By Vic James

Copyright 2013 by Vic James



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This story is fiction. None of the characters are based on real people.

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I took his hand and held it as we walked. I noticed several Beasts looking at me. They looked very serious. I still had no idea how to tell what they thought. The day before, I would have thought that maybe they didn't like humans. Today, it seemed possible that they liked the way I looked. We walked a couple of blocks. We walked into a restaurant named Visions, which I thought made it sound like anything but a restaurant.

"Digger!" a man said.

"Hi, Jerry. Jerry, this is Eric."


We shook hands.

"Table for two."

"You got it."

Jerry seated us.


"I'll have a whisky soda. Eric?"

"Gin and tonic."

"Got it."

"I'll tell Lucius that you are here."


I pressed the table and the menu appeared above it.

A servebot stopped and we took our drinks. I sipped mine.

Digger was smiling at me.

"Tell me about your family. I bet it's more normal than mine," I said.

Digger laughed.

"My mother and father are human."


"I have a brother. His name is Pan. He may be at the club tonight. He's gay, too. He has a lover named Jock, who is also a Gorilla. They are both tops, so they argue a lot about who is going to fuck who."

I drank some more of my drink.

"Oh. So do they just have oral sex?"

"No. They would rather argue." Digger sighed. "It gets really tiresome. It isn't ever going to change. I've never met a Gorilla bottom, so it never occurred to me to take one as a lover. Plus, they're big and hairy. Yuck!"

I grinned.

"That's sad about your brother. Will they both be at the club?"

"No. Jock will be with his bottom. A Dog. Pan comes to the club on those nights."

"If Pan likes Gorillas, why does he go to a Bestiality bar?"

"He likes humans, too. He's being loyal, buying his booze from me. Plus, we can chat."

"Does Pan see anyone else?"

"'See' is a bad word. It implies they are dating, which Pan thinks they shouldn't do."

"What does Jock think?"

"He goes on dates with the guy he's seeing."

I laughed.

"Is Pan fucking anyone?"

"Yes, but only when there is someone at the club who will let him."

I gulped.

"I really think they would be happier being roommates or just best friends, but I'm not going to suggest it. That's Alek's job."

I wondered what that meant.

I nodded. I finished my drink. I was nervous and I figured the gin would help. I ordered another one.

Digger smiled at me.


"You are a mind reader."

"No. I'm nervous, too. I'm afraid I will say something that offends you," Digger said.

I laughed.

"That's the same thing I'm nervous about. I keep telling myself not to mess it up."

"You can't," Digger said.

"Neither can you. I'm addicted to you already."

Digger smiled.

"Drinking makes me silly, though. You might not like a silly lover."

"Occasional silliness can be good. How does drinking affect—never mind."

Digger called me on the meme.

"How does it affect what?" he asked, silently.

"I can't say it. Not yet."


I looked at him.

"I was going to ask how it affects your...uh...semen production."

Then I'm sure I blushed.

Digger grinned. "I'm very glad you are interested in that. Will you check when we get home?"

"OK." I said, out loud, laughing.

I smiled at him. I reached across the table and put my hand on his.

"You've had a lot of major changes in your life today. If you need to crash at the apartment, don't be afraid to say so."

"I won't."

A very large shadow began blocking the light. The tallest person I ever saw was standing next to our table. He was wearing shorts and an open vest. He was very hairy. I was staring straight at a large, soft lump in his shorts.

"Hi, Lucius. This is Eric."

Lucius squatted and grinned at me. I could tell he was a Bear. He leaned forward and sniffed me. He turned to Digger. Digger grinned at him. He turned back to me.

"Pleased to meet you, Eric."

"Lucius is the owner."

"Oh. Have you two known each other long?" I asked.

"What? Five years, maybe?" Lucius asked Digger.

"About that."

"Eric moved in with me this afternoon."

Lucius lost his balance and caught himself with his arm. He frowned.

"Are you serious?"

"It's no joke. I met Mr. Right and moved him before he could say no," Digger said. "Or even, 'who are you?'"

I laughed.

"That's not true. I tricked him into it. I asked for a glass of water and refused to leave."

Lucius laughed.

"You moved pretty fast with your human, too, didn't you?" Digger asked him.

