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by Andrew

Leading The Way

“Derek!” I hollered from the outside of his house. His cute head almost instantly popped out of the window and he looked at me big question spread on his face.

“Yes, Jason? What the heck are you yelling in the middle of the street like you’re getting fucked up the ass raw? Can’t you at least use the civilised method making your entrance? Go to the door and just knock it, for Christ’s sake!”

I was dumbfounded from his outburst. He seemed to be too kind to do that. And then I realised that he was right – why the hell didn’t I go to the door and just knock? Oh, yes, I was a bit uneasy about his “parents”…

Well, anyway, I approached the door and knocked it. Momentarily it swung open and a fairly good-looking woman greeted me with her sweet, melodic voice: “Welcome to our humble home, Prince Jason! Please, do not feel uneasy – we have been informed about your imminent arrival. Please, come on in!”

I stepped into the house. It was rather large yet typical middle-class suburban house. It had two rooms downstairs, I wasn’t sure about the rest of the house since I hadn’t yet seen it. I could only see that there was a kitchen, adjourned by a large and cosy family or living room, then there was a small corridor leading to other rooms, probably another bedroom and bathroom. The house had also a nice porch.

Derek rushed down from stairs. It was like cattle of two thousand bulls had invaded the house. Then he reached the base of staircase and looked at me like I was some sort of lost brother of his. He came quickly to me and took me into an embrace. I lost all my thoughts and just melted in his warm and tight arms. His body pressed into mine and I felt the heat of his body. Damn, I was getting aroused…

Derek’s “parents” stood at the entrance of the kitchen like soldiers on watch. They didn’t even blink an eye when Derek showed his affection. It was kind of strange. Then Derek looked and them and ordered: “Please be kind to prepare a meal for my guest and me. I would like to eat in about two hours!”

Both of them rushed into kitchen. Wow! I wish I had my mom do things like that.

“Let’s go upstairs, Jason! There’s so much I want to tell you!”

We climbed the stairs and reached his room. The whole house looked quite well decorated and I could see that everything in it was expensive, even luxurious. Derek’s room was no exception. His room was large, consisting of desk, some heavy chests, a large cupboard, king-size bed and other smaller stuff. There was also a computer. On the walls I saw some paintings and if I didn’t know any better these were impressionist’s work. There was also a big sword hanging on the wall.

The floor of his room was covered with a red, thick and soft carpet. I almost immediately felt the urge to take off my socks and just wander around barefoot. I loved it when bedroom was carpeted.

Derek closed the door and we sat on the sofa. He handed me something and I saw that this was some sort of book. I opened it and to my biggest surprise, it started humming. I almost dropped it in shock.

“Do not worry, Jason! This book is the one that tells about prophecy. You should read it carefully in order to understand. If your decision is to go along with all this, you ought to read.”

A quiet knock on the door made us both jump a bit. We were so much delved into the book that even o knock knocked us out…

“Enter!” exclaimed Derek in his commanding tone. Boy, I wouldn’t want a husband like him and giving me orders!

“Forgive my intrusion, Prince Derek!” pleaded Derek’s “mother”. “But I was giving thought that before meal Your Highness and Prince Jason would like something to drink and have a snack. I took the liberty to bring some coffee and few appetisers.”

“Thank you, Assina! Please, put them on the table!”

Assina approached the table with grace and great respect. Her whole body showed that she was readingly accepting her situation and any command from her royal superior. I felt twinge of guilt. I was not used to see that someone took such liberties with another person. It was the upbringing nowadays that taught us that everyone was equal. In this case – equality was not an issue. I immediately wanted to soothe Assina, help her, make her job easier.

After placing generous amount of different sandwiches and cookies, also a pot of coffee on the table, she bowed to us and asked with small voice: “Your Majesty, may I be excused from your royal presence in order to attend other matter at hand!”

“Yes, Assina, thank you. Dismissed!” Derek answered with a small smile and Assina bowed once more and left quietly.

I sat there like in total trance. I was so blown away that even a large tornado was going to take forever to roll things back into places.

“What’s wrong, Jason?” Derek asked with dismay.

“Well, did you have to be such a jerk with her?” I raised my voice a little. I was getting little more upset about this than I thought. I knew that in their land and time it was pretty much things worked but I wasn’t used to this.

