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Previously…We used the excuse that we were just extremely tired and all the adults just shook their heads and laughed. As we sat down at the table Michelle stood up “I would like to make a toast to John and Micah, you two our truly great people. I am glad that Rick had met you although I wish it was under different circumstances but all in all without you guys I may not have a husband coming home to me every night” she said raising her glass to a toast. We all raised our glasses to acknowledge the toast then had a drink. Christmas day began to whine down and we all had a great time. The children were worn out and sound asleep by 8:30pm.

All the Time in the World 11

ll the Time in the World 11

As time continued on life in our simple home began to grow a little crazier. Lucas’s aging metabolism began to slow down once his body reached the age of a thirteen year old even if to us he was only born six years ago. Now he reached the age to start puberty his body would age at a normal rate until he reaches twenty one and then he would never age again. Rick and Michelle had their twins. She had both boys she named them Douglas and Marcus, they were so cute and tiny compared to when Lucas was born. Elizabeth and Mark’s house had been built in Las Cruces and they would come up every other weekend to spend time with us. Their daughter Melinda was growing up to be a beautiful young lady. The Supernatural Council had approved that the use of felons would be a good idea for a food source as long as they were not killed. Everything was set up to begin all the process of starting the program on how vampires would get their food. Around April of 1960 the council had the biggest attack against us from the Anti-Supernatural League. They were going through several states and trying to wipe us all out. The Council then decided it’s time we put a stop to all this we called a truce and tried negotiating which caused out to be a trap for us supernatural beings. After they ended up killing our representative and all of the ones that were there we ended up declaring war. We took their numbers down to only a dozen they were young men and women who could be talked to. We told them if they ever even thought about resurrecting the Anti-Supernatural League we will hunt them down and dispose of them.

Matthew and Henry decided that it was time to enroll Lucas into regular High School so he could get a broader aspect on life. They laid down the rules and told them that if anyone asks about his family just says he lived with his father and leave it at that. He never questioned why he just simply agreed and left it at that. Mine and John’s love for one another was growing more and more with each decade and years we were together. Rodolfo, Dracula, and Julie would come over at least once a month or some times more than that. When the Vietnam War was now on its fifth year and constant reports were coming in from the news and the vampire council. The council was trying its hardest to stay out of it and they made sure all the supernatural beings in that region were evacuated. Around August of 1960 John and I took a trip to Europe for the first time. Dracula came with us with Rodolfo and we were shown such beautiful sites that I doubt anyone ever had seen before.

A week in to our vacation John and I said our good byes as Dracula and Rodolfo left to Tuscany and John and I went to Ireland. I wanted to show him where my family originally came from. We stopped at this old castle that I found out was still in my family’s name and we decided to take a look. Even though the castle has been long since abandon for almost 400 years the interior was still in almost perfect condition like it had been frozen in time. As we stepped through the fresh hold a rush of cold air hit our bodies and a ghostly voice told us to leave that our kind isn’t welcomed here. We stood our ground and we stepped forward and I looked around “I am Micah McDoodle and I have every right to be here because technically this place is in my family’s name. So if I was you I would either show yourself or leave this place now” I shouted out making my voice echo through the castle. A white shimmer began to materialize in front of us and a man stood in front of us in 16th century style clothing. He studied my face then smiled and welcomed us. He apologized for his rudeness but he said there have been rogue vampires through the years that would come here to slumber for a little while. He said that because of his Celtic heritage he has been able to keep this place intact. The ghost simply told us we could call him Old Man Doodle so we did and I told him about my life and how I met John. He smiled then said “Technically this place is considered yours you know young man, and I am but its caretaker. The place is yours if you want it. No humans ever come here for they fear me and the black hound that roams the land” he said smiling. He showed us pictures of my ancestors and he showed me a picture of his son and it looked like I was looking into a mirror.

