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Previously…Around two weeks after we returned home we received a letter from Eli telling us that he was able to get some people to modernize the castle. He said that it was already done and that Old Man McDoodle approved. We were dumbfounded and I let out a bit of tears of joy. Everything was finally in order and with some tears of sadness John and I did the spell and we were transported back to Ireland. Even though we were so far from our family we felt like they were right here alongside us. It was almost 10pm in Ireland when we knocked on Eli’s door we heard him gripping and cussing saying stupid kids playing tricks on me again. When he opened it he had his stick that he waved at us the first time we met but when he saw it was us he smiled and ushered us in. We asked him how much do we owe for the remodeling of the castle and Eli simply said “nothing so don’t ask me again”.

All the Time in the World 12

Life in our knew home was great and even though we were far away from our family we still saw them once a month. Even though the shape shifters in America seem friendlier to our kind the night walkers here in Europe that wasn’t the case. John and I were constantly trying to keep the peace between them. Part of me never really wanted to believe that Lucas was the key to balancing the sides of both Shape Shifters and Night Walkers but with all the negotiations and peace conferences we were trying to have I knew that what Lucas is will help it. We also ran into a few rogue vampires who tried to cause damage for the Council. I can honestly say it was never a dull moment here at the castle. John and I had made love in every single corner of the castle and we loved it. About 75% of the time we were always naked the only time that we weren’t was when Nana and Eli were visiting.

As time progressed Lucas was becoming more mature and technically he was approaching his tenth birthday but his body was that of an eighteen year old. Comes to find out Chris had been teaching Lucas all about the supernatural world and Henry taught him about the life of a shape shifter. Since this was going to be such a huge deal John and I decided to have the Party at the castle. It will be the first time Lucas has ever been to our new home. John and I decided it was time to invite the Main Alpha of all Shape Shifters to the party so he could meet Lucas. We told Henry and Matthew and they were okay with it. At first he didn’t want to see us but then we told him that we were the Grandparents of the one who was supposed to bring balance he gratefully welcomed us to his home. His name was Marcus Haas and he was actually very hot. He stood six foot nine and looked to weigh around 200 pounds of pure muscle. His home was decorated of all sorts of animals he had killed and stuffed. He asked us questions about Lucas and we were happily to answer them. He then said he will come to the Party but if this is a trap than he will make sure we regret it. He then told us that he will have two other shape shifters with him they will be his body guards. We kindly accepted his terms and we then headed back to our castle got a hold of Dracula and Xiang Yu and told them about meeting with Marcus. They were shocked to hear that he was actually willing to talk to us. But they agreed that when they do come they will make sure that nothing is to go wrong.

Henry, Matthew, Donavan, Dimitri, Rick, Michelle, RJ, the twins, Elizabeth, Mark, Melinda, Chris, Steve, Julie, Rodolfo, Dracula, and Xiang Yu all arrived two days before Lucas’s birthday. We showed them their rooms and gave them all big hugs, Michelle was stunned by the beauty of the castle and how much was preserved. I told Rick I wanted him to be able to spend a little time with Eli. When Eli came to over he and Rick went for a walk and when they came back they were both smiling. Rick told us that Eli was willing to help him learn more about his heritage and the rights of being a Druid Priest. Michelle and Elizabeth were like children in a toy store when they saw the size of the kitchen. Dracula asked how things are going for us and we told them our personal life couldn’t be any more fantastic but as for things regarding the supernatural world it has been stressful. We told him about having to try and keep balance between the shape shifters and nightwalkers and things were like stepping on egg shells. He assured us that things will work out we just need to be patient.

Today is Lucas’s big birthday his body has reached that of an eighteen year old. He has grown into a very handsome young man. He is 6ft 2, weighing around 175-180lbs, his brown hair is just about over his ears, and his eyes seem to remind you of a green emerald sparkling in the sun light. If I was not his grandfather and with John I would so date him. But I don’t even know if he is straight, bi, or gay. We had banners, flags, and we even got a huge birthday cake made for him from the baker in town. Marcus showed up with several huge men. We introduced everyone and when Lucas shook Marcus’s hand we could see his tough guy meaner disappear instantly. Right than we could tell that the whole prophecy was true about Lucas. We had a local musical band play at the party. Because his body was that of an eighteen year old we had some ale and other alcohol beverages. Matthew and Henry walked over to John and me “Dads this birthday party is so awesome. We do not know how to thank you for all this. You have always done so much for us. We wish we could do something for you in return” Matthew said with them both end up hugging us. John and I wiped our tears from our eyes and hugged our two sons. “Matthew, Henry just you being our sons and raising Lucas to be this fine young man and letting us be a part of his life is enough for us. We could not ever ask for anyone more caring than loving than you two to be our sons” John said to them between tears. I totally agreed with everything John said to them.

