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Previously...I sat on the ground and just cried and cried, John came out of the house and saw the stake that was still in my hand “What the hell are you doing Micah?” he asked as he grabbed the stake from me. “I wanted to be with him John. I didn't want to live with out Hezekiah. He was here he told me I have to keep going and to continue to protect our family.” John sat beside me and put his arm around my shoulder. I couldn't help but feel at peace with his touch. Part of John reminded me of Hezekiah, they both had that dark brown hair, and brown eyes. Except of course John had a pulse and he was tanned. I could feel the thirst really hitting me now and I went and stood up and fell back down. I was weaker from not drinking than I thought. John put his head under my arm and carried me inside to the house. He than went to the basement and got me a drink. I drank it slowly, and than I had another drink. I still wasn't feeling that great I told John I was going to go lay down in my room. He insisted to help me to my room as I fell on my bed I must have passed out. I woke up and it was dusk I looked around my room and saw my clothes had been taken off and that another set was beside them. I continued to look around and beside me above the covers covered in a quilt slept John. He looked so beautiful laying there.

All the Time in the World 4

I laid there in my bed just watching John sleep. I knew he must have stayed with me all night to make sure I was okay. The thing is I really don't know if I am okay, the man of my life was gone, and hear I was laying in bed watching another guy sleep. I shook those feelings out of my head because I remembered what Hezekiah's ghost told me. I got up and washed my face and decided to go down and get me some breakfast. The lady who replaced Lura was busy fussing in the kitchen, her name was Nicole, she is the type of lady who you just listened to and stayed out of her way when she was cooking. Down in the cellar I got my breakfast and than decided to go do some drawing. I was getting better at it, instead of charcoal I was using paints finally. As I headed out I told Nicole I would be in my art studio if anyone needed me. Once I was in my art studio I just stared at the blank canvas, I picked up the brush and began to paint. When I finally sat the paint brush and stared at the painting not realizing what I had painted until now I saw a Painting of Hezekiah staring back at me. I had painted him standing in front of our home. I sat the painting down from my easel and left the studio. Instead of going to the house I decided to go find the man who had taken over the lumber yard just to see what he has been making. He always had new ideas and was making things for everyone. He had made a gazebo with a swing near the creek and it is beautiful craftsmanship. “Hello Michael what are you working on?” I asked as I walked up. “Oh Micah I am glad you are here, I am working on some new bed frames and furniture for some of the houses come and have a look and see what you think” he said laughing which made his belly shake. I looked over all the things he had made they were masterpieces, the bed was a huge four post bed, there was a huge Armour, china cabinet, dining table with matching chairs, and side tables. I ran my hand over each one and they were smooth with a clear finish on them. “Michael these are so beautiful, you truly have a gift with wood” he just smiled and said thank you.

I climbed up the mountain to where the cave that lead out of the valley and sat down and looked down at the valley below. As I sat there looking at the valley I began to think of all the people down below who has become my family. Its time to work on bringing the homes to a more modern feel. Some of the homes have seen better days. I turned and looked to the cave this would need to be fixed as well, I also knew we should expand the trail to make them more like roads instead of trails. I got up and headed back down to the valley. As I got to my house I could smell the fresh aroma of a baked blackberry pie. Once I got into the house I went to the kitchen where I found John sitting down eating a sandwich. I watched him from the door and just chuckled to myself and shook my head. He was really enjoying it. I walked over to the stove to Nicole “Nicole how hard would it be for us to get things together for a family gathering outside” I asked. She looked at me and moved her bottom lip to the left and right of her mouth “Well it wouldn't be to hard I suppose. We have all the things ready and we can always ask a few people to pitch in and make a few things. You want me to go and get that going?” I looked at her and nodded, by that time John had finished eating “How are you feeling Micah?” he asked with a concern look on his face. “I am feeling better actually, I want to have a family gathering outside you think you can give me a hand?” I asked. “Sure just tell me what to do.” he said smiling. We went down and grabbed Michael and John and we began setting up some tables and benches. John went and grabbed things from Ralph the blacksmith so we could roast a deer over an open flame. Once we got things together we got the deer and skinned it and prepped it for cooking. Once it was cooking I decided to go ask a few of the other people around if a couple of them wanted to play some music. I figured we needed something to help keep our spirits up and this party was partially for Hezekiah in remembrance. I knew this is what he would want not for us all to be sad.

