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A quick note on the DakThran. I won't be having them speak any English or other human language within the story. I want to try and keep the feeling of "alien-ness" during scenes with them. I will try and add meaning to their dialogue through the narration and directly translate where I cannot describe what is going on. If you know Dutch or Afrikaans, you might kind of be able to understand what's being said. Please try and bear with me.


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Chapter 4


THE relief that washed over the crew of the Noah was immense, and many cried out and embraced one another.


Corrin sat in his seat, heart pounding, shivering slightly. His mind was still running ahead of him, to their next encounter.


"Is someone tracking that last one?" He shouted, trying to be heard over the excitement.


"Aye Commander," Vaughn answered him.


"I want a status report from all senior officers. How badly are we damaged?"


"They managed to get a few holes in us, Commander, but the shields held mostly."


Corrin thanked the long dead architect of the Noah. The station was old, but it was sturdy. Many of the newer ones were sleek and streamlined and were expensive to maintain as many of the instruments were delicate in their sophistication.


"Commander, we're being hailed... It's the Sky Galleon X1. The drones are returning."


"On screen," Corrin commanded.


The large viewscreen switched over and Corrin's heart did a little dance in his chest. His eyes widened as he took in the formidable visage of the captain. Shortly cropped, mussed dark hair capped the strong, angular face. Wide, soft looking lips were squinting in a glare meant to obliterate.


Corrin's quickening heart jumped with a hint of fear as the deep gravely voice began to speak.


"This is Captain Daniel Embry of the Sky Galleon X1 calling the Ark Space Station Noah, please respond."


"Can we open a direct line?" Corrin snapped, uncomfortable with the sensation coursing through him.


"Aye Commander, line is open."


The viewscreen switched to a live feed, and the image of the captain once again reappeared. Corrin saw a slight widening of the captain's eyes.


"This is Station Commander Corrin Day. Thank God you're here."


Corrin watched the captain frown for a moment, and then spoke testily.


"Well we're happy to oblige, however, I'm confused as to what exactly is going on. Care to explain?"


Corrin frowned. He didn't 'care' for the captain's tone. There was no way he was going to be intimidated by this man. He wasn't appointed station commander because there was no one else. He wasn't the same unconfident young man he'd once been. Corrin's reaction to the captain rubbed him the wrong way, disrupted the orderliness he'd crafted for his life.


"We can get to that as soon as you dock with the Noah, Captain. Right now I need to assess the damage to my station and its crew. We will cease acceleration and wait here until you arrive."


With that said, Corrin press a button and the viewscreen reverted to displaying real time space.


Corrin glanced at his two lead science officers. "If you are done gawking, send that damned transmission to Eris and come see me in my office. Conn, settle the Noah at the nearest hypergate for the Sky Galleon's arrival.


CORRIN sat behind his desk, muttering over the incoming reports. The Noah had sustained some damage, but fortunately it was extensive and irreparable.


The door beeped before Rock and Hiroki entered the office. Rock's expression seemed to be closed off whereas Hiroki looked anxious.


Corrin motioned to the seats before his desk and they sat down. He leaned his elbows on the desk, clasped his hands together and fixed his eyes on Hiroki.


"Explain... now." His tone brooked no argument. He was speaking as their commanding officer, not Rock's father and friend.


Hiroki's mouth opened and closed, his nerves getting the better of him. Corrin had never seen Hiroki so flustered before, ever.


Before he could continue the door beeped again. Corrin sighed and opened it, and was surprised to see Officer Kagura Sumeragi enter, looking as poised and elegant as ever, even in the one piece unisuit.


"Ōba-sama!" Hiroki exclaimed. "Naze koko ni iru?"


"You know why I'm here Hiroki."


Corrin was confused. Did Kagura have something to do with this?


"Forgive my intrusion, Commander, but I can explain everything," Kagura said as she came and stood next to Hiroki.


"Ah, well okay. Proceed."


Kagura looked down at Hiroki, smiled faintly and patted his shoulder. For all Corrin knew, Kagura could have passed as Hiroki's mother.


