Author's Note: This is a fictional story, the characters in this story are not based

off of anyone in particular. If the names resemble anyone please

remember that. Also please know that this story does contain sex

between minors and that this is a story I created and it is not permitted

be copied with out my permission.

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All the time in the world 1

I can still remember the sweet smell of the morning dew on the blades of wheat we grew on our farm in Massachusetts. How I miss that smell; it was so many years ago. I guess I should start from the beginning. My names is Micah McDoodle I was born on February 17th 1699 on a small farm in the colony of Massachusetts. I had five brothers and two sisters, I was the fifth boy and also the middle child. I was fourteen when the life I had completely changed. I had just got in another argument with my dad for I don't know how many times. He and I never did get along he always called me a wuss because I would rather be doing other things instead of working in the fields, I was always going off and drawing. This particular argument was because I didn't help out with the harvest. I was so mad at him because he swung the horse whip at me and I ran off. My parents were strong devote Catholics from good old Ireland. They came to the new world to start a new life when my oldest brother was one. Anyways back to the argument, so my dad had just swung the horse whip at me and cracked me right on the cheek it stung like hell. I took off running where I didn't know all I knew is I had to get away from him because if I cried it would make him even madder. He always told us boys that only women cry and no boy of his is allowed to cry. I found myself in a grove deep in the forest. I sat behind a fallen tree and just cried. I must have cried myself to sleep because next thing I noticed the moon was high up in the sky. I stood up and began the direction I thought was the way home, I was going to be in so much trouble with dad.

As I was heading through the forest I bumped into this young guy who was just what I thought was a year older than me. He asked me which way was I heading I told him I think north to my family farm he just laughed and came close to me. The moonlight bounced off of his skin in a way that seem to make me began to get hard. I have never even thought of another guy before I know that was completely taboo but this young man he had eyes that reflected the moonlight a deep glowing blue. His skin looked soft and a little pale, and his lips were a soft red. He inched closer to me and before I knew it our noses were almost touching he looked into my eyes and I looked into his. “You smell so good” he said to me. I couldn't help but blush. Next thing I knew he had me pinned to the forest ground sniffing me all over. He began to take my shirt off I didn't know what to do. I knew this was wrong but this guy something about him made me not want to fight him. He licked my nipples Oh God did that feel good. He made his way down to my navel and looked up at me and just smiled. All of a sudden the next thing I knew he released my uncut 9 inch dick and began to suck it. All I did was moaned oh I was way beyond ecstasy I never experienced this before. My oldest brother who is married and has two kids and another on the way use to tell me how great it feels to have your dick sucked. I can't believe it was this good. All of a sudden I felt this sharp piercing pain in my inner thigh it hurt so bad I looked down and saw this guy sucking on the spot I felt that pain. I tried to push him off but he just placed one hand on my chest and had me pinned down. I mean what the hell how can he be so strong he wasn't that much stronger than me. The world began to spin and I was feeling really weak. I remember heading down this long dark tunnel and seeing a bright white light way out in the distance. Than I was back in my body but I felt different the aromas off all the smells in the forest seem to have intensified, I saw the young guy next to me resting on his shoulder staring at me and smiling his teeth were a bit pinkish and it looked like blood on his lips. All of a sudden I realized I wasn't breathing but how could I be alive if I wasn't breathing. He looked at me still with that smile Damn how that smile just seem to melt away at me. Than he got a serious look on his face “ I have given you probably the most greatest gift on this earth, a chance to live as an immortal to live forever.” I couldn't believe what he was saying to me I looked at him “What the hell are you talking about?” I had asked him. He laughed “You are like me my friend a vampire a human whom isn't neither alive nor dead. The only bad thing is you must drink the blood of another creature whither human or an animal to stay alive. You can not return back to your old life that is finished who will live with me. Also there are two things that can kill you the first is obviously if you get your head cut off your dead and second is if you get stabbed in the heart. Sunlight will not kill you but too much exposure can cause you to be very weak so avoid direct sunlight.” I looked at him shocked and than burst out laughing. I than said “You are one screwed up person, there is no such thing as a vampire. I am going to go now and I hope you go see someone for your story you believe to be true.” Before I could even blink he used one hand and was standing in front of me and had me lifted in the air by my neck. “ Do not make fun of me stupid boy I may look only fifteen years old but I have been around longer than the Catholic Church. Now you will do as I say and that is final and if you ever tell me that I am not right in the head again I will personally kill you myself by ripping your precious head of yours off of your neck with my bare hands.” I gulped and said okay.

