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Previously...After breakfast I went to my studio to do some painting. John came in and asked if I was okay because when he woke up and I wasn’t there in bed he was worried. I told him about the dream and that it really shook me up. He assured me that it was just a dream and that my dad is dead. I kissed him and told him I loved him. He went out and began to work on his gardening, I watched him through the window for a few minutes before getting back to my painting. I stared at the blank canvas and took a pencil and began to draw a river with a loan cottage sitting off in the background against the woods. I than took my paints and began to paint inside the drawing. It turned out beautifully, just the way I pictured it in my mind. It was late afternoon when John came into my studio to find me asleep on the couch. He gently shook me to wake me up. I looked at him and asked him what time it is. He told me it was nearly 5pm and that the bodyguards that Lady Julian said she would send were here. I got up and realized how weak I was due to not drinking much blood. I went and got me a glass before I greeted the vampires who will be staying with us. To my surprise they were not vampires but regular humans. One of them was about twenty five six one and looked to be Italian. He introduced himself as Donavan. The other one was African American about in his early thirties and was about six one as well. He shook my hand and introduced himself as Dmitri. I welcomed them to our home and John told me he already showed them to a room. Comes to find out that Donavan and Dmitri is a couple, and they told us that they would try not to make us feel uncomfortable.

All the Time in the World 8

It took some real adjustment for everyone in the house to get used to having Dmitri and Donavan around. If we had to go to the store or something they went with us. At times I felt like I was a child and needing to be babysat. One morning there was loud banging at the door Dmitri and Donavan told us we need to go and hide. We all went to the secret room and hid while Donavan and Dmitri went to the door. They grabbed their hand guns that they carried on them at all times and opened the door. On the doorstep they found a cardboard package they immediately went into full security mode. Dimitri grabbed the strings and very carefully untied the package. He then grabbed the knife from his pocket and slowly undid the wrapping carefully so not to set the bomb off. Once he got the box open he carefully defused the bomb and disposed of it. We were told we could come out and we did. I thanked Dimitri and Donavan for what they did. I was still shaking with fear because this is the second attempt on my family. I excused myself from everyone and went to my studio just so I could have a place to think. As I sat there on the couch I couldn’t help but begin to cry. I am so worried about my family and how I am supposed to protect them. I looked up to the sky and yelled at God and telling him to let me see Hezekiah. All of a sudden there sat Hezekiah right next to me “Micah sweet heart I am so happy to see you but do not cry. Have you not learned that you are protected? Here is what you do my dear sweet man. You own a lot of property on this mountain so build yourself a fortress one that no one can penetrate. I know you can do this because I have looked down time after time and seen what you accomplished down in the valley, and here. So no more crying, no more worry Micah, just fight for your family” he said holding me in his arms. I looked up to him and kissed him “thank you Hezekiah, I love you still”. He smiled and told me he will always love me and disappeared. I sat up and got my mind all settled and went back to the house. Everyone was still in the waiting room when I got inside. I decided to make sandwiches for those who could eat and got a carafe full of blood for Matthew, John and I. I walked into the living room carrying sandwiches. We ate lunch than Matthew and Henry said they were going to go lay Lucas down for a nap and take one themselves.

Once they left went upstairs I decided to talk about better security for the house and family. Dimitri suggested that we put up a fence around the house one that would be made of cement and rocks, but in the main support of the wall be iron with razor barbwire at the top. John and I looked at each other and I knew he was thinking what I was. So I spoke for the both of us “I like the idea of the wall but I really don’t like the barbwire thing. What if we make it high enough so it can’t be jumped? I am sure there is something we can do” I asked. Donavan was sitting there pondering “there is another option, we could put an iron mini fence on top of the wall and put sensors on it to help us know when it is being attacked. We could also put a keypad and a speaker box at the gate. Of course we would need to get a computer but that will take up almost two full rooms. Those things are really big, wish they would make them smaller” he said laughing about the smaller computer thing. I decided we could take my studio since that would be the right size for the computer thing. We than talked about contractors and I told them John and I wanted in on who they hired since we could use a glamor spell to make us look older this way we can see if they are honest and trustworthy men by the speed of their heart rate. Everything was settled and the four of us all decided that was the best way. We also decided that we will have one code for the gate and it will change once a month. This way it will be harder to break in. After we were done talking, I was feeling really tired. I excused myself and John said he would come join me for a nap. I made it to the bedroom and I almost collapsed as I entered through the door. John quickly scooped me up and carried me to the bed. He undressed me than himself and lay down beside me and held me tight.

