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Previously...One early morning of summer of 1882 when several men in uniform came into our valley and told us they would be needing to take a census of the valley and wanted to know the name of the valley. I was a little nervous and than quickly decided on the name Dawn Valley. They took a piece of paper and wrote on top census of Dawn Valley, Vermont. They asked how I had come to be the head of the valley I guess they considered a person as young as I looked shouldn't be in charge. I told them I had inhered the house from my family who is dead. Which they were so to speak. I than told them since my family was the first to settle here I was left to watch over the village. I know it was a lie but, from past experience with what happen back in Massachusetts I knew I could not tell them I was a vampire and I am 178 years old. They took census of everyone and left. I was still nervous about what might become of the valley later on.

All the Time in the World 5

After the census's were done I began to really think about what I am going to do about my extended family and with me and John living here in the valley. I guess a part of me always knew this time would come but why so quick. I decided when the time would come that John and I needed to begin a new life and leave the valley. This would mean leave my family but if it came to happiness verses protection for them I would choose protection. John and I began to set up a more official town set up. We pointed a young father Name Nathaniel James to be the sheriff of the town. I had an official sheriff station built along with a courthouse. John and I left are village one day to a local town to ask a village if there was any attorney who we could appoint as a judge. We found one man who at first seem to be a real stick in the mud but once we got to know him he was a great honest man. He came back with us and we all introduced him as the new judge of Dawn Valley. He took an oath and he became Judge Troy McFarland. I made sure everything was set up so that our town had an official judicial system. I sent the paper work we had written up to the state capital and got a message back to let me know everything seem to be legit and we were officially known as Dawn Valley Township.

The new century was creeping upon our valley and with it new technology and more people. We ended up having are first crime in 1897 when some gang rode in and tried to rob the bank. Our sheriff was quick to stop them and luckily no one was fatally wounded. We had one person shot in the leg where the gang lost one person. They faced the court and were found guilty and sent out of the valley to a jail. It was a bit to take in. I was soon approaching my 200th birthday and everyone in the valley told me we will celebrate it. I wasn't really wanting to but I let them throw me a party and it ended up being great. Finally it was December 31st, 1899 and I threw a party to welcome the new century. I made sure everything was set and before the party I grabbed John and took him to the parlor and shut the door. I needed to talk to him. I looked at him as we sat on the couch “John I need to talk to you about something but let me tell you all that I need before you answer me please.” He put his right hand on mine “Of course Micah”. I just smiled and took a deep breath “John we have lived in this valley for a long time and I have buried a lot of people here. This is and always will be my home. But, as the world is moving forward and I know eventually someone outside this village will realize what you and I are, and in order to protect this valley and the people here we will need to move soon. I need to ask you would you go with me and continue to stay beside me?” John sat there looking down at the floor for a couple minutes than looked at me “Micah I am and I always will be yours, I guess what I am saying is yes I will go with you even to the ends of the earth” He leaned over and kissed me. I thanked him and we both told each other how much we loved one another. We went out to the party and celebrated the new century. Once it turned to January 01, 1900 I got everyone's attention “I would like to say this has truly been a great party and that I wouldn't want to celebrate this new century with anyone else. I do have an announcement though, as many of you know the valley is officially a township of Vermont. Because of what John and I are we both have come into an agreement that we will be heading west to start our own life. I know many of you are hurt about this and a lot of you I have known your grandparents, great grandparents and so on. Please know that we are doing this to protect all of you, and although we will be leaving we will still come and see how the valley is ever so often” I raised up my glass and toasted to our quaint valley. There were tears and sadness but everyone showed respect and courage for mine and John's decision.

Just after spring John and I packed up everything we were going to take and handed the deed to my estate over to the town to do what they wanted with it. They decided to make it into an inn and have it for people to stay in when they visited. I was happy with that choice. As John and I made are way out of the valley I turned around and as I looked down to the valley below I heard Hezekiah's voice “Micah you have made me proud. I love you and I will always help look out for you all.” I wiped the tears from my eyes and than took John's hand and we were off. We traveled for several months and finally came to the city of St. Louis, Missouri. I looked around and I knew this wouldn't be the best place for us so we stayed a few days and continued onwards west. Finally we found ourselves in the rising city of Alamogordo, New Mexico. Although it would be a lot more sunshine I could see that this town was the perfect place. It was surrounded by mountains and yet as it sat in the desert I felt safe here. John and I bought a big piece of land away from the town and had an estate built into the side of the mountain. We had running water, five bedrooms, and three baths. We had a nice big kitchen an atrium, a parlor, a library, and a sitting room. I also had a special place built into the mountain to hide where we would store the blood, I had the entrance hidden behind a bookshelf in the library. Once our home was complete I picked up John and carried him over the threshold and up to our bedroom. I put some some back onto the phonograph and we danced to the music. We had such a romantic evening and once we were done dancing we walked over to the bed and began to undress. We took our time making love that night and man what love it was. We tried every position we could think of and finally after seven long hours of love making and many orgasms we fell asleep inside each others arms.

