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Previously...You will be taking over the southwest section of the United States. Will you guys take on this position?” he asked us both. I nodded to John who told him we will gladly accept the role. Xiang Yu than looked around and asked for a vote and everyone approved for us to take the position. We were then told we will be assigned several individuals who will protect us and our family and who will help us to learn to embrace our vampire lifestyle. They told us we will have blood from blood banks delivered to our home once a week. The meeting continued on until around 7pm and we all broke off and headed our separate ways. Our group headed back to Dracula’s place since he insisted we stay at his place since we were now council members. We agreed and canceled our hotel room, when we got back we had a couple glasses of some blood where we talked more about just stuff in general. It was nearing 12am and John and I said good night to everyone since we would be catching our flight back home tomorrow.

All the Time in the World 9

When John and I got home we were greeted at the front door by Lucas who jumped into my arms giggling. He kept asking what we brought back for him. I had to tell him to calm down and hold on a few seconds. We got into the house and I sat Lucas down and opened my suitcase giving him a stuff dinosaur. Lucas loved our gift for him he started running through the house growling like a dinosaur it was so cute to watch. John gave Matthew and Henry their gifts. We ended up getting them each engraved tie tacks. Matthew’s had a bat on it with small ruby red eyes, and Henry’s had a wolf on it with sapphire’s eyes. They were both speechless and hugged us both tightly. We then asked Donavan and Dimitri to come into the living room where we gave them shot glasses with a gold trim on top. They were shock that we got them something and insisted that they didn’t need it, but we told them they do deserve it. We all sat and talked about mine and John’s trip and what happened. I noticed that Donavan and Dimitri winked at each other like they knew that was going to happen.

Things were a getting a bit crazy with John and I being in the council, we ended up setting up a more stable office in the library for the paper work we had to do. On top of the council work we had we were beginning to interview contractors to build our new home. The first three contractors were an absolute no, the third was okay but still we didn’t feel quite get a good vibe from him. Finally the fourth contractor was perfect he came specially recommended by Rodolfo and Dracula. We told him what we wanted and he liked our ideas and added a few extra safety measures on top of our plans. We made plans for his company to start in a couple weeks. In the middle of this Lucas’s fifth birthday was coming up and even though he looked like a ten year old he was still a five year old at heart. Matthew and Henry told us they really wanted to have his birthday at the Alamogordo Zoo. We told them okay and told them to make the arrangements and let us know what we can do. The anti-supernatural league was still trying to get to us but with more security they were stopped before it even came to the house. John and I decided that we would keep the attack attempt to ourselves and not tell the boys.

March 03, 1955

It was the day of Lucas’s birthday party at the zoo and he came running into our bedroom just as John and I were just finishing getting dress. “Papas come on we late” he said to us pulling on our arms. John scooped him up and carried him downstairs. We were surprise to see Dimitri in the kitchen cooking breakfast. He told Lucas to sit at the table for breakfast, so John sat him in the chair at the dining room table. Dimitri then told us to have a seat as well because he had breakfast for John, Matthew and I as well. John and I looked at each other with an odd look on both of our faces because we only drank blood but we sat and waited anyways. Five minutes later Henry and Matthew came in wearing shorts and t-shirts and sat at the table. As soon as they sat down Donavan and Dimitri began bringing in breakfast, they made eggs, bacon, sausage, and Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes. They then gave Matthew, John, and I eggs that were red. “Umm guys as great as this looks you know we just drink blood” I said with a puzzle look on my face. Dimitri just smiled “Yes I do know that but it will not hurt your digestive system to have some eggs mixed in blood every once in a while. Remember we have been working with vampires for a while so we know what you guys can actually handle” he said smiling big time as he walked away. We three vampires looked at one another when John said “When in Rome do as the Romans do” and he then dug into his eggs. I have to admit it was really good, I had forgotten what egg tasted like and this just was perfect.

After we all ate we began gathering things together for Lucas’s birthday. An hour before we were about to leave Rodolfo and to mine and John’s surprise Dracula knocked on our door. We invited them into the house and told them we are almost ready to go. John introduced Dracula to Matthew and Henry, and Lucas ran up to him and gave him a big hug out of the blue. I excused myself for a minute and went into my studio and grabbed a painting of a T-Rex I made for Lucas. I wrapped it up with a cloth tarp and tied it with some twine. When I walked back in I saw Dracula on his hands and knees acting like a horse and Lucas was riding him saying “Hi Ho Silver Away” we were all laughing hard. We were just about to leave when the phone rang I picked it up and it was Elizabeth on the other end, she told us that she wanted to come but they just couldn’t make it this time. She told me that her gift for Lucas was at the Post Office waiting to be picked up. I told her that it was completely okay and asked her if everything was okay, and I found out that her husband Mark had an accident at work and was in the hospital. I wrote down the hospital’s name and told her I will make sure I gave her love to everyone. I hung up and pulled Matthew aside with Henry, and John. I told them what the phone call was all about and told Matthew we will get some flowers over to his brother-in-law as soon as we get back.