“What do you mean, Jason? What did I do to upset you like this?” he now asked almost in complete awe and lost for words. He gazed pleadingly into my eyes and grabbed my hand.

“Well, for starters, please knock off this royal stuff. I am not used to this. And I must say that it is really very uncomfortable to see how you treat your servants. They are people just like us and I believe they need a bit more respect and credit you are giving them! You take things way too much for granted! Why does she need to crawl like that in front of you? Can’t you make her stop doing it?”

Recognition flashed over his handsome face. He understood.

“Oh, that… Well, Jason, that is the way it is in my land. I cannot help it! If you are going to live there as the One, you’d be surprised what is going to happen! I can assure you – I treat these two people – one is Assina and another is Ivin – with great respect. I know I couldn’t do without them and they are deeply honoured by being selected as my servants. They know that they need to be on top of things all the time and never slip. They are aware that they need to show their highest respect to make you see that they are good people and that their land is worth saving. They are not doing this for me, but for you!”

I must have had a complete look of horror on my face because Derek started laughing. He giggled like a child having his biggest wishes come true.

“They are doing this for me? But why? I’m no royalty and I would never be! They are as much people for and as much as equal to me as you! Can’t you do something about it?” I pleaded. I wanted to feel comfortable around them and I wanted to feel more like a human.

“Alright, Jason, as you wish. I’ll go downstairs and have a talk with them and meanwhile, please read the book, alright! It’s humming, I know. It’s because it knows it’s you. That’s another thing that was meant to identify you as the One.”

He gave me a very quick peck on my cheek, rose and opened the door and hollered: “Assina! Ivin! To the kitchen!”

Then he glanced towards me and winked. I started reading.

Sure enough, the book was humming. Luckily it didn’t vibrate but this humming was strange. I was deeply engulfed into the book and I didn’t notice Derek’s return. Suddenly he sat next to me and his muscular body brushed against me. I took my eyes from the book and directed them on him. His face was so beautiful, so peaceful. He smiled coyly and kissed me lightly.

“It’s OK now, Jason. I talked to them. They were surprised, I guess, but I gave them your prospective of the situation and I think they did understand. I know that they will from now on behave more like ordinary people, but you will remain prince for them. So, Prince Jason, are you hungry?”

My stomach growled so loud that Derek chuckled: “I guess that must be a yes! Come on, let’s go! We have a nice dinner waiting!”

We emerged to the kitchen to be really flabbergasted – there was a dinner waiting for us all right, but none of us could imagine which! It was so beautiful that I almost dropped tears. There was small table covered with white tablecloth, sparkling silverware and expensive china. On top to that, Assina had put a breathtaking flower composition in the centre of the table and had lit three long candles on silver candlestick. It was just gorgeous. Derek gave me a quick glance so full of emotion. He had felt it as well, the warmth and sense of accomplishment.

Both Assina and Ivin stood at the polite distance from the table and Assina, seeing our expression asked cautiously: “I believe, deciding on your reaction, that this setting is acceptable?”

“Acceptable?” exclaimed Derek in bewilderment. “No, my dear Assina! This… This is truly something divine! It’s breathtaking! Thank you both for your efforts! I will never forget this!”

Assina and Ivin both bowed slightly and Ivin’s deep bass, calm and soothing lingered in the air: “Please, Prince Derek! It was an honour to serve this table!”

I couldn’t move. It was like stepping into a fairytale. Like Alice in Wonderland, though it was even better – this all was real! I could touch it, feel it. I let my eyes wander on the set and I thought to myself that if only our own town restaurants could come up with something like this, they’d skyrocket immediately! The whole thing was also so romantic and romance was very much into my core.

“Please, my dear princes, have a seat! Ivin!”

As Ivin approached the table to help me seated, Derek came quickly to him and motioned him to stand back: “I’ll get this, Ivin! Thank you!”

The chair was drawn from the table and when I got in from of it I felt it lightly brush against the back of my knees and I sat. Derek went to the opposite side. Luckily this wasn’t some sort of mile long table, just enough to put dishes on it and other stuff and yet we could easily take each other’s hands. It was beautiful.

“I’ll serve!” offered Assina as she approached table with a big dish that was covered with meat chops, fried potatoes, salad and small cups of sauce. Ivin took serving knife and spoon and slid pieces onto my plate. Crystal sparkled in front of me and I waited.

