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by Andrew

Getting Ready

There was a slight movement and then I felt someone nudging my shoulder. What could that be? Was I still dreaming? No, this was real…

“Prince Jason! I please beg your pardon but you do need to wake and settle into your way to home. Prince Derek is up already. It’s almost seven o’clock!” I heard Ivin’s voice like from distance.

“Jason! Get the fuck up!” yelled someone forcefully. I immediately opened my eyes to see Derek’s smiling face, twinkle in his eyes. That bastard! Ivin was beet red, he was determined to wake me up with courtesy, give me some time. But Derek, he just yelled like an animal on amok. Asshole!

“I’m totally grumpy, so, keep your distance!” I growled at him and covered my head with a pillow in last attempt to escape from awakening. I hated this world!

I felt some weight positioning itself on the side of the bed, and then a warm hand tracing my shoulder line.

“Baby, come on! You do need to get dressed! Or you’d rather hear your mother rant about how you’ve again purposely failed to follow her orders?” Derek asked, soothing and gentle this time. He was right, I wouldn’t recommend to anyone go against my mother – she’s a nutcase in situations like this. It was good enough she didn’t appear on Derek’s front door and dragged me out of there. I know she’s aware of my friendship with Derek and that he’s for me almost the only close friend one could have.

Ivin had left to downstairs and Derek announced that dinner was ready, I had only to show up to start. I pushed myself then up and surveyed the room, rubbed my eyes and then planted my feet heavily on the floor with audible thump. Derek appeared from bathroom holding a nice bathrobe. He came to me and spread it for me to wear. I let him drape it over my shoulders and then I padded into bathroom. After reappearing from there I felt much better and much more alive, I felt my energy return.

“Here, Jason, your clothes are on bed, get dressed and then please come downstairs, OK? You need to eat and then we need to get going. We’ve got about 45 minutes left.” Derek announced, giving me a peck on cheek. He was a sweet man.

“Thanks, Derek! I’ll be right there!”

After reaching the dining room I found almost similarly covered table like a day before. Only this time a bit more modest. We sat and ate with hurry since I was running a little late already. We finished and Assina came and gave us our stuff – books and things like that.

I kissed Assina goodbye, gave Ivin a firm handshake and a pat on the shoulder and we departed. Derek’s car was parked outside on the driveway and we hopped in. In about ten minutes we were at my house. It was seven fifty-six and car’s tyres screeched on gravel into halt. I practically shot out of the car and on the small porch. I had to get there before eight.

Derek locked up the car and came beside me and we went in.

“Is that you, Jason?” I heard my mother’s voice booming from kitchen.

“Yes, Mom, that’s me. And it’s Derek as well. You said it was OK, right?” I answered her cautiously.

“Of course it’s alright. Come here, boys, I have some cookies and a cake here. Have a bite!” my mother now hollered. I have always admired her sense of compassion and her sense of forgiving. She’s one minute fierce opponent and another gentle and soft like a purring cat. She’s always pulling my leg with this.

We entered kitchen and my mother turned around from stove. She gave me the look and motioned us to sit: “I realise that you arrived on time. I like it. Punctuality should be the most valued virtue. However, I’m still fucking pissed off that you didn’t tell your father or me about your “extended” absence, pardon my language. I suppose that you could imagine how I felt. I even gave a phone call to officer McKinley. And to Jessica. They both were unaware of your location. And then I figured that you must be at Derek’s. All I’m saying is that I do not want this to occur! If it does, I’m sure this will result in severe consequences. Are we understood, boys?”

“Yes, Mother! I am sorry!” I replied, still a bit flabbergasted with coldness in her voice. In the same time I understood her maternal worries about her only child, I promised myself to behave better in future.

“Mrs Remus, may I speak?” Derek inquired, formality pouring out from his voice. That got my mother’s attention – she’s quite sharp and her senses were better than someone’s.

“Are you addressing me, Mr Fielding?” my mother returned with same formality.

