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by Andrew

The Prophecy

I was sitting in the history class – the most boring one as usual. Mr Haynes babbled about World War II, about the Holocaust and about other stuff I really wasn’t paying any attention to. I wanted out of it. There was a beautiful day outside, birds were chirping and trees and other vegetation were waking up and blossoming. It was spring. And a warm one.

“Mr Remus?” I heard someone calling me. I woke up from my trance and went searching with my eyes in the classroom who’d be calling me. It was the damn teacher.

“Yes, Mr Haynes?” I answered.

“Welcome back to the land of the living, weren’t you paying any attention to what I was saying? Apparently not! I asked you to describe about dividing Germany after the WW II!”

“Oh, I am sorry, Mr Haynes! I must have zoned off somehow. Well, the dividing of Germany took place after the peace treaty that ended WW II. Germany was disarmed and actually, until this day, Germany is not allowed to have any military forces since peace treaty has not been declared to be null and void. Anyway, Germany was divided into different zones between the USA, France, the UK and USSR. The largest part belonged to the UK, then to the USSR. The aim of this was to rebuild the country and to gain control over the processes. Also to disarm and extinguish any remaining forces of Nazis. Afterwards it was said that the winners would gradually withdraw and give the country to Germans back. Only USSR didn’t and that led to a forming of German Democratic Republic. Also, Berlin was divided and the western part of it became an enclave, only possible way to communicate with the Western Germany, or German Federative Republic, was through airlines. Is that satisfactory, Mr Haynes?” I ended after my monologue. The class had become so quiet one could have heard even a heartbeat.

Mr Haynes looked at me funny and said: “I believe your answer is satisfactory, thank you. Though I must admit that some of the details even I didn’t know. But anyways, thank you! Since we’ll have the end of our lesson in five minutes, you are therefore dismissed!”

So quiet class suddenly erupted into life. Boys and girls were gathering up their school stuff and almost running out of the classroom. No one wanted to stay there longer than absolutely needed.

I was out of the room as well as fast as I could. I knew that if I stayed there even a bit longer, Mr Haynes would haunt me to talk to him about the history. Class was boring because I knew all the stuff the old fart was talking about. I had a high pile of history books at home, all kinds of, since my father was working in the museum and he always came to sit by me in the evenings to tell me a story. As I became older, I was so fascinated by these stories that I started reading myself. I most definitely knew more than Mr Haynes!

Luckily, Mr Haynes’ class was the last one and since it was Friday, I headed home immediately. I was almost out of the premises of school when I heard a low, but sweet baritone calling me. The voice neared itself fast. I turned around to see Derek jogging towards me. He waved to me to halt and wait for him. I did so.

After he got to me he said: “Well done, Remus! I believe that this old bastard will dig into his books at last and won’t take another blow like this! You were great! Where are you heading, anyway?”

Derek… Oh, he’s the guy I’ve been dreaming of day and night. My passion for this god was growing stronger and stronger every single day. He’s not in my classes and he’s a year ahead of me. Thank god for that! I would not be able to study or anything if I saw him in my classes. Though Derek is the captain of our school’s swimming team (well, a college, actually), he’s not a typical jock. He’s way too nice to be true but I’ve never seen any fracture in the picture his broadcasting. He might even be that he looks like – kind, gentle, always cracking some jokes, considerate and protective of his friends. I’ve been given the opportunity to be one of his friends, since we mutually supported each other. He was the one who did exceptionally well in science subjects (math etc) and I the opposite. We paired up nicely. And I also must mention that I’ve been relaying on his skills of self defence because the college was full of ignorant bricks and bullies who just in case would like to feast on your inability to defend. I’ve been beaten some rare occasions until Derek came along. He got transferred from another college after his parents moved into our town. His dad worked in the power plant as a senior engineer and his mother was keeping a small bakery. He helped me to have a better school life and feel just a bit more secure. It was my being that must have been annoying to some people though I never deliberately did what they thought I did – merely existed.

I was a normal looking guy, about 5’9”, had dark hair, normal build and exceptionally beautiful eyes. The eyes were the only things that I was really proud of – they were bright, sparkled and I had long and thick eyelashes. Derek once told me I was quite “consumable”.