Comes to find out that person in the painting was the ghost’s son. When the castle was stormed and taken over the ghost stayed behind so his son and wife could flee. He told us that are the last time he ever saw them. He then told us the main reason why the castle managed to stay intake all these centuries. On these grounds Druids Priest used these lands and it absorbed all that energy. I knew that must be what I felt when we entered through the threshold of the castle. John and I slept in the castle that night. John wrapped his strong firm arms around my neck and we began kissing me passionately. He slid my shirt of and kept kissing my chest then sucking on my nipples. The sensation was driving me wild I tried to make a move on him but he just kept going tell he had me completely naked. He carried me to the bed and used our shirts and pants to tie me to the bed where he tortured and teased me with his tongue and kisses for almost a half hour. I began begging him to fuck me or do something with my throbbing hard cock. He licked his lips and began sucking on my cock until it was covered with spit. He slipped my cock out of my dick then crawled above me and pushed my cock into his ass. He rode me nice and slow just to torture me for two hours. Finally I had enough I gathered all my strength and ripped my restraints and I grabbed his hips and began thrusting into him nice and hard causing me to over fill his ass with my cum. We passed out from our long passionate sex session and slept like babies holding one another.

As the sun peeked into the stain glass window in the room we slept in I looked at John and I knew that even though my heart does not beat it belongs to him. I slipped a pillow into his arms and I got out of bed. After putting on some pants and a shirt, I crept through the castle too look around. Old Man Doodle’s ghost appeared in the hallway and asked if I was okay. I told him I was but I really wanted to make John not just be considered my partner but my husband. He smiled and said that if this is really what I want to go into a town and find a Druid Priest tell him my name and then ask him to perform the ceremony. I told him I didn’t even come prepared to do that and he led me down several stairs and hallways to the dungeon where there was a stone wall. I looked at him oddly and he said to push the stone that had a Celtic knot on it. When I did the wall moved and revealed a huge room filled with gold, diamonds, rubies, silver, and sapphires. He showed me to two rings and told me to take these they are family heirlooms and he wanted me to have them. I smiled and told him I wished I could hug him and he happily replied “Just seeing the happiness on your face makes this old spirit feel love again”. I found my way back to the main hall then to John who was still sleeping. I slipped back out of my clothes and back under the blanket into his arms. As I was lying there in his arms I held the two rings inside my other hand.

John woke up fifteen minutes later and locked our lips together, we said good morning at the same exact moment to each other and we laughed. He asked what I wanted to do today and I told him I think we should head into town and actually we better get some blood while we are there. He smiled and kissed me and got up he saw the clothes I slipped on earlier this morning on the floor and I told him I had woken up earlier and I needed to stretch for a minute. He just said okay and tossed me my clothes and we got dressed. We left the castle and got to the town and found a butcher who gave us some pigs’ blood. It kept us alive and healthy but wasn’t as nourishing as human blood. John saw a little shop he wanted to go into and I told him to go ahead I wanted to check on something. I went to the local Catholic Church and I was a bit worried I was going to burst into flames if I entered. An elderly Priest saw me standing there and asked him if I was alright. I was glad my glamour spell was working today because seeing a fourteen year old that was actually over 200 years old just standing at a church may look odd. He walked down to me and asked again if I was alright I told him I was but I was just wondering if there was a Druid Priest anywhere that lived nearby. The old man looked at me oddly and asked me why I was looking for a Druid Priest so I gave him just a little bit of the truth I told him that I was a McDoodle and wanted to know more about the castle outside of town. He stared at me with his mouth open wide and then said they were told the McDoodles’ all had died off in the American Civil War. I smiled and said I was the last remaining one. The old man smiled and told me to come with him.

