Baryon Saga by Remmy Meggs all rights reserved

Baryon Saga


Chapter 1

What humans would call a starship was several thousand light years away. It did not have an exact shape to speak of. Docked, it looked like a pencil, but in deep space it was organic and changed with the gravitational pull of space on its hull. It was a small warship, having as many guns on itself alone as the whole fleet of the United Planets. Of course, Sigma was not a member of any alliance, and for Earth to get them to agree with this plan was pushing the limit.

The captain, who was actually a Warrant officer rank on Earth had just turned eighteen earth years, but in reality was over 100 earth years, but one would never know that unless they read his bio work. He had been in charge of the craft since he was twelve earth years. When he woke from deep sleep he went to the mess hall and got a cold glass of water. The gravity was more than usual and he held onto the rail, as he walked his naked body down the hall. The walls were changing colors, as he moved which did not help him feel any better. He sat down, trying to clear his head. Over the implant he asked, "Karl why was I woken up?"

Karl looked at the video feed, "Headquarters has changed our heading and has sent a feed for `your eyes only'. Are you going to self-stimulate a few days before you download it?"

"Any idea where we are headed?" Trevor, the young officer asked as he rubbed his muscles, ignoring the question. The deep sleep chamber was actually an all-in-one-gymnasium, making the person in the chamber exercise endlessly. This made the Sigmas, and the Baryons like Karl and Trevor, muscle-bound. The Sigmas copied the idea for the sleep chambers from the Baryons.

"A star system that the humans mapped about two hundred years ago. They had a science vessel there for about one hundred of their earth years. I think it might be a rescue mission," she answered, "Trevor I think it is more than that, we are not the closest warship around."

Trevor looked up at the vid-com, "A sexual thing again?"

Karl blushed, "The five of us are the only species left of our kind. Why do they send us on these strange missions?"

"Why don't the four of you make some babies so there will be more of us instead of implanting yourselves constantly?" He changed the subject, "Because they do not know what to do with us I suppose. But that's enough of that type of thinking. Keep the other guys asleep until we get to our destination. I will lay it out once we are in orbit." Trevor clicked the console, pushed a few buttons and downloaded the information into his head. Even with instant transfer it would still take weeks to sort through all the information they sent to him.

"Very funny, we notice that you haven't mated with anyone but yourself Trevor," Karl piped up, "Any of the four of us would like to mate with you... and you them I am sure."

Trevor frowned and clicked off the com, "Right, five of the cutest people in the known universe and we are all a bunch of jerks. How are we supposed to procreate with each other?" He went back to the sleep chamber, strapped in, and closed the hood, "Goodnight all."


The Sigma scientists did not know at first of the approaching vessel. It moved so fast that the human planets thought it was a wild meteor, barely discernible on their own deep space telescopes. The humans had no idea how many light years, or days it had traveled, but it was headed directly towards Sigma. By the time Earth decided to intercept it would have left their galaxy.

When the Sigma people started receiving transmissions from the object they did take notice. The first they needed to do was slow down the ship. While many thought they should just let it burn up in the atmosphere, others thought they should try to help. Eventually they did, and the tiny ship was harnessed at the speed of light, and brought down slowly to a space dock.

The word tiny was not exactly correct. They thought the front of the ship was the tail of a comet or meteor, in reality it was small, but larger than anyone would have thought. The main hold could carry about fifty thousand passengers, and food for all of them for twenty years, but it was not a passenger ship. There was no doubt that it was a warship.

Although all the gun ports were sealed with some type of skin, there were thousands of them. Without damaging the ship in any way, it took them a year to get inside it. Another year to get to the command module, and yet another year for them to find the five children. They looked to be nine or ten earth years, but very slim. They did not seem to be undernourished, and by no means were they in danger, the sleep system had those children as fit as any Sigma youth athlete.

The humans and others petitioned for access to the vehicle and the surviving occupants, or go to war. For Sigma, the cost of attaining the ship, and the wealth of knowledge it represented was enough to go to war for, and several times Sigma was ready to do just that. Earth backed down even though they claimed the territory that the ship had come from. But you can't claim something that was obviously not yours in the first place. Sigma could not beat the Allied planets, but the cost for the Alliance to come so far out would unfathomable.

The first thing the Sigma scientists found out about the children is that they didn't actually have a sex, well in human or Sigma terms at least. The five were both male, male and female. Meaning that all five of the youths had two male parts and one female part. Then they found out that the children were bright, especially for children who had been in suspended animation for who knows how long. Then they realized they were not looking at children at all. They were hybrid humanoids that reached adulthood, in a short time. Although they had not studied a human up close, the Sigmas decided that the Baryons did in fact have a human skin and no hair at all.

