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The story is written about protected explicit gay male sex and of course in this day and age it is always necessary to practice safer sex and have a condom. HIV / AIDS IS A KILLER !!.



What is the colour of death ? Black ? No. The sound of death: bubbles escaping from your lungs to the surface above. The feel: Icicles running through your veins, numbing your essence, killing the fire of your core. The colour of death is white ...

Flying a solo mission over the arctic expanse from the Canadian northern limits in a cargo flight as part of my duties for Blizzard Air after a seven year stint in the military. The helicopter was running exceptionally in spite of the vicious howler that dipped the Sikorsky Chopper like an enraged mammoth stomping to pulp the hunters that's trying to kill it. I was trying to escape the pain. The pain of loss... of death ...of hope. He is dead... I am lost in the wilderness. Alone in this wasted expanse. I heart was as frozen as this view. I love him more than life ... I had to escape ... The cargo was destined for a billionaire who paid extremely well for its delivery, thus the reason why I am flying in this weather.

The fuel level checked out well. If the temperature did not drop rapidly enough to freeze in the fuel lines, everything would work out just fine. I am holding thumbs, well, frozen thumbs.

An hour later disaster struck and the fuel lines started freezing causing the chopper to lurch and sputter like a severe case of terminal TB. Shit !! I hate gravity ...


Hold on !! Don't you let go, grip my hand ! Live!!!

It was easier to let go, to let the numbing cold shiver my life away. Death did not want to release an icy claw that numbed my core. Yet, there was a voice and light and a flicker of warmth releasing cold fingers ...I had to tediously struggle the darkness, toward the faint hope, the glimmer of life ... It was a weary journey...

When my eyes opened, heaven looked like a log cabin complete with roaring fire and expansive bed. Kitchen annexed to living room and bedroom. A cabin for one. Simple and rustic. The fire crackled happily, a window admitting darkness, clothes strewn on the floor, furs heaped high, warmth radiating from a body, a hand in mine ... Sleep wrestled consciousness and won. My name remembered : Adam , Adam Wilde.

If dreams last only two seconds, this could not be a dream as hands glowed up my body. His body fired like a furnace, scolding me. Eviscerating cold from the core of me. Shivers rushed as his caress stroked my back, moving to my butt, kneading in the warmth. Versatile fingers ran along my calves and feet, restoring heat to the lower extremities. Like being roasted on a spit beneath a fire, he turned me and lay on top of me. I was crushed deeper into the mattress. He spread himself like fire underneath the duvet that tented us. Captivating green eyes starred me into submission. His lips conducted it's warmth to mine. I ravenously sucked the last ounce of warmth from him. The friction of our tongues left no doubt of the hunger between us...Tenderly he kissed my eyelids. Moving down to radiate my body he covered my neck in kisses, going lower. He expertly powered his way with lips and hands over my pecs, paused to scale frozen nipples, lapping them and biting gently to return the flow of blood. Going down lower still ... Touching my frozen dick must have been like touching an icicle or ice lolly. He treated it like one by enveloping it deep, feeding it warmth. Life returned to the 8 inched tree trunk. I moaned and gripped, twisted the sheets in my fists. My heart was responding to his attentions by pulsating the blood faster through my veins. It also generated additional heat. He cupped my balls while pistoning up and down. Suddenly he retreated from my dick and took them into his mouth and kept rotating them. Leaving them be, he started at the base and worked his way up to the crown licking and stroking the foreskin up and down. He licked around the mushroom head to stoke the fire. Moans escaped like bubbles raced to the surface of water. I could do nothing other than play prisoner to his attention because strength was drained leaving me weak in slavery...He took me once again to task and deeper into his throat. I could feel the closeness develop warmth and feel my dick throbbing for release. Then he stated the action again and stroked me up... Stroked me down at an increasing speed. I could not resist that and felt the cum flowing up like my own volcano about the erupt. My body trembled in anticipation and a loud cry erupted with the cum spewing like lava down his throat... He continued till the flow stopped.

Exhausted my eyes slid shut.

"Hi, glad you did not join the angels" a muffled voice said. Lead eyelids slewed open to reveal a dark mop of hair, emerald eyes framed in the oval face. A flattish nose decorated the space above red lips curved upwards and revealing more perfect white teeth every second.

So this truly is heaven ? I asked sleepily.

"Not there yet, although I would like to think of this as my little bit of heaven." He said. "My name is Joey. Sleep , rest , you are still weak. I need you to pull through... "

Ever one to obey a command sleep flighted like angels wings.