I woke up feeling the nice tight grip of John’s arms around my torso. I felt underneath the sheet and found what I was looking for. So I quickly grabbed his dick and wrapped my hand around it. As I rubbed his dick with my right hand I grabbed my own cock and began to jerk myself off. I continued on for about fifteen minutes until we both ended up Cumming. I looked over to John and he was still asleep but smiling big time. I pulled my hands from underneath the sheets and decided to lick them clean. His cum was delight able and so very filling. I must have dozed back asleep because next thing I remember was Lucas pounding on our bedroom door telling us to wake up in his cute little three year old voice. John and I woke up and put some clothes on and opened the door. Lucas came running in and looked at us both and giggled. He was getting so big so quick. I picked him up and sat him on the bed and tickled him, than John joined in and he was laughing hard and saying grandpas stop. We finally stopped and he told us it was bed time and he wanted me to read him a story tonight. John and I walked him to his room and tucked him in bed. I grabbed Peter Rabbit and I began to read it too him. He was fell asleep half way through the book, so I sat the book down and kissed him good night and we went downstairs. We followed the smell of cookies coming from the kitchen and who do we find in the kitchen Matthew and Henry kissing while cookies were in the oven. John and I coughed so they knew we were there and they turned around and their faces were all sorts of the color red from embarrassment. So I decided to have some fun, I grabbed John and French kissed him and rubbed his cock through his pants. Both the boys went DAD come on already. I simply looked at them “If you can’t stand the heat than get out of the kitchen” we all laughed after wards. John and I retired to the library and lie on the chaise together and read The Chronicle of Narnia Series by C.S. Lewis. This book was a very interesting book part of me felt badly for the Queen in the book but there was that other part of me who felt she deserved what she got.

We read for about an hour when I finally looked over at John “Baby how about you and I go for a walk up the mountain I have a few ideas I want to run by you if you don’t mind” I said kissing his neck. We both got up and went upstairs to change for our midnight walk. I went to the closet and grabbed a gift from Rodolfo it was a walking stick that had a sword in it. John and I walked out the backdoor into the crisp autumn night. We walked about a mile when I stopped and looked at how the moon made John looked so beautiful. John looked at me with the same look that must have been on my face. I pulled him into my arms and began kissing him and licking his earlobe. He was in complete ecstasy. Soon we had helped one another out of our clothes and laid down there in the dense woods and began to make out. He grabbed my dick and I grabbed his and got into a full sixty nine session. He had me almost shooting my load but then stopped he told me he wanted me to fuck him. I quickly grabbed him and got him on his back; he put his legs on my shoulder and began pushing his hole onto my cock. Once I was fully inside of him I began to work my dick in and out of his tight sweet hole. One perk about being a vampire is we heal fast and it always keeps our asses nice and tight. An hour later I was shooting my load up into his ass which got him to start shooting his load. We cleaned up and just sat there lying next to one another. “I have been thinking about something John. We have this whole part of the mountain that we own. What if we take the house and turn it into a guest home and then we build a new bigger home into the side of the mountain. We could go and make a special exit that could be used for emergencies to a place higher up the mountain to say an area where we hide a car full of things we may need to make a quick escape if we need it” I said looking at him. He twirled his fingers through my hair “Micah honey, if this will make you feel safer than let’s do it. But please know that we have people who love us and who look out for us. I have only one request if we do this. You build yourself a new studio, you need your studio baby and I know painting calms you”. I smiled at him and told him okay he has a deal. We laid there for another hour then got up and picked up our clothes and walked home naked. I must admit it really felt good walking naked the breeze felt great on my skin.