By all standards of the known universe, the Baryons were beautiful to say the least, just the right muscle proportions, the smooth skin in various shades, slim, in a deviant way to fit anyone's perception of beauty, and the fact that their skins changed shades depending on who was nearby. The ship interior and exterior changed shades in the same way.

The scientists found no clothes on the ship, and when confronted with clothing the five beings were horrified. Actually they were horrified that the Sigmas wore clothing over their beautiful fur, hiding it. The Sigmas were humanoid, acted and walked like humans, with the faces of humans, but were covered in a colorful light fur. No two were exactly alike and the fine down fur was pleasing to the touch, but did not actually hide the skin underneath. The Sigmas were also either one sex or the other, like humans.

The make-up and DNA of the Baryons would not be shared with other cultures. The ministry of science thought such beautiful creatures would be poked and jabbed by cultures, including dissection. The Sigmas would never allow such things to happen regardless of the creature, but these creatures had an undeniable aura to them that made them almost angelic.

That is not to say that the Sigmas did not have their own methods. Methods that may be uncomfortable for the children, but would not harm them, or actually hurt them. The study would take years to understand, and the Sigma people wasted no time learning. They did not want anything to befall their precious find, and they needed to know immediately what to do and how to treat any sickness the group should endure.

Over the years the Sigma scientists finally figured out the genetic makeup of the Baryons, just as the Baryons came of sexual age. Oh there was self-stimulation prior to that, but nothing as hot or fanatical about sex as the Baryons were once they reached maturity. Whether alone or with one of the others, it was something the Sigmas were in awe of.  Any influence to get them to stop was wasted. When they couldn't get them to stop having sex, it was constant, and took days for them to stop at all, the Sigmas were at a loss, and no testing at all could take place. When the Baryons did stop, it would only be to eat or relieve themselves and then right back at it.

Prior to that, the Baryons went to school with the Sigma children at least until the eighth year of schooling. The Baryons picked up the Sigma language quickly and the universal language, a form of Spanish and Greek from the Alliance which was taught on Sigma to facilitate universal speech. The language earth people called Latin. With Latin almost all species could speak with each other in only a matter of days.  The Baryons excelled at every study they were in, so much so that teachers had a hard time keeping up.

Another thing was the Baryons were always wanting to be in water. They were a water based species as most, but they were almost as bad as fish needing water. This of course kept them clean constantly, but it amazed the Sigma scientists whose own children had to be trained to even touch water.

The discovery of an organ at the base of the brain of the Baryons posed a lot of controversy and speculation the first years. Until they discovered that the computer of the ship was linked with the sleep modules, without the wires of other cultures. This organ was in fact a message center talking with the computers and other life forces inside the ship. It controlled the Baryons actions and thoughts during sleep. According to the Baryon children, they dreamt great dreams and had a lot of fun while in the chambers.  The organ was a receptor for knowledge.

Testing the Baryons was sheer folly. The scientists tested them for simple things for a few earth months, then suddenly the scientists found it was they who were being tested. The further testing was done, the more egotistical the Baryons became. It was undeniable that the Baryons were smarter than the joint Alliance and outlying worlds. Mental testing had stopped, and not a minute too soon. Some scientists speculated that the Baryons could take over the planet by sheer will power alone. Luckily for Earth if they would have caught the ship, the Baryons would have taken them over in a few months if they choose to.

The children were never as tall or as strong as the Sigmas but artists from all over the world came to paint them, nude of course, the Baryons would not have it any other way. They were a beautiful species to be admired from a distance. Although one sexual appendage was seemingly not different from a human or a Sigma, the other grew to fill up the cavity it was in. The urge for Sigmas to mate with the Baryons was too great, and the risks could take a life.

They would be taken to parks all over the first State, surrounded by painters, photographers and news people. Never once did the Baryons refuse to take part, and they always answered questions logically and with understanding of the Sigma culture. They had public appearances, and went to plays, operas and theatre.

The Baryons were given thousands of names to choose from. The scientists thought they would all choose boy names, but they did not. One, regardless of what was said chose a girl's name, and all the names were human. Trevor told the scientists the names seemed easy, almost universal and were pleasing to the ear. The Sigmas just nodded and accepted the names. They were easy to pronounce even though some of the meanings were comical to the Sigmas.

