By Vic James

Copyright 2013 by Vic James



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This story is fiction. None of the characters are based on real people.

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I saw a family of Dogs. There was a father, a mother, and two kids. They were going into an ice cream shop.

"Hey, Digger," a Gorilla said as he approached us.

"Hello there," he said to me, grinning. He looked at lot like Digger. I wondered if it was his brother.


"My name's Dack."

He put his hand out and I shook it.

"I'm Eric."

"I haven't seen you before."

Dack was wearing shorts, too. His were much shorter than Digger's. Soon they were full, and then his cock began expanding out of a leg of his shorts. In just a few seconds, several centimeters were visible. It kept growing. I gasped.

"I love it when they gasp!"

"We are in a bit of a hurry. Eric is expecting a delivery."

"Of the penile sort?" Dack asked.

I laughed.

"No, it's furniture," I told him.

"Ah. Will you be at the club this evening?"

I nodded.

"I will see you there."

We kept walking.

I looked at Digger. He didn't seem upset about my reaction to Dack. Then I realized I would see Dack naked at the club, so it really made no difference when I saw his erection. But Stefan would be there, and I would see his erection, too.

"Does it pop out like that all the time?" I asked.

"No. He liked the way you look. You are going to see that a lot tonight. Males will walk up to say hello and grow erect."

"Why did it bother you that Stefan showed my pictures of his cock when I will see it tonight, anyway?"


I waited for more.

He sighed.

"Stefan is the marrying kind. Dack just wants to fuck you. I don't have to worry about him taking you away, even if you let him fuck you. Stefan is a threat. He's less of a threat now that I told you how I feel about you."

"I won't know which are which."

"Yes, you will. The romantic ones will want to have sex with you in the bar, but they will also ask you on dates. If they say anything about your hair, they're madly in love with you."

I laughed.


"Yes. They're smitten."

"I don't want to smite anyone."

"Then please don't. I've been assuming you want a monogamous relationship," Digger said.


"If you ever did want just sex with someone one else, it wouldn't bother me. And if your father is the only reason you want to be monogamous, you might want to give a little thought to what you want."

I thought about that. Did I want Dack to fuck me before I went to bed with Digger?

"Or, if you wanted, we could have a three-way."

I imagined sucking Dack while Digger fucked me. That was a very erotic thought. Then I thought of both of them shooting inside me at the same time, and I felt my cock throb. Having a three-way had never even occurred to me before. But my life was changing and I was happy about the changes. In fact, I was happier than I had ever been. I tried to separate my religious training from my intellect. Or my father from Digger. Were those the same things? I decided that in some ways they were. I wanted a monogamous relationship with someone. But did I want it only because my father insisted it was the only way? Another thought I had was that it might be possessiveness. Did I want to possess my spouse? I knew for certain that I needed to loosen up sexually. I was going to be working in a sex club! Maybe I should try something once, just so I could say to myself that my father didn't control my sex life. Many people experimented sexually before deciding what they wanted, I knew that for a fact, just from talking to friends. Had my father decided what I wanted? I had asserted myself enough to tell him I was gay. I never regretted it. One thing I knew with absolute certainty, regardless of who I did or didn't have sex with, was that I didn't want to find myself feeling morally superior to customers in the club. Feeling morally superior was my father's job. He loved it. It made him happy. It didn't make me happy. Then I reminded myself once again that I didn't want to feel morally superior to my father, either. I didn't want to play that game at all. If the customers in the club were happy, I was happy for them. My father was happy with his delusions about me and I let him enjoy them.

"Do you think it would help our relationship if I was more experimental, sexually?"

"Hmm." He thought for a moment. "I don't know. I was thinking it might be better for you personally, if your father is the reason you aren't. I don't want you to think you have to have a three-way to make me happy. If you want monogamy, it's fine with me. It's a better deal for me than for you."

"Why? I thought just the opposite."

"You could have sex with me, Dack, and Stefan, and all the other attractive Beasts. I would have sex with you. There's no one else I want to have sex with. Harold is the only one completely available. Good looking humans leave circulation quickly. You saw how Stefan acted. He knew he was competing with me and had to act fast. But I want you to do what will make you happy. Not make your father happy or me happy. I'll be happy if you are around.

"I understand. You want me to be free to do what I want."

"Right. And I want you to break free of your father. That would make me happy."

I smiled at him. "I'll think about it. I think if I was going to experiment, I would want you there. A three-way, maybe."