His flight suit displayed that the owner was initialled: B. Wilde. Soaked papers revealed that Brendan Wilde was working for Blizzard Air. 25 and well built with an open face. Untamed blond curly hair ran riot on his head. Piercing blue eyes below blond eyebrows. His nose was slightly pointed but made his eyes more prominent without distracting attention away. His lips looked raspberry red which was far better than it looked blue. Squire jaw but smooth. He was of course trim, healthy defined pecs over a tight stomach. No treasure trail from a deep navel. He shaved his pubes so he must be stable and a person to depend upon. Interesting...

The clinical event that he suffered was sudden cold water submersion. I rescued him from the chopper which crashed, fortunately for him, a metre form the bank of the frozen lake. The sound boomed through the still silence when it hit. I heard the chopper struggling and stepped onto the porch to investigate. He did not even have time to unbuckle his harness straps before the chopper sank the metre and a half to the bottom. Crashing suddenly into extremely icy cold water causes the body to gasp for air due to the shock. The core body temperature plummets rapidly. The body shuts down as the life giving blood and the heat is re-routed to the vital organs. The blood vessels contract due to temperature. You cannot breathe. Not a good idea when your head is underneath the water. Within a second you are drowning.

Being better acclimatized I was no stranger to the occasional dunking and bout of hypothermia. Cause and effect. I dived in after him, unbuckled the straps. He was already unconscious. Time was critical. Brain damage sets in after 6 minutes. Broke the surface and dragged him to the bank. There my medical training kicked in automatically through my freezing brain. He could not have been in for five minutes and due to the extreme temperature would not suffer brain damage. People were known to survive in a few cases. I struggled on for two minutes to resuscitate him. Finally a breath after a splutter of water. Breath came unevenly. He was inches away from death. Shock and the temperature would kill him. Twenty agonising metres brought us to my cabin and the warmth of the fire. No help but to strip his wet clothes from him. Mine would pile in a sodden heap on the floor as well. Into bed with a down duvet to cover him. If the body is revived, it has to be heated up gradually. Extremes cause shock which leads to death. The fire was to far from the bed. I stripped off my clothes and slipped in-between the sheets with him. I hugged my body to his and covered as much as possible of him with me. Being exhausted and cold he slept . ...

I woke after thirty five minutes. Wrapped another duvet around myself, threw logs onto the fire and began foraging around in the kitchen for vegetables and a pot to prepare a broth for us. I was famished, as he must be. I would give him some broth when he woke. He muttered something. Moving closer I heard him whisper : "I love you, Adam." Not wanting to over react or get excited I quickly went back to the kitchen. Finished in a minute and just in time because he began to tremble violently, his teeth rattling. His body shook the bed. After a minute the shaking subsided. He trembled and said loud and clear : Adam, I want to be your lover, Adam, make love to me. I want you inside me again" Surprised that he was so good looking and gay, set my mind in a spin. I had to save him. Life is s struggle, in which we struggle , in our own unique way.

He was still shivering. Looking at his fingernails I was enormously concerned. Hypothermia hit him hard. I had to raise his core body temperature and restore the blood flow to his lower extremities. His core body temp could only be raised by exercise. He was in no condition for a run but maybe, just maybe for fun ... Dropping the duvet beside the bed I slipped naked in next to him for the second time. Seven and a half inches already responded. My hands stroked him and softened the cold from his body. I was hungry but I found an icicle or ice lolly to stave off the hunger. The broth could take care of itself ...


Hunger woke me. I felt warmer, safe and above all, ALIVE.

"Welcome back,' I heard Joey say, "it was touch and go for a while but you will pull through"

"How long was I out ? "

"Nearly a day. You must be hungry. I made a broth to warm you up. Let me get you some. Relax and rest but down drift off."

He walked over to the kitchen and spooned the steaming mix into a bowl but not before shedding the duvet. I could but stare, not at his seamlessly uninhibited act but at his perfect body. Muscled with attractive curves without being overbearing. Broad shoulders tapered to a narrow waist. Flat stomach, great pecs and round butt. His dick was semi hard but I did not want to be caught staring, so after a furtive glance, I lifted my eyes. He added a spoon and walked over after picking up the duvet. Handing me the bowl he wrapped himself without haste and seated himself next to the fire. I still had flashbacks. Figured he was about 30. He radiated confidence and trust, made me feel he was at peace with himself and the world.

I spooned the precious liquid and finished the last drop. It was enough for the moment. Other appetites beckoned.

"Do you know that you talked in your sleep ? He asked.

I blushed crimson and said that it has been complained about in the past on a few occasions.

"Glad to see the colour returning! " he quipped.