Marcus walked over to us and had a big smile on his face “Gentlemen I must say when you first came to my home I must admit I had my doubts on what you told me. But after meeting Lucas I must say he is the most remarkable young man. His spirit shines through his eyes, I also must say that I am now a firm believer in the Prophecy and I would like to meet with the Head Council Members of the Council so we can talk about a complete treaty”. We told him that actually two of the Head Council Members were here, and if he would like to meet with them we can pull them aside for a little bit. He smiled and told us no that today is for Lucas’s birthday so we can do it tomorrow if that will work for them. I walked over to Dracula and Xiang Yu and talked to them they were more than happy to meet with Marcus tomorrow. John told Marcus everything was set for tomorrow and then he bid his farewell and left the party. We partied tell almost 1 am tell we all were too tired to continue. Dracula, Rodolfo, Matthew, John and I decided to use our speed to clean up real quick. John and I walked into the castle after everyone had finally gone to bed. That’s when I saw Old Man McDoodle’s ghost staring at the picture of his son looking really sad. I told John I will be up in a few minutes and he kissed me and told me not to be too long or he might freeze to death. I laughed and kissed him and smacked his ass as he went up the stairs. I walked over to Old Man McDoodle and asked him what’s wrong. He looked at me with the saddest looking eyes. “I just miss my boy Micah, I never got to see him reach eighteen and seeing your grandson and all of you celebrating his birthday just makes me wish I could see him one last time, but I know he is up there in heaven with his mama”. I looked at him feeling so sad for him I asked him what is keeping him here in this place and not letting him move on. He told me he swore he would protect this castle forever. I told him that he has done that and now it is time to pass the torch on to John and I. He smiled at me and asked if I really meant that and I told him I really do mean it. All of a sudden a bright light engulfed Old Man McDoodle and he was gone. I went to mine and John’s room and I told him what just happened and he smiled and said I did the right thing.

We kissed passionately and I fell asleep with John spooning me the whole night. I woke up with John’s dick half way inside my ass. It felt so good having his dick wanting access to my ass. I pushed backwards letting him have full access to my ass. He wrapped his arms around me and began to plow into my ass. When we both ended up climaxing, and once we gathered our strength back we went and showered. We headed down to the kitchen where we found everyone. Eli told us that he noticed that Old Man McDoodle was nowhere to be found. We told him that he finally moved on to be with his family. The place had a totally different feel to the whole castle now that Old Man McDoodle was gone. Marcus came around 1pm so we could work on the treaty. Marcus insisted that Lucas to come to the meeting we happily agreed to that. Marcus brought with him several Alphas from different regions to make sure they believed him about the treaty. Xiang Yu, Rodolfo, Dracula, Julie, John and I were representing the council to sign the treaty. When Lucas came into the room everyone’s nervousness seem to completely wash away. A huge wave of peace filled the room and everyone seems to genuinely get along with each other. After a few hours of talking and negotiating and with Lucas’s help a treaty had finally been made and a new order was created we called the new council S & N Legislate (Shape shifter and Nightwalker Legislate). All those who were there for the treaty were considered the head officials and we all agreed that we will go through our top individuals of both groups to help us shape this new found Council. I was the last person to sign the document and when I did I saw Hezekiah’s spirit he had the biggest smile on his face and even though no one else could see him or hear him he told me how proud he is of me and what I have done.