The little party at the Zoo was really fun; Lucas was mesmerized by the monkeys. He kept making monkey noises at them it was funny to watch. When it came to opening the presents Lucas got really excited on everything. He was completely happy with my painting. He got a toy gun, cowboy hat and lasso with a toy horse as well. We all were having a blast but before we knew it, it was time to leave since the zoo would be closing soon. We headed home and had cake which got Lucas even more hyped up. It took almost tell 10:30pm tell he collapsed on the couch and fell asleep. Since it was so late John and I offered Dracula and Rodolfo to stay here for the night and they were grateful for the offer but declined since Dracula had an early flight tomorrow. We said our good byes and showed them out, when the four of us were outdoors we talked a little about the small attack attempts but said the security team the council provided was doing a great job. Dracula told us that we should be getting a call in the next couple days from someone in the council to begin to teach us more about our gifts we had being vampires.

To his word in two days John had answered the phone and was told that we will be having a vampire come and begin our lessons on our gifts. The next day a man in his mid-30s knocked on our door, right away I knew it was a vampire and told Donavan to let him in. “Good Day Council Member John and Micah I am Christoph Birk and I am here to help you learn about your gifts” he said in a Dutch accent. We decided to go to the basement to begin our lessons; we also had Matthew join us so he too can learn about his gifts. Christoph insisted we call him Chris, he then told us what we already knew that we could move very fast, our hearing is more in tuned, and we can heal almost instantly, and see in the dark. “Now I am sure you guys already know about all that but something you guys do not know that some vampires can be telepathic, and some can also change shapes with magic. Those who can use magic are very powerful vampires like Dracula, and a few others. I will be testing each one of you to see what gifts you have. I myself can use magic, and I am telepathic” he said calmly. John went up first and he showed what spells he could do and comes to find out that he is telepathic. I was up next I showed what spells I could do and I also was telepathic, I also had a sixth sense where I could read people and tell what kind of person they were by their vibes. Matthew was last and he showed to be one with a sixth sense as well. “Very good guys, now that I know where you guys are as far as gifts we can now work on perfecting your gifts” Chris said smiling. Chris had us practicing different spells on shape shifting, at one point John accidently turned into a white fox and couldn’t turn back. Chris helped him change back and was very excited on what John did because no vampire has ever turned into a fox. I managed to turn into a white lion and a wolf which also brought smiles onto Chris’s face. We then practiced our telepathy and had to keep it clean since Chris was there. We ended the session with all four of us exhausted and in need of some blood.

We got into a schedule of our lessons for two hours each day, and then John and I would go do our council work. Matthew and Henry began home schooling Lucas who was amazingly smart, he was reading at a fourth grade level. His math skills were off the chart he could work a problem in his head instantly and solve it. Three weeks later after we began our lessons the construction on our new home was brought to us. We will have 8 bedrooms on the second floor with five bathrooms. On the first floor will be the kitchen, living room, mine and John’s office, library, music room, and formal dining room. We were having the place built into the mountain so it didn’t look that big. We also would have two escape routes leading to a hidden garage where we will have a vehicle ready to go. The first escape route was upstairs hidden behind the linen closet, all you had to do is pull on a coat hook and twist it. The second one was hidden behind a bookshelf in the library, all we had to do is pull out two books and then press a button that was hidden behind a panel and the bookcase would move and we could escape. John and I approved of the plans and the building started immediately. John and I talked and decided that our current home will be used to be for housing security.