"That's fine. Did you have any ideas?"

"I don't know if I should say when I'm not certain."

"It doesn't hurt to talk about it. It's not final until all three of you are naked in the same room."

"You're right. I was thinking it might be fun to suck Dack while you fuck me."

I looked at his face closely. He nodded, but I couldn't tell what he thought of the idea.

"Bad idea?"

"It's a wonderful idea, if you want to do it. I get to fuck you. What more could I want?"

"Ice cream?"

He laughed.

"Yes, Eric. After every three-way, we will have ice cream."

"Yippee! My father never let me have it then."

He laughed.

"What a surprise!"

We were approaching my apartment complex. I called Em.

"This is Em."

"Hi, Em. It's Eric. I met someone."

She screamed.

"The thing is, I'm going to move to a cheaper place next door to him. Maybe someday we will merge."

"Is that a euphemism for sex, because if it is, you better not use that word around him. It's not at all erotic." I laughed. "He might think you are weird.

"I am. He knows. He even knows about the frog."

"You told him? You idiot!"

"But I meant my new apartment is next to his. The apartments would merge."

"Uh. OK."

I laughed. "So it doesn't make sense. How often do I? We are going to pick up a few things. Are you at home?"


"I want you to meet him."

"I can't wait!"

"We are getting on the lift now."


She hung up.

We got off the lift and Em was waiting.

"Jackpot, Eric."

"I know. I was so lucky to find such a healthy guy with such poor eyesight."

"Does he always talk bad about himself?" Digger asked her.

"He wants to say it before his father does," Em said.

"That makes sense," Digger said.

He held out his hand. They introduced themselves.

"You look so familiar, Digger. I guess I've seen you around."

Then Em blushed. She laughed.

"It was at The Wild Life."

"I remember you very well," Digger said. "I found out that someone I would never have suspected it of was bisexual."

She laughed.

"I wasn't interested," she said.

"Did you take your clothes off?" I asked her.

"No. We used to have a happy hour where people could come just to drink," Digger said. "They didn't have to undress."

"You stopped it?"

"Yes. It was annoying some of the regulars and we weren't making much money off it."

I nodded. I didn't think the regulars were there to stand around in clothes looking at females.

We entered my apartment. Digger pulled me into his arms and kissed me. While we kissed, he touched my meme.

"I want you to look at my pictures while we kiss."

I did and I groaned. His cock was perfect.

"Better than Dack's?"

"Yes," I said subvocalized as we kissed.



While I sucked on his tongue, I looked at the pictures he had sent me.

"I took these when we got back from Attica. I took them for you, Eric."

"Oh, Digger."

I wrapped my arms around him. I felt his powerful, hairy back. I caressed his back with my hands while we kissed.

"Your father cheated you out of many things. If I didn't already hate him, I would for what he has done to you. He cheated you out of a normal childhood, he robbed your self-esteem, and he tried to prevent you from having an exciting sex life. Why should everyone but you be allowed to do whatever they want with consenting adults? You are so repressed. I want to help, but I don't want to pull you into something you fear or hate."

"I don't think I will fear it, if you are with me. I'll stop if I hate it."

"Will you? Or will you keep doing it to make me happy? I want to make you happy. I know we just met, but not only am I falling in love with you, I feel I can help you. I don't mean financially with the job or the apartment. I mean I can help you come to appreciate how others see you. Em knows you well. I can tell how much she loves you. I don't know you well, but I am beginning to love you and I know I want to take care of you. You took care of a frog. I want to take care of someone who would do that. Not in a controlling way, like your father. I want you to stand on my shoulders and see the world as it is. It isn't just the Zone that is beautiful. I almost cried when you said the reason you jumped when I spoke to you was because you were afraid of your father. It reminded me of a little dog we adopted when I was young. His owner had beaten him until any hand movement terrified him. I worked with him until he was past that, and you know what? He was a truly wonderful animal, full of love. And that wasn't just my opinion. Two of my friends tried to trade me things for him. Why didn't his owner see how special he was? He was probably like your father."

Any chance I had of not falling head over heels in love with Digger was gone. I could just picture him with that dog, and I would have loved him if that was all I knew about him. But in addition to his kindness, he was sexy and generous.

"I don't want to live in the apartment next to you. When can I move in with you?"

"Are you sure?"

"If either of us feels it was a mistake, I can move into the apartment then."

He nodded.

"Today. Now. I want you in my bed."

"Let's cancel the furniture."

