My entire life I was being prepared for something. I had no idea what it was. Two years ago my life changed and looking back I know that there is nothing that could have prepared me for what I am now. Not even my very prepared mother. It started on a cold day in November. November 12th to be exact.

I remember it was cold because my lips were cracked when I screamed that day.

“Ma be careful!”

My mother is on the road. She’s driving my brother and I to school when we see something jump out into the street. The hills in Pittsburgh do have a lot of deer but I’m not sure what I saw jump out in the middle of the street. It’s kind of a foggy day. It’s always foggy in Pittsburgh. I swear this is the most downcast city in the world.

Luckily we don’t die though. My mother was so busy checking her lipstick in the mirror that she damn near caused us to die.

“Jesus Christ,” she says, “Yas are you OK?”

She grabs me first. She does that thing where she puts her hand out as though it would make a goddam difference. The weird thing about my mother is she is so damn into herself that she doesn’t even drop her mirror.

“I’m fine,” I respond to her.

“Yuma…how about you?” she asks.

My brother nods silently. He’s looking around in the fog. Stuff like this excites Yuma. He likes nature and what not. He wanted to be a boy scout back in the day but my mother wouldn’t have any parts of that. She said that it was “too rough” and stated that he wouldn’t want any scars. It’s the same thing Mom says about sports or anything like that. Some parents want their boys out there doing that kind of stuff but not my mother.

“What was that?” I ask, looking around.

“It was some kind of wolf,” Yuma explains, “Didn’t you see it? Green eyes and white fur. It was fucking beautiful.”

“Yuma watch your mouth. A gentleman doesn’t speak like that,” Mom tells him.

“Sorry, Ma’am,” my brother responds.

“A wolf…here?” I interrupt.

My mother shuts us down at that moment, “That’s ridiculous. There are no wolves in Pittsburgh...”

I don’t know if what my mom is saying is true or not but when she says it I listen. My dad was killed a long time ago. I’m sure Yuma isn’t the type to lie about something like that. If he saw a wolf, then that is what he saw.

“We have a manicure right after school,” my mother tells me, “Don’t be late.”

It gets embarrassing when she says things like that. Yona Packer was always a girl’s girl. I guess it wasn’t a surprised she’d try to raise her sons to maybe be a little bit of metrosexuals. That wasn’t the case with my mother Yona though.

Things in my house were…different. To say the least.

“I actually had a date tonight,” I tell my mom, “You know that pretty girl Crystal?”

It isn’t the first time that I brought Crystal up to my mother. Crystal and I have been dating for almost a year now. I attempted over and over to introduce Crystal to my mother but she wasn’t having it. My little brother dated and she had similar rules with him but with me it was a little overdone. No girls. Not now, not ever.

“Baby you know that’s not your thing,” my mother tells me.

She gives me this condescending smile as though she knew me better than I knew myself. It’s almost as though she’s trying to insinuate something at this moment. It’s like she’s trying to insinuate that I’m gay or something.

“Ma…I like Crystal.”

“Listen. It’s really important to me that we go get our nails done…I mean…get a manicure today,” she says with a smile, “You know that’s our bonding time.”

“Can I come later on?” my little brother asks.

“Not this time,” my mother tells him, “This time it’s just me and your brother.”

She leans over and gives me a kiss. I can tell my mother doesn’t want to talk about it or argue it. I’ve never been the type to argue with her anyway. My mother was always beautiful. She was Native American and looked like some type of real life Pocahontas or something. All my friends had huge crushes on her because honestly it looked like she didn’t age. She still looked not a year older than 30. Her long hair Is something that both my brother and I inherited. She refuses to let us cut it. Her hair falls all the way down below her ass with curls that are like the ocean. Everywhere she goes she walks with high shoulders as though people are staring.

Half the time…Yona Packer is right. People are staring at her and they had reason to. She was drop dead gorgeous.

“I’ll see you later mom,” I give in.

“See you later boys,” my mom says, “Oh Yas?”

“Yeah Ma?”

“You should skip lunch today. Your six pack is fading,” she tells me, “That’s not a good look.”

I smile attempting my best not to be offended. It’s not the first time my mom has acted like that.

