By Vic James

Copyright 2013 by Vic James



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This story is fiction. None of the characters are based on real people.

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I walked another block and was at Realissmo. I walked inside. I was suddenly grateful for the mini-department store vibe of the place. I needed things I couldn't get at the grocer. I bought a coffeemaker, coffee, dishes, utensils, and some food items. What they carried, anyway. They sold fruit, but not bread, which I thought was odd. But that was OK. The grocer was across the street. I noticed a Gorilla looking at me. I suppressed a laugh. I met Digger there the day before and my whole life was completely different! I didn't feel nervous at all. I felt confident, which was rare for me, outside work. I was listening to the news. There had been more arrests. Alek was mentioned as missing, possibly dead. Eighteen people died from the blast at The Bitch's Tavern. A person standing in front of The Wild Life looking at The Bitch's Tavern when the bomb in The Wild Life detonated was also killed. Harold had given an interview as an eyewitness. I wondered if he really had evacuated the club as he claimed. Connie gave an interview, too. I saw the names of the victims from her club. Sarah and Jessup were not among them. I was happy, despite never having met, either. I just saw them at the lake, but I was in love, and some of my happiness seemed to encompass other lovers.

An M-Agent walked into Realissmo and looked right at me. He touched his ear and then walked over to me. He was a Chimp and he looked good in his uniform.

"You are Eric La Roche?"


I heard gasps from people who overheard.

"You were listed as a possible victim."

"I'm safe. I've got an apartment at the Elphena."

"Do you know the whereabouts of Digger Wilson, the owner of The Wild Life?"

"Yes. He's my lover. He's fine, too. He's at my apartment. His apartment—our apartment was destroyed by the blast."

The Agent gave me a list of people they were trying to locate. I saw Alek's name.

"Have you seen any of these people since the blasts?"

"Yes. I would rather not say it aloud."

The Agent touched my meme.

"Alek is staying with us. Hiding really, since we heard he is a target. He is the only person on your list I've seen."

"Thank you. We will contact you if we need further information."

"How safe are Digger and Alek? They blew up Digger's bar. They may be targeting him, as well as Alek."

"I would advise them to stay where they are for now. Arrests are still occurring. We should be able to tell you more at the end of the day."

He gave me a name to contact at the Majoratum.

He thanked me and left.

"Are you related to Martin La Roche?" a Chimp asked me.


The Chimp looked angry.

"You didn't have to live with him! Can you even imagine what it was like?" He stepped away from my obvious anger. "He thinks I'm still a virgin because I'm not married to a woman!" Someone laughed. "If he knew I had a Gorilla for a lover, he would have killed me, too. His beliefs have always been more important to him than his family. He's obsessed with his beliefs. I didn't pick him, I got stuck with him and I left him as soon as I could!"

I heard someone laugh. I turned and saw it was the Gorilla.

"My mother moved to Shanghai to get away from him."

"I heard her interview on the news."

I turned to the Chimp who said that.

"She was on the news? I'll have to look." I addressed the group who had gathered around. "Martin La Roche is my father. My lover is a Gorilla. My mother's lover is also a Beast. Neither one of us knew anything about his involvement. I still don't know how just involved he was. I don't know what the Neo-Puritans are doing. Is it only him or are all Neo-Puritans terrorists?"

"Digger is all right?"

"Yes. He's sleeping. We went to my apartment after his blew up."

A Chimp nodded.

"I heard Alek Bright was at The Wild Life last night."

"He was. We left it at the same time."

"No one saw him outside."

"We went out the back of The Wild Life. When we saw his name listed as a target, we left in my zapper."

"So he's OK?"

"Yes, but he's hiding."

I could tell they were happy with what I was telling them.

A Chimp said, "It's very strange that you say you are Digger's lover. I know for a fact that he didn't have one the day before yesterday."

I didn't know what to say. Then I mad. "Well, go tell him how pissed off you are. He's at my apartment."

I heard laughter. I felt confident in a way I never had. I owed it to Digger.

I remembered we needed lube. I picked up a couple of bottles. Then I paid for my items. I borrowed a tug to get them home. I walked home. I saw Dack and waved at him. He ran up to me.

"Is Digger all right?"

"Yes. He's staying at my place."

"Has he decided whether he will reopen? There's no other Bestiality bar anywhere near here."

"No. Hasn't mentioned anything. I've been assuming he will, but I suppose he has to talk to his insurance company."

"I was planning to go last night, but had to work late. I was mad, but I guess I was lucky. I missed all the excitement."

