By Vic James

Copyright 2013 by Vic James



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This story is fiction. None of the characters are based on real people.

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Digger opened the club door and we walked down the stairs into the dark club. I felt nervous, so I reached for Digger's hand. We walked to the bar.

"Hello, Rob," Digger said to a Dog standing there.

"Hi, Digger."

"Hello," Rob said to me.

I watched his cock grow erect.

I held my hand out. "I'm Eric."

"Pleased to meet you. Very pleased!"

I smiled at him. I had never seen a Dog's erection. It looked completely human. There was a suggestion of a sheath at the base of it. The flesh was just a little thicker. I couldn't tell if there was hair on the pseudo-sheath. It was too dark. I was glad that I didn't feel nervous around him.

"I want to see who is here, Rob," Digger said. "We'll both be here all night."


We walked to the bar. Harold was sitting on a barstool and Jack was behind the bar.

"Hey, guys," Digger said.

Hi, Boss," Jack said. "Hey, Eric."

I smiled at Jack.

"It's quiet," Harold said. "Eric and I may have to fight over who gets the customer."

Harold definitely seemed unpleasant.

"Have you been to any other sex clubs, Eric?" Jack asked me.


"I was incredibly nervous my first time. If it gets bad, come sit here at the bar. My lover Les will be here and the two of you can talk and get to know each other."

I was so grateful to him, I embarrassed myself by getting tears in my eyes. Alcohol made me weepy sometimes. I hated that. And it was really kicking in. I got a bit dizzy.

"That's a good idea, Jack," Digger said. "Thank you for suggesting it."

"Thanks, Jack," I said. I smiled at him.

Digger took my hand and we walked to the vid room.

I heard Harold say, "Wimp," as we walked away. We sat.

"I can smell how nervous you are. Maybe you should plan on just getting comfortable with this place. There is no reason at all why you should feel you have to have sex with anyone tonight."

"But you" I added, grinning.

"You don't seem to have the least bit of trouble with that."

"I don't.

"I don't think Harold likes me. Is it all right if I murder him?"

Eric laughed.

"I know a few people who would be grateful. Unfortunately, I need him. He is the only bottom who comes here every evening. Last night, for example, there were twenty Beasts and he was the only human bottom. If he hadn't been here, no one would have had sex."

"You could have pretended to be a bottom," I said, smiling.

"I'm not that good an actor."

"Am I just supposed to ignore his insults? He called me a wimp."

Digger sighed.

"You lost your erection," Digger said. "And it was such a nice one, I gave you."

I decided I should ignore them. I wrapped my hand around his cock and began stroking it. I leaned against him and watched the flik. There were four Chimps and a human. One was fucking his ass, one his throat, and he was stroking the other two with his hands.

"He's greedy," I said.

Digger laughed.

"You want some Chimp cock?"

I opened one of Stefan's pictures and looked at it. Digger reached over and began stroking me.

"Yes. I don't know about tonight."

"That's fine."

It looked like all four Chimps came at the same time.

"How did they do that? Come at the same time?"

"They're pros."

The next flik featured Alek. He did have a nice cock. There was a close-up of it drooling while Alek sat on the human's face. I watched the slit open and precum drip out. It was a beautiful shot, perfectly lit. The head of his cock was shiny and pink. It looked very lickable to me. I wondered what his precum tasted like.

Digger laughed.


"Nothing. You are just very oral. More oral than any of my other lovers. I'm delighted. I can't wait for you to suck me again."

"I know! It's been several minutes."

I laughed.

"It is my new favorite activity," I said.

"Mine, too," Digger said.

He kissed the side of my head.

Alek groaned, loudly in the flik.

"What happened?"

"The man probably got his tongue inside Alek."

"Oh, fuck!"

I watched the flik, while I began stroking Digger.

"The sad thing is, when he gets here, I probably won't even be able to speak to him."

"And after you know him a while and feel comfortable around him?" Digger asked.

"I might be able to."

"I know you will be nervous with a crowd. If you want, we can get together with him tomorrow. Just the three of us."

I nodded.

"How does it work in here? Do people just start having sex? Do they spend hours getting to know each other first?"

"There's no right way, but guys are here for sex, so usually, someone will reach for the other person's cock. If they don't walk away, the two have sex."

I nodded.

"If you want to try it, my brother will be here. I figure you will feel more comfortable around him, since he is so much like me." I nodded. "If you want his cock, reach for it. If he's interested, you can suck him. I'll introduce you afterwards."

"OK. I like that idea."