"I'll do it. Do you want to listen?"

"No. Stefan will probably be annoyed. I would be, if I was the salesman."

I rested my head on his shoulder while he called. I was very happy. I loved Digger intensely, but I wasn't ready to admit it, yet.

I could feel Digger's erection pressing against me.

"It's done."

"Thank you. Was he angry?"

"He was until I told him you were moving in with me. Then he was furious."

I looked at Digger. He was grinning.

"If uncontrollable lust was to overcome me tonight, would it be scandalous to stroke you in the club."

"Yes. They will want to see cocksucking and fucking. Masturbation they can watch in a mirror at home."

I laughed.

"But it is a sex club, so you can do what you want sexually. If you want me to fuck you there, I will. You can suck me there. If you want to stroke Dack or suck him, you can. If we have a three-way, I wouldn't do it in the club. Others would try to participate and we'd end up with a chaotic seven-way—or worse. I'm much more concerned about you falling in love with someone else, than having sex with someone else."

I nodded.

Digger put his hands on my butt.

"This is mine."

I grinned and nodded.

"Do you suck?"

I grinned. "I love sucking! I love it!"

"Good. My last lover didn't."

"I shocked a few partners by swallowing. I didn't seem the type, they said."

"Maybe your father forgot to tell you not to eat semen."

I laughed. "I'm sure he never mentioned it! That must be it!"

"So I guess I won't have to pull out."

"Nope. Never. Every drop goes in one end or the other."

He grinned at me.

"I'm very glad you want it. I find it very hot that you do. Some guys find it disgusting."

"Oh. I know. I dated one of them."

"Me, too," Digger said. "You aren't completely inhibited."

"No. Just mostly. I have had sex."

"Well, we'll work on it, if you want."


We gathered my things and loaded them in the hopper. Since the apartment was furnished, that was clothes, toiletries, and food. We decided to throw most of the food out. The zapper was full when we headed to Digger's place. I changed my legal address to his apartment. Then we got everything unpacked. I laughed when I opened Digger's closet. There was an empty hanger, hanging, and that was all.

"Where do you keep your tuxedos?" I asked him.

He went into a drawer and pulled out a bow tie. He pressed it to his neck.

"This is me, formal."

I laughed.

I hung my clothes up. I bent over to arrange my shoes when I heard a grunt. I turned my head and watched Digger rub the lump in his shorts.

"Good view?"

"The best! You are going to let me fuck you, aren't you?"

"Both ends. I prefer oral sex, I guess, but I like getting fucked. And I want to be under you."

He grinned.

"And tomorrow?"

"Yes. Definitely. If you want, we can do it today."

"No. I don't want you to be my lover until tomorrow. That way, you can fool around in the club without feeling guilty."

That was so unlikely, that it wasn't worth considering. Have anonymous Bestiality with multiple partners and not feel guilty? But it was a considerate thing to do. I nodded.

We kissed for a while. Then he took me down to the club.

He called out to Harold. There was a customer kissing him.

I heard groans from the other direction. We walked into another room. A flik was playing on one wall. Digger sat and I sat next to him.

"Do you want to watch for a while?"


"I'm going to take my shorts off, if you don't mind."

I laughed.


"You said you could smell my lust."

"I know. But I don't want to push you."

"OK. Just push your shorts down."

He grinned and did that. I pulled mine off. Then I pulled my shirt off, too.

He sat back down and I did, too. He pulled me over and I leaned against him. He kissed the side of my head.

A Chimp was fucking the shit out of a human.

"Do you want to leave?" Digger asked.

"Uh. No. I don't think so."

"I didn't want you to be shocked tonight."

The human getting fucked seemed dazed, but happy. I watched the Chimp hold the human by the waist with his hands while he fucked him while standing. The human's arms and legs dangled off the ground while he was impaled by the Chimp's huge, beautiful cock. I found that raw strength incredibly erotic. Digger had it. I glanced down at Digger's crotch. He was erect. So was I. While the Chimp was still standing, he spun the human on his cock so that the man was facing him. The man wrapped his legs around the Chimp's waist, and the furious fuck continued. Finally, the Chimp fucked him on a bed before shooting an enormous amount of cum all over his face and into his open mouth. He then thrust his cock back inside his partner's ass and an interior video showed the semen shooting out and painting the man's pink colon white. His colon was very brightly lit, and the semen glistened. The camera turned to show a pool of semen at the bottom of his colon. I stared open mouthed at the vid on the wall. I had never seen anything as hot in my life. I couldn't believe the amount of cum that shot out. I turned and looked at Digger.

