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All the time in the world

Previously... Dawn was breaking when we finally returned to the cave holding hands, we were greeted with such wonderful hospitality and love. I knew than these people were not just his servants they were family. The one servant who gave me the blood yesterday morning handed us both a fresh glass of blood and told us we need to drink. We did as she said and ended up drinking two glasses. Hezekiah sat his glass down on a wooden barrel and looked at everyone “Everyone can I please have your attention, I know many of you have been with me for a long time some of you not that long. But I look at you as my family, it is not safe for us here anymore there are people who want me and Micah dead. I want you all to know and I know I have said this before if you anyone wants to leave than go make a new life I rather you all to be safe than to see you hurt because you are with me.” He sat down and put his hands into mine, the butler looked around and than spoke “Master Hezekiah you are our family and you have treated us with the most respect and given us all a roof over are heads and you have never once looked down at us for being just servants. I speak for everyone when I say who ever is after you has to go through all of us first before they even think about hurting you or Master Micah ever again” there was a bunch of cheers going on in the background.

All The Time in The World 3

The servants, Hezekiah, and me all worked together to get all the things in the cave packed up. Once we had everything packed we all decided to go in separate ways and meet up about a month's ride north of our current position. In the back of my mind the fear of the people who hunted us before would still find us. Hezekiah must have known what I was thinking because he just grasped my hand and said so softly to me “Do not worry they will not be able to track us”. I just nodded and smiled at him. We left with the butler and two other servants, as we were heading out I got to know them better. The one servant who gave me the blood the first morning in the cave name was Lura she was on a ship full of slaves when Hezekiah had rescued her. She was only ten years old at the time and she is now nineteen. She told me that Hezekiah was her guardian angel and she now looks to him as a brother. Another servant I found out was from Italy his name was Filippo he had came here in hopes for a new life because he was considered a devil spawn because he too was gay and the man who was the cook/butler actually I found out is his mate, or lover. The butler's story intrigued me the most he was a short little man who was actually from England. Hezekiah had met him there before he came to this world. From what I learned Hezekiah had rescued the Butler whose name was William. William was walking home one night when some drunk sailors knocked into him on a street near a pub. The sailors started kicking and beating him he tried to curve into a ball to protect himself. He begged them to stop but they kept hitting him. Hezekiah came across them and pulled the men off of them and broke their arms. He than took William back to his place and nursed the man back to health. In return William had pledged his life to Hezekiah and to always be there for him. It was truly a heart warming thing to know that the man I love is so caring and loving. We walked for hours I now knew what Hezekiah meant that even though the sun wouldn't kill us it would drain us. William kept making sure we kept drinking our blood to help keep our energy up. We finally stopped when the night had fallen upon us in a small grove near a creek that emptied into a pool of water. Everyone helped to make camp for the night. Once everyone was settled for the night Hezekiah and I wandered off a little ways and came to a small clearing where we began to kiss one another. We both rolled around on top of one another kissing each other like to wild animals wanting nothing more than to make love to one another. We tore each others clothes off of one another I decided to take control tonight of my man tonight I began to kiss and suck on his nipples he began to moan slowly. I made my way to his navel and began to take my tongue and drill into it he was moaning and panting by this time. I knew I had him drunk off of pure lust and pleasure. When I finally made it to his now extremely rock hard cock I put my lips up to his cock than slowly began to suck on him. I managed to suck on his thick long cock I knew he was close to cumming because the way his body. I quickly stopped and flipped him over and began to eat at his ass. Once I knew he was good and ready I pushed my cock up inside of him and began to pound it inside of him. He kept begging me to not stop we kept going until we both couldn't hold it any longer. We shot our loads at the same exact time. I fell upon him and nestled next to his beautiful body. We stayed cuddled up for a while than finally got up and got dressed and headed back to the camp. Everyone was asleep by this time except good old William who was standing guard. We could tell he was exhausted so we told him to get some sleep and we will stand guard.

Dawn had finally approached and we began to wake everyone up. We found some wild berries and made that with some grits and gave it to everyone while William and I had some blood. After we all ate we packed up camp and headed onwards. We kept the same routine day and night until we finally had reached the place we would soon call home. The place was beautiful it was a valley with the only way in or out was through a single cave. A creek was in the valley and we could see several wild game drinking. As we made our way down we could see we were the first to arrive. Camp got unpacked and soon we all began to construct our new home. We took the fallen trees first and cleaned them than placed them in the form of the foundation. The place was going to be beautiful when we finish. William and Filippo marked several areas where we would make sure the servants had nice warm homes. Several days later more servants began to arrive by a week after we had come to the valley everyone had arrived. We all pitched in to build the houses, finally three months after we had arrived the homes were done. Hezekiah's and mine home was two stories with a wine cellar where we stored out blood. It had four bedrooms and a big kitchen and dinning hall. There was four fireplaces one was in the master bedroom, one in the guest room. The other two were downstairs on the main floor in the parlor and dining room. We had made our own furniture to even to go with the house, William was good with is hands he could wood carve, and blacksmith. He truly was a man of many talents. One we put the front door on William swopped me up and carried me into our home.