As we woke up we kissed and realized we were stuck together by our cum. I just laughed as we pulled apart from one another and went to shower. Since it was just us that lived here we didn't bother to put any clothes on. As I sat on the couch with John's head resting on my lap I couldn't help but to stroke his hair. He looked so beautiful laying there. He looked up at me and smiled with those beautiful pearly white teeth. We sat like this for most of the morning finally John and I decided to paint. I asked John to lay on the couch so I could paint him. He asked if he should get dress I told him no. I brought my easel and began to paint my sexy hot husband. I made sure I got all the right curves and the perfectness of his body. As I painted him I couldn't help get hard and wanting to have his cock inside my ass. I shook it off and finished painting him. Once I was done I knelt down beside him on the couch and took his hardening dick and began to suck on it as I probed his ass with my fingers. I had him moaning in no time, and begging me for more. When I felt his body tightening up I stopped and he gave me a look like don't stop. Instead I bent over the coffee table and looked at him he got the idea and got up and began to push his dick up into me. He pushed his dick in and out of me at a perfect rhythm. He had me at the verge of cumming several times but when he knew I was close he would stop. Finally after several hours of him pushing his dick into my ass he finally shot his load up into me as he did I shot my load. He fell on top of my back and we kissed. We went and cleaned up and had a glass of blood. We put on some clothes and went for a walk, the day was hot and dry so we made sure it was a short walk because the sun had made us weak. Once we got home we had another drink and we sat in the library and I began to read Midsummer's Night's Dream to John.

In 1907 we had electricity put into our estate. It took some time getting use to but it was nice not having to use candles and oil lamps anymore. The only place in the house that we did not have the electricity put in was the hidden room behind the bookshelf. I didn't want anyone knowing about it. John and I finally decided to hire at least two people to come work for us. Both were of Navajo linage, the first was a young man of the age of eighteen whose name was Jason Longhorn, Jason was are go to go so to say. We had him help us get blood and he also helped us manage our estate and affairs. The second was a nice young woman who was named Jessica Lightfeather. She insisted that she would make sure we had nice clean things in the house. I made sure I paid them for all they did. Jason came into the parlor one morning after visiting the bank and asked if John and I were busy. I told him to come on in and have a seat with us. We sat down when he pulled out some paper work “I have here some paper work to for you to sign to help make sure everything you have is safe” he said as he handed us the paper. I read over the paper work and than handed it to John to read it over. Once we both read it we signed the paper work we found out that with the value of our estate, and all the gold, and silver and money we have accumulated over the last century or so was twenty thousand dollars. I was shocked it was that much and I knew it would increase in time. I told Jason to make sure he put money aside for him and Jessica.

Life was going great with Jason acting on our behalf of our estate, no one ever bothered us. On January 4th, 1909 John and I were awaken by Jessica knocking on our bedroom door. We quickly got dressed and answered “I think you two should come with me quick” she said as she ran back down the stairs. We looked at one another a little puzzled and followed her down the stairs. She shown us to the parlor where we saw Jason had a young boy no older than nine maybe ten the most sitting on the couch with a blanket wrapped around him. We knew it was cold outside but the cold didn't have that much effect on John and I. We walked in and saw that the boy happen to be of what looked like Navajo blood as well. Jason got up and introduced us to the young boy as Henry Runningdeer. I knelt down beside the boy and could tell he appeared to be naked and very under nourished. I just looked at him and I could tell by the way he smelt there was something different about him, John looked at him as well and I knew he could smell it too. The boy had almost a canine type scent to him. I decided to wait and let the boy tell me about what and why he was here in our home. The boy was frighten of us I could tell by his heart rate I looked up and assured him we meant him no harm. Jessica brought in some hot rolls, sausage, and fruit for the boy, her and Jason. John and I had our glass of blood which now was human blood but from a small amount of people who donated it for us.