“I suppose I am since I noted “Missis” not “Mister”, Mrs Remus! All I ask you is to go easy on Jason. I must acknowledge my own part of fault in this matter since I was not paying much attention to basic rules of notifying. I suppose we were quite engaged in our errands and I forgot to mention to Jason to let you know about his “extended” absence. That is all!” Derek finished, now getting normal again, dropping this royal behaviour.

“It’s OK, Derek. I’m sure that if I have to blame someone, then it is still Jason. He has to think on his own, you know! He’s a big boy now and must take responsibility. But anyhow, it was kind of you to support him even without Jason’s initiative. That shows that you have good heart and that Jason is able to bare responsibility for his own actions. No, let’s just drop this and move on – you’re both in one piece, happy as I can see it and eaten well. So, I’m happy as well. Now, get yourselves upstairs and do whatever you need to do. If you need anything, I’ll be around. Now, get going!” my mother shooed us out of kitchen. We ran upstairs into my room and plopped on the bed. In my head, I was determined that I needed to speak with my mother very soon about everything. She at least deserved this much.

“Now what?” asked Derek.

“Well, I suppose we should get down to business – biology. I suck on this and I need you to help me! Tomorrow we are not going to study – we’ll get to your place and fuck our brains out!” I offered and Derek’s wide grin and eager nodding let me know that he’s game!

I fished my biology stuff out of backpack and we hit the stuff with vengeance. It was so much easier with Derek – he was able to simply and clearly explain things that were in first sight almost impossible to comprehend. He was good at teaching. And him, lying close to me on bed, made the experience even better.

Then I stood to stretch and made a suggestion to have a cup of coffee. Derek agreed and I ran downstairs. I found mom still stirring something on the stove. I stopped and asked her: “Mom, do we have coffee?”

“Oh, no dear! I haven’t done it yet. But let me get this to you, OK. You have with sugar and without milk and Derek with milk and without sugar, correct?”

“Yes, Mom. Thanks a lot!”

“It’s OK. I’ll be done shortly!”

I ran up to my room again and we continued to study. Then a light knock was heard – must be mom with coffee. I stood and opened the door and sure enough, mom was carrying two large mugs of coffee.

“Here we go, dear! Two cups. Would you boys like to have some cookies to that coffee as well?” my mother inquired, sweet and caring.

“I do not think I can stuff anything into myself any more!” Derek replied. “But if Jason wants some, then of course!”


“No, mom. Thank you, but I’m just as stuffed. We had a very nice dinner and I’m full. We’ll be done soon!”

“Alright then! Come downstairs then if you’re done or hungry. I’ll be around!”

Mom left and we went back studying. After a while I threw my book on the floor and said to Derek: “That’s enough! I’m done. I do not want to hear or even remotely see homework for a full 24 hours again!”

Derek yawned and nodded in agreement: “I’m beat as well. Been a long day, but nice one. Anyway, if we drop the homework, what are we going to do next? Though it’s almost eleven, we do not need to go to school tomorrow. So we can stay up late and talk or go for a little walk. What do you think?”

“I don’t know. I feel kind of empty. Like a lemon after its juices have been squeezed out.”

Derek surprised me by draping his arms around my waist and purring into my ear: “You are one! I did squeeze every drop of juice out of you, remember?! I’m afraid that either way you’re going to be squeezed a bit more again! Now that we have established some special bond and understanding, I think that I’m entitled to have you whenever I want! If that’s what you want as well?”

I got hard thinking about our lovemaking. I must say that though it was my very first time to handle dick that was not my own, I felt very secure and so much happier. Derek’s eagerness and his earnest interest were quite remarkable. Was he really in love with me? Just looking into his beautiful eyes made it all clear – the fire within was burning and twinkle that passed through them was unmistakable.

“You’re on, sweetheart!” I replied coyly, scooping his arms tighter around my waist. I just loved his arms.

