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Previously... Things were getting serious for Henry and Matthew, he was over at our place at every chance he got. I really liked him, he made my son feel happy. I remember the day like it was yesterday, it was April 21, 1949 when Matthew asked if he could talk to me in private and I told him to come with me to my studio. We walked in and I shut the door and pulled him up an extra stool. He fidgeted with his hands when he finally got the courage to speak “Mr. McDoodle I want you to know how much I love your son. He is my evening and morning star. I cannot even imagine my life with out him. I will be officially out of the Air Force this Friday and I would really like to ask Henry to be with me forever. I realized though he isn't going to age any more since he is a shape shifter but I can't be with out him. I guess what I am asking is if you would turn me into a vampire so I can be with him forever. I know it is not something that you do for anyone, but I would be grateful if you would consider turning me into a vampire.”. I sat there for several minutes running things in my head “I will tell you what I will do Matthew. I will think about what you are asking. I also want you to know that I want to find out if Henry feels the same for you and I have to discuss this with John as well. How does that sound?” He looked at me and said “that is all I ask that you do.” I got up and gave the kid a hug and told him to go and spend some time with Henry before he had to go back to the base. He walked out of the studio and I just stood there watching him thinking about what he had asked me.

All The Time In The World 6

I found John in the garden attending to some roses; I walked up to him and asked if I could talk to him in private. John and I went into my studio and we shut the door, we sat on the couch. John could tell I was deep in thought and had something nagging at me. He grabbed my hands and held them, and in his soft soothing voice “You know you can talk to me baby. What’s wrong, Micah, sweetheart?” I looked at him then back out the window where I saw Matthew talking with Henry. A few hours of silence I looked at my husband and said “ Matthew came and asked to talk to me alone this morning. He is deeply in love with our Henry and he wants to be with him forever. The thing he asked me was something I really don’t know how to answer. You see he actually wants me to turn him into a vampire so they can be together forever. I really don't know what to do John.” I sat back waiting for John to answer me. He got up and looked out the window for a few minutes than turned around and knelt beside me and grasped my hands “If it was me I would first see if Henry feels the same way. If he does than I would take it consideration and only then. I cannot make this choice for you my dear Micah, but whatever you choose will be the right answer.” We got up and I turned on the radio and we danced in each others arms.

The love that was radiating from my husband's body was intoxicating to my soul. I wanted him right then and there. I kissed his neck as I pulled off his shirt; I took a small step back and looked at his fine toned body. I rubbed my hands up and down his chest and stomach as I nibbled on his ears than lower lip. He was moaning with pleasure as I slowly kissed and gently nibbled my way down to his waist. I unfastened his belt and used my teeth to undo his zipper releasing his beautiful beast. Pushing John down onto the couch where I began to kiss and lick his shaft and suck on his balls. When he was nice and hard and moaning like a wild animal. I slid my clothes off and climbed on top of my man and sat down on his cock. As I sat there for a few minutes making sure the full length was up inside of me I began to ride him. His cock felt great up inside of me as it throbbed inside of me. As he grabbed my waist to make me buck up and down on him, I swore he was going to make me cum several times. I held it back as long as I could; I wanted to save it for when he was going to fill my ass with his load. After a hot raunchy round of love making he finally shot his load inside of me. He shot so much I swore it was going to come out of my nose and ears. I then shot all over his body covering his belly, chest and some landing on his lips. I leaned forward and kissed him swirling my load between our mouths. I could feel my ass full of his Godly fluids, and it felt great. We stayed on the couch with me on top of him for another hour when we finally decided we better get dress and talk to Henry about how he feels for Matthew.