Everyone was having a great time and we all talked and some danced to the music. I finally got the courage and stood up “Everyone if I could please have your attention. We all have been living here in this valley for some time now and we all have made our homes here. I know you all know about Hezekiah's death by now but we should not morn for him we should be grateful for the life we have had for him. I want you all to know that we are all here for each other, and I feel in this time it is time we begin to fix up our homes and bring them out of the 1700s and to prepare them for the new century. Ralph and John I would love for you both to help those whose homes are in complete despair get them back to being able to live in and keep them comfortable. I also want to expand the main house. I want to make it have more rooms and with indoor plumbing. I want every home to have indoor plumbing. I know this will be a lot of work and time. But I know we can do this. Thank you and continue and enjoy the night” I sat down and everyone just cheered.

It was a couple days after the party and we were all beginning to dig canals where we would put clay pipes to take the waste from the homes to a hole that we dug to make it a lagoon. Once it hit the lagoon there would be plants to help break down things. I went to John and could see he was a bit sad “Alright John I can see something is wrong what is it?” I asked him as I put my hand on his shoulder. He sighed and than turned his head and looked at me “I guess I am just a bit jealous, I joined the war because I wanted to be a part of something. I lived in an orphanage most of my life and here you all seem to be so happy. I have always wanted to have a life like this.” I couldn't help but feel bad for this guy, he has been so kind to me and a dear friend to both me and Hezekiah. He wasn't scared when he found out what were, he just accepted it like it was nothing. “John you are family here, and I want you to stay here in the valley”. He looked at me shocked than spun around hugged me and kissed my cheek “Thank you so much Micah”.

As the months passed everything was falling into place, the pipes were down in the ground and several of the houses now had water, and the toilets were placed in the homes. I made sure all the homes were done first and fixed up back to all there glory. Once they were done the plans for my house were next. We expanded the house to accommodate 4 more rooms that would be put into a third floor. We added toilets and running water. It took a little longer than I had expected but once it was done the place looked more like a Mansion than just a simple home. It was a lot to take in when I first entered my home. Although, I had John living there and a couple other people who stayed in the house it felt empty still without someone dear to share it with.

Things with John were beginning to change. He started to bring me my blood into my room each morning. He would always come in with his shirt off and just in his long john bottoms. He looked so hot and I had always hide my hard on when he came in. One morning he came in and sat my blood on the nightstand next to the bed and sat beside me. He had this look on his face like he wanted to talk. I was about to ask him what he wanted to talk about when he leaned over me and kissed me. He had soft lips that felt like rose petals. Part of me wanted to push him away but the other part wanted this badly. I kissed him back and soon we were tongue wrestling with one another. Before we knew it we both were naked and making out, I couldn't take it anymore I went and grabbed his cock and rolled him over I moved down to his cock and began to lick the shaft. He began to moan in absolute pleasure. I kept going and when I could tell he was about to cum I stopped and than took his eleven inch cock in my mouth and sucked. He shot his load in no time. He laid there panting trying to catch his breath. I laid my head on his chest and rubbed my fingers up and down his thigh. He was hard again and this time I wanted that cock of his in me. I sat up and looked at him and winked. I got on top of him and positioned my hole against the head of his cock. I slowly sat down on his member and it slid into me. I had to take it slowly since it has been a while since I have had a cock in my ass. Once I was use to his cock I began to ride his cock up and down. We were both panting and moaning. His body was glistening from sweat as we made love. His breath was beginning to get harder and I could hear his heart rate increase I knew he was about to shoot his load, but I wanted it badly inside me. He screamed my name as he shot his cum inside me which caused me to shoot all over him. I fell on top of him and we kissed and help each other. “My God, Micah I never knew being with a guy could make me cum that hard. I always liked you but as I got to know you more after these months I fell in love with you. I have never ever even thought about being with another man, but I want to be with you forever” he said still trying to catch his breath. I lifted my head from his shoulder “John I love you too, I thought Hezekiah was the only one for me but than you came along and shown me the same compassion and love he had” I said to him with tears in my eyes. We laid there for another half hour tell I finally had to get up and drink some blood because I was beginning to really wanting to bite and drink from John. John and I began to share my bed with one another and he always made me feel so loved.