I bent down and began sucking Digger's beautiful erection, again.

"Who is this?" I heard a deep voice ask.

"His name is Eric," Digger said.

"Is he new?"


Digger pulled me off his cock. I looked at the cock of the speaker.

"Alek?" I said, right before looking at his face.

He and Digger laughed.

"A fan!" Alek said, grinning. "I like fans." He pulled my head over and suddenly his cock was in my mouth. I was surprised, but not unhappy. I began sucking him. I reached for his balls. I felt them as I sucked. I was sucking him before I realized it. I didn't feel the least bit uncomfortable. It might have been the alcohol, or the fact that I had just had another cock in my mouth.

"Eric agreed to be my lover," Digger said.

"Really? How wonderful!"

"I know. We got his things moved this afternoon."

"Pulling a Lucius, huh?" Alek said. "Well, if you didn't, someone else would."

I stroked the shaft of Alek's cock while I sucked on all I could.

"No. Unlike Jerry, Eric won't be pulled completely out of circulation. He will be here every night. I don't know if he will want sex every night."

"From the way he's sucking, I think he will. Damn! He's trying to suck the cum out of my balls. Has he been fed? Maybe he's hungry."

Digger chuckled. "He swallows. I've fed him three times already."

Alek cheered. Digger laughed.

Alek pulled his cock out of my mouth.

I looked at it. The room as dimly lit, but I could still tell it was a beauty. He stepped forward and rubbed the head against my lips. I felt wetness, then. I licked his precum off my lips. It tasted good.

Digger pulled me onto his lap. I leaned my head against him.

"Damn! He's absolutely gorgeous!" Alek said.

I laughed. "Right!"

"He means it, baby," Digger said.

Alek stood next to us. I reached out and explored his cock and balls. He seemed to enjoy it. I felt the veins on the shaft. I remembered seeing precum ooze out of the shiny, pink head of his cock. Alek put a leg up on the couch which brought his cock closer to me. I leaned forward and licked the head. Alek sighed.

"Will you let me fuck you, Eric?" Alek asked me.

I was stroking his cock. I said, "Yes," automatically. I wondered if it would be that easy. But I had just sucked him, and I didn't feel guilty about it. More precum began to drip from the slit. I licked it up.

"If you like my spunk, I'd be happy to feed you two or three times a day."

I looked up at him.

"Don't you have to work?"

"You mean sex fliks?"


"Good lord! If I made a sex flik every day they would become completely worthless. I make two or three a year, now."


"And the rest of the time, I need a good-looking human to coax the semen out of me. Do you coax?"

I laughed and he grinned at me.

"Yes, I'm a coaxer."

I stroked the shaft slowly and groaned as precum oozed out of the slit. It was just like his flik, except this time, I was able to lick it off his cock head. I squeezed a large drop out of his cock. I licked it up.

"You like that?" Alek asked.

"Yeah. A lot."

"Some celebrities give autographs. Alek gives semen to his fans," Digger said.

All three of us laughed.

"From the way Eric is looking at me and tasting me, I would say he is getting just what he wants from me."

"Would you like to have a three-way in the apartment with Alek tomorrow?" Digger whispered to me. "Just the three of us."

I nodded.

"Alek, if you are free during the day tomorrow, we would like to have you over to the apartment."

"For sex?"

"Of course," Digger said. "And to get to know each other."

"Sure. I can make it any time. Just give me a call."

Alek's cock oozed continuously. I ended up sucking on the head.

"That will be great," Digger said. "But will, uh let me think, Evan mind?"

"Who?" Alek asked.

"You latest temporary spouse."

"You mean my latest ex temporary spouse."

"When did you break up?"

"Just as soon as I get home."

Digger laughed. I wasn't sure what he meant.

"You are going to surprise him with it, then."

"He better not be surprised. I warn him each morning that it might be his last. This morning I told him twice."

"How horrible!" I said. I let go of his cock.

"Evan is a lot like Harold," Digger whispered to me. "Just better looking. I told you there was a bottom shortage."

"Oh. Sorry Alek," I said.

"It is all right. I understand. What I said, taken out of context, sounds cruel. When I take a lover, I always tell them it is a short-term arrangement. I keep telling them that, so they won't think ours is a love that will last for all eternity. It's better than just dumping them. I did that a few times until I realized what I was doing. So now, I give them a lot of advance notice." I guessed that was better. "Don't waste any tears on Evan. He will miss the free booze most. He's going through a bottle of Prinz vodka every day. That's about forty bucks a bottle."

