Beasts II

By Vic James

Copyright 2016 by Vic James



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This story is fiction. None of the characters are based on real people.

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Revised May, 2016





Jeff looked around.

"Will the Jensens, La Roche and Parsons families remain? The rest of you can go."

I looked around and saw Richard, Em, and Roberta. They were two rows behind us.

Jeff moved closer to us and pulled up a chair.

"I want to discuss the possibility of building our own ship," Jeff said.

That sounded expensive.

"As all of you know, I consider Mars only the first Beast colony. As we continue to spread throughout the solar system, we will need a newer, better ship than the Far View. Are any of you willing to contribute financially?"

"I will," I said.

"We will," Richard said.

My mother looked at Jib.

"I'm willing, too," Mother said.

"How much would the ship cost?" I asked Jeff.

"Anywhere from two billion to ten billion."

That was an awful lot of money. I checked my account balances. I had about two hundred and sixty-five million in available funds. I had about double that in investments, but that money was not as readily available. There was six hundred million in the foundation, but I didn't want to use that unless I absolutely had to. How much money would I need to live on? I didn't know. I could make more fliks, but without Alek directing them, would they sell as well? If they were different enough, maybe so. I thought a sex flik on the surface of Mars would be completely unique, if it was possible.

I called Jeff, privately. I didn't want to speak in front of my mother or Roberta.

"Hello, Eric."

Jeff held his index finger on his left hand up to let everyone else in the room know he was on a call.

"I could make more fliks to raise money. If we could figure out a way to have sex with Digger on the surface, I think that would really sell."

"You're right. That is well worth pursuing. I'll talk to Richard about it. Between the two of us, we should be able to figure out how to do something sexual on the surface. I think your fliks are the only way to raise a large sum quickly, but I didn't want to ask you to make more fliks for the colony."

"There's just one problem, "I said. "Alek did all the directing."

Thinking of Alek made me sad. How long would it be before I saw him again? Who would be head cynic of the family?

"Digger's never been that keen to take up directing," I said. "I think it's because he knows Alek will always be better at it and the competition would put a strain on their friendship. I know Harry was interested in the process of making a flik. He helped Alek on the last couple of fliks we did, although I'm not sure what all he did. Do you know if he's interested in directing?"

"I'm sure he would love that. Harry would also love to perform in a flik with you, too. He'd like to have sex with you, period."

"I didn't know that." I thought for a moment. "I never encouraged him to have sex with me, Jeff."

"I never thought you did, but you might give it some thought, "Jeff said. "It would make him happy and it would add to my notoriety quite a bit to be married to a porn star."

I laughed.

"I can't believe you said that!"

"I've always loved being controversial. And the sex wouldn't bother me at all. We have an open relationship. Harry needs more sex than I do. That is completely normal. He's a young, healthy man. And I'm a very old man in a young body. Everything works, but there is usually something I would rather do than have sex." Jeff sighed. "As I said, Harry would like to have sex with you. He has an Eric La Roche Head that he uses two or three times every day. I keep suggesting that he have sex with a person, but I think he is afraid I will disapprove or become jealous. That is extremely unlikely, but if I did get jealous, and I asked you to stop having sex with him, I am certain you would stop. And that reminds me: why are those Heads so damned noisy?"

The Eric La Roche Head sex toy was designed by Alek and George. It looked exactly like my head, complete with hair you could hold. You inserted your cock into its—my—mouth and it milked your cock. It sold very, very well. George told me we'd gotten letters from fans who left it on for hours. The Head gave them orgasm after orgasm. And there were Head parties. Guys would get together and have their Heads suck them while they watched my fliks. I'd used it once, and while it felt great, I found it just too weird to insert my dick in a plastic copy of my head. I didn't need it. I could stick my cock in my real mouth and suck myself to orgasm, preferably while Digger fucked me. The Heads were noisy while they sucked. They made a slurping sound, which a lot of people liked. There was another sound as the semen was vacuumed into a container, and then a buzzing sound as the spunk was flash-dried. You could hold it over a sink or a trash can and if you pulled on an ear, the powdered cum shot out fake Eric's nose. That was Alek's idea. I laughed whenever I thought about it. The Head had a charging base that was a replica of my neck. When you placed my Head on my Neck, the toy got recharged.

