Baryon Saga


In this story all names, events and locations are completely fictional. Any resemblance to real people or places is completely unintentional. This is an Adult Scifi/Fiction/Fantasy, all those involved in this book are over the earth age of 18.

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Baryon Saga

By Remmy Meggs


At 23, Remmy Meggs has written three adult M/M action-adventure novels and two M/M young adult novels, and is working on others.

Remmy spent the first eleven years of his life with a father who was a sales trainer for Hilton Hotels, and a shopaholic mother, ostensibly being home-schooled. At twelve, he had a vocabulary of about one hundred words that he could spell properly within three tries.

Once Remmy's family settled in New Mexico, Remmy began attending private school, while being on the internet, riding a bike, and swimming with the school swim team. Remmy did not know what gay or attraction to either sex was, however, from the time he was caught with a crayon in the wrong place, his father began physically abusing him on a regular basis.

At that time, Remmy found a friend on the internet. Paul told Remmy that he was gay. When he told Remmy what gay was, Remmy laughed for months, not believing a word of it. At fourteen, Remmy had read enough on the net and he knew Paul was not joking. Soon after Remmy told his father that he loved Paul but he could not express himself to say that he loved Paul as a best friend. It was at then that Remmy's father beat him so badly, the prosecuting attorney pressed charges against his father, who spent a year in jail and was told not to even be in the same city as Remmy. They haven't seen each other since.

Three years later when Remmy's dog, his best friend, was out playing, a truck's bumper hit her in the head and killed her instantly. Remmy went out with a blanket and picked the dog up. Before he reached the house, he had a heart attack. The doctors said that, had it not been for his swimming and bike riding, he would have died.

Complications set it, Remmy's blood circulation was not right, and they were going to amputate his legs. His legs were saved but he was wheelchair bound, never to walk more than a few feet again. It took three years of retraining, and technicians to even get him to do that.

At that point, Remmy sat in front of his computer for the first time in years for more than an hour. He stared at the screen, and almost gave up. He read a story on the internet about boys and said to himself, "That is a crock! That is not what boys talk or act like." That's when Remmy began to write.

He spends his time writing, playing a few online games with friends, one of his favorite things is Facebook, and of course, his homepages are always active. You can see Remmy's homepage at, his blog site at or his Facebook page at Remmy sleeps about twelve hours on and off each day. His waking hours are spent writing and on the internet. We hope you enjoy his work as much as we do.

~Remmy's friends and fans