"Do you think you will ever settle down with one male?" I asked him.

"Maybe when I'm old. I'm not sure. I have permanent friendships. Those come easy to me. Permanent romances do not. Maybe it's because I haven't met the right person.

"Now tell me. Which of my fliks have you seen, and which were your favorites?"

"I don't really know. I saw two in here, but I didn't catch the titles."

Alek nodded.

"I know you like my cock. Did you enjoy the fliks?"

"Yes, very much. If I didn't have Digger, I would probably be applying for a temporary spouse permit."

Alek laughed.

"And I'd take you! You are better looking the Evan."

"Eric is a romantic. He would be miserable when you discarded him," Digger said.

"I don't think he would have to worry about that for a long, long time."

Another Gorilla walked in. He was naked and erect. He looked like Digger. I climbed off Digger's lap and knelt in front of him. I wrapped my hand around his cock and looked up at him. He grinned. I began sucking him.

"I am so glad I came!" Pan said. "Who is this?"

"That, little brother, is my lover, Eric."

"Your lover? I saw you last night. Why didn't you mention him?"

"Because I met him this morning."

"Oh. So that was a joke," Pan said.

"Nope. We moved his things into my apartment. You will understand when you meet him."

Digger moved behind me. He got on his knees and pushed slowly inside me. It hurt. He was big, and I hadn't been fucked in a while, but I loved it. I loved Digger.

Pan tasted good. His cock was identical to Digger's. I felt his balls with one hand. He sighed.

"I'm glad he's in the family," Pan said.

Everyone laughed.

"Will you let me fuck you?" Pan asked me.

I pulled off him. "Yes."

Pan grinned at me. I swallowed his cock and resumed sucking.

"Who's the slut?" I heard a male voice ask.

It was me. My heart fell. Slut. Me. Was that what I wanted? I suddenly felt horrible.

"His name is Eric," Digger said.

My stomach twisted around inside me. My first impulse was to hate the person who called me a slut. But if I was acting like one, why should I hate him for mentioning it. It occurred to me that I would have rather met Pan and got to know him before I sucked him. I suddenly wasn't sure that I wanted what I thought I wanted. Are you a slut, Eric? There is nothing wrong with being a slut, but was that what I wanted to be? What I wanted was to be beside Rainey's lake with Digger. I had broken free of my father. That was what I wanted. Now I needed to determine what I wanted the rest of my life to be like. What I really wanted was Digger. Was I doing this because I hoped it would make him love me? As if he was reading my thoughts, Digger pulled out of me and sat down. I looked over at him. He had a very serious expression on his face. The booze had me ready to burst into tears.

"I'll be back," I said.

"Oh. All right," Pan said.

I walked to the stairs. Digger came with me. We climbed them. Digger walked down a ways and then leaned over the railing. I stood next to him. He put his arm around me.

"You lust abruptly disappeared. It was the word slut that did it. You were enjoying yourself until then. Tell me what you were thinking."

"I was wondering whether I wanted what I got. I knew when Pan finished, that whoever it was that called me a slut would want me to suck him. I wanted to shoot him, not suck him. I don't want to be a nameless person who males enjoy but don't think about and definitely don't respect. Em has been working on my lack of self-respect. It's what I'm trying to develop."

"I understand. I have to admit I got very mad when he called you that, despite the fact that it isn't unusual."

"I started wondering what I wanted."

I looked out into the night.

"What I wanted was to break free of my father. I think I did that. I don't feel guilty, I'm just not sure I'll be happy."

"Don't do it," Digger said to me.

"Will it affect how you feel about me?"

"No. I admire you. You did accomplish something major. There is absolutely nothing wrong with choosing not to have impersonal sex. Most people don't. You have a right to be respected. I agree with Em that your self-esteem needs to increase, not decrease. I've known many men who did it for a while and then wanted more—someone to hold at night. I was already starting to worry that I was taking the place of your father, just changing the rules. My world is the opposite extreme of his. Like most people, you would be more comfortable in the middle between those extremes. I don't want you to do things to make me happy. I want you to be yourself. I love that Eric. You tried it and you didn't like it. End of story. If you want to have sex with people who do respect you, then fine. Please don't worry about it."

"I might still have sex with Pan."

"That's fine."

"And I like Alek."

"Do you? I'm surprised."

I paraphrased Em. "He has good vibes and he seems like a considerate person. Is he?"

Digger chuckled.

"You read characters well. Yes he is, but don't ever accuse him of it. He pretends to be a callous playboy, but he isn't."