“Oh really? But if we’re game then where are we going to do it? I suppose that your grounds are hostile – we should get to my place. Assina and Ivin both know that we fuck like rabbits. She said after I stirred that our ranting and groaning was heard all over the house. So, they know. But your mom doesn’t. What if she’ll walk into room and right on us? I cannot live after that and without hesitation she’ll threw me out. I know that she’s aware of your gay side but that is different. It’s like, you never think about what your mom and dad are doing in their bedroom. The same way she cannot think what you do in your bedroom. She might be OK with your gayety but I think she’ll freak out if she finds us in bed together, fucking.”

Derek’s point of view was understandable. Of course, I never thought about having sex in our house – it was way too complicated. But I wasn’t sure if I’d get permission to go to Derek’s.

“Listen, Derek! I think I’ll go downstairs and have a word with mom. Maybe she’ll give me permission to go to your place. Go surf on the net or something while I’m gone.”

I patted him on his thigh and kissed briefly on lips. He eagerly responded. Boy, he was horny!

“I’ll be right back!” I whispered assuring and went off.

After I got to kitchen, I saw mom still stirring something in the pot. To the sounds of my entrance, she glanced back and then continued her stirring.

“Is there something you want, sweetie?”

“Actually, there is. I need to talk to you, mom!” I answered somewhat hesitantly. I never knew when she might blow up, she was full of surprises.

“Is it something serious, dear?” mom asked with audible cautiousness in her voice.

“Could be, I guess.” I answered nonchalantly.

“Alright then, let’s sit. And then I’ll listen.”

After we were seated, mom gave me a hot cup of coffee and prepared one for herself as well, then she sat and looked at me, anticipation written all over her face. She is and has always been quite inquisitive.

“Mom, do you remember our conversation, a long one, that we had about a year ago?”

“Yes, I remember. It was the time when you finally admitted to your mother that you were gay, I think. What about it?” she answered without any trace of emotion.

“Well, I think that this time it’s gone a bit further than that. I believe that your own sight is still working and that your motherly instincts are helping to realise that there is something between Derek and me. Am I correct?”

Mom nodded: “Yes, Jason. I have seen it for quite a while. More precisely, from the day Derek moved here and you invited him here. Firstly it was just you who looked at him like a puppy that is so desperately looking for a new master, now it’s quite different. In my opinion, there is something between you two and it’s not one-sided either.”

“Good. We’re clear on this one. Though collation with the puppy might not be that accurate, I would like to add. Anyway, the thing is that I’d like to go to Derek’s place this evening. It’s still Saturday and tomorrow I do not need to study since we covered that. I’m not quite sure how to convey this to you… Well, basically I just want to be with him and near him. I hope you do understand?!”

“Baby, I do. Please, do not feel like I’m intruding into your life or anything, but one thing I must stress out – you are allowed to be at Derek’s on weekends. All the other evenings I want you home. You may occasionally be at his place but I want you to sleep home to go to school. You are still my baby and I want to see my child time-to-time. I hope you could understand your old mother and make that much for her?”

“Mom, that would work just perfectly. I do not want to wear Derek also out with myself. He’s got problems of his own. So, are you going to allow me to go to his place today?”

“Not that easily, young man!” mom said matter-of-factly. My face fell and I felt like a truck has hit me. She just gave her permission. Or didn’t she?

“Sweetie! I am most definitely not forbidding you to go to Derek’s but you must understand that you are intruding his parents life and that you at least need to ask for their permission. Since you two are like love birds and might do whatever it takes to be together, I’ll phone Mrs Fielding myself!”

I sighed in huge relief, though I didn’t show it. Mom went to the phone and dialled Fielding’s home number. After few tones, Assina must have picked up.

“Oh, hello Mrs Fielding, this is Jason’s mother, Aurelia Remus speaking. How do you do?” my mother hollered into the speaker. She’s such an actress sometimes. This time, though, I was certain she was all natural her.