"You can close your mouth, now," he said, grinning. I did. "I think you enjoyed that."

"It was unbelievable! Why have I been watching human porn?"

"The Chimp's name is Alek. He is my best friend. He's here almost every night. He sells a lot of sex fliks."

"I bet! I bet every person except me who sees one wants to dump their spouse."

He chuckled.

"I am glad you excluded yourself."

He pinched one of my nipples.

"The cumshots got you hottest."

"I guess so."

"Are you uncomfortable with all this?"

"No, Digger. Not in the least."

"Good. If you get uncomfortable, tell me."

I nodded.

"You said you liked to eat cum. Did you wish Alek was shooting into your mouth?"

I gulped.


"What about me?" I groaned. "Do you want me to come like that? Would you eat my load?"

"Yes," I said, softly. "Yes. God, yes! I told you that earlier."

"I wanted to make sure before I fill your mouth with spunk."

"Oh, god, Digger. I want it!"

"Then I'm going to feed you, baby. As often as you'll let me." I groaned. "I'll give you want you want. I've been told my balls make a tasty cream."

"Oh, god, Digger!"

"You know how to get it."

I looked at his cock. It was dripping. I gulped.

"Whenever you want it, you just let me know. If you want to drink in private, we'll find some place. I've been jacking off three times a day. I'm so tired of it."

"That's a crime."

"I've been flushing my loads down the toilet."

"Don't do that."


"I want it."

"That often?"

"Yes. Like you said, we'll find someplace for me to--drink."

I looked at the video and groaned. There was a human with three Gorillas. Two of the Apes were trying to get their cocks in his mouth. There was a closeup of the human's tongue running over both cock heads. Then a big glob of precum oozed out of one Gorilla cock. I groaned. I wanted it. Digger's cock was leaking precum...

"You are oral," Digger said.


Digger sighed. He sighed again when I took the head of his cock into my mouth. I stroked the shaft while I sucked on the end.

"That's it. I guess you didn't want to wait until tomorrow."

I didn't. He had me hotter than I had ever been in my life.

I could taste his precum.

"Nice!" I heard a voice say. I thought it was Jack. I kept sucking.

"Stroke faster," he whispered. I did.

"Yes, Eric. Yes. Damn, that's nice."

Digger began rubbing my belly.

"You want my jizz in there?"

I moaned.

"I'm close, Eric. Are you sure you want it?"

I moaned again. Then Digger groaned and came. I thought he was going to shoot the back of my head out. His first shot hit so hard it tingled. I swallowed and another shot filled my mouth. Digger continued rubbing my belly while he filled it. I had my eyes closed. I was completely contented, swallowing what he gave me. And it was tasty. He wasn't just saying that. I remembered the time I sucked my boyfriend Dirk. He was so shocked when I kept him from pulling out of my mouth. Afterwards, he made me wash my mouth out and then he still wouldn't kiss me. Digger was who I needed. I was one of the lucky ones, finally. I continued swallowing until it slowed, then stopped. He shot a really big load. I wondered if he always did. His cock didn't soften. I pulled off.

"More, later?"

He laughed.

"You bet, baby! I want to make you come now."

"No. Once I do, I will lose interest for a few hours."

"OK. How did you like it?"

"I loved it. I love you. I love your spunk. It tastes sweeter."

"Than human?"


"All Beast cum is sweeter than most humans'. There might be a reason for that. Did you know Dr. Rosenbloom is gay?"

"No. I had no idea!"

"His lover is a Chimp named Daniel, so maybe it was deliberate. Anyway, Alek would love to feed you, too. It doesn't have to be a fantasy or something you watch in a porn flik. You would both like it. Well, you would like it. Alek would love it."

"I would love it, too."

"Don't forget you don't have a lover tonight."

"That's what you think!"

Digger laughed.

"Oh, I do?"


"Well, I'm delighted. But if you want to suck Alek or get a facial, please do it. No one here will be sorry. You will be happy, Alek will be happy, and my customers will be happy. And anything that makes my lover, best friend, and customers happy will make me happy. And on top of all that, it will make my cock hard. And then maybe you'll suck me again. Or let me fuck you."

"I will."

"You know, I expected you to be very vanilla sexually, considering how you were raised. You aren't. You have a little kink in there, don't you? I'm not complaining, of course," he said, as he rubbed my head.

