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Previously…A week after they arrived Micah called and said that he had come across a seventeen year old who was left for dead on the street in Wales. I asked him if he was a vampire and he informed me that the boy had the smell of a vampire coming from him he just hasn’t seen any of his teeth. I told him to bring the young man over and we will take care of him. When they arrived Lucas and Michael happily agreed to show him to a room. We gave him some blood and he shyly accepted and said thank you. I asked Marcus what he knew of this boy and he said that he was coming out from a restaurant and he smelled blood and he came across this young man in an alley who someone covered him up with bags of trash. He said that he thought the boy was dead but when he saw the marks on his jugular he knew a vampire had attacked him. He then told us he took him to one of his shape shifter’s homes and had him watched and within a twenty-four hour window the boy completed the transition to being a vampire. He told us he tried finding out that the boy was but he found out that he was a homeless child who didn’t want to be in an orphanage. My heart sank for this boy he was obviously shy and not sure about people. We thanked Marcus for everything and he told us he will keep an eye and nose for anymore.

All the Time in the World the Finale

The young vampire who came to us by the way of Marcus’s name was Jeffery but he insisted we call him Jeff. He was only sixteen years old and he once he got over being shy he was a great young man. He helped with the new boys who were coming now almost weekly by 1970 we helped over 75 young vampires become more civil I guess you can say. We had a few of them stay with us and they were used as Mentors for those who were coming in. Jeffery was one of the vampires who stayed. Lucas and Michael love for one another grew stronger daily. In fact on the day of Michael’s twenty first birthdays Lucas came to John and me and told us that he is going to make sure that he and Michael could live together forever. John and I thought this was a little odd. It wasn’t until the next day that we found out what he actually meant. Somehow Lucas managed to tap into his Vampire side and turned Michael into a Hybrid being. Like Lucas he had all the strength of both Vampire and Shape-shifter. John and I asked Lucas how he managed to do this and he smiled and told us anything is possible when you are truly in love.

In August of 84 we received a message from Henry and Matthew that Elizabeth had passed away. Since our castle was well maintained by the vampires who stayed so Lucas, Michael, John and I left for New Mexico. We had visited many times before but the visit seems to hold a heavy heart on all of us. Rick’s son RJ had taken over as our accountant for his father and we met his wife. She was a beautiful Latin American woman. She was pregnant with their first child. We met Melinda’s husband and right away I could tell he was a horrible person. He reeked off alcohol and he was on his eighth job since they were together. I talked to Mark about him and he agreed that he didn’t approve of him as well but Melinda refuses to leave him. The day of the funeral was hard on us all because Elizabeth became to be just like a sister to me. After the funeral we had a small celebration for all her friends and of course our family. Matthew and Henry pulled John and I aside. They told us in the last three years there has been an increase of newly turned vampires popping up in the cities and no one knows who is turning them. They told us they want to open the house to these vampires and make it an American version of what we created in Europe. We told him we liked the idea and told him to let us know what he needs to have done.

We stayed in New Mexico for another two days but sadly we had to leave to leave our family. As the years progressed we attended more funerals of love ones. The hardest of the funerals was that of Rick’s. He managed to see the birth of his first great granddaughter. We had renovated our castle a couple times through the decades. The last biggest renovation was in 2010 we had all that of modern technology. In all thirty five rooms we had 50 inch big screen televisions mounted on the walls. We had the best satellite connection in the world. We had installed solar panels outside the castle to help keep our electricity. In all 23 bathrooms we had made sure each one had its own water heater because we were running out of hot water a lot with all the boys that were coming and going. We had also the most state of the art industrial size washers and dryers put installed as well. Mine and John’s office of operations for our Council work had screens with touch screen capabilities. By the end of 2013 we had managed to help over 950 newly turned vampires and Matthew and Henry had helped over 1 million. For All the Time in the World I Always Showed My Love for John and My Family and Tell the Day I Die I will always Love Them.

The End…