After serving the food, Ivin came in holding two bottles of wine and Assina a bottle of clear water. Assina poured the water into glass and after that Ivin presented the bottles. I have always been a light drinker since I get woozy pretty quickly. But a glass of wine or two won’t hurt. Anyway, I went for white wine though I knew it was actually the red one that goes with meat. But I didn’t give a flying shit about that. We weren’t in some kind posh restaurant where a bull-eyed waiter just stood to make you uncomfortable and to rush into scene if one makes something wrong and rub it into your nose. I drank what I liked and period.

Derek brought his glass to his pretty nose and took a sniff. His delightful grin could mean only one thing. I also took the glass to my nose and took a light sniff – the aroma was intoxicating. A mixture of scents invaded my senses as I could smell green pastures, a light smell of oak barrels and other stuff I wasn’t so sure about. Anyway, the wine was perfect and we both sipped on it in cosy silence.

Then, like on my last thought, very delightful sound of music playing rushed to my ears. Light music was lingering so freely around me, giving me new senses of romance and nudging me towards total freedom of mind. I was indeed in heaven.

We ate. Both of us didn’t say a word. It wasn’t really necessary. Everything in our eyes couldn’t have said more. I found inspecting Derek rather interesting, not mentioning arousing. Though now I knew he wasn’t the Derek I thought he was, I still considered him the most popular guy in our college and thought of him, of a college swimming team captain, gave me chills. He was in a way mine now – no girl or guy could have taken this momentum from me. No one. And believe me – I wasn’t going to let him go that easily!

After the main course, we now had time for dessert. Assina put on my plate a white piece of cake that could have been anything. It wasn’t cold, so it wasn’t ice cream. It was completely white and there was a red dressing poured over the piece. Derek jumped suddenly up when I took my spoon and readied myself taking a bite.

“Don’t, baby! In instant this cake makes connection with metal, it gets poisonous. Assina, you could have thought of that!” he now directed his voice, thick of expostulation towards Assina.

“I regret my mistake, Prince Derek! Please, I beg for mercy!” she was practically in tears.

“Hey, Derek! No need to be so harsh! So, am I supposed to eat with my fingers or by a wooden spoon or what? No need to be alarmed here! I didn’t take a bite and I believe I didn’t touch the cake. Assina, please, could you get me the porcelain spoon or wooden spoon?”

“Yes, Prince Jason, right away!” she accepted and rushed into kitchen.

“Derek!” I demanded for his attention. After he set his beautiful eyes on mine I said calmly and evenly: “Derek, she made a mistake and it’s alright. I am well and no harm was done. Please, I do request you not giving any thought about punishing her in any way. She’s done so much already, maybe she’s just a bit nervous. Please, let us just continue and make a face like nothing happened! Please?” I now pleaded. I really didn’t want to see this lovely woman being mistreated because just one small slip.

Derek smiled to me and I saw his eyes glistening in moist.

“Jason, you are so sweet that I think I might tear up on you! In my land, she could be hanging already! This is no way one is allowed to treat royalty. Though, I can see you are different. Anyway, the thing is milk from urver, whipped with cow’s milk and other stuff in it. The urver’s milk gets poisonous when it is in contact with metal. It’s poisonous only to your kind. I can eat it.”

Assina had returned and she handed me a spoon of porcelain. I took a hesitant bite of the cake and it felt delicious on my tongue. It melted right away leaving a small taste of flour in my mouth. The dressing tasted strongly strawberries but I was unsure.

“Thank you, Assina! This cake is absolutely marvellous! You are a talented cook, I must say. And the meat was also very good. Thank you both and please, Assina, let’s forget this little incident, OK?”

“Yes, Prince Jason!” she replied coyly, never rising her eyes on me. I knew she was ashamed, felt deeply guilty, but I wasn’t into torturing people. I stepped to her and lifted tenderly her chin with my finger. Her eyes were like deer’s – big, brown pools; her gaze was mixture of terror and anticipation. I knew her mind must have raced like in million miles per second.

“Is it really okay, Assina?” I asked more strenuously.

“Oh yes, Prince Jason! Please, forgive me! I’ll never do that again, I swear!” she croaked, tears tying up her throat. She trembled. I had no other choice than embrace her. She accepted me somewhat jibbing but I managed. Soon she calmed down. I looked once more into her eyes questioningly and she nodded. I let her go and then I gave a firm handshake to Ivin. After that, I felt someone’s hands sneaking up my waist – it was Derek.