We entered into a small house next to the church he went to I guess was his bedroom and came back wearing a regular T-shirt. He told me to have a seat and he would make us some tea. I accepted but sipped mine carefully because of my special diet. He told me that he knew of a man just near the city border who was a Druid Priest. The man lived alone and does not like visitors. He then said he goes there once a week bringing the man some groceries and said since today was the day he was supposed to go that I should take them to him instead just tell him Father McKay was too busy. I thanked him for the information and told him I had better go and he said you didn’t finish your tea; I just smiled and told him I wasn’t very thirsty. I left and caught up with John who had bought several necklaces with Celtic Knots and Crosses on them for our family back at home. I kissed his lips and told him I had a surprise for him he asked me what was the surprise I led him to a park and in front of a fountain I got down on one knee “Jonathan when my life seem to have come crushing down on itself you were there. We have been through so much and I cannot imagine not having you with me for all time and eternity. John will you marry me” I asked him. He picked me up and kissed my lips “I will Marry You Micah McDoodle, I love you and I can’t imagine any day without you for all time and eternity” he said softly to me as we kissed.

We stopped at the market and I told them I was picking up the groceries for Mr. McGraff, the lady asked why was I and not Father McKay and I simply told him that he was busy today she murmured something under her breath but went and got the groceries. I told her thank you and she just glared at John and I. When we were about a block away from the market John goes and says “Wow you think she could have been a bit nicer” we then laughed as he mimicked her. We got to Mr. McGraff’s house and we opened the gate and began walking the path up to the house when an old man came storming out of the house waving his cane yelling “I know what you two are and I do not allow nightwalkers to come to my home leave now or I will kill you both”. I simply told him who I was and he stopped and stared at me and said I didn’t look like I even had an Irish root in my body. I lowered my glamour spell and he just said Bless the forces that be, you look like the man in the paintings at the old castle up there on the hill. I told him I was a long distant grandson to the original owners and he quickly ushered us inside telling us to sit the groceries on the table. I thanked him and I told him that I had met the ghost of Old Man McDoodle and he told me to find him. I then told him I wish for John and me to get married. He smiled and said “Of course I can do that for you My Lord it would be an honor”. I asked him why he called me My Lord and he said technically this whole land belonged to my family, the town everything within a 322 kilometer radius. John and I were dumbfounded Mr. McGraff told us that since our family was assumed to have died off and I said well technically they have but I am not completely dead. We talked for a little longer and Mr. McGraff told us to call him Eli. We finally bid him good bye and decided that we would send a message to Dracula and Rodolfo inviting them to the castle. We walked back to town stopped and sent them a message and headed back to the castle.

Two days later Dracula and Rodolfo arrived and we introduced them to Old Man McDoodle’s ghost. We showed them their rooms and Dracula said he knew of a place that we could get human blood instead of blood from the Butcher. The next morning Eli came to the castle and when he saw Dracula he froze in his spot. He looked at him and he had anger written all over his face. We were about to introduce everyone but Eli said he knows exactly who Dracula was. Dracula looked at him oddly and Eli said he had heard stories of Dracula. Dracula sighed and said yes he was a monster a long time ago but he has changed and if he ever did anything to Eli or his family he is deeply sorry. Eli just looked at him and finally said he accepts the apology and they shook hands. The word that a McDoodle had returned to the castle spread quickly we were soon left gifts at the castle door. John and I made plans for our wedding but we really wanted our whole family here for it. We went into town and set up ways to get them here, we knew the hardest part would be for Mark. Dracula took care of that and said that Mark was asked to be a guest speaker here at a Seminar in Ireland. He said yes it is a bit of a lie but this way Mark can make it too.