According to Jeff, Harry's cock was ejaculating in my fake Head several times a day. I was surprised to realize I was jealous of the Eric Head. It was sucking Harry off all the time! I had never really entertained sexual thoughts about Harry, despite the fact that he was very attractive. Suddenly, I was. I didn't have Alek, but I could have sex with another hot Chimp. Then I felt a pang of guilt. What was wrong with me? I was thinking of sex with Harry when my family was trapped on the Far View. But Jeff wanted me to have sex with Harry, and sex for fliks could be the thing that could raise enough money to rescue them. Did that make it right? I didn't know what the proper behavior was, under the circumstances. Part of my family was in hibernation and trapped on a ship until I could earn enough to get them home. Should I be grieving, rather than thinking about sucking Harry? I decided I needed to talk it out with Digger, although I was pretty certain what he would say: help rescue them and have sex, too.

"I don't know why they are so noisy," I told Jeff. "I didn't have anything to do with designing or producing them. Maybe there wasn't room for sound-dampening."

"OK," Jeff said. "I just spoke to Harry. He's excited about directing. Will you have sex with him?"

"Sure. I'm looking forward to it. But please tell me if it starts to bother you. I don't want to wonder whether I'm making you unhappy."

"Have you ever known me to be so polite that I would keep my opinion to myself?"

I laughed. "Never mind."

I looked over at Harry. He gave me two thumbs up and a big grin. I wondered what his cock looked like.

"I just spoke to Dave," Jeff said. "He wondered why there isn't an Eric La Roche Ass sex toy. He thinks it would sell very well. He is a fan, by the way. Before you got here, he asked a lot of questions about you and your sex life. I thought that was hilarious, considering that just about every aspect of your sex life has made its way into a flik or your autobiography. He told me he uses an Eric La Roche Head every day."

"That thing has more fun than I do," I said, peeved.

Jeff stared at me like I was insane.

"You don't actually think they prefer the sex toy, do you?"

"No. I guess not.

"That ass sex toy sounds like a good idea. But I don't know how to design a sex toy," I told Jeff. "I'm just used for uh, comparison testing."

Jeff chuckled.

"Dave is a very intelligent man and so is Harry. Why don't we ask them to design it?"

"That sounds great. I'll do that."

Jeff spoke to the others in the room.

"Eric and I have been discussing ways to earn money. Em, why don't you take Roberta back to your apartment before we discuss fliks in detail?"

"Oh. Of course," Em got up and left.

My mother was still seated next to me. I wasn't comfortable discussing sex fliks around her. Or toys that felt like fucking my ass.

"Mom, would you mind leaving?" I asked, tentatively.

She looked annoyed.

"Very well. I'll go check on Jerald."

Jib grinned at me as Mother left the room.

Jeff continued. "Eric has an excellent idea for a flik. He'd like to make a sex flik with Digger on the surface. Richard, I'd like you to help me figure out a way to do that. Personally, I think that would be a huge seller. Aside from its value as erotica, it would be historically significant, and it should be interesting to scientists in several disciplines. Psychology, biology, nanology, and space science, to name a few."

"I'm pretty sure we can do it, although we will be limited in what they can do," Richard said.

I looked at Digger and smiled. He wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I leaned against him and looked at his crotch. He was hard. I squeezed his erection, briefly.

"Tease," he whispered in my ear.

"Harry has agreed to direct in Alek's absence," Jeff said. "Dave has suggested a new Eric sex toy, an Eric La Roche Ass, which we think could sell very well. Dave, I'd like you to create that, if you can. Harry, will you assist him?"

I looked over at Dave aka Buck. He looked at me and smiled. I got a call from him.

"I'll need to take measurements and well, find out how it feels," he said.