Once, there was a problem when the Baryons who were now of age in all known cultures decided to have a sex party in their hotel room. Not with each other, by themselves, to see who could last the longest. Somehow the news media got wind of it, then artists started using their imaginations to draw what they thought that would be like for the Baryons, none were correct of course. No one would believe it unless they saw it firsthand.

One day a group of the council wanted to see if the Baryons could answer questions about their ship. Four of them looked at one Baryon that named itself Trevor. Trevor raised an eyebrow, "Sure what do you want to know?"

Then they started with a list. The list grew longer each day, and longer. Finally Trevor fed up with the silly questions turned the entire ship on, it came to life, the hatches locked and he took them out into deep space. He looked at the lead scientist, "We could have done this a long time ago if you wouldn't be so silly."

With the information gained from the Baryons the Sigmas were now capable of fast deep space travel that would not be expensive. In the meantime they also learned that although they could adapt some of the finer technology, they could not duplicate the ship itself, and it seemed only one person could control the whole thing, Trevor. Others had and knew their jobs too, but only he could control it completely.

Since none of the Baryons would take orders from anyone but Trevor, they asked the five if they would want to live on Sigma, and help the people that helped them. Trevor didn't hesitate, "We are in your debt and will do everything we can to help you."

With that, Trevor, even though it was a lowly rank, became the official leader, and his warship scanned the galaxies to help others. Not once did Trevor use the ship to destroy anything, but he had said many times he would if necessary.  Part of the technology that was lost on the Sigmas was the fact that after seeing the capability of the Baryon ship, they could not reproduce the firepower or understand how the ship regenerated its ammunition, it never ceased, and could easily wipe out a planet in hours, if not sooner.

The Baryons seemed to know this, but they were a very docile people. It was as if their people had prepared for the worst and lived the best. They did not seem interested in returning to their planet, and when questioned about it, Phillip would only say that, "It does not exist," without further explanation.


When the ship slowed to a stop the information in Trevor's head was finished and accepted. He met the others in the communal bath and together they caught up on each other's dreams.  After several hours Trevor stood and dried off. He went to the control room, soon followed by the others.

He sat in the captain's chair looking at the blue planet below. The others waited for him to tell them what he expected of them. He turned to Karl, "You were right this time. Let me tell you the story. One hundred human years ago, the humans came to this galaxy. They found this planet and hoped to colonize it. They found about 700 people, for the entire planet. They were small lithe creatures and seemed to not procreate. They were similar to humans and to us. They could procreate, but in the years the humans watched, they did not. Neither did they seem to grow old. They were not male, male, and female. They were male and female. I was told that the humans thought the creatures were beautiful, and very sexual, even more than we are. The humans stopped communicating with Earth. The inhabitants have no ships, no communication, and no weapons, even on the planet. >From what the scanners are showing they are not even in an industrial age."

"We are here on a rescue mission, or to find out what happened. Once we do we are to transport the natives to another world, so this planet can be colonized by the humans. That is our order. We were chosen because of how we mate and procreate, maybe we are what is needed to communicate with these beings."

Phillip frowned and Karl looked uncomfortable. Phillip asked, "Are we really going to transport them?"

"Well we are not going to kill them regardless. With only 700 and no procreation, they deserve their lives. We will have to see if we transport them, or we make this planet off limits."

Karl looked at the screen, "There is the earth ship now."

"Phillip go along side in their orbit. Hilary and Robert, put on bio suits and check out the ship. Karl is there any sign of life or power on the ship?"

Karl looked puzzled, "Don't be silly, it is an earth ship. It lost power ages ago, and there are no life forms."

"Don't be snotty, we have to record everything. Shoot a lifeline over so Hilary and Robert can power up the ship and we can transfer anything of value. We can pull the ship into the cargo bay and salvage it," Trevor commanded.

The command was essentially unneeded, they all knew their jobs without being told, but as Trevor pointed out, they had to record everything. From space they could see that there was only one land mass. Karl sent out telescopic probes immediately to orbit the land of the planet. They found plenty of vegetation, animal life, but no form of communication to show there were humanoids there. Karl looked at Trevor, "I will need to send them into the atmosphere to see if we have humanoids."

Trevor nodded and waited for the earth ship to come to power. Hillary was on the com, "This ship is ancient, it will take a while to decipher the systems, and I will need to have a coupler so we don't burn up their systems."

"This is silly Trevor, who is going to want a ship like that?" Karl asked.

Trevor shrugged, "Maybe that earth alliance will want to study it, if not we will compact it and sell it for the metal."

