The following story is a fantasy and has no relation whatsoever to reality. The facts and beliefs depicted in the story are fictional and hence should not be taken in an offensive manner. Further, this story involves sexual relationships between teenaged boys. If it is illegal for you to read this or you are not interested in this stuff, I recommend you to decide for yourself what you want to do- You're smart enough.

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Now that we have got the basics out of the way, let's begin with the story.

Alpha and Omega

By: BeaStKid

Chapter 2: Friend or Foe??

The class was as boring as it could get. The only respite Ryan had was the hot guy sitting next to him. Ryan tried to strike a conversation with him but was unsuccessful.

"Hey, I'm Ryan. So I guess we'll be sitting together now, huh?" Ryan went read as he realized what a lame thing he had said as the other guy looked at him like he was from Mars or something.

"I'm Josh, and yes, we'll be sitting together now." With that he turned back towards Mr. Bryce.

Ryan couldn't understand what Josh's problem was and he sat there staring at him for some time. He looked away, however, when he realized that Josh was looking at him with a confused expression on his face.

Lunch time rolled on and Ryan was in a daze. He couldn't believe that he had two classes with Josh already. First period History and third period English Literature. As he entered the cafeteria, he heard someone calling him and looked for the source and saw that Steve was waving at him.

"Yo Ryan! Come on up here and sit with us, dude."

He went up to Steve's table and sat down next to a blonde who was busy eating from her tray. There were five people on that table including him. Steve introduced the blonde as Jessica Adams, a guy with brown hair as Kyle Singer and a brunette as Lisa Thompson. Steve had an arm around Lisa which meant only one thing- she was Steve's girlfriend.

`Damn, there goes a cute one', thought Ryan.

Jessica turned towards Ryan and wolf whistled making him blush. Jessica was a looker herself, dressed in a pretty peach top which showed of her assets in a very subtle way. She had an ease to her and Ryan felt a liking to her immediately. On the other hand, Lisa had more of a cheerleader type looks and was eyeing Ryan in a very apprehensive manner. Kyle looked like a cross between a jock and a nerd. He was around 5'10" and was quite muscled but had that nerdy expression.

`Quite a diverse group.' Ryan thought.

"So Ryan, you been to your dorms yet?" Lisa asked him while munching on her salad.

"Um, no. I came here directly. My stuff is being shipped. What about you Steve? Which dorm are you in?"

"I'm in 106, but I think it's full. I heard 107 has vacancies, though. So I guess you'll be placed there."

Ryan looked around himself and saw that his relatives had been right about this school having the rich kids. He just hoped that he could blend in with them and not get too much attention. He saw Josh sitting with some jocks not far from where they were sitting. Their eyes met for a fraction of a second and Ryan felt chills run down his spine.

The bell rang and the group left for their respective classes.

Josh was in five of Ryan's classes that day. Algebra, Physics and PE and the ones before lunch. Ryan was beat at the end of the day and dragged himself towards the reception to get his dorm number. As Steve predicted, Mrs. Jones assigned him to dorm 107, third room. He got the directions and found himself outside room 107/3.

"Room sweet room," Ryan muttered under his breath and opened the door.

As soon as he entered, he let out an audible gasp and his backpack fell to the floor. There, on one of the two beds, with his hands behind his head and eyes closed listening to music through his headphones lay Josh Summers!



I think it is mentioned in the introduction that this story is based in New Delhi.

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