By Vic James

Copyright 2013 by Vic James



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This story is fiction. None of the characters are based on real people.

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Alek picked me up. He took my hand and tried to pull me away. I stood still. Part of me wanted to go inside and find Digger. Another part wanted to run and not stop for a long, long time. The back wall wobbled and then collapsed. Rubble blown up by the explosion started falling to the ground around us. A piece hit a zapper a few meters away from us. Alek picked me up, threw me over his shoulder and ran. I heard people screaming and I felt completely powerless.

"Eric!" a voice cried.

Alek and I both heard that.

"We're over here!" Alek shouted.

He put me down and Digger ran over to us. I hugged him.

"Did you get everyone out?"

"I think so. I got spooked and found myself outside without even thinking. Hopefully, the bathrooms were empty. No one had drunk enough to need one, yet. The people across the street, though." Digger shook his head. "Connie said the place was full went it went off."

It was so horrible! I didn't realize I was crying until tears dripped onto my chest.

"If you hadn't had that premonition, we might have died," Alek said to Digger.

I checked the news. The Neo-Puritans had announced a list of targets. There were places and peoples' names. Alek Bright was one of them.

"Is your last name Bright?" I asked Alek.


"The group that bombed us list you as a target," I told him.

I held Digger. I was so happy he wasn't hurt. Then I thought about our apartment. It was gone. I couldn't even put pants on. I didn't own any. I sighed. It wasn't just pants. Everything I owned was gone. It wasn't a lot, but I had nothing. Then I smiled. I had Digger.

"We can go to my place," I told him. Digger nodded.

I looked at Alek. I could tell by his expression that he was watching the news.

I shivered. "Those people are around here. Maybe we should leave," I said.

"M-Agents will be here soon. They will want to talk to me," Digger said. "But Alek shouldn't stand out here in the open. Not if he is a target. It's a lucky thing I sent you out the back."

Alek looked at us. He nodded.

"I'll go home," he said.

"I don't think that's safe, Alek. We know what they do to targets," Digger said.

"Will you take him to your place?" Digger asked me. "I'll be there as soon as I can."

"Of course. That's a good idea."

Digger called me on my meme. "We'll stay in touch this way. Keep an open line."

I nodded.

"Where is Pan?"

"Jock didn't answer his call. He ran home to see if he's there. They live a block behind The Bitch's Tavern."

I nodded.

Alek and I got in my zapper.

"Maybe you should keep your head down," I said. "We're going to my apartment at the Elphena."

Alek bent over.

I got a call from Em as the zapper took off.

"We're heading back to my apartment now," I told her. "Digger's place is gone."

"I'm so relieved! I could hear the explosions from here."

"I hear screaming. It's horrible. We got everyone out of The Wild Life, but we think there were a lot of people inside The Bitch's Tavern when it exploded."

"That's horrible, but I'm so relieved you are safe."

I told the zapper to take the back way back to my apartment. I was sure Central V was a mess, if it was even open.

"Can't this thing go any faster?" Alek asked, still hunched over.

"I'm sorry. It doesn't have a motor."

I reached over and rubbed his back. Then I reached out and held his hand. He squeezed mine.

I'm sure he was scared. I was scared and I wasn't a target. I was afraid to wonder whether my father was involved. But I remembered him from that morning, trying to open the door of The Bitch's Tavern. Had he planted the bombs? He was opposed to violence, but criminalization was his goal. I tried to think of a reason that could explain his being there that was not tied to the bombs, but it seemed obvious that he was the bomber. If he didn't place the bombs himself, he told someone what he saw and was an accomplice.

"I think you can sit up, now."

We were travelling slowly along Weston Drive. The sun had gone down and the redwoods blackened the sky to the left, and there were scattered homes on each side of Weston Drive.

We heard another explosion. Alek looked around.

"I wonder what that was!" I said to Alek and Em.

Alek looked sick. "Probably my apartment. It's back that way."

"Oh, Alek!"

I squeezed his hand. He smiled at me. Then he closed his eyes and looked sick.

"I've been talking to Connie," Digger told me over my meme.

"Were there many people in her club when it happened?"

Digger paused, before saying, "Yes."

That word made me cry.

"She was outside announcing free drinks in celebration of the announcement. A lot of people went in for a free drink. She guessed at least fifty." I closed my eyes. "Her lover was inside."

I began crying again.

"She feels like she killed them."

I closed my eyes and fought back tears.

I thought about Jessup and Sarah. We had seen them at the lake. I hoped they weren't in the bar.

Pan thinks Jock and Tim were in there. He hasn't been able to reach either one of them. He thinks they may have gone in to celebrate with their neighbors who are mixed couples."