We entered the house and all was quiet except the sound of a headboard hitting up against a wall coming from our son's bedroom. John and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. We decided to get a nice glass of blood and go have a seat in the library. I picked up the book Dracula by Bram Stroker. John lay on the chaise with me with his head in my lap as I began to read. Several times we couldn't help but laugh at what was written in the book. This Bram Stroker sure had a vivid imagination. I couldn't help but feel that part of what he was saying about our kind was a good thing because it would make people oblivious to how we really are, we could walk among them in the daylight and live a little more normal. It was getting close to dinnertime when Henry and Matthew came down stairs, and John looked at me and winked because Matthew was walking a little stiff. As they walked past the library John coughed to get their attention. “Well by the looks of you two, makes me wonder how big the hole is from the headboard hitting the wall so much” he said with a laugh. They were both beet red and didn't know what to say. Matthew kissed Henry and told him he had to get back to the base. After he left we all sat at the table where I could see Henry was still in la la land. I decided this was a better chance than any to talk to him. “Henry, John and I would like to talk to you about something. I had a talk with Matthew this morning alone, that young man loves you very much and would do anything for you. I would like to know how you feel about him before I tell you what he asked me” he looked at us with a look of wondering and a little bit of nervousness in his eyes. He took a drink of his wine and then let out a long slow breath “Dads I can honestly say that I feel like Matthew is my soul mate. He brings such peacefulness and warmth to my soul. So the answer is yes I do feel the same way about him,” he said smiling. John and I looked at one another and he nudged me in my side to continue what I needed to say. I looked at Henry “The thing he asked me is something that I still don't know exactly what to do, and I needed to see how you feel about it and about him. You see Matthew wants to be with you forever and since you don't age anymore he asked me to turn him into a vampire” I looked at him and waited for his response. I could see his lips moving and I knew he was quietly going over what I told him. “I can't imagine not having him with me forever, if I could change him into what I am I would. But, I can't as for you changing him I honestly would not mind it but I do know it is up to you on turning him” he said to John and I. I looked between him and John and finally made up my mind “Henry I can tell how much you love Matthew and how much he loves you, because of that I will turn Matthew into a vampire. But not until he has officially left the Air Force” Henry got up and ran to us and hugged us tightly “You both are the best dad's in the world. I love you both so much”. He went back to his seat and finished his dinner.

The day had finally come to Matthew's last day in the military. We threw him a party and told him he could invite a few others to the party. It was a small group since most of his buddies had been transferred to another base already. We played music and his Officer who came gave him a toast and wished him luck in life. We all had a good time, everyone finally left around 2:00 am. I then asked Henry and Matthew to come sit with John and I in the sitting room. Once we were all seated and comfortable I looked at them “Matthew I have really been thinking about what you asked me, about turning you into a vampire. I did have a talk with Henry and I know that you both are truly in love with each other and that you are destined to be together. Therefore, with much consideration I have decided that I will turn you into a vampire. But you have to know what to expect first of all not everything in Bram Stroker's book is true. Yes we drink blood; yes a stake in the heart will kill us, but face it, that would kill anyone. Also if you get your head cut off you will die. I lost my maker and my first love that way during the Civil War. Sunlight will make you weak if you are exposed to it for a long period of time and your senses will be heightened. If there is anyone as far as family that you want to talk to before, I would suggest to do it before hand because of the urge you will have to drink from them” I said calmly. Matthew sat there for a few minutes “I have a sister that I want to talk to before hand. She has always been there for me especially when dad would come home drunk and start hitting us. She always tried to make sure it was she and not I. She also knows I am gay and I told her that I met someone. So I would really like to get a hold of her, please.” I nodded and said that is fine.