I laughed. "OK. Will you need to do a lot of comparison testing?"

"What? Absolutely! If I can."

I laughed.

"OK. I can guarantee that when you try us side-by-side, only one of us will be begging for more."

"Hey! That's a good idea! We could have it beg for more," Dave said.

I laughed.

"How would it beg without a mouth?" I asked him.

"We could make the ass lips move," Dave said.

I laughed so hard everyone turned to look.

"You're the designer," I said. "I'm just the model. And the test subject. You can test me constantly, if you like."

"I'd love to do that. Do you mean that?"

"Yeah, I do. You can test my mouth, too. I've never tasted Bear milk."

"Damn, Eric! I'll give you as much as you want, as often as you want!"

"If we haven't raised enough with the new fliks and the sex toy, what about using the money of people who are on the Far View. Alek and Jock are wealthy," Digger said, aloud.

"That's true," Richard said. "Why should we give everything we have when they give nothing? They should contribute somehow."

Jeff frowned.

"Hmm. I wonder. We would be using it to rescue them."

"And you could pay them back with future money from fliks," Digger said to me.

"Why would he need to pay them back?" Jib asked Digger. "As Richard said, if we are giving all the money we can to rescue them, are they going to pay any of it back? They should, in my opinion."

"If we decide to use their money, we need to give it a lot of thought as to how we would do it," Jeff said.

"What about taking up to half of what they have," Harry suggested. "We won't be wiping them out. With the exception of Eric's family, once the rest of us use our savings, the money's probably gone for good. The colony has nothing to export. We might be able to get grants for doing research here, but those wouldn't be large enough to restore a tenth of what we will be paying for a ship."

Jeff nodded his head.

"Maybe we should all give half," Jeff mused.

"I can give a lot more than half," I said. "Especially since I'll have new fliks coming out."

"We are all overlooking one very important fact," Jib said. "I seriously doubt we can get their banks to give us any of their money. We could pay and present the colonists with bills for their share. If they refuse and they can afford to pay, we sue."

Jeff sighed. "I think I can get their money because of the financial responsibility agreement clause in the colonist contract. But I prefer Jib's idea to fighting a legal battle for their money. What do you think?" he asked the group.

Everyone agreed.

"We have some colonists who can't afford to pay anything," Jeff said. "We can't expect to be completely reimbursed."

"I'm not expecting to be," I said.

"So how does one go about buying an interplanetary spaceship?" Richard asked.

"There are a couple of aerospace companies that can build them. If we use an existing design, it's much cheaper than a fully customized ship. The ten billion I quoted is for a customized ship. For those, the designs have to be approved by government agency and they have to be tested thoroughly. Existing designs have already been approved and tested. I can't think of any reason why we need to customize a ship, so I think approximately two billion."

"What will the ship be doing after the colonists on the Far View are rescued?" Richard asked.

"It will have to remain in orbit, run by the AI.

"Now, to summarize," Jeff said. "Does everyone agree we will try to buy a ship with our own money and have colonists who can do so reimburse us?"

We all nodded.

"Our fallback plan will be to have a shuttle towed here, as Dave suggested," Jeff said.

We all agreed.

"Can we get a tally of how much more money we need?" Jib asked Jeff.

"Certainly. If you will all meme me with the amount you can contribute, I will combine them."

A few minutes later, Jeff smiled. "We have almost one and a half billion. I feel much more optimistic about getting our own ship.

"Harry, you need to shoot fliks with Eric that will earn five or six hundred million dollars," Jeff said.

Harry laughed.

"So no pressure. Good. I wonder how many other first-time porn directors made that amount."

"None. I'm certain," Jeff said. "But we have Eric La Roche. And who is not going to want to watch the first sex act performed outdoors on another planet?"

"What about a flik about the development of the Ass?" Digger asked. "It could show Harry and Dave testing the feel of Eric's real ass while they design a toy that feels similar. It would be erotic and also free advertising for the Eric La Roche Ass."

"I love that idea!" Dave said.

"Me, too," I said.

Digger called me. "What do you think of Dave?"