I have to give in. Guess I’ll be starving myself today. It’s not just me that she acts like that with. She does it with my little brother too. It’s almost like our entire lives she has been prepping us in the weirdest way for something. I swear to god it’s like my mother is one of those weird white ladies that dress their kids up like dolls, give them fake teeth and parade them in beauty contests at the age of 5. Only I wasn’t a little blonde haired girl with short hair. I was a grown ass man

I get out of the car and bring my little brother with me. It’s the last day of high school. I am graduating. My little brother is 16. He has some time left.

As soon as I get out of the car I can see the stares.

“Seem like Mom acting a little strange today?” I ask my brother Yuma.

Yuma shrugs, “Does she ever not act weird?”

“You have a point. You know you can come with us if you want,” I tell Yuma.

“Nah. Go spend time with Mom. She’s probably just trying to spend some time with you before you go off to school,” Yuma explains to me, “You’re graduating soon. This is big. Have you broken the news to Crystal that you plan on moving away?”

I shake my head. That’s something I don’t look forward too. My girlfriend Crystal was my life. I planned on breaking up with her though just because I needed to find myself in this world. Crystal was talking about marriage and all this stuff I just wasn’t ready for. I couldn’t be tied down. I just had this feeling that there was something bigger out there for me. I didn’t want to be stuck in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania for the rest of my life.

“I’ll let her know…” I state.

Yuma laughs, “You have to be honest with her. Let’s be real, big bro. Everywhere you go everyone stops and stares at you. You can get any girl that you want. I wish I looked like you. Everyone thinks I’m a girl.”

I had heard it before. Both Yuma and I had very long hair. I had a more masculine face however so I got away with it. At the most people thought I was a pretty boy. A lot of people asked me if I was some model or something. Yuma didn’t have that luck. Yuma has soft features. Really soft features. You add the fact that he was just 5’6”, had full lips and long eyelashes and if he were a girl he would be very attractive one.

“You ever think about cutting your hair off?” I ask.

Yuma gives me a hard stare and I know exactly what he’s about to say before he even says it, “Mom would kill me.”

He’s right. Mom always made sure we had a certain look. The long hair was supposedly a trait that my Mom said ran through our family. I threatened to cut it off back when I was 11 and Mom locked me in my room for days, feeding me through the door. It wasn’t until I promised to never think about doing that again that she chose to let me out. I didn’t know if Mom had mental issues. I just knew she wanted us to be a certain way for a certain reason.

“You got extra eyes on you today. Who is that guy?” Yuma asks me, “Have you seen him around before?””

At first I’m surprised why Yuma even notices a random guy staring at me in the first place. That is until I turn and see exactly who Yuma is talking about. The man staring at me is striking. He is tall. He has to be about 6’2”. I’m just nearly breaking in at about 5’10” myself and I thought I was tall. This guy domes over me. He’s staring at me when we approach the school. We are walking up to the school. That’s the first time I see this man. He may be in his 20s. He seems a little too young to be faculty but a little too old to be a student. Why is he here?

He has short hair and dark skin. His skin is several shades darker than mine and has this beautiful chocolate tint to it.

Then I notice his eyes. They are this beautiful tint of green.

“No I don’t know that guy,” I state.

The guy is staring at me. It isn’t one of those nervous stare and look away kind of things. He’s staring at me from across the courtyard like a statue. He isn’t even trying to hide it. I stagger my walk to see if that makes a difference. It doesn’t. His piercing green eyes follow me as though hypnotized. He doesn’t have any facial expression. It’s just this cold, blank stare.

It’s chilling and weird as fuck.

“Baby!” I hear a voice scream out.

I know that it’s Crystal at that moment. Crystal runs out of nowhere and grabs me. She likes to act touchy feely in person because she swears that every girl at this school has a huge crush on me. She’s probably right which is the funny thing about it.

As I hold onto Crystal I turn back at the guy with the green eyes…but he’s just not there.

He’s completely disappeared. It’s beyond weird.

The last day of school is emotional. Saying goodbye to all of my friends just feels hard. Everyone has plans. I go to the top private school in the city. My mother has hired the best tutors in the city as well. My mom isn’t rich. She’s far from it. She is just really into me being successful. I guess it’s kind of weird because she tells me that I should hold off before applying to college. You would think that she would want a quick return on investment for all the money she put into me and my brother Yuma. That’s not the case.

Mom keeps telling me to hold off and take a year off and find myself---whatever that means.

“So I’ve been wanting to talk to you,” I tell Crystal.