The com interrupted them, "We have one dead naked humanoid. Trevor it looks like the life was drained out of him. There is another body, I think it is one of the aboriginals, humanoid skin, ears are a little on the large size and pointed. It looks like it starved to death. I am sending both bodies back for an autopsy."

Hillary shot back, "I do not want to do an autopsy."

"We will need DNA samples Hillary, and we need to know, for sure, how they died." Trevor shouted.

"Okay, but what does it matter? They are dead, we should bury them in space." Hillary quietly answered.

The power came on the earth ship. It lit up like a torch in the sky, "How are the systems?" Karl asked.

"There is no oxygen and it's freezing in here. However the computers seem to... actually everything is working flawlessly, including the oxygen. It seems the ship just ran out of power and everything shut off."

Trevor smiled, "See it may be worth it after all. I wonder what a ship like that is worth to the humans."

"As soon as I have a DNA I can scan the planet for their life forms Hillary." Karl coaxed.

"I have to get them back to the lab Karl, patience." Hillary laughed.

Karl turned to Trevor, "And you wonder why I don't mate with her."

The Sigmas used an alphabetical planet system. `A' through `G' would be uninhabitable volcanic planets. `H' through `M' were perfect for colonization of humanoid species. `N' through `R' were habitable with life support and, or alternative food source. `S' through `Z' were too cold to be worthwhile. Karl looked over his console, "Ummm Trevor, there are four colonizable planets, all have oxygen, and seven planets that would need some type of life support, but a lot better than most we have seen."

Trevor stood up and looked at Karl's console, "Then why would they want this planet?"

"Minerals I would guess, that is the human way to take everything a planet has and leave it empty," Karl pointed out, "but then again all of these planets have water and minerals, but they chose this one?"

It took several hours for Hillary to do the autopsy on the two alien humanoids. "Trevor, what I have found out is the little one died of starvation. It only ate vegetation, and there does not seem to be any on the ship. The unique thing is that the humanoid prostate gland in the aboriginal is three times the size of a human and healthy, making for an increased sexual drive, which would be almost non-stop. The female side of the being can produce eggs, so I can only guess that if they didn't procreate something was missing. The earth human on the other hand had a collapsed prostate. Going back to the aboriginal, I believe they have a vacuum device to use on males. I am not sure about that, but if so, it probably doesn't stop until it gets a full load of sperm. If that is the case, that explains the collapsed prostate of the earth human. The little one literally sucked the life out of him."

Robert giggled from the other ship, "The humans have a legend of what they called an incubus and succubus, which had sex with men and women and sucked the life out of them. You think they could be related?"

"DNA is back, based on this dead one, they are compatible with humans from earth, and ourselves. I just think the sperm count of the humans was not enough to stop the sex drive," Hillary announced.

"What about us?" Robert asked.

"I expected Karl to ask that first," Hillary laughed, "I would think we could fill them up easy with just one appendage, two maybe too much for them. They are tiny even compared to us, but if I am wrong it is good we have two, and our internal organs are set up to go non-stop for days. I can tell you already that these beings in no way can do it non-stop such as we do."

Karl smiled, "Paradise."

Trevor frowned, "What about impregnation of cross species? And you guys don't even think about mating with them, you don't even want to mate with your own kind!"

"I can't be sure but it is doubtful... unless Trevor, they can't procreate without cross-pollination. I see no signs of that but I do not have a live subject to test the theory with," Hillary mused, "Their DNA matches us closer than it does the humans however."

Phillip looked at the DNA material on his console and shot the information to the satellites. Immediately the console started lighting up, "We found them, but there are no earth humans down there." He started laughing, "Really now, the satellites are picking us up as well."

Trevor and the others did not comprehend what that could possibly mean at the time. "We are going to have to go in for a closer look," Karl stated.

"Agreed," Trevor sighed, "Find a hill we can duplicate and replace as an observation post."

Both Karl and Phillip turned to Trevor, but it was Phillip that spoke, "I would like to point out that we are not here for scientific studies. You told us our orders were simple. We know why the humans are not alive, and now all we need to do is figure out what to do with the aboriginals."

Trevor looked at Phillips com, "How long before the data is finished sending from the earth ship and complied so we can view it?"

"A few hours," Phillip replied.

"And how long to send a message to Sigma, and to earth, and to get replies back?"

Karl frowned, "A few earth months at least. We can send to them in seconds but their replies will take forever."

Trevor spoke on the com to Hillary, "Can we be certain the other humans all died of the same cause?"

"Of course not, what are you suggesting?" she asked.