A week later we had Matthew's sister and her husband over to visit. Right away she gave John, Henry and I an odd look, almost like she was reading us. The weird thing was I could feel some type of mystical force around her. We showed them to where they would be sleeping and let them know that if there was anything they needed to let us know. Matthew and John made them a beautiful dinner with homemade rolls. John and I set the table and went to the cellar and got some wine, and than got us a bottle of blood from our hidden room. Matthew's sister was beautiful, her name was Elizabeth and her husband's name was Mark. We all sat down at dinner where we joked and talked. Elizabeth just kept looking at John and I and nodding as she noticed we were only drinking and not eating with the rest of them. Once everyone finished we all retired to the sitting room, Elizabeth looked at John and I again and I have to admit she was making me a little bit uncomfortable. Finally she sat her wine glass down “Micah and John I have to ask you, what are you guys? I know you are not human. I can tell from your auras and by the vibes your bodies are giving off. I can also tell that Henry isn't no mere human as well, I am guessing he is a werewolf and the two of you are vampires” I was shocked by what she said. We than told her and Mark what we were and told them about how we came to have Henry in our lives. She took it extremely calm. I found out she was a Wiccan Priestess and she was familiar with several other vampires. Matthew went and told her what he wanted to do and asked her what she thought. She sat there closed her eyes and held her hands out like she was meditating than she spoke “I have looked at what the universe has to say about you and Henry Matthew. I know that this is your destiny, I have known for a while but I could not tell you until now because you had to choose this bath. I can tell you it will have great benefits with a few bumps along its way” she got up and kissed her brother on the cheek than kissed Henry's cheek. She told them that they will be extremely happy and do not under estimate what the future holds for them. She than turned to John and I “You both have already been through a lot. I can tell that just by the vibes from you both. Your love for one another is so strong that it is locked in time to always flourish. I have a number for you to call Micah, it's a vampire who is in Texas. He is pretty old and he is part of a section of vampires who protect other vampires and their family” she reached into her purse and gave me a piece of paper with a name on it and telephone number. I got up and hugged her and told her thank you. We sat and talked a little longer, until the boys were almost falling asleep in each others laps. We said good night and went to our separate rooms. John and I stripped and just held one another with me spooning him as we dozed off.

The next morning I made preparations for what I was about to do, I made sure we had several bottles of blood next to the chaise in the library for when Matthew woke up into his new life. Elizabeth insisted that she wanted to be around when he woke up as a vampire. She told me she knew of the risks but she will not leave her brother. I simply said okay and finished with everything that was needed. Since this was different from the time I changed John and a whole different circumstance I wanted it to go smoothly. The big grandfather clock struck twelve noon. The time had officially come, I had Matthew take his shirt off and lay on the chaise that was covered with a sheet in case any blood fell on it. Everyone gathered around Matthew and I, as I went over what was going to happen and what to expect. I tilted his head and bit down on his neck he let out a scream of pain but told me to keep going. I drank to the point to where his heart was hardly beating. I stopped and wiped my mouth with a napkin, I than went and took a knife and cut my wrist and placed the cut to Matthew's lips and told him to drink. He slowly drank and as he did I could here his heart get slower and slower tell it finally stopped. I pulled my wrist from his lips and it healed instantly. I looked at everyone around us and told them now we wait. It wasn't tell four in the afternoon when Matthew woke up. His once bluish green eyes were now a dark ocean blue. I helped him sit up and John quickly handed him a glass of blood. Once he had several glasses he looked around and saw his sister smiling and I could tell that she whispered I love you to him. Henry came over and sat on the other side of his boyfriend and pulled him into a hug and kissed him passionately. That night the six of us celebrated the beginning of Matthew's new life. A couple days after Matthew's new life his sister wished us all a farewell as she and Mark left for their home in California. She promised us that she would be back soon as we said our final good byes.

As the world moved forward so did our family, John and I had gotten hold of the vampire in Texas whose name was Rodolfo He was changed into a vampire in the early 1200s. He knew so much and taught John and I some knew tricks. Like a simple glamor spell he learned from a witch in Salem during the witch trials. The spell could make us look older or different so we could continue to live in our loving home. Elizabeth had visited a couple more times and on her last visit she told us she had a surprise for us. When she and Mark arrived they went and opened the back seats of the car revealing a beautiful baby girl. They named her Melinda and she was adorable. I got to hold her and I could not help but laugh as I held her. It had been far to long since I held a baby not since I was human. We all got to hold her and the baby just giggled and didn't cry once while she was being held by one of us. We told her that we had met with Rodolfo and how we became great friends. She was so excited and happy for us. We told her about the spell he gave us and she told us that it was a great one for us to use.