We are leaving school. It’s that moment that I’ve been dreading. I don’t want to lead her on for the rest of the summer before she starts school. Crystal Page is gorgeous. Sex with her was always amazing. She was popular. Her brother was my rival. His name was Ian Page. The Pages were dark skin and beautiful. Ian was an actual model and a famous one at that. He thought he ran the school because all the girls liked him. Let’s just say Ian wasn’t so happy when he found out the other pretty boy in the school was dating his sister.

I may have started dating Crystal to piss Ian off but, I actually started liking her. She was the perfect high school girlfriend. The only problem is that I wasn’t in High School anymore and I needed to find myself in the world.

Plus, my mom hated her guts.

“Is it something important?” she asks.

“Kind of,” I reply, “Listen, Crystal. I wanted to talk about us and moving forward…”

We’re standing outside by now. My brother already took the bus home but Mom tells me she is going to pick me up for us to go get manicures. I’m standing next to Crystal and I’m nervous. I should be used to it. I’ve broken up with people before, but I guess I always had a reason before.

On the outside I was this pretty boy but on the inside I was really tough. I liked to think so at least. So why the fuck was it so hard to break up with her?

Get it together Yas Packer.

“Oh my god?” she states with a smile, “Is it good?”

“For me,” I respond.

I don’t know how else to respond to that question. Surprisingly I don’t have to. My mother pulls up next to me on the sidewalk. She gives me a hard stare. Crystal looks over at her and waves.

“Hi Mrs. Packer.”

“Ms. Packer,” my mother corrects her, tossing her hair over her shoulder and staring directly at me, “Did you break up with her yet, baby?”

My face flushes red. That’s saying a lot because my skin is really dark. My mother could care less when Crystal’s eyes water up. My mother hates when girls cry and mess up their make-up. She calls it a waste of talent. Yes, you heard it right. My mother thinks the application of makeup is real talent. She attempts to put make up on me and my brother daily. She calls it “Playing around”, but honestly that has always been where I drew the line with my mother.

“You’re breaking up with me?” Crystal states.

“Crystal, I----“

I’m struggling. The words just slip out of my mouth.

“My son is really…um…confused about his sexuality,” My mother tells the girl, “It has nothing to do with you doll. You just don’t have the right equipment.”

My mouth drops. My mother has always been a little mean to Crystal but today was something completely different. My mother was being straight up a BITCH to this girl and it came out of nowhere. I watch in horror as Crystal storms off.

I watch as she runs right over to her brother Ian who gives me this pissed off look almost knowing I did something to his baby sister.

I chase after Crystal to no avail. The girl wants nothing to do with me.

I spend the next twenty minutes walking. My mother is on the side of the street driving and attempting to make me hop in the car. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life.

“Are you going to walk all the way home?” she asks.

“Yeah…Ma…I’m going to do that.”

“You were going to break up with her anyway right?” she asks me.

I don’t know how she knew about it. It had to be from Yuma. Yuma always wanted to please Mom. It was weird actually. He walked around acting like she was his Mommie Dearest. Anything Mom said Yuma listened to. He never argued. He just did it. I was the problem child. I was the one who always had a comeback for the shit she attempted to pull. Needless to say, my mother didn’t appreciate that. It led to a lot of back and forth throughout the years.

“That’s not the point,” I tell my mother, “You told her that I was gay…”

“I said you were confused about your sexuality.”

“What are you TALKING about?” I ask her.

I’d never been gay. I mean there were guys who I honestly would think, you know what, he’s attractive. It wouldn’t be disgusting to sleep with him or something. I never actually acted on those feelings. I didn’t even think about them all that often. I had always been straight. I liked girls. I liked vagina. I liked all that kind of stuff. The fact that my mother was calling me gay right now just blew my fucking mind.

“I know you,” she states, “You’re my son.”

“You must know something about me that I don’t know then, because I’m not gay.”

Mom pulls up.

She gets out of the car. She is a beautiful woman. She is tall, dark and elegant. She’s elegant in a very simple way as well. She barely spends money on herself. All of her money goes into Yuma and I.

“Look. I’m sorry. You and your brother are my life,” she explains, “I know I put a lot of pressure on you guys. I just want the best for you. Yas. You’re my oldest boy. You have to know that everything I’ve done…every decision that I’ve made in my life is for you.”

“Feminizing us and making us into something we aren’t was for us?” I ask.

It’s the first time I confronted my mom about this sick mind state that she had. I always assumed Mom wanted girls. Maybe that’s why my little brother looks like a stand-in for fucking Ariana Grande. I have no idea what my mother is trying to accomplish but making us into something we aren’t was always her thing. It was always how we were raised.

