Warning: this story describes sexual situations.


Raymond had been asleep for about an hour. He had just taken the last of his final exams, and was dead tired. He slept dreamlessly and peacefully. unbeknownst to him strong energy beam was being aim at him, through the very roof of his home. The beam itself was totally invisible, and could easily penetrate solid matter.

Raymond was awakened by a slight draft in the room. As he slowly regained consciousness, he realized two other things. One, he was lying on a cold metal surface, and two, HE WAS STARK NAKED. He was soon fully awaked and looked around. His surroundings were totally foreign to him. "What the hell?" He uttered to himself.

No longer was he in the comfortable surroundings of his bedroom, but in the confines of some kind of cell.

The slowly picked himself up off the cold floor. A single light was shining up above his head. A million though ran through Raymond's mind. None of which could explain where he was or how he'd gotten there. Suddenly he heard movement at the door. "Hello!" The door slides open and two shadowy figures enter the room. Raymond can not tell who they are in the darkness but they look big.

They grab Raymond by either arm, the boy struggles to get free. "Let go! What're you doing." one of the figure injects something into the boy's neck. He feel a sharp prick, and then nothing. His entire body falls limp. The figures drag Raymond's lifeless sky clad body out of the room. "Where are you taking me?" Raymond thinks to himself, but he's helpless to form the words. He soon finds himself in a large, circular room. In the center is what appears to be an operating table. The spot light hung around the room are all focused on the table.

Raymond is dragged to the table, where his limp form is strapped down. In the light he can see his captors are also nude and INHUMAN. Before Raymond can even process the sight of them, they disappear back into the darkness. The lower half of the table splits open, spreading apart, Raymond's legs. He means to struggles, but is still unable to.

The table is tilted slightly, and Raymond see's another figure approaching him. This one is pushing a machine of some type. The figure stops Justin front of the table. Only the machine, which appears to be a laser, is visible in the light, but Raymond assumes that yet another "monster" operating it.

He hears the sound of keys being punches, and a voice crocking in an unfamiliar language. The barrel of the laser lights up, and blast of electrical sparks rips forth. The blast is aimed directly at Raymond's genitals. A pain like none he's ever felt runs through him, nut he is powerless to move or even scream. His testicles tighten and his penis erects, dripping with fluid. After what seemed like hours the pain stops.

Raymond feels someone touching his tender organs, as if examining them. Shortly after, another shot of electricity and pain shoots through him. This time aimed at his exposed anus. His penis becomes painfully hard, as his about to explode. Just when Raymond thinks he's going to faint, the pain stops. Sweat covers his body. He realizes his mobility is slowly returning.

He feels something being placed around his penis. He's just able to move his head. Raymond sees a green dwarf, with an insect-like head placing a tube around his erect cock. The dwarf returns to the machine and presses another series of buttons. Raymond feels a strong suction on his cock. It feels though his manhood were being ripped off. Soon the biggest orgasm of his life passes through him. He shoots his seed into the tube, and passes out.

When he awakes later, he's once again fully mobile, still nude, and back in his cell. He's left to ponder where he is and what will happen to him next.