After we were all done Dracula insisted we celebrate so we had another party. Marcus sent one of his men to go catch some wild game to cook; he was back in a matter of minutes with a huge boar. We had Eli and Nana over and they were more than happy to be considered part of the council. Marcus put his hands around Eli and told him that the Druids, Witches, and immortals have always been kind to his people and to ours he asked Xiang Yu if we could consider making Eli and Nana part of the Head Officials. Xiang Yu smiled and said to Marcus “My Friend I thought you would never ask of course we can do that”. Xiang Yu whistled to get everyone’s attention and when he had it he looked to Marcus to give him the floor “Brothers and Sisters I ask you fine individuals who are part of the Head Officials of S & N Legislate to consider Eli and Nana to become part of the Head of the Council with all of us. All in favor” all at once all there was all yeses. Eli smiled and Nana wiped a tear from her eye and thanked us all for what we just did. She said that she has never ever felt so loved than she does right now. Later that evening Lucas came up to John and I “Grandfathers I have a question for you both and I will accept any answer you two give me. I finish school soon and after I graduate I was wondering if I could come live here with you guys. I want to be involved in the new Council, and I want to make sure everyone will follow all the terms we have come to agree with. You do not need to give me an answer now and I already talked to both my dad’s about it and they told me to talk to you both” he said looking at us with full compassion in his eyes. We told him we will talk about it and we will let him know about it in the morning. He gave us a hug and thanked us both than told us how much he loves us and went off to his bed.

John and I talked for a while about having Lucas coming to stay with us for a while and we both decided that we need to talk with Henry and Matthew about this. Since it was only 11pm we went to Matthew and Henry’s room and we could hear what they were doing so we decided to leave a note on their door that we wanted to talk to them. We headed to our bedroom where we spent almost the whole night making love to one another. We slept for maybe three hours and woke up filling love for one another. We went to the shower and gave each other a blow job than we washed one another’s bodies and went to go get us some breakfast. Matthew and Henry were already downstairs holding hands and watching the deer run around the meadow outside. They heard us come in and they wished us good morning and told us they have been enjoying watching the sunrise. Since no one was up yet we took the time to talk to them. We went into the courtyard garden and sat down and we discussed Lucas coming here. Matthew thought it was a good idea where Henry still didn’t want to let him go. As we talked Henry finally said he agrees that Lucas should come here. We told them they should come and stay for the summer, but Matthew smiled and looked at Henry and told us they were going back to Hawaii and spend the summer. They said that they need to go and rekindle the fire they have. Of course we knew that meant they will be in their room almost the whole time they will be there. Lucas came out to the garden and sat next to us as he ate an apple. Henry and Matthew looked at him and told him that the four of us discussed it and it will be okay for him to stay here. He jumped up and hugged us all and then started rambling on things he will want to bring. We all laughed and said he may look like an eighteen year old but sometimes he is still a ten year old at heart.

Eli showed up around 10am and began showing Rick more about being a Druid Priest. Xiang Yu, Dracula, Julie, Rodolfo, John and I worked on some Council business on merging our old Council into the new. Dracula put his arms around my shoulders and told me he wish Hezekiah was here to see what we have accomplished. I told him that I know he is proud of me and then I told him that I saw him. Dracula smiled and told me that he believes that. I then told him about Lucas coming to stay with us for the summer and we agreed that will be a big asset on getting the S & N Legislate going. Finally around 5pm we had a list of people who we think will be great council members. We had dinner with everyone that Elizabeth and Michelle cooked up and it looked and smelled great. Once everyone was full from dinner and we all sat and talked for a couple more hours all our guests headed to bed since they will be heading home bright and early tomorrow. John and I went back down into the kitchen to do the dishes and were surprised to see that someone had done them already. We went to my painting studio and I told John to strip and it on the column I had a bowl of fruit on. He slipped out of his clothes and God I wanted to have my way with him but I wanted to paint my husband. I grabbed a pencil and began to sketch him out and once I was done I invited him over and he kissed my neck. He laughed when he saw I had gotten the most crucial details of his body especially his dick. He grabbed me and said how about he shows me some of his talents. I looked at him with a puzzled look on my face. He pulled my shirt off and undid my belt and pants and took my shoes off and carried me towards a rug near the fireplace. He sat me down and pushed me so my back was on the floor and began to kiss and suck my nipples. He had my cock at full mast and began to slowly make his way down towards it. I begged him to stop teasing me and he just smiled and put a finger to my lips to make me be quiet. He reached my dick and engulfed the whole thing and one ball inside his mouth. The feel of his sucking and tongue smacking at my ball inside his mouth was too much I felt my body began to tremble and shake and I shot my load into his mouth. He continued sucking until he knew I had nothing left to give him. He stopped sucking and then grabbed me and kissed me with such fire and passion with one another. As we kissed he shoved his dick into my ass and began to plow into my ass. When he shot his load in me I felt it stick to the walls of the inside of my ass hole.

