Another Incarnation of the Divine

Copyright (c) 2005 Ryan Michael

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It is said that in the beginning there was only one. It is said that He was a magnificent creature, born of the universe and with unimaginable potential to meld the cosmos to His will; And so it was that He created all that was, all that is, and all that will be.

Those first of his creation referred to him as Prennet'Mer'Tok. His birth and his creation of the world have been recorded many times, and as is usual, his true story was re-written, fitted to the needs of sycophants and tyrants.

So I have come here to present His true past, as has been dictated to me by He who is eternally part of the world and forever part of the cosmos.

His story is not an easy one to understand, His true purpose is purposeless; yet He is order and chaos, light and dark, good and evil. But these terms are only of the flesh; His nature is transcendent, and as such, His true nature is one which is impossible for you to understand while of the flesh, and simply of the mind. Yet, his actions and his incarnation may help us to understand more.

The eternals paths cross indefinitely and the many lives on earth intermingle without end. His life is the same strand being woven again and again into the world, to restore balance, to solve with compassion and crush with single-mindedness. And so it is with this single strand of His many incarnations that I have been chosen to weave a story, to best represent His nature, and His lives. I write of one incarnation of this being, one life, stretched, pulled, and wrapped in order to re-set the loom which those living tend to tangle and mutilate.

And so it was that he was born again, into the world which He had created, as a child bereft of innocence, and filled with a knowledge locked inside his being. He came to be known as Neif, born in the 21st century to parents unaware of their child's true potential. This new pattern in life would begin a chain of events that would make this single incarnation of Prennet'mer'tok, the infinite, the most challenging of all.

The divine child grew up normally. His parents were of the middle class, and his early life was uneventful. His birth was one of great pride for his parents and his childhood proved to be a prideful one for them. As a child, holding the knowledge of all, he proved to be a source of great pride for his parents; his talent and potential were seemingly endless, and truthfully they are. However, for Neif, the longing for something he could not recollect was ever present. The vessel which housed his consciousness also housed all the wonders of his nature, but his identity was veiled from him.  

As was customary for the lives of the divine, He hadn't any recollection of His past lives, nor any understanding of His true purpose (truth be told, His purpose is still unclear to me, as His decisions are infinite, yet finite, grand, but simple; paradoxical, isn't it?) But as luck, but more precisely fate, would have it, His life would take a drastic turn of events on his 18th birthdays. But alas this is not where our story begins, to understand the Creator we must understand what came before, so this is where we will start; at the beginning of his coming of age, at the emergence of His true essence into this plane.

> 1 <
"Stop! If I don't come up for air soon I am gonna' suffocate ya know?!" Neif said grappling his way from the passionate lip lock he had been engaged in with his long known friend and confidant Greg. "Seriously, I can't have you distracting me too long from my school work, you know how mad my mom will get if she finds out any of my grades have dropped."

"Yeah, yeah, you and your grades....Can't we just take a break or something so you can slobber my knobber?" Greg said, cocking his eyebrow and smiling devilishly in response. "I can't wait any more; you're giving me blue balls, kid."

This conversation, odd as it might be for 17 year old teenage boys-sure thing there, had been continuing at pretty much the same pace for the last few hour, in which time Neif had managed to finish up the last of his Calc homework, and most of his other work.

"God, you're always so horny! I know I give good head, but do you always have to use me for my mouth-not to mention my rockin' bod and spectacular ass-chute-just so that you can have a few minutes of release and the best sex of your life...again," Sarcasm and mockery edged deeply in Neif's voice as he continued in the banter he and his friend had managed to perfect over the past 10 years.

Neif looked back into Greg's gorgeous meadow-green eyes, whose owner he had come to cherish and respect, even love-in a strictly plutonic sense, of course-as he gathered up his finished homework from the elegant, ebony coffee table, and piled it back into his new messenger bag. Neif stood up with his bag and walked into one of the seven rooms which composed the home he shared with his mother and father.

The birthday banner still hung over his bed. Resonant and sparkling, it was decorated in his favorite color, pink. He briefly surveyed the other 'gifts' left over from the night before: streamers, deflated balloons, gift wrap and a few condom wrappers still littered the floor, making it difficult for Neif to negotiate his way through the debris without the crinkle of paper and plastic or the wheeze of escaping air.  