"I'm glad the club wasn't crowded. If it had been everyone might not have gotten out in time."

Dack nodded.

"I hoped to see you there last night."

I didn't know what to say. I couldn't say I wished the same thing.

"If you aren't free tonight, would you let me take you out?"

"Digger told me you weren't the romancing type."

"Well, I'm usually not. But I think you are hot, and I want to know you better. And now everyone is going to be getting married. I don't want to be left alone."

I smiled at him.

"I appreciate that Dack, but Digger and I are lovers. If we weren't, I would have been happy to go out with you."

"OK. See you later."

Dack walked on.

A woman waved at me and ran up to me. I thought how strange a morning it was. Two people were in so much a hurry to see me that they ran. As she got closer, I saw the camera bead on her forehead. She was a newsie. She had two cameras. A second one floated around her.

"Excuse me. Are you Eric La Roche?"

I sighed. My mom did her interview. I guessed it was my turn.

"Yes, I am."

"Are you the son of—"


"How do you feel about your father?"

I sighed.

"I love him, but I don't understand him. He was born a thousand years too late. Most people would adjust, but not him. It amazes me that there are so many like him."

"How do you feel about the arrests?"

"I just got up. I haven't watched the news."

"Twelve people have been arrested. One of them was Stuart Burke."

"I don't know anything about his activities. I didn't want to hear about them when I still lived at home, although I'm sure these are the first people he helped kill." I closed my eyes and fought tears. I wiped my face. "I knew he worked with others, but I never cared to know their names. My father and I are not estranged, but we don't speak often. When he brings up one of his obsessions, I hang up, so he stopped trying to tell me about them. I don't share any of his views at all."

"Your mother announced she planned to marry a Beast. How do you feel about that?"

"I'm happy for her. We spoke about it last night. It was a surprise to me, but I surprised her when I told her I was living with a Gorilla."

"Really? That is terribly ironic that Martin La Roche's family became involved with Beasts."

I shrugged.

"I fell in love. It didn't seem ironic at the time."

She laughed. She waved her hand to stop the camera. She got herself back in control. Then she waved her hand again.

"Witnesses said you were at The Wild Life last night."

"I was. I ran out of it when I heard the explosion across the street."

"You must have been terrified."

"Yes. It seemed like a bad dream, too. It had that 'it doesn't make sense' feeling."

She nodded.

"Are you upset at all that your father has been arrested?"

"I really don't know what his role in all this was. I don't doubt that he's involved and I'm not upset he was arrested. I knew he was terribly opposed to Bestiality, but he has always believed in non-violent protest. In a way, I feel relieved. If he's become violent, my mother and I are in danger if he's free."

"Do you really think he would try to kill you?"

"I don't know what goes on in his brain. I think it's possible."

"I just received word that Martin La Roche was heard praying for the end of the world," she said.

I put my face in my hands. Then I shook my head.

"How does that make sense?"

"I don't think I can answer that," she said.

"Thank you, Mr. La Roche for your time."

"You are welcome."

She left.

I arrived at the Elphena. When the lift stopped, I unloaded my purchases and sent the tug back to the store. I opened the door to my apartment and carried the stuff inside. I put the coffeemaker in the kitchen, and the food in the chiller. I cleaned myself in the bathroom and applied lube. Then I climbed back into bed.

Digger wrapped his arms around me.

"Where did you go?"

"To buy coffee and some food."

"Oh, good."

I lay there and heard Digger's breathing slow as he fell back asleep. I watched my mother's interview as I lay there. There was very little to it, other than she couldn't live with him and moved as far away as she could. She mentioned me and my Gorilla lover.

I was sure I wouldn't be able to sleep, but I did.

My meme woke me. Digger was still behind me, but Alek was out of bed. I answered the call.

"Eric, this is Murphy, the Agent who spoke to you in Realissmo this morning."


"My lover Robert Worley used to work with you at Citadel."

"Oh! How is Rob?"

"He's fine."

"Does he still work there?"

"No. He was let go about six months after you left. Anyway, this should be secret, but I just found out that Stuart Burke is trying to negotiate to avoid prison. His lawyers have requested that if they can settle the claims of the victims of the terrorists, that he not be charged with a crime."

"What a weasel!"

"Yes. The reason I called is that he has to settle with everyone who was harmed in any way by the terrorist acts. You can demand any amount of money you want. If he doesn't agree, he goes to prison."