Lucius smiled. "I did. The minute I saw him, I fell in love. And I wasn't about to let someone else get him while I was thinking about it."

"And a moment later, you were holding him in the air, with your tongue down his throat," Digger said.

"You are exaggerating. I asked him his name, first."

I laughed.

Digger turned to me.

"And then Lucius left, without even buying a drink! He found the love of his life and didn't spend a single dollar!"

Lucius was grinning.

"How tall are you Lucius?"

"Two point six meters."

"Wow! You are the first Bear I've ever met. I don't see many around."

"We were created about one hundred years ago."

"Oh. By Rosenbloom? I hope my ignorance isn't offensive."

"It's not. Yes, Rosenbloom created us."

"Is it hard to find spouses?"

"I didn't have any trouble. I said Hi to Jerry at Dig's place and we hit it off instantly. But for straights, it's true you can't be too picky. There just aren't that many of us yet."

"And you aren't helping," Digger said.

"I told you I wanted you to have my baby, but you wouldn't bend over," Lucius said to Digger.

I laughed for a while.

"I better get back to the kitchen. Bye."

"Bye, Lucius."

Digger smiled at me.

"You see why we need humans, a lot of them. I wish I could think of a way to find more. Jerry was a regular at the club until he met Lucius. He was making two or three Beasts happy every night. For some of them, Jerry was the reason they went to the club."


"How big is he? Lucius?"

Digger chuckled.

"Big enough to impress Jerry right away." He leaned forward and whispered, "Jerry likes them big."

I smiled.

"Their relationship moved about as quickly as ours."

"How long have they been together?"

"Five years."

"Well, I'm happy for them. And it makes me feel hopeful about us."

"You should feel hopeful. You snared a real stud."

"Did I? And I don't even know how to snare!"

"How'd you do it, then?"

I laughed.

"You just like me because I'm infamous. Infamous, Junior."

"Do you think your father will like me?" Digger asked me.

I stared at him. Then I laughed. He had to be joking.

"If he doesn't, we'll tell him about your sex club."

We both laughed.

"We'll show him one of Alek's movies," I said. "They're artistic. And scientific, too. How many times do you get to see the inside of a man's colon, if you aren't a doctor?"

Digger laughed. "Not often enough."

"But seriously, my father doesn't approve of me, and I'm a human! I've heard him complain more than once about his minions, and they are his loyal followers."

"I knew it!" Digger said. "It is so hard to get good minions. They start thinking for themselves and then they're useless."

I laughed.

"Are you going to miss Em?"

"Yes. She came over every evening to prop up my ego. That's what she calls it. We talked about everything, though. I was never sure whether her unique perspectives were because of her job. She teaches Comparative Theology at Barsted College. Or as she calls it, Bastard College."

"She seems very religious."

I laughed.

"You figured that out when she went to your club, I bet!"

"I did. I said 'Who the holy hell is that bitch?'"

"I could never use the B word on her. What sanity I've gained since leaving home is due mostly to her. I might have never met you if she hadn't suggested going to Realissmo. I might have moved out of the Zone to save money."

"I'm very, very glad she suggested it. Had you ever fantasized about a Beast?"

"Just recently. There's a Chimp I saw all the time at the market. I thought about him, sometimes. He's straight, so it was safe. I barely had the nerve to talk to humans. I figured gay Beasts had their own set of rules and they would always be out of reach. If I saw you on the sidewalk, I would have thought you were a hunk, but I don't think I would have fantasized about you. I figured big, handsome guys like you had big, handsome boyfriends. Or wives. I can tell you that I didn't care whether my lover was human or Beast."

"And you never watched Beast porn?" he asked, silently.


"You seemed to enjoy watching it."

I was embarrassed, but we both had a good time. And he was my lover. Why shouldn't we have a good time?

"If you are willing, I would like you to take over programming the fliks. We generally have the same customers, night after night, and we don't want them bored. Are you willing?"

"I suppose. But where will you be?"

He grinned. "I'll stop by periodically to see if you need a drink."

I gasped out a laugh.

I finished my drink.

"How often can you come?" I asked over meme.

"I can come eight times in a day. That's without you, of course. With you, probably more."

I shook my head. Beasts were definitely superior to humans.

"Are you a vegetarian?" I asked Digger.