Alright, I must then give a hint about what Derek looks like. Well… He’s taller than me, but slightly. He is muscular and yet not excessively, he has a nice muscular toned body (oh yes, I’ve been snooping around and I’ve seen him both naked and half-naked). He has a nice oval face with some soft yet manly features, he has dark brown hair and green eyes with small yellow dots in it. He is handsome, at least to me and when I see the way all girls keep gawking at him, it is not only me who thinks he’s handsome. I know he has the most beautiful round ass around college and even now it was showing through his tight jeans. He wore a loose T-shirt that did not show his upper body well but when he jumped or something, his nice six-pack was revealed. Oh, I wanted to devour him, I wanted to drag him by hair to my lair and just fuck and fuck and fuck. He was the centre of my obsession.

“Jason? JASON?” he screamed…

“What, Derek?”

“What the hell is wrong with you? You seem to be absent-minded this whole week! If I didn’t know you any better I’d say you’ve fallen in love! What’s the matter, buddy? Tell your big uncle everything, alright?”

“Oh, it’s nothing! I was just deep in thought… Sorry, Derek!”

“It’s OK. I know you’ve got a lot on your mind. Have you given thought to what I said last week?”

“No, Derek! I’m too afraid to think about it. I just need some more time to process it and then I might come up with a solution. I’m just too freaked out by it, you know. Thanks for your support, you’re the best!”

“You’re welcome! I asked your where are you heading?”

“Home, I guess!”

“May I come along?” he inquired cautiously.

“Sure! Why not…” I readily answered and we started walking. My home was only about 15 minutes away from college’s main building.

We reached my home and went right to my room. Mom wasn’t home yet, so I went afterwards downstairs and made some sandwiches and some coffee. As I went back to my room I saw Derek sitting behind my computer surfing the net.

“You’ve got some pretty heavy stuff on your comp, Jason!” he said. “You little perv!”

He started laughing. I knew he didn’t mean the word “perv” since Derek knew I was gay. That was the thing I didn’t want to give thought to. I told him just last week. He then stood there in front of me that day and suddenly hugged me. To say I was surprised is an understatement! I was blown away. I thought he’d at least give me some evil stare or something, but oh no! He just stood there hugging me and said: “I knew it, Jase! Do you think I’m that much of a jock not to use my head? I didn’t realise it right away but after we started communicating more, I saw these looks of yours and everything clicked into place. It’s OK!”

You could imagine my relief! I just hugged him back and shed quiet tears. I – at last – had shed the burden that had been pressing onto my shoulders since I was about twelve or thirteen. I was eighteen now. I finally got courage enough to tell at least one person this bitter truth. I did not think that it was something to really worry about – I know there are gay men all over the world and I was not the first nor the last one. It was just this damn environment I was living in – the bigotry and false morality just blossomed in small towns like mine. It was awful. I remember a young woman who came into the town as a schoolteacher for younger ones. She liked to wear bright colours, a bit  funny, but she was in real person very much OK. The parents of the children this lady was teaching went to school principal and they told him that if this hag wouldn’t leave because of her “attitude”, they’d be filing a protest. The principal, afraid, never questioned and the results were that this sweet lady got fired.

“Well, I’m still a guy, am I not? I need some release and even though these guys there are not real, they at least give me some pleasure… Sorry you had to see that!”

“As I said, Jason, it’s OK!” he said and stood. To my utmost surprise, he had a nice bulge in his pants. I knew he was quite hung, so he wasn’t really hard, just a bit.

I went to him, patted just slightly his bulge and smirked: “You shouldn’t have watched it! You are in a very compromising state at this moment!”

“Alright, you fairy! I admit that these pictures are very… hmmm… entertaining. I apologise for my behaviour, Mr Remus!” he mocked me. We both cracked into laughter.

“Come on, I’ve got some nice ham sandwiches and a nice hot cup of coffee waiting for you and just for you!” I teased him with broad smile. He followed my to the table and we sat. We munched on our sandwiches and sipped the coffee. Occasionally Derek glanced towards me like he was beginning to say something but took second thoughts and dropped it. After fourth time I got fed up with it and told him: “Alright, I’ve got enough of it! What is that you want so desperately know?”

His eyes were big as his look speared through me. He looked briefly at his lap and at the silver ring in his finger and began: “Jase, I know that it must be quite difficult to tell you this but I must. So, please be kind enough to bare with me until I’m finished. Then you may ask as many questions as you want and I’d be happy to answer them. Do I have an agreement here?”

“Uh… Yes, I guess.” I began feel somewhat awkward. What could be so important to raise such ceremonialism? It was like he was talking to the audience in a big conference. It scared me a little.