"I suggest you, Digger Wilson, and Alek Bright demand millions. I would say one hundred million for the loss of Digger's bar's physical structure at least. Your home was blown up, Eric. That would be a separate amount, and I wouldn't ask less than ten million. You also need to add for your personal suffering. Only you can decide how much you suffered because your father was involved, but make him pay. If he doesn't pay and settle with you, he goes to prison. I think that's where he belongs."

"Me, too. Is it all right to tell other victims?"

"Another Agent and I will be unofficially contacting each victim or their family. Please pretend to be unaware of the reason he is trying to settle with you privately. If his legal team becomes aware that people know, it might cause them to try to renegotiate a different arrangement with the Majoratum. Perhaps try to get an independent arbitrator to determine financial compensation. They probably wouldn't succeed, but it would slow things down. Keep in mind that if he doesn't pay so much it hurts, he escapes punishment."

"I really appreciate this Murphy."

"It's all right. Goodbye."

"Bye. Tell Rob I said hello."

"What was that?" Digger asked.

"Is Alek still here?"


Alek walked out of the restroom.

"I have news," I told them.

"An M-Agent spoke to me earlier at Realissmo earlier this morning when I was there buying some things. He wanted to know if you were with me, Digger. I said yes. He showed me a list of people, including you, Alek and asked if I knew any of their whereabouts. I told them you were hiding at here. He gave me the name of someone to contact at the Majoratum later today, to see whether they thought it was safe for you to leave here. They thought it best you stay out of sight today."

Alek nodded.

"A Chimp at Realissmo told me I am not your lover, Digger," I said. Alek laughed. "I wish you had told me first."

Digger laughed.

"He said that?"

"He said he knew for a fact that I was not."

"What did you say?"

"I told him you were at my apartment and come here and tell you that."

Digger smiled.

"You stood right up to him," Digger said.

"I did."

"No jumping?"

"None. I was bitchy."

Digger and Alek laughed.

"What else happened?" Digger asked

"Dack asked me out on a date."


"Yes. We are going to dinner this evening."

I looked at Digger and he frowned.

"Well, he asked after the Chimp told me I wasn't your lover."

He pulled me close.

"You belong to me! No dates, unless it's with me."

I smiled at Alek. He seemed cheerful.

"The same Agent just called. He said that Stuart Burke, who financed the terrorists is trying to escape prison by negotiating financial settlements with each victim or their family. If he succeeds, charges against him may be dropped."

"That pig!" Digger said.

"The Agent suggested we claim enough to hurt him financially. If he doesn't pay, he goes to prison."

"Oh!" Alek said.

"He suggested you demand a minimum of one hundred million for the loss of the bar." Digger gasped. "I think you should charge more. Plus personal suffering. He suggested I ask for a minimum of ten million for the loss of my home in the explosion, plus suffering. I'm going to ask for at least twenty million. Alek, you can claim even more. Not only for your home, but for being terrified at being a target."

Alek nodded, grinning.

"Did you ever film at your apartment?"


"It was a business address, too, then. The Agent said to pretend we don't know why they are trying to settle with us."

"And I was worried whether I had enough insurance on the bar!" Digger said.

My meme beeped. It was my mother.

"Are you watching the news?"

"No. Why?"

"Just watch."

She disconnected.

I checked. I saw there were Neo-Puritan prayer groups in countries all over the planet sitting in the middle of busy streets, praying for the end of the world. I shook my head. They were insane, but why were there so many of them? I stopped watching.

"I bought coffee."

"You Angel!" Alek said. I laughed.

I got out of bed and went to make it. Digger followed me into the kitchen. He stood behind me. I smiled at him. Then I hugged him.

"I love you, BB."

He chuckled.

"I love you, too."

"We should go clothes shopping," I said.

He nodded.

"But not at Dack's?"

"Dack is that Dack?"


"I have a date with a rich guy?"

"Yes. Me. All your dates are with me."

"Oh, yeah! You are going to be rich. I better keep you."

Digger laughed.

"You've changed!"

"I know. I finally feel comfortable in my surroundings."

Digger frowned.

"I've always felt out of place. Like I didn't fit in, wherever I was. When I walked into Realissmo, I really could feel the difference. Yesterday I was worried. Not about anything real. I knew most of my problems were manufactured. But I think I must have accepted that I am worth something, if a wonderful person like you is so interested in me."

Digger kissed me.

I started the coffee and we sat on the sofa. I started stroking Digger. He grinned at me.

"Are you going to tell all your Chimps about me, Digger?"

He laughed.