"Yo! Neif! Neeeeiiiiffff! What the fuck is taking so long?! Did you already forget your insatiable desire for my cock-you're such a cock-slut, ya know that don't you?" Greg screamed, hoping to get some kind of reaction out of the typically placid Neif.

"What can I say, I just get this itch at the back of my throat, and at the end of my colon; who better to scratch it then you?

"And how, may I ask, am I a cock-slut if you're the one fucking, and being fucked practically every night of the year? By George, I think I may have found out why you do so horribly in school! You, my friend, are a skank!" Neif responded in a tone meant to make light of the seriousness of his comment. Even though Greg and Neif were friends (with benefits), Neif couldn't help but allow the edge of judgment to creep into his voice, and of course, having been around him for so long, Greg easily picked up on it.

"Kid, I thought we talked about this, I don't do as well in school as YOU, that's it. I do like sex, and as I recall we just had a similar discussion about this same issue last week. I can't believe you haven't gotten over this yet; I have a lot of sex because I like sex, it empowers me, and I won't feel guilty for doing what makes me happy!" What started out as a simple bout of banter had quickly escalated into yet another heated discussion about Greg's alleged promiscuity.

Up until Greg came into his life, Neif had been pretty much an underachiever, but once he met Greg all of that changed; he no longer felt an unexplainable detachment from the rest of humanity, even as a child, he had felt that way but Greg provided him with stability. Neif was a teenage boy; he needed companionship. From the first day they met, they were instant friends, sharing crayons, sharing food, and eventually sharing a bed. No one and nothing had been able to come between them, except that is, for this very disagreement. Neif just couldn't understand why Greg would demean himself so much. But no matter what, their arguments always seemed to end the same way.

"Greg, I worry about you, you know that, I don't want you to catch the bug, or some other scary disease; I couldn't imagine what I would do if I didn't have you in my life." Neif voice had begun to shake as he said this, and his eyes to shine brighter with the light of his unshed tears.

" know I am being safe, I mean seriously, you of all people know I am safe. I don't take any risks that I don't have to. And you know I can't be a monk, really I've tried." This last remark seemed to have the desired effect as Neif laughed in spite of his sorrow. "You know I feel the same way about you, I wouldn't do anything that could jeopardize us. I love this, us."

And with that, Greg leaned into Neif. Placing one hand at the back of Neif's head, and the other on his lower back, Neif was pulled into Greg's equally firm and toned body. They stayed this way for quite sometime, a constant silent battle of wills, not to gain dominance over the other, but to be able to express their passion. Roaming hands caressed firm glutes, and displayed a wealth of emotion, letting each participant express the extent of their feelings.

Neif and Greg were both well defined. Around two years ago both boys had decided to join the local gym, which was about a 10 minute drive away from their next-door homes. Though Neif was a few inches shorter than Greg, their muscles were equally distinguished. Long hours of lifting and running together had shaped Neif's 5'10" body and Greg's 6 foot frame into quite amazing specimens. As they pressed their hard bodies together, Neif and Greg both felt the vibration coming from Neif's trendy, skin-tight jean's pocket.

"Hello" Neif said into the phone, not bothering to look at the caller id, having just come up from the intoxicating expression of love and companionship.

"Neif, are you ok? You sound kinda out of breath"

"Yeah, I'm fine...." Neif finally took the time to look at his phone, and found a picture of his other best friend, Mara. His mind flashed back to the other night, the last time he had seen her; she had been drunk off her ass, or so it seemed until she had quite soberly admitted to Neif that she had been pretending to be drunk to see if anyone would try to take advantage of her. Of course being the 5'8" buxom blonde that she was, someone had. Once he had taken her upstairs into the guest room and tried to get a little 'under the bra action', she had fiercely put to use the same technique's which had won her a black belt in the martial arts; finally leading him down the stairs with his arm twisted at a precarious angle, and shoved him out of the door and onto the still-warm pavement. "Hey what ever happened to that guy you beat up last night?"

"O, Jeff? We're going out this Saturday" Mara managed to say without deviating from the faux-seriousness Neif still had trouble distinguishing.

"But I thought that he was a complete jerk? Wasn't the point of pretending to be drunk to find out who was a scum-bag?" Neif said with a bit of confusion tingeing his question.