He sat me down and threw my clothes at me told me to get dressed and follow him. I did as he said with no argument. We walked for what seem like hours in the woods and when we finally reached this most beautiful big home rested in a deep valley. I was in udder wow when I saw it. He turned around “Welcome to your new home” I just gasped I mean what could I say here I was a farm boy living in a three bedroom log home my dad built with his own hands and seeing this palace at least that's what it looked like in my eyes. As we got closer to the home a short little man in a suit open the door to us and looked at this vampire. “Welcome Back Master Hezekiah and his friend” he just smiled and nodded and we entered. He took my hand and gave me the grand tour. He had a room full of books on shelves, and an indoor garden, a ball room with a harp. This place was huge he than took me upstairs there was 4 huge bedrooms almost the size of my family's cabin. I just was astonished, he lead me to the biggest bedroom where there was a bed I have never seen a bed this size before it was huge. He sat down and patted the bed for me to join him it was so soft. Through the window I could see the sun was beginning to rise and I had this hunger I couldn't put my thumb on but I needed something to eat. My maker who I learned whose name is Hezekiah got up and told me to follow him to the kitchen. Man oh man my mom would be so excited in this kitchen. He than handed me a glass and went to what looked like a keg in the corner and undid the cork and some red like liquid came out and he filled a pitcher with it. I could smell it from here, and it made my hunger intensified ten times more. He filled my glass and told me to drink I slowly took a sip and mmm was it good. I drank it in one chug and he refilled my glass. I had five glass full. I felt strong my senses were heightened. I could hear the deer in the local meadow that the house sat next to.

Hezekiah took my hand and led me back to the bedroom. He slid his hands under my shirt and pulled me close and we kissed. His lips were so soft and made me ache in my trousers. We slid our hands under each others shirts and pulled them off of one another. We than both began to do one another's trousers. He pulled me to the bed not breaking our kiss. He rubbed his dick against mine his was thicker than mine but we were the same length his was cut. Oh how great this felt. He than began to suck on my dick I thought I was going to pee but he just smiled and kept sucking and all of a sudden it felt like my dick exploded and than began to relax in Hezekiah's mouth he had this white stuff leaking from his mouth. I wasn't sure what it was at the time but he kissed me again and I tasted it and it was so good and sweet to taste. I later found out what it was called. Remember this was back in the 1600s and this wasn't something you could learn from the internet. Hezekiah laid beside me and rubbed his fingers softly up and down my chest. It felt so relaxing, we both fell asleep cuddling into one another. I woke up and I could tale by the shadows in the room the sun was near to setting. I saw him just laying there and I slowly pulled from his arms and decided to give him the relief he gave me. I looked up and down his body and it was beautiful he had the perfect shape he had a six pack with just enough muscles that shaped his frame perfectly. Like me he had a small trail of hair leading down from his navel to his dick, even though his was black hair and mine is fiery red. I slid down the bed and pulled the blanket back to reveal his cock resting against his leg. I took a second to admire it, I softly took it into my hands and put it in my mouth. It took me a second to get use to doing this. I began to suck on him and his dick swelled up in my mouth I continued to suck faster and longer and harder. He began to leak this stuff inside my mouth and it tasted good. He woke up and just moaned and told me not to stop. So I kept going his moaning was getting louder I was worried if the servants in the house would be pounding at the door wondering if their boss was okay but I did not care I wanted it. I sucked and sucked, all of a sudden his dick began to shake and than it exploded this stuff in the back of my throat oh my god did this stuff taste good. After he was done cumming I pulled his dick out of my mouth and kissed him. “Mmm now this was the best wake up I have had in a long time” he said between our kisses. We laid back into one another and he combed his fingers through my hair “I know you and I just met Micah but you are the most beautiful person I have met in my long years. I never thought in all my years of being a vampire I would find love, I always thought we were condemned of it. But you, you are something special you are what makes me want to keep on living. I have lived for almost 1585 years and I know now I can't live with out you Micah.” I looked at him and he had tears pouring down his face. I took my hands and wiped them and kissed him and than said to him “I have always been taught to live by the bible my family is devoted to the Catholic Church. I know I would be told I am going to burn in hell for all of this but Hezekiah I feel this is right and that what I feel for you is love. I love you so much Hezekiah.

To Be Continued...