“Let’s go upstairs, shall we?!”

“OK” was all I could say.

After that we retreated into our (I already said that?) room and just rested. My stomach was full and I was keeping a fierce battle keeping my eyes open. I wanted to sleep so badly. I guess at some point I just dozed off, Derek’s hand stroking gently my hair.

The Early Travel Arrangements

It was sun that awoke me. I glanced around the room and found it to be unfamiliar. Then I realised I must be in Derek’s room. Still there and it was morning. Saturday. I just loved Saturdays. Wait a minute… If I was in Derek’s room then where the hell is he himself? A surge of panic attacked me. Then I realised that I slept alone but as I looked at the bed, I noticed that there had been someone in it beside me. Whew! Derek’s just downstairs or something…

“You’re absolutely gorgeous, you know that!” I heard Derek’s voice. I jumped a little. Then I realised he was standing at the door to bathroom. I didn’t even notice him standing there.

“Oh, thank you! What time is it?” I asked groggily. I was still sleeping.

“Well, the clock says it’s twelve minutes past eleven, sleepy head! You know that you snore!”

“Fuck you! I do not!” I retaliated with some agility.

“Oh, but you do! I had to move you I believe three times until I fell asleep as well and didn’t give damn about it anymore. Were you that tired?” he asked softness in his voice engulfing me.

“Yeah… It was a busy evening. And this wonderful meal and all and add wine to the list as well. Um, wouldn’t you know if there’s any chance getting some breakfast? I feel sort of empty in stomach?”

“There is. Assina is composing something right this minute. When she’s ready, she’ll let us know. But for know, I’m afraid, you need to drag your butt, cute as it is, out of bed and into bathroom. You need some cleaning up to do and I could give you hand on that one!” Derek smiled mischievously. He was so in trouble, I thought.

I threw covers off of me and found out that I was naked. My surprised look had given me away since Derek said: “I took your clothes off. You were so soundly asleep that I thought better not to disturb you. Unfortunately I didn’t take any advantage of you while doing it since I was beat myself.”

“OK!” I replied and put my legs over the edge. Then I stood to go to bathroom and sure enough, I was sporting some major woody. Damn… I felt my face flush furiously.

“You’ve got a very nice dick, Jason! No reason to be ashamed of what Mother Nature gave you!” Derek said, giggling.

“Oh yeah? How come you see my dick and I haven’t even seen yours! Not fair!” I growled. I was grumpy in the mornings.

“I’m sorry!” he replied and before I even new, he peeled down his shorts and exposed his soft member. Wow! It was nice one, I believe something around 4 inches soft, but looked to be quite thick one, uncircumcised, of course. Unfortunately I couldn’t see his balls since his underwear covered those.

“Now, I believe we’re even. Get in the shower and when you’re done, report to me!” he commanded, barely suppressing a wide grin as he tucked himself in again. I was in heaven.

“Yes, sir!” I saluted him and padded into bathroom. The shower was going to be heaven!

After towelling off and setting my rampant and disobeying hair into place, I steered myself out of the bathroom and found some clothes spread in order of dressing on bed – socks, pants, t-shirt. I put them on and surveyed myself from the mirror. I think I looked quite nice.

After being dressed I followed a marvellous scent coming from hall. Assina must be cooking us a nice breakfast. How delightful!

I entered the kitchen and found Assina busying herself on the stove, Ivin chopping furiously some vegetables and Derek, just sitting and reading a newspaper.

“Good morning to you all!” I cheered. Assina and Ivin both dropped what they were doing and bowed lightly. Derek stood, came to me and just took me into a tight embrace.

After some time I said to him, gasping lightly: “You can let go now, thank you! I think my oxygen supplies are quite depleted by now!”

“Oops, sorry!” he smiled sheepishly and let go of me. I just couldn’t keep my laughter to myself and erupted. He gazed at me, puzzled. I took hold of his beautiful broad shoulders and drew him close to me and whispered into his ear, giggling: “No sweat, pretty boy! I think I even enjoyed being squeezed a bit!”

“You, pervert!” hissed Derek through fritted teeth, barely managing his own laughter. I swatted him playfully on his shoulder blade and gave him menacing look and drew out even worse words: “You just watch out, pretty boy! I might act on those implications!”

