This is a story of friendship, commitment, love and trust. It is not a sex story. However, this story deals with love between male teenagers. If you are offended by stories involving love between two teenage boys, please do not read this story. There may be some sex scenes in this story; however, sex is not the main theme. If you are under age 18 or 21 or it is illegal to read this story where you live, don't read it. Reproducing this story for distribution without the owner's permission is a violation of that copyright.

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I'm rewriting it. Dudes let me tell you I am so excited about this new story.

With Quire I wrote myself into a corner and just didn't like the way Quire was going - my apology, but I promise you the new story will be so good! I won't post it until it's complete - What I am satying is Albrich and Quire are being rewritten into a new story.

As typical for me there not a lot of sex in this story if any... ( gee that sounds like my life).

This new story will probably called 'Quest for the Xenarian Crystal' - A story of love, friendship and mostly adventure. I will tell you the names of the three major characters - Mordulac (the mentor), Quire(Albrich - An unusal teenage boy) and Matt (co-hero teenager boy) - It's probably going to between 20-30 chapters each chapter will be 3000-4000 words). Well, that's the plan anyway.

Okay, just to give you a taste of 'Quest for the Xenarian Crystal' here is a completely unedited chapter 1. Depending on the amount of feedback will depend where I post it Chapter by Chapter or wait till I am completely done - I takes me three to four weeks to perfect a chapter so the postings will be about a month apart. I hope to be posting them on crvboy.com also


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The Rescue

Far away in the dark emerald sky of Arthlon a tiny speck appeared. It was Mordulac, a mock-dragon. No one knows where he originated. He looks dragonish. His large body is covered in silicon-based scales. His wings act stabilizers as he flies. His top speed is well over mach 25 by earth terms. His protective qualities form an impenetrable shield around any passenger he may be carrying. Because of his own silicon based body he can withstand extreme temperatures. Any energy cause by friction is converted by an internal cooling system.

Although Mordulac looks biological he is not.

Mordulac's only passenger so far has been a Hubbadorian youth who calls himself Quire. Mordulac was not only Quire's protector he was Quire's mentor, companion, and his best friend.

Even though Mordulac was over 50 km away his sight was such that he could clearly see that Quire was still asleep. And should Quire need him it would only take a split second for Mordulac to transport to Quire's side.

As the sun rose on Arthlon Mordulac silently came to rest near the sleeping boy. It was time for Quire to wake. Surreptitiously Mordulac's wet tongue moved slowly toward the boy's ear. In a split second Quire's left hand reached out and grabbed Mordulac's tongue.

"Gotcha!" smiled the boy. His eyes were still close. Slowly he turned over still holding on to the tongue. He opened his eyes and smiled again his deep blue eyes sparkling with life.

"My friend, you know that I hate that and that for the last two years you not once have been able to lick my ear! Such a silly dragon! Anyway, I have one day of vacation left before I must return to the castle and today I shall swim and fish! Any disagreements?"

"Bhne! Hui twus ewe sslp thel!" remarked the dragon.

"Huh? Oh sorry!" said Quire as he releases his friend's tongue.

"I said. None. I trust you slept well?" Mordulac uttered then wiggled his forked tongue around.

"Yes...shall we go? Marlo and Magno are probably waiting!" the boy said reaching into his shirt's pouch and pulling out a piece of what looked like jerky, taking a bite and then leapt upon the dragon's back sitting in between the dragon's wings. Within an instant they were soaring high into the emerald green morning sky.

"You seem sort of pensive, my boy. Anything the matter?" thought the dragon.

"Thinking about meeting my friends...I-I can hardly wait to see them... to see their faces when they see me. You know it's been over two years!"

"mmm" Mordulac half acknowledge as he was only half listening.

"Mordulac..." Quire paused. "Mordulac, do you think I've change much in the last two years? I mean as much as Arthlon boys?"

"Change. Yes. As much as other Arthlonians of your gender, hummm" he thought. "Well, you're Hubbadorian, so no. You're stronger physically and mentally, but I believe other boys your age are taller and physically more mature, but not to worry, my boy, you'll soon catch up!"

"You mean I still look like a young boy."