“You don’t…understand,” she tells me.

“Then explain it to me,” I state, “Do you…want me to be gay?”

“Get in. I’ll explain it to you.”

I give her a curious look. It’s strange but this is the first time my mother is even offering me some sort of explanation. I have no choice but to agree and jump in the car with her. My heart is racing when I get in the car. I’m trying to really get to the bottom of this. My mother is driving to the other side of town.

We are in the woods and she still isn’t talking. She just keeps quiet and keeps the radio on.

“Ma are you going to explain anything to me?”

“Just give me a minute…I have to go pick something up. Then I’ll tell you everything OK,” my mother says, “It’ll all make sense. OK?”

“Um…where are we?”

“The woods.”

No shit.

“Why are we in the woods Ma?” I ask, “I thought we were going to get a manicure.”

“I just have to get something really quick,” she tells me, “See that log cabin right there. Yeah. That one. Right at the top of the hill. I’m going to pull up over there. I just need you to get out and grab this package from the guy over there OK?”

“What package?”

She smiles, “Nothing important baby.”

My mom was a weirdo but today she was acting weird. A part of me wants to text Yuma and tell him about how weird she’s acting but I know Yuma will always take my mother’s side or try to defend her. I just roll with it. It’s usually easier just doing this weird shit that my mom wants than make an attempt to argue with her. Arguing with Yona Packer never really got anyone very far.

Mom pulls over. We’re a little far out.

“You can’t get any closer.”

“Can you just get out and stop being difficult. Go knock on the door.”

I’m confused. I get out of the car. It’s pretty fucking cold. It’s winter time. Why the fuck does my mom want me out here in the winter time getting a package. For the first time in my life I wonder if my mother is on drugs. That would explain her weird behavior sometime honestly. Maybe I’d feel kind of good about my mom being on drugs. Maybe I would feel better that she’d acted like me and my brother were her personal dolls for all of our lives.

I walk up to the cabin. It’s weird. I look back over at my mom. She signals for me to knock. I turn back to the cabin and knock a few times.

The third time I knock the door just slides open.


It’s pitch black in the cabin. I take a step into the cabin. It is completely empty. When I walk in I use my phone and walk over to what looks like a desk. The cabin looks completely torn down and used. However, when I get to the desk I see a photo sitting on this blank desk. The photo is of a man. He’s an older man.

I’m shocked by who it is. It’s my dad.

I know him from the pictures. I know him from his beautiful gray eyes. Why the fuck was my dad’s picture in this cabin?

I walk back out of the cabin confused. Why did my mother send me here? Why was there this weird picture of my father in this cabin? When I get back outside I’m even more confused.

Where the fuck was my mother’s truck?

“Mom!” I scream out.

Nothing. Did she leave me?

At that moment I’ve never been so confused in my life. My mother had done a lot of weird stuff in my lifetime but she’d never taken me out into the woods and just left me. This had to be a mistake. I walk around the building wondering if my mother suddenly developed some type of sense of humor or something. Maybe she was playing a joke on me.

There is no truck on the other side of the building either. My mother really fucking left me out here in the woods.

I’m so fucking confused.

I walk back to the front of the house. I’m about to shout again but something makes me stop in my tracks. There is something walking towards me…

It’s something huge.

My heart is racing. What the fuck is this? What the fuck is moving towards me?

I think about turning to run but my legs feel like rubber. I almost collapse when the figure comes into plain view. In the darkness I realize what is walking towards me.

There is a howling first. The howling is haunting to me. It’s almost mournful. It is a long and clear howl that isn’t interrupted by any yaps or barks. For a moment I hope it’s just a dog but I think every part of me knows better. Every part of me knows this isn’t some lost dog. As he moves closer I see the wolf watching me. It is about 8 feet long, including a bushy white tail. It stands about 60 inches tall at the shoulder and has to weigh somewhere between 150 and 200 pounds.

“Fuck…” is all I can whisper.

The wolf opens its mouth showing me these large canine teeth and powerful jaws. It takes slow steady steps towards me daring me to run away. I attempt to move away slowly but it’s watching me. The eyes on the wolf are green like newly dug out emeralds.

I attempt to turn at that moment but just as I do I see the dog running towards me. I know I’m going to die.

Every part of me knows I’m going to die when I feel the wolf pin me down.