We got to the backdoor and Dimitri and Donavan were standing there looking pretty upset. “I know you guys are vampires and a lot older than us but you need to let us know if you plan on going for a walk. We woke up from the couch and headed to the kitchen to have a couple cookies. When we were done we walked upstairs and your door was open and you both weren’t there. Look we are here to protect you and your family, so please notify us next time” Dimitri said with a semi stern look on his face. I could feel them checking both John and I out and it made me hard and I could see John sprouting a hard on as well. Grabbing my lover by his dick I lead him back into our room where I get down on my knees and begin to suck on his cock. Precursor was filling my mouth and I turn around and push his dick right into my ass hole. I then begin to beg John to fuck me. We ended up having a hot, raunchy and passionate sex. We were sweating and panting after shooting our loads. We then headed to the shower where we both decided we will help one another wash up.

After our shower we went to bed and woke up the next morning feeling relax and rejuvenated. Once we were done kissing each other we got up and headed down to the kitchen. There we found Matthew giving Lucas some oatmeal, and Henry was laughing at him because Lucas took his spoon and splatted Matthew right in the face with some of the oatmeal. We all laugh and Matthew looked at all of us with a look like oh shut it you guys. Later that day every one of us came to a decision on how we will build our new home. Once we were done choosing how many rooms, bathrooms, and where we will lead the emergency exit too. Donavan came over to me and told me he had gotten a hold of Rodolfo who had given a few names of some guys who specialized in special homes. I told him to give them a call but don’t set any appointments to meet with them tell tomorrow and only do a couple appointments at a time so it’s not over whelming. He said okay and he headed to the phone to make some phone calls. As I was sitting at a desk that I hardly ever used in the library the feeling I needed to call Lady Julian came across my mind. I got up and went to the phone to call her and a young man answered the phone and told me she was over at Rodolfo’s house. I told him thank you and hung up and called over at Rodolfo’s place. Rodolfo and I talked for several minutes and then he put Lady Julian on the phone. I told her I felt it was time I got more involved in the vampire counsel. She told me she felt that was a great idea and she will make arrangements for me to meet everyone. We talked about Lucas and the anti-supernatural league. We then hung up and I went and got me a glass of blood. After my drink I went and found John in the garden attending to his flowers. I told him what Lady Julian and I talked about and how I want to be more involved in the vampire counsel. He simply told me that it was about time I wanted to do this and then laughed because he said he was thinking about the counsel a lot in the last couple weeks.

A week had passed since Lady Julian and I had talked on the phone. It was getting close to Halloween and little Lucas who now looked like he was five now was excited. John and I were thinking about throwing a Halloween Party and invite a bunch of people from town. I wanted to try and be normal for once if that makes any since. The phone rang later that afternoon I went and answered it and it was actually Lady Julian. She told me she wanted John and me to come to Washington D.C. where we will with the United States Vampire League with several other Vampires from other nations. I told her to hold on one second and told John that she wanted to go to Washington. He said okay and then said he will go and start packing. I returned back to the phone and told Lady Julian that we can make it. Before she hung up she told me you can call me Julie Micah I consider you a friend. I laughed and told her okay and we hung up. I went upstairs and found John in frenzy on what trying to decide on what to pack for us. I stood at the door jam and just laughed at him he looked so cute when he was in his frenzy mood. He saw me and just rolled his eyes at me because I was laughing at him. As I was watching him I decided John and I really needed some new suits, I grabbed him and told him he is coming with me to go get some new suits. He threw a fuss saying we need to pack our suitcases. I picked him up threw him over my shoulders and carried him downstairs. I told Dimitri and Donavan we were going to go get some new suits. Dimitri said he will go with us so the three of us went to the store and get some John and me some new suits. We found some really nice three piece suits and ended up buying two different colors. We both chose black and charcoal gray suits. John looked so yummy and delicious in his suits. We quickly paid for them and John and I decided we would treat Dimitri to a surprise. We took him to the jewelry section and we told him to pick him and Donavan out one. As he was going through the watches John and I found two watches that we thought would be nice for our two boys. We asked them to be engraved with a simple saying that said “Life is always a gift and you have all eternity to enjoy it, Love Dads”. Soon Dimitri came up to us telling us he found the perfect watch for the two of them. We paid for the watches and picked up some Chinese food to take home. When we got home John ran upstairs to pack the rest of the suitcases. I brought in the food and put it on the table for Henry, Donavan and Dimitri to enjoy. I poured John and I each a glass of blood and headed upstairs to help him pack. I got upstairs and walked in to see John zipping the suitcases. I handed him his glass of blood and we kissed and sat and talked about how much our lives has changed over the last several decades. We fell asleep in a chair that was in our room, I was lying on his lap.