“Oh, very good. And thank you, I’m doing excellent as well.” My mother answered. After pleasantries said, she went right to the point. “You know, Emma, I have here a 18 year old young man that would very much like to go to your place for a night. Since tomorrow’s Sunday, I have no objections. However, I believe that it is my duty to make sure that the receiving party is consenting to this. So, how do stand in this, Emma?”

My mom listened for a while, said few times yes and again yes, few “I see” and so on. Finally she put the receiver on its cradle, turned to me and told me: “Mrs Fielding is alright with you going to Derek’s. Please, behave, alright!”

I gave her a big hug and whispered into her ear: “Thanks for being there for me!”

I ran upstairs to find Derek sitting at computer, surfing the net. He was reading some materials about federal government.

As I walked in, he turned to me and asked, slight concern in his voice: “How did it go? Did she give her permission?”

I nodded: “Yes, she did. The most intriguing part of it was that she phoned Assina to let her know and to get her approval!”

Derek looked at me blankly and then asked with excitement: “Really? It means then we may go? I doubt that Assina could become a problem in this matter!”

“That’s exactly my thought and of course, she didn’t even blink, so to speak, to give permission. Are we going immediately?”

“Oh yes!” shrieked Derek. “I wouldn’t let this moment pass for anything. You need anything?”

“I’ll take a few things and then we’re ready.”

I took my backpack, stuffed into it some new underwear, toiletries and pieces of clothing in case I needed them and off we went. Downstairs I gave mum a hug and she whispered into my ear something that blew me away: “Jason, I need you to behave, alright! Please, whatever you do, use a condom!”

My astonished look made her laugh and in a second I thought that I’d just run… My mother has never said anything like that. She’s really too modest when it comes to sex. I nodded in silent agreement and turned away from her, going crimson. Derek’s face was as flushed as mine since he had heard what my mother had said. I suppose that was her intention – for both of us to hear.

On the street I just breathed cool night air and couldn’t stop thinking. She knew we were fucking? How? Or have I been too blind? Anyway, she was certain we were engaged in sex and I didn’t really need to cover anything any more. However, public display of affection has never been my thing. I’m against it both for straight or gay couples. One should express his or her feelings in private. Kissing couples in park are like porn movie. Walking hand-in-hand is alright, I guess, so is hugging. But anything beyond that is blunt sex.

“Are you coming today or not?” Derek asked from the car. I “waked” up and sped to car. “Yes, sorry!” I murmured and got in.

Drive to his place was uneventful and quiet but not totally dull. Derek’s hand was slowly moving on my thigh and that made me horny. It was late and I was ready for a round or two. Derek on the other hand was ready in the mornings much more than I. Anyway, his soft touch on my thigh was very welcomed and enjoyable. Soon it was over since we pulled to their house’s driveway and got out. Assina opened the door and let us in.

“Good evening, Jason!” she greeted me happily. I at last made her drop this prince-stuff. I didn’t quite feel one. She greeted also Derek with great respect and stepped back to let us in.

Ivin was standing a bit further and when the door was closed he announce with his sweet baritone: “Sirs, there are some snacks available on the table of Prince Derek’s room and the bed is also made. Please feel free to let me know if there would be anything you needed!”

I thanked him and we ran upstairs. Sure enough, on the table I found a large dish filled with different kind of sandwiches and slices of different types of ham. But no coffee. Damn!

“Ivin!” I hollered from the door. Ivin’s head almost immediately popped into my view and he asked: “How may I help you!”

“Ivin, I think I need to hang you!” I said seriously. That was a mistake. Ivin dropped to his knees, covered his head with his hands and started pleading: “Please, oh mighty Prince, the One that would rescue my people from the evil grasp of Seria, Queen of Death, please have mercy on my poor soul and let no harm come to me! I beg you to spare my life and let me serve you for the rest of my life!”

Assina who had heard me saying this, joined Ivin, pleading for his life as well, telling me that I needed to spare Ivin’s life and if taking life was my true wish, I’d take hers instead of Ivin’s.