Little else was said or thought for the rest of the journey. The dragon could feel Quire's excitement and with each mile closer to their destination Quire's excitement grew. Finally the dragon spoke in his rich deep booming voice "Why don't you just foresee it - you have the power!"

"I know, but it would spoil the surprise. I like surprises!" replied Quire.

They landed in a clearing near the beach and out of sight from Quire's friends who were deathly afraid of dragons.

Quire ran along the path towards the beach. Marlo and Magno looked up to see Quire running toward them. "Quire! They shouted as they ran towards him. All three hugged as they met, smiling, laughing overjoyed at seeing each other. Quire stood back from his two friends "Wow! You two have really grown!" Quire said realizing that both his friends were three inches taller than he and had a good growth man hair. When he'd last seen them two years ago they were all the same height and no man hair. He continued, "Being a Hubbadorian I guess has some disadvantages. I've barely grown at all and I barely have but a few sprigs of man hair."

"It's so good to see you, Quire. I'm sure you'll have a growth spurt soon enough!" said Magno.

"The water is great!" exclaimed Marlo as Quire quickly shed his clothes.

Suddenly Marlo and Magno's faces change from elation to terror.

"What's the matter?" asked Quire.

Marlo just pointed to something behind Quire.

Quire turned around slowly to see Mordulac approaching.

Quire ran towards the huge dragon.

"Mordulac! Go! I told you not to show yourself!" yelled Quire with his fire engine red hair showing his anger.

"Quire, the Queen has communicated extreme danger! No time to explain. Prepare to be transported to safety."

"No! It's not fair! I hate..." Quire yelled at the dragon but before he could finish a funnel cloud like force took him away. Within a split second he disappeared from sight.

Quire's two friends were in a panic as they thought the dragon had eaten Quire. The dark funnel cloud had look like smoke to them. They screamed in terror as the dragon took one very large step towards them. Then suddenly it was gone.


Mathew Charleston was getting bored watching his brother playing a computer game. "Come on, Steven let me play!" whined the fifteen year old.

"Go away! Damn it, Matt! You made me loose a life!" Steven continued to play.

"No, I didn't! You just suck at this game, stupid!" Matt retaliated moving quickly over to the window out of Steven's reach. "You're just a sucky player!" he said again laughing "sucky, sucky ...Holy Shit!" Matt exclaimed. "Stev...Steven! It's a tornado!" Matt froze in shock. All electrical power in the house was gone!

Steven gasped as he saw the funnel coming down - straight down into their backyard. The weird thing was it was silent except for the crackle of electricity. There was no wind just a spinning funnel of black cloud. Steven ran to the window instinctively to pull his brother back out of danger.

As he grabbed Matt, Matt slapped his hand away; Matt's were eyes fix on the funnel. He saw something, he thought, fall from the bottom of the funnel, which was now only a few feet from the ground.

"Did you see that? I saw something!" yelled Matt.

Steven grabbed Matt and wrestled him to the floor. "Stay DOWN!" Steven shouted.

Matt forced his way free. "LET GO OF ME!" Matt said angrily. "I saw something come out the bottom of the tornado!" He jumped up and looked out the window. He saw the funnel rising and briefly caught a glimpse of some sort of animal about the size of a small dog. "Steven, look!"

Steven got up and looked out the window, but the view was obscured by a torrent of water. The two stared out the window. They couldn't believe what they saw as the torrent of water lessen to a fine drizzle.


Six hundred miles away...

"Shit, the weather looks really bad," Officer Tony Versailles said to his partner.

"Yeah, it's looking really bad. Stupid weatherman said it was going to be clear all day. I was almost going to take the day off. Glad I didn't," said his partner Officer Ryan Biggsbee.

As they drove down the nearly deserted street the storm got worse. Suddenly the patrol car came to a halt. Nothing that was electrical was working.

"Oh God!" screamed Versailles "Get the hell outa here - TORNADO!"

"I can't!" his partner replied in terror "The car's dead!"

The two watched in horror as the funnel cloud quietly past over their vehicle. Fixedly they watched, as it appeared to come to a stop less than a hundred feet from them. Everything was silent except for the crackling of electrical discharges near the funnel.

"Did you see that?" questioned Officer Versailles. "Something came out of the end of the tornado!"