"I guess. Maybe it comes from learning about sex from porn. I've watched a lot."

"Or the type of porn. In any case, I am delighted. But don't push yourself past your comfort point. I don't mind you having boundaries to what you want to do sexually. Everyone has them, and yours are already broader than most humans'. I just think those boundaries should be yours, not your father's."

"I don't have trouble being kind of wild with people I know. My big problem is meeting them. I've never had the nerve to pick anyone up. The two times guys picked me up in bars, I could barely speak to them at first, but by the time we got home, I was practically attacking them. Em says I assume everyone hates me. That's why I have trouble."

"You can attack me as often as you like."

I chuckled.

I tilted my head back to look at him.

"I love you, Digger."

"I love you. More each and every minute. Just think, in two hours, I will love you twice as much as I do now."

I laughed.

"We should create a chart of your love!" He laughed. "Will it be a linear slope, or exponential?"


I looked at the video again. The man with the three Gorillas sure seemed happy. One Gorilla was fucking his mouth, another his ass, and the third was sucking him. Digger stroked my hair while we watched. I stroked Digger slowly. Digger's cock leaked and I licked it, occasionally.

He pulled on one of my nipples. I sighed.

"Are you in any of these fliks?"

"None that are shown in here. I made one with Alek once."


"Does that upset you?"

"I'm not sure, really. I don't feel upset, but I don't want to watch you fuck anyone else. Especially before you fuck me. Was it the two of you with a human bottom?"


"Was it a boyfriend?"

"No. He was a stranger. Does it bother you that I've had a lot of sex?"

"No. I think it appeals to me. I'm flattered you chose me. If I was your first, I wouldn't feel as flattered."

"I'm glad you feel that way. Unlike you, I never agonized over sex."

"I figured that. Only Neo-Puritans do. But why don't you show your video here?"

"I think it would make it seem like I'm available, and normally I'm not."


I sure was wrong about Digger and his sex club. I imagined he was having sex with every customer every night. Instead, he was jacking off into a toilet.

I sighed.

"What are you thinking, Eric? I don't know you well enough to know."

"I'm very happy and I love you."

He bent over and kissed me.

I thought about what I wanted, besides Digger's love. We both knew I liked Alek's cock and wanted to have sex with him. I loved Digger's big, beautiful cock, but I loved Alek's too, and it seemed I would make everyone happy just by enjoying it. Well, everyone but my father. I wasn't sure yet that I would allow myself to do that. But not enjoying Alek's cock would only make my father happy. I stopped trying to make him happy long ago.

"What are you thinking about, Eric?"

"How I would be a fool not to enjoy Alek's cock. The only person who would be glad if I don't is my father."

"It's probably true."

"I'm tired of being afraid. And I want to get rid of my father's boundaries."

"I think you are doing that just fine. Look at us. Look at what we are doing. You had sex with a Beast and you don't seem to regret it."

"I don't. Maybe you are right."

"I think you are just painfully shy, and you have a very natural fear of your father. I don't blame you for that. Your father strikes fear and hate into many hearts. You feel safe enough with me that you can be yourself."

"That's true. I do feel safe. You could lift my father with your pinkie."

"Who is this?" I heard a voice say.

I looked up. It was a naked man. I watched him become erect. I was surprised that I wasn't embarrassed to be naked, too. Maybe it was because all three of us were.

"Hi, Jack. This is Eric."

"Are you the bartender?" I asked him.

He nodded.

We shook hands.

Jack was attractive, but a little overweight.

"Eric is living with me," Digger said.

Jack's mouth fell open. I had to laugh.

"It was bound to happen eventually," Jack said.

"How did you do it?" Jack asked me.

"I played hard to get for a whole hour."

They laughed.

"Does Harold know?"

"Not everything. Eric is going to handle the books, the taxes, and fill in as needed. He's an accountant."

"Where did you work before?"

"Merrick Investments."

"Oh, a big company."

"Yeah. This company seems to be a little smaller, but I like my boss more."

Jack and Digger laughed.

"I've got to go get dressed," Jack said.

I frowned.

"He means a cock ring."

I laughed.

"Will I meet your lover tonight?"

"Yes. He'll be here in about an hour. He's here every evening. He works days, so if he didn't, we wouldn't see much of each other."

"Oh. That's nice," I said.

"Plus he makes a little money."


"Jack and Les have sex in here for the enjoyment of the customers," Digger said.

"And our enjoyment," Jack added.