I began crying. Alek squeezed my hand, but it wasn't enough, not nearly enough to stop.

"M-Agents just arrived."

Digger showed me vid of the Agents floating down into the street between The Bitch's Tavern and The Wild Life. There were a lot of them. They landed amongst bleeding and crying Beasts and humans. I began crying again when I saw a woman hugging someone who was obviously dead. Fortunately, Digger looked away. He turned to a female Dog. I wondered if it was Connie. She wiped her eyes and then Digger was looking over her shoulder. I guessed he was hugging her. He stepped away and she waved her arms. A couple of Agents walked over to her and Digger.

"It was my bar," I heard her say. "This is Digger. He owns the bar across the street."

Digger looked over at a person in a hazard suit carrying someone out of what was left of The Bitch's Tavern. The person was dead. Half of their body was raw meat.

The zapper pulled into the parking lot of my old apartment. Although, I guessed it was my only apartment, now. I got out of the vehicle and looked around. Central V had no traffic. It was probably closed. I saw people in the next block, looking towards the disaster, but I saw no one looking in our direction.

"I don't see anyone looking right now."

Alek got out and stood there looking numb. I took his hand and pulled him along with me. We got on the lift. I felt safer on the second floor. I would feel much safer when we were inside. Em was in the hallway waiting. Alek and I were naked. I was embarrassed.

"This is Alek, Em."

She smiled at him.

"Hello, Alek."


"Digger is talking to the M-Agents now. Hopefully, he will be here soon."

She nodded.

"Can I do anything?" she asked me.

"I don't even have a pair of shorts," I told her.

"I'll get you a pair. What else?"

"The shorts should be twelves."

She nodded.

"Alek?" I asked him.

He just stood there. I felt so sorry for him and I was scared for him, too. He was a target.

"I'm on my way there," Digger said over the meme. "I told the agents where we will be. I didn't tell them about Alek. I don't know if any of the terrorists are out here in this crowd."

I was very glad Digger thought of that.

I looked at Alek again.

"What do you drink, Alek?" I asked him.


"Some whisky," I said to Em. "And a bottle of gin."

"Tonic?" she asked.

I chuckled. She knew what I usually drank.

"Yes, thanks. Digger is on his way. Let's go inside."

I opened my apartment door. We walked inside. Suddenly, I realized my rent would be lower because Digger would be living there. I closed the door.

"Alek here is a target of the terrorists," I told Em.

"Oh, no!"

"So please don't mention him to anyone."

She nodded.

"We think they blew up his apartment."

I watched Em's eyes water and then tears dripped down her cheeks.

"They arrested Martin La Roche," Alek said.

I began crying and neither one of them understood why. They had the right man. I wondered if I should mention seeing him acting suspicious earlier. Digger seemed to know I was referring to him. Should I tell the M-Agents? They had arrested him, maybe it wasn't necessary.

Em figured it out.

"Oh my God, Eric! Is he a relative?" she asked.

I nodded.

"Please don't tell me he is the one who fucked up your childhood," Em said. "I knew you were trying hard not to hate your father. Is he?"

I nodded.

"Maybe he wasn't involved. He has always believed in non-violent protest."

"Do you believe that?" Alek asked me.

I shook my head. "No. He's crazy. Obsessed. I saw him this morning."

"That's who you saw?"

I nodded.

"I thought he was planning another protest. Digger said he has done it before."

Alek nodded.

I got a call from my mother. I assumed she called about Dad.

"Eric, I have news," she said.

"You heard?"

"Yes. Isn't it wonderful? Well, maybe you don't think so."

"You mean about Dad?"

"Well, I'm sure he's upset."

"And in jail," I said.


"You haven't heard about the bombings, yet?"

"No! What happened?"

"Two bars just down the street were bombed. I was in one of them. I got out right before it blew up. They arrested Dad. That's all I know. I think he put the bombs in the bars. I saw him this morning checking them out. He didn't see me."

"Oh, Eric!"

"Mom, do you think I should tell the police or the M-Agents I saw him this morning?"

She paused for a moment. "If they've arrested him, it may not be necessary. They must already have enough evidence to arrest him. If you don't want to testify against him, I would keep it to yourself, for now. I don't want any of his crazy Neo friends coming after you, Eric."

"I didn't even think of that."

"But why?" Mom asked. "Why did they blow them up?"

"They were Bestiality bars."

"Oh. Oh, Eric. I am sorry I left you with him. I should insisted you come with me."

"Mom. Stop. Anyway, I was at the bar with my lover. He's a Gorilla. He owns the bar."

"Oh. Please tell me he is all right!"