"That's no tornado!" called Officer Biggsbee as he got out of the car. He took less than three steps towards the funnel when a bolt of lightening hit him in the chest knocking him backwards and slamming his body against the vehicle with such force that he was stunned and unconscious.

Tony Versailles rushed around the car to his partner. He had just verified that his partner was alive when his attention went back to the ally where the funnel cloud was now moving upward and a torrent of rain was falling down.

What he saw he couldn't believe.


Matt ran down the stairs closely followed by his older brother. "Matt, be careful, you don't know what it is."

"Oh, duh, Steven." Matt gave him a scornful look.

When he got to the backyard he came to a screeching halt and Steven nearly knocked him over. The animal was no longer the size of a small dog! It was the size of a very large Great Dane.

"Matt, let's get back in to house." Steven said in a whisper.

Matt nodded his head in agreement. The creature winked at him. Matt could resist winking back.

Steven was almost back in the house when he realized that Matt was not behind him.

The creature appeared to smile at Matt. Matt smiled timidly. For some unknown reason Matt suddenly ran towards the beast, which was now bigger than he.

"Matt!" screamed Steven in horror as he saw Matt running straight towards the beast.

Five feet from the creature Matt ran into a mushy invisible wall and bounced backwards three feet.

Matt stood for a few seconds absolutely still looking at the beast his body tingled.

"Are you okay?" asked Mordulac.

"Yeah" replied Matt.

"Are you okay?" asked Steven.

"Yeah. Steven, did you hear him?"

"Hear who?"

"The dragon."

"The WHAT?"

"Mordulac. He's a dragon from somewhere - Arfehon I think... Run at him."

"What! You're NUTS!"

"No, I ran at him, I hit something gooey, bounced back and now I can hear him."

"YOU ARE CRAZY!" cried Steven. The dragon was now as big as a pony.

"Steven, just DO IT!" commanded Matt.

Steven muttered to himself "I'm nuts. I must be crazy doing what he says." Steven ran straight for the dragon.

Just a split second before he got to the dragon Matt yelled out "NO! STOP!"

It was too late. Steven hit the side of the dragon full force. Wham! He stumble backwards a few steps completely dazed. Slowly he looked over at his brother.

"I said stop. He wasn't ready. You'll have to do it again."

Steven just gave him a disgusted look as a small trickle of blood ran out his nose. He slowly walked inside "Send me an e-mail when he's READY!"


Tony Versailles couldn't believe his eyes as saw the body moving and struggling to get up. The person vomited several times before attempting to get up. Weakly he managed to stand, covered in some sort of slim, which the heavy downpour of rain was washing off the naked body of a young looking boy. The rain had just dissipated as Ryan Biggsbee came to. "Oh, shit! What happened?" he moaned.

"You got struck by lightening. I thought for sure you were dead. You okay?"

"Yeah, I feel sort of weird. What the..." Biggsbee had just noticed the kid.

Tony Versailles ran over to the naked boy. "Hey, you all right? Where are your clothes?"

Quire looked at the disappearing funnel and then looked slowly back at the police officer. He felt so weak. It was hard for him to do anything except look.

Officer Versailles touched the boys arm gently. "Whoa. You're freezing!" Officer Versailles called to his partner "Hey, Ryan, toss me a blanket! There's one in the trunk."

Officer Biggsbee quickly tossed the blanket to him and he gently wrapped it around the boy. "I think he's in shock. We need to get him over to St. Mary's. He took Quire's hand, paused and looked into his deep blue eyes. Suddenly, he couldn't believe his eyes. His heart was racing; he couldn't seem to catch his breath. He almost burst into tears. He was looking at his brother. He let go of Quire's hand and turned away from him quickly.

"Versailles, are you all right?"

"Yeah...I uh...I'm fine."

"You look pale as a sheet," remarked his partner.

Tony Versailles took a deep breath and sighed, "It's...it's just that he looks just like my youngest brother, Sammy, who died last year. I...I mean exactly like him!"

"Including, his eyes? They look like cats eyes; you know slits instead of round pupils. He must be wearing those weird contacts. My kids tried to get me to buy them a pair last Halloween" spoke Officer Biggsbee.

Tony Versailles took Quire's hand again and led him to the squad car.


"Matt, I need your help," said Mordulac.