"Commander, the Sumeragi family is a very old family, dating back to ancient feudal Japan on Earth. Once in every second generation, a child is born with certain... gifts, if you will. Green eyes and blue-black hair are traits inherent in the child."


"Okay, so how did Hiroki know those things would attack?" Corrin asked


"I felt them," Hiroki answered. "I'm an empath. I feel people's emotion or intent."


"I see," Corrin sighed. It was going to take a while for him to work this through.


"And you knew about this Rock?"


"No, I didn't," Rock grunted. He wasn't looking at anyone or anything. Corrin hoped things would work out between them. They'd grown op together.


"Unfortunately we are sworn to secrecy when our abilities are discovered. Even our own family members weren't allowed to know. Rock, please don't be hard on Hiro."


Rock remained silent.


"I, uh, suppose you have abilities too, Kagura?" Corrin asked.


She nodded. "I have precognition, of sorts. I know certain things before they happen."


Corrin's brow rose. "Did you know we were going to be attacked?"


Kagura sighed. "It's not that simple, Commander. My precognition is similar to Hiro's empathy. Whereas he can get an almost clear read of someone's intentions or emotions as they happen, my ability is more vague. Nothing I perceive is ever clear, or certain, until just before it happens. I did have a feeling that something dreadful was about to occur. But there was no way I could have explained this in a way you would believe."


She was right, Corrin thought. Before the attack Corrin would have thought she was crazy and dismissed her.


"So what happens now?" Hiroki asked.


Corrin sat back and thought for a moment. He supposed he'd have to incorporate this new information into the way they were running now. As far as Corrin was concerned they were on a tight deadline to get to Eris. There was no telling when those things were going to attack, and he had to explain to the rest of the crew about what happened.


"What else can you tell me about them?" Corrin asked Hiroki. Perhaps he could start building a profile on the aliens and send it to the Integra, prepare them.


Frowning, Hiroki closed his eyes, trying to concentrate. "After the initial feeling of being attacked, I could sense the kind of mind they had. There were two distinct mindsets. Most of them seemed simple minded. Order takers. I couldn't sense inherent malevolence in them. There was one mind that scared me though. The rage beneath was barely contained. I managed to glean their appearance. They're very similar to us. Bipedal humanoids. Black skin, like obsidian. Their hair is blood red and their eyes are amber in color. The evil one's intent was definitely to kill. I believe they are warlike in nature. I'm sure the ones we encountered were a simple squadron ordered to employ a quick and decisive strike."


"Perhaps they thought we were unarmed and weak. It hasn't been that long since we became spacers," Corrin mused. "Still, we can't be caught off guard again. Kagura, you come straight to me the minute you perceive something, no matter how vague. Hiroki I want you on the bridge for the duration of our journey. And remain on high alert. For now we'll keep your abilities to ourselves. The Sky Galleon will be docking any minute now and we need to prepare."


Corrin glanced at each of them in turn. Kagura was silent but her eyes held determination. Hiroki looked sad and wary, shooting glances at Rock, who also remained still, not looking at anything. There was trouble there, between them, but Corrin knew he was not the one to help mend the rift he could see was beginning to stretch between them.


"Dismissed," he said to them. He needed to see to the preparations for the crew of the Sky Galleon, and to contemplate his reaction to the rakish captain of the star cruiser.


AFTER Hiroki's grandmother left them, Rock decided to head to his quarters. His mind was in turmoil, a thousand feelings coursing through him, the foremost being hurt, anger and betrayal. Surely Hiroki should have trusted him enough to confide in him.


Rock could hear Hiroki's footfalls behind him. Hiroki probably knew what he was feeling right now, however the young man remained silent. Sometimes the man's silence really got to Rock. There were times he wanted to grip Hiroki's slim shoulders and shake the stoicism out of him. He wanted to see that flustered face again, the openness, those clear, bright eyes.