I woke up feeling this massive beast poking my ass. I carefully got up and pulled off my clothes and began to give John a lap dance. He woke up smiling and moaning because I kept rubbing my ass crack on his cock that I ended up pulling out of his pants. John ended up shooting his sperm all up and down my crack and it felt great. We got up and showered and messed a little around in the shower but we didn’t stay too long because we had a flight to catch. Once we showered we both dressed in our charcoal suits and headed downstairs to tell the boys bye and we loved them. Donavan told us as we got downstairs that he will drive us to El Paso. So we got in the car and headed to the El Paso airport. The best thing about flying in a private plane is we didn’t have to worry about checking in. We got to the plane and gave the stewardess our luggage she gave it to a man who put it on the plane then she ushered us inside the plane. Once we were inside we saw four very comfortable seats John and I took two of them and the stewardess told us we will be leaving shortly we were just waiting on Rodolfo and Lady Julian. I told her thank you and then she offered John and I a glass of blood we told her yes please and she was off and back right away with two glasses full of blood. Not soon after we finished Rodolfo and Julie arrived apologizing for being late. I couldn’t help but feel there was something going on between the two of them. We were soon in the air and heading to Washington. “Now John and Micah the people you are going to meet are the main vampires of the Vampire Counsel. One of them will be my creator or father I guess I should say and that is Count Dracula. There are several others who are just as old as him. Of course there is only a few who were as or older than Hezekiah. Anyways you two will be mine and my father’s guests. There are several vampires who want to meet the two of you since you both are the grandparents of the one who will bring both shape shifter and night walkers together. I also have taken it upon myself to have you both stay at a very nice hotel. It is a very nice hotel and if they give you any trouble just mention my name” Julie told us. John and I told her no problem at all.

We touched down in Washington around 5pm and Julie insisted we have dinner with her and her father. Rodolfo, John and I agreed, I then asked what type of dress and she told us what we have on is fine. We followed her to a car and got in. We arrived to a beautiful old colonial style home and got out of the car and headed in doors. Inside an extremely handsome young man who looked no more than twenty five greeted us. He introduced himself as Dracula. I was shocked on how handsome he was. He had jet black hair, soft brown eyes, and was about five foot ten. We shook hands and then we all went to the dining room where he had fresh blood waiting for us all. Dracula was nothing like I suspected him to be, he was kind and friendly. He told us that the stories about him changing into a bat and a wolf were somewhat true but that was with the help of witch craft. He then suggested that we stay here tonight at his home for the night since by the time we were done talking it was nearing 2am. We agreed and were shown to a room with a big soft sleigh style bed. We thanked him again for letting us stay and he told us it was his pleasure. We bid everyone good night and retired for the evening. John and I talked for another hour about Dracula.

John and I woke up early the next morning and kissed each other good morning. We then got up and got dressed and checked to make sure everything was back in our suitcases. There was a knock on the door and John got up to answer it. Julie walked in and told us that her dad had some breakfast waiting for us and after wards we will head to the Council Meeting. We followed her downstairs to the dining room where Dracula and Rodolfo were talking and laughing. When the three of us entered the room Julie let them both know we were there and we headed to the dining room table. We all drank and talked a little more about the counsel. I found out that Hezekiah was one of the founders of the counsel and the only reason he was part of it when we were together was he felt that vampires should be one with the human race and not just use them for food. We all finished and headed up to the place the counsel was meeting at. When we arrived we were greeted by several men in black suits and ties, with walkie talkies. They showed us where to go and where to sit. As we sat there waiting for the meeting to start we were introduced to more of the council members. There were vampires who looked averaging from there teen years all the way up to their forties.

