And We Struggle On... - 1

Written by Jonny Mac
With a major assist from the most excellent Luckylou

Warning: This is a fictional story, describing erotic relations between consenting adult men. If this makes you uncomfortable, or if it is illegal for you to read something like this, then go find something else to do.

The following story is entirely a work of fiction, and is not intended to imply anything about any real people. All of the characters in the story are fictional, and must not be confused with any real people. The characters in this story may have the same names as some real people, but the characters are in no way supposed to actually represent any real people.

A word from the Mac: This is something different for me. I always stick to the celebrity section for my reading and my writing (all 1 one of my stories). I have decided to branch out this time into a different genre. This story is of a dark period for the world--the future. However it is unlike any future that you have been led to believe may happen. Just see for yourself. The leader's speech will shock you, but I ask you to read on; it gets better quickly.

-Jonny Mac
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The year is 2083. The planet Earth and its dominant inhabitants have reached a new age--a golden era, or so it would seem.

The planet has been healed. After the fall of Microsoft, technological discoveries have become fair game for all. New computer technology has revolutionized the mechanized world. Atmospheric and aquatic pollutants no longer plague the planet. All transportation is clean. Waste and pollution eating bacteria have cleaned up the water and the land. Oxygen generators have been created and installed all over the world. The air is becoming pure again.

Major diseases are less of a threat. Treatments have been improved for Multiple Sclerosis and Muscular Dystrophy. Cancer has been cured, and AIDS is now about as dangerous as the common cold.

The nations of the world have joined together as one under the United Nations. The words country, province and state have no real meaning. There is one leader, chosen by all humankind. This leader, or Grand Commissar, holds office for ten years and works with a staff of seven. He or she is a person of utter virtue and whatever he or she proclaimed is law.

Indeed, it was a great time for Terra and her children. The planet's populace have reached a new level... a new low.

For you see, in its utopian blindness and mass fear, the population followed the word of its current Grand Commissar, Tanner Austin, as if it were, well... gospel. Austin had once told the world:

"My people... my friends. We live in what appears to be the fabled utopia. Yes, I say to you it appears as if we have finally arrived. But I am afraid that we have not.

"Yes, we have a planet that is almost healed. And yes, we have a peace the like of which humankind has never seen before.

"However... however... even though it has been twenty years to the day that the last of the fighting has ended, the toll of World War Three on this planet is still with us to this day.

"Two thirds of the world's people were killed. That's four billion people. I say we need to rebuild that population. In the last twenty years our population has actually decreased by eight and a half percent. We can not let that continue.

"In order to rebuild the population, we will need to have a pure gene pool. This leaves us with the sad task of purifying that gene pool.

"Which is why I have decreed that any and all persons under the age of 45 with a major illness must be put to death. Also, any male under the age of 45 must be put to death if he... if he is gay.

"It is absolutely terrible, I know. But if we are to survive as a single people, it must be done. This order will be made official effective this Monday... in two days."

Genocide. Austin was talking genocide. The population was in an uproar. Never did anyone think that utopia could turn to this.

The government was considered a terrorist group and those that followed it radicals.

Austin's law came to pass however, and the government task force and the radicals began their genocidal slaughter.

But the people fought back! Man, woman, gay, straight, and sick; the fight for freedom was on again. The death toll on both sides mounted, but was much worse on the side of right, the anti-government side.

Then a new leader stepped forward to lead the fight against Austin. The terrorist government was overthrown and the new leader took power.

On the day he took office he gave the people a message.

"We have suffered great losses. We shamed ourselves with our actions. But now we must move on. We will NEVER let this happen again! Utopia... HAS BEEN RESTORED!!"

That man is my boyfriend, Jeffrey Taylor. That time was five months ago. Order has since been restored and the healing process is on again.

Oh... and my name... is William Littrell.

Chapter 1: The End of a New Beginning

It is our wedding night. Jeff and I had gotten married earlier today, while the whole world watched. Our wedding ceremony was broadcast on World View, the global satellite viewing system. We were told it was the highest ratings they had ever gotten.

Before the ceremony, I was nervous. Yeah, I was used to getting some attention. Jeff is the leader of the entire world, so I am bound to get some attention. But the World View people said that eighty-five percent of the world was watching--that's about one point four billion people. I was nervous!

But Jeff wasn't nervous. No, not my Jeff. He was never nervous. I've never seen anything ever bother him. Fighting against Austin, taking office--nope, they didn't bother him. I admit I am fairly brave myself, but Jeff... Jeff is my rock. He is all I need.

The wedding had gone without a hitch. We had a splendid reception. There had to be at least three or four hundred people there. I didn't have exact numbers. By the time we had met everyone, I was dead tired.

After the reception we were flown by hover-copter to our honeymoon retreat. The world's largest oxygen generator was just under a mile away. In the clear night air here in the Nevada Desert, in the former USA, you can faintly hear it's gentle purr.

The reception might have made me tired, but this was my wedding night. I've been waiting for this night since Jeff proposed just over a year ago. I am not going to simply sleep it away.

"Oh! Oh God, I love you Jeff," I said, staring at his beautiful angelic face. His soft skin shone with sweat in the dim candlelight. His beautiful blue eyes showed the love for me that I already knew was there. The straight cropped black hair that I had been running my fingers through for the last two hours was matted down in places and stuck off in others, giving him a wild, untamed look that was driving me wild. He had the cutest set of full, red lips that aside from being great to kiss accentuated the dimple in his chin perfectly. And his nose brings everything together in perfect symmetry.

" you..." He continued thrusting hard into me, my legs resting on his shoulders.

"Ugh, William... oh, I'm gonna cum!"

"Yes, please. Do it!" I pushed back on him as hard as I could, trying to get the maximum amount of pleasure for the both of us.

I felt him erupt inside of me for what I think is the third time; I'm not sure, we both lost count about an hour ago.

My legs slipped from his shoulders as his arms give out and he collapsed on top of me. We were both physically drained. We lay there on the bed coming down from a magnificent sexual high.

"I love you, Mr. Littrell."

"And I love you, Mr. Taylor. With all that I was, with all that I am, and with all that I ever will be." I kissed him on top of the head. "You complete me."

He looked up at me and we both laughed.

"Always a fan of those classic movies, eh?"

"Yeah. But I am a much bigger fan of yours Jeff." I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and hugged him tight to me, never wanting to let go.

"Heh heh, feels to me like someone is ready for more," said Jeff feeling my once again hard member between us.

I looked him in the eyes and smiled. "I guess I just can't get enough of you."

He returned my smile and it seemed to light up the entire room.

We locked our lips together again in a deep and passionate kiss. I rolled him over so that I was on top. I lifted his legs up, kissing each of them as I placed them on my shoulders. I positioned myself behind him. I again looked into his eyes. I could see that he wanted this as much as I did, if not more. I began to push into him. That's when all hell broke loose...

To be continued....