Everyone followed and we all sat down in the dining room for a dinner. William and I had our good old blood and some raw venison. As we sat we all gave thanks and it was truly a great night. Once we everyone was gone Hezekiah looked at me grinning from ear to ear and before I knew it he had thrown me over his shoulders and we were in our room. I was thrown on the bed where he stripped me than stripped himself. He jumped on top of me and looked at me “You are now mine little man and no one can save you. Muhahaha!.” I couldn't help but laugh “Oh no someone save me from this hunk of a man. Mister don't hurt me too bad my boy friend will get jealous” I teased on. He burst into laughter and we kissed as we grinded our bodies against one another. Before too long we were both horny as hell. He took my legs and placed them on my shoulder than pushed his cock into me. It was so thick but I loved the feel of it. He began to pound my ass with his beast. I was moaning and panting from the pleasure I was getting. After three hours of non stop love we collapsed into one another covered with cum and fell asleep with his cock still planted inside of me. The morning light had woken us up. I kissed my love good morning and I took his cock and began to jerk him, when he was nice and hard I took his cock and pushed my ass against it. With all the cum from last night still in me, he was able to slip the whole thing in me fast. We made love for another hour until we both had cum. We got up and washed up with the wash basin. Once we were presentable and dressed we went downstairs to the kitchen where we found Lura and William chatting away in the kitchen. They prepared breakfast for everyone and Hezekiah grabbed up to big glasses of some fresh blood from the basement. Everything was great and moving smoothly. Late afternoon Hezekiah had blindfolded me, he told me he had a surprise for me. I was a little nervous, we walked outside I could tell by the smell of the grass. We walked I would say about 100 meters from the house. He took the blindfold off of me and we were standing in front of a little house. I looked at him confused he looked at me and just grinned and led me through the door. Inside was some charcoal and some dried skin made into canvases. “I thought you would like to make some drawings for our home. That is all that's missing.” he said as he kissed and playfully nibbled on my ear. I was so excited this was amazing. “I...I...don't know what to say. Thank you I will truly try and do my best work” tears were coming down my eyes as I said it. “Micah sweetheart anything you do is perfect because you are perfect” he said as he placed his lips to mine. “Now I am going to go with William and a couple of the other guys and get some more meat. You stay here and draw” he said as he kissed me good bye. I quickly got to work I stared at the canvas and pondered what I should draw. I decided to draw the valley the way I saw it when we first entered it. I lost track of time and soon I was startled out of my own world when Hezekiah wrapped his arms around me, and said “Baby its late you need to come in or do you want me to get you a lamp so you can continue”. I put my charcoal stick down and showed Hezekiah my work. I had just put my final touch on it when he had came in. “Micah this is beautiful it looks like the valley but with out the houses.” I just nodded and he grabbed me and kissed me with them so soft lips. “We are going to have to make a frame tomorrow and put this up in the Parlor just above the fireplace mantel.”. He led me back home and as we entered everyone else was already seated around the table. Hezekiah took a glass and touched it with his fork “May I have your attention everyone. I am proud to share Micah's first drawing” he held up my drawing and there was all theses oohs and awes coming from everyone. I was so embarrassed. After dinner Lura came up to me and asked if I could make a drawing for her home, she asked if I could do a drawing of a lake for her. I told her I could and she just hugged me and thanked me. For the first time in my life I was excited to draw because people wanted me to and not put me down for drawing.

Months turn into years, our little valley was growing the servants were having children. It was 1705 when we buried William. He had lived to be ninety five years old. Lura took it hard so did Hezekiah I missed him as well put these two knew him better. I decided one morning to slip out of Hezekiah's arms from bed and headed downstairs and got me some blood than headed to my drawing shack. I slowly began to sketch out William. I made two copies each one was different the one for Hezekiah had William looking a little off to the left and the one for Lura had him looking off to the right. Once I had finished them I wrapped them up with a blanket and headed to the house. I found Hezekiah in the Parlor playing chess with Filippo. I knocked on the door I didn't want to disturb them. Hezekiah looked up 'There you are I woke up and you were gone, than Filippo told me you went to your drawing shack so I left you alone. What's that you have covered?” I walked over to him “I know how hard it has been for you since William died so I made you this.” I uncovered the picture for him and he just stared at it and had tears rolling down his cheeks. “Micah that is the best thing you could have given me, now I know he will always be here.” he stood up and handed the drawing to Filippo and hugged and kissed me “Thank you so much”. Hey I could see you and Lura were hurting I wanted to help I couldn't stand seeing you hurt. Now I do need to give this one to Lura do you know where she is? Hezekiah stopped and thought for a second I think she is in the stable her and Joe have been seeing one another try there. I walked out of the house towards the stable and saw Lura walking back towards the house. I walked up to her “Hi Lura I hope you don't mind but I made something for you”. She looked at me confused “and what is that you want to give me?” she asked. I took her drawing I made her and gave it to her. She held it and stared at it for several minutes before she finally spoke 'You Sir have truly got a gift. If I didn't know better I say you drew this with him standing right there so you could draw him. I love it and I will put it in my house. Thank you Sir, this will be my greatest treasure” she said trying not to cry. I took a step forward and hugged her letting her it was okay to cry.