He laughed and motioned me to sit. Assina had already put food on the plates and we started eating.

After very pleasing breakfast we retired into Derek’s room. I was going to just lay down a bit to let the breakfast digest and Derek took into reading some book. Then I suddenly realised that I hadn’t notified my parents about my absence and knowing them, they were pissed off as hell by now. I stood up and asked Derek for phone: “It’s on the counter and you may use it as you wish!”

“Hmm… I believe this thing is too large for my hole! But thanks anyway!”

He gave me grave look but I dismissed it. I dialled my house number and after only two beeps my mother picked the phone, taking short breaths as from running. They were jumpy already!

“Hi, mom! It’s Jason.” I hollered into phone, trying to sound as cheerful and pleased as possible.

“JASON! You brat! I was worried sick! Were have you been? Why didn’t you let us know and where the hell on Earth are you?” my mothers voice boomed through receiver.

“Sorry, mom… I must have gotten carried away, I guess. I’m at Derek’s. I just forgot to leave a note or something. Please, do not be mad. I’m in good hands and I’m very much alright. I know I should have let you guys know that I wasn’t going to come for night back home. We just busied ourselves with homework that is due to Monday and I kind of felt too tired to go home. Sorry again!” I whined. I knew this tactics would work on my mother. She was way too protective but hearing Derek’s name she must have gained her cool again. She knew we were best friends and Derek had been over to my place on several occasions.

“OK, Jason! Granted. But I expect you to be home tonight, with or without Derek. If you’ve got some assignment to work on then by all means he’s welcomed, but I order you be home tonight at eight. Is that understood, young man?” she practically shouted into the receiver, her authoritarian side in effect.

I had to resign to her commanding voice. I wasn’t going to be around a lot more time and therefore I intended to please her as much as I could.

“Yes, mom! I promise, I’ll be there. And since you gave your permission, I’ll drag Derek along. He’s superior in biology and as you know, I suck on this!”

“As you think is best, son! Oh dear – my cake!” she shrieked in horror and threw receiver on its cradle. I smiled to myself. Though I had been “naughty”, she still lived her guts out for me. She was the best. And she knew about my gay side as well. Dad didn’t take it well but mom insisted that he’d come around. She was bound to make it happen. She’s really the best.

Derek had come to my side and when I finished, he draped his arms around me and asked with concern in his beautiful eyes: “Is everything alright, Jase?”

“Oh, sure! She’s pissed off, that’s for sure but she’s OK. You can come to my place if you wish. She gave her approval.”

“Neat!” and he smiled. His body was pressing into mine and his pelvis grinded into my side. Boy, the bulge in his pants was quite prominent. My man was hung!

“You be careful, now! You do not want something to happen, do you?” I warned him, fake to core. How I wanted something to happen, was beyond expressing it. I wanted to tear his clothes off right on this spot and fuck him silly!

“I think that I’m not the only one being naughty!” he purred into my ear, sending shivers down my body. His hand was pressing my own rapidly growing dick through pants and for a second I thought I might cum into my underwear. That would have been unwanted, for sure.

“Alright, you horndog! It’s about two o’clock and we should make best of it until we return to my house. What should we do?” I asked him, still devouring his gentle rubbing on my groin.

“Well, I think I’d want to take a tour outside. Just to go some places and hang out. We could visit the mall and maybe a museum. You know, I just love your museum! We do not have in Turia those things but seeing them here makes me wonder if we should have them. They sure serve their purpose. And then I’d like to take to have a lunch and then we could catch an early movie and then head to your place. How does that sound?”

“It sounds very nice! Are we going to leave right away or sit and do nothing for a while?” I asked, still feeling somewhat out of place because of his hand on my dick.

“We could sit around here for a while if you want. I can explain you about Turia if you have any questions and then we could take off.”

“Perfect!” I murmured and dragged him towards bed.

We fell on the bed and I snuggled up to him. I relished every single moment in his warm embrace, not wanting to let go for a minute. I suppose I’d be having more time with him once we were in Turia, either in private or not, but I wanted to make best of it even in Rune. To my luck Derek complied without protest and eagerly reciprocated to my every move.