We finally mastered our gifts with flying colors, the building on our home was moving ahead of schedule as well. Chris told us that he was wondering if we minded him helping us fit a security team together. We both agreed and the three of us began going through a huge list the council gave us of individuals to be part of a more stable security team. We ended up agreeing on three vampires, four shape shifters and two witches. With my sixth sense it was really easy to choose these nine individuals. A couple days later Dracula called and said he and Julie would be in our area and wanted to stop by for a visit. We told him they were both more than welcome to come and visit. John and I made the arrangements for where Dracula and Julie would sleep and gave security a heads up. I then went and decided to go spend time with Lucas, I sat and colored with him and he really enjoyed it and so did I. Couple days later Julie and Dracula arrived at our place bringing gifts for everyone. Lucas got a big huge teddy bear; I was given a medallion that actually belonged to Hezekiah at one time. John was given a really nice pocket watch. Henry and Matthew were given tickets to fly to Hawaii. Of course Matthew was nervous to leave Lucas but John and I insured him that we will look after Lucas. We all talked and joked around about things, until it was time for bed. Dracula asked John and I if he could talk to the two of us for a couple minutes. We stayed behind to talk to him “Gentlemen I do have a matter of Council business to talk to you guys about. You see the anti-supernatural league is really beginning to be a problem. In the last couple weeks three more homes have been hit. One was a witch, shape shifter, and a vampire. Guys I only tell you this to keep you updated. As of right now all communication by mail has stopped between council members, phone calls are to be short and no more than two minutes at a time. The problem is we believe there might be a mole in the council. So please be careful on who you put your trust in” he said with such concern in his voice. We both agreed and told him we will be careful on everything.

A couple months have passed since Dracula and Julie’s visit, our new home was almost complete. The wall that would be to protect us was up and everything. Henry and Matthew were heading to Hawaii in the next couple days so they were busy getting things together. John and Dimitri drove Matthew and Henry to El Paso to catch there plane while I stayed with Lucas. I decided I would teach him how to paint and he was extremely good at it. John and Dimitri got back and Lucas showed them his drawing of a monkey they were so shocked of how good he was at drawing. It was a cold rainy morning when we heard an explosion outside the house; it shook all the windows and made some pictures fall. John and I ran outside to see what had caused the explosion. Our security team stopped us immediately and told us to get back inside. We quickly grabbed Lucas and went down to the basement to wait for the all clear.

Finally after an hour of waiting one of the security guards came down and gave the all clear to come up. He picked Lucas up and told us he can watch him but we need to go find Donavan immediately. The look on his face told me right away something bad happened. John and I ran outside to where a bunch of security guards were standing and in the middle of the crowd was Donavan covered in blood and Dimitri laying on the ground holding his side. John reached Dimitri first and inspected the wound. It was bad Dimitri’s breathing was shallow, blood was coming out of his mouth and he was as pale as can be. I knelt down beside him and then looked at Donavan who was crying. I took Dimitri’s hand and with tears in my eyes “Dimitri listen to my voice, I can turn you but I will not do it unless you and Donavan agree together. I know you can’t talk but blink once for a no and two for yes” I told him. Dimitri blinked twice and then looked over to Donavan. Donavan then said “Do it Micah but please turn me as well then, I cannot go on without him. He is my heart and soul”. I then looked at John and we talked telepathically to each other. I am going to need your help John; we need to turn them both. Micah I don’t know if I can do that take someone’s blood from them like that. John listen you can do this they are like us John they are each other’s soul mates. John then nodded okay let’s do it, I grabbed a knife someone handed to me and made a cut on my wrist. Once the cut was made I placed my wrist to Dimitri’s lips and told him to take some of my blood. I looked up and saw that John had fed enough off of Donavan who was near death and he too was feeding Donavan his blood. When we both knew they had enough John and I stood up and asked a couple security guys to help us get them to the house. We could have done it ourselves but we were still weak from giving them our blood. Two guys carried them to the house to their room and two other men who I could tell were shape shifter’s helped John and me up. When we got to the house John and I stopped and had a couple glasses of blood to replenish what we gave. When we drank enough we headed to fine the security guard who was looking after Lucas. We found him holding Lucas in his arm that was sound asleep. I picked up Lucas and thanked the security guard whose name was Steve. “It was not a problem Sir, I once had a son and I always seem to be the one to get him to sleep. I guess even after being 195 years old you still remember a few things. I found out Steve was turned by a vampire during the Civil War. He served under General Lee himself and one night while being on watch he was attacked and turned.