“Thank you, Jason. Well, at first I must apologise for my behaviour. I know, you must think that I haven’t done anything to apologise for, but believe me, I have. You see, Jason, I am not the Derek Fielding you know. Though, my name is Derek, but I am not the person I’ve been presenting myself as. You see, I haven’t even met any Derek Fielding and I strongly doubt there would be any these kinds of people. That includes my so-called mom and dad.”

I was now curious, and a bit frightened. Is he a criminal? Has he fled from a prison? I was becoming very anxious…

“Jason, I was born in another place and in another time, I’ve travelled to this world only to get to you. I have been put under spell in my world so that I can enter this one. Our worlds differ greatly from one another and my only purpose of existence right now is to tell you all that I’ve started telling and to hope you’d understand what might follow. Please, do not be alarmed – I most certainly am not going to kidnap you or take you somewhere you do not want to. The spell I’m under prevents it. If you’d come, it must be done willingly.”

“Alright, Derek. But who are you then? As far as I am concerned, you look just as human to me as I do and strangely enough, I sense that you are telling me the truth. But anyways, what do you need from me?”

“We’ll get to that, Jason! Firstly, I must give you a prospective of the place I originate from. My world is called Turia. There, among great walls of mountains lays the Antarian Kingdom which capital is called Antaria. And I, my dear Jason, am the succession prince of Antaria. I was sent to this world to look for the One. Our people in Antaria are anxious about my quest since the prophecy that has foreseen the One and his arrival, has not been precise enough for us to know where to look. I have been wandering this world for a long period, travelling from one country to another. I must tell you that constant relocating is a real pain in the ass. Then, one night, I saw a very unusual dream. I dreamt of a boy who’s bearing the mark of the One – a golden triangle on his shoulder blade that would come to be seen as I approach him. I have seen this triangle on your left shoulder blade, Jason. You are the One and my dream was correct as was correct the prophecy.”

“Me? The One? Derek, are you feeling alright? I mean, this story is like from ancient storybook but me? What kind of world could this Turia be? How is it possible no one here has seen it? We’ve got telescopes and stuff to explore the universe and if even our telescopes cannot pick up this place then how could you have travelled here? You’re making fun of me, aren’t you, Derek?” I said suspiciously. I just couldn’t believe what he was saying. It sounded more like a plot for some very good film rather for real life.

“Jason, every word that I’ve said is true. As for your questions I must say that your telescopes cannot pick up my world. We’re not even out there! We’re right here on Earth, though in another dimension. You know, that time, as a matter, is spiral? It means that one could travel or hop from one spiral to another, getting deep into the past. I have not been hopping on the spiral of time though but on the spiral of our existence. You know, Earth and its dimensions are like layers, one on another. It would take a great deal of energy and willpower to hop from one layer to another, but it is possible. The sad part, though, is that I must do it wholly, so if I die on one layer, I die completely. And also it would be impossible to have any special powers on another layer if I have them on my own layer and vice versa. So, basically, Turia is Earth, just in another dimension, or as I said, on another layer.”

“OK, so you are from where? Past, present, future? What? And why the hell have you come to this layer? Have your kind lost something here?”

“You catch on quickly. For one part, I’m from present. It means, I am the same in my own dimension. One good thing is that I do not age in a dimension that is not my home dimension. So, I can walk here for three thousand years and not age a day. But that would be it. The time still flows in its path even there. So, if I return after being here for three years, in my dimension there would have been passed three years as well. To answer your question about losing here something, I must go back for a time in events that took place then.”

Derek’s eyes saddened, I could see that. He was, like, fighting back tears. I felt so much pain and misery in him. What had happened to him?

“About two hundred years ago my land was attacked by the forces of Seria. She’s an evil queen from the far Wastelands. As far as we know she’s not from our dimension and therefore she’s still holding the throne of Ipeskia. When she arrived, she just sneaked into the court of king and after throwing him out of the palace she took the throne. She’s a powerful magician and my land’s forces were almost crushed by hers. And then we suddenly got help from another small kingdom called Uria. Uria is a small kingdom that is underground. It consists mostly of earth elves and dwarves. Their leader Miria gave us an amulet that would protect us from the magic used against us by Seria or by his followers. Somehow she managed to get a very large group of mages from her dimension and this makes her possible to remain on throne. She’s using these mages to raise army of dead or army of elements to send against us since she cannot use her powers directly on us because of the amulet. After the battle in the Great Belt we received a very interesting message from Uria. Apparently they have found an ancient book that foretold some very interesting events that would be occurring in the future. One of the prophecies was that Antarian Kingdom could be saved from the grasp of evil queen, they did not mention her name, only when Antarians found a boy in the dimension of Rune, Earth, I guess, whose shoulder blade would be marked with golden triangle. As far as I know, the prophecy said that this boy bears the power to defeat evil forces and establish peace once and for all. Though the boy would not bear any special powers in his dimension, these powers would manifest themselves as soon as he arrives in our dimension. The mark has to be found, and the boy has to come willingly, otherwise he’d fall in the hands of evil.”