"I don't know about them. I like humans, don't forget. But I'll tell this Chimp. Alek? This is my lover."

Alek shook his head. I watched his cock grow erect.

"I think the fact that I'm your lover turned him on," I said.

"I thought you might want breakfast." Alek said to me.

Digger stopped my hand.

"Would you consider appearing with me in a movie?" Alek asked me. "I would want you in it, too, Digger."

"I don't know. All your partners look half-dead by the time you shoot on their faces," I said.

Digger laughed.

"They aren't half-dead! They're just in a pleasure coma," Alek said.

I laughed.

"That must be the best kind of coma," I said.

"It is! I thought it might be hot to see my load filling your stomach, while Digger paints your colon."

"Oh, fuck!" I said. It sounded hot.

"There wouldn't be any external cum shots. Just internal ones. We would have one camera near the head of my cock, another in your stomach and a third in your colon. After we cum, Digger and I could switch positions and pump more jizz into you. We could end with a shot of our cum leaking out of your cunt."

That was hot!

I leaned over and began sucking Digger. He ran his fingers through my hair. I caressed his balls with one hand. I felt Alek move beside me. I groaned as I felt his tongue on my hole. I pulled off Digger.

"If you are going to fuck me, I need to clean myself."

"Actually, I am starving," Alek said. "I skipped dinner last night. Can we eat first?"

"It's OK with me," I said.

"It's fine. We have all day together."

I stood and walked into the kitchen. I showed them what I had bought.

"I was going to go to Tinger's Bakery."

"Oh, yeah? If you don't mind, get me a couple of cheese pastries," Alek said.

"That sounds good," Digger said.

"I want to buy a lot more than that," I said.

"Do either of you drink coffee?" I asked.

They both did. I poured coffee for them and put my shorts on.

"Back in a minute."

"I'm going to go," Digger said. "While you are at the bakery, I want to pick up a few things. A toothcleaner, for one. Deodorant and some other stuff."

Alek told us what he needed and we left. Digger held my hand on the lift.

"You look so different, Eric."

"I am a lot happier."

"Oh, I can tell."

"You did it, Digger."

"Well, maybe I helped a little. I think Alek helped, too."

I thought about that. It did make me feel good that he thought I was hot. Alek was a pro and he thought I should be, too. That was amazing. I loved his description of what we would do in the flik, but I wasn't certain I wanted to be in a sex flik.

"Maybe he did. I wish he could find someone. I mean a real relationship."

"Permanent," Digger said.

"Yeah. And maybe they will be as happy with each other as we still are after all the time we've been together."

We both laughed.

"He asked me something that shocked me," Digger said.


"He asked whether I would be interested in us living together, again. I told you we lived together."

I got irritated. "And where would I be?"

"Between us in bed. I told him I would ask you."

"Oh, Digger. I like Alek a lot, but I don't know him well enough to want to live with him."

"I know. I said I would ask and I did. I was really shocked. But maybe he is scared and we make him feel safe."

I hadn't thought of that. If I was Alek, I would probably feel the same way. He was probably worried right that minute, hoping we would hurry.

"I like him, but I don't want him to come between us. I don't know if I can love two people and he probably would never love me back, if I could. If he's fucking me every day, I would be jealous when he brought other guys over. That's not fair to him. It just sounds like a bad idea."

"I agree," Digger said. "Is it all right if he stays a few days?"

"He may have to. I'm not letting him take a chance on getting blown up. If he stays a while, I would like to spend time alone with you."

"Yeah. We can do that. I want that, too. I want to kiss you while I fuck you. If he's there, that will be difficult."

"Unless he's fucking you," I said.

"Ha. Ha."

"You could have him rim you while you fuck me."

"Hey! That's an idea. I don't think he will do it. Are you enjoying the sex?"

"Oh, yeah. I just don't want all our sex to include him."

"Well, we feel exactly the same about things," Digger said. "I'm relieved."

"No you aren't. All I can think about is the spunk in your balls."

Digger grinned at me. He stopped and pulled me into his arms.

"You want it, baby?"

"I do."

"Where do you want it?"

"In my mouth."

He grinned.

"As if I didn't know."

He took my hand. We left the sidewalk and walked behind some tall shrubs. He pushed his shorts down. I watched his half-hard cock grow fully erect. He pushed my shorts down. I knelt and pulled his cock down. I swallowed it and began sucking. Digger stroked the shaft himself. I sucked on the head while he jacked off into my mouth. I felt his balls.