"Sure. Whatcha need me to do?"

"Quire is in severe danger. I need you to help me find him and get him to safety. In his current state he's quite defenseless."

"Sure, who's Quire?"

"Quire is a Hubbadorian. He is destined to become a powerful leader amongst the universes. Right now he is only a young boy like you. Climb upon my back sit between my wings," ordered Mordulac as he opened a few scales outward so that Matt could climb up.

When Matt was seated property several scales clamped his legs in tight.

"Not too tight I hope?" said Mordulac.

"A little but it's fine. What about my brother?" ask Matt.

"No time and until I have totally regenerate I doubt I could get off the ground with three boys on my back. Quire is six hundred miles away and I don't think you want to walk back."

Steven came out the back door holding an ice pack on his nose.

Mordulac was now the size of a very large elephant.

"Matt, what are you doing? Get down now!"

"Can't I'm going to help Mordulac save Quire!" and that said Mordulac leapt high in the air clearing the roof of their house by fifty feet his wings unfurled and within a second Mordulac and Matt were out of sight.

"Matt! Mordulac!" Steven yelled, but to no avail. The two were gone.

"Great! Just great!" exclaimed Steven as he thought about his mother's last words as she left to get his dad from work 'Steven, look after your brother! And remember, he's grounded so he not to leave the yard.' She and his dad would be back home in five minutes. He could see it now. "Mom, Dad, Matt left the yard!"

"Steven, you're grounded. Where did he go?"

"Mom, Dad, I'm not sure where he went. He was on the back of a dragon." Steven laughed hysterically. Not only would he be ground, but also they'd probably take away his computer for life!


Time was of essence in Mordulac's mind therefore he wasted no time. They arrived at the destination in less than five minutes. Matt's stomach felt like it was twisted in knots but as soon as they landed in an alley behind St. Mary's hospital he felt fine and very excited.

"Whoa that was so cool!"

"Oh, you should have told me I would have increased the temperature," said Mordulac.

"No cool means it was really great! I loved it! It was fantastic!"

"Gotcha. Okay now I will guide you to where Quire is. You must take his hand and say to him `Groko sutu magasico.' Otherwise he will not respond to you then you must think the words of your language for him to say."

Okay. Which way?" asked Matt.

In his mind Matt heard Mordulac say, "Go through that doorway over there and turn left down the hallway."

Matt hurried through the hospital corridors following Mordulac's directions and arrived in a room.

"Who are you asked Officer Tony Versailles? You are not allowed in here."

"Uh-uh," Matt stammered, "That's my brother. I've come to take him home. He must have had one of his seizures." Matt moved over to the bedside and took Quire's hand, lent close to Quire's ear and said softly, "Groko sutu magasico."

Instantly, Quire's eyes opened he sat up and looked at Matt.

Matt had never seen such an attractive boy in his life. Before he could stop himself he thought, "Oh my God! You are so beautiful!"

"Oh my God! You are so beautiful!" exclaimed Quire.

Matt blushed then realized Quire was simply repeating what he had thought. Quickly the thought, "Gotcha Matt! Hey where are my clothes. Shit! I must have had a seizure!"

Quire spoke Matt's thoughts. Matt felt a little disappointed.

"Let's go Albrich, Mom and Dad will be home soon," said Matt.

"Wait a minute you can't leave. The doctor has to release him. There's a lot of questions that need to be answered," said Officer Versailles, "I mean I need your name and your brother's name, your address."

"I'm Albrich Mc Daniels," spoke Quire using Matt's thoughts.

"And I am Steven Mc Daniels and we live at 214 Main St. in Oakland Park," said Matt hoping there was such a place.

"Matt! Danger! Take Quire and get him out of there. A bounty hunter is after him!" called Mordulac.

Out in the corridor came the sound of people screaming and a horrible cracking sound like the sound of a bolt of lightening when you're close to it. It made the hair on the back of Tony Versailles' neck stand up.

Matt pull on Quire's arm getting him into a standing position and they headed toward the door. He quickly shoved Quire out the door as Officer Versailles grabbed him by the shirt to stop him. Buttons popped, the shirt ripped as Matt struggled to get away. In a flash Matt was free but slammed into Quire's causing them both to fly forward.