After the boy ate he fell asleep on the couch Jason insisted that he could take him to a room but John and I decided we would do it. I softly picked the boy up and carried him to one of the rooms. Once John pulled the blankets and sheets back I put the sleeping boy in the bed and we left to let him sleep. It wasn't tell evening time that he came down stairs wrapped in the blanket that he was in when we first met. I had sent Jason to go get the boy some clothes and take him to put them on. Once the boy was dressed he came back down and thanked us all. Jessica had made a nice dinner for everyone who could enjoy it. Once we were done with our dinner John and I asked to talk to the boy. We sat in the sitting room and I asked him how he got to be in my home. The boy took a deep breath and began his story “ I guess I should begin with the obvious thing because I know that you both are vampires or as I have learn to call you night walkers. I am what you would call a shape shifter or I guess werewolf. Although I am part coyote, I didn't get bitten or did I get to choose this. I inherited it from my father whose father was one as well and so on. Any ways my father died when I was just a baby of what I do not know. My mother died last year she got real sick. I have no other family so I just roamed around the desert and the mountains around here. Last night I shaped into my coyote form and wandered around like always when I was hit by a bullet by someone hunting. I was able to get the bullet out but I needed sometime to heal. It got really cold last night and I saw your home and something told me I would be safe here. If you like I can leave, I appreciate what you have done for me thus far.” I looked at the boy and than John I than asked John to follow me and I excused us for a minute as we stepped into the hallway. “So what do you think John? We can't just let the kid go and chance he getting hurt again. A part of me feels like he was suppose to find us” I asked him. John looked deep in thought and I could tell what he was thinking. He put his hand on my shoulder “I can only imagine what this poor boy has been through in the last year, and although he is a werewolf or were coyote he is technically a member of our family of the supernatural world. We should let him stay Micah” he said with his soft voice. I smiled and kissed him and told him okay. We went back into the sitting room and knelt down on each side of the boy. “Henry I want you to know that John and I had a talk about you. We both want you to stay with us so we can keep you safe. You will have some rules to follow but you will also be able to have a good meal and a roof over your head.” Henry hugged us both and cried “Thank you both I promise not to be a burden on you guys. I will do chores if you like me too as well.” John rubbed the kids hair messing up his raven black hair and just laughed.

Henry brought a new feel to the house one where he made it feel warm and complete. One morning while John and I were still in bed Henry knocked and came in and jumped on top of the bed. “Wake up dads its nearly 10:00 am”, John and I were both so excited that he called us dads it was the first time. We grabbed him and tickled him he was laughing so hard that he had to run out of our bedroom to the bathroom to pee. We got up and dressed and headed down the stairs to have breakfast. Once we had our drink and Henry had eaten we decided that we would begin Henry's lessons. I taught him history and literature, while Jason and John taught him math and gardening. The boy had a real talent for gardening, and his skills of the paint brush were not bad as well. Jason made sure Henry kept up with his Navajo heritage. Henry grew up to be a nice fine young man and than stopped aging by the age of twenty one. I found out this was because of what he was. Like us he could only be killed by cutting off of the head or by being burned.

The end of July of 1914 war broke out in Europe it was sever. We all knew it was only a matter of time when the United States would be brought into it. For now we were neutral in the war, we didn't really want to get brought into the war. Even after the Lusitania was sunk by a German U-boat the United States tried to stay neutral. Finally on April 6, 1917 the U.S joined the war all the way tell the end of the war in November 1918. World War I had taken a major hit on everyone. I could feel another change was coming and we needed to be prepared for it. I slowly began to stock up on anything we might need in case of an emergency was needed. We stored years supplies of food. Something told me to start taking my money out of the bank so I had Jason do just that little at a time. Jason did what he was asked and even took out his and Jessica's money. We stored everything in the safe I had recently installed in the house.

