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The Rocks. The cliffs. The beach.

It's all I can see from my position. It's all I want to see. To be surrounded by water is a dream, long or short ranged.

The waves crashing against each other send me to a place that I seem to frequent lately. Nowhere in particular. Nowhere at all.

I can feel the sand against my skin as I lay back and look up at the sky. I wonder if she can see me, if she's waving through the clouds. I also wonder if she's trying to speak to me.

I wonder if she can hear me when I try to speak to her.

I guess Salem's not so bad. It could be worse, I guess.


Chapter 1: Clique, Clique Boom


After lounging on the beach all week, being another high school student was jarring. Or it would have been if I hadn't done my best to avoid all forms of interaction. Since my mother died, I hadn't been that into social forms of communication. Dad thought that I should meet some people my own age. I just thought he should leave me alone.

I was doing fine until I stepped on campus. The campus wasn't like you'd think Salem would be. It was definitely more chipper than I was used to.

As I made my way across the quad, I was confront by three girls. Two Caucasian girls and an African American one. One of the Caucasian girls was pale with auburn hair while the other was tanned with blonde hair. The African American girl had her hair up in a braided bun.

"Hi, welcome to Bishop. You must be the new boy. My name is Carly Goode." The Blonde said extending her hand.

"I'm Alice Wardell and this is Samantha Martin." The Red headed girl said quickly.


"Patience Redd? Yes, we know." Samantha Martin said boredly, "You're fresh meat, of course we know your name."

"So, where are you from?" Carly asked.

"Why'd you move here?" Alice asked.

"Why here?" Samantha asked.

"I umm..."

Suddenly, a blonde haired boy walked up and put his arm around my shoulder, "Sup ladies." He asked, "You're not scaring the boy away."

"Leave Alaric." Samantha frowned.

"Gladly, let's go." He said pulling me away from them. When we were far enough away from them, he spoke, "You should stay away from them. They're `witches'."

I stared at him with eyes wide.

"Not really though. More like bitches." Alaric smirked, "Ask anybody."

"Of course and you are?" I asked.

"Alaric Proctor." He chuckled, "Your new guide."

"Of course."

"Say, Carly was looking absolutely sexy, wasn't she?" he asked.

"Uh..." I stammered.

"S'kay. I noticed that when you met her you weren't immediately dazzled by her beauty. No hard-on." He said, immediately making me uncomfortable, "You're gay, aren't ya?"

"Who are you again?" I asked.

"I told ya. I'm your guide." Alaric smiled.


After ditching Alaric, I found myself walking through one of the many halls of Bishop High. Despite being an awkward busybody, Alaric was a nice guy. A little forward, but it was also a good. He immediately let me know that he was an open-minded person, though he was straight. I thanked him before telling him that he wasn't my type.

As I made my way through the halls, I stopped as the kids in front of me parted for some reason. As I continued to watch, I was treated to a show of the three girls from earlier walking through the halls like the freaking plastics. I could immediately tell who the royalty was in the school.

I used to be them in my old school.

I remembered earlier and dashed behind one of the corners and into a bathroom. When I was sure they didn't see me, I turned to walk to the stalls when I saw a guy staring at me with a cigarette in his hand. He took a puff and dropped it to the floor, extinguishing it with his feet.

"What're you doing in here? No one comes in here." The guy said angrily.

He was Raven-haired also. Some would likely call him tall dark and handsome and they'd be right. But there was something dangerous about him. He had the brightest blue eyes I'd ever seen and he was staring at me with what I could only think of as malice.

"Are you a retard?" He asked.

"No, sorry." I said shaking my head, "I'm dodging the Charmed Ones out there." I frowned.

He tilted his head and looked at me with a curious expression.

"Sorry, there's three girls out there and they gave me an inquisition earlier." I said extending my hand, "I guess I should do the neighborly thing."

"We're not neighbors."

"I know that...are you retarded?" I asked.

"Did you just call me retarded?" He barked.

"A little, yeah."

"Nice." He looked down at the cigarette and back at me, "You're not a narc, are ya?"

"No, I'm not a narc." I frowned.

"Good because I'd hate to break your face."

"You're just delightful." I said quickly.

"The names Miles."


"Yeah I guess you do have some. Most people flee."

"No, that's my name." I said quickly.

"Oh...that sucks." Miles frowned, "Welcome to Bishop, Patty." He said leaving.

I turned to the door and frowned, "Cute, seriously cute, but he is such an asshole." I frowned.


Arriving home was no small feat thanks to having to actually go to class. When I did manage to find my way home, I walked over and flopped down on the bed. I was beat. The Wicked Sisters, as they were called, found me again and made me their new pet project. After agreeing to meet them this weekend, I was convinced they were what they said they were.

A soft knock on my door knocked me back into the real world, "Hey." My father, Perry Redd, said.

My first instinct was to roll my eyes but I just smiled at him.

"How was your first day?" Dad asked.

"Why'd we come here?" I asked.

"Our families have roots here, you know that." Dad said, "Besides your grandmother insisted on it."

"Yeah, where is she?" I asked.

"She wants to be a society woman, so she's helping with a bake sale or something like that." Dad chuckled. I was nervous when his face changed back to serious, "Listen, your grandmother sensed something...darkness. I just want you to be careful. You know that Salem has a dark past, so just be careful."

I nodded.

"Okay, well, I'm going to the office. There's a lot of new stuff to get to. You gonna be alright here alone?"

"I think I'll manage." I smiled.


"Redd?" William Hopkins, Miles' father, asked, "You're aware of the name."

Miles sighed, "He's a witch." He said with a bored tone.

"His family is deeply rooted in witchcraft, dating back past the Salem witch trials." William said quickly, "This could be...he could be powerful."

"He didn't seem powerful."

"They never do, son." William said walking over to the phone, "The others will want to hear about this."

"What if he's not? Doesn't it skip a generation sometimes?" Miles asked.

"Then we'll watch him." William said, "You'll watch him."



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