I sat there, listening. It was so much to absorb. How could I be the person they were looking for? I was merely a mortal and I have never noticed any mark on my shoulder blade.

Derek looked into my eyes with concern. Then he said something that blew me completely away: “The prophecy, however, was very specific about one thing. It says that the boy, who bears the mark, must be looked for among men who lay in bed with another man and who’d give their seed for pleasure not for offspring. It also was specific about the one who had to be sent to commence the search – a prince, born exactly one winter earlier of the boy bearing the mark, who’d be notified about the need for a quest in his dreams. I, prince Derek, have been notified in my dreams that the time is upon. There have been several princes before but none got the dream. It means, Jason, that I have born exactly one winter earlier than you and that you bear the mark! Jason, you are the saviour of my land and you, only you can put an end to the evil that is spreading its horrendous tentacles in my world. You also happen to be a man who’d lay with another man! The prophecy was correct! You are the One!”

I sat there, thinking. So, the Antarians required a gay to save their world? Why? That was exactly what I asked Derek.

“Why would we require a gay person? Actually, I do not know. Maybe one of my father’s advisers would know. I’ve been told only the contents of the prophecy and nothing more.”

“OK, I could live with that. But I really would like to know that how this Seria-bitch got to your dimension?”

“I believe that she was expelled from her dimensions. That is as far as rumours go. Nobody knows exactly how she ended up in our dimension, or rather world. The one thing that is known is that she also got the powers of magic after arriving to our world. The Urians think that she might have arrived to our world also by accident. They claim that if they can cast a spell on a person to send into another world, so could have done her people in her world. Maybe something went wrong, I do not know. I know only this – she’s there and she has to be eliminated!” said Derek and his voice got serious and hard as steel in the end, commitment pouring out. I understood his determination and anger towards that evil bitch. I would have also been like this if my world was attacked by someone like Seria.

“Oh yes! If I had powers, I’d just fry her sorry ass once and for all!”

“It is wonderful to hear this, Jason!” said Derek gazing into my eyes, a big smile on his face.

“Derek, one more thing bothers me. Could you tell me, why you were given the omen and not any other previous princes? I recall you saying that there have been other princes but only you had the dream. Why is that?”

“Oh! Yes, your ability to make observations is stunning. Yes, I didn’t tell you about that one. Well, the prophecy said also that only the matching prince to the One could see him and carry out the search. What the prophecy meant, was that only the prince who lays among other men would have the ability to see the One.”

My expression was something that made Derek laugh. Hard. He was practically rolling on the floor. He said between gasps and chuckles: “If you’d… If… Oh, this is funny! If you’d only see your face!”

I got mad: “Cut that out! What is so funny?”

“Your face! I think it dawned to you, at this very moment, that if I were the prince, I must be gay!”

Derek was sharp. It was exactly what I was thinking – that’s why I had the face like a hen that just had a cubic egg instead of oval one…

“Yes, Jason,” told me Derek after gaining his composure. “Yes, I am gay also. That is why none of previous princes had the omen – well put, by the way. Even the wisest adviser to the king couldn’t explain why it was me that had the omen and no one before me. After I hit my puberty and became adolescent, my interest in boys started to show. Then, on the exact day of my first time my penis erupted of seed, I had the dream. I immediately went to the adviser and told him about the dream and he started asking questions how, when and why. I explained everything – my first orgasm, the dream and so on. Then he asked me what I was fantasising about and I told about men. Then it dawned to him as well. Apparently, this event changed a lot in our kingdom. You see, the people there, like here, do not look at homosexuality very kindly. There are even reports of killing. Only the adviser knew about this, not even my father. I mean, about my homosexuality. But after this event, I started dreaming of the One regularly. Of you. I knew how you must look like, your features. It was like, you know, seeing you from a window. I saw your activities, I saw your school. The prophecy didn’t tell anything about that. The adviser – he’s name is by the way Artia – said to me that possibly I had establishes a strong connection with you. Anyways, after that fateful day, Artia went to my father and told him everything. You could say that my father was surprised. He had also been the prince once and he didn’t see the omen. So he understood. The prophecy, again, wasn’t specific about when the dream would occur. After that my father knew, he gathered all his advisers and they drew up a draft of a bill that would legalise homosexuality in the whole kingdom and punish those that breached it with death. Advisers thought that if the One is gay, he’d most certainly wanted to come to the world where tolerance prevailed. So, it was my lucky day. You’d be surprised how many men and women announced to be gay! They were all given a small golden pin with emerald to put on their clothes to be seen by others. The pin would tell the others not to touch them at any rate. Of course, the gays and lesbians had to follow a hard training to assist the One in the battles. So, if you really want to come to my world, you’d see an army consisting of gays and lesbians! It’s wicked, Jason! I’ve seen them! The men are all in their prime – the most handsome and the most appealing men!”