"Mostly. I don't mind if you eat meat."

"That's good to know."

I leaned towards him.

"I don't have anything to wear at the club."

"If it will make you uncomfortable, you can wear briefs."

"I'll try it naked." He nodded. "But I meant a cock ring."

"I'll make one for you."

"You are so talented. Is there anything else you can make?" I asked.

"I can make you come," he said over the meme.

I laughed. He could.

Digger finished his drink.

"Do you want another?"

"No. I'm feeling a buzz.

"I wonder if they will get married," I mused.

"Who? Lucius and Jerry?"


"Probably. They seem very happy. But we don't know if that will ever be legal."

"I think it will. My father is very worried. He told me that every year there are fewer sympathetic representatives in the Majoratum. He said that every time there is an opening in the Majoratum it is filled by a Beast. He is terrified it could happen soon."

"Hmm. Do you think you will want to marry Alek?" Digger asked me.

"Sure! Do you think I can snare him?"

"You're a good snarer. Maybe."

"Do you know if he only likes men who have cameras in their colons?"

Digger laughed.

"You could get one!"

"I don't know. My colon sometimes gets pretty unphotogenic."

"You turn the camera off when that happens."

"You know so much. You even know Alek."

"I have to warn you. He likes females, too."

"Does he really?"

"Yes. He makes straight porn, too. But human males are his preference."

I shook my head. "It will never work. I can't abide heterosexuality."

Digger smiled.

"I do want to be married someday," I said.

He nodded his head.

Digger ordered roasted vegetables.

"That's all?" I asked him. It didn't seem like nearly enough food.


I ordered a shrimp salad.

A man walked in the restaurant and waved at Digger.

"Hey, Sam."

"Hello, Digger."

Sam walked over and saw me. He grinned.

"A new one?"

"New what?" I asked. I hoped he didn't mean lover.

"Here, sit," Digger said, pointing to a chair.

"Eric, this is Sam Stevens."

"Sam, this is Eric."

The man looked around forty. He was not particularly handsome, but he had a friendly smile and was in very good shape. He looked very muscular in the tight black shirt he was wearing.

While he was sitting, Digger contacted me through my meme.

"Do you mind if he joins us? He's a friend. I think you will like him."

"Is he an ex-lover?"



Digger laughed out loud.

"Sam is a psychiatrist," Digger said.

"By day. By night I...well, I spend a lot of time at The Wild Life. I'm an Admirer."

"Eric is my lover," Digger said.

It looked like Sam was trying to figure out whether Digger was pulling his leg.

"Really, Sam."

"Well, I'm surprised. I'm happy, but surprised."

"What kind of practice do you have, Sam?" I asked.

"I treat sexual phobias. It's a specialty of a specialty, but I enjoy it."

"I'm not sure what a sexual phobia is," I said.

"Well, I often treat women who have been brought up by Neo-Puritans to believe sex is bad. Then they marry and make themselves and their husbands miserable. Sometimes it's simple to fix, other times it takes months."

"I think you are try to do to yourself, what Sam does," Digger said.

I nodded.

"I'm trying to expand my sexual horizons. My father is a Neo-Puritan."

"Any success?" Sam asked.

I smiled at Digger.

"Great success," Digger said.

"I was raised to believe Bestiality was the ultimate evil."

"Oh. Someone like Martin La Roche."

I laughed and then Digger did.

"What's so funny?"

I tried to decide whether I wanted to admit the truth to him. I called Digger on my meme.

"Can he be trusted not to say anything? I'm not ready to have my father find out."

"I think so, but there is no point in taking a chance."

"My father loves Martin La Roche," I said to Sam.

Sam shook his head.

"How do you do it? Just talk them through it?" I asked.

"It depends. If they are open to the idea, I just prescribe an inhibition relaxer. Then I gradually lower the dose until they are off it. A lot of the Neo-Puritans are horrified by idea of taking a drug. With them, I use hypnosis and standard counseling." Sam laughed. "I keep telling them God wants them to have babies until they give in."

I shook my head.

"I wonder if I should try that route. The inhibition relaxer," I mused.

"No. You are doing fine, Eric. Believe me, I know!" Digger said.

I chuckled.