He turned his attention to Robert on the human ship, "Once you are done there, bring the ship into the cargo hold and lock it down. Then come to the command center." He spoke to everyone, "I am suggesting that we do not know enough about those people for direct contact yet. Our presence alone could kill them, or they could kill us with some virus we don't have. In fact, we only know of one death, the others could have contracted something just by landing there. So what I am suggesting is we watch from a protected bio center until we find out more about them and the planet. We can wait until they sleep, switch over the hill, and over the next few months decide what to do with them." Trevor answered.

Robert called over, "That sounds good because I will be the first to land there and I do not want to die. So we can go down in the capsule, and hide and still watch and take sample of the environment."

Looking at Trevor, Karl frowned, "I hate it when you make sense. I will go down and prepare the biosphere since Robert is busy. Who will go down with him?"

"The four of you will all go down. I will command the ship, of course." Trevor smiled.

"Yes, you don't want us to get hurt but you stay up here." Phillip grinned.

Trevor laughed, "It's not that at all. I am sure you guys being somewhat older can easily refrain from having sex with the aboriginals. I on the other hand have trouble taking care of myself. The temptation could be too great for someone as young as me."

Phillip and Karl looked at each other. Karl grumbled, "Yea so the life gets sucked out of us."

Trevor shot back jokingly, "That will keep it in your pants then!" They turned in their chairs. Since they did not wear clothing the statement made no sense, but there Trevor was laughing his head off, not literally of course.

"You are not funny. Where did you get that warped sense of humor anyway?" Phillip asked as they heard laughter over the com from Hillary and Robert.

"Some people think I am funny." Trevor mused and Karl left the command center.

"I'll prepare the bio center. Phillip would you find someplace near their village to put it?"

"That's Hillary's job, but yes I will do it."

"Hillary sighed, "Why thank you Phillip, it is not like I don't have my hands full of dead carcasses." She stated as she pulled more organs out of the human to study, "The Sigmas will be delighted to get this information on the humans."

Phillip scanned the area near the village for some wild animals. The robot he would send should be safe since the aboriginals reportedly did not eat meat. He found what looked to be an oversize rat. The scanner took a holographic picture of the animal, actually lifting it up to get to scan the bottom. The duplicate would have to be exact. He had the probe sent to the holo-lab, and he left the command center, leaving Trevor alone to self-stimulate. He knew Trevor would because Trevor came right out of the sleep chamber and hadn't been by himself since. Phillip giggled to himself as the door closed and he traveled down the long hallways.

Trevor turned his microphone off and immediately began. His first appendage had been aroused and stiff since the bath, something that everyone had noticed. The second was ready for penetration and had been leaking for at least thirty minutes. It wasn't as if Trevor, or the others would even think of hiding self-stimulation, but because they had already finished, he would feel out of place doing it alone. Of course, him trying to think and command the ship at the same time had something to do with that.

Trevor felt his second appendage get excited. He grabbed the storage box on his chair, opened it and pulled out a catching tube. The catching tube was a lifelike device that would catch the humongous amount of sperm and save it for DNA and in vitro fertilization if necessary. When the five first reached sexual maturity, they were not aware that the ship stored such things, and the half-gallon of sperm every fifteen minutes that flowed covered their bodies and there was nothing they could do to stop it. On more than one occasion they looked plain silly coming out of their chambers in front of the Sigmas, they and their room a total disaster of milky goo. With the discovery of the sperm bank, all they had to do was clean up their vaginal area after self-stimulation.

Trevor had to hurry, he pressed the buttons so that the chair went horizontal as his second appendage started searching for a place to go. It wouldn't take long for it to decide to enter his vagina since nothing else was available. For the Baryons, their first appendage was rarely used for actual penetration. There were those times both were used, but it was more pleasurable to leave the one out of anything. The chair barely settled when his second appendage found its hideaway and began its throbbing entry to his vagina. When the head popped in his first appendage burst its sticky goo into the tube, making Trevor shudder with delight, his muscular hairless body convulsing in the chair, pushing the goo for over five minutes of pure pleasure.

Trevor used his hands to touch his body all over. He could feel the second appendage start to grow, it would continue to grow until it filled up his vagina and begin his throbbing, pulsing in and out motion until it couldn't take it anymore and explode inside him. The sperm of the second appendage was different from that of the first. The second appendage sperm was an aphrodisiac that created a much more pleasing effect on the body, taking them to a higher platform than any human could understand. Although his ancestors had mated with humans hundreds of years before, Trevor's group had no practical experience with them or the Sigmas. The Sigmas felt that it was not in the best interests of the self-contained Baryons, and the humans, being a more sexually orientated species, took advantage of their ancestors.