Suddenly Derek raised his head. He was lying on top of me and my head was on a pillow. I couldn’t describe the face he had – it was a mixture of many emotions, even passion. His eyes were so soft and eloquent. Then he lowered his lips to mine and we kissed. My first one in my entire life. It was very pleasurable and comforting and it felt right, it felt so right. It was like a very essence of my being, I felt no fear or discomfort. It was like I was created for it. Then I began to realise in very depth of me what means to be gay.

I contemplated that being gay was something that one could not have chosen. I know that there are multiple researches conducted to prove one or another point. Some support the idea of homosexuality as nature’s “mistake” and others support the idea of homosexuality as a result of environment, upbringing and surroundings. I’ve heard also that there have been conducted some researches to determine what kind of relationship one would choose if one would happen to be in different situations. Like jail. Now I realised that jail or no jail, there would be no denying that one’s sexual preference was something foreseen by nature, whether mistake or not. I couldn’t example myself lying in bed with a girl, touch her breasts or pussy… It just didn’t appeal me. On the other hand, I felt so at ease while touching a male body, caressing it and then I realised that even if I had some hesitations about my sexuality, then being with Derek made them vanish in no time. Derek’s firm, muscular and in every meaning virile body pressing into mine, his soft lips against mine and his velvety tongue invading my mouth were all I could ask for, they were all I could ever want.

I was awaken from my thoughts by Derek’s hand sneaking up from my belly to my chest. His delicate fingers found my nipples and pinched them lightly, I felt them hardening. I must say that I was so much virgin at any rate that I almost jumped to his every single touch. I just wasn’t accustomed to a touch of a stranger, or more precisely, to a touch not my own. The thing is, I think, that I couldn’t trust someone well enough, not just yet. And then again I felt that my jumpiness was part of not knowing what was going on, I mean, I couldn’t control what was happening yet I wanted to let go. I forced myself to relax and let things take their own path.

Derek of course felt my sudden jerk and his head popped into my view almost immediately: “Am I doing something you’re not OK with?”

“No, not at all; I haven’t been with anybody yet and I’m not quite sure how to react. Just let it pass and do not pay any attention!” I assured him, smiling. His eyes lit up a bit more and he nodded in agreement. At least we were in the same boat here.

We resumed to our blissful kissing and now I reached out to this incredible male that was lying on to of me – I wanted to touch him, I wanted so much to touch him. I poked my hands into his loose T-shirt and traced my fingers along his spine. A small shudder went through his body and he kissed me even more strongly. His pelvis ground into my groin and an unmistakable bulge could be felt. Oh dear!

I drove my hands over Derek’s shoulder blades, lightly squeezing his muscles, then I lowered my hands towards his butt. His butt moved rhythmically up and down and when my hands pressed into his pants, he stopped kissing me and looked into my eyes, questing: “You sure you want this? Or should we stop?”

“No, do not stop! This is way too god! Hell with a museum and local park – this is so much better entertainment than these!”

“I thought exactly the same! This is so much better!”

He pulled himself up, straddling my hips with his thighs and started taking off his shirt. He threw it on the floor, revealing a perfect chest, six-pack and light hair on his chest. His pink nipples, small and hard, were inviting. Then he undid his belt and opened the zipper. I thought he’d remove his pants but he didn’t. Instead of this he took my shirt and started pulling it off. I lifted my upper body from the mattress to help him in his cause. My shirt flew on the floor.

“You are so beautiful, Jase!” he sighed contently and caressed my bare chest. His fingers traced outlines of my pectorals, coming to halt on either nipple. His thumbs pressed my nipples like trying to press a doorbell – it was exquisite. Then he leaned to kiss me on my neck, throat, tracing downwards. His hands roamed over my sensitive body, sending chills down my spine. I arched my body, to meet his caress and his gentleness. I must have been in total ecstasy. I felt his thumbs hook behind the waistband of my pants and I felt them slip off – I was in place of no return! It was now or possibly never. I felt like I’ll be stripped not only naked from outside but also from inside. It was like revelation – I was going to feel, cherish and memorise every single moment of this, I was letting myself come bare, I was going to let Derek see my true me. And I was scared shitless. I know, sex is something that should be not only for pleasure when there is a chance but in this very moment, I think, it was a tool for me to force myself to let go. Do not get me wrong – I have never been in conflict with who I was, I merely never would have known that sex should require such surrender. Not physical, but emotional. After this incredible experience I knew that true feelings could be achieved only if I was letting my guard down. I later on discovered also that it must have been my virginity that I lost.