Finally two weeks later much longer than we expected to stay everyone was able to arrive to the castle. We even managed to get Michelle and the twins here. The final arrangements for the wedding were made. John and I had picked out some tuxedos, I would wear a white tuxedo with a black shirt and white bowtie, and John would wear a black tuxedo, white shirt and a black bow tie. When the day finally came I was so completely nervous about it. An hour before our Wedding Eli pulled us aside and told us that it is that in the Druid culture the Priest, the groom, and bride are to meet alone for a few minutes so he can privately blessed and charge the rings, and then he will put them on a wand tied with a cord wrapped loosely around the wand and then the ring barrier will carry the wand. So we had the rings blessed and charged and the wedding was on its way. The ceremony was amazing Eli did such a great job, we followed the instructions carefully and we had a huge feast afterwards that the town had thrown us. What amazed me the most they did not seem to mind that we were gay at all they were okay with it. Our family stayed for another couple days but they needed to get back home. We tried to convince Matthew and Henry to stay for another week but they said they needed to get back because Lucas will be starting school soon. We went to the airport and kissed our love ones good bye and told them we would be back soon. John and I were left alone so we could celebrate our new life as a married couple. We reached the castle and got out of the car and I grabbed John and scooped him up bridal style and carried him indoors and up the stairs to our room. We spent five hours sealing our love for one another, by morning we were so full of cum that we didn’t need much blood to drink that morning. I decided I wanted to show John what Old Man McDoodle showed me so I grabbed his hands and we headed to the dungeons. Old Man McDoodle’s ghost followed behind us just in case I forgot where the secret brick was. It took a few minutes to find it but when I did and revealed the room John’s face had the same shock look I had on mine. He asked whose this was and I told him that it is technically mine which makes it ours. Old Man McDoodle asked us what we are going to do with the castle and all the treasure. I told him we needed to discuss that and then we will let him know.

John and I walked into town to go see Eli and as we walked we talked about the castle and everything in it. We didn’t want to leave our family but yet here we have this castle and everything in it that belongs to us. By the time we reached Eli’s house we still haven’t figured out what to do. Eli welcomed us and told us that he got some fresh lamb blood for us to have. We told him thank you so much, he asked us what was wrong and we told him. He then told us that we could always stay here. We told him about our family and how we really didn’t want to leave them and that I am also on the Vampire and Supernatural Council so I couldn’t really leave my post. He smiled and winked at me then went to a bookcase pulling out a book title McDoodle Castle. It was an old leather bound book and the pages were written. He handed me the book and told me to take it. We talked for another hour until we needed to head out back up the hill to the castle. As we passed the old cemetery just on the outskirts of town I saw a big black dog with red eyes. John saw it too because all of sudden his hand grasped my hand a little tighter. As we neared the castle the dog followed us behind and just as we were about to enter he sat down on a hill and bowed his head as if he was studying us and he gave us permission to be at the castle.

A couple days later John and I were awaken by a huge knock on the main door of the castle. I sleepily climbed out of bed put on some clothes and headed to the door. Eli was standing at the door and he looked like he was out of breath. I quickly invited him in and had him sit in some high back chairs near a fire place. All of sudden there was a roaring fire going and I looked behind me and saw our castle ghost who just winked at me. John came in and saw Eli and ran to the kitchen to get him some hot tea. When John returned with drinks for us all I asked Eli why he was out so early. He handed me a letter that was from Xiang Yu, I looked at him oddly and he said it appeared under his door with a note attaches saying to bring it to us. I opened the letter and read it out loud “Council Member John and Micah McDoodle, I am very pleased to hear of your marriage. The Council has yet another favor of you fine Gentlemen. I have learned you are staying in Ireland at Micah’s family’s old castle. Therefore, I would like to ask if you would consider taking over as our Northern Europe Council Representative. If you do accept the High Council Members have come to a conclusion to extend an invite for Rodolfo to take over the Southwest United States area. I eagerly await your response back. Sincerely Xiang Yu”. I finished reading it and looked at John to see what he wanted to do. He sat back pondering the content of the letter “I love it here Micah for once it feels like this is where we belong. Although, what about our family and love ones. I do not want to be leaving them” he said with sadness in his voice. I sat on his lap and told him I truly understood what he meant and I was torn as well. Eli finally spoke up “Gentlemen if I may suggest something, druids have the ability to transform into creatures to travel over long distance. But in your case that may not work what I would like to suggest is I know of an old woman two towns over. Her family is not druid but she is a witch, and she is always asking me to watch her place when she goes and travels. She never buys a train ticket or airplane ticket she said her family’s cult had accomplished long distant traveling spells. I can ask her to come and talk to you since technically she is registered in the Vampire and Supernatural Council” he said trying to help as much as he can. John and I talked together for a minute telepathically finally John told him that we want to meet this lady.