I stood there so flabbergasted that I wasn’t even able to stop their whining. I could see that they were truly thinking I could do that to them. Something inside me broke, something that people could call humanity. My emotions flooded my brain, I felt my heartbeat speeding up, throbbing furiously inside me. I felt so embarrassed and tiny compared to these people that I felt sick for the joke I made. I couldn’t see that they were not able to understand this, they were accustomed to the life that could treat them so easily like this.

I rushed to Ivin, took his hands and drew him to stand. Looking deeply into his eyes that were filled with horror and sadness, I apologised: “Ivin, listen to me! I am so ashamed to crack a joke like that one! I could never let someone hang you, nor could I let any other harm come to you! I was just giving you a bit hard time not realising what it may do to you. Please, forgive me, Ivin! I am so sorry! I’ll never do that again, never! Please, can you tell me that everything is alright?”

It was now me who was begging, I felt tears in my eyes. It was one of those times when one would feel such tenderness inside that tears follow. It was one of those moments for me. I felt really bad.

Ivin dropped his head, still letting me hold his big, warm hands, Assina just as over the edge as myself, crying.

“Please, Prince Jason! There is no need for you to apologise! I might have overreacted a bit as well…”

“No, Ivin! You need to forgive me! I have made a very bad joke. I didn’t realise that it would affect you or Assina the way it did. All I want is you to forgive this ever happened. Please, tell me that it is alright and that you do forgive me?”

“Yes, Prince Jason! I do forgive me. Now, please, tell me what you really wanted?”

“Oh… Well, there are sandwiches and all but no coffee. If it is no trouble then please make some. I’m able to do it myself as well, if you’re not ready yet.”

“No need for that. I’ll get right to it!” Ivin smiled weakly and bowed his head. They both went to kitchen and I went upstairs.

Derek was sitting on the bed when I entered. He looked into my eyes and said: “This was beautiful, Jason! Though it was not your fault, you guys hang people here all the time, but in my land it is not that uncommon for rulers to decide about one’s life like that. You handled it well and therefore I must thank you for your considerate attitude. They are people after all and, yes, they do require better circumstances than my world offers right now. I think, when I become king, I’ll do something about this situation. Now, my dear, after we have received coffee and after we have eaten, I’d like to rape you!”

I leaned to him, kissed him on the lips and murmured softly, out of any strength: “I think I’m too beat for that. But who knows? I might…”

He took me into his bear hug and after while Assina arrived with a pot of coffee. A smell of coffee spread all over the room. Derek poured coffee into cups and we sipped it silently, munching on our sandwiches.

After we were eaten, I spread myself all over the bed. I was really beat. Derek took place right beside me and used a remote to activate his music centre. Soft melody embraced us, only candles were missing. It was romantic. Without even noticing it, we both just dozed off into a peaceful sleep.

I felt myself shaken, hard. While opening my eyes, I saw a blur of two faces. One of them seemed to be quite I knew, the second one, I think belonged to some kind of a guy. After my vision got better and clearer, I made out faces of Derek and a man in his mid-thirties, I guess. The second man was tall, muscular, tanned and had this rugged and raw look. He wore funny clothes – leather pants very similar to those that were worn in Tirol (Austria). Those pants were normal pants like any other, only they had a front that could be lifted up front and buttons. Otherwise the guy wore also a white shirt. He had a small stubble, dark wavy hair, strong jaw and lively, green eyes. The one who was shaking me, was Derek.

“Wake up, Jason!” he was repeating.

“Huh? Why are you waking me up? And who is this man?” I asked groggily. I was still in my dream world. I wanted to shut my eyes and let them be like that for a very long time.

“No, Jason! You need to get up! It has happened – we are here!” he practically shouted now.

Now I was awake. I opened my eyes to take a look around myself. OK, I was under a very tall tree which crown shaded me from sun, sky was deep blue and the grass was so beautifully green. I sat up to glance more around me. The tall man took a step back.

“We are where?” I asked in awe. I most certainly was sure that the last thing I remember was me being on my bed with Derek.