"He's very hot."

"I can smell your lust every time you look at him. I asked Jib about him. He said Dave is a terrific guy who is madly in love with you." I was surprised by that. "He asked if you liked really big cocks."

"You are joking!"

"Nope. He's a big guy, I guess it's proportional. Do you think you want him in the family?" Digger asked, surprising me even more.

"I hadn't thought of it...It's possible."

"I thought so. What do you think about documenting your relationship for a flik? We would include the first suck, the first fuck, you two getting to know each other, and falling in love, if that happens...I think your fans would find that irresistible. They would see it as a guide of how to become Eric La Roche's lover and also a new chapter of your autobiography."

I thought about that. It would certainly be unique, and that alone would make it sell. And it was a new chapter in my autobiography. I decided it was a terrific idea.

"I really like the idea," I told him.

Digger told the group his idea. I looked around Jib to see Dave's reaction. He turned and looked at me in shock.

"I'm not sure Dave likes the idea," I said.

"That's not true," Dave said. "I just can't believe you are considering having me become a member of your family."

"You're already an in-law," I told him. "If you are anything like Jib, I'd be proud to have you in my family."

"Eric...Thank you," Jib said.

"If that doesn't happen, I can still assemble the sex scenes into a flik," Harry said.

I looked at Jeff. He seemed delighted.

"I have no doubt at all, now, that we will be able to buy our own ship. With the groundbreaking flik of sex on the surface of another planet and this...autobiographical-romantic erotica, we should have more than enough money," Jeff said.

A camera flew into the room. I looked at Harry and laughed.

"We might as well start filming the seduction," Harry said, grinning. "I just have one question. Who is seducing whom?"

"I'm practically virginal," I said. "I can't seduce."

Everyone laughed.

"I think Buck should pursue Eric," Jib said. "It makes it seem less like Eric is choosing Buck over Digger or his other lovers."

I looked at Digger. He nodded his head.

"It's fine with me," Dave or Buck said. "Especially now that I know I'm going to succeed!"

I grinned at him.

"Should I call you Buck or Dave?" I asked him.

"I don't know if the rest of the group wants to hear my story," Dave or Buck said.

"I'd like to," Richard said.

Dave or Buck shrugged.

"My original name was Dave Parsons. I legally changed it to Buck Adams after Neos shot me in the neck. If it wasn't for my nanites, I might have bled to death in a parking lot. That was the night the Neos blew up Digger's club and Alek's apartment. I crawled behind some bushes where I hid for a couple of hours and listened to the news. I wasn't sure who to call—who I could trust. Jib was in Shanghai. I had friends who worked in the club, but I was afraid they would get shot because of me. I was afraid the club would be bombed, too. I never went back to my apartment. I finally asked a friend who was a police officer to get my clothes. They assigned me a police guard, but I still didn't want to go back to my apartment. A bomb had exploded in Alek's apartment. I figured there was probably one in mine, too. I stayed with another friend a couple of days. I heard Alek, Digger, and Eric had died, but Jib told me about their condition. When it seemed all the Neos were arrested, I found another apartment. But there were more attacks in Chimhurst. Some of them were lone wolf attacks. A Majoratum representative changed my name for me. But every time there was another attack, I moved. I had four apartments in eleven months. "

"I'm so sorry. Why were you targeted?" I asked him.

"I was a...performer at a Bestiality club in Chimhurst called the Bear's Den. Jib was the bouncer at the club."

"I remember my mother saying you were a bouncer at a gay bar, but I thought she was joking," I said to Jib.

"Nope. We both worked there. But it wasn't just a gay bar. It was a gay sex club, a Bestiality sex club, just like Digger's. Isn't that a weird coincidence?" Jib wondered. "I was a bouncer, but I was also naked and I made sure the guys who were walking outside got a chance to see my cock, which I kept erect using a very tight cock ring and by watching porn. I was a lure to get them to come inside and pay an enormous cover charge--two hundred dollars, just to enter. We both paid our way through college working there. By the time the first attack occurred, I had gotten my degree and already moved to China. And I was engaged to Eric's mother. I wanted Dave to come live with me after the attack, but we didn't know if it was safe for him to go through very public airports and transports."