"He is. But I had just moved in with him. He lived over the bar. Right now there is just a pile of rubble."

"Jib just told me about the bombings," she said. "He says it's all over the news now. There were five bombings. Three near you. One each in two other cities. They occurred around the same time. The Neo-Puritans said there will be additional, larger targets until they get their way. The number of victims from those bars is unknown. Oh, what am I doing, giving you news from Shanghai when it happened down the street from you?"

"Who is Jib?"

She sighed. "My lover. He is a Bear."

"Oh, Mom. I'm happy for you."

"Does your father know about your lover?"

"No. Are you kidding? Would I be calm if he knew?"

"No. Jib said they just showed his picture on the news and they mentioned me. I'm estranged!"

I laughed.

"And I'm just strange!" I said.

"You are perfect, Eric."

"Yeah. That reminds me. I met my first Bear yesterday. He was very tall," I said.

"So is Jib. You'll meet him. We are coming there. I plan to finally divorce your father so Jib and I can marry."

"Oh. It's a good time for it. He'll be in jail, so he can't beat you up."

I burst out in tears again. Not over my mother or father, but over all the people who died across the street from The Wild Life. A lot of them were celebrating the fact that they could marry.

When I stopped crying, Mom asked, "Where are you going to live?"

"I still have my old apartment. I just moved in with Digger yesterday. I guess we will stay here. But we lost everything."

"Even work clothes?" she asked. I didn't want to tell her I'd lost my job, too. "Hold a second."

I assumed she was talking to Jib.

"We are going to send you money. You can't expect any help from your father, and we want to do it. Jib is transferring money into your account now. It's a gift. Don't argue!"

I sighed. I was broke and I doubted Digger had much. His apartment was pretty barebones, like my own had been. I needed it. I didn't even have anything for us to wipe out faces dry with.

"Thanks, Mom. Thank Jib for me."

"I just did. OK! I'll call tomorrow and let you know when we will be there."


"Jib asked the name of the Bear you met."

"Lucius is his first name. I don't know his last. He owns a restaurant here called Visions."

"Thanks. I'm glad you're safe, honey. With your father in jail, maybe everyone will be safe."

That was wishful thinking. There were a lot of Neos and Dad hadn't planted the bombs in the other two cities. Had they arrested those responsible for the other bombings? I could have checked the news, but I wanted to think of something more pleasant for a bit.

She disconnected.

"OK. I will call when I see it," Em said to Alek.

I was lost. "See what?" I asked.

"She is going to check on my apartment," Alek said. "We don't know for sure it's been bombed." He paused. "No. It was my apartment. They just announced it."

Alek closed his eyes."

Em looked like she was about to cry.

"Thanks, Em."

"I'm happy to do it.

There was a knock on the door.

"Is that you, Digger?"


I opened the door and he walked in.

"Hi, Em."

"Hello, Digger. I was just going to pick up a few things for Eric. Do you need anything?"

"A pair of fifteen shorts. Black. I think that's all for now. I appreciate it."

"I'll see you soon," she said. She left.

Alek sat down next to me. Digger sat on the other side.

"Alek heard that they arrested my father," I said.

"I'm sorry, Eric," Digger said.

"The World Court is hearing a petition to have Neo-Puritanism declared a terrorist organization, because all the leaders support the bombings," Alek said.

"Are you officially a Neo-Puritan?" Digger asked.

"Are you kidding? I despised them before Dad converted. No."

"That's good. Tell me about your father."

"This morning when I got up and went out for coffee, I saw my father walking down Central V. He stopped in front of The Bitch's Tavern and tried to open the door. It was locked. I'm used to avoiding him, so I ran in the opposite direction. But before I did, I saw him look across the street at The Wild Life. I figured he was just planning another protest."

"Did you see anything that could have been a bomb?"

"No. That's why I asked how big a bomb would have to be. He had nothing in his hands and he didn't seem to be carrying anything. He didn't have a backpack. Do you think I should tell the M-Agents?"

"No," Alek said. "Definitely not."

"Why do you say that?" Digger asked.

"They will assume Eric is involved. It's his father. Eventually they will realize he wasn't involved, but how long will that take? Meanwhile, the news will report that Martin and his son were arrested. How many people will pay attention when Eric is released? And how many of those will understand that Eric had nothing to do with it? He will be tied to it for the rest of his life, in people's minds," Alek said.

"I spoke to my Mom. She said I would have to testify against him and Neo's might come after me," I said.

Digger nodded.

"What do you think, Digger?"

"I agree with your mother."

Digger pointed to his meme. He had a call. Maybe the police, I thought. I nodded. He walked over to the kitchen.