Trevor's grunting, groaning and laughter filled the command center with sound. His body had taken over its natural instinct and without touching his appendages they began their assigned duty of pleasure without help. Trevor's muscles convulsed, gyrated, prodded, throbbed and tickled his body while the probing of the second appendage pounded his vagina in and out almost a ten inches at a time. The second explosion came from his second appendage sending Trevor flying out of his command chair. He grabbed the armrests to keep from hitting the floor. "Oh Cura!" he yelped and the electrified living sperm tingled his body to the point near hallucination.

Because of that, his first appendage shuddered and sent out a second volley of sperm making his muscles, now almost numb from usage, push his sperm out of both canals in the throes of a happiness only the Baryons could handle. Four hours later, Trevor was literally wasted. His first appendage, although still erect stopped it's shuddering. The second appendage, although finished, would stay swollen inside him for at least another hour. The Sigmas rightfully surmised that it stayed in place to hold the sperm inside the vagina to impregnate the recipient. If they could impregnate themselves, the Baryons would constantly be having babies. It was hardly over for Trevor. Baryons could feel their organs producing sperm to fill up their holding organs, another pleasurable sensation to say the least. As sexual beings, the humanoid types had nothing to compare it to. The Sigmas who had studied the Baryons were in awe of this scene and more than once had several ejaculations of their own watching them.

The command chair's heater kicked on to keep Trevor's body warm as his body began to cool down. Trevor's mouth was just a broad smile showing his teeth in a sweet way, his face was angelic, the hair on his head wet with post-adolescent sweat. He could hear Hillary on the com, "Not bad Trevor, almost sixteen ounces on the first appendage, you are almost a man."

Trevor turned red, he had forgotten Hillary was in the medical lab. He heard the others giggle and laugh. A full adult would produce over sixty-four ounces. He had years before that would happen. Trevor turned the com on, "You are too nosey for your own good Hillary."

"I have to keep my eye on you youngsters. I can't have you worn out all the time. Take your time though Trevor, we are all too busy to have any fun."

Trevor turned his microphone off again, "All of them are karacks." The hallucinations kicked in and he forgot about their teasing. He sat in his warm chair and grinned using his hands to feel his body. If he were in actual sexual contact with another, it would happen without him touching himself. Self-stimulation didn't give one a chance to feel someone else, so you felt yourself. His hands caressed his muscular body until exhausted, he fell asleep

Phillip looked at his work, "Cute little creatures for looking similar to rats," he mused. He incased the robot rat into a pod and sent it out of the ship, destined for the planet, not far from the aboriginal village. Once there the rat would cover the area until it found a suitable place for the bio sphere to habitat.  Phillip heard the grinding of metal from below, "Robert is that you? You are making a lot of noise in the hold."

"The stupid belly of this thing was deeper than I thought, nothing was broken just a little scraping, came the reply.

Phillip laughed, "It is a good thing Trevor is out of it or he would get really upset over you scratching up his toy."

"Yay ya ya, he gets upset over everything."

"Come on boys be nice, he is five years younger than you." Karl quipped.

"Oh listen to baby Karl stick up for Trevor. Isn't that a change?" Robert shot back.

Karl was two years younger than Hillary, Phillip and Robert. He was also the one that got stuck with the dirty work because of his age. Yes, Trevor was younger, but he was also the leader, so he managed to get out of the menial tasks. "That is enough boys." Hillary said over the com, "We are all equal, and have the same knowledge, and in sexual situations none of you can control yourselves better than the young ones."

Robert strapped the starship in place, and whispered, "Oh coming from the medical officer who pops his sperm tank says a lot."

The other laughed. Hillary said nothing. It was true, more than once Hillary got over excited and her robust ejaculation blew off the hose making her one of the messiest Baryons in their group.

With their work done, Karl and Robert left the cargo bays and locked them down. They headed for the control room when Phillip joined them in the hallway, "Don't you think you should give the baby a little more time? It hasn't even been an hour since he finished."

Karl laughed, "Like he would give us any time alone, knowing what we had done."

Phillip grinned, "You are right, let's go in and see him screwing himself. That will make his day. He won't be able to look anyone in the eye for hours."



Admiral Covington looked at the preliminary report. He spoke to the room, "Damn Baryons sent all the information to the Sigmas. I told you they would General Houseman."