"If you are fighting your father's beliefs, it can help. A lot of people use alcohol to do the same thing. It often works, but Anbetrol is much safer," Sam said. "It doesn't affect your motor skills at all. It doesn't damage your kidneys or liver or give you a hangover. But judging by the contented look on Digger's face, I would guess you don't need it."

I'm afraid I blushed and they both laughed.

"Digger taps his foot when he's horny, too," Sam said.

"That's good to know!" I said. I grinned at Digger.

"I'm pretty sure I won't be tapping my foot for a while," Digger said.

Sam looked at me with a little smile. "You know, you look a little like Martin La Roche. Did you know that?"

"Do you offer therapy for weight-control?" I asked him.

"No. Why?"

"I just lost my appetite."

Digger and Sam laughed. Sam gave me a thumbs up.

A woman walked into the restaurant. Sam said good-bye and he sat with her.

Our food arrived. His sounded like a small meal. What he got was a large platter piled high with vegetables. Every vegetable I could think of was included, except lettuce. It looked like enough for four people.

We ate. My salad was very good.

"How did you get in the bar business," I asked Digger.

"It was a Beast bar, owned by a Dog named Jed Wilkins. It was just a regular, hetero bar. A bar with a sex club opened and took a lot of business away from Jed. He decided to sell. It was on the market for a long time. I had been thinking of starting a business. I made Jed an offer. It was quite a bit less than he was asking, but it was all I had. He accepted. I knew he hadn't been able to compete as a straight bar and there is already a popular Beast gay bar. I decided to make it a gay Bestiality bar and sex club. It is the only club of its kind. Our mutual friend Martin La Roche and friends have picketed it and the other Bestiality bar several times."

I felt sick.

"He has?"

Digger nodded.

After we finished, we walked to Rainey's lake. It was beautiful there. We sat at a picnic table about twenty meters from the lake.

"We should have a picnic here," I said.

"I agree."

I looked around. I had never been to this end of the lake. It was narrow at this end and the Innstibble resort was not far away. But it blended in completely with the surroundings. It looked like just another giant redwood. A bicyclist rode over the wooden bridge that crossed the lake near us. He startled a heron which took off into the air.

All you could see of the redwoods around us were the trunks. The lowest branches were way above our heads. To our far right, the lake was shallow and shorter cypress trees grew in the water. That was called Cypress Swamp, but it was still part of the lake. Two Beasts were fishing there. A group of geese flew low over the lake.

Digger put his arm around my waist and I leaned my head on his shoulder.

"Thank you for saving me," I said after a few minutes of quiet.

"Thank you for trusting me."

I smiled. I did trust him.

"Tell me about your family, Digger."

"My parents work at Destine Wildlife Preserve. There was a gorilla, small G, there that they loved. His name was Digger. He was apparently quite exceptional. He lived a long life, for a gorilla, and died at the age of sixty. My parents wanted to do something in his honor. They contacted Dr. Rosenbloom and asked if it would be possible to use Digger's DNA in a Gorilla, big G, my mother would bear normally. They wanted a child who acted like Digger. Dr. Rosenbloom explained what would be involved. An unborn Beast could not be brought to term in a normal human placenta. My mother would have to be modified. There was not much DNA in an actual gorilla that would be used in the offspring. As you know, most of our DNA is human." I nodded. "To pattern the behavior after Digger would require a new psychological profile, matching Digger's, and created from scratch. After he finished explaining why it was impossible, they thanked him for his time. He told my mother she would have to live there while the process was developed. My father stayed, too. It took eight years, but Rosenbloom finally succeeded. When I was born, my mother said Dr. Rosenbloom called me his Billion Dollar Baby. Both my parents were modified by Dr. Rosenbloom. My mother so she could bear me, and he modified both of their immune systems. Beast immune systems are programmable."

"I didn't know that. Your parents paid a billion dollars so you could be born?"

"No. They are not wealthy. Dr. Rosenbloom did it for free. Anyway, he said it was a shame to go to all that trouble for one child. So a year after I was born, my mother gave birth to my brother, Pan."

I thought Digger was special. But he and his brother were unique.

"Have you met Rosenbloom?"

"Yes. He gave me annual checkups until I was ten. Pan went with us, but Dr. Rosenbloom said we were so similar, he only needed to check one of us."

"What's he like?"