I sat next to Alek. He was naked, like me. I looked at his cock. It was soft, but I watched it stiffen.

"Thanks for changing the subject," he said.

I laughed. I reached out and took it in my hand. Alek sighed. I stroked it a couple of times. Then I felt guilty. People had died, just down the street. I stopped.

"Please don't stop. It takes away the terror," Alek said.

"Oh, Alek." I was scared for him.

He patted his lap. I climbed onto it. He wrapped his arms around me.

"This is even better," he said.

I smiled at him. It was better. I kissed his cheek and he smiled.

I checked the news. I read about Alek's apartment.

"That was my mother," Digger said, walking back over to us.

"I bet she's relieved," I said.

"Yeah. She and Dad, both. She spoke to Pan. He's waiting with Connie. He's convinced Jock is dead. I can't think of a reason why Jock and Tim would refuse calls, but maybe they are just busy."

"Do you want to go to him?"

"I would rather be here with you. I couldn't wait to get here, to make sure you were safe. To keep you safe."

I nodded. I thought about inviting him to stay with us, but he had a house with towels, and toilet paper, and food. We had furniture and nothing else.

I called Em and asked her to bring toilet paper.

"I can't believe Martin La Roche is your father!" Alek said. "You are naked and in my arms. My cock was inside you while he was about to blow us all up."

"We are very different—"

Digger and Alek laughed really loudly. The atmosphere in the apartment suddenly lightened.

"You mean your father wouldn't have swallowed half a liter of semen while sucking me?" Alek asked.

"Half a liter?"

"Yes. Alek had himself modified to help his career," Digger said.

"In porn, bigger loads are better," Alek said.

"So I swallowed that much?"

"Yes." Alek grinned. "Want more?"

I laughed a little nervously and I felt a blush over my whole body. Digger and Alek thought that was hilarious.

"Your man is a cheap date. Give him some meat and a drink and he's happy," Alek said.

I laughed.

"It has to be the right kind of meat," I said.

"Oh, we both know that! Beast cock. Beast semen." I smiled. "Tell me, if a human wanted to shoot half a liter of cum into your mouth, would you have enjoyed it as much?" Alek asked.

I thought about it.

"I don't think so. I never met a man I wanted as much as Digger. Or as much as you."

Digger sat and pulled me onto his lap.

"That's better," he said.

I smiled at him. I leaned over and we kissed. I could feel his erection, but I wasn't in the mood to have sex while bodies were being identified down the road.

We sat there in silence for a minute.

"My mother told me she is coming here to divorce him so she can marry a Bear."

Alek laughed. "We will be able to hear his screams from here. Wow! Both of you with Beasts."

I nodded. Then I sighed.

Digger kissed the side of my head. Then he lifted me off his lap and got up. He held his hand out and I took it. He walked to my balcony. The door opened and we stood on the balcony. He put his arm around me. We were facing the disaster area, but we couldn't see anything from there. That was fine with me.

"I love you, Eric."

"I love you, Digger."

"I'm worried about Alek. Can he stay here a while?"

"Yes, of course. Until it's safe. I would hate myself if I asked him to leave and something happened to him. He's my friend, too."

"You know, we used to live together," Digger told me.

"You did?"

"After I bought the bar, I didn't have enough money left even for food. Alek moved in and paid rent. He gave up an apartment he liked to do it. That kept me going long enough to start making money."

"I just heard that so far they have identified the remains of thirty-four people in Connie's place. They found no one in mine," Digger said.

I sighed. It was good news and horrible news.

"Do you know if Jock, or Jessup and Sarah were there?" I asked.

"No. They haven't released the names, yet."

I sighed.

"There have been eleven more arrests. All Neo-Puritans. Your father admits planting the bombs here."

I turned and looked inside. Alek was leaning over with his face in his hands.

"Look at Alek."

"Oh." Digger sighed. "Do you want to cheer him up?"


"Sex is the only thing I can think of," Digger said.

I sighed. "I can't."

Digger nodded. "I understand."

"I keep thinking about Pan and Jock."

Digger nodded.

We went back inside. Digger and I sat. I sat between them.

"Do you want to have sex?" Alek asked.

"You two can. I just don't feel like it," I said.

"No. I'm not much in the mood anyway," Alek said.

We waited for Em. I checked the news. They probably did, too.

I saw an item called, "People Neo-Puritans Don't Like." I looked. I laughed when I read the first item on the list. It was 'People who do not agree with them'. Number two was 'Beasts'. Then there were actual names. I saw Alek, again. I didn't see Digger or Connie, which was a little odd. They tried to blow them up once. Had they lost interest?