General Bush laughed, "Oh come on, was there any doubt? It's not the Sigmas we need to worry about, they are too far away. It's the Baryons. They have information on us only they would have the knowledge to manipulate. It was I that told all of you that. No, you had to ask them to send the Baryons to meet with an unknown race, a race that probably killed our own people. Those Baryon's will have a field day with the information they gathered, and you all knew they would so don't be blaming each other for your stupidity. I said we should send a rescue ship, not land, and get our ship back. You said the Sigmas were closer. None of us knew they would send a Baryon ship to the planet. Your problem now gentlemen, is what will the Baryons do? They haven't been the greatest allies when it comes to appropriation of planets."

The men in the room, nor all the scientists they had, knew anything about the Baryons. The Sigmas had hidden all information about them. The humans did not even know how many there were. Colonel White spoke, "This would be a good time to send a science vessel with a few warships and study the Baryons. They are away from their home planet, we know where they are for the first time."

The Admiral smiled, "According to the report they will be there until they hear from us. That is a good idea Colonel. How fast can we get there?"

"We have science vessel at Z-23 and a few warships scattered in nearby galaxies, three years at the max." White smiled.

The Admiral frowned, "We have months and you are talking about years?"

Colonel White turned red, "It was just a suggestion Admiral sir."

"We have anything that can get there in a couple of months?" the general asked.

"The warship Sagittarius is in the same galaxy. They could probably make it in two or three months, but they do not have a science officer, or staff."

"Do they have someone that could pose as an ambassador and try to get to know the Baryons?" General Bush asked.

Colonel White pulled out his computer and checked, "No sir they do not. It is strictly a warship and nothing else."

Bush turned to Covington, "What about the captain?"

The Admiral ignored the question, "We have already sent orders to several ships. I will explain later why it is senseless to even imagine it." Covington frowned, "We would have to be careful with what his orders are. The last one I gave him was not clear enough, He blew the hell out of a Parin warship. He got away with it and I got reprimanded for ineffective orders. He is a hardliner, and would have no problem exterminating the Baryon ship if he thought that was an option. In this case it may just be, but I would rather not take that chance. The Sigmas would go to war, they would lose, but it would cost most of our fleet."

General Houseman stood up and went to the star map and looked carefully as the others continued talking, "You know, based on what we can see here, the Sigmas have several warships in that area, not in that star system, but in the galaxy. Can the Sagittarius find out where the Baryon ship came from? They sure didn't start at Sigma."

"Even if they did it would take months to get the information to us. We do not have the abilities that the Sigmas have." White stated.

"I don't think the Sigmas have the communications abilities that you think they do. It took two years for them to ratify an agreement with us to send the Baryons there. How long did it take for the ratification, and have it sent to us?" Houseman asked.

Covington opened a folder on the floor next to his desk, "April, which means it took them three months to get the information to us."

"Yet the Baryons transmitted their position at the planet within hours. No, I think the Baryons are on their own out there. We know the Sigmas do not have a ship that fast, nor the communications to send and receive as fast as the Baryons. The Baryons have the communication skills to send and receive in minutes I am betting. I wonder how fast their ship is. We know that the Sigmas recently began a faster deep space travel, but not a galactic or star system travel. We have a galaxy and star system ability but our deep space program is in a word, faulty. How long do you suppose it would take the Baryons to get to Earth?" Houseman asked.

Everyone looked dumbfounded, no one knew anything about the Baryons, so how could they guess at how fast their ship could travel. Houseman continued, "We have for centuries based our drives and experiments on the writings of science fiction authors, hoping that one of them was correct. Usually it has been someone without a science degree that made the off-the-wall judgments that we experimented with. What we found is that they were right about more than space. What if their answers to deep space and other things were correct?"

"Yes we can discuss that another time dear general. Right now we have to supply orders to the Baryons and get a ship to them, we can call it a support ship." Covington frowned.

Houseman sighed, "You are missing the point. What if we were able to get the Baryons to come here?"

"What ruse could we use to get them here, and I mean one that they would believe?" Covington asked.

"We have think tanks that come up with answers like that. I can't pull one out of a hat. Get the think tanks on it. In the meantime, we have weeks to figure out what we are going to do. You read the report, that being sucked the life out of the captain. What was the captain having sex with it for in the first place? They look disgusting."

Bush laughed, "Admiral bring up the view screen and let him look at a live one."

Covington frowned, "That may not be a good idea."

Bush looked at him, "Just have them sit down and keep their hands on the table."

Covington did not like the idea, but he gave the orders. The lights went down and the view-screen lit up. Covington shuffled through files until he brought up the one he was looking for, the opened the folder, "Show images of C6198 beings."