"At first, I was terrified of him. He's an Eagle, you know, with arms. He looks like a weird mythological creature. That beak alone gave me the creeps. But he was always kind to Pan and me. He calls me BB."


"Billion dollar baby. He calls Pan Little BB."

I laughed, nervously.

"Do you see them often? Your parents?"

"I talk to them often. Pan has trouble getting off from work, so they travel here, usually. They were here last September. They stayed at Pan and Jock's house."

Walking along the lake's shore, we saw a male Horse being ridden by a woman. The woman's arms were wrapped around the Horse's chest. She was smiling.

"I've never seen a Horse being ridden." I said.

"Yes. That is his lover riding him. They are Jessup and Sarah. They often go to The Bitch's Tavern. That's the club that drove Jed out of business. It's a hetero Bestiality bar and sex club."

"I've never heard of it."

"It's exactly like The Wild Life, only heterosexual. It's across Central V from The Wild Life. Connie is the owner. She is a Dog. The 'bitch' in the name of the place. Ironically, she is not hetero. She has a lover who is a woman—a human. You'll meet both of them soon, I'm sure. I see them all the time. They both hated Jed and they like me. We are considering having a street party between our clubs."

"Sex must be difficult for Sarah and Jessup. She would have to be under the Horse," I said.

"No. Male Horses have a penis between their front legs, also. It's hidden by hair when it's soft. Females have a vagina there."

"I didn't know that, but I haven't seen that many Horses. They have two penises?"

"Why? Have you been looking for a male with two?"

"No. I've seen yours. It's just fine. Awesome, even."

Digger smiled at me.

"Horses weren't made by Rosenbloom, right?"

"No. They were created by another company, run by a guy named Jensen. All the Beasts Rosenbloom created are bipedal and mostly human in appearance. The Jensen Beasts are not all humanoid and have much higher conversion rates. Some of them aren't as satisfied with their lives."

"Religious conversion?" I asked.

"No. Conversion to humans."

"Oh! Right!"

"The first Horses created only had a single penis in the horse part of their bodies. They couldn't jack off, and it was very difficult to have sex with anyone who wasn't another Horse. They couldn't touch their genitals or even look at them. It's something Jensen overlooked. Rosenbloom would never have created a Beast without being certain he would be happy. Jensen learned from his mistake though and modified Horses to give them a second penis. They can have dual orgasms, and fewer opt for conversion."

"How does Rosenbloom feel about them?"

"He and Jensen are friends. They created Rosenbloom's Eagle body together. Jensen is the expert in non-humanoid Beasts."

We got up and we walked into the forest. We came to a mossy area next to a little stream. We lay down and kissed for a long time.

The sun was about to set, so we headed back to Digger's. It was wonderful that Rainey's forest and lake were only a ten minute walk from Digger's home. From our home, I reminded myself.

When we got home, he programmed the security system to allow me anywhere in the building.

When we were inside, Digger asked, "Do you want to get dressed for downstairs?"

"Will there be customers?"

"Yes. A few. We can smooch if you get bored."

I grinned. I had three gin and tonics worth of courage, but it was evaporating fast. When I was nervously naked, Digger took me in his arms.

"You are so beautiful, Eric."

He kissed me and everything was fine. He pulled away.

"Do you want to remove my shorts, Eric?"

I nodded.

I pulled them down. I watched him grow erect. I knelt in front of him. I reached out and felt his balls.

"Yes, baby."

I let them rest on my palm and felt the weight.

"They are still heavy."


He pulled me up and kissed me. His hand slid between my crack and I groaned. He rubbed his finger over my hole.

"Is this mine?"

I laughed. "Yes, Digger. You don't have to keep asking."

He pulled away and knelt. He wrapped a finger and thumb around my cock and balls. Then he showed me some designs. I picked one and he produced it. It was still warm when he showed it to me.

He knelt and carefully put it on me.

"How's that?"

"It's fine."

He closed the door.

"Are you going to wear one?"

"No. If I get soft, I'll think of you."

I hugged him. His hot erection pressed against me.

"Do you have something I can use to clean myself?"

He grinned.

"Are you expecting a visitor?"

I wrapped my hand around his stiff cock.

"Him. And possibly others."

"Are you serious about others?"