I carried Lucas to his bed and laid him down. I quietly stepped out and shut the door and made my way down the hall to Dimitri and Donavan’s room. John was sitting in a chair beside the bed where they were laying sitting and waiting. I grabbed a chair and sat next to him and we held hands as we waited to see if they would awake. Since it was nearing 3pm and I told John I will be back. I got up and headed down the hall where I found Lucas playing with his dinosaurs in his room “Hey little man how about you and I go and make some food” I told him. He got up and jumped on my back and I gave him a piggy back ride down to the kitchen. I sat him down at the counter where he sat me and watched. I gave him the bread, ham, tomatoes, lettuce and some pickle jar. We sat at the small table in the kitchen and began to make sandwiches; Lucas took the mayonnaise and put a dab on my nose. I decided to have a little fun with him I fell on the floor screaming “Oh No Not Mayonnaise It’s My Only Weakness Help It Burns” Lucas knelt down beside me and laughed. I grabbed him and began tickling him, we finally stopped and took all the sandwiches we made and brought them to the construction team, the security guards who did eat, and I sat in the garden with Lucas while he ate his. Since the rain that had stopped earlier in the day Lucas and decided to play outside, we played a couple hours of hide and seek. The funny part was Lucas defiantly had the skills of both vampire and shape shifter. There was no place I could hide that he would not find me. We finally had enough and went inside and cleaned up for dinner. He helped me make some stew that we put on the stove in a big pot then we made some corn bread. I told him to go and play for a little bit and when dinner was ready I will let him know. I went upstairs back to Dimitri and Donavan’s room where I found John still waiting. I handed him a glass of blood as I sat back down beside him. “Have they moved or anything?” I asked him. “No Chris came in and told us that sometimes turning someone can take up to a few days tell they awaken into their new lives” he said resting his head on my shoulder. I combed his hair with my fingers and waited with him.

When it got time for dinner Chris came in and told us he will take over watch while we go and sit and have dinner with Lucas. John looked at me with a worried look when Chris said “John listen to me I will let you know immediately if they awake, but you need to get up and go get some sleep”. John finally agreed and left with me to go eat, John sat at the table staring into space until Lucas came up to him and hugged him “papa J why you sad? Don’t be sad they will be just fine” he said holding onto him. John looked down at Lucas and smiles “Lucas you have the most magical hugs” he said smiling. I called everyone who wanted to eat in and served the stew and corn bread. John and I dipped some corn bread in our dinner and my taste buds were in complete heaven. A few of the security guards offered to do dishes, while John was being dragged into the Library by Lucas. I helped clean off the table then went to the library I found John reading Tom Sawyer to Lucas who was cuddled in his lap. I went to my desk and began to sort some paperwork for the council. In one of the envelopes that came the other day was a list of supernatural individuals who is living under my care. I quietly ran through the list and took a red pencil and underlined all vampires, shape shifters I underlined with a blue pencil, witches and shamans were underlined with a green pencil and then there what was called immortals so I underlined them in purple. I walked over to one of the bookcases and grabbed an old book that Rodolfo gave me. Inside the book was a definition of every supernatural creature. I skimmed through it to find immortals. Comes to find out immortals were from druid roots, they were entwined with nature and could turn into any type of plant. I decided I would need to read this book from cover to cover soon. I put it back and went back to my desk, I then opened another letter that was from Xiang Yu it had the most recent names that were targeted by the anti-supernatural group. I sat it down and rubbed my eyes from all the reading I was doing. I turned around in my chair to look at Lucas and John and saw they were both asleep. I picked up Lucas and tapped John on the shoulder telling him to head to bed. After I placed Lucas in his bed next to his teddy bear I headed to mine and John’s room.

It was around 4am when Chris sent John and me a telepathic message that Dimitri and Donavan were waking up. We quickly ran into their room not caring we were in just our boxers. Once we entered Chris darted out to go get some blood for them. Donavan woke up first and looked around then saw Dimitri lying beside him. He leaned over and kissed Dimitri’s lips; Dimitri opened his eyes and locked his lips with his lover. Chris walked in carrying two pitchers full of blood and handed them both two glasses and filled them up. Once they had enough to sustain their thirst they got up and thanked us both. Although I was somewhat against turning someone this was a time I was happy I did. Both Dimitri and Donavan became part of mine and John’s family when they first arrived to our home. Once we knew they would be okay John and I left them to be alone. Chris walked down the hall with us and told us he will see us later. As soon as John and I got into our room and shut the door I wrapped my arms around him and began to kiss him grinding my crotch into his. I lifted him up to where he was pinned up against the wall; he wrapped his legs around my waist as we kissed. I could feel his cock hardening up against my stomach and poking out of his boxers. Carrying him to the bed I laid him down at the foot and slid his boxers off and began to suck on his dick. I had him moaning in no time begging me to fuck him. I kept going and took my right hand and shoved my index and middle finger into his ass and began finger fuck him. Before he could even warn me he shot his load into my mouth, once I made sure I got it all I rolled him over and began licking his ass hole using his sperm to lube his hole up for my dick. When I knew he was good and ready I lay on top of him and rolled us over so he was on top of me and began making him bounce up and down my cock. A half hour later I ended up blowing a massive load of cum into his ass. We both ended up falling asleep with me still inside him. A few hours later we woke up and I was still nice and snugged inside his ass. I kissed his neck and asked him if he liked me being in him like this. He moaned out a yes and told me to refill his ass up with my cum it was starving. I laughed and slowly began to kiss and feed his ass my cock. After another hour of hot love making I shot my load inside John’s ass then pulled out and sucked him out tell he blasted his load into my mouth. I greedily drank it but left just enough on my tongue to feed John between kisses.