"Could we have three-ways, with Pan, I mean. Or would that be weird?"

"We've had three-ways before—shared a bottom. You might also like Jock, Pan's lover for a four-some. Are you sure you don't want monogamy?"

I thought about that.

"I could be very happy with just you, Digger. If that is what you want, it's fine with me."

"No. I talking about what you want."

"Well, we've been talking about only that. What do you want?"

Digger sighed. "I'm having trouble deciding that. I feel differently towards you compared to my other lovers. I feel much more protective. I'm not sure, but I think it is because you jumped when I said hello." I shook my head. It was so embarrassing! "I want you to be happy and feel safe. But I don't know yet what makes you happy."

"I guess it doesn't make much sense to decide things like this in advance."

"That's fine."

"I love you, Digger. I know it hasn't been a long time, but I am certain about that."

"I love you, too. Do you want to go back to the club? If not, you can call or go visit Em, or just hang around the apartment."

I wasn't looking forward to explaining that my five minute career as bar slut had ended. I didn't want to listen, if any wanted to convince me to change my mind.

"I think I will call Em. I'll be down to the bar, later."

I reached over and wrapped my hand around his cock. It stiffened instantly. I changed my mind.

"I want that."

"Do you? A little?"

I began slowly stroking him.

"No. Very much."

I let go of it and backed onto it. I pushed back very slowly as the head slipped inside me.

"Oh, fuck!" Digger said.

I moved back onto his cock until it was completely buried inside me.

"I'm sorry. I couldn't wait," I said.

He laughed.

"Uh. I forgive you."

We both laughed.

Digger stood and pulled me upright. He wrapped his arms around me and began kissing the side of my face. He began fucking me slowly while we stood. His arms were wrapped tightly around me.

"Oh, Digger."

"You like that, baby?"

"I love everything about you, including this."

"I'm glad."

His big cock rubbed my prostate continuously.

I was facing the door to the club when it opened. Alek came out.

"I thought you two were having an argument!"

"No. I'm just fucking my lover."

"Do you mind telling me why you are doing it out here?"

"In the moonlight, under the stars?" I asked.

Alek grinned.

"It does sound more romantic. So everything is fine?"

"I decided I didn't want to get fucked by strangers," I told him.

"Or called a slut," Digger added.

"Am I a stranger?"

"No. You are a good friend of Digger's."

"I thought it was Dan."

"I don't even know who that is."

"He's the one who called you a slut," Alek said.

"I've never had impersonal sex before. I tried it, and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would. I don't mind acting like a slut around people I like and respect, but I don't want to be a slut for people I might not even like."

Alek nodded his head slowly.

"I respect you for trying, Eric. Many people wouldn't try. And I know it isn't for everyone. My parents are still in love with each other. I haven't been as lucky at love, although I have to admit, it's my fault," Alek said. "So the two of you are fine?"

Digger and I both said, "I hope so," at the same time. We laughed.

Alek went back into the club.

"Do you still want Alek?"

I sighed. "I'm not sure. Probably, but I don't think I should announce any grand intentions at this point."

"Do you think you will ever want to have sex with me in the bar?"

"Yes. I don't mind people watching. It's participating I want to limit."

"Well, that's straightforward enough."

Digger resumed fucking me. He sped up until his body was slapping against mine. He pushed hard and groaned. I imagined his white semen coating my colon the way Alek's had. Of course, my colon wasn't as well-lit and the guy in the video! He pulled my head back and kissed me.

I was smiling as he pulled away. "Happier?" he asked me.


"I think I am going to go back down with you. There's no reason I can't be sociable. I want to get to know Pan and Alek better. I don't have a lot of friends. Maybe new ones are downstairs."

Digger grinned at me.

"Good. I suggest that if you want to have sex with them, bring them to the apartment. That way strangers won't try to participate."

I could feel Digger's cum running down my leg.

"My leg is wet."

"I know. I can smell it." He kissed my ear. "What do you think I should do with it?" he whispered.

"I hate to see it go to waste," I said.

Digger knelt and licked his cum off my leg. He stood and pulled my mouth to his. He thrust his cum-covered tongue into my mouth. I moaned as I sucked the cum off his tongue. He bent down and licked more off my leg. He fed it to me the same way. The third time he knelt, he began eating my cunt. I moaned as his tongue slid inside me. No one had ever done that to me before. It felt incredible. I leaned on the walkway railing while he ate me. Fortunately, there was no one in the parking lot. I moaned continuously. He stood and thrust his cock inside me. Then he pulled out and went back to eating me. His tongue slipped in deeply that time. He stood and brought my mouth to his. We kissed again. I could taste his cum and it had me very hot.