"Dude, it's called sarcasm....Anyway, I was calling to see what you were doing today"

"Well, I'm just hanging out with Greg right now, but we haven't really planned on anything, for today. Did you have something in mind?" Neif was still smiling, thinking about Mara's odd, dry sense of humor when he said this.

"O, I'm sorry I didn't realize you and Greg were having butt-sex, again. What day of the week is it? Tuesday? So since Monday this would probably be what, the 50th time you've gotten nasty?" Mara said humor plainly evident in her voice.

"Hey, hey now, we don't just have sex you know. We just mostly have sex." Neif managed to choke out between bouts of laughter.

Greg raised his eyebrow at Neif as he finished his statement, and as retribution for such a remark gave one of Neif's ass cheeks a light smack.

"What was that? O god, you couldn't even stop fucking while you talk on the phone?" Mara said, sarcasm still running strong in her voice. "Well, if you two are about finished I was thinking we could go visit the park. There is suppose to be a free concert-fest type thing, and you guys are going to come with me."

"O we are, are we? Hold on, let me check with Greg to see if he can go."

Turing to Greg, he asked him about their accompaniment of Mara to the park. His only answer was a nod of Greg's head. Having gained this affirmation he and Mara quickly made plans to meet at his house in an hour to set out.

"So what are the big plans" Greg asked.

"We have an hour to get ready, and then we are going to head out after Mara gets here" While saying this, Neif held out his hand to lead Greg to his room and over to his walk in closet. "so what should we wear, don't forget we are going to a concert, or something, still not to clear on the specifics" Neif said, scrunching up his face in an effort to display confusion as he uttered the last few words.

"I'm sure anything will be fine...Just not pink." Greg responded, rummaging through Neif's clothing for a shirt to wear.

For the next hour, both Neif and Greg tried on a multitude of outfits; Neif finally settled on a tight pair of distressed designer jeans, and a sheer muscle shirt, which showed off every gorgeous striation and bulge in his upper body. Meanwhile Greg, after much deliberation, had chosen a pair of loose-fitting jeans and a black, button-up shirt which sported an aesthetically pleasing array of curving white lines and skulls, accented by a white collar and cuffs, which drew attention to his well-developed pectorals.

While in the midst of putting the finishing touches to their hair and donning their shoes, Neif heard a tapping at the door and swiftly make his way to answer. When he had managed to open the door he was greeted by Mara's gorgeous smile and dazzling blue eyes. She was dressed in a black skirt with pink pinstripes, and a pink off the shoulder shirt which featured and skull-and-crossbones insignia at the center, which only highlighted her beautifully tanned skin.

"I would have just come in, but I wasn't sure if you and Greg would be in the throes or something along those guys are such pervs." Mara barked out as greetings, with the same smile still highlighting her face.

"Hey Maura" Greg said entering from Neif's room "You are looking hot tonight, and may I say, your boobs look extra perky today"

"Well, I should hope so, I put so much glitter on them, if you shined a light on me I could act like the disco ball at one of your gay gay gay bars. "

"Ha...Ha, very funny, very funny. O wait, no it isn't." All three of the companions chuckled after hearing Neif's drolling reply.

"Are we ready to go?"

"I'm ready if you two sluts are" Mara said jovially "Lets go!"

> 2 <

The Park was normally a very peaceful place. Weeping willows, oaks, and several pines deeply rooted themselves into the grassy knolls which created the tranquil feeling of solitude. A decently sized pond was situated towards the center of the park; a place, which during the day time hours, had amazed children gawking at the graceful avians which glided through the ponds faintly green water and the reeds in it.

But this night, the park was anything but peaceful. As Neif made his way through some of the same knolls he had sought out solitude on, he was amazed by the extreme change which had taken place. The instant he had walked within a mile of the park he had heard the bass and felt the vibrations in the ground. Now, as he and his friends made their way closer, the electric pop beats, hardcore screaming, and experimental music resonated and crashed into this sense of hearing.

"THIS IS A LOT DIFFERENT THAT I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE!" Neif screamed in an attempt to be heard by his friends over the loud beats. But his screaming was to no avail. After a minute of trying to be heard, he finally decided it was a lost cause to try and start a conversation. So in an attempt to live in the moment and enjoy the music, he and his friends made their way over to the center stage.