It was painfully obvious that Hiroki knew how Rock felt about him, but he'd done nothing to encourage Rock. They were supposed to be best friends, but clearly there was plenty that Rock didn't know about him. Perhaps Hiroki was laughing at him the whole time. Or perhaps it was pity that moved Hiroki to stay beside him, pity for the lost orphan of Earth, living a singular life hell bent on finding answers to the cause of everything present.


"Rock," he heard Hiroki call, but he didn't answer.


"Sean, please," Hiroki said again, and this time there was a catch in his voice.


Rock's heart fluttered. Hiroki only ever called him Sean when he was serious. But he couldn't do this here, in the cold, gloomy corridors. This wasn't the place for serious conversation.


Rock remained resolutely mute, unconsciously timing his footsteps to Hiroki's. From time to time he heard a small gasp coming from Hiroki and knew that the young man was crying.


Not yet, not yet, he told himself. He willed his quarters to get closer, until finally they were there.


Rock barged into his quarters and paused just beyond the threshold, and waited for Hiroki to enter and the door to close behind him. He heard Hiroki stop behind him and sniff quietly.


"All this time you knew," Rock began. His body was vibrating with anger, with anticipation, with adrenaline. He did not think of his painfully hard arousal.


With clenched fists, Rock turned around and finally looked at Hiroki. The devastation on the man's face wrenched at Rock. Hiroki's almond shaped green eyes were red, puffy and glistening with tears. His hair was disheveled.


For the first time Hiroki's face was completely open to him.


"Were you ever going to tell me?" Rock asked softly, a contrast to the hardness of his face and tense body.


"I'm sorry," Hiroki sniffed.


It was enough, Rock knew. If it weren't for their current situation, Hiroki would never have said anything.


Strangely his mind grew calm, even though his body continued to throb. He knew what he was going to do.


"I have just one question," Rock said. He didn't voice the question though. Instead, he let it move through him, let his emotions flow through him. Did Hiroki feel the same way?


Rock watched Hiroki's eyes close. The man nodded.


Rock rushed forward and shoved Hiroki up against the door. Hiroki gasped as his eyes opened wide in shock. But before he could say anything, Rock crushed his mouth against Hiroki's.


Rock couldn't think of anything else except that connection. Their lips rubbing sensually against one another, feeling Hiroki's soft lips against his. Rock's heart skipped a beat and he wanted to feel more, much more.


He plastered his body against Hiroki's and swore he could feel his lover's heart beating against his own chest. Rock deepened the kiss further, darting his tongue deep into Hiroki's hot mouth and caressing Hiroki's. Rock's dreams couldn't compare.


He ground his hard cock against Hiroki and was further excited when he heard a groan from the man. He rocked himself insistently against Hiroki, his pace increasing. But it wasn't enough. Rock wanted more.


Rock stroked his hands down Hiroki's side until he reached his thighs. Sliding them toward the back, he gripped and lifted them. Hiroki responded by sliding his legs around Rock's waist.


Rock carried Hiroki to his bed, never once breaking their kiss. He lowered them gently onto the bed until he was lying on top, still grinding, still wanting more.


Reluctantly breaking contact, Rock stared into those mesmerizing green eyes.


"Tell me you want this, Hiro," Rock pleaded, forcing his body to still.


Hiroki looked steadily into Rock's eyes. "I want to feel you inside me, Sean. In every way."


Rock's heart shuddered, his cock pulsed. Kissing Hiroki again, he lowered the zip down the front of Hiroki's unisuit. Hiroki rose so that Rock could push the suit off his shoulders and over his narrow waist where Hiroki kicked it off. He lay back down in his white t-shirt and briefs, and watched Rock remove his own suit.


Rock glanced at Hiroki's arousal straining under the polycotton fabric, and then at his flushed face.


"Touch yourself for me," Rock said, his voice thick with emotion.


Rock saw Hiroki shudder, before he removed the rest of his clothes. He gasped silently at Hiroki's revealed body. Hiroki was pale all over, the body slim and toned, the pink nipples peaked. Hiroki's firm washboard abs went all the way down and stopped above his trimmed dark hair at the base of a long, slim and equally pale cock that pulsed slightly.