"We have to go shopping tomorrow. We don't have anything. Food, toiletries, clothes," I said.

"Yeah," Digger said. "Not even a cock ring to wear."

I laughed.

"Stuart Burke was just arrested," Alek said.

"The rich guy?" I asked.

"Yeah. He's one of them and he has been giving them money."

I knew Dad had wealthy donors. Burke was very, very wealthy. I read the news myself. Financing terrorists was a serious crime. He could be convicted as an accessory to anything they did.

"But listen to this," Alek said. "Eight minutes before Agents arrived to arrest him, he issued a statement condemning the attacks, declared he is no longer a Neo-Puritan, and apologized for his temporary association with the group."

"What a worm!" I said. "Temporary association. Ha!"

"He must have gotten a tip-off from someone," Digger said.

"And he waited for that to condemn them. Pitiful," I said, shaking my head.

I read the news, along with them. When one of us found something interesting, we told the others.

A while later, I heard a knock. I walked to the door and let Em in. She was carrying bags.

"Alek, your apartment was bombed. I drove by to check out the damage. Three buildings were partially destroyed. Someone called in a warning and everyone was evacuated, so they don't think anyone died."

"Thank you."

"Here are the clothes," she said.

I put on the shorts. They fit fine. Digger took his and they fit, too. She brought a few food items, and a bottle of sleeping pills, too. She was so thoughtful!

"I can hug you know that I have clothes on," I said to her. She laughed.

"Thank you," I said as I hugged her. "How much do I owe you?"

"We can worry about that later. I've got to go to sleep."


Digger and Alek both thanked her and she left.

"I just spoke to Pan," Digger said. "He's home."

"Have victims' names been released?"

"No. The count is up to forty-nine identified, but they told him they aren't going to announce the names until they identify all the victims and contact their families, first."

"Oh. Do you think he should be alone?"

"He isn't. A friend is there with him."

"Oh, good. He could come here."

"No offense, Eric, but this place is barely enough for two people. Forget about four," Digger said.

I nodded. The apartment was small.

I continued reading the news until I yawned. I checked the time. It was only eleven.


"I am. I'm sorry, again."

"Don't be. Do you want to go to bed, or you can take a nap here."

"That sounds nice." I snuggled against him and fell asleep

"Wake up," Digger said.

I sat up. I checked the time. It was almost two-thirty.

"We're ready for bed," Digger said.


"Em brought sleeping pills, if either of you need them."

Digger chuckled.

"She's something."

I nodded.

"I could use one," Alek said.

I went and got them. I handed the bottle to Alek. He opened it and swallowed one of them. He held the bottle out to Digger.

"I don't think I need it," Digger said.

"I'll sleep on the sofa," Alek said.

To I looked at Digger. He nodded.

"You can sleep with us."

Alek smiled.

"Thank you, Eric. Has anyone ever told you that you aren't much like your father?"

I laughed.

"My mother mentioned it earlier this evening. My father wants to blow you up. I just want to blow you."

They laughed.

"No. That's not just what you want. You are a good friend, too."

I smiled at him.

We climbed into bed. It was a double, but Digger pulled me against him. That gave Alek some space. Alek faced me. He stroked my head and said, "Thank you, Eric. I was terrified and you two made me feel safe. I should say three. Em helped."

"You are my friend, too. Besides you are my favorite porn star. How many fans get to do this?"

Alek grinned. "Just you."

Digger kissed the back of my head. I fell asleep instantly.

I woke first. I was surprised that they were out cold. Then I realized they were probably used to getting up late. I climbed carefully out of bed. I put on my shorts and went into the kitchen. It was just after seven.

I needed coffee. I left the apartment. I checked my bank balance automatically. I gasped when I saw I had over twenty thousand dollars. My mom and Jib gave me a lot of money. I walked to Realissmo. I saw a female Gorilla walking on the sidewalk, carrying a large overfull bag of groceries with one arm and trying to control a two or three year old with the other. The young one saw a floater and tried to run into the street. She dropped her groceries while trying to control her child. Apples and tomatoes rolled onto the grass. I run up to her and put the things back into the sack.

"Thank you, so much."

I smiled at her.

"Hello," I said to her little boy. He was wearing an adorable little blue and white outfit that he would despise later in life. I knew. My mother liked to dress me cute when I was that age. A sailor? Seriously? The photos were humiliating when I was a tweener.

"Hiya," he said to me, grinning.

"Hello!" I said to him.

"How old is he?" I asked her.

"Two and a half. Definitely in the midst of the terrible twos. His life is in danger six times a day!"

I laughed as I put the last of her things back in the bag. I handed it to her.

"Thank you, again."




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