"Very. I don't know though. Part of me says try it, the other part says whoever he was, he wouldn't hold a candle to you, so why bother? And of course, my father is screaming in the background."

He chuckled.

"Don't do anything you aren't ready for. I'm not sure you should be pushing yourself so hard."

"Are you trying to keep me from being popular?"

He laughed.

"I appreciate you giving me the freedom, but you would make it much easier by telling me what to do."

"I'm sorry. I don't do that. I don't want to be anything like your father."

I nodded.

"Does Alek have a lover?"

"He has lovers. I don't even ask anymore, they change so frequently. He romances them for a few weeks or months then tires of them. He's very upfront about it. He calls them 'temporary spouses' to their faces. He may bring one. If he introduces someone to you that way, you'll know what he means."

Digger had a hose in his bathroom. I cleaned myself really well. I didn't know if I wanted anyone else to fuck me. But I wanted to be clean for him. Digger had put out a bottle of day-long lube. I squirted some inside me.

I liked Stefan and he lost his commission on furniture. I decided to suck him, if the situation arose. Part of the reason was curiosity. I wondered what Chimp spunk tasted like. I was planning to suck Alek, too, if he would let me.

I came out of the bathroom. Digger was smiling.

"You are beautiful, Eric."

"So are you, Digger."

"You look nervous though."

I was. My resolve was wavering. I thought about all those naked strangers--naked Beasts. I didn't do well in crowds of any sort, and they would all be staring at me. I could feel panic starting.

"I think I'll have a drink."

"The same?"

"Yes. Switching drinks makes me nauseous."

Digger poured me a large drink and made one for himself. I laughed when I saw it.

"You want me to be much less nervous. But I think I need it."

"You don't have to drink it all. Drinks are free up here."

"You mean I have to pay downstairs."

"Not full price. Employees get a one percent discount."

I laughed. "So every one hundred drinks, I get a free one?"

"Exactly. It's one of the perks I give my employees."

"Oh. I see."

"Yes. But the best part is that after you've bought four hundred drinks from me, you get your name written on the restroom wall."

I laughed.


"I know! I turn employees away!"

"Do you put the name on a plaque in the restroom?"

"No. I just write it on the tile with a pencil."

"Oh, nice and permanent."

"It is! No one cleans the restrooms."

"Oh, yuck!"

Digger laughed.

We sat on his couch and drank them. He pulled me against him. The unease I felt evaporated. I felt safe and loved. I felt the soft hair on the arm that was wrapped around me. After I had drunk about half my drink, I looked at his erection. It was wet. I leaned over and pulled the foreskin back. Then I kissed the head.

"Yes," Digger sighed.

I took him in my mouth and began sucking him. I figured his erection was close to thirty centimeters. I couldn't take him all the way, but I sucked on about half of it. Digger leaned back and stretched his legs out. I heard ice clinking in his glass as he drank. I stopped to drink more of mine.

"It looks even better," I said, looking at his cock.


"It's nice and shiny."

Digger chuckled.

I put my drink down and went back to sucking him. I felt his hand slide down my back. His finger found my hole and he pushed inside.

"I'm glad you lubed. If you are willing, I may want to fuck you downstairs."

I pulled off him.

"I'm always going to be willing."

I swallowed his cock again. I sucked while he fucked me with his finger. He tasted so good. And he looked so good. I could hardly believe he was my lover. It had been a very eventful day. And it would be even more when we went downstairs. When he fucked me, I planned to have a cock in my mouth. I wasn't sure whose it would be, but I was sure I wanted one.

"I'm getting close. Make me come, baby."

I continued sucking. I stroked the shaft with my hand.

He sighed as his cock erupted again. He shot another big load. His balls were hard workers, I thought. He pulled my mouth to his and we kissed. We pulled apart and he had a huge grin on his face.

"You are wonderful, Eric. I love you."

"I love you, too."


I nodded.

I drank the rest of my drink.

We left the apartment and walked down the walkway to the bar. Digger's arm was around my waist. The sun had set, but it wasn't completely dark yet.

"Do we need to worry about people seeing us walking back and forth to the club naked?"

"No. Nudity is not restricted in the Zone. Didn't you know that?"


"Otherwise, Horses would have to wear pants, and since their arms aren't long enough, someone would have to help them dress."




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