With all the homes officially fixed and more modern we began to change the trails into roads. We took rocks from the cave that we expanded and began to make a cobbled road around the homes and saw mill, and blacksmith shop. We had raised the cave so it was now twelve feet high and thirty feet wide as it led through the mountain that hid are valley. One morning when we were moving some more rock down to a make shift rock quarry to make into bricks and other things John was helping getting it onto the cart when he lost his footing and fell off the edge, he fell forty feet. I jumped down and he was bleeding bad, and his breath was very shallow. I began to cry and looked up and yelled towards the sky “Why me? Am I damned to be in a life alone?” All of a sudden Hezekiah's ghost appeared “Micah you can save him. This was meant to happen it was woven in the quilt of fate before he was born.” I just nodded and looked down at John “John I know you can hear me just squeeze my hand if you want me to change you and to save your life than squeeze my hand now John” he squeezed my hand and I knew it was a yes. I looked up to where Hezekiah's ghost had appeared and he was gone. I leaned over John and bit down in his neck and slowly drank from him. I than bite my wrist and put the blood to his mouth. I watched as my blood left my wrist into my new lover's mouth. Once I figured he had enough I just sat down and placed his head on my lap and combed his hair with my hands and waited. After three hours of waiting John opened his eyes and looked up at me and smiled and said in his soft angelic voice “Well hello there”. He sat up and we kissed as tears flowed from both our eyes. “Oh John I thought I was going to lose you, I am sorry I turned you but I love you so much I couldn't let you leave me” I said between kisses. He stopped kissing me “I am glad you turned me now we can spend eternity with each other. We have all the time in the world now.” He got down on one knee and I looked at him oddly “Micah McDoodle I know that it isn't proper for a man to ask another man this but I feel like I this is meant to be” he pulled out a small hand carved wooden box and opened it. Inside was a gold ring. “Micah McDoodle will you be my life, my rock, my soul mate?” I looked at him with my mouth open at first I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I took his hand and helped him up “Of course I will” I shouted out. We walked back to the house and I told everyone tomorrow we are not having any work but we will be having a celebration of mine and John's commitment to one another and to celebrate John's new life. We told everyone what happened to John and they all hugged him and told him how glad they were to still have him here.

Our celebration was great we all danced, drank, and there was plenty of food to go around. The celebration went all day and night. At night Ralph surprised everyone with fireworks. It was truly a great party. Finally everyone had gone home and John and I decided we would clean everything up. Once we were done cleaning we headed to the house and went upstairs to our room got undressed and fell asleep holding one another. I woke up first and I got up and got our breakfast and brought it back upstairs to my husband. Wow how weird that sounded but it felt like the right word to say. We had our morning drink, and went for a walk. On our way around the valley we came to the entrance of the cave that was now a tunnel. John and I had stopped and we were staring into the tunnel, we dashed through it and found a middle age man kicking at his cart that had a broken wheel. We walked up to him and I could see John licking his lips. I told him to hold back, I walked up to the man “Sir do you need some help I asked as I walked up beside him” he jumped when I spoke. “Young man you can scare someone to death doing that, and yes I could use some help I hit a rock and the wheel broke” he said still kicking and cussing out the broken wheel. I signaled for John to come to where we were and he stepped forward. I introduced John to the man who actually happen to be a doctor. His name was Dr. Harold Jenkins, he was in the process of moving to what ever next town he came up against to start a small clinic. John looked at me and I could tell what he was thinking. “Dr. Jenkins we happen to live in a valley where there are many people, we would be honored if you would like to open your clinic there” I said. He stood there pondering for a second “My boy call me Harold and you got yourself a deal” we shook hands and managed to get him and his broken cart down to the valley. On our way to the valley floor we told him about the valley and people. I than decided to tell him about John and I and that there was a couple others who were gay but everyone but us were vampires. He looked a bit scared than just laughed and said “I may not fully understand the homosexuality life and vampire thing. But I can tell that this place is full of love and caring for one another.” I knew right than he would be a great asset to our valley. Harold had stayed in our home tell we built him his own place with a clinic right beside it.