Beautiful, Rock thought.


By now he'd also removed all his clothes, and stood before Hiroki without any barriers. His cock was so hard it pointed straight up and the head touched his belly button with each pulse.


He saw Hiroki's eyes widen and watched that lower lip curl into his mouth to be nibbled on. Hiroki's hands roamed his chest, tweaked his nipples, before slowly moving down. Hiroki gripped his own cock with both hands and slowly shuttled them up and down.


They both groaned at the same time. Rock's breathing came in soft gasps. His dreams definitely couldn't compare. Hiroki's eyes never left his.


"Sean," Hiroki moaned.


In a flash, Rock was on top of Hiroki, kissing, stroking and touching every part he could get to. He moved lower and lower, until his chin brushed against Hiroki's hardness. Tilting his head down, Rock inhaled Hiroki's scent, savoring it, before licking along Hiroki's length. He heard Hiroki's cry and repeated the act. The young man shuddered beneath Rock.


When he reached the top of Hiroki's cock again, Rock took the head into his mouth and sucked Hiroki in.


"Sean!" Hiroki cried.


Rock continued, swirling his tongue and strengthening suction alternately as he bobbed up and down. He used his hand to caress and massage Hiroki's soft balls. The young man was squirming beneath Rock, and Rock couldn't help feeling pleasure at the thought that he could reduce the silent, stoic Hiroki to a wriggling body of sensation and emotion.


"Please Sean, I need you," Hiroki begged.


Rock rose and released Hiroki's cock, which slapped back against his belly. He quickly rummaged through his bedside drawer for lubrication. Taking hold of Hiroki's ankles, Rock lifted Hiroki's legs over his shoulders, exposing the pink hole. He squirted some lube onto his fingers, then rubbed it onto Hiroki's hole.


Hiroki gasped and Rock probed gently, yet insistently, dipping his fingers in and out. He bent and once again took Hiroki's cock into his mouth.


Rock kept hearing pleasant noises coming from Hiroki and it made him feel hot all over. He was doing this to Hiroki, giving pleasure. It was an amazing feeling to him.


"Sean, now!" Hiroki insisted.


Rock removed his fingers and lubed his cock before readying himself at Hiroki's entrance. His heart was beating a fast tattoo, and anticipation was high and palpable.


He touched his cock to Hiroki and nearly came. But he willed himself to calm, and slowly pushed forward, breaching Hiroki steadily. He didn't dare take his eyes off Hiroki's face.


Finally, after what seemed like years, he was buried deep within Hiroki. The young man throbbed around him. Rock needed to remain still for a bit, or everything would be over too soon.


He lowered Hiroki's legs and the young man wrapped them around Rock's waist.


Hiroki touched Rocks face. "If only you could feel what I feel now, Sean," he sighed. There were tears in his eyes, but Rock knew they weren't from pain.


"Hiro, we could die tomorrow and I wouldn't be sad. Because I get to be with you like this... it's enough, more than enough."


Hiroki smiled. "But we both know enough is never enough for long."


"Yes," Rock agreed softly.


"Move, Sean."


Rock moved, and Hiroki gasped. He lowered his lips to Hiroki's and they kissed while Rock thrust slowly and deeply. He felt Hiroki's cock sliding between their bellies. The thrusts became faster and harder, Hiroki urging Rock onward. He was crying out with each inward thrust.


"I'm so close Sean," Hiroki gasped. "Harder, please."


Rock obliged and quickened. He too was almost there.


With a few more thrusts Hiroki gasped. "Iku!" Rock felt Hiroki's cock pulse between them and the wetness spread.


"Oh God!" Rock cried out, feeling Hiroki squeeze around his cock. Rock came hard, never stopping his thrusts. He kissed Hiroki deeply and then it was over. But only for now, Rock vowed.


A beep sounded. "Will all senior officers report to the hangar bay immediately."




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