We fell asleep there on the rug with John’s dick still inside of me relaxing. When morning came we heard Matthew and Henry calling for us and we quickly woke up and got dressed. Henry came into the studio and he sniffed the air and laughed saying “smells like two guys have been going at it again” we blushed and he told us that everyone was almost ready to go. We followed him to the main hall and saw everyone was waiting for us. We hugged and kissed all of our love ones good bye and opened a window to our old home back in Alamogordo. We told Lucas that we will see him in a couple months at his graduation he smiled and left. Everyone left and John and I were alone in our castle. Now that everyone was gone the place felt empty. We had so many rooms that we didn’t know what to do with them all. We headed to the kitchen poured us a glass of blood. John looked at me “Micah this place feels empty now and I knew this was going to come so I have an idea. There is all these rogue vampires out there in the world biting people and sometimes changing them. What if we open the castle as a safe house for them we can teach them the ways of the Vampires and how to still be part of society” he said holding my hands. It only took me a few seconds to think it over and I told him it was the best idea ever. We began making plans on getting bunk beds in the rooms. Writing out household things that need to be done each day because we figured they can help us keep this castle clean. Once we had planned everything and decided how we will handle things, John made the call to Xiang Yu who quickly said that he will call Marcus and get the final approval from the rest of the High Council Members. Marcus called us and told us that he really likes our idea and he has something similar in Australia with the Shape shifters.

It was now the end of April and soon we will be heading back to America to see Lucas graduate High School. We just finished the final preparations to get our home we decided to call McDoodle’s Home for Those Who Have Lost Their Way. We did decided that we will not officially open the place tell after we get back from Lucas’s Graduation. The day came and we opened a way to the house in Alamogordo and went to the Graduation. John and I got him a gift but decided to leave it back at the castle for when he got there. The graduation was nice and we had a huge celebration afterwards. Lucas introduced us to this very hot looking guy who was the captain of the football team. John and my gaydar was pegging of the chart with him. His name was Michael Jameson and he had a smile that could light up the darkest corners of the earth. I pulled Lucas aside and asked him about Michael and I saw that look I knew only too well. He told me that they met when he was a freshman and they became great friends. One thing led into one another and after Christmas Break they kissed for the first time and things seems to take a wonderful new turn. He then asked me if there is anyway Michael can come with him to Ireland I asked him what does his parents say and he told us that his parents were both alcoholics and he really needed a way to get away from them. I told him yes he can bring him along but there will be newly turn vampires coming soon so to please help keep an eye on him.

John and I left that night back to our home back in Ireland to prepare things for Lucas and his boyfriend. Lucas arrived a few days later with Michael and he was so shocked by the way they traveled. Lucas told us that he had told Michael about all us and he was perfectly fine with it. A week after they arrived Micah called and said that he had come across a seventeen year old who was left for dead on the street in Wales. I asked him if he was a vampire and he informed me that the boy had the smell of a vampire coming from him he just hasn’t seen any of his teeth. I told him to bring the young man over and we will take care of him. When they arrived Lucas and Michael happily agreed to show him to a room. We gave him some blood and he shyly accepted and said thank you. I asked Marcus what he knew of this boy and he said that he was coming out from a restaurant and he smelled blood and he came across this young man in an alley who someone covered him up with bags of trash. He said that he thought the boy was dead but when he saw the marks on his jugular he knew a vampire had attacked him. He then told us he took him to one of his shape shifter’s homes and had him watched and within a twenty-four hour window the boy completed the transition to being a vampire. He told us he tried finding out that the boy was but he found out that he was a homeless child who didn’t want to be in an orphanage. My heart sank for this boy he was obviously shy and not sure about people. We thanked Marcus for everything and he told us he will keep an eye and nose for anymore.

To Be Continued…