As he neared his destination, he begin to feel a faint pain between his eyes; his pain felt almost as if it was coming off of him in waves, non-existent at some times, then gradually escalating to the faint headache-like symptoms he was currently experiencing. Thinking that it was just his head getting use to the proximity of the speakers, he pressed on, in the shadow of Maura, whom seemed to be enjoying herself immensely; occasionally stopping to shout along with the music.

Every step he took with his friends seemed to intensify the peak of his pains. But he continued without a word, not wanting to complain and ruin all the fun Maura was having. Step after step, foot by foot, and then suddenly the pain disappeared. Just as easily as it had come, it had disappeared.

His next step however started a whole new wave of pain at the crown of his head. His pain had doubled, but he continued on thinking it was another type of acclimating experience. This pain too subsided just as miraculously as it had come the closer he went with his friends to the stage, but just as quickly was replaced by an almost stifling pain in his stomach; still he kept going. His mind instantly associated his symptoms with his last, making him believe this pain too would go away; he was right, it did.

Neif, Greg, and Maura had finally managed to make their way closer to the stage, to an almost decent position near the front of the stage.


"Get into positions; I feel that the energy is ripe to be harvested. We may begin now."

Behind the stage a gathering of people had begun. Those gathering had begun to form circles, beginning with a single individual at the center, the one whom was shouting the orders.

"Has somebody hazed the surroundings yet?" The woman at the center asked in a voice no louder then a whisper, but which carried to all the ears which circled her.

"It has been taken care of, not to worry, we may continue at your discretion" A black haired male youth said.

Janelle took the affirmation as a chance to gather her faculties. Looking at the boy, as she always did, her eyes were fixated by his stunning eyes. The vibrant violet of his eyes always managed to captivate her. She had always intended to question the boy on the color of his eyes; they were the actual color of his eyes, but she had remembered when the boy had first come to herself and the Mrok'tur'ker. His eyes had been a distinctly brown shade.

Regaining control of her senses she began to channel from her core. She close her eyes as the warm, vibrating sensation she had come to long to embrace coursed through her, chasing away the chill of which had begun to gather with the fog that now shrouded the outer ring of their group from prying eyes. She felt the others around her embrace their cores as well, and opened her eyes. The glow coming off of the others surrounding her was immense. She took a quick glance around to gauge whether or not she would need to lend any power to this working, and quickly decided they had more than enough power for the task at hand.

"Those in the outer ring: begin the working." Janelle said in the same whisper which managed to find the ears of those it was intended for. She reveled in the light and sensations she saw before her as the outer complexities began to work themselves into the beginnings of a powerful working. The 12 forming the outer circle glowed with red, white, green and yellow light. The color from each individual began to coalesce into a thin string running both left and right. These strings began to meld with those next to them; finally forming a flawless ring of color flowed through the 12 standing in the outer circle.

Taking a quick glance at the work that had already been accomplished and after completely satisfying herself with what had been completed, intoned "Second circle begin" in the same small voice which reached those it was intended for. The six in the second circle began their working in the same working as those in the outer circle; only their stings glowed in distinct purple and blue shades. Their strings however not only joined with those next to them, but also with those behind them, beginning to create a weaving resembling the spokes of a bicycle. Taking another few second to survey their work, she also prepared herself for the most difficult portion of the working; opening herself. After she felt she had complete control over herself, she allowed the third and final circle to begin the working.

The final circle of three created their strings in the same way, shining a bright orange and joining with those next to and behind them. Their linking finished the outer weave, and finished the likeness of bicycle spokes.  

Now that they had completed their working, Janelle allowed them to begin adding the final strings.

The three begin to add three more strings which arc-ed into the air and settled just above Janelle's head. With this invitation, Janelle accepted the strings into her well and prepared herself.

The three concentric rings which surrounded those out in the crowd concert began to glow in relation to the rings.


"Yeah I know isn't it great? This band always puts on a complex light show when they play, just wait, the best part hasn't started yet." Maura responded to Greg and Neif's question about the glowing rings which now surrounded the viewers of the band.

But with the 'light show' Neif had begun to feel odd again. The only difference now from before when he was walking towards the band was that the pain was engulfing his entire body. Every single extremity of his body ached with the dull throb he had experienced before, but now it was a consistent pain. "Guy's I wasn't going to say anything, but I kinda don't feel too great" Neif admitted to his friends.