On August 20, 1955 John and I were woken up by Henry pounding on our door, he didn't even wait for us to answer he rushed in and told us something was wrong with Matthew. We got up and put our robes on and ran to Matthew's and Henry's bedroom. Matthew was in the bathroom throwing up blood. I looked at John who also had a worried look on his face. I put my arm around Matthew when he finally finished throwing up and led him back to the bed. It wasn't tell I got him in the bed I could hear the sound of a very small heart beat. I told John to get me a wash cloth and told Henry to call Elizabeth. Once Henry left and it was just John, Matthew, and I left in the room I told John to listen and he heard the same noise I heard a small heart beat. We looked at Matthew who had fallen asleep, I studied his body and gently put my ear to his stomach. The heart beat was coming from there, I was totally confused by this time. Henry came back and said Elizabeth will be catching the next flight this way with Mark and Melinda. I wasn't sure if I should tell Henry what I thought was wrong with Matthew, I decided to wait tell his sister got here. A day had gone by and Matthew was feeling better but still threw up the next morning. Henry left to El Paso to go get Elizabeth, Mark and Melinda as John and I stayed behind with Matthew who was asleep up in his and Henry's room. An hour after Henry left Matthew came down and laid on the couch across the chaise in the library where John and I were. “I need to ask you something” he finally said with a concern look on his face. John and I knew with out him even asking what he was going to ask but we decided to let him ask we told him to ask away. “The last week I haven't been feeling right, I feel like something inside me is changing. But I don't know what it is. There has been several times I have sworn I have heard a small heart beat. What's wrong with me?” tears were coming down his cheeks. John got up and whispered to me that he had this he walked over to Matthew and combed through his hair with his hand “Matthew the thing that is going on with you is nothing bad but a miracle in itself. We were going to wait tell your sister got here but I can tell you need answers now. Matthew I am not sure how to say this but you are pregnant. I am not sure how this is even possible but we will find out what this is about and what we do about it” John said to Matthew who just nodded okay.

Henry finally got back with Matthew's sister and her family. She quickly ran to her brother and looked him over and chanted something I couldn't make out. Once she was done he fell asleep, she got up and came over to Mark, Henry, John, and I who was holding Melinda. “I already know that John and Micah know this but Henry you need to know something. Matthew is pregnant with your son. I know how weird this may sound but it is something that was for told by the Celtic's that there would come a time when a shape shifter and night walker will give birth to a child who will bring the two kinds together under one family. Your child is to be that child Henry” she said simply. Henry was just frozen with shock. He didn't know what to say. He finally snapped out of it and told Elizabeth that he would do everything he can to protect Matthew and the baby. She just smiled and told him she knows. He went to the library and picked his lover up and carried him upstairs to their room. The rest of us went and had a seat to discuss what we do next. I was just about to sit down when there was a knock on our door. I got up and told John, Elizabeth, and Mark I would be right back this should be our other guest. Elizabeth looked at me oddly for a second than nodded and said she knew who it was. I went and opened the front door and in came Rodolfo. I told Elizabeth and Mark that I called him when Matthew first was throwing up Elizabeth got up and hugged her friend. I went to the kitchen and got those who drank wine a glass and those who drank blood some. I came back and served our guest drinks. We sat and talked and Rodolfo told us he had heard the story of the child to be born by both shape shifter and night walker. But he only thought it was just that just a story that he heard a long time ago.

To Be Continued...

Author's closing note...

So some interesting things have happened in this chapter. Micah had chosen to change Matthew into a vampire so he and Henry can be together. Than after he was changed he ends up being pregnant to end up finding out that it is an ancient for told destiny by the Celtics to bring Shape Shifter and Night Walkers world together as one.