"I'll see you, Eric."


He walked off.

"If you are paying Les to have sex, does that mean customers aren't having sex with each other?"

"Not enough. Not enough bottoms."

He said softly, "You may find this hard to believe, but some of my customers aren't fond of Harold."


"They can watch Jack's lover fuck him while they jack off. Sometimes they take requests, you know, customers ask them to do something specific—with each other."

I nodded.

So much for my mental image of a roomful of naked Beasts having sex. Instead there might be a roomful of unhappy naked Beasts.

"We really need human bottoms. Do you know any who would be interested?"

"No. Sorry. I don't have a lot of friends. Mostly just Em. Switching jobs so often doesn't help."

I thought about it.

"Can you advertise?"

"Yes, but we are limited to advertising in adult venues."

"Could you offer free drinks? No. They could lie. Hmm."

"Maybe you will think of something. If not, I may just make this a regular bar."

"You said Alek comes here?"


"Could you advertise that? He must have fans."

"He does. I don't know that he would want me to use his name to pull in customers to my club. He might agree because we are friends, but an endorsement like that is worth a lot of money."


I turned back to the flik being shown. It was a human with two Gorillas. Digger reached over and stroked me.

"Those two can't act," I said.

He laughed. "I doubt they took a single acting lesson."

"I know. Can you imagine either one of them playing Macbeth?"

He laughed.


He leaned down and whispered, "I am going to fuck you when we go to bed."

I groaned. "If anything can keep me alert until three, it's that."

"Good. But you can take a nap, if you want. For that matter, you can go to bed whenever you get too sleepy."

"I'm going to try to stay up with you and sleep when you do. Although I need seven hours of sleep."

"That's fine."

I groaned as I watched a Gorilla in the flik shoot on his partner's face.

"You definitely like that," Digger said softly. "Your lust about doubled."

"Oh, fuck yeah."

I groaned again as the human and the Gorilla wiped the Beast sperm into the human's mouth. I wanted Gorilla cum in my mouth and it was right there for me to take. I began sucking Digger again. Digger reached over and stroked my cock. I held his hand still when I got close. I began stroking him with my hand. I watched the flik while I sucked. A few minutes later, he sighed and came. He shot another big load into my mouth. It tasted just as good. I kept sucking until he pulled me off.

"Climb on my lap, facing me."

I did. He pulled my mouth to his and we kissed. I ran my hands over his head and he had his arms wrapped around me. Everything about Digger seemed perfect to me. How he looked, what he said, how he smelled, and how he thought. I reminded myself that I didn't know him well. Then I thought of his little dog, and decided I knew enough about him. He was a kind, considerate, fun, and sexy male. And I was the luckiest human on the planet.

We pulled apart and smiled at each other.

Digger shook his head, with a broad smile on his face.

"I just can't believe the scared human from Realissmo has already made me come twice."

"I've been needing a hobby."

He laughed. His whole body shook and I bounced.

"Does that mean you might do it again, someday?"

"I don't want you flushing any of your tasty cream."

I was still facing him, on his lap. One of his fingers touched my hole. He ran it around in circle on it.

"Some goes here," he said.

"Yes, Digger."

He sucked on his finger and returned it to my hole. He pushed slightly.


He pushed harder, and his finger slipped inside me.

"Your mouth is mine. Is this?" he asked.

"Yes. All of me."

"You want my cock in here, too?"


"I bet you'd like it if I pulled out sometimes and shot my load on your face."

"Oh, god Yes!"

"Then I'll do that."

I sighed.

"I want to suck you now. Bring your cock to my mouth."

I did and he sucked me while he fucked me with his finger. I don't think I lasted thirty seconds. I had the most powerful orgasm I'd ever had. I knew it was because it was my first orgasm with my lover. That had never been true before. Digger swallowed all of it, and then pulled me down to kiss me.

"Come on. I'll take you to dinner."

"Are we going to Alek's?"

He laughed.

"You can get as much of him as you want tonight. As much of any of them."

I kissed him, again.

"I understand. So you won't get jealous of anything in the bar?" I wasn't sure I liked the idea of him not caring.

"Not if it's casual sex. I don't want Stefan making love to you, or telling you that he loves you, or trying to get you to go on a date with him. That would upset me. If he, or anyone else starts doing that, then stop having sex with them. They will figure out the rules soon enough."

That made sense and I was glad. He cared about love, not sex.

We got up and got dressed. We left the bar.





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