The time had come for what I had a feeling was going to happen on September 4, 1929 the stock market here in the United States began to crash. It completely crashed on October 29, 1929. Banks had shut their doors and food soon would become scarce. Poverty was hitting hard in the U.S and all over the world. I felt bad for the people in the town and we did what we could by giving some food we grew ourselves to people. I was worried for the United States it looked like it would completely crash upon itself. Finally a man by the name Franklin D. Roosevelt the fifth cousin of the former President Theodore Roosevelt was elected President in 1932. Although he had his hands full he managed to begin to bring the United States out of its Depression. It was a slow process. In 1939 another World War had begun Germany had declared war with a tyrant of a leader named Adolf Hitler. He was using his power by invading the Europe countries and putting people who were different in camps and killing them. On the Pacific side of the world China and Japan were getting into it as well. The world was a mess, and I thought about helping but I knew I couldn't. I sat and watched and listened to what was going on. The United States helped by sending people to Europe but we tried to stay out of it as much as possible. It wasn't tell December 7, 1941 when things really got us brought into the war. Japan had gone and bombed Pearl Harbor, in Hawaii we lost a lot of good people and ships. President Roosevelt declared war on Japan and once again we were at war. We sat and listened to the news of the war around the radio. We all knew that the government was testing some type of new bomb out in the desert somewhere near by but we didn't know what it was until it happened. The United States had dropped Atomic Bombs on Japan. I was shocked by what the United States had done, to think of what kind of weapon they created made me sick. Finally for what seem an eternity on September 02, 1945 the war finally ended we were happy because it was so hard to think of all the people who lost love ones.

Over time things began to get back to normal, we found out that our Henry had been seeing someone and comes to find out it was a guy from town. One afternoon as I was heading to the garage where I had my studio I heard moaning coming from behind it. I walked behind the garage and found Henry giving a young man about his age a blow job. The boy was about six foot one with light brown hair and bluish green eyes, he was built really well. When the kid caught sight of me he quickly tapped Henry who quickly stopped and stood up while the kid quickly pulled his pants up, Henry looked like he was about ready to piss his pants from fear “Dad this isn't what it looks like? Well it is but I can explain” the guy looked at him with a confused look on his face because I looked still only fourteen. I couldn't help but laugh “Henry I know exactly what you were doing I wasn't born yesterday. Why don't you and your friend come indoors and we can talk.” They both looked at each other and went indoors. I grabbed John and quietly told him what I saw he just laughed. As the four of us sat at the table in the kitchen not saying anything to one another just staring at each other. I cleared my throat and looked to the young man my son was giving a blow job “I take it this isn't the first time Henry and you have done something like this. I am guessing you both have been at it a while since the vibes I am getting from you”. The boy shifted in his chair uncomfortably “Sir yes sir” he said to me. I couldn't help but laugh and than continued to talk to them “look I don't mind at all that you and our son is a couple. I want you to know that we that is my husband John and I are also homosexual and that if you guys have our support” the kid just sighed a relief. John than took over “Can we get a name or should we just call you Henry's boy friend” the guy turned beet red. Than he looked at Henry who gave him an encouraging look he than spoke soft “My name is Corporal Matthew Newman. I am stationed at Holloman Air Force Base just outside of town. I hope you guys don't mind me dating your son he is so wonderful. I am at the end of my time of service and I want to be with him he is something special' he said to us both. John and I looked at each other and winked at one another. John continued “I see and Henry do you feel the same way for Matthew here” Henry told us yes so John went and explained to Matthew of what we were. I wasn't sure how he would take it but the kid was open to it and he swore to keep our secret and Henry's secret. Once we were done talking John and I stayed at the table and just laughed.

Things were getting serious for Henry and Matthew he was over at our place at every chance he got. I really liked him, he mad my son feel happy. I remember the day like it was still yesterday it was April 21, 1949 when Matthew asked if he could talk to me in private I told him to come with me to my studio. We walked in and I shut the door and pulled him an extra stool. He fidgeted with his hands when he finally got the courage to speak “Mr McDoodle I want you to know how much I love your son. He is my evening and morning star. I can not even imagine my life with out him. I will be officially out of the Air Force this Friday and I would really like to than ask Henry to be with me forever. I realized though he isn't going to age any more since he is a shape shifter but I can't be with out him. So I guess what I am asking is if you would turn me into a vampire so I can be with him forever. I know it is not something to just do for you but please take in consideration for me”. I sat there for several minutes running things in my head “I will tell you what I will do Matthew. I will think about what you are asking. I also want you to know that I want to find out if Henry feels the same for you. I also have to discuss this with John as well. How does that sound?” He looked at me and said that is all he asked. I got up and gave the kid a hug and told him to go and spend some time with Henry before he had to go back to the base. He walked out of the studio and I just stood there watching him thinking about what he asked me.

To be continued...

Authors input: A lot has happen for John and Micah and now they have a son who is also gay and a shape shifter. Henry's boyfriend wants Micah to turn him into a vampire. Is Micah going to do it and does Henry feel the same way Matthew feels for him. More to come. Feel free to email me with your input on this chapter.