"Why were you on the Neo list?" I asked Dave.

"For the same reason as Alek. I had sex with humans. A lot of humans. Hundreds, maybe thousands. I was a performer and I fucked the customers on a stage. I would screw a couple dozen humans each night." I couldn't believe that. What a stud Dave or Buck was. "Until the Neos, Jib and I both thought it was a great way to make a lot of money. Jib would watch straight porn on his meme while letting the people outside see his cock."

"I was making about fifty thousand a year for watching porn six hours each evening," Jib said. "And the club owner even provided the porn."

"Wow!" I said.

"And I was making about double that for having as much sex as I wanted," Dave said. "There was always a line of customers waiting for me to fuck. They had to pay another two hundred dollars to get fucked. They could rim me for free, though."

"So guys would fight to get their mouths on Dave's asshole," Jib said. "The club owner loved the fights, as long as they didn't get too violent. They were part of the show."

Dave nodded.

"There was usually some human guy on his hands and knees licking my precum off the floor in front of me," Jib said.

"Sometimes there would be fights over Jib's precum, and it was on the filthy floor!" Dave added.

"It really was wild," Jib said. "Working there was what got me into Bestiality, which is why I married Midge and became your stepfather."

"You aren't much like my biological father," I said.

Everyone laughed.

"No, but you and I are similar," Jib said. "We are both into Bestiality, we both worked in gay sex clubs, and we both love your mother. Your mother was so afraid I would disapprove of you. She only knows that I was a bouncer and that I didn't have sex with any of the men at the club. But to me, it confirmed that we were meant to be family."

"Speaking of sex clubs, Digger, I hope you still plan to open yours. People need something to do for recreation, besides swimming in the lake. Obviously not everyone will come to the club, but it will give people something to talk about besides the sleeping colonists," Jeff said.

"Well, I can. Dave, will you perform with Eric?"

"I would love to. Eric?"

"Sure. But should I call you Dave or Buck."

Dave or Buck sighed.

"I don't know. If I hadn't gotten my doctorates under the name Buck Adams, I would go back to Dave, mostly because that is what my family calls me. But I like being Dr. Buck Adams. Dave Parsons doesn't have a PhD."

"That doesn't make a bit of difference on Mars," Jeff said. "If you want to publish something on Earth, you can do it under the Buck Adams name. The name you go by here, doesn't need to be the same."

"I think I like Buck Adams better."

"OK, Buck!" I said. "Jib, do you want to be bouncer?"

Jib looked at me and laughed.

"Do you want your mother to come to the club?"


He chuckled. "That was part of my wild youth. I sometimes remember it fondly, but I have no desire to relive it. I may check the club out though—without your mother. Besides, you are the lure at Digger's club."

I had an idea for the club. It was very theatrical, though and I wasn't sure that was good in a sex club.

I called Digger privately.

"I have an idea about one thing we could do. I would be dressed in black in a dark room. Dave would be sitting in a chair. Only my head and his body would be lit. He would hold my head in his hands while I suck him. It would look like he was using a Head toy."

"Hey! I like that," Digger said.

"But after he shoots in my mouth, I turn around, push my pants down and back up onto his cock."

"I think you better find out how big he is, first. You may need a lot of stretching."

"Oh. I didn't think of that."

"But I like the idea. Maybe after he shoots, he figures out you aren't a sex toy when you beg for more spunk," Digger said.

I grinned.

"That sounds great!"

"Listening to all that talk about guys licking Jib's precum off the floor and guys fighting to rim Buck has me horny as hell. Let's get Buck to come to our apartment for some hot sex. Are you ready for some Bear milk?"

"I sure am." I looked at Digger's crotch. He was very hard and I had to have him.

"You'll get it. I want to fuck you while Buck feeds you. I'll tell Harry so he can shoot it."