For those that had never seen the beings before they were in shock. They were looking at what could only be angelic children, naked with a glow about their personas. It took several minutes for the group to catch their breath. Houseman who was barely audible asked, "What of the adults?"

Covington could not see the man in the dark, but answered, "This particular one is at least 88 years old. The crew of the Science frigate Gateway followed him for that long."

"What do the girls look like?" White asked.

"They are both girls and boys at the same time. That is why we do not understand why there are only seven-hundreds of them. It defies anything we know. They look human, have the same skin, the same diseases, the medicines they use are being tested now. We have plenty of samples. We can only guess that they are all in the last years of their lives and cannot reproduce," Covington explained.

"Yet they all look like they are between the ages of ten and fourteen." Bush added. It was unnecessary everyone could see what they looked like. The room became quiet.

Covington went to another frame which was a video, "Here they are during playtime. They climb trees build small forts. In the winter months they have snowball fights and sledding similar to ours. They are normal, adults with a child's idea of fun. They even play pranks on each other. They take turns cooking, which are almost always steamed vegetables with spices."

"Do they always have hard-ons?" Houseman frowned as if he didn't enjoy what he was seeing.

Bush answered, "From what the reports we received say, it only happens when they are around other beings. Once they pass each other, it subsides very quickly. We think it may be a warning, or even a hello. We haven't found much evidence of sex, but they note that it has been seen in one form or the other. We are guessing it is to relieve any pressure they have built up."

White was flushed, "I have seen enough. They look like little boys here on earth. If the population got a hold of this film we would be in trouble with the entire alliance for not sharing it."

Covington sighed, "That is the next problem. The Baryons will not destroy any species, we are not sure why yet. That means we have to pay for the Baryons to move them to another planet, but the planets in this system are all planets we want to excavate. We want to colonize this planet. The animal population is not large so we would have to transport herds. The wildlife people would like that, because the predator people that kill them off would not be present. With trained, proper officials and security, only the meat needed to survive would be taken. By enlarging the herds as the colony grows, there will be an abundant supply."

"Then what is the problem?" White asked.

"The Baryons are the problem. We have no idea how they are going to react to this new species. As far as we know they could quarantine the planet. Which means the Sigmas will back them."

"But that quadrant belongs to us!" Bush shouted.

Covington turned on the lights and looked at the man, "We have no colonies in that galaxy and very few ships."

"Neither do the Sigmas!" Bush shot back.

"No, but the Sigmas can colonize that planet and the planets around it before we can even put a fleet together," Covington explained, "Basically no one owns it because no one realized it was there, until two-hundred years ago, and it took us one hundred years back and forth with reports to even decide if it was worth our time. The aboriginals down there were not even found until the second hundred years. What we didn't understand when we asked for help is that the Baryons could get there in days, instead of years. That was a ploy on our part to get them away from Sigma."

"A ploy?" Houseman asked.

"We thought that if a few warships and a science vessels were to meet them, that we could get a first-hand look at their technology. They are a pretty na´ve group from what little we heard from the Sigmas. We sent out the orders to those ships weeks ago, and they are en route, but if White is correct, the Baryons will have accomplished their orders and left the area long before that."

"You could have told me that in the first place." White sighed.

"I was hoping there were ships I overlooked." Covington replied. "What I need from this group is alternatives if the Baryons do not see things our way, without starting a Universal war."

"Universal?" Houseman asked, "The Sigmas are not in any alliance!"

Bush rubbed his chin, "What on earth are you talking about Houseman? They still have galactic friends. Those spider ships for one. The ones that scare our crews to utter immobility. Then they have those green things whatever they are called."

"Hasions." White interjected.

Bush looked at the colonel, then at Covington, "Maybe we should send the Boy Scout to Sigma and have him personally meet the Baryons?"

White started to say something and Covington replied before the man could comment, "White is a part of my staff. I do have a rear Admiral that is putting together a team. Most of us will be dead by the time that team gets to Sigma, but at least future generations will know more. In the meantime, we need to find a way to get the Baryons here. Let's hope the Baryons see things our way. If they know what we planned on doing to the people and planet we would be in trouble."

"What are we going to do with the people and the planet?" Bush asked.

Covington frowned, "That gentlemen is not our concern. However, based on everything we know, they will probably dissect all seven hundred to find out everything we can, in case we run into more of them in the future. Let's not forget, when we get the Baryons here, the same will happen to them, and we will have their ship.  Our responsibility is to colonize the planet they are on and the surrounding inhabitable planets."