But they didn't hear him. They had been captivated by the 'light show' which was taking place. The rings still glowed around the boundary of those listening, but now lights of different hues and strength were floating up from the crowd to the stage. This flow of light only further spurred the intensity of the crowd as they screamed along with the band, which further served to brighten the lights floating up towards the stage.


"This will prove to be a good harvest" Janelle said to no one. Her eyes had glazed over, and her entire eye had turned black. Those surrounding her still maintained their working, but gazed at Janelle in wonderment and envy as the core energy floated from the audience, surrounding her, each sphere being absorbed into the glow which now surrounded her body.

"Do you feel that?" Jeffry, the violet eyed youth asked, worry and a bit of fear tainting his voice.

"Yes, I feel it, someone out their has very immense power, lets hope they are still inactive. This really will be a magnificent harvest" one of those in the furthest circles responded.

"Let's hope nothing goes wrong though, I've never felt anything like this before, nothing near this powerful," Jeffry said, trying to make the others understand, "But something about it feels odd, different..."
Through his tightly clenched eyelids, Neif detected the faint glow of something bright and close, which only seemed to inflame the pain he was experiencing.  The pain had steadily increased since the few moments ago in which it had started.

"Ahh..." A faint whimper managed to escape Neif's lips, even though he had steadfastly been attempting to stifle any outward appearance of his discomfort, which was increasing at an alarming rate.

Neif tried to work his way out of the crowd, but was unable to make any progress. And still the pain continued to increase; his head had begun to throb, every part of him stung and pulsed along with his heartbeat, simulating a full body headache. And the light was beginning to grow brighter, working its way deeper between his eyelids.

The pulse of the music seemed to increase with his pain, throbbing along with body, creating a pseudo connection between him and the music. For a second this connection seemed to lessen the pain, but it quickly picked up again, and the light with it.

The pain had escalated, to a level of intensity Neif had never before experience, and his eyes had begun to tear. He felt a flicker of heat begin to work its way through his body; a searing, fiery heat.

"GGGAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" he screamed out, losing control of all his faculties as the head worked its way through his body, bringing along with it a feeling of having doused his body in a vat of boiling oil.

At the same instant of his climax of pain, he opened his eyes, and recognized the source of the light which had become so blinding. His body cast an eerie glow across the entire park, illuminating the concert as if the full moon were out.

The pain had subsided, but the glow coming off of his body only seemed to grow stronger. Gazing around him he saw that all those in the crowd seemed to be thoroughly engaged in raving to the music. "Hey, guys!" Neif yelled to his friends, who appeared to not hear him. Bumping and pushing his way closer to his friends, he grabbed Greg by the shoulder and spun him around to face him. Looking into Greg's eyes, Neif became very afraid.

His eyes seemed to be lifeless; they no longer had any color, as though his iris and pupil had been completely erased.

The pain returned as quickly as it had disappeared, stronger and with a vengeance. "AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!" He screamed out again, gripping his eyes tightly, as though he were trying to fight off the pain with the absence of sight. With his scream, the light increased. The pain finally subsided after, to Neif, what felt like eternity.

Opening his eyes, his first sight was of his hand. The glow which had surrounded it no longer engulfed his body, but had formed into a large sphere which topped the entire 5 mile stretch which made up the park.


"Janelle! Stop! Something's wrong!" Jeffry shouted in an attempt to wake Janelle from the trance she had taken on. But she would not be awoken, and those creating the working could not break from it until she was finished.

All the eyes of those participating in the working were opened wide in terror as they gazed on the immense amount of energy which hovered over the park. They all understood now what Jeffry had been worried about, what he had felt when no one else had, the strangeness emanating from the energy. No one had ever felt anything like this before, and they were afraid; they were absolutely terrified.

Throughout the fear which her coven-mates were experiencing, Janelle was completely unable to react. The part of her which remained aware of events that were happening in real time was no longer in control. She could witness what was happening, but had absolutely no ability to do anything to stop until the working was completed. For the first time since she had met Jared, the Mrok'tur'ker, she was afraid.

The massive, alien sphere slowly began to siphon into Janelle. Separate strings began to streak off from the sphere and attach to her. Faster and faster the energy was working its way into Janelle, seeking out her core, and combining with her own energy, as the working was intended to direct it. Only, no one should be capable of holding so much power, Janelle was distinctly aware of this fact as pain began to leak into her along with the odd energy.

