rains? I have the money." Karshin offered but Jarlyn shook his head.

"It won't rain. I asked Vantor yesterday. We have sun for the rest of the week. Save your money."

They rode in silence and it wasn't until they past the inn Karshin had stayed in the previous night that he asked the question that had been bothering him.

"Jarlyn? I mean, my prince."

"Please, just Jarlyn."

"I have to start calling you prince. I don't want to slip in front of Jazon. Who knows what his reaction would be."

"Fine. What is it?"


"You wanted to ask me something?" Jarlyn said, a tad annoyed.

"Oh yes. How did Vantor convince you that you were the prince? He said in his vision, you wouldn't even read the letter your father wrote explaining your birthright."

"A letter?" Jarlyn's face lit up. "You have a letter from my father? May I see it?"

"It's somewhere in my pack. I'll show it to you when we stop for the night, in another hour or so. Now, my question?"

"He ordered a portrait done of the Royal Family." Jarlyn shrugged. "When I saw it, I had to believe. My face was on it and I'd never met the artist."

Karshin nodded. "I wish I'd thought of that."

"Don't worry about it. You didn't have to."

They stopped at a grassy clearing on the side of the road before the sun set. After a few minutes of arguing Jarlyn allowed Karshin to set up the tent, chop wood and start the fire while Jarlyn read his father's letter. When they finished their supper in companionable silence Jarlyn stared at him.

At first Karshin brushed it off but a few minutes went by and his prince was still staring at him. "What?"

"Hmm? Oh, sorry." Jarlyn blushed. "It's just. I've dreamed about you and now you are here and..." Jarlyn took a gulp of wine for courage. "I'm trying to figure out to ask you to kiss me."

Karshin's eyebrow rose. He hadn't been expecting this but he could use it. "Remember what I said about learning how to order people around? Well, order me."

"I can't order you to kiss me. That's... wrong." Jarlyn took another gulp of wine.

"I don't mind. In fact, I won't kiss you unless you order me."

Jarlyn was silent and, after a few minutes, Karshin sighed and got up.

"Well, time for sleep." Karshin went to his things leaning against a nearby tree. Digging through his pack he was startled when he felt Jarlyn's hand on his shoulder.

"Kiss me. That's an order." Jarlyns voice shook slightly but Karshin smiled. "Of course, my prince" and gave him a brief peck on the cheek.

Instead of correcting his order as Karshin had planned, Jarlyn grabbed him back and gave him a full blown French kiss. Karshin enjoyed the kiss but forced himself to pull away.

"You were supposed to order me. Not do it yourself."

Jarlyn frowned, his hands on his hips. "I did order you and you didn't do what I wanted."

"Ah, but with nobles you have to be specific, else wise they will just skirt around the order. Like I did."

"Can I try again?"

They practiced Jarlyn's ordering abilities the entire trip. When they were on the outskirts of the Capital City, Karshin advised Jarlyn to wash up in the bit of river hidden from the road. While Jarlyn bathed, Karshin took out two outfits from his pack. One was a deep purple with gold embroidery and the other a light blue with silver embroidery. A quick spell made the wrinkles fall out and they looked as fresh as if they had come out of a closet.

"Very nice." Jarlyn said, coming up behind him and drying himself off. "I guess the purple one is mine. Being the royal color and all."

"And the blue is mine." He turned and bowed to Jarlyn. "My prince, may I have your leave to bathe?"

Jarlyn laughed but answered haughtily. "You expect me to dress myself? Fine. I will manage on my own but I will not forget this."

Karshin laughed and pecked his prince on the cheek before going to the river.

Twenty minutes later they were both dressed appropriately and Karshin finished brushing Jarlyn's hair.

They rode into the city and Jarlyn was surprised by the activity, the noise, and the smells. "You'll get used to it. Just try to act normal." Karshin said, leaning towards him.

"If I was acting normal, I'd be in dirty clothes and leading your horse." Jarlyn answered, making Karshin laugh.

They reached the palace gates quickly, their horses were taken by a stable hand and Jarlyn tried not to stare as he was led up the palace stairs.

Inside Karshin stopped a servant walking by them. "Please ask Prince Jazon to meet me in the king's room."

She looked at him oddly.

"Yes?" he asked her, impatient.

"Can't you ask him yourself? He's right next to you."

Jarlyn answered before Karshin did. "I am Prince Jarlyn von Aerta. Please ask my brother, Prince Jazon von Aerta to meet me in our father's room. Thank you." Jarlyn stuck his chin out and started up a staircase.

Karshin caught up with him. "Nicely done. Though, you didn't need to thank her."

Jarlyn stopped and whispered. "Yes, I do need to thank them You forget, I was a servant."

Karshin nodded. "Fine. Let's go." They continued. "I want you to have a few minutes with your father before Prince Jazon gets there. King Bali needs to make you his heir before Jazon can stop him."

They only went through a few corridors but Jarlyn was completely lost by the time they stopped in front of a door guarded by a few guards. The guards bowed to Jarlyn and opened the door.