He pulled away.

"You are quite kinky, Eric La Roche."

"Am I?"

"You are. You're perfect. Did you enjoy that?"

"I loved it."

"Me, too. My other lovers were too squeamish to do what we just did. I told you one didn't like oral sex of any kind."

I grinned at him. I was glad I could do something they wouldn't. I knew how clean I was inside. I had cleaned myself carefully. Otherwise, I wouldn't have done it.

I turned around and knelt. I pulled the foreskin back on his cock and took him in my mouth.


I cleaned his cum off his cock with my mouth. Some had run down his balls. I licked it up, too, while I stroked his thick, heavy cock. He pulled me up and kissed me, again.

"If you do let Alek fuck you, I would love to eat his cum out of you and share it with you this way."

"Oh, god, Digger! I want that!"

"He'll be over for a three-way tomorrow."

We walked into the bar.

Pan was at the bar. I walked over to him.

"Hi, again."

"Is everything all right?" Pan asked me.

I nodded.

"I decided I am going to be much more selective about who I have sex with."


I smiled. Pan looked disappointed.

I looked down. His cock was half-hard. While I looked, it grew completely erect. I heard Pan sniff. I looked at him and smiled.

"I'm relieved," Pan said.

"Who did it?" I asked him. "I'll rip his eyes out!"

Pan looked surprised. I heard Alek laugh. I didn't realize he was next to us.

"No one yet," Pan said.

I turned to Alek. I whispered, "Would you like to come up to the apartment later?"

"Will I have an orgasm?"

"I'll do my best."

Alek grinned at me. "Your best would be more than one."

"I wonder if I could do my very, very best."

"Please do!" Alek said.

We laughed.

I turned to face Pan. Alek moved directly behind me. His body pressed against mine. He rested his erection between the cheeks of my ass.

I felt Pan's chest. It was as enormous as Diggers. I looked at his cock.

"Touch it, please," Pan said.

I wrapped my hand around it. It felt big and meaty in my hand. I stroked it, slowly. Pan sighed. I watched a bead of precum form. I bent down and licked it off. Then I began sucking him.

Alek began rubbing his cock between my cheeks. I felt him bend over me. I loved the feel of his hairy body against my bare back. "Does this bother you?" he whispered in my ear.

I thought about it. I wanted Alek. I reached behind me. I took his erection and placed the head at my hole. Alek took over and pushed inside me. I let go of Pan's cock and stood up. I groaned.

"I can feel Digger's load."

"I thought we ate it all," I said.

"What?" Alek and Pan asked.

"I ate his cunt and shared it with him," Digger said. I hadn't realized he was standing there. "Then I pushed back inside him and he ate more off my cock."

"Oh, fuck!" Pan said.

Alek began pinching my nipples. I leaned back against him. Alek leaned back slightly and stood on his toes. He lifted me off the ground using his cock. I couldn't believe it! I looked at Digger, who was grinning at me.

"We were talking about having a three-way with you and possibly a foursome with Jock," Digger said to his brother.

"I would love that. I'm sure Jock would, too."

"I doubt if Dogboy will like the idea," Alek said. He lowered me to the ground.

"Who is Dogboy," I asked.

"Dogboy is Jock's lover," Alek said.

I watched Pan get angry. I looked at Digger. He rolled his eyes.

"Pan, you may love Jock, but you need to accept that you are not lovers," Alek said.

"And I should take romantic advice from you?" Pan asked, irritated.

"How many times have the two of you had sex this week? This month?"

Pan didn't answer.

"Dogboy introduced Jock as his lover in Mitchell's."

"Did Jock?"

"He didn't deny it."

"He gets tired of correcting him," Pan said.

"Jerry heard Dogboy tell a friend that Jock promised him that he wasn't sleeping with anyone else. Who do you think Dogboy meant, if not you? To everyone else, Jock and Dogboy are a couple."

I wondered about it. If two people loved each other, but had sex only with other people, could they be lovers? Or were they just very close friends? I felt a little sorry for Pan and I wondered about Jock.

"Why do you call him Dogboy?" I asked. It sounded insulting.

"Because he's nineteen and Jock is thirty-five," Alek said.

"Is he in love with Jock?" I asked.

All three of them laughed.

"Yes," Digger said. "Vastly, violently, volcanically."

"The three Vs," Alek said. I laughed.