Then I feel the bite. I feel this deep, penetrating bite as the wolf RIPS off my flesh.

I can’t fight it. I can’t resist. All I remember is seeing darkness…

I wake up to a strange smell. As a matter of fact, I wake up to a bunch of strange smells. All of a sudden I’m smelling my soap. I’m smelling chicken. I’m smelling burnt out tires and left out bleach. When I open my eyes I don’t see where all of these smells are coming from. Having all of the smells hit me at once makes my head hurt.

“He isn’t what I expected,” I hear a voice say.

I wake up confused. I’m so confused because I’m actually in my bed. I’m not in heaven. I’m not even in the woods. I’m in my bed. I’m beyond confused at what I saw. The voice that I hear is coming through the vents. It must be coming from downstairs. My room was amazing for spying. The vents made it easy to hear everything that went on in my living room which normally wasn’t much of anything.

Today this voice seemed different though. I didn’t recognize the deep manly voice that was filling the vents.

“He has a 3.8 GPA. He’s lean. 8 percent body fat. He’s smart and well behaved. He’s beautiful. I mean…look at him. I’ve raised him myself.”

The last voice talking was my mother. What was weird was what my mother was discussing. That kind of sounded like me. I mean I had all of those things she was talking about. I’m a little confused when I shake my head and sit up in my bed.

I look over at my side. There is nothing. There is no bite mark. Nothing.

Was it a dream?

Maybe I fell asleep in the car going home or something. Maybe I imagined that there was some sort of wolf that attacked me after my mother left me in the woods. That honestly sounded more reasonable than what I thought.

“He’s beautiful,” the strange man says, “But he’s not the Alpha’s type. He’s too…dominant.”

My mother seems to be getting defensive, “He’s not dominant. He’s actually very passive.”

What the fuck was my mom talking about? I’m so confused. It’s almost like she’s trying to convince him of something.

“He’s too manly. There is no way that Yas can win the competition. The other one however…”

“Yuma is too young.”

I wipe my eyes but then stop thinking that I’ll mess up my contacts. That’s when I realize something strange. I don’t have my contacts in my eyes. I focus across the room. For some reason it feels like I have them in. I mean I can see everything well. I can see everything really well actually.

“Yas doesn’t stand a chance.”

“He’ll win.”

What competition? Was my mother trying to enter me into some competition I didn’t know about? This actually sounded a lot like my mother actually. What was this? Mr. America or some weird pageant. Hell, knowing my mother I wouldn’t be surprised if she was trying to turn me into a drag queen or something like that.

I open the door and walk down the steps. I’m wearing nothing but shorts and a shirt when I get out of bed.

I make my way downstairs half awake.

“Ma…I had the weirdest dream,” I state coming down the steps.

I see her sitting there with the guy she is talking to. Then I realize who the guy is. It’s the tall, bombshell looking guy that was staring at me from school with the beautiful green eyes. He stares at me and I have to admit that he’s even more handsome up close. Like he stared at me from school he was staring at me now. He was fucking drop dead gorgeous. The more he stares at me the more I think maybe my mother might be right that I wasn’t so sure about my sexuality.

I mean this guy was handsome. He was so clean shaven and masculine at the same time. His eyes just set on me. He looks me up and down. For a minute I feel naked when he does that.

“Yas…we have company. You should go back upstairs and get decent,” she tells me.

“There’s no need for that,” the man says.

I wasn’t planning on moving anyway. I look at my mother and then I look at this man with the green eyes. Did my mother get her a new boyfriend or something? I mean my mother was beautiful so I wouldn’t have doubted it even though she never dated after my dad died. This guy was pretty young too.

“Who is this?” I ask.

“This is a distant…cousin of yours,” my mother says.

By the way she says cousin I don’t believe it. It’s almost like she was attempting to make something up at the last minute. He looks over at me still staring me up and down as though trying to observe a piece of fruit before picking it up and shoving it in a Walmart plastic bag. Why the fuck am I feeling like a piece of fruit in my own kitchen?

“My name’s Dakota.”

He doesn’t offer to shake my hand. I want to bring out that he was at my school but I don’t. I’m just freaked out. Everything seems so weird. The fact that my mother seems nervous is weird. She stares down at the ground.

“Nice to meet you.”

“Dakota came a long way to meet you,” Mom says.