Jarlyn wanted to run to his father but forced himself to walk calmly. He knew from the ride here that the king wasn't in very good health but it hurt when he saw the gaunt man sleeping in the enormous bed.

Karshin stood in a corner, away from the bed to give them a hint of privacy. Jarlyn knelt by the side of the bed. He looked at Karshin, who nodded encouragingly, and took his father's hand.

King Bali woke slowly and, when he opened his eyes, he leaned away from the man he saw holding his hand.

"Father?" Jarlyn's voice shook. "Don't be afraid." He gestured towards Karshin. "I've come to save Aerta, like you wanted."

The king glanced at Karshin and visibly relaxed. "Jarlyn. My son." He said, his voice as weak as his body.

Jarlyn smiled. "I know we just met and you want to talk but Karshin sent for Jazon. Karshin says you have to make me heir before Jazon can stop you."

The king nodded, lifted his hand to pull the rope but Karshin was already there pulling it and Lanton opened the door before two seconds passed.

"My King?" Lanton walked to the foot of the bed and bowed.

"I need you to witness. I'm naming Prince Jarlyn von Aerta my heir. Please inform the scribe that I need a proclamation."

"A proclamation of what, dear father?" Jazon walked into the room and stopped short when he saw Jarlyn holding his father's hand.

"Who is this imposter? You have to know he's not me." He looked at Karshin. "Are you behind this imposter? Is this why you went to see the Gantil king?"

Jarlyn interrupted Karshin before he could get a word out. "I am not an imposter. I am your brother. Your older, twin brother." He squeezed his father's hand gently before letting go. "Our father just named me his heir but if you want to fight for the throne, I will be more than happy too. We will go down to the courtyard and not upset the king.

"No," King Bali called. "Jazon, I named Jarlyn as my heir. This is what I wish."

Prince Jazon looked at his father and his brother. "Fine, my king. I shall not fight my brother for the throne."

He held out his hand to Jarlyn. "I'm sorry for my over-reaction. I hope we can become friends."

As Jarlyn let down his guard and started walking towards the door with Jazon, Karshin saw the dagger Jazon pulled from his belt. He yelled and ran forward but knew he wouldn't be quick enough to stop the murder of Prince Jarlyn.

Before Jazon could do so much as raise the dagger over his brother, another dagger slammed into Jazon's neck.

Karshin grabbed his prince and held him, backing away from the dead body on the floor. Jarlyn fought Karshin's arms, and finally exclaimed, "The king!"

Karshin looked at King Bali and let Prince Jarlyn go.

Jarlyn raced to his father's side. King Bali was sitting awkwardly and panting. Jarlyn helped him lay back down. Karshin pulled the dagger out of Prince Jazon throat and looked at it. It was the king's dagger. He rinsed it off in the basin as he listened to Jarlyn.

"You saved me, father." Jarlyn brushed a whisp of white hair from his father's forehead.

"I-" the king coughed and Jarlyn quickly poured some water from the pitcher on the side table into a cup and helped him drink it. "I couldn't let Jazon kill you. Then I would have had to name Karshin as my heir."

Karshin almost dropped the dagger. "What? My king?"

"I decided it after you left. If Jazon was darkness and Jarlyn was light, you might be the balance between the two. If you were king you might not be as good as Jarlyn," he patted Jarlyn's hand. "But you'd be much better than Jazon would have been. But there is no need to think of it any longer. Leave, I want to talk to my son. And please get someone to remove Jazon. He needs a proper pyre, even if he was evil."

A week later Jarlyn was crowned king. Though Jarlyn's father couldn't come, the entire city turned up. And as Jarlyn said his vows, the city rejoiced.

"Father?" An hour later the newly crowned King Jarlyn knelt by his father's bed.

"Yes, my son?"

"You remember how you said Karshin would make a good king?"

Bali nodded weakly.

"Well, I plan on doing what King Kial did. With Karshin."

Bali smiled. "I thought so. Your friend, Seer Vantor came to me in a dream. He told me you would make this choice and you need my blessing. I give you my blessing, son." Bali sighed and his eyes drooped.

King Jarlyn kissed his father's hand. "Thank you. Sleep well, father."

Bali nodded and his eyes drifted shut as his son closed the door.

Down the hall, in the new king's suite, Seer Karshin paced. This was the beginning of the vision he had Seen a few nights after starting his job as Royal Seer, the first night sleeping in the palace. Karshin thought it was Jazon he had been kissing and making love to but when he had delicately approached the subject of King Kial and King Brett, Jazon had thrown a fit, called his ancestors names and threw Karshin out of the throne room.

Now he knew it was Jarlyn in the vision. He knew Jarlyn had the same vision using Ganyt root tea and it made him more nervous.

A low chuckle had him look up. King Jarlyn leaned again the doorframe. "My dear seer. Anyone would think you were nervous."

"I am nervous. I've never... I mean you're king now." Karshin looked down at his feet and Jarlyn's cool fingers under his chin lifted his face.

King Jarlyn smiled. "Would it be easier if I ordered you?"

Karshin smiled. "I think so, my king."

Jarlyn easily gave the order. "Love me, Seer Karshin."

Karshin obeyed.

The End

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