Behind them he heard screams and turned to look. The massive creature stood almost seven feet tall. It was clothed in some sort of uniform. It's head with the exception of four stalks protruding from its top looked lacertilian. Its four eyes connected to the stalks moved independently carefully surveying the scene.

It was obvious to Matt that the creature had spotted Quire as all its eyes were focused on Quire. Matt slid his arm under Quire's chest as the creature took aim and fired. In that instant Matt rolled Quire's body over his and on to his left side. A bolt of lightening hit the floor where Quire had been. Now there was only a large hole in the floor.

Officer Tony Versailles with gun drawn, aimed and fired at the creature. He fired a total of six shots into the creature's body and slowly the creature toppled forward. The weapon he carried slid along the floor coming to a stop at Quire's feet. Purple liquid oozed out of the orifices Officer Versailles had created.

Officer Versailles went over to examine the body.

At the same time Matt picked up Quire's body, the weapon on the floor and carried him fireman style toward the nearest window, which shattered as a dragon's wing cut thorough it. Although they were five stories above the ground Mordulac kept his wing steady as Matt ran across it with Quire. Matt carefully lowered Quire into a sitting position and then sat down wrapping his arms around him. Mordulac's scales locked them safely into position and instantly they were gone.



Less than fifteen minutes had lapse since Matt and Mordulac left and returned to Matt's house with Quire. Matt dismounted and then a very weak Quire dismounted.

"Wait here," said Matt he turned and ran up to his bedroom hid the creatures weapon in his closet then grabbed some clothes and started back down when Steven stepped out in to the hall.

"You're back!" said Steven happy that his brother was home before his parent had gotten home.

"He needs clothes," Matt yelled without stopping.

"I'll be down in a sec." Steven hadn't seen his brother so excited and happy looking for a long time. Who ever this Quire was he must be special. Steven went to his window and watched his brother dress the very handsome boy Matt called Quire. Matt never stopped smiling. Once Quire was dressed Steven left and joined them outside.

"He's still weak, maybe we should sit for a while. The three boys sat down on the ground. Matt told Steven about the flight to Chicago, the details of the rescue of Quire from the creature.

"They're called a barquot. They are used as bounty hunters," said a voice not far from them.

"Mordulac?" asked Matt looking around but not seeing him.

"Yup, it's me," he laughed at the look on Steven's face. "Stealth mode!" he roared.

"I, I can hear him!" said Steven.

"Of course! I hadn't totally regenerated when I first meet you. Or should I say when you ran into me."

"Will Quire grow more when he regenerates?" asked Matt.

"No, Matt." Matt could hear the smile in Mordulac's voice. "He doesn't regenerate. The travel sucks energy from him. He hates being transported. He just tired."

"How did you know my real name?" said Quire in a soft voice, "Did Mordulac tell you?"

"Well, yeah, Mordulac told me he had to save Quire and he needed my help."

"No, my real name Albrich. I am Albrich son of Alron. Did Mordulac tell you?"

"No. I just thought it up. It seemed to fit," replied Matt.

"No one has called me Albrich for four years since my name was taken from me. That's when I took the name Quire. Thank you, Matt. Thank you for rescuing me. But most of all thank you for giving me back my name."

Matt's mouth opened but no words came out as he stared at Quire. Quire's hair changed from black to a golden color and his eyes became an iridescent emerald green. Matt had thought Quire was beautiful but now he could think of one word that he spoke softly, "Awesome."

"My my," said Mordulac.

"Your hair changed color," said Steven.

"It happens but this is the first time I've seen it turn golden," said Mordulac, "Quire, does it mean..."

Quire blushed, "Shut up, silly dragon. And my name is Albrich..." He added in thought "friend of Matt Charleston."

Mordulac laughed.

At that moment a car entered the Charleston's driveway.

"It's Mom and Dad," said Steven, "Better get in the house before they see you out here. I'll tell them Albrich is my friend and he's staying over because his grandmother died."

Matt's happiness ended. He ran into the house and up to his room. It was better than having Dad create a scene and embarrassing him. He knew Albrich was his friend and he didn't want his parents ruining that for him.

Albrich's hair faded to black and his eyes returned to their normal deep blue as he watched Matt leave.

Steven smiled thinking to himself "two of a kind."