“I’d like to see that, Derek!” I admitted him with big grin. Several hundreds of gay men? Wicked!

“One more thing, Derek! Why did you tell me this story now and not few moths ago?” I inquired.

“Oh, that one… Well, first I got message from my world saying that I need to hurry up talking with you since Seria is forming her army again and the second was that I could reveal myself only when I was one hundred per cent certain that the boy – you – was the One. Previous week you told me, at last, that you were gay. And after that I started thinking how should I approach you with the matter. I think I was testing the water. I just wanted to be sure.”

“What about your father and mother?” I asked.

“Oh, them? Well, they are my servants, actually. Father told them to go with me, to protect me and to make sure that I’d fall into the picture nicely and smoothly. It is not common here that a young man in his nineteenth year of life would just run loosely.”

“No, it is not. However, there are five years old boys who run loosely. It depends. Around here, it would look strange!”

“I know. We brought some gold with us, made it into your money here and I must say that life here is pretty much easier than in my world. Though we live in the land of magic and everything, we do not yet have wash machines, refrigerators and such. But life over there in general is pretty nice and people are quite nice as well. You’d love it there, I’m sure.”

“Derek, how do I get there if I decided to?”

Derek’s eyebrows lowered themselves and he watched intently at me. Then he said: “We brought here a special potion that one must drink in order to travel back. Only thing is that we are one ingredient short. The potion is in two bottles, one bottle for you and one for me. My “parents” are not leaving this world just yet, they’ll stay here and learn of this world as much as they can and then return. However, I must return with you, otherwise you wouldn’t be able to find anything and you do need a guide over there.”

“What ingredient are you short of?” I asked. It must be something very unusual since Derek’s response to my question was so… hesitant, I guess.

“Well, to seal the travel we need your seed into my bottle.”

“Excuse me? My what?” I asked gasping. My seed? Do they need my cum to be put into the bottle?

“Your seed, Jason. It means you either wank it into your bottle or we could get it by other means.”

“Why is it necessary?”

“I have no clue. The advisers told that the seed would be like a key or something.”

“Oh dear! So, I have to beat off my meat in order to produce my cum and you’d drink it?”

“Well, basically, yes, that is the main purpose. However, there’s a catch. The potion in the bottle is not enough, not for me. The advisers told me that the One could travel without this but I need to, in order to get back to my world, carry the seed with me or – more precisely – within me.”

“You… Oh dear god! I have to fuck you?” I asked in awe. Derek nodded slightly with his head. This is most odd…

“Your world has funny ways in travelling arrangements, I must admit!” I said still in shock.

“Which I cannot change, luckily!” he said with warmth in his voice. Was he seducing me? Me, whose head has been messed with by him a long time already – I’d be like in seventh heaven if it all came true eventually!

“So, basically, let’s make s summary here, shall we?! Your world is under a threat of an evil bitch called Seria, your kind has sent you to somewhere to find a person in order to fight this evil queen and in order to make this all happen the person you are so desperately looking for needs to fuck the prince to make it possible for prince to get to his world? Am I correct this far?”

“You are, Jase!”

“But this is absurd!” I shouted slightly. “How could I, an ordinary man, be such a powerful magician or whoever to fight the threat? I’ve never had any special abilities, hell, I cannot even be that good to be taken into our college’s football team even as a courier. I strongly believe you’ve made a mistake, Derek! You’re hot guy, I’d love to have you in my bed any time you want, fuck you and be fucked silly by you, but this! I think you’ve made a mistake here, Derek!”

Derek rose from his chair, a look of determination on his face. He came slowly to me and commanded: “Get up!”

I felt my heart tremble. Have I hurt him? Was he going to beat the daylight out of me? Anyway, I rose, almost nose-to-nose with him.