“We are there, here, whatever! We’re in Antaria!”

Oh dear mother of all gods! That was my last statement before I passed out.


End of Part Three


© Andrew


By the way! Thanks to those guys who have written me and expressed their emotions about “Antaria”. I appreciate that you’d take time doing it. Hope to hear more about you, about your thoughts, remarks etc. A good author must listen to his/hers readers. Have a suggestion to make – please do so! In my mind I have to some extent “written” the story already but a friendly comment or lead is always welcomed! So, to make the story better I’ll consider any hint or suggestion and I’ll most certainly add your name as a contributor…

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Here are some explanations about "Antaria" - characters known to you already and places, also those coming in future. I hope they are not much.

Characters from “Antaria”

Jason Remus – main character, the One. A young man who wears a golden triangle on his left shoulder (referred to also as "the Mark") that according to the prophecy means that he’s the one to save the people of Antaria;

Derek Fielding – a Prince from Antaria, sent to Earth (also Rune) to search for the One who’s bearing the Mark. Later on he and the main character become lovers in quest of defeating land’s enemies;

Seria – an evil queen reigning Kingdom of Ipeskia that is situated in far Wastelands. Seria is not originally from Turia, she arrived there from another dimension;

Miria – a queen of Kingdom of Uria, earth-elf. She’s the ruler of underground kingdom of earth-elves and earth-dwarves. She’s in alliance with Antaria;

Artia – First Adviser to the King, Keeper of Prophecy. His duty was to know every single detail of the prophecy and to pass it on to his apprentice, the prophecy was always told orally, book of the prophecy was forbid to open;

Assina – Derek’s “mother” on Rune; in reality, his servant;

Ivin – Derek’s “farther” on Rune; in reality, his servant;

Places and objects in “Antaria”

Antaria – a kingdom situating in the heart of Turia. The borders of Antaria are welted with Orivoldi Mountains Massive. Through it there is a very narrow and dangerous mountain trail. On the border, right were the trail touches the borders, is situated a massive and heavily protected Fortress of Radel; it’s purpose is to protect the kingdom;

City of Antaria – the capital city of Antaria. The City is founded on the higher hills and between two mountain rivers fast in current and with cold water – Ferdia and Huminia. There are approximately 200 thousand people living within the walls of Antaria;

Turia – the dimension/layer where Antaria is situated;

Ipeskia – a kingdom that is reigned by the evil queen Seria. Kingdom is strong and large, far deep in the Wastelands, on the other side of Orivoldi Mountains;

Uria – a kingdom that is situated underground not very far south from Antaria, partially under the Orivoldi Mountains, partially reaching out of that; its inhabitants are mostly earth-elves and earth-dwarves. Both Uria and Antaria are in peaceful alliance, aiding each other in their endeavours;

Orivoldi Mountains Massive – a powerful tectonic corrugation that is almost completely surrounding Antaria. In essence, Antaria is situated in the valley of the mountains. This natural defence system helps Antarian Kingdom hold Seria back and maintain independence;

Ferdia and Huminia – rivers that are flowing down from the mountains and going into the sea (partially underground). Once they were separate rivers but were embodied into one so, that City of Antaria is in the middle of them, giving it excellent advantages in defence;

Radel (Fortress of) – specially constructed barracks-fortress. It’s situated on the road disemboguing into Antaria. It’s almost an only possibility to travel to Wastelands; Radel is the biggest military complex of Turia, becoming more and more also a trading post;

The Wastelands – a very large part of Uria that is situated quite in the north. The Wastelands are bordered from three sides by water (sea) and one side by Orivoldi Mountain Massive, there is also Kingdom of Ipeskia (also some other smaller city-states);

Urver – a cow-like animal found in Turia, though it has three teats and wears no horns and without a tail, herbivorous.

(This is the first part of explainings, I'll get the new ones
after the story unfolds. I think it'll help to understand
what, where and why. I do intend this story to be a
long one. So it will help to know)