"What did I say ? I enquired . He just smiled mysteriously.

Night had fallen by now and we settled in. The log fire still cast its radiance carelessly across the room. Joey added a few logs before settling down again in the chair. He was living a sparse existence. Maybe something about living in this white desert that made the trappings of city dwellers seem superfluous. It could be a lonely life though.

"Who is Adam ?" Joey asked me.

I turned my face away to keep him from the pain reflected in my eyes. I wanted my face to reveal nothing of the daggers associated by even saying Adam's name.

After what must have seemed like an eternity of silene , I answered : "Adam was my partner and died a year ago saving a child from a stray bullet far away. Wrong place at the wrong time. He saved a life by dying. We were in the military together." I answered. Tears spilled over the barriers of courage I hastily erected, in vain.

His only answer was to walk over, slip into bed and fold his arms around me. I broke down, cried till there were no more tears left. He seemed to be content to hold me and let me get over the worst. It took a while for love runs deep.

After I collected my tattered dignity into a fairly presentable package if felt better but he continued to hold me. Maybe he needed the closeness as much as me.

"Are you cold ? " he asked looking me in the eyes. Why do I find this so familiar? His eyes intent on stargazing my soul ? Green eyes ... His green eyes...

"Not in ...umh... general" I answered having made a silent decision.

"But ... " he queried, a frown appearing.

"There is one area where - YOU - did not warm me at all... It was left cold and needs warming. The other areas were sufficiently attended to for now. I am thankful for your close attention"

"So you guessed... I am impressed because I was afraid you would think I took advantage of you in the situation." I had to warm your core body temp or you would have ..." said Joey

"Shhh... If you do not use that core to warm me , I will die."

Again green eyes captivated...drawing me in.

I sought his lips with mine and invaded him with my tongue. That was the spark that ignited the fire.

Suddenly the world was ablaze. In a flash our passions suspended time. He was as horny as I was. He shifted positions into a 69 position and I took him and sucked him just as fiercely as he did. Our breaths raced faster and faster. I nearly did not stop him in time. I wanted him inside me. I wanted to grip him and feel him inside me.

He guessed my intentions and started lifting my legs. He wet my hairless ass with his tongue. His tongue flicked over my sensitive opening causing me to spasm with pleasure. I lifted my legs to give Joey better access. He abruptly got up, sprinted to the kitchen fetched vegetable oil which he proceeded to apply to my crack. First I felt his finger rim around the edges, then he pushed inside while he licked my dick. I bit my lips in pleasure. Two fingers , then three ... when he was satisfied he applied the oil to his already unrepentant dick, coating it in the slick substance. I watched in aching anticipation. As urgent as our need was, he amazed me by gently pushing in. He would stop and let me adjust and enter an inch more. He was content to feel me grip him every inch till he was all the way in. He opened his eyes. They smiled. Mine affirmed his smile.

"You okay Brendan ?" He asked.

"No, it's warm but not warm enough. Maybe a little more friction will help things along ? " I responded with a smirk.

Without answering he withdrew nearly all the way and drove back in slamming hard against my prostate. Ahhh .. I moaned. He shifted his position so that his hands were placed on either side of my pecs, effectively allowing him to do a push-up. I entwined my legs around him in a body lock. He could not withdraw.

"Fuck, you are so tight ! " he said and moaned on the in-stroke. I gripped him firmer. He sped up pumping me in rapid deep strokes. I responded accordingly, tightening my muscle at every forward stroke. It felt as if the need grew like a wild raging beast released from it's cage. Maybe the effect of a near death experience. He kept on trusting harder and faster, varying glide trajectory , in a word, going wild. I was thrust up against the wall still on my back. I furiously stroked his hair, down to his back, toward his gorgeous pecs playing with his flat round nipples. Pre-cum oozed out of my dick which rubbed a slippery path along his abs. This heightened the sensations to which we were enslaved too.

"Yes , yes, fuck me hard ... Joey !! "

"Harder" I yelled... "FUCK ME !!"

We were swimming in the torrent of sexual overdrive. We were a blizzard !

Ohh .. Ahhh .. FUCK !! .. Arrrrggggghhhhh ! He filled me deep inside as I plunged into our combined orgasms. We shuddered till our explosions subsided. I could still feel him throbbing inside me. Maybe, I just died a little death. Profoundly satisfied we just lay there trying to get our breathing back to normal. He lay his head on my chest. With his hand he cupped my dick and balls. It felt comforting like it belonged there.

"You are my green eyed guardian angel. I love you" I whispered as we closed our eyes. Sleep even has to come to arctic angels who save.

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