The pain was immense as Janelle took in more and more of the energy, which was now pouring into her. Janelle tried to scream, but was unable, still trapped within her mind, without any ability to physically react.

A blindingly bright light began to cloud her minds vision. She could feel herself floating, floating away from the pain, which was still a faint echo resonating to her now. The pain grew further and further away, fainter and fainter, until finally Janelle felt no more pain. Janelle had moved to a place where she could no longer be assaulted by the pain which had sent her physical body into convulsions. But Janelle's mind had been embraced; embraced by a shining sphere of light resonating like the moon.

Jeffry witnessed all of this, the blank look which now completely overtook Janelle's face. He saw the light which had once been in her eyes go out, and saw as her body still convulsed on the ground once the last of the alien energy had been absorbed into her core, finally ending the working.


With the fading of the light, Neif found that his friends once again returned to themselves.

"O my God that was so amazing. I've seen their light shows before, but never one that amazing!" Maura screeched out, barely hiding her extreme amazement.

"Dude, that was so awesome!" Greg shouted back, still screaming in an attempt to be heard over the banging music.

Neif seemed to be the only aware of the truly strange event that had taken place, the pain, and the seemingly tangible feel to all the light which had been moving about. Neif would have found this bit of information bitterly disturbing, he would have but his body had collapsed along with the strange sphere of light which had once been in the sky.

"Where'd Neif go?" a voice that was familiar to Neif, yet one he could not quite place yelled out.

"Someone call an ambulance!" Neif heard, in a voice which seemed to be getting farther away "I don't know what's wrong, I just found his here, we need to get him to a hospital quick!"

"Kid, kid! Can you hear me" A blurry face said to Neif who was slipping in and out of consciousness. The last thing he saw before he completely lost consciousness was the light. It was so bright and so comforting. It was a part of him, he new in the instant that he saw it. It completed him, and suddenly he felt a yearning for something he could now remember. And with this yearning a stream of memories flooded his mind. Memories from events it was impossible for him to remember, memories so unreal they seemed to come from a fairy-tale. In that instant he knew, he knew who he was, what he could do, and what he had come to this time for.

And then the realization faded away, becoming dimmer, and the sounds of sirens and the blaze of red lights took over his mind and sight. He was so tired, he just wanted to sleep. So he did, and his memories of the past, his visions of the future all faded back to where they had once been, locked back away into his mind.

Something had been unlocked however, something that could not be sealed away without those memories. He felt it; even through his slumber he felt it. The faint hum and warm caress of it, he felt it. He felt whole. He felt complete, but he was so far from it.
"We need to get her back to the Mrok'tur'ker quickly. Somebody open a Rift now!" Jeffry shouted to no one in particular as he stooped down to cradle Janelle's body in his arms.

A rift opened, revealing the gates which lead to Haven. Here he would receive help from the Mrok'tur'ker. Here all would be well, Janelle would be helped and everyone would be safe.

Jeffry stepped through the Rift and quickly rushed forward. the gates and all impediments before him swiftly made way from his path; doors swung open, furniture flew from where it once lay, and paintings jumped off the wall, all seemingly of their own accord, to remove themselves from Jeffry's path.

He finally reached the Mrok'tur'ker's rooms and made his way through the doors. He was greeted by the Mrok'tur'ker, a tall Italian looking man, dressed and groomed as the professional he was, despite the hour, who was standing, as though in anticipation. Bending down, the Mrok'tur'ker easily accepted the weight of Janelle from Jeffry. Walking over to a bed that had been prepared after the Mrok'tur'ker had witnessed the strange event through a Far-Seeing.

"You may leave now," the well built man said as he lay Janelle down carefully.

"But-" Jeffry began to say in protest, but was interrupted by the powerful, commanding voice of the Leader.

"I said you may leave; do not make me repeat myself again"

Jeffry made his way form the Leader's rooms back to his own; everything that he had displaced in his haste quickly reassembled itself as he passed it. Finally he reached his own modest room, and lay down in his small single-sized bed. His body trembled and he whimpered into the crushing darkness as he thought of Janelle. Sleep finally overcame him, but all through the night, his body shook, and faint cries could be heard by those passing by his door.