Finally around 9:30 we finished showering and got dress and headed down the hall. I could tell Lucas was awake and he was in the room with Donavan and Dimitri before we even reach the door. His laughter was so loud I swear you could hear it from outside the house. We knocked on their door and we were told to come in. We walked in where Dimitri was having a funny face contest with Lucas, Donavan was lying on top of the bed watching them laughing. When Lucas saw us he got up and ran and hugged us both “See Papa J I told you they be okay” he said after he hugged John. John knelt down “You sure did buddy, I think it was your magical hugs that did it though” he said picking him up and spinning him around. I asked Dimitri and Donavan how they were doing and they said they felt great. The five of us headed downstairs and found Chris talking to Steve, I couldn’t help but feel the vibes rating from the two of them. I just smiled and winked at John who immediately got the message. Steve saw us and quickly got up we told him to stay put and relax. Chris and Steve both were bright red and it was really funny watching them not help but kept looking at one another. I got Lucas some cereal and got a couple pitchers of blood for the rest of us. We talked about the improvements that were being done and what Dimitri remembered about yesterday. “A man came and dropped of some building equipment and there was a box. I knew from the invoice that we didn’t order anything that should have come in a box. Donavan and I told everyone to get back immediately; I then carefully opened the box and found a small bomb. I went to defuse it but the damn thing must have had a fell proof trigger on it. I had just enough time to push Donavan out of the way as I did I fell a sharp pain in my side. I remember your voice asking me if I want to be turned. I tried to say yes but I couldn’t speak so I did what you said and blinked yes. That’s all I can remember sadly” he said holding Donavan’s hand. I walked over to both of them and put my hands on both of their shoulders. “You guys have saved my family more times than I can remember. I am sorry that you got hurt Dimitri I wish I can stop this once and for all” I said to them both.

After breakfast John and I headed to the library to discuss council business while Donavan began Lucas’s lessons. I showed John the list I received and he told me he had an idea. He walked over one of the bookcases and pulled out what I thought was a copy of Sleeping Beauty but instead found the book completely blank. I looked at him with a puzzled look and he simply looked at sent me a telepathic message saying “I got this one day thinking that we may need a blank book to put something that we need to hide in”. I smiled at him and began to write the names, addresses, phone numbers, and then putting them in by categorizing them into what they were. John and I checked over the list twice and made sure the names were all down. Once we made sure all was on there we took the list and burned it and put the book back in the bookcase. I took over Lucas’s lessons and we began to draw, I figured today I will teach him to draw a sail boat. I was completely dumb founded when Lucas finished he showed me his drawing of an old fashion pirate boat. It was perfect looking, I asked where he saw a pirate ship and he told me on the cover of Treasure Island. We got up and cleaned our mess up and went and made him a sandwich. After Lucas had his lunch his daily lessons continued on with John who would be teaching him about gardening.

Since John and Lucas were in the garden I thought I would go and get me some more art supplies. I went outside and told John where I was going and told him I was going to take Steve and Chris with me since I am supposed to have protection with me at all times. I went inside asked Steve and Chris who agreed to come and we headed out. I picked up my supplies and then we headed back towards the house. As we were driving Chris noticed a car following us, I told Chris to head downtown to the post office he quickly made a left and headed to the post office. We got out and went indoors and saw the car go past the office. I looked around trying to decide what to do. Finally Chris came up with an idea he went to the window of the post man and asked used his telepathy to switch clothes with Steve. Steve went into the back and changed when he came out Chris told me to turn into my wolf form so I did. Once I changed Chris told me to just stay calm while I he puts some twine around my neck. He tied some twine around my neck and led me outside. We switched vehicles with the postman and told him we will have his car brought back to him later. When we reached home security stopped us and it took Chris a few minutes to get them to allow us through. I shifted back into myself and security immediately apologized and let us through. Once we were inside we got one of the other security guards to go and switch the vehicles back but to be careful. Chris and Steve waited for the guy to come back but never did. Near dusk time a deputy came to the house and asked to talk to me. I told them to let him through and when he did he asked me if we owned a black Cadillac I told him yes and he said I may want to sit down. John and I sat down and the deputy whose name was Rick Lincoln told us that our car was found on fire in the middle of a field. It had looked like it may have been blown up. He asked me if I knew anyone who would want that to happen, and I told him that we are quiet individuals who keep to ourselves. He then told us that if we can think of anyone who may want to hurt John or I or maybe one of our staff to let him know. We thanked him and was about to show him out when he turned around “Look off the record I know you are both vampires, and you have other supernatural individuals here. I myself am a druid priest so if I can do anything please let me know” he said quietly as he put his hat on. “Then you should know that there are people out there who want to destroy all supernatural kinds, and they are the ones who may have planted a bomb on the car. Micah came home in a different vehicle that they borrowed and we had one of our security guards who was a shape shifter go and retrieve the car. Was there anyone inside the vehicle” John said to him. Rick looked down at the ground “I am sorry gentlemen but no one was inside the vehicle” he said sadly. We thanked him again and told him he should stop by sometime.