“I am sorry, Derek, if I hurt you! Please…”

“Be quiet, Jason! There’s only one way I can be sure of what I told you and only one way you can be sure yourself. Turn around!”

I did as he asked me to. Then I felt his soft and gentle, yet strong hands on my shoulders and he said softly: “Raise your arms for me, Jason!”

I did that and he grabbed my T-shirt and pulled it out of my pants and then over my head. I let my arms fall back on my sides. Then I felt his soft touch on my left shoulder and suddenly there was a surge of warmth emanating from the spot he was touching. Derek almost whimpered: “You are the One, Jason! Look!”

He had taken a small mirror from my nightstand and placed it behind my shoulder so I could see myself. And there it was – a perfectly shaped triangle with even sides, glowing slightly of gold.

“Holy crap!” I exclaimed, unable to believe my eyes.

“You see? The triangle would glow only if I was near you or touching you. It is told that the triangle is the key to your powers – once unleashed, they’ll show you the way themselves. You only need to feel it in your heart! Jason, you are the One!”

Derek grabbed my by shoulders and turned me abound, face to face. He was just a bit taller than me, but my nose pointed exactly at his mouth, so we were almost evenly matched. He placed his palms on my pecs, then drew them close to my throbbing heart.

“Can you feel it, Jason? Can you feel the life that is flowing into and through you? The life that will protect lives of many in my world, the force that would bring peace and calm onto the world at least! You’ll have a strong opponent who’d pull all tricks to defeat you, but you must remain strong and confident! I’ll be there, right beside you to aid you, to be your rock you can lean to if you feel sad or drained. Jason, I, prince Derek of the Kingdom of Antaria, would like kindly approach the One to make a request to aid my people and my land in holy crusade against the evil that has surrounded my land. Your kindness in helping ones that are in need for this would be greatly appreciated. How does your opinion in this matter stand?”

Derek’s eyes were as soft as velvet, they glistened brightly in their dampness – his tone was pleading and I could tell that he almost shivered in anticipation. How could I have said no, how? Besides, until this point I thought that it would be impossible for me to break free from the place I was living in. Now, as the opportunity arose, I thought better to grab a hold of it rather than let it go waste. And, the most important, I had fallen in love with this man in front of me…

“Could you, prince, give me some time to gather my thoughts and then provide you with my answer? I must admit that this all is coming to me as fast as light and I am a bit, no, not a bit but a lot confused. All I require is couple of days to sort things out.”

“Yes, Jason, of course it is alright! And when you have reached your decision, let me know! Until then, I’ll see you in classes!” he said and gave a very light peck on my lips. He did it so graciously and so gently that I almost fainted. What if he’d spend the night at my place or I at his? Coming to think to that, I have never been to his place. I always walked him off to his house but never further.

“Uhm… Derek, if it’s not much then would you like to spend the night at my house? I know that mom and dad are going into some big concert or something and we’d be alone. Even more, I’d be forced to sit alone here. Or we could go to your place, if it’s a good idea…”

I immediately saw this sparkle in his eyes, this… this flame. I have always admired him for that – his eyes are always full of life and they smile so innocently. Must be this Turia thing, I guess.

“Why of course, Jason! You are welcomed to my home when you wish. My servants will be honoured to have the first glimpse of you since the others are required to wait. So we will be able also to have some more talking about the situation.”

“Very nice. What if I came to you around nine?”

“Isn’t that a bit late? Can’t you get moving like in a few hours, about six, perhaps?”

“Fantastic! I’ll just do it like that. See you at your house at six o’clock sharp!”

“See you then!” he said and took off.

After Derek had left, I just sat on my bed thinking. Everything he had said to me was a blur, a blur of confronting thought. From one point of view I desperately wanted to believe him, on the other hand my mind told that this is some kind of cheap trick to get me to bed or whatever. But I wasn’t that hard to get, especially if Derek would want it. I’ve just being paranoid. He must have been telling the truth since I saw the triangle myself. Now, that Derek had left, my skin was as smooth and ordinary as it had been before. It just didn’t click into place yet.

After being deep into thought, I went downstairs to get me some food, mom and dad had left already and I was alone. Alone in a house and it somehow freaked me. I never ever have had this feeling before. What was going on with me? I got up to my room again and munched on my lunch, or supper or whatever it was. I stared with pointless gaze into the depth of arriving evening and just felt weird. It was five o’clock. I should get ready.

End of Part One © 2004 Andrew