Derek had pulled my pants down, leaving only my underwear. My dick was producing a lot of pre-cum and the front side of my white briefs was almost soaked. He didn’t touch my aching member, he deliberately avoided it. I knew that if he’d touch it, I’d burst. His murmurs and little groans as he went down on me drove me crazy. It was going to become frenzy.

“Derek, please! Do not let me lay here just like that! I need to touch you!” I panted. His soft tongue was attacking my navel and his fingers ground strongly into my thighs’ inner sides.

He abruptly ended everything, rose on his knees and looked so tenderly into my eyes that I almost choked back tears. My eyes locked onto his and he smiled. I reached out to his pants that have slipped a little bit down revealing thick, lush and so sexy treasure trail and bush of black pubic hair. My man was gorgeous!

Derek panted.

He lay beside me and took off his pants as his underwear remained. Then he dragged me onto him and kissed me deeply again. I felt his engorged member against mine; I let my hands fly freely on his body, feeling every curve, every little birthmark, everything on his body. Derek quivered beneath me, his hands squeezing me tighter to his body. Then I felt his hands leave my back and slide into my underwear cupping my buttocks. He massaged them firmly, moaning in the same time into mouth.

I started to lick his earlobes, giving them light nibble. Then I returned to his neck that seemed to have so many sensitive spots that in instant my tongue touched them, Derek squirmed in pleasure beneath me. He trashed and writhed – I knew I had hit the jackpot!

My tongue carried on its merciless attack on his neck and to my pleasure - it had its meant effect. Then I traced down to his throat, feeling pulsing veins. His carotid pulsed violently sending rapidly its contents towards Derek’s head. His skin on his neck was turning into crimson from intense pleasure, heat emanating from it. My next goal was his nipples. I took them gently into my mouth, sucking them lightly, then letting my tongue just lap them, then biting on them. His chest was heaving and in a minute I thought I might hurt the guy I have become so much to love. After getting to his stomach, I raised my hands on his chest to compensate, to not let his feelings empty. I traced the treasure trail that was leasing to my ultimate aim. Derek moaned uncontrollably now and his movements made it even a bit difficult to do that I was doing.

Then I took my hands to his sides, drawing them down to his buttocks. He lifted his pelvis a bit and I slid my hands under his magnificent gluteus maximum. I cupped those globes into my hands, squeezing. I was barely controlling myself.

I took my teeth to the waistband of his white boxers and drew them gradually down. His very stiff dick went down as well, and Derek’s dark patch of hair was revealed to my sight along with the base of a very thick dick. Then I just grabbed the waistband of his underwear from behind and dragged his underwear off. A gorgeous, about 8 inches long and three inches thick dick popped into my view – uncircumcised, reddish head covered with protective foreskin. It was one marvellous piece of glorious work of nature! It was so exceptionally beautiful that I just gasped there, not able to do anything but just look.

“Derek! You have got the most beautiful, the most insanely gorgeous dick I’ve ever seen!” I panted, not daring to touch it just yet. The skin was darker like it was deeply tanned, his beautiful testicles rested in their hairless low sack. He had large testicles and they hung low. I reached out with my hand and placed it very lightly on the base of his dick and traced it towards the head. He involuntarily squeezed his muscles and his dick jerked upwards to meet my hand. After reaching the head I wrapped my fingers delicately around the foreskin that was covering corona and pulled it slowly back. An evenly shaped mushroom head of his dick, reddish and glistening, appeared to my sight. I knew that the head was much more sensitive of the men who were not circumcised, like myself. My mother just abruptly and adamantly denied any possible request for circumcision. She felt that her boy must be whole in every aspect and when nature created men with foreskin, then let it be. My dad’s circumcised and in my point of view, I think, it’s not the most appealing sight. Though I do not turn down guys who are without this little extra skin, I still feel better and more relaxed with a guy who has foreskin.