John and I went back indoors and quickly called Dracula. We told him what happened and he told us to remain calm and he will call Xiang Yu so they can figure out what to do. I waited by the phone tell finally Dracula called back, he told me to put my security on high alert and wait tell he got there. I asked him about my missing security guard and he told me that we it is most likely the anti-supernatural league probably took him and is torturing him for answers about us. I hung up and felt like I had just been drained from being in the sun too long. I went to the kitchen and got myself some blood to refresh me. I felt guilty about all this if I didn’t go and get some art supplies that was in the car that blew up this wouldn’t have happened. I decided to go sit on the porch and just think. I lost track of time because when John came out he looked at me worried “Micah baby I know what you are thinking your thoughts are shouting out from you. But listen to me this could have happened at any time. It is obviously they have been watching the place. So come inside with me please” he said to me. I got up and wrapped my arms around him and cried on his shoulder “but it is my fault I was the one who had to go get art supplies. I am the one who got him kidnapped. He was only eighteen John just a kid still. He had his whole life ahead of him”. John rubbed his fingers through my hair, and just held me. We walked into the house and into our room and he helped me undress and into bed and covered me up, where I just continued to cry until I fell asleep.

I woke up with John holding me tightly around the waist, I still felt guilty for what had happened. I didn’t even know the kid’s name but I was determined to find out his name. I slipped out of John’s hands and got dressed and went outside to find Steve. I finally found Steve who was talking to one of the other security guards. I walked up to him and asked him if he had a moment to talk. He told said for me always we walked away from everyone and began to talk about this missing guard. I found out the kid’s name was Dale and he came from somewhere back east. He grew up in an orphanage and was picked on a lot because he was gay. When he was eight years old he first shaped shifted into a mountain lion, and since then he was taken in by the counsel and cared for. I told Steve thank you and we need to find him because I will not lose anyone to these assholes who think they can get away with this. He smiled at me “Micah we will find him and get him back” he said to me. I thanked him again and headed back to the house. As I entered the house the phone rang. I picked it up and was Matthew checking in and seeing how Lucas was doing. I told him he was doing great and about his artistic skills. We then talked about Hawaii and he told me that they both loved it but were missing home. Henry then came on and we talked a little more he told me they met a few interesting people who could shape shift into plants. I told him that I had just found out about that kind they are called immortals and they are very old. We talked some more and he told me the immortals they met were from Ireland. We hung up and I headed to the library. I grabbed a map of the United States and nailed it to the back of the bookcase that moved to my hidden room. I then began to mark all the supernatural beings with pins in the area I was in charge of. Once I finished I then took black tip pins and marked where all the individuals who have disappeared. I looked at the map and the pins for several minutes. I quickly ran and grabbed some thread and wrapped it around each black pin. That’s when I noticed it. All the hits made up a pentagram; I quickly ran to the phone and called Xiang Yu. I told him what I had discovered and he told me to wait one minute I could hear him telling someone in the background to mark every supernatural person who has died or gone missing on a map. He thanked me for what I had discovered and this could give us the lead on what they have planned. I hung up and turned around to find John and Lucas coming down the stairs.