We decided to wait on sending Xiang Yu a response back to talk to this old lady. Finally after three days of getting the letter Eli and a short little old lady with a walking stick twice her size came to the castle. She told John and me to bend down so she could see us so we did. She took each one of us by our chins and studied us. Finally she looked at Eli and she smiled and nodded at him. I was a bit confused by all of this and why she had done that. She smiled and we saw she was missing a good amount of teeth. “You boys are different from other night walkers these old bones have met. You both seem to have a light in you that are brighter than the sun. I like you boys you can call me Nana” she said still smiling. We sat down near the fireplace that Eli, John, and I sat at three days ago. She then told us that Eli had filled her in to what we wanted to ask her and she said that’s why she needed to look into our eyes. The only way one can use this spell is if the good in their souls is stronger than the darkness. She handed me a folded paper that had the spell written on it and what we would need to perform the spell. Eli told us he had everything on that list accept for the anchor to the place that we wanted to visit he said that’s where our hearts come in.

We made a lunch for Eli and Nana who gratefully accepted the meal. Finally when it was beginning to near dusk Nana said she needed to get back home because she had some Mandrake roots that needed to be planted tonight under the full moon. We said our good byes and watched them leave in the little horse wagon they arrived in. John and I spent the night awake and talking about what changes this will bring and we both decided that we will sign the house and half of our money over to Matthew and Henry this way they will be able to have what they needed in life. We then decided we need to find a way to get the treasure here in a bank to secure it. We figured we would talk to either Dracula or Rodolfo on a bank. Then we talked about bringing the modern world to what we will call our new home. It would be a lot of work so we made sure we kept Old Man McDoodle in the loop on that. Finally around 4am we drifted off to sleep and woke back up around 9:30am. We got dressed had some morning blood to help us make it through until lunch. When we were done we headed out to the village to send messages to our family back in Alamogordo and to Xiang Yu telling him we accept. We passed by the church that led me to find Eli. We finally got to a place we can send our message and then we went to Eli’s to tell him hello. He smiled and welcomed us in and we told him we would like to go back to Alamogordo to talk to our family. But we would fly back since we still had our tickets but in order to return we wanted to use the spell. He got up and grabbed a gunny sack and filled it with the ingredients of herbs He then handed the bag to us and told us that he just wanted to thank us for letting him be a part of everything. Eli was like a grandfather that both John and I never had he was actually a kind man once you got through his outer shell.

When we got back to Alamogordo our family welcomed us back with open arms and they said that they received our letter. Matthew and Henry looked the saddest but we told them about the spell their spirits seem to change to being happy again. We made sure that they knew this isn’t a good bye but more of us stepping aside so they can have a life on their own with their son. We then talked to Rick who said that he could easily get all the documents and transfers said up so that both Matthew and Henry hand an account. Rodolfo gave us a bank name in Scotland that worked with Vampires so we gave that information to Rick as well. The hardest part was trying to figure out how we would modernize the castle. Around two weeks after we returned home we received a letter from Eli telling us that he was able to get some people to modernize the castle. He said that it was already done and that Old Man McDoodle approved. We were dumbfounded and I let out a bit of tears of joy. Everything was finally in order and with some tears of sadness John and I did the spell and we were transported back to Ireland. Even though we were so far from our family we felt like they were right here alongside us. It was almost 10pm in Ireland when we knocked on Eli’s door we heard him gripping and cussing saying stupid kids playing tricks on me again. When he opened it he had his stick that he waved at us the first time we met but when he saw it was us he smiled and ushered us in. We asked him how much do we owe for the remodeling of the castle and Eli simply said “nothing so don’t ask me again”.

To Be Continued…Or Maybe Not

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