Two years after Harold had arrived he came to John and I and told us he met the most beautiful woman. I asked him who it was and couldn't help but laugh when I found out it was William's daughter Elanor. Harold told me that he had been seeing her for over 3 months now and she was also helping as a nurse in the clinic. They wanted to get married in the spring, and wanted to know if they could use the garden for the wedding. I was so happy for them and told them of course they could use the garden its everyone's garden. The garden they wanted to use was John's pride and joy he had such a green thumb. He had all sorts of flowers growing with grass growing back behind the house. Around Christmas time we invited everyone to the house and had a big Christmas Party presents were passed out. I handed John his and he handed me his gift for me. I opened my present and found a pocket watch with an engraving that said “I am your's forever, love John”. I sat it down and kissed John and whispered thank you because I couldn't hardly speak because this gift was so touching. John than went and opened mine, the gift I had gotten him was a chain with a locket with an engraving inside it saying “You are my life” he kissed and hugged me; “Its perfect” he said.

We had gotten lucky in our valley we had all the resources we ever needed to make things here. Finally spring had finally come and everyone was busy preparing for the wedding of Harold and Elanor. The day finally came and Nicole had made sure all the food was perfect, and ready for the reception after wards. The wedding was perfect they truly made a wonderful couple. John had made sure Elanor had a beautiful bouquet of white rose and lilies. After the reception John and I went to home and we began to kiss before we left the last step to the second floor. By the time we got to our bedroom door we both were sporting major hard ons. I picked him up and threw him on the bed and darted to be on top of him. We ripped the clothes off of one another, and began to kiss and rub our hands over one another's body. We flipped to where he had my cock in his mouth and I had his we began to suck on one another. We ended up both shooting our loads in each others mouths. We kissed and swapped our cum for another and still full of energy he spun me over on my stomach and pushed his dick inside of me and began to feed me his dick. I was in pure heaven the feel of his cock inside me felt great he shot his load inside me and fell on top of my back. I than rolled over and lifted his legs onto my shoulders I than placed my head and began to push it into him. I pushed in slowly since it really was his first time of me doing him. Once he got use to me I began to make love to his ass slowly. He begged me to give it to him hard so I did. The tightness of his ass was too much for me to take for long I ended up shooting my load into his ass. I put his legs down and he was panting he looked up at me “You can so fuck me anytime you want” he said. I kissed his neck and nuzzled up beside him wrapping my legs and arms around his body as we fell asleep.

It was nearing the dawn of the new century, our small valley had turn into a small village. Ralph's nephew came to live with him and with help of everyone he opened up our first General store. The store was filled with goods from around town and Ralph's nephew James sold it at descent price. He made sure he paid for the things he got from the store. Harold and Elanor had twin's in the fall of 1877 one boy and one girl. They named the boy Hezekiah and the girl was named Lura after her Great Grandmother. They were now five and they were a handful always getting into mischief. We had built a small school and they would be beginning there in the fall. There was a total of fifty seven people and nine children in our valley. One early morning of summer of 1882 when several men in uniform came into our valley and told us they would be needing to take a census of the valley and wanted to know the name of the valley. I was a little nervous and than quickly decided on the name Dawn Valley. They took a piece of paper and wrote on top census of Dawn Valley, Vermont. They asked how I had come to be the head of the valley I guess they considered a person as young as I looked shouldn't be in charge. I told them I had inhered the house from my family who is dead. Which they were so to speak. I than told them since my family was the first to settle here I was left to watch over the village. I know it was a lie but, from past experience with what happen back in Massachusetts I knew I could not tell them I was a vampire and I am 178 years old. They took census of everyone and left. I was still nervous about what might become of the valley later on.