John looked at me puzzled “You okay Micah you have been up for a long time and I was worried. Then I felt this sudden excitement, did they find the missing security guard” he asked me. I told him no on Dale but what I found out about all the attacks. He looked at me shocked and looked a bit hopeful as well. I grabbed Lucas and tickled him and told him I talked to his Daddies and they said they loved him and will see him in two days. I got on my hands and knees so Lucas could have a pony ride and I used my vampire speed and sped off to the kitchen, where I found Steve and Chris making waffles. Lucas jumped off of me and began to jump up and down shouting yay waffles. Near mid-afternoon we got told that Rick was at the gate and wanted to come in. We told them to let him through. John and I greeted him at the door and the first thing we noticed was he wasn’t in his uniform. He told us he was off today and wanted to just talk some more with us. We welcomed him in and offered him some waffles. While we all sat down he noticed that most of us were drinking blood and then he noticed Lucas. He looked at us oddly and we told him about Matthew and Henry. “Oh my gosh seriously my grandma always spoke of that prophecy but we always thought it was a story”. He looked at Lucas then asked how old he was, we told him five and he looked shocked. We told him he has the ability to age at a faster rate than we do. We talked some more about the prophecy and how Lucas fit into all of it. I found out Rick was 28 years old and married to a beautiful wife who has given him a son already and they are expecting twins now. She was a witch and her family’s magic predates all the way before the first settlers arrived in America back to the witch trials in Europe. I asked them why they were not involve in the counsel and he told me that it is because his great grandma was a seer and she could see that there would be trouble for the supernatural order and that’s why they didn’t join. I asked him what she meant and he told me what he knew which wasn’t really much.

Rick was a great guy he was so full of peace, we talked him about other things and he said he has been a deputy for seven years now and his wife was begging him to find a safer job. I asked him if he went to college and he told me yes he majored in accounting but since he couldn’t find a job in accounting he went into law enforcement. John and I talked to one another telepathically and we agreed to get Rick on our payroll as our personal accountant. I asked him if he would be our accountant. “Seriously you want me to be your own personal accountant. I will be honored to do that for you” he said shaking both mine and John’s hands. He quickly headed out the door and drove home to go tell his wife. By evening time Rick’s wife called her name was Michelle to thank us for giving her husband the job. We told her it was our pleasure. She then asked how old I was and I told her I am a lot older than I sound but to ask Rick and he would feel her in. She handed Rick the phone and he thanked me again for the job. I told him I want him and his wife to come move here to the house once our new home is finished and he told us that he would discuss it with her. We hung up and I told John that I wanted them to move in so they can be protected and it would be a good that way Lucas has someone to play with since his son is eight. John smiled and kissed me “This is what I love about you is your kindness towards others in need” he said rubbing his hands on my crotch through my pants. I kissed him more passionately “mmm my man’s kisses taste so good” I said giggling. John reached around and pinched my ass and ran upstairs using his vampire speed. I ran after him and once we got into our room we threw our clothes off and I began to wrestle him. He had me pinned down on the ground and I my face was right near his ass, so in order to turn the tides I began rimming him. He lost his grip from me “Hey foul you can’t do that, that’s against the rules” he said trying to get me into another grip. “Rules wait who said there are rules” I said tugging on his ears with my teeth. We ended up in a hot steaming sixty-nine session. Once we swallowed one another’s cum then we kissed each other good night and fell asleep.

Chris and Steve went to go pick up Matthew and Henry from the airport before John and I even got up. When we got to the kitchen Donavan and Dimitri looked at us and began to laugh. I gave them a look and then they whispered in my ear if we were any louder with our moaning last night we would have the dead knocking at our door. Rick called later that day and told us he gave the sheriff his two week notice and Michelle agreed on moving since there little two bedroom bungalow was going to be getting crowded in the next 4 months. I talked to him about what he would have to do and he had no problem and then he told us that Michelle wanted to know if she would need to quit her job as a teacher. I told him that is only up to her, and I then asked him if she might like to help home school Lucas. He told is sure that she would be more than happy to do that. I hung up and began to clean the house up. Chris and Steve arrived back with Matthew and Henry and before they could even get into the house Lucas tackled both his dads and hugged and kissed them. When they were finally able to move Henry picked Lucas up while Matthew and Steve brought in the suitcases. We all went into the living room where they distributed gifts to every one of us. Steve told us that Chris went and filled them in on Dimitri and Donavan. I told him thank you for telling them for us. Henry handed John and I a wrapped gift and we opened it and found a tiki man. He told us that it was the Hawaiian tiki of night walkers. We hugged him and Matthew for our gifts, we then told him about Rick and his family. Matthew was happy because that meant Lucas can be around other kids.