I pulled Digger's cock out and began stroking him. Digger leaned back in his chair. Then I remembered we weren't alone. I let go.

"Ooops," I said, embarrassed.

"Digger is a lucky man," Richard said.

Jib nodded his head, and I saw Buck was nodding, too.

"I wish Em found me that irresistible," Richard said.

"You should have convinced her to become a Faun," I said to him.

Richard chuckled.

I called Buck.

"Can I rim you for free?" I asked him.

Buck laughed. "You can and you won't have to fight for it."

"Can you come to our apartment when we get through here? I want lots of Bear milk and Digger wants to fuck me while you give it to me."

"Damn! I can't wait! Can I kiss you, too? Is that allowed?"

"Sure! And I want you to stop using the sex toy. Use my real head, instead. And use it the same way. Take it in your hands, pull it to your crotch and stick your cock in my mouth."

"Oh, fuck, Eric! I'm about to shoot!"

"Wait until your cock is inside one end of mine or the other."

Buck sighed. "Eric, you've made me very happy. And you've made Jib's life easier."

I laughed. "What? How?"

"I asked him to convince you to have sex with me. I asked him to ask your mother to convince you to have sex with me."

I laughed.

"I don't think she would have done it, Buck."

"Maybe not the first time Buck asked her, but maybe by the fortieth."

I laughed. "You may be right!"

"Um. Is Digger OK with this? With us?"

"Oh, yeah. He loves watching me have sex with other people. He gets really horny and there's nothing I like better than a really horny Digger. I get to drain his nuts three or four times."

"Bye, Buck."


Harry called me, then.

"Digger said you are going to have a three-way with Buck."

"Yeah. Do you want to shoot it?"

"I want to participate," Harry said.

I thought about that.

"I would rather have a separate three-way with you where cameras are not flying around us."

"OK. When?"

"Every day at ten and four?" I suggested.

Harry laughed. "Don't tease!"

"Sorry. But you are subbing for Alek and he screws me at both ends, several times a day."

"Does that mean I can?"

"I don't know if we can manage several full fucks every day, but we can squeeze quickies into our schedules. If you are horny and you give me a call, if I can, I'll come and suck you off. If I'm busy, I'll do it as soon as I can."

"That would be fantastic, Eric. Is it OK for me to jack off while I'm shooting you with Buck?"

"Sure. Just make sure you aim at my open mouth when you come."

"Fuck! I will!"

"Alek does it. He edits that out of the fliks."

I missed Alek. I hadn't married him, but he was definitely my second favorite family member. The three of us, including Digger, spent almost all of our time together. Digger liked to eat Alek's jizz out of my ass and I loved that! And the three of us always slept together, with me in the middle. I loved it. I loved Alek. I missed his incredibly cynical view of everything. It was so extreme, it was hilarious. I wondered if I was going to miss him all day and all night, every single day.

"You seem sad," Harry said.

"I was thinking about Alek."

Harry nodded. "Just remember he wouldn't want to be awake right now."

I smiled at Harry.

"That's true. But I'm sad for me, not him. He wanted to wait until everything was running smoothly. I have trouble imagining him doing the jobs maintenance workers would be doing. Speaking of which, do you know what kinds of things we'll be doing?"

"Jeff doesn't think there will be much, since there aren't many of us, and most of the apartments are empty. But for an example, Jib is over the water system. He would have employees to help him. But only one of them is here. The rest are on the Far View. So one of us might be his assistant when he needs unskilled help. Dave is over farming. He might need assistance, occasionally."

"Oh. I was thinking it would be cleaning."

"No. There are machines for that and Al the AI controls them. Do you want me to have you assigned to assist Jib or Buck?"

"Sure, Harry! Thanks. List me for Buck first."

"I just did it," Harry said.

Harry got up and sat down next to me in the seat my mother used. I put my hand on his crotch and squeezed his erection.

"I think we're about done," Jeff said. "Does anyone have any questions? No? Then we are finished. Thank you."

"Let's go. I'm so fucking horny!" Digger said.