The years had passed quickly and soon it was 1775 the word of the declaration of being independent from Great Britain had come. We had buried several more dear loved ones and we had also gained new ones who have somehow found their way into our valley, we knew they only found it because it was fate that brought them here. Hezekiah and I stayed away from the war because face it two vampires fighting that would surely raise some concern if we got shot in the heart or chest and kept on moving. We got word that we were our own Country and General Washington became our first President of the United States of America.

It was March of 1865 when the word about a war was coming between the north and the south. Hezekiah was furious that the south didn't want to end slavery. I knew how much he was against it. We decided to help those who would flee from the wrath of the south. We left our valley leaving Lura's grandson William to look after things. We went and enlisted to help the north, the war seemed to go on forever. It wasn't until the Battle of Antietam that my life changed yet again for ever. We were fighting under Major General George B. McClellan against General Lee's army. I still can't remember everything that happen but I remember that it was bad, not as bad as Gettysburg but I ended up losing the love of my life. We were running towards the enemy when a man on horseback came and managed to cut of Hezekiah's head. I fell to my knees and held his decapitated body. I screamed out in pain. I ran towards the man on horseback and jumped onto his back and ripped his throat open. I was furious. A young soldier who we became good friends with saw what I did and ran to me and quickly wiped my face “What the hell are you doing? You told me you didn't want anyone knowing you are a vampire and you do this?” he said looking at me in shock. As tears flew from my eyes I told him what happened to Hezekiah he quickly helped me up from the ground. “We need to get you out of here. I know deserting is not allowed but you have to run” he said to me. “John I can't run away I can't leave Hezekiah. What do I do he was my life my heart?” John put his hands around me and embraced me than looked at me “Come on we both will go, tell me where to take you” I couldn't believe he would do this for me. We quickly escaped the battle and headed north to mine and Hezekiah's valley. I knew his death would be hard on everyone there.

Two weeks after we left the battle we finally had made it to the valley, it was raining that day. It seem like the valley knew its owner was gone from this world. As John and I made it down from the end mouth of the cave he looked and just let out a whistle. When I reached the house everyone came out to meet us I told them what happen and everyone was shocked and sad that their Friend was gone. I introduced John to everyone, and told him where the spare room was so he could go relax. I made my way down to the basement and grabbed a cup and got myself some blood. I just sat on the floor staring at it as I swirled it in my cup. I threw the cup across the cellar wall and just sat there and cried. How could I possibly go on now that I didn't have Hezekiah in my life. I sat there for hours when I finally couldn't take the pain any longer. I ran outside grabbed the ax and cut myself a stake out of the firewood. I put the stake to my chest and I was going to just fall on top of it when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around and there I saw Hezekiah all in white “What are you doing Micah? This is not you its not your time.” he said to me. I began to cry and I touched his hand with my cheek “Hezekiah are you really here?” I asked. “Yes and no sweetheart I came here to tell you that your life doesn't end here. Yes I am not going to be with you physically but right here” he placed his hand on my heart. “Micah you are my life my sunshine, I will always be here for you. I want you to keep going and to protect our family” he said as he combed his fingers in my hair as he kissed me than he was gone.

I sat on the ground and just cried and cried, John came out of the house and saw the stake that was still in my hand “What the hell are you doing Micah?” he asked as he grabbed the stake from me. “I wanted to be with him John. I didn't want to live with out Hezekiah. He was here he told me I have to keep going and to continue to protect our family.” John sat beside me and put his arm around my shoulder. I couldn't help but feel at peace with his touch. Part of John reminded me of Hezekiah, they both had that dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Except of course John had a pulse and he was tanned. I could feel the thirst really hitting me now and I went and stood up and fell back down. I was weaker from not drinking than I thought. John put his head under my arm and carried me inside to the house. He than went to the basement and got me a drink. I drank it slowly, and than I had another drink. I still wasn't feeling that great I told John I was going to go lay down in my room. He insisted to help me to my room as I fell on my bed I must have passed out. I woke up and it was dusk I looked around my room and saw my clothes had been taken off and that another set was beside them. I continued to look around and beside me above the covers covered in a quilt slept John. He looked so beautiful laying there.

To Be Continued...

P.S. Will John and Micah end up having a relationship? What will happen to them if they do? If you like to know than keep your eyes open for All the time in the world chapter 3. Please let me know what you think of this story so far.