Thanksgiving was coming up in two weeks and our new home was getting the final touches done. We would be moving in a week so John and I decided that we would throw a huge Thanksgiving Dinner to thank the construction crew, and their families that put up with them being gone such long hours of the day. Dracula, Julie, Elizabeth, Mark, Melinda, Rodolfo and Rick and his family were all going to come. John and I had put the final touches in our home, and we then had some witches magically expand our old home to accommodate it for security. We told Rick and Michelle we can build them a separate home but she insisted they live with the security team and she will help keep the place clean and all of them fed. Rick told us after Thanksgiving they will move into the house. Wednesday before Thanksgiving everyone from out of town arrived and was given a Grand Tour of the house. The only thing we didn’t show them was the hidden escape routes. The construction crew had done an extravagant job on the security for the passages. They were voice, and hand coded to just my family. That evening Michelle, Elizabeth, and I were the ones who ended up in the kitchen prepping all the things for tomorrow. We had Mince Meat Pie, Apple Pie, Pumpkin Pie, Rhubarb Pie, and Boysenberry Pie all made up and ready to go. I made some corn bread, and baked spiced apples I used a recipe my mom taught me when I was still alive and I had both ladies taste them and they loved it. We prepped the Turkeys to be put in the oven first thing tomorrow morning, and made cornbread stuffing to put in the Turkeys. Finally around 1am we finished all the prep we were going to do and we all headed to bed. I walked into John and my room to find him asleep with a book on his chest. I carefully pulled the book from his hands and marked his pages then undressed and climbed into bed with him. He rolled over and wrapped his arms around me; even though he was half asleep I kissed him and told him good night and I loved him he whispered I love you more and we fell asleep.

Thanksgiving had arrived and the house was busy getting all the final touches done. We had several tables outside set up and ready to go. Everyone had a great time we had music on a record player playing and everything. Even we vampires had a little Thanksgiving dinner, to celebrate. Even though we had all these dishes to do everyone pitched in to help and it was done in no time. Everyone finally left who was not staying and the rest of the guests and household all settled down for the night. Lucas and Melinda were the first to fall asleep they ended up falling asleep by 8. By 9:30 everyone was tired and headed to bed, as John and I made it to our room we couldn’t help but feel the warmth and love radiating from our family. We talked for several hours and finally dozed off. The day after Thanksgiving John and I decided it was time to begin to get things ready for Christmas. We went through the Sears catalog and found gifts for everyone and filled out the order form for all of it. Rick came by the house to start his first day of his new job. We showed him our checkbooks, and papers we had. He was very surprised how neatly everything was and how it was all in order. He balanced out everything and then gave us a total of how much we actually had. I was shocked over the amount of money John and I accumulated over the years. The grand total ended up being in the billions. We then set up a trust fund for Melinda, Lucas, and Rick’s son James, and his twins for college. After we talked more about our finances I excused myself and decided to go do some painting. As I entered my new studio I saw Dracula going through all the paintings I had done. He looked over his shoulder “You truly have an eye for art Micah. I would like to buy a few of these I really like this one” he said picking up one painting. It was my oldest painting I had done it was of a castle I had seen in a dream when I first was turned. The castle was from Ireland I knew that much and I painted a soft fog passing the clearing in front of the castle. I asked him why that painting. “It reminds me of the castle I once had back in Romania. But yet it resembles one I had visited with Hezekiah in Ireland. This particular castle was home to a very powerful Celtic Druid Priest who became a vampire. I don’t even know he is still alive. When the witch trials began in Europe he disappeared” he said staring at the painting. I told him he could have it but he insisted to pay me for it. I told him it was a gift from me to him and he hugged me and thanked me.

Once Dracula left my studio room I began to sketching out what would be my latest painting. As I was painting I could hear everyone in the house, I laughed to myself as I could hear Lucas, James, and Melinda playing outside. I heard Elizabeth ask John if he could talk, but I didn’t listen into their conversation out of respect. I could hear the sound of Chris and Steve making out in the cellar. As I continued to sketch I came into an idea on what would make our new home complete. I stopped painting and began to go find everyone that was family to me. I gathered them in the living room and told them I want to get a family picture to hang above the mantle of the fireplace. I told Chris, Steve, Rick, Michelle, Julie, Rodolfo, that they were to be included as well. We decided to have it done after Michelle has the twins so they can be included. After we made plans on when to have the portrait done John pulled me aside. “Elizabeth came and talked to me, comes to find out Mark has been offered a teaching job at the University of New Mexico in the anthropology department. They are going to be moving to Las Cruces by January 5th if the can find a place” he told me. I was excited and told them to get a hold of the guys who handled building our home and see if they would build Elizabeth and Mark a home in Las Cruces and see if they know a place they could rent tell the place is done. He kissed my lips and thanked me. I told him they are my family too and he ran out of the room beaming of joy. I heard Elizabeth squeal of excitement and she came running in thanking me and said she would repay me. I told her no she doesn’t owe me anything because she is my family and I want to make sure my family is taken care of.

To Be Continued…