“Oh, Jason!” Derek panted, his breath short and strong. I took his hard member more firmly into my hand at took it into upright position – truly magnificent piece of manmeat! Oh yes! I wanted this one! And then I just leaned forward and took the helmet of his dick between my lips, just little friction, no heavy suction, just caressing. Derek’s throat made a groan and his pelvis thrust towards my mouth in instinct – he wanted more! So, I took the hint and slid his dick further into my mouth, up to my throat. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to take it wholly but I could! I was so proud of myself. I haven’t had any dick in my mouth just yet, now was the time to change it. And surprisingly it felt so right, so predicted. I started nursing on his dick with earnest, giving him all the pleasure I could imagine. I tried techniques I even myself wasn’t aware of, just did things the way I felt was right. I once just sucked harder on the head, then slid the shaft without sucking to my throat, then up again, used my tongue circling around the sensitive head that had grown even bigger. Every move I made was met by a low groan, a whimper. I knew I was on track and I knew I was doing things right. Then I took hold on his low-hanging nuts and gave them a gentle squeeze, rolled them in their sack and feeling the heaviness – those were full of man juice, ready to erupt…

One thing I was also very much fascinated with, was rimming. I wanted to try that out. So, I took a hold of Derek’s calves and pushed them towards his chest. He took the hint and placed his hands behind his knees and drew his pelvis up, resting his thighs on his stomach. That way a whole new world revealed itself to me – I saw a very beautiful, tiny rosebud, wrinkled and pinkish. His crack was covered by brown hair that were short, not curly as well. And I just attacked that rosebud. I licked it, pushed my tongue into it and felt it shiver, contract and loosen. In the same time I let my hands roam over his bubble butt. I was becoming more and more into the conclusion that I wanted this piece of ass…

Derek’s breathing was heavy and suddenly he let his legs drop, blocking my doing. I felt a bit frustrated and I let him see my frown. He sat up, took me into an embrace and said, purring: “You’re awesome, do you know that? I haven’t had ever such an incredible sex partner as you… Now, I believe, it is my turn to make you happy!”

With that, he pushed me on my stomach and I felt with every nerve fibre in my body what it meant to be sexually arisen. His tongue felt so damn good, doing excellent job. Soon I was panting and pleading for release. Then he understood that I was quite in the near of climax and he stopped. He sat up again, looking lovingly into my eyes and said: “I know it is maybe too early for travel arrangements, as you so nicely put it, but I must have that thing up my ass! I know, it’s your first time, so I’m going to take it easy, though it should be you who must go easy on me. But let’s just do it, I cannot wait any longer.”

With that, he took a small tube of lubrication gel from beneath his pillow (he must have planned this?!) and applied some of it on my dick and then reached behind himself and applied it apparently on his gorgeous pucker.

“Aren’t we going to use a condom?” I inquired. His face became a bit confused, then it dawned to him.

“No, there’s no need. You see, those diseases that you have here are not affecting me and vice versa. So, you’re safe.”

With that, he came forward, straddling my hips and positioned himself on my dick. I felt the tip of my dick making contact with his hole and then he started lowering himself. I felt exquisite pressure and then my dick went through his ring and popped completely in. It was heavenly! Derek started slowly moving his hips up and down, in the same time moving his hips back and forth. This ensured that my dick touched all the spots within him. Derek’s breath went shorter, his muscles tight and working in unison. It was almost over.

Then with a small cry, I felt how Derek’s whole body went suddenly rigid, his muscles clamped down on my dick, giving it extra squeeze and then I felt a warm jet of liquid hitting me on chin and then my neck and chest – Derek had cum! This made me cum also. I grabbed him by hips and thrust my dick more forcefully into Derek, getting the last remaining push towards climax and felt my cum rush out. I must have almost lost consciousness -- the result of long and on the edge lovemaking. I must have cum like I have never done before. I felt content and totally exhausted. Derek fell on my chest, panting. His breathing was irregular and I felt his heart pounding heavily in his chest. This was one hell of an experience.

My dick had softened and popped out of Derek. He opened lazily for a brief moment his eyes and murmured something. I nudged him and said as softly as I could: “Handsome, you need a shower! We reek. And if we do not move fast enough, we’ll be stuck together for a while!”

I didn’t get any emotion or motion from Derek. And then I realised that he was soundly asleep – his breathing even, deep and his eyelids shut tightly. I glanced on the nightstand clock and found it showing three in afternoon. Well, hell with it – we had almost four additional hours to kill until I had to go home, might as well sleep a while. So, I took the bed covers and put them over us, Derek still lying on top of me. After doing this I felt so good weakness seep into my bones, I felt my muscles lose every bit of willpower. Soon I also drifted off into the mysterious lands of dreams.


End of Part Two


© 2004 Andrew