The meeting soon began and Julie was right there were representatives from all over the world. The main topic was about the anti-supernatural league and how much of a threat they have been lately. They said that in the last three months there have been a total of forty five vampire deaths by the league’s hands. This caused me to hate these people even more. Finally it was mine and John’s turn to speak. “Lady and Gentlemen of the Vampire Council I am Micah McDoodle I was turned by Hezekiah. I am the Grandfather of the child that will help bring order between both vampires and shape shifters. My husband and I come to you to offer our help any way possible to you all” I said standing up and holding John’s hand. A representative who was one of the oldest vampires from the Middle East stood up. “I knew your maker young Micah he was a great vampire. I admire both of your guys bravery and courage in all of this. We will discuss after recess on what we expect from of you and John” he said with everyone else nodding.

Everyone left their separate ways for recess John and I went and found Dracula, Rodolfo and Julie talking in the hallway. As we walked towards them Dracula came over and put his hands around us. “Boys you impressed a lot of the vampires with your courage so far today. Do not be surprise Micah and John if they ask you guys to join the council. See one of the vampires who were killed was the representative from the southwest area. So since the role is open I think you Micah will be a great asset to the council. Of course the choice is up to you and John” he said looking at us both. I was a bit dumb founded I mean me on a council of vampires I couldn’t even believe it. John and I excused us for a few minutes so we could talk about it. After a few minutes John and I agreed if they asked than I will take the offer. John and I also agreed that this would give us a permanent protection on our family. We walked back to our little group where we told Dracula if it was offered I would accept. He seemed to be very happy with that and then led us to a place to have a little lunch. Dracula went on telling us that the council has their blood flown in from blood banks from around the world. It made it safer for both humans and vampires. We talked a little more about the council and how it was founded. Dracula told us that the council was started by three vampires two who are still alive. The three vampires were Dracula, Hezekiah, and Xiang Yu the vampire who talked to us during the first part of the meeting. I couldn’t help but wonder why Hezekiah never mentioned the council when we were together. I guess Dracula could see I was pondering on something and he asked me what was wrong and I told him what I was thinking. “The reason why Hezekiah left was kind of sad really. You see Hezekiah was one of the founders yes but what only myself and Xiang know about is Hezekiah was never really a person who liked to be tied down to one place for two long. But the main reason why is there was a vampire who Hezekiah fell in love with in the early 1300s I believe well this vampire seem to believe in what the council stood for. Come to find out the vampire was actually undercover for a rogue vampire group who believes humans are nothing but meat and that they can rule them by fear. For this reason the history and fear of vampires came to be. Anyways when the three of us found out whom this vampire was we had no choice but to have him executed. Hezekiah took it the hardest and he felt that it was his fault that the rogue vampires got so much information so he left the council. We always knew where he was even after he left but we kept our distance. We lost track of him around the time you guys moved to the valley you guys made your home in. When we found out about his death we all took it very hard” he said softly to me. I still couldn’t believe he would keep something like this from me but I shrugged it off and decided to enjoy this time with my friends.

A man came in and told us that the council meeting will be continuing in five minutes. We all headed to the meeting hall where we arrived just as everyone else was. John and I sat next to one another holding hands as the meeting went on about different things and concerns. Near 3pm Xiang stood up and asked for John and me to come to the middle of the meeting hall. We stood up and walked together to the center. “My dear young men the council has something we wish to offer you both. We want you both to be part of the council you both have been through so much and we feel you guys will be great council members. You will be taking over the southwest section of the United States. Will you guys take on this position?” he asked us both. I nodded to John who told him we will gladly accept the role. Xiang Yu than looked around and asked for a vote and everyone approved for us to take the position. We were then told we will be assigned several individuals who will protect us and our family and who will help us to learn to embrace our vampire lifestyle. They told us we will have blood from blood banks delivered to our home once a week. The meeting continued on until around 7pm and we all broke off and headed our separate ways. Our group headed back to Dracula’s place since he insisted we stay at his place since we were now council members. We agreed and canceled our hotel room, when we got back we had a couple glasses of some blood where we talked more about just stuff in general. It was nearing 12am and John and I said good night to everyone since we would be catching our flight back home tomorrow.

To Be Continued…