“Really? Well I actually had some stuff I had to go do this morning,” I state, “Maybe Yuma can entertain our cousin, that I never heard of before…”

I don’t know why I want to get out of this house but his staring makes me feel weird. My mother’s side of the family were just like my mother. They always worried about how much I was eating. They always cared way too much about how long I spent in the gym. I figured my family was just extreme health nuts or something. I wasn’t sure. I never really thought about it. I thought I knew all my cousins though. The fact that I had a cousin here right now that I didn’t know seemed a little weird to say the least.

“I sent Yuma away for the day,” my mom states.


That was weird.

“Dakota isn’t here to see Yuma. He’s here to see you,” she states, “Why don’t you have a seat Yas? We should have that talk I mentioned in the car yesterday.”

I’m struggling at that moment but I do what my Mom says and I take a seat in the kitchen. Dakota’s eyes follow me in this really familiar way. Where do I know these eyes from? Why are they so fucking haunting to me?

“Do you know what happened to me yesterday Mom?” I ask, “I think I passed out in the car or something. I don’t remember a thing.”

My mom avoids eye contact.

“It wasn’t a dream.”

I laugh, “Really? Because if it wasn’t a dream I was pretty sure I got attacked by some huge wolf in the woods. Just call me Little Red Riding Hood.”

I’m the only one laughing. My mother stares at the ground. Our guest continues to glare at me with those beautiful emerald eyes.

That’s when my mother repeats, “It wasn’t a dream.”

“You should speed this up Yona,” Dakota tells my mom in a deep, dark tone, “I don’t have time for the small talk. Either it’s going to be him or you can get your other son.”

He’s rude almost. He’s really aggressive. I never saw anyone talk to my mother like that before. I’m not sure how to react really.

“Mom what’s going on here?”

“You’re…special. You’ve been chosen.”

“Excuse me?”

Dakota stares at me hard, “He’s stubborn…”

“He doesn’t know,” my mother argues with Dakota.

“Well tell him. He needs to be prepared.”

“For what?” I ask my mom.

My mom is tripping over her words, “Do you feel any different today then you did yesterday Yas?”

The scents. Everything smells. I can smell my brother’s socks upstairs in his closet. I can smell the neighbor’s cat across the street. I can smell trails of gumbo that my mother made a weak ago still lingering around the house.

Is that what she is referring to?

“You’re scaring me,” I finally state.

“You’ve had to know that you weren’t like everyone else,” My mom tells me.


“Oh for god sakes,” Dakota says bluntly, “You’re a werewolf boy. And not just any werewolf. You are potential beta to the High Alpha leader of the strongest werewolf pack. Your entire life your mother has been preparing you in hopes that the alpha will chose you to be his Beta wolf. Looking at you I don’t see the potential, but I guess you are who I have to work with.”

I stare at this guy.

I can’t help it. I break out in laughter. Where the fuck did Mom find this one from? He was a straight up comedian.

“That was funny. I’m a werewolf. Hilarious. Nice one.”

“He’s telling the truth…” My mom says.

“Listen. I don’t have time for this. I got shit I got to do…. wait…whoa! What are you doing sir! ARE YOU GETTING UNDRESSED!”

I’m shocked when I see this man take off his shirt and lay it on the side of the table. My mom doesn’t even seem to be surprised when his PANTS come next. I mean I’m not complaining. The guy was built like some sort of brick wall. He was solid. He quickly removes everything and puts his clothes in a neat orderly pile on the kitchen table.

I’m staring at a man in his underwear in my living room. I’m shocked by it. I stare hard at the bulge in his pants. For the first time I feel aroused actually. My dick actually jerks up a little bit seeing this guy. I mean there isn’t an ounce of fat on him. He looks like he lives and sleeps at the gym. I could only dream of having a body like his. I feel like this guy is some sort of super hero or something when he stands there in his boxers.

That’s when it happens.

He takes off his underwear! He removes it. His dick is nestled inside a hairy patch of pubic hair. It’s a long, circumcised dick with a gigantic head. The thing looks like a porn star’s dick. The only thing that I can think of is wow. This was quite a man.

I can’t help but to stare at him. My mouth drops. I can’t close it.

My heart is pulsating.

“What’s happening?”

“The beginning of your new life…” he tells me.

And that’s when his body begins to change right in front of my face…

And I’m staring back at the wolf who bit me in the woods. Dakota is the wolf with the green eyes.

I black out again. I black out because I know that a sexy ass naked man just turned into a wolf in my fucking kitchen. I black out because I know that my life will never be the same again.

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