"Dogboy looks adoringly at Jock whenever they are together and listening to him will make you nauseous. 'Yes, Jock. Anything you say, Jock. You're so wonderful, Jock.' I love you so much, Jock."

"Is Jock in love with him?"

"No!" Pan said.

"Does he think Jock loves him?"

"Yes," Alek said. "If someone you loved spent most nights with you, had sex with you constantly, gave you expensive gifts, and promised they weren't sleeping with anyone else, what would you think, Eric?" Alek asked.

"Pan, I'm just saying you need someone like that, whatever you choose to call him. Jock is having love lavished on him from two different people. What are you getting? Don't deny you are lonely when Jock is with him." Pan sighed. "Which is most of the time," Alek continued. "I don't know how you do it or why you do it. How does it feel to watch him getting ready for a date? Watching him primp. Does he ask you how he looks? Is he hard, thinking of Dogboy? How do you keep from kicking him out?"

I looked at Digger. He didn't seem to be disagreeing with Alek.

"But you refuse to look for someone for yourself out of loyalty to someone who isn't loyal to you," Alek said.

I turned my head back.

"How do you stay hard during a discussion like this?" I asked Alek. His erection was as hard as ever, inside me.

They laughed.

"He's a professional!" Digger said. "A pro prick is inside you."

I looked around. More people were showing up. I was glad for Digger's sake. I noticed that they were all Beasts, though, except for Harold, Jack, and me.

I looked at Digger's cock and watched it grow. It was like magic! I reached out and wrapped my hand around it. I took Pan in my other hand and stroked the two brothers. Alek ran his hands over my chest, before working my nipples. Pan sighed. He looked so sad. I smiled at him and he smiled back. His cock began dripping. I bent over and licked the head. He groaned. Then suddenly he said he had to use the restroom.

"Did he feel guilty?" I asked Digger.

"Yes. That means he was starting to like you. He pulls away when that happens."

"He's being faithful to a man who is fucking another man right now," Alek said. "It drives me crazy!"

"There goes one three-way," I said.

"Make up your mind!" Alek said, chuckling.

"I have about you, Alekk," I said.

"I figured that when you aimed my cock."

Alek kissed the back of my head.

"Is Pan really lonely?" I asked Digger.

"I'm afraid so."

"The saddest part is that he hopes things to improve with Jock, while Jock spends more and more time with Dogboy," Alek said.

"I don't think I like Jock."

"It's not his fault. He keeps trying to get Pan to find a partner. He and Dogboy even introduce him to bottoms—Dogboy's little friends," Alek said. "Jock doesn't move out, because he is afraid he will make Pan even more unhappy."

Digger moved in front of me and we kissed. I wrapped my arms around him. It was wonderful having Digger in my arms and Alek inside and pressed against me. I started moving on Alek's cock and then he began fucking me.

Digger knelt and began sucking me. It didn't take long before I came in his mouth. He swallowed all of it.

He stood.

"Can I share it with Alek?" he asked me.

"Uh. Yes, I guess."

Digger kissed Alek briefly.

"Tasty stuff," Alek said.

Digger looked at me.

"Did that bother you?"

"No. It didn't last long enough to seem romantic."

He nodded.

Alek continued to fuck me. I suddenly felt tired. Digger grinned at me.

"He's going to do it," Digger said to Alek.

"Maybe not," Alek said.

"What?" I asked.

I fought back a yawn.

"He is!" Digger said, looking at me.

I laughed. "I am not," I said. Then I yawned.

Digger cheered. "I was right."

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"I was talking about you yawning."

I laughed. "Why?"

"Because that is what newbies do after they come here—and come here," Alek said.

"I am a newbie."


"I know you are tired," Digger said. "You've had a long day and you didn't take a nap. Alek, I'm going to put my boy to bed."

Alek pulled out of me.

"If you have any sense, you'll stay there with him," Alek said. "But I'll see you soon."

I laughed.

Digger and I walked over to the stairs. I stopped at the bottom of the stairs.

"I thought I would last longer," I told him. I yawned again.

"You had a long day."

And the booze wasn't helping.

Digger picked me up. I grinned at him. He took me up the stairs.

"I love you," I said.

"I love me, too."

I laughed.

He opened the door and carried me along the walkway. I leaned forward and kissed his ear.

He opened the door to our apartment. He carried me to the bed and put me down, gently. He pulled the covers over me. Then he bent down and kissed me.

"I love you, Eric. Sleep well. I'll join you in a few hours."

I smiled at him. I closed my eyes and fell asleep.