"I'm going to give you what you want very soon."

A blast of cum hit the back of my throat. He slowed his stroking down as he filled my mouth. I swallowed mouthful after mouthful. I really loved his spunk. I wasn't sure whether it was because I loved him so much, or if Gorilla spunk just tasted good. He pulled his spent cock out of my mouth. He squeezed cum out of it and I licked it up. He pulled his shorts up, grinning. He pulled me up and began sucking me. After a minute or so, he pushed his finger inside me and I came.

I sighed happily as he stood. He chuckled.

"A quickie, but a goodie," he said.

"I agree! Have I told you I love you?"

"Yes, but I don't mind if you repeat yourself."

I smiled at him.

We walked back to the sidewalk. We walked hand-in-hand and smiled at each other often.

I walked into the bakery while Digger went to the shop next to it to buy some of the other things. I knew what I wanted, so I was done quickly. I went next door and saw Digger talking to the same Chimp who had denied I was Digger's lover. Digger smiled at me. I walked over to them, prepared for nastiness.

"Well, I was wrong," the Chimp said.

"Alec, this is Regis."

I nodded at him.

"Digger told me the day before yesterday that he doubted he would ever have a lover," Regis said.

"I did," Digger said, shaking his head.

I burst out laughing.

"He's not very smart, but I do love him," I said.

"I knew I made you angry. But I just thought you were another publicity seeker. The newsies are interviewing everyone in the Zone."

"Regis said that Harold claimed he was the assistant manager at The Wild Life in an interview," Digger said. "He's a part-time bartender."

I got angry. I really did not like Harold. Of course, I didn't like Regis a few minutes earlier, and it was just a misunderstanding. I told myself to not judge people so quickly.

"Everyone is worried about Alek," Regis said.

Digger shook his head and then tilted it. I looked and saw some humans shopping.

"He's probably fine. He was with Eric when his apartment exploded," Digger said.

"Was he?"

"Yes. As I said in Realissmo, we ran out of the back door of The Wild Life after we heard The Bitch's Tavern explosion. After The Wild Life blew up, we heard another explosion behind us," I said. "Apparently, that was his apartment."

Regis shook his head.

"They have to keep pulling Neo-Puritans out of the street in front of The Wild Life," Regis said.

"I'm a little embarrassed by how little I know about them, considering my father is a member."

"They were an ultra-conservative religious group before they turned terrorist. Some members have condemned the bombings. One of them was killed. Almost three hundred members have been arrested."

I felt sick. I didn't understand people like that. Sometimes I felt like I had more in common with an octopus than my father. I could just hear him quoting Bible passages that had nothing to do with anything and announcing it as proof he was right.

Regis left and we bought the things we needed. We headed back.

"My mom and her boyfriend gave me twenty thousand dollars last night."

"Really? Well, you aren't broke, anymore."

I saw Em's zapper in the parking lot. We unloaded the food and things we'd bought and I knocked on her door.

"Hi, Em. You look tired." She did.

"I didn't sleep much. After I left your apartment, I started listening to the news. I just got more and more depressed."

"Well, don't worry about it. The world will end soon."

She shook her head.

"Do you know how many people asked me to explain Neo-Puritanism today? I got interviewed twice." She sighed. "I guess you heard about your father."

"I know he got arrested."

"He claims he is the leader of the 'activist' arm of the Neo-Puritans. He placed the bombs. He was seen entering both bars yesterday morning."

I felt numb. I called Mom. She answered right away.

"Did you hear about Dad and the bombs?"

"Jib just told me. I was asleep. I can't believe it."

"No. Do you know I was in that bar yesterday? Do you think he would have put it there if he knew?"

"I think he would. He is insane, I think. I'm going back to bed."

"OK, Mom. I won't call back for a while."

"I doubt I will get more than four hours sleep. You can call later."

"OK. Thank Jib again for the money. I didn't tell you, but I got fired yesterday. The whole department."

Mom started crying. "I should be there. You need me and I'm in China!"

"I'm fine, Mom. I got hired as the accountant at The Wild Life."

"That should keep you busy."

I chuckled.

"There is a lot of money on the horizon, I'm told."

"Reparations?" she asked.

"Yes, in a way. I'll know more, later."


I turned to Em.

"My mom had just been told about Dad."

Em shook her head.

"I'm going to take a nap."

"How much do I owe you?" I asked her.

"You don't have to pay be now."

"I have money. I might as